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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  August 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'm the customer. that's who in the hell i am. >> when the line is too long -- >> back up! >> when the cabin doors shut. >> please help me! >> when the store you want opened is closed, are you ever tempted to do something crazy? >> probably the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen. >> customers lash out. crowds go out of control. >> everybody was just shoving. >> shoppers snap. >> the customer just went crazy. >> but you know what they say -- >> the customer's always right!
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>> "caught on camera: customers gone wild." hello, i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." do you ever feel frustrated waiting in line, or have you watched as someone else flies off the handle? from naked shoppers to angry plane passengers, in this hour, we'll watch what happens when customers go wild. ♪ a late-night shopper decides to open up a drive-thru in one of the most bizarre and audacious smash-and-grabs this small ohio town has ever seen. >> i've heard of people breaking windows and using rocks and boulders, but never seeing somebody actually decide to drive their car through a store. >> it's 5:00 a.m. in amherst, ohio, and a sleepless bargain hunter cases an adult novelty store. the store is closed, but this customer isn't concerned with such minor details.
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he circles the store to make sure no one is around, then chooses the back door to make his grand entrance. tracy is the store's manager. >> he decided that he wanted to come through the back door, and you see him get up on the curb and kind of bumps himself up and then he just guns the car and just goes for it. >> in a split second, he's in. glass shatters. the door frames are left a twisted heap of metal. then the customer, in a black hoodie, jumps out of the car. >> pulls in probably about ten feet. you can actually see him get out of his car and starts running. >> he's running, but so is his car. >> he forgets to put the car in park and the car will just keep driving throughout the store, hitting a fixture and bouncing off on to one of our security systems. >> the customer is so busy deciding which sex toy he wants to steal, he hardly seems to notice his car rolling down the
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aisles. >> this is where you can see him coming out, looking for the item. he goes in and grabs a higher-priced item, just to put it down and pick an item that was of lesser cost. >> with the cheaper stimulation device in hand, the porn bandit makes a quick dash back across the aisles to his car. >> he'll jump back in and take out through the front doors. >> through the front doors, as in straight through. and with that, he drives off into the night with his brand spanking new toy. minutes later, tracy, asleep at home, gets a rude awakening. >> phone call about 5:45 in the morning stating that i was requested at the store. they just said that the alarm was going off and i was required here. >> tracy can't begin to imagine the scene that awaits her. >> i got here and saw the doors lying on the ground and proceeded to check on the video and see what happened. >> the surveillance video tracy watches leaves her speechless.
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the item taken in this sex tape heist is too risque to show on tv. it's only worth $150, but the store is left with thousands in damage. >> it's been almost about 3 1/2 weeks, and we're finally getting everything put back together. >> local police haven't yet caught this customer gone wild, but tracy has a theory. >> we believe he knew where he was going. he came over to where the item was, went and picked up a higher priced item, put the higher priced item down, and took the smaller item that retailed for $150. >> apparently, when it comes to shoplifting, bigger isn't always better. most customers come to expensive wine tastings to sip fine wine. but at a tasting in miami beach, florida, one customer selects a choice vintage and stuffs it down his pants. the wine bandit then takes something else, a good look at
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the security cameras. >> the cameras are pretty obvious, you see them, and still, he goes on and steals the bottle. >> what was this customer thinking? in miami, nobody loves wine more than eddie lagaric, the owner of "w" wine boutique. >> it's magic, because all are fermented grape juice, you can discover the miracle of strawberry, blueberry, vanilla. >> that grape juice can get expensive. >> i think the best sales that we've done was a case of three bottles for $36,000, which goes down to $12,000 a bottle. >> that's right. $12,000 a bottle. eddie keeps these rare and expensive wines in a highly specialized room called the 100- point room. >> the 100-point room has its own temperature system where we keep all the older vintages, rare to find, very limited wine,
