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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 27, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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downed in broad daylight. it was shocking news rooms in coast to coast. we're going to have a live report from a scene. the gunman using a camera to take the crime viral. how t we all acted. donald trump responsed to the tough words of higher energy from jeb bush. it's 5:30 on the west coast and 2:30 on the west coast. this is "way too early." good morning everyone. we begin with a story that echos nationwide and one that hits close to the home of anyone that works in plemedia. the cold blooded killing live on
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television during the interview. the gunman is also dead after shooting himself on an in tense manhunt and chase. this video shows the moments before the senseless shootings that aired in roanoke, virginia. the guest was also shot, but she survived. a glimpse of the man that was behind it. a former reporter at the station that was fired two years ago. he was known on-air as bryce williams. now during the chase, he posted messages and the shooting online. again, we will not show the graphic images. then abc said that someone claiming to be flanagan sent a 23 page fax. now, tragically two journalists lost their lives doing what they love. here is the heart wrenching
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video of the boss breaking it to the coworkers on-air. >> it's my very very sad duty to report that we have determined through the e hehelp of the pol and our employees that allison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. i cannot tell you how much they were loved allison and adam by the team. they were both in love, and we will talk about that a little bit more with other members of the team. our hearts are broken and our sympathy to the entire staff and the family of alison parker and adam ward. >> it was extremely difficult this morning. i actually did a remote with mrs. parker and adam about three
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weeks ago when our schools opened up here. it's really stopped me in my tracks this morning. like many viewers i was watching this morning's broadcast, and could not understand what was happening myself at that time. >> joining us is sarah dallas. sarah, somehow the community responding following the shooting almost 24 hours ago? >> reporter: well, trst a huge out pouring of support. allison and adam should be in the middle of the morning shift, but struggle to come to grips with thousands. now both of these victims are described as special people preparing to begin exciting new chapters in their life. adam ward was expected to be marry and the wedding dress just
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arrived. alison parker just moved in with her boyfriend. >> she was so natural with the public and strangers, that it was effortless for her to succeed in this job what it enfails and having to be with the community. i did not do as well, and she told me you have to get over it. part of that is going out and doing live reports from areas that are unfamiliar to you and times of day when there are not many people out there. no one ever thinks that this would actually occur, and yet it has. shec she was in a safe place. >> reporter: as we mentioned there's a huge support not just from the community but the journalism community at large. people encouraged to wear turquoise and maroon. there's a growing memorial
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leaving cards and candles and a station used to covering the news and now at the center of it's own tragic story. >> thank you for that report. we're continuing to learn more about the two victim thes this morning. 24-year-old allison parker and they were a team at wbdj and working together for over a year. they were both virginia natives at the station as well. allison's boyfriend of nine months is an anchor at the station, and he tweeted at the wake bedwe did not share this, ashley and i are in love. adam was engaged and planning a wedding, and here is part of how they were remembered yesterday. >> if i walked into the office in the morning and the first person that i saw was adam or alison, i got a smile on my face. i never saw them down.
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adam would do any job that was asked of him. he was a lovable person, but really good at what he did. >> how about alison? what kind of reporter was she at 24 years old. >> maybe a national news anchor. i don't know. she had so much in front of her that was possible because she was quick and smart and worked hard. that's the kind of person that you won't. >> as we mentioned the gunman was a former employee that was dismissed two years ago. here is how the general manager described flan goagan on the ai yesterday. >> he was an unhappy man. we employed him as a reporter. he had some talent in it although being out of the business for a while. he quickly became -- gathered a
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reputation of someone that was difficult to work for. he was looking out for people to sort of say things that he could take offense too. and many in stances to the floor and we dismissed him. he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> he then filed an action with the equal opportunity commission that he made all kinds of come plants. there may have been one about allison and adam. members of the staff and he was making comments and he was african american and none of them can be corroborated by any
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of them and the equal opportunity dismissed the claim out of hand, and that was that. >> in that 237 page fax someone claiming to be abc news the author complains of racism and bullying and other mass killings and kol bine and the charleston church attack was the tipping point but says that i have been a human powder for a while. he made a deposit for a gun two days after the shooting and took place. for the first time in months we're hearing joe biden discuss a possible 2016 candidacy in his own words. biden says that he is exploring whether or not there's the emotional view to run. >> if i announced to run i have to get to all of you that i would be able to give it my
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whole heart and soul. right now both are banged up. we're trying to figure out the issue. that's the truth of the matter, but believe me i have been given it a lot of thought and dealing with the family on thousand do this. >> okay. staying with politics donald trump has taunted jeb bush and calling him a low energy person. >> he is a low energy person by nature. that's okay. i know some wonderful people like that. they're the nicest people that i know. >> bush pushed back and taking a more forceful tone. >> i have learned about leadership by trial and error. you learn these things if you're all in and speerps. you don't talk about things on the sidelines. we need leadership in washington dc. high energy leadership.
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this guy is now the front runner. he should be held to account like me. he should be asked like yesterday, how you going to pay for it? why don't your prove to me that it's not practical? explain how you're going stop without violating the civil liberties? go through and you will see that he does not have a plan. he is appealing to the anger. i want to solve problems so that we can fix this and turn it into what it is. today it's not. >> did he seem low energy there? >> no, dynamic. cannot force that, and it was forced. >> let's turn now to business where wall street put the break on a six day losing streak and wrapping up the one day gain. live from london and nancy, what drove the ral ly yesterday? >> yeah, we can break the news of the six day streak.
