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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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from wall street. stocks rallied. the first day the dow will end in positive territory. over 600 points for the first time this week. more coming up. we want to continue the breaking news coverage. the deadly sho ll lly shooting virginia reporter and her camera man on live television. after a massive police chase, it all began just before 7:00 during a routine live shot, a segment on local business from a shopping center. we're going show you the on air moments right before the ambush occurr occurred. >> this is our community. we want to come together. we want to share information that can help us grow and develop to provide a better experience. we want the people that come here to say that.
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>> 24-year-old alliss als alisor and her camera man both dead. the man hunt for vester flanagan came to a police saw him with a self inflicted gunshot wound. a state trooper described how they tracked the suspect's vehicle and closed in on him after he ran off the road. >> officers then approached the vehicle and found the lone occupant had suffered a self inflicted gunshot wound. the suspect was later flown to a nova hospital with life threatening injuries and was pronounced dead at 1:26 p.m. on this date. suspect is identified as vester lee flanagan, age 41, from roanoke. he's believed to be the prime suspect in the shooting in that
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area. >> you heard it there. the suspect vester lee flanagan was previous lay reporter who worked at the same station with the two victims. he also went by the name of bryce williams. after the suspect began posting tweets showing the gunmen's point of view. the suspect's video was first broadcast right after the shooting when the camera man captured the shooter from his fallen camera. and today the sheriff described his shock of seeing all of this unfold on live television. >> it was extremely difficult this morning. i'd actually did a remote with ms. parker and adam about three weeks ago when our schools opened up here. it is really stopped me in my tracks this morning. like many viewers, i was watching this morning's broadcast. and couldn't understand really what was happening myself.
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>> joining me now from virginia is msnbc's adam reiss and from washington d.c. pete williams. adam, what is the latest on the scene there? >> well it is 6:45 this morning, right behind me alison parker, adam ward, the two of them were just like they were doing every morning. shooting a morning story. the 50th anniversary of smith mountain lake. they were interviewing the head of the chamber of commerce. and vester flanagan came up behind and ambushed them. amazing how you can watch it on camera, standing behind them minute, it seemed like minutes but it was really seconds standing behind them and then he opens fire. the news director and general manager spoke out toob today and talked about how he was disturbing. he had been fired earlier this year. they had to escort him out. he had a series of issues at a
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number of stations. we takd about the 23 page manifesto he sent to nbc news he he was a human powder keg. ready to go boom. and how brazen it was not only the video adam ward shot but that he shoots with his own gopro. they have no idea he's actually standing behind them when he opens fire. >> what did we hear from authorities about the victims? sounds like they were very well known in the community. we heard pretty much everyone who addressed the media saying they had been interviewed. >> alison worked at other stations and her former colleagues spoken out today. she had a relationship with the anchorman at the station they didn't tell many people but he came out today and said how much he loved her and they were moving in together and they were going to get married. adam ward, his girlfriend was
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the producer of the show. today was her last day. she was actually watching this in horror as it unfolded. and the sheriff himself said today he happened to be watching this morning live as it happened. he didn't even know what to make of it. he could hear the gunshots but he didn't know what to make of it. he had actually been interviewed by the two of them weeks ago when the schools were opening here in virginia. >> and adam what is behind you? talk to us about the scene. what are we seeing? is it still an active investigation, seeing people coming and going? a lot of activity or coming to pay tribute? tell us what your seeing. >> a lot of police here. still -- still an active investigation not only here but at the sheriffs office where they are trying to figure out the history of mr. flanagan. talk about the manifesto and how he was captured, a license reader was behind the capture. you want to talk about this area. this is smith mountain lake a
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resort area. a beautiful area. there is a lake in front of me, a lake behind me. they were talking about the tourism in the area. the head of the chamber of commerce was being interviewed. you saw the camera panning around to the docks and people come here to fish. and it is just the middle of the summer and they were talking about tourism in this area. and just from out of nowhere he comes up behind them and starts shooting. just unbelievable. >> lest bring in pete williams here. i know you have some of the latest information on the suspect's so called manifesto he sent to abc news today. what can you tell us about some of the details in it. >> i think manifesto is a little too grand a term for what he himself describes as a suicide note. but we've been talking about this before. adam talked about it too. let's come back to that in a second ayman. i think an important point to make here is it was basically 4 hours and 45 minutes from the time of the shooting until authorities actually had pulled him over on i-66 near washington.