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all the gems. >> in october 2009, the 100-point room receives an unwelcome visitor. "w" wine boutique is bustling with activity as the miami beach elite taste a premiere champagne. >> from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., we are doing champagne testing. we had about 80 to 90 people, so the store was very, very busy. >> just after 7:00 p.m., a customer comes in and heads straight for the back. trying to look casual, he checks out the back door. then he surveys the 100-point room. no one in sight. satisfied with his scouting mission, the wine bandit decides it's time to make his move. eddie lagaric has it all caught on camera. >> right now, he's grabbing the italian wine underneath and gets ready to switch his for the cheap italian wine. >> as he reaches for the expensive bottle, a 1990 lafite
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rothschild, other customers pass right by the room, nearly catching him red-handed, but the man makes the switch, taking the pricey bottle and leaving the cheap italian wine in its place. >> right now, he's leaving the room, acting like he's interested in the other wines. >> with the bottle in hand, this no-so-stealth shopper takes a peek up at the security cameras. >> he's probably thinking, are the cameras on or off? >> this customer isn't headed for the checkout counter. he's waiting for the right moment to make his escape, but with shoppers nearby, he has to stall. finally, he takes the expensive vintage and -- excuse me, sir, is that a bottle of wine in your shorts? >> it's probably not easy to walk out with a bottle of wine in your pants. >> the next day, eddie is shocked to find the bottle of lafite rothschild is gone. >> on the open market, this
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bottle is worth between, i would say $1,000 to $1,500. it's very special, extremely complex, more mushroom, more musk, a little bit of truffle. >> watching the security video, eddie immediately spots the shorts-clad bandit. >> i saw his face, and at first, i wasn't even suspicious, because i recognized him. he's a customer, a regular customer. and i think he just went crazy. >> eddie makes a police report, but doesn't stop there. >> i, first off, called the police, and the second phone call was the tv station, local news, that actually rushed to the store. they really liked the story. >> this is no amber alert. this is about a stolen bottle of wine. >> all right. take a good look at him. police want to catch this guy. >> that's when attorney joseph rosenbaum gets a strange call. >> i got a call that i should watch the newscast. there's a guy that lifted an expensive bottle of wine, and that i should watch it, i'll be contacted in the next day.
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>> sure enough, the lafite rothschild ends up safely on rosenbaum's desk. >> i, myself, drove the bottle of wine over there, went into the shop, delivered the bottle of wine, and that was it. >> rosenbaum asks only that eddie sign a release, stating he won't prosecute the offender and eddie agrees. >> since the value of the wine was about $1,000, it would be considered grand theft third-degree in florida, where the sentence maximum is five years, down to probation. >> but the bottle was dropped off anonymously and not even rosenbaum knows who the wine bandit is. >> to this date, i don't know if anybody's ever identified the person that's portrayed on the video taking the bottle of wine. >> the thief remains as deep and as mysterious as the lafite rothschild itself. luckily, eddie doesn't have any sour grapes about the theft. >> the owner was very grateful and very nice. he showed me some french wine, which i knew was a decent wine, so i bought two bottles. >> to celebrate the missing
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bottle's happy homecoming, eddie opens the now infamous lafite rothschild at a wine-tasting. >> the complexity, the depth, it was just amazing. >> in the end, all that matters to eddie is that his beloved wine came home. >> it was great because we actually got the bottle back. and that's what i wanted more than anything. coming up -- >> i'm the customer! that's who the hell i am! >> in a brooklyn post office, one man delivers a first-class tirade. in los angeles, a customer cuts in line. and out west, a cattle parade makes a pit stop. >> oh, man, this is going to be great stuff. >> when "caught on camera: customers gone wild" returns.
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mcdonald's when a man lunges forward and punches a september 14th, 2008, los angeles, california. tensions erupt at a local mcdonald's when a man lunges forward and punches a
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16-year-old girl in the head. the girl falls to the floor. it's all caught on the store's security cameras. this man's brazen outburst shocks the other customers. no one even attempts to stop him. he just walks over, gets his children, and leaves the store. police say the dad and the teenager argue over something many customers fight over all the time, who's first in line. police say the girl swears at the man, and the man twice her size, the man lashes out with his kids standing and watching just feet away. then the attacker walks out of the restaurant, and he's gone. the girl suffers minor cuts and bruises and is treated at a local hospital. police release this videotape, hoping to catch the suspect. they haven't yet caught the man, but when it comes to customers gone wild, not all get away. at this ohio dairy queen, two men stand at the counter. one waits for his food.