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a lot of it was driven by the comments that we heard during the day and it was sethed that the february hike rate was less compelling. we should not pay too much attention or over react and that he would continue to look at the data and we will be getting the report on the u.s. job monthly report out next week. that could have a bit more factor into when they decide to raise the first rate hike. it's looking less likely for september, and markets did that. we saw the dow jones cheer up and finally some good news out of china and the shanghai breaking a six session losing streak and rallies for five percent today. they came in and saying that they were going to cut the interest rates. it was not until today that we saw the good news carry on.
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some positive sentiments and the main markets in the u.s. are on the highs. the s&p pushed up and investors want to see where it closes up today. they want to know if it's a relief rally or not thing coming for the head. >> okay nancy. thank you from the stock market. still ahead take a no hitter into the ninth inning. why the east close should be keeping an eye on erika. those stories and more when "way too early" comes right now.
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sexual assault case. he faces one count of rape and brooks one count of sexual battery. both were accused when it took place back in november. no word on if the 49 ers will release brooks. schilling will not be apart of this weeks announcement. he would be pulled from this week's coverage after he posted a video. now for some ml b highlights to detroit's pitch er. he was on the verge of his third no hitter until los angeles smacked and he would have to settle for a one hit shout out
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and then a victory over the angles. the streaking cubs are after the giants and coming alive in a 2-1 inning. it follows up brandon and the triple with a double that drives in and the giants win that one 4-2. in tampa chases down and hit to right center field and makes the catch and then it's in the process. not to worry good news and hanging ton the ball and both players are popping back up and enjoying a laugh as the inning ends. >> yeah, it was like cheers. >> those moments are krscary wh you watch them live. >>. okay. now the current mets corr spontaneous --
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>> right now the storm has made the first land fall. we're about 30 miles south east and 50 mile an hour wind. it will in crease a little bit. what we need to storm to do is fall apart during the next 48 hours. if it does not, it has an el extent chance of strengthening when it comes to the coastline of monday or tuesday of next week. here it is on the radar. the hope is that it's going to get sheered to part. they have in creasing ten miles an hour and being near puerto rico and then here is the uncertainty. yesterday was into miami and now it parallels and notice that it goes from savannah all the way down to all of the major cities there in florida. they have it as a category 71 and all of the models have it as
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a category three just off the florida coast. a lot of uncertainty and a lot depends on the next 48 hours if the storm survives. once it does, all of the computers are on the coastline and then headed north. in play is from miami all the way back up to the outer banks of north carolina. you get the picture of why it's a concern. warm water and the storm could strengthen if it survives the next 48 hours. that's the dangerous combination. >> yeah, we have to wait and see. thanks for that. still ahead using social media in the worst possible way. two journalists killed and the killing posted online for the world to see. reporting on a troubling new reality for the digital age. "way too early" is back in a moment. here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power. which one arrives first?
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hey everyone i am alison parker and adam and i are putting extras on the report. >> when i was young er i wanted to be a doctor or farmist. now i have cover close to them. now i have to bring him out. adam come out of the camera. he is the ugly step mother and looking gorgeous in this
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costume. how do you feel now? >> when i first put the heels on, we rolled an ankle. it's good. it's respect and form fitting we will say. >> in their own words that was alison parker and adam ward. you can see how close they were. it was not only televised but posted online by the man accused of crime. now to the control room. >> first viewers witnessed the deadly shooting of a reporter and cameraman in the live broadcast, and then it was on social media. only time this from a killer's perspective. it's raising where we as a society draw the line in an ij of sharing. nbc ann thompson has more. >> as shocking as this angle, it's this perspective, the shooter's perspective that horrified social media.
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we're only showing a freeze frame. he wore a camera and posted the video on twitter and facebook. >> it was just terrifying and pash liezing and chilling. >> one of the many that watched it. >> as twisted as that sounds blame social media on part of the killer. that's a terrible thing. >> instantly on twitter they demanded that it be taken down. stephanie saying do not retweet go hug someone. >> is this the way to treat this. >> no, things and unfortunately this video was true. >> twitter and other platforms pulled it down. saying that it violated the community standards and that prohibits celebrating anything. >> sometimes it's not a
2:55 am
flattering picture. >> this is the laits workplace homicide between 1997 in 2010 there were almost 900 committed by a coworker or former coworker. the difference this time is that we could see it. >> amen. being in the business brings you closer to sthe story. sometimes video can be too graphic to be online. >> yeah, it raises questions for those that need to report the story but having and not giving the murder more of a profile. okay. thank you. coming up more on the chilling murder of alison parker and adam ward. they're in the middle of their first show since it went live on the air. we hear from joe biden directly about the possible 2016
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she loved me more than anyone else could, and i loved her right back. for her to be taken in this fashion in this way is unthinkable, and for adam too. they were out there nearly everyday together as a team, and they were murdered together. it is still very difficult for me to rationalize. >> they're both from the area. adam graduated from the area and alison graduated early from her class and graduated jmu with honors and such a bright future. adam just told me that i am going get out of news and do something else and following his finance down to charlotte. >> do you see the smile on his face? that's how he always looked.
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>> virginia tech fan or anything. >> we get here early in the morning and when we come in, they make the news room come alive. adam talking about coming down . going to be missed. >>. >> what a tragedy yesterday. we're going to be talking about that throughout the morning, talking about the background of that. also a lot of political news. just some moments that really, i think, are going. to change politics over the next year, year and a half. that is joe biden, what he said yesterday. i mean, talking for the first time about this i think this is going to happen. it changes everything. and we brought in the guy that had the most incredible interview asking those questions. his favorite book is the bible. what's your favorite bible verse, don't have one. old testament or new testament, i like


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