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it is about 203 miles from south of roanoke where the shooting took place to a point near linden, virginia. which is west of washington d.c., where he was actually stopped by the state police. they say that a patrolman identified his car with an electronic license plate reader that scans license plates and alerted her that this was a car authorities were looking for. that is where he's stopped. up near washington. that little square that sticks off the part of virginia in the north, that is washington d.c. so you see how close it was to washington d.c. where he was stopped. about 200 miles from the scene. authorities were at first looking for his car. but then they discovered that he had rented a car last month at the roanoke airport. when they figured out what kind of car, then they could broadcast the description of the car to the other police authorities and that license plate number. and that was the key to stopping it. they say when the car was
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stopped he sped up and then eventually crashed the car and shot himself. and he died of this apparently self inflicted gunshot wound. as for the suicide note. he says that he had been the subject of discrimination, that he had been bullied. that he had been intimidated in some of his previous jobs. he described himself as powder keg ready the to go boom. and he says he bought his handgun, the one apparently he's holding in the freeze frame shot by the photographer after he's wounded on the ground. that hg that handgun he says he bought it two days after the shooting at the church in south carolina. and he talks in this note a lot about racism and it talks about dylan roof wanting to start a race war. so he implies that he was motivated by some kind of
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revulsion at racism. it is very hard to tell. as the bit of a rambling note as it is described by abc from a person who claims that he was brice williams. and it comes at a time before the name had come out. so there is every reason to think it's actually from the person who fired these shots. >> and pete, let me ask you this. you were talking about the search in are this man, the four hour window in which they managed to track him down. one of the aspects that is obviously very unique and certainly very dynamic in this particular incident is the unprecedented nature that this individual posted video of the shooting to his twitter and facebook accounts as the man hunt was under way. do we know whether or not technology, his own social media postings helped police and other law enforcement track him down and locate him as he was moving away from the crime scene is this. >> we're not certain but law enforcement officials we've talked to said that that kind of technology did not play a role here.
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perhaps the virginia police were using something they don't want to disclose. but we haven't been told that. one possibility is this was a rental car he was driving. it is pretty well known that rental car companies do have gps units in their car. so it could have -- if there was technology involved it could have been as simple as that. but authorities are not revealing whether they used and if so what kind of technology, whether they were trying to follow his phone calls or whatever. but while he's on the run, these 2003 miles, roughly 3 and a half hours of driving, he did manage to pull over at some point and do all of these postings. which it is interesting to note twitter and facebook took down very quickly after they were up saying they violated their own community standards rules against people in essence claiming credit for crimes that they have committed. >> adam reiss and pete williams. thank you both. we're going to have more throughout the hour. but joining me now is someone who worked with the suspect,
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vester flanagan, from 1999-2000. don schaefer. thank you very much for joining us, sir. you hired and subsequently fired the suspect in this case back in 2000. does the attack today surprise you? >> certainly it surprised me that he was the suspect. when i originally -- you know i think as every other broadcast journalist would, when i first heard of this shooting watching my news this morning, it was a horrific thought and a horrific scene to me to have two young journalists gunned down like this. later on when i was driving to work and heard vester flanagan named as the prime suspect, i almost wrecked my car. it was a holy moly minute for me. because i knew the guy and 15 years ago had what could we say
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a relatively similar situation with him. but when i found and when i heard he was the suspect i couldn't believe it. >> don i'm going to get to other questions but let me pick up on the point that you said you almost wrecked your car. have you told law enforcement that you know this individual? >> no no one's called me about that. >> how would you describe the suspect's temperament at the office and why was he fired? >> i'm not going to go into all the great details because there are some private issues. we hired him as the reporter. he was really a pretty good reporter. he was clever. he was a fungi. he was a good enough journalist that i made him a weekend/evening anchor man. he worked for me for just about a year. and at that point he started having some situations with some folks that worked at the station, mostly on the production side, in the control room and on the floor.