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the other make a grab for cold, hard cash. then it's customer versus robber in a wresting match that ends with a stunning arrest. it's a quiet night at this columbus, ohio, dairy queen when local resident jeremiah sarver stops by for a bite. but shortly after ordering, he can't help but feel something strange is going on. >> while waiting in line, a gentleman came in behind me and was kind of milling around, and we were talking a little bit. and the manager came back by after a couple of minutes and asked the gentleman if he had been helped, and he had stated that he had been helped, in which i had realized that he hadn't been. >> it's this suspicious response that prompts sarver to hang out just a bit longer. >> knowing something that was a little wrong with that picture, i decided to stick around, and even after my order had come out, i decided to stay.
2:16 pm
>> security cameras at this dairy queen capture the scene that unfolds. for almost five minutes, this customer paces around. he leans against the counter, next to the trash can, and jokes with sarver and the store manager. he even looks through his wallet. apparently, he realizes he's short on cash. >> he went into the cash office right behind the manager, asked her for a job application, and that's when he grabbed that money bag and turned and tried to run out. >> sarver springs into action. and turns out it's lucky sarver is there. he's no ordinary customer. he's a trained corrections officer with the nearby delaware county sheriff's office. he's off duty, but now he's locked, arm in arm, wrestling this criminal to the ground. >> it was an instinct, just reacting to the situation. i just made a split-second decision to protect the business and the employees here. >> while the two struggle, an
2:17 pm
employee runs back into the office and calls 911. for this would-be robber, running into an off-duty corrections officer is bad enough, but even worse, the local police station sits only three blocks from the restaurant. as sarver wrestles this thief to the ground, it takes barely 90 seconds for police to respond. when they rush in, the tough part of their job has been taken care of. >> when police arrived, we found an individual on the ground, being detained. he had been loitering around the store. he saw an opportunity where the manager took the money into the office. and at that point, he grabbed the money from the manager and started to run out the door. >> it's not every day that customers so dramatically stop crimes in progress. and while it's not something that police recommend, in this instance, they have only praise for this customer's quick action. >> it was very commendable of this off-duty corrections officer to assist us in foiling this crime. you know, he's a trained
2:18 pm
individual. being a corrections officer, he's trained at being able to take people down and control them. >> and so it's all's well that ends well, except for the guy face down on the floor. he pleads guilty to robbery and is sentenced to probation. coming up -- a brooklyn man is fed up with poor service. >> the customer's always right! you were wrong! you were wrong! and what in the world are these customers thinking? when "caught on camera: customers gone wild" returns. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t has the tools and the network you need, to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. bring us your aching and sleep deprived.
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i'm the customer! >> brooklyn, new york. confronted with a long line at his local post office, a customer reaches his breaking point. >> that's your job! do your job! that's your job! >> he paces, back and forth, furious. >> how dare her. who the hell does she think she is? >> who the hell do you think you are? >> i'm the customer, you stupid [ bleep ]. >> he threatens her job. >> right now, she's lost her job. >> until the police show up to calm him down.
2:22 pm
>> i don't have to calm down! i'm the customer! >> it's an average afternoon in the kensington area of brooklyn, new york. this bustling neighborhood is home to thousands of families, but only one post office. jefferson pang grew up nearby, and in 2006, he captured footage here of the now-famous kensington post office tirade. >> that day in particular, the line was actually out the door. and the gentleman in the back of the line just saw how long the line was and just wasn't going to take it. >> yeah, same to you, honey. same to you. get the manager over here. >> so the postal clerk wasn't very nice, and she had spoken back to him, and he just lost it. >> who the hell do you think you are? >> who the hell do you think you are? >> i'm the customer. that's who the hell i am! >> and? >> you know and. so? we'll see when your job comes up for review.
