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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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our time, anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner. you know, the little bing-bing-bing, bong-bong. i love you very much. silence salute. more than 1,000 marchers honor the houston deputy sheriff's slaying execution style while pumping gas as the suspect faces charges today. >> the callousness of what happened, it's earth shattering. >> darren would have given that monster the shirt off his back if he asked for it. he didn't have to do what he did. and what's in a name? some republicans are crying foul as president obama restores alaska's mt. mckinley to its original name.
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good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. as new polling this weekend shows a big jump for bernie sanders in iowa he joins me now exclusively from burlington, vermont. senator, welcome. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> good to see you. and let's talk about iowa and the fact that you have cut the clinton lead down to. seven points. arguably within the margin of error. you're just about tied with hillary clinton. to what do you attribute this narrowing of the gap? is this related to the e-mail controversy and the trust factor? >> i don't think so, andrea. and this is not just iowa. this is new hampshire, this is all across the country. and i think what's going on is that people understand that there's something fundamentally wrong in this country when ordinary people are working longer hours for low wages and
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almost all of the new income and new wealth being generated is going to the top 1%, where people cannot afford today to send their kids to college, where they're seeing their jobs and their factories disappear going to china, and other low-wage countries. where they're seeing a political campaign finance system dominated by billionaires who are buying elections. that is not what the american people believe that democracy is supposed to be about, where we are not addressing the global crisis of climate change, which the pope and other people tell us is one of the great international issues that we've got to address. so there's a lot that's going on and i think the american people want a government that represents all of us and not just wall street and a handful of very wealthy people. >> now, you have resisted att k attacking hillary clinton. are you braced for the onslaught that could come your way from her? >> yes, we are. well, i don't know where it's going to come from.
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but, andrea, when you take on the entire establishment, you take on wall street, when you take on the pharmaceutical industry -- and by the way, we are going to be introducing legislation when i get back to congress which ends this outrage of the drug companies raising prices at a level that people with cancer cannot afford them while they're making huge profits. this is an issue that i know will be attacked by the drug companies. we're going to be attacked by corporate america. when you take on the establishment, you anticipate those attacks. we're waitinger to what we know will happen. >> while you haven't criticized hillary clinton because of the e-mail controversy would you as president appoint a secretary to use a private e-mail system? >> i think that's an issue that we've got to take a hard look at and i think what's going on now is, i think, secretary clinton now realizes is not a good practice. so. >> well, do you think that she
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jeopardized national security? >> well there is a process going on now. we will hearn molearn more abou. but this campaign that i am running, let me reiterate, is not against hillary clinton or anybody else. it is for an american people who are sick and tired of seeing the middle class disappear and huge numbers of people living in poverty. as a candidate what i calm going to do, andrea, is focus on the real issues facing the american people, why we are the only major country on earth not providing family and medical leave. the only major country not guaranteeing health care to all people that need to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour over the next several years. >> in a quinnipiac poll last week, senator, the first word that came to mind in a word cloud -- well, the first word that came to mind to describe hillary clinton from voters was liar. what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of
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hillary clinton? >> i have known hillary clinton for 25 years. and i know it will be a very hardworking, intelligent person, somebody i work with in the senate. so i am sorry. i am not going to get into the media game, andrea, of attacking, making personal attack against hillary clinton. i just am not going to do that. i don't think that's what the american people want. i think we have got to focus on the real issues. why is the middle class disappearing in almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1%, why don't we have a trade pod trade policy that works for american worker and not the ceos of large corporations, why do we have a system where families cannot afford to send their families to college. a lot of issues to talk about. forgive me but i'm not going to get into attacking hillary clinton personally. >> if you were president how would you work, if it were a republican congress, how would you work on budget issues, for instance, and the sequester given the defense needs?
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would you want to hold the sequester in place for military spending and not fordow most tick spending or would you take a hard look at both sides? >> right. i think we've got to lift the sequest sequester. it is an absurd way to do budgeting. i think we have to reform our national priorities. i do believe that we need substantial new revenue. by asking the wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations, some of whom, by the way, in a given year made billions in profits and don't pay a nickel in federal taxes. these guys are going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes and not stashing their money in the cayman islands or other tax havens. we need to change our understanding that we have by far the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth. so it makes no sense for me to give tax breaks to billionaires and have so many of our kids living in poverty. do we have to do away with
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sequester? yes, we do. i think we need to put more revenue in the needs of working families. andrea, while my republican friends want to cut social security you're looking at a senator who believes that we should expand social security benefits by lifting the cap on taxable income. >> but if you taxed all the billionaires excessively taxed all the billionaires, closed all the loopholes, you still wouldn't have enough money for the social needs i think you would identify. does there need to be another kind of tax? >> well, among other things. when i talk about making public colleges and universities tuition-free, the way we pay for that particular important program and the way we reduce substantially interest rates on student debt is through a tax on wall street's speculation. not a new idea. it exists in other countries around the world. and that could damper, by the way, wall street speculation in addition to bringing in huge amounts of revenue.