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and things kind of escalated, got out of hand to the point where the general manager and i made the determination to terminate his employment at that point. >> and you know today one of the other points we want to talk about, you say that flanagan had problems with people in the news room when you worked with him, particularly the production staff and that he went after that physically. how serious was the physical threat that he posed? >> well it was serious enough that we wanted him out of the place. so we got him out of there and terminated his employment at that point. >> and you, as i understand it, flanagan sued the station he worked at with you for racial discrimination. today he allegedly tweeted that alison parker, one of the victim, had made racist comments. can you tell us about the lawsuit and allegations flanagan made against you in tallahassee soot ath the time. >> the also allegations he mad he did our depositions were so totally unsupported that the
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judge threw out the case in a summary judgment before the case ever went to court. so he made total -- totally unsubstantiated allegations that never got anywhere. >> and sir, what are your colleagues saying about all of this today? your news room? what is the mood like? and we're hearing this effects the entire journalism community but amongst the reporters out there doing this, has anything changed in terms of the attitude at employees on your team? >> when i first heard this on my air this morning, i was horrified to think that two young journalists out doing their job -- and i don't want to make this about vester flanagan at all. i want to make this about these two young journalists. that's one of the things that keeps the news director awake at night. these are the things i worry about, where we send our people out there in harm's way. they are out there at the scene of shootings. at burglaries.
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you know you see what has gone on around the country in riot situations and your own reporters out there. so we worry about that and we worry about their security. when it came out that this had happened it was another one of those. when the it turned out to be a former employee and became, you know, what in effect is a workplace shooting, that kind of a homicide, it's even more horrific. and again, you know, i don't want to make it about him. it is really about alison and adam. >> we're going to have a lot more about alison and adam throughout the course of the hour. thank you don for joining us. coming up more on the breaking news. what was the motive behind the shooting. suspect vester flanagan posted a apparent justification on social media. plus we're going to take a look at the lives of the two journalist whose lost their lives. alison parker and adam ward and tributes as condolences pour in about the duo who worked as the team to bring the news to their local communities. can be complicated.
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our hearts are broken and sympathy to the staff. but also the parents and family of alison parker and adam ward who were just out doing their job today. >> that was some of the heartbreaking footage as the newscasters reported on the tragic death of their colleagues. 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old cameraman adam ward both shot dead live on air this morning. just before 7:00 t chief suspect vester lee flanagan pronounced dead this afternoon. where does the investigation go from here? and what was his motivation? joining me is clint van zandt and former fbi profiler and
1:20 pm
msnbc law enforcement analyst jim kavanagh. it's been a long day for both of you. as a former atf guy, what is the atf doing right now in this investigation. >> they are working with the state place and sheriff department just like the fbi and marshal service to run down leads. and they will trace the murder weapon that's been recovered from flanagan. trying to find out when he bought it in his suicide note as pete described he said he put the deposit down on the gun two days after the charleston massacre. so they will probably quickly get on the store it was bought at and see if he has any other firearms. right now it doesn't look like there is any confederates in this case. it looks like he acted alone. this kind of case is mostly a person who acts alone. so really the effort is to put
1:21 pm
it to together more the families of the victims so they can know as much as anyone can what happened and also if there are any things to help prevent a future murder like this. >> clint, we're hearing from some of those who knew the suspect. we just spoke to a former boss who fired him. take a listen to a friend of vester lee flanagan. >> i have fine thoughts of him. i don't look at him as the murderer. even though he did it. he did it. he killed himself. but i don't look at ill it that way. that's ail i got to say right now. i'm trying to swallow it. i can't swallow it. >> it aels always hard to see someone who by all measures of the word was functioning and then there is a trigger mechanism that made him do this. what do we know at this hour about what would have made this guy from separated from the tv station two years ago, allegedly show up and shoot his colleagues this morning? >> i don't think it just started with this tv station two years ago. i think as your former guest suggested that they had to let
1:22 pm
him go from a station years before that. so this is an individual who's had challenges apparently for most of his adult life. and as pete williams and jim cavanagh talk about this is a called suicide note or letter that he sent, you know, we know about 25% of people send a communication like that. and usually when they do it, it is to justify their actions or it is to hold somebody else responsible for what they have done. and in this particular case i think this individual wanted to justify. and this is somebody who goes from accumulating all of these grievances. and then it becomes an obsession with him. and then it takes, you know, wourn two trigger events to bring him into action. the trigger events could well have been as he talked about the shooting in charleston, where two days later he bought the gun. that's taking ideation to action.
1:23 pm
he thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. now i'm going to get the gun and do something about it. unfortunately this is not that unusual of a profile that we see in workplace violence or in shooting situations like this. in fact it suggests one more person who talks about columbine and all of these other mass shootings in the country who use that model as a acceptable form of conflict resolution, in essence, violence. >> jim, this was a relatively isolated live shot. it happened about 6:45 in the morning. what does the location, the timing of this tell you about the type of planning that may have gone into this attack? for him to know that they were setting up specifically in that live shot position, it seemed to be in an isolated area at least from the vantage point we saw from the video. what does that tell you about what he may have known? how he may have gotten that information?