2:23 pm
>> the customer quiets down for about a minute while he waits for a manager. but then the clerk says something, and the dispute escalates. >> that's your job! that's your job, sweetie. that's your job. do your job! that's your job. >> go to hell. >> you go to hell first, you [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]! get the manager out here. >> this man's response is extreme. we've all felt the frustration of long lines, long waits, and poor service. >> who the hell does she think she is? >> jefferson pang says he can understand the customer's frustration. >> i thought he was definitely flying off the handle, and the words that he was using were a bit extreme for the situation at hand, but i guess he has some really deep issues with this post office, probably just like everybody else in this neighborhood. >> post office officials declined to comment on the incident, but several patrons shared their thoughts on the
2:24 pm
service here. >> sometimes they make you wait about 40, 50 minutes. so i think it's a long, long time waiting just for the mail, you know? >> i work a few blocks away, and i have to come every day to check the mail. and it's like a really, really long line. >> i have seen, all right, postal customers lose their minds after waiting in line for over an hour, only to get to the window and have the clerk slam the thing down in front of you and say, "i'm sorry, this window is no longer open." we're hostage to these people. >> braygan thomas avoids coming here whenever he can, fed up with the long waits and the spotty service. he has seen pang's video and he sympathizes not with the clerk, but the man yelling at her. >> yes, i sympathized with that man. i mean, i prefer not to scream profanities at complete strangers, but i think he was completely right to do what he did. >> you were wrong.
2:25 pm
yeah, the customer's always right! you are wrong! the customer's always right! you were wrong. you were wrong! >> most of the customers in the post office at the time were just going about their business. it got to the point where the customers were helping each other. i guess it's survival mode, you know? everyone's got to pitch in. >> as the customers continue to wait in line, the outraged individual continues his demands. >> who the hell does she think she is? >> who do you think you are? >> look at this. i'm filing a report right now on her. >> what i was thinking when he was losing it in the post office was just like, this is great entertainment. i'm glad that i'm here to witness this otherwise i'd just be bored in line waiting to send my package. >> how dare she! >> call the police. >> i don't have to calm down. >> only when a fed up fellow customer calls the police does the man's tirade come to an end. the angry customer is asked to
2:26 pm
leave. it's been several years since jefferson posted this video online, so we reached out to this customer for his side of the story, but received no response. fellow patrons have mixed feelings about the way he acted. >> you're an [ bleep ]! >> i don't like rudeness. i wouldn't do that. and i wouldn't say it's okay to do that. but i would understand how somebody would get frustrated if they don't want to wait. >> it definitely runs both ways between the customers and the postal clerks. so i guess they get fed up because everybody's rude to them and everybody's waiting in line, so nobody's pleasant. >> who the hell do you think you are? >> i'm the customer! that's who the hell i am! >> the saying may be "the customer is always right," but there's another saying that applies here, "treat others as you want them to treat you." >> yeah, same to you, honey. >> bye. >> same to you. coming up -- short supply, high demand. fighting breaks out in
2:27 pm
california. >> you had a bunch of people who didn't know what was going to happen, but yet knew something was going to happen. and a holiday tradition turns deadly in new york. >> we realized something bad happened when the ambulance came. and when i got home, i seen it on the news that somebody had died. >> when "caught on camera: customers gone wild" returns. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do.
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i'm richard lui with your top stories. hurricane ignacio continues to turn toward hawaii and the big island and maui is on watch. it is a category four storm at the moment. three people killed, two women and a man and a child injured during a shooting spree at a home in eastern tennessee. authorities in sullivan county saying the shooting was wounding -- the shooter, rather, was wounded and taken into custody. his side not being released but he is related to the victims. now back to caught on camera.
2:31 pm
welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. it's sometimes called black friday, the day after thanksgiving when shoppers line up at stores long before dawn, lured out of bed by the promise of big savings. but in 2008, this holiday tradition turned into chaos with rioting, broken doors, and a customer stampede that left one man dead. it's a shopping tradition that's been around for decades. black friday gets its name from retailers who all year are said to have finances in the red or below zero. with a big turnout on the day after thanksgiving, those stores hope to finally turn a profit and get back in the black. on november 28th, 2008, across the country, millions of bargain hunters line up early for holiday season sales.
