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  All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 5:01pm-5:06pm PDT

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big lobbyists, not a bad person. tough guy, not a bad person. but when he gives me five, he's not doing that because he thinks i have beautiful hair. it's not that bad. and it is my hair. ann, is it my hair? it is. it is. people don't know that. i proved that, you know, in alabama. it was really hot, it was raining and i took off my hat and everyone said "it really is his hair. it's weird." i don't have to do that tonight. but, you know, so we -- we would go over and the lobbyists would say, no, no, we gave you millions of dollars, mr. president. so then you have the lobbyists and after about ten minutes he's going to say i don't that, they really helped me in my campaign. with me they're going to call me because i know all these guys but they never did anything because i don't want their money. i turned the money down. i turned down so much money. i feel like such a stupid person. no, it's true.
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first time in my life i feel stupid. guys are offering me millions, don, i'd like to give you a million. i'm telling you, $5 million i could have it right now, i turned him down. i go back and say "do you think i'm doing the right thing?" i'll just do a vote. how about i take all this money and promise, i swear to you, that i won't do anything for these people. what about that? no? that's what i thought. i feel so stupid but you know what? that's the way it has to be because i think one of the things they like about me is nobody's going to buy me. nobody's going to buy me. [ cheers and applause ] and -- all right, so after about 10 minutes bush goes out and he says "all right, you can build your plant. build it. how dare me? it was so terrible i even thought about doing that because you contributed money." okay. me, different. i'll call them up and say "gotta go. i don't want you in mexico."
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i love mexico. i love the mexican people. i have thousands of mexican people that have worked for me over the years. and even to this day thousands -- i mean, i love the hispanics. the spirit. i love them. they're incredible people. but we have leaders that can't compete with their leaders. their leaders are too smart. so i would say to the head of ford "sorry, i'm not going to approve it. you're going to pay a tax where every car and every truck and every part that comes across that southern border you're going pay a 35% tax. okay? that's what's going to happen." [ cheers and applause ] and this is to too easy. i don't need the killers. i'll get them anyway but this is too easy. this is like forget it. this is taking candy from like that beautiful little baby, stock? so easy. so what happens is they're going say "no, no, no" and they're going to have people call me. but these are people that i didn't take any money, i didn't
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take anything, i don't want their money. so they're going to have people call me and i'm going say "get out of here." and i if know them they'll be friends of mine maybe, i'll say "i'm not interested." and let's say this whole process starts at 12:00 noon. i would say by 4:00 in the afternoon the head of ford will call me and say "mr. president, we've decided in the united states." that will happen. stoc okay? that will happen. [ applause ] if they're really tough they'll wait to the next day but i guarantee you by 5:00 the next day they're back. and that's what we need. we need jobs. we can't keep giving out our jobs. you know, college debt -- i go all over now and i see the vets are mistreated in this country so bad ly. so badly. oh, believe me. you know, they did a poll. i'm the most popular person with the vets. you know i built the vietnam
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memorial in downtown manhattan. they did a poll and the vets like me a lot. people were shocked. the other one. college, college debt. it's out of control and i go around and i see students -- and, by the way, you see what's happening with the colleges? you talk about like what they're doing, the prices of these colleges, the way they're rapidly raising and students are borrowing money from different people but also from the government. it's the only thing the government makes money on, college students. it's true. >> all right. that right there. that is donald trump in iowa speaking to at at turns enthusiastic and bewildered crowd of supporters, enthusiastic when he talks about locking down the border, how he can't be bought. bewildered when he gets into the details of his contract negotiations with nbc which was an extented early riff in the speech. this is, what you are just seeing, what has become the trump stump speech. a person who is kind of flying by the seat of his pants early