1:24 pm
terms of his planning. >> he's an insider in the news business having worked at three stations. he understands how the news business works. he understands how the field crew works and goes out and does, you know, repetitive live piece, live shots, live hits over a couple of hours in the morning. it would be pretty easy for him to target them. and also his, what comes to the fore here as clint and i have discussed earlier, is, you know, how he shows up there. he's got a gopro camera. he's got the pistol. he's got a rental car over at the airport. i mean, this is all part of the obsession that's moved into the plot. and he's now there to execute the plot. and murder, you know, the winners of society that he thinks have wronged him. and he's so cold-blooded and so calculating, he's going even film it. lit alone they are filming it live because they are a news crew, he's going to film it to and show you why he should have done this because he was wrong.
1:25 pm
i would say yes, a lot of planning, details. purchase of the gun, moving the car. showing up with the camera. stopping on his escape multiple times to send twitter and facebook and messages to abc news. he wants his word out. he wants everybody to know what he was going to do. and there was no real end. i would say and clint said it earlier and i totally agree, probably knew this would end in his death. but where was he is going. he took the ride on 66. i'm not sure his murder was over. what if the troopers didn't see him. he could have drove anywhere else and shot more people. >> i want to pick up on that point quickly. the point that he wanted to get his word out. he posted with social media. had the gopro. what kind of statement do you think he wanted to make with this type of brutal killing? >> i think he wanted to say everybody else was wrong and he was right. it was one more victim mentality. but realize i think the media here really stood up. they said we are not going to
1:26 pm
show this video of a cold-blooded murder. even though we may have got it on youtube and got it on the internet. i think every station, every network has been responsible and said we are not going to let you control us from the grave and make us show that picture. so, you know, hats off to all of the tv networks for not buying into that aspect of his plan. >> all right clint van zandt and jim cavanaugh. thank you for your insights. coming up a lot more on the suspect vester flanagan's background. a detailed look at the disgruntled employee who was fired from the local tv station for anger problems. but just ahead we're going to look at lives of the two journalists tragically gunned down and the tv station mourning them. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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ward were partners. adam graduated virginia tech in 2011. he was engaged to a wdbj producer who was celebrating her last day at the station today before moving to north carolina. adam's fiancé was reportedly in the control room during the shooting and saw it happen live. alison parker was a 24-year-old reporter who was always smiling. dating chris, another anchor at the station and this morning chris tweeted this out. we didn't share this publicly but alison parker and i were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb. she's the most radiant women i have met and for some reason she loved me back. >> when i was younger i was really interested in the math and science fields. those were always my best subjects in school. but i went the journalism route which is okay. but when i was younger i wanted to either become a doctor or become a pharmacist. but as the journalist i get to
1:31 pm
cover those type of fields so it is close enough. >> joining me now on the phone is wdbj station manager jeffrey marks. starting off with our condolences for you and your entire team. i want to start by asking about these two remarkable individuals. talk to me about the victims. tell us about the two journalists alison and adam. how were they employees? but more importantly how were they as people? >> well they were model employees. exuberant, eager to please. always learning. you know, people tend to get exaggerated in conversations like this. these are no exaggerations. you couldn't have picked, hand picked two better news employees. personally they were just wonderful to work with. alison had a great career in front of her as a reporter. adam, great photo journalist.
1:32 pm
worked very hard to make people look good on the other side of the camera. we're thinking about getting out of business as he followed his fiancé to charlotte. she was -- she is leaving us to go there. and so we really loved working with these people. they were a great team. >> can you describe for us what you were doing when the shooting happened and how you team reacted in the news room? >> i was about two minutes from the tv station, running an errand when i got the call that something dramatic had happened on the air. and i got to the office and it became clear fairly quickly that they were either very, very badly wound order were dead. and we just worked through the instant, heavy veil of grief to try to put it all together and get the story out to first of all our employees and the
1:33 pm
families but also to the public. >> and if i can i'd like to ask you a little bit about the suspect in this shooting. i understand he worked for you until 2013. if you can tell us why did he leave the organization? what was the relationship with him when he did leave the organization? >> well we fired him. let's call it what it was. he was not working it. the quality of work was not satisfactory. and he had a lot of anger which he took out of his fellow employees and thought that was inappropriate. he had to be escorted out of building by the police. and later he complained about harassment and discrimination to the equal employment opportunity commission, which -- which dropped the case. did not affirm anything he said. it just -- it hadn't happened.