2:32 pm
at green acres mall on long island, new york, a crowd gathers outside of walmart to get a jump on early morning sales in the first hours of black friday. among them is azikiwe albritton. he's come here with some friends hoping for a good deal, and he's brought along his camera. >> yo, we out here at walmart, 12:00 in the morning. you could see the huge crowds from blocks away. it was a long line. thousands of people just in line. so we decided to walk over to where the door was to see what the big crowd was about. at first, being part of the crowd is fun. >> it was like an adventure. everybody's outside at 5:00 in the morning, just waiting to get inside for the black friday sales. and we were just in line having a good time. so at first, it was kind of fun. >> but when opening time arrives, the doors were still shut. >> nobody was opening the doors. the walmart staff was -- they were inside, they were high up on a ledge, just to look down.
2:33 pm
and they were looking down at everybody. i guess they didn't want to open, because there was a big crowd outside, and i guess they didn't want anybody to rush in. so there was a lot of yelling and screaming, and soon, there was just a lot of pushing and shoving. and then you heard a loud crack. >> at the front of the line, the anxious crowd breaks in a sliding glass door. >> they broke it open. >> breaking doors! >> shocked at first, the crowd pushes forward anyway. only a few people at a time can fit through the broken doorway. moving inside, the large crowd quickly becomes difficult. some people grow too uncomfortable and turn around to leave. >> once it opened up, a lot of people with their families, they decided to leave because they didn't want to get pushed. >> azikiwe and his friends decide the crowd is too out of control and step away, but their friend, akil, who is at the front of the line, is in a much more dangerous situation. >> so people started getting
2:34 pm
agitated and started just pushing and shoving and everybody was just shoving. like my back started hurting me because i was getting, like, pushed and i was getting really tight in the crowd. just -- so my bones was aching me and things like that. >> this video shows the chaotic scene at the front of the line. as the crowd continues through the doors, one man rushes forward and urges them to move away. the crowd does not or cannot stop. it keeps pushing forward, and akil, unlike his friends, can't turn around. the only safe place he can see is inside the store. >> i was really trying to go inside because i couldn't go back. things really started getting hectic, so i wanted to get inside to get away from the crowd and the madness. i actually seen people as i was entering the store, probably about two people on the floor, who were actually on the floor. one person was trying to get up
2:35 pm
and one person was getting stepped on. >> as customers stream into the store, no one seems aware that 34-year-old jdimytai damour, a temporary walmart employee, has fallen beneath the stampede. in this cell phone video taken at the scene, you can see paramedics trying to revive damour, but they can't. outside the store, azikiwe and others in the crowd are entirely unaware that a man inside has been trampled to death. >> at first when the cops came, we thought it was just for crowd control, to get everybody out of there, because somebody pushed down the door, but as we were driving out, we started to see a lot of ambulances come towards the walmart. and when i got home, i seen it on the news that somebody had died that day. >> there are other injuries among those in the crowd, but none are severe. once the store is cleared, it remains closed, at least until 1:00 p.m., when it reopens for shoppers. the death of damour results in no arrests, but police say that in the future, stores must be better prepared to handle the
2:36 pm
massive crowds drawn to their black friday sales. >> when private entities, retail establishments, market and advertise big sales events that garner a crowd, the responsibility for controlling that crowd and controlling those shoppers resides with them. they have to police it, they have to provide security, they have to have adequate plans in place. >> crowd management is not only a concern on black friday. all kinds of consumer events can send customers into a frenzy. in november 2006, customers gather outside a fresno, california, best buy, awaiting the release of a new video game system. only there's a glitch. hundreds of people want one, and there are only about 30 inside the store. cameraman justin willis works for nbc affiliate kc24 in fresno. he hears about the tense scene
2:37 pm