1:34 pm
>> were you personally ever concerned about him as a potential source of violence either for your station or employees? >> for a little while i was because he had put up such a struggle when asked to leave the building. but then that is more than two years ago. and we knew he still lived in the area. occasionally people would see him. there were no threats. we did not know how much hate and anger he still harbored. and there you have it. >> and did you ever throughout the course of those two years and even when you fired him express that concern to local authorities? >> i don't recall that we did. we may have at the time because of course we had to call the police to escort him out of the building. so at the time we probably talked to the police. but a lot of time has past. >> and if you can tell us a little about the relationship the suspect had with the two victims.
1:35 pm
do you have any inkling of a motive here why he targeted those two individuals in particular? or was he just going after the station. >> it is too early for me to say. he had disagreements with a lot of employees. miss parker, alison, was an intern when he was here. i don't know why or how he could have harbored anything for her. as if she could have had an effect on his career. but we're so focused today on our employees and our loss that we're not really focused on this -- this shooter. and so i'm not spending any time investigating anymore about him. i'm really here for my employees. >> all right mr. jeffrey marks. again our thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire community and family of the victim down there. thank you sir for joining us. joining me on the phone is mayor of roanoke dave bowers.
1:36 pm
again i'd like to express my condolences to you and the entire community down there in virginia. i certainly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to talk to us. i know you were interviewed many times by alison. what do you remember about her? what can you tell us about her? >> she's always perky. bright, lovely, talented. but fun to be with. i think the last time i saw her was just a couple weeks ago. and she was very professional. wdbj is one of the leading cbs affiliates in the nation. and here in our region of virginia, if you are watching wdbj, the people on that station become part of your own family. so i think we all take this very -- have been hurt very personally by this. we're just saddened. and i think sickened by what we -- some of us apparently saw live on the air this morning. i think it's been a very sad day
1:37 pm
for us. and when people have -- people i have noticed today haven't been asking how you doing? they're saying isn't it just awful? and the answer for how you doing is i'm just saddened and sickened by it. >> and these two individuals obviously from the community -- >> i'm sorry. i can't hear you. >> i was saying these two victims were from the community so they certainly knew it well. just adding to your point there. alison's father released a statement this afternoon saying barbara, drew and i are numb, devastated and i find my grief unbearable. she was our bright shining light and it's cruelly extinguished. she excelled at everything she did and loved by everyone she touched. devastating for the family. how connected was the community to her? >> i think everybody on channel 7 is very connected to this community.
1:38 pm
they come to kuwanis meetings and city council and covering tragedies and storms and everything else. they are just the folks at our local television stations here at roanoke are part of our life and part of our family. and this is just an awful -- i think everybody in the region in our part of virginia is just feeling awful about it. >> i know it may be hard to look at this. but what role now do you play in trying to heal this community from this tragedy that they have lived through? how does the community even begin to heal going forward? >> you know, i think we augment to take a lesson from what happened, the tragedy that happened in charleston. we need to ask god's forgiveness. we need to pray. we need to be calm and love one another. and that is what strikes me at this time.