and heads over to cover the story. >> when i arrived, i see the flashing lights, police cars, i see officers lined up in front of the best buy. you had a bunch of people who didn't know what was going to happen, but yet knew something was going to happen. >> the crowd is anxious. fights have already broken out, and as the minutes tick by, people worry things will only grow more out of control. >> so the best buy manager comes out, is trying to ease whatever tension is in the air, and it was pretty thick. and at that point, you knew when the manager came out and started talking to the crowd, you knew there was going to be some kind of a stampede. the best buy manager gets on the radio and says a few more words. >> all right. everybody, this is the way it's going to go down, okay? >> and that's when the pandemonium, everything just busted loose. >> i need the first 40 individuals to line up -- >> police officers doing whatever they can, trying to
2:38 pm
push people back. you saw one man just toss -- one officer toss one of the potential customers into his car. once that settled down, we were trying to settle down, trying to figure out what just happened. i couldn't make heads or tails of what the situation was, if there was somebody that was dead. it was that -- it was that tense. >> police use batons to push back the rushing mob and eventually manage to control the crowd. there are no injuries, but two people are arrested for assaulting and obstructing officers. coming up -- high over the pacific, twin sisters fly off the handle. >> people lose their temper, and when you're flying at 36,000 feet, it becomes a safety issue. >> find out why the pilot had to turn the plane around. >> i'm not doing nothing wrong! >> when "caught on camera: customers gone wild" returns. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.'
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no shirt, no pants, no problem. two hungry late-night nudists wander into an arizona convenience store looking for some snacks. after browsing in the buff, this daring duo purchases candy, two cans of pop, and a pastry. don't ask where they keep their wallets. security cameras first captured the pair outside, casually strolling across the parking lot wearing nothing but their birthday suits. they stop and ask permission to come inside. the store's clerk, not paying attention says, yes. only then did she spot these young lads roaming about buck naked. she doesn't bother to call police. the two are polite, explaining only that they lost their clothes. and they get along just fine with a female, fully clothed, who apparently has no problem with the pair's ballsy
2:43 pm
performance. the three friends then head outside to hang out, somewhere else. after takeoff, two sisters take on airline attendants aboard a flight high over the pacific ocean. >> just let her be! >> with more than 200 passengers on board, the pilot turns the plane around. >> we apologize for it, however, we're returning in a reverse direction and going to anchorage, alaska. >> air travel antics. what makes customers lose control -- >> why don't you tell them i didn't do nothing wrong? >> -- when the cabin door closes. every day, more than 1 million travelers around the globe take to the air. these customers have all paid money, waited in lines, lugged bags, and expect a smooth ride into the skies. >> the role of being a customer is one that, you know, you kind of move through the paces and don't have to think much about it, but if you hit a snag and you're particularly frustrated, it may trigger this unbridled rage.
2:44 pm
you know, all that stuff that's stored up for exactly that right moment. >> the world of air travel can be filled with flight delays, cramped cabins, and nervous fliers. it can make even the most patient among us irritable and out of sorts. this now-famous incident has been viewed more than 6 million times on youtube. taken by an unnamed airline employee, it captures the frustration of a woman in hong kong's airport. in the video, she yells at airline employees in disbelief that her plane is at the gate, but she's not allowed to board. >> when you're at the airport, it can be nerve-racking. we don't know who she was hoping to meet or why she had to meet that specific deadline, but the response is catastrophic. >> the woman throws herself to the floor in full-out meltdown. airline employees attempt to help her up. they plead with her to calm down.
2:45 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> fixed deadlines are not the only stress factors in flying. there are other ever-present problems, like alcohol. in spring of 2001, twin sisters, crystal and cynthia mikula, are on their way to a modeling competition in china. according to witnesses, the two were drinking aboard their flight from san francisco to shanghai when they begin fighting and need to be restrained. >> why don't you just let her be? we would be fine! >> let her sit by me! let her sit by me! >> when people drink, when they lower their level for frustration, you get all the tales of people really acting out on planes and becoming grossly inappropriate because they're intoxicated.