1:39 pm
>> all right. roanoke mayor, mr. david bowers. our condolences to you and the community down there in roanoke. thank you sir. just ahead, guns in america. colin goddard joins me to discuss why the united states has a disproportionate share of tragic shootings. ood yesterday i washed my clothes in new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant, for your clothes. you just throw it in with your detergent, it neutralizes odor on the spot new downy fresh protect wi noticed benny right away. , i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. today's tragic killing was felt both on the campaign trail and at the white house where press secretary josh ernest addressed the tragedy. >> obviously the thoughts and prayers of everybody here at the white house are with the families of those who were injured or killed in that terrible incident. this is another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common across the united
1:43 pm
states. >> several of the republican candidates running tweeted their condolences. jeb bush tweeted he was shocked and praying for the families. marco rubio was saddened. scott walker called it one of those awful things in this world you can't understand. and hillary clinton expressed heartfelt condolences for the victims but then called for action to combat gun violence. >> we have got to do something about gun violence in america. and i will take it on. so yes i feel just great heartache at what happened and i want to reiterate how important it is. we not let yet another terrible instance go by without trying to do something more to prevent this incredible killing that is stalking our country. >> joining me now is colin goddard, a survivor of the 2007
1:44 pm
virginia tech shooting and now senior policy advocate at every town for gun safety. colin thanks for joining us. we'll get to candidates reactions in a minute. but first, as a victim of gun violence yourself, what is your general advice to the community and family members how to heal in the aftermath of a tragedy like this today. >> there is no one way to heal. everyone finding their own way. what worked well for mow and what i think think for the virginia tech community was to be there for each other, to be around each other, to talk about what happened. not keep it inside of you but to let it go and deal with it and let other people help you along the way. really this is something that needs to, you know, bring people together and not have people even more isolated or feel like they can't talk about this. it is better to get out of your chest. >> the shooter faxed what's being described as the suicide
1:45 pm
note to abc. he quotes the virginia tech killer and calls him his boy. your reaction to that? >> it's incredibly disturbing to hear that. i don't know what else to say. >> you heard that hillary clinton saying she will take on gun violence today. were you surprised by the forcefulness of the statements? >> absolutely not. i think hillary clinton was right on point. i mean, she -- like all of us -- have seen repeated acts of gun violence repeatedly play out in this country. i mean, i wasab here only a few weeks ago talk about the shooting in a movie theater and just two weeks ago a horrible domestic violence where a father murdered so many children i think the worst since new town and that was a gun purchased online without a background check. so hillary's point that we are fed one these things continuing to happen and elected officials doing is absolutely nothing
1:46 pm
about it. the public has to legalirealize the disconnect. we haven't even had a sub committee hearing on gun violence prevention or gun violence in america. and that is just inappropriate and cannot happen any longer before something needs to be done differently. >> thank you very much for your insight on that. next we're going to hear from a virginia tech professor who knew both the victims. stay with us. its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats. joining she chair of the communications at virginia tech, professor robert dentin. professor, thank you for joining us. can you tell us about the adam that you knew as the student? >> well i taught a very large lecture class. so as a student [inaudible]
1:50 pm
but i really got to know him as an alum nis. excited h. le loved sports and politics and -- so it was in the field i got to know him and alison. and of course he did a lot of the not just morning shows but was a camera person for some stand up that i would do in sound and what have you. he was such a positive individual. always positive. very happy. hard worker. you will appreciate this. he would pull cable for a mile and not even complain. he always wanted the best shot. and he was so kind and greg rows.gregarious. he would say your tie is a little off. i need to straighten it up a little bit. wild hair. we got to take care of that. he was just a kind, positive person. and last time i was with him for the morning show was august 7th. and he was talking how excite he
1:51 pm
was about getting married. it was going to be a new chapter. he wasn't thankful he wasn't moving too far from our blessed hokey nation. and the alison very professional. very intense. she was very ambitious. well-prepared, worked hard. workening on the political story she would sometimes call me and e-mail me and say now i want to make sure i understand this right. i never said no to them. they were a wonderful team together. the pictures show it all. it shows their friendship which was genuine. on the job. and adam in terms of that smile. they were just two delightful people. and being in higher ed now at virginia tech, my 28th year, to see such young people who love what they were doing, it just absolutely breaks my heart and saddens me greatly. >> it is remarkable to see the
1:52 pm
pictures of how closely they worked together, especially on the morning shift. you can see very close working relationship they had. i know this happened just miles away from the virginia tech shooting. how does the community once again have to rebound from something like this? where they have had people close to their community victims of yet another senseless killing. i guess a lot of people want to go back to virginia tech. and i think this was kind of separate. it is only connected perhaps by geography. it certainly always heightens the sense of tragedy. the sense of loss. innocent people. and it certainly, as we see these instances across the nation, it just strikes me in the heart. it just makes me so much more empathetic in a way. because there is always a mother and a father and brother and
1:53 pm
friends and coworkers who were involved. it is not so much the virginia tech connection as it is another tragedy here. and it just sensitizes you to the just the tragic loss of very innocent people. >> our thoughts and prayers and condolences to you and the community down there, sir. thank you for your time and, you know, hopefully the community down there can heal once again. we're going to be right back. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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of the breaking news story a news reporter and cameraman shot dead live on air in virginia. police confirmed the suspect is now dead. michael eric dyson picks up our coverage next. we start with tragic breaking nudes obreak ing news out of virginia. earlier this morning two local journalists were gunned down in an ambush attack. alison parker and adam ward were fatally shot. here is right before the shooting occurred. >> this is our community. we want to come together and share information to help us grow and develop. provide a better experience. we want the people to come here say that -- >> shots rang out moments later. we can't show you the rest of the video. vicki gardener is in stable condition.


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