2:46 pm
>> in the case of the two sisters, they begin fighting between themselves when a flight attendant confronts them. >> they went back to the rear of the plane near the restrooms and started arguing there. a flight attendant then approached them, tried to calm them down, at which point, cynthia hit the attendant in the face. >> the crew restrains the sisters with plastic ties and the pilot turns the plane around. >> unfortunately, we're returning in a reverse direction and going to anchorage, alaska. >> when the plane lands, federal and local officials board it and take the sisters into custody. crystal is charged with misdemeanor assault and is fined. cynthia, with interfering with the flight crew. both plead guilty and receive probation. cynthia must pay the $86,000 it costs to reroute the flight. >> alcohol definitely was a factor in this case. i think you look at most cases of air rage, you find alcohol is a common theme.
2:47 pm
>> you tell them! tell them i did nothing wrong! i was going to shanghai for a modeling competition! i did nothing wrong! tell them, lady! >> we see more and more of these kind of cases. just people lose their temper, and when you're flying at 36,000 feet, it becomes a safety issue. >> all i did was try to comfort my sister. coming up -- three deer go out for a beer. >> i ran, trying to hold my pants up the whole time. while out west, a herd of cattle with a mind of its own. >> a number of the steers decided to take a right-hand turn when they should have gone straight. >> when "caught on camera: customers gone wild" returns. i can't find my discover card! wait, i can freeze my account. [touch tone] introducing freeze it, from discover. it allows you to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds if your card is misplaced.
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it's friday night at the beer arena in greensburg, pennsylvania. as two customers head out, three new ones rush in. crashing into the cash register and slamming into displays. the rude invaders catch a store employee kind of like, well, a deer in headlights. michael trecan has owned and operated the beer arena for more than two decades. the countryside around the store is a mix of open fields, homes, and businesses. it's not hard to imagine how a few does might wind up roaming aisles of domestic brews. >> there was about 10, 15 of them that came through the parking lot as a customer was leaving the store with his wife and child and three of them went right up the steps and went right into the store. >> trecan's security cameras are linked up online. when he gets the call from his employees, he logs on in time to
2:52 pm
catch the tail end of the action. >> when i got back to the back of the store, the emergency door, they seen a window in it and must have seen out and they lunged at it, and when they lunged a it, the release arm opened up and the door kicked open and away they went. >> employee tony shadler has seen his fair share of wild customers, but he has no idea that these next three are literally wild. >> i just got done ringing up some customers and i started walking out the door to shut it and all of a sudden there's something slamming into the door, and it was a deer, and then they started coming in and i almost got nailed by the one. >> oh, dear. shadler dives into a nearby kiosk until the does dart by. then he bolts for the office. >> i ran, trying to hold my pants off up the whole time. >> in the office, his coworker, lisa, is going over nightly paperwork. she's startled by the noise and flickering lights when the deer rush in. she moves to the door, but steps
2:53 pm
back when something slams into it. moments later, she opens the door and her cowering coworker hurries in. >> i went to go tell her what's going on, and at first she didn't believe me. she thought i was pulling her chain. she actually thought we were getting robbed at first. >> meanwhile, customer ron pitman and his wife, rachael, had their own close encounter outside. >> as we walked out of the store, there were three deer running up the steps directly after us. after the deer went into the store, and my family was safe in the car, i wanted to go back inside to make sure nobody was hurt. so i went back in. to whek out what was going on. >> he finds shadler and lisa in the office and sees the deer hoofing it to the back of the store. >> they had a hard time getting traction. it's almost like ice to them. they were just all over the place. deer were in the back of the store, they were milling around trying to find -- they were looking for a way to get out. and that back fire door has a window in it and they hit the door and it came open and that's
2:54 pm
how they were able to get out. >> it's over just that quick. in the front door, out the back. pitman and his employees wander about, checking for damage. >> they went through the store, making sure everything was fine, and fortunately, nobody got hurt. >> i expected to see the deer had run into them, there were cuts, bruises. i was expecting the worst. >> there's no damage, but in just a few minutes, the brazen does caused quite a stir, and they didn't even spend a buck. a herd of cattle with a mind of its own takes a detour into a local food mart. that's right. no bull. thousands of pounds of rumbling livestock traipse not so delicately through the doors of this mom and pop shop in western washington. >> so you never know exactly what's going to happen. >> puyallup, washington, home to the puyallup fair. it's washington state's largest, drawing more than 1 million visitors over its two-week run.
2:55 pm
the fair has all the stuff great fairs are made of -- food, rides, games, and cattle. the western parade is part of a cattle herding tradition around these parts. a 12-block drive down puyallup's main drag that's rich in local history. >> the western parade, which features a cattle drive, really had its origin from the days when the train would stop in town and they would herd the livestock down the main street to get to the fair. >> but times have changed. these more modern 2009 cows say, herding tradition, i don't think so. >> we had a situation where a number of the steers decided to take a right-hand turn when they should have gone straight. and unfortunately, that right-hand turn took them into the parking lot of a gas station and convenience store. >> dean kepler is a photographer for the local newspaper, "the
2:56 pm
tacoma news tribune." he's been cover the local fair for a number of years and has a front row spot at the stampede. >> the cowboys told me that a couple of heifers, they kind of saw that they might give them some problems. >> it's a heifer, or a female cow, that is the troublemaker. she's on the run, making her escape with the steers hot on her heels. >> the cattle kind of tend to follow, you know, if one kind of breaks ranks, the others kind of go, hey, where's my friend here going. >> kepler is down on the street as the parade takes a turn for the unexpected. >> the mini mart gas station had this gaping wide, probably 15 or 20-foot gap where there were no people. and the first heifer took a little bit of a detour and then pretty soon, maybe have of them followed her in, past the gas pumps. >> just a few feet away, bree is working at an espresso stand.
2:57 pm
she's one of the first to catch a glimpse of the new parade route. >> i was just working here, helping some customers, and i was trying to watch the parade a little bit, and all of a sudden, all the cows ran over to the cars, and then all the customers saw my reaction and they turned around to watch to see where they were going. >> where the herd is headed is anybody's guess, but for the moment, the pack appears to be corralled in the corner of the parking lot. kepler moooves closer to the strange scene. >> i was just catching up to them, and then the two that were basically leading the pack went into the convenience store. >> yep, the heifers simply stroll on in, all lady like. the store's owner, kim soo soo is stunned. >> my door was opened right away, so they came inside. around five to six customers were there, they were surprised. especially my wife, she went to the office right away.
2:58 pm
>> as these wild customers roam the aisles, one man jumps forward to block the door. he prevents the entire herd from coming inside. back outside, cowboys try to rustle up the impromptu rodeo. >> they were trying to keep the other cows from getting in more trouble, but then another cowboy went into the store on his horse. and i'm like, oh, man, this is going to be great stuff. >> the cowboy, lasso in hand, rides in to collect the females, who are now trying to bust their way out through a window. there is remarkably little damage as the two rebel cows are corralled back outside and the cowboy rides off into the sun. those at the scene can only speculate on what prompted these wild customers. >> probably they need a beer. this is the beer section. >> beer? for a party?
2:59 pm
maybe these heifers should check in with a few does we know. must be ladies night. as for kepler, he got his shot, and it even made the front page. >> as far as the fair goes, it's actually the most interesting thing that's ever happened. as a photojournalist, you know, you tend to get some mundane days, you know. it's exciting to see something a little bit deferent. >> and one little stampede won't drive the cows out of town. in fact, fair officials think it made a beloved tradition even more endearing. >> great stories have their beginning in mishaps, shall we say, and i think this is going to become one of them. whether you're headed out to the mall or just down to the corner store, you might want to take your camera with you. you never know when you'll see customers gone wild. if you have a video you'd like to send to us, you can logon to our website, i'm contessa brewer, that's it for this edition of "caught on camera.
3:00 pm
raging fires. deadly flames. a massive explosion rips through a california community. >> oh, my god! ah! >> highways become infernos. >> this is one of the most dangerous areas of interstate 40. >> firefighters face death in the line of duty. >> the closest i ever want to come to near-death experience. >> go, go! >> and a day of celebration descends into chaos. >> at one point the fireworks were going 40, 50 feet up in the air.


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