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so i do believe that at a time when we have massive income and wealth inequality, very rich are getting richer. on the 1% almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. yes, i think we can raise substantial sums of revenue to address the needs of working family, eldererly, and children, to ask them to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> congressman, castro has criticized you for not reaching out adequately to the latino community. do you have a problem with the base of the democratic party, large part of the base, which is latino and african-american? >> well, let me just say this, andrea. if you and i were chatting three or four months ago i think we would both have recognized that bernie sanders was a real underdog in this race, probably 80%, 90% of the american people didn't even know who the senator from a small state like vermont was. we have made huge progress.
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but we have a long, long way to go. i will not deny to you for one minute that we have to substantially increase our outreach to latino community and to the african-american community. but i think when those communities and others see the agenda that we have fighting for, which among other things means that we give legal status to undocumented people in this country as soon as possible that we move to comprehensive immigration reform, that we move toward a path to citizenship, that we deal with the outrageously high rates of youth unemployment in the latino and black communities, i think you will see growing support for us in those communities, just as we're seeing all over america. i think we have an agenda that works for working families whether they're white, hispanic, african-american, and i see, i think, you are seeing the growth of our support all across the board which will continue to grow. >> how does it make you feel when some pundits compare you to donald trump and say that you're
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basically reaching out to the same anger against washington? obviously in different wings but that you are reaching the same sentiment, the same throw the bums out idea? >> no, i don't accept that for one moment. we are not engaged here in gem goingraphy. we're not here with outrageous attacks against mexicans. what we are trying to do is talk about the reality facing the american people and come up with real concrete solutions. look, andrea, real unemployment in america, not 5.3%, it's over 10%. youth unemployment, 30%, 40%, 50%. we have a plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure which will create 13 million jobs. concrete proposal. we believe in raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. pay equity for women workers. we need to make college -- public colleges and universities
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tuition free. we need to make sure that the wealthiest people in large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. we need to reform the practices so corporate america invests in our country. these are very concrete ideas that talk to the knead needs of a disappearing middle class and massive wealth in income inequality. it's not the kind of demogografh yks that krur hearing from trump. >> what do you sigh when they agree with you with many of these issues, democratic socialists cannot win in a general election? >> well, i would suggest for a start that they look and some of the polls that have been dn recently which show us beating in some cases all of the republican candidates. other cases most of the republican candidates despite the fact, andrea, that i am still not known by 20%, 30%, 40% of the american people. terms of democratic socialism, i think people will understand
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that what i am talking about are some of the programs that exist in countries like denmark, finland, norway, sweden, where a health care is a right for all people and they do it much more cost effectively than we do. prescription drugs are substantially lower than it is in our country. where college education is either free or very, very inexpensive. where retirement benefits are strong. where you have governments which radical idea as it may seem represent the middle class of those countries rather than the billionaire class. i think the more we get those ideas out, i think more comfortable people will be with the ideas that we're espousing. >> and to what do you attribute the attraction of donald trump? >> well, you know, donald trump is a very strong tv personality. he's very good at what he does. he's funny. he's articulate. but i think at the end of the day when people focus on the kinds of programs we need, the
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fact that we need a mass political movement, we don't need one person at the top, we need millions of people, young people, working people, seniors, coming together to reclaim our government. i think when that happens i think you'll find that bernie sanders does increasingly well. >> and did the recent incident, the horrible killings in roanoke, virginia, did that at all change your view about the availability of guns in our society? >> no, my views have been pretty consistent for many years. and that is we have to ban certain types of assault weapons, something that i voted for. we need to move toward a strongly inforced instant background checks so that participate who have mental problems, people who are criminals, people who should not have guns, do not have guns, voted for that. we need to end this outrageous loophole that exists in gun shows so people can't circumvent the instant background check.
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if you look at many of these people who are committing horrible atrocities over the last months and years, you got to deal with mental illness and the need for mental health counseling in this country in which we are doing a terrible job. i get calls in my office and i'm sure other senators do where people call up and say, look, i'm worried about my husband, i'm worried about, you know, my boyfriend, he may do something terrible to himself and to these. we cannot find affordable mental health counseling when we need it. we have to change that. when people are hurting, when they're going to do terrible things, we need to make sure that they can get some treatment immediately, not in two years. >> senator sanders, thank you so much for being with us today. good luck out there on the campaign trail. >> thank you very much, andrea. and coming up, donald trump's new target, hillary clinton's long-time closest aide. >> huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner
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bernie sanders was a real underdog in this race. probably 80%, 90% of the american people didn't even know who the senator from a small state like vermont was. we have made huge progress but we have a long, long way to go. i will not deny to you for one minute that we have to substantially increase our outreach to latino community and to the african-american community. >> bernie sanders just moments ago responding to criticism from wa joaquin castro saying that he has not reached out enough to the latino. on the republican side, a poll
9:19 am
just released shows donald trump and ben carson are tied in iowa. joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza, nbc contributor and ann gearen, political correspondent for the "washington post." welcome both. what do you make of this new monmouth poll, chris cillizza, shaping up to be quite a race. >> it jibes with the do min register bloomberg poll over the weekend. donald trump and ben carson at the moment are the class of the republican field in iowa and bad news for anyone who has held elected office before. we've seen people like karcarly fiorina move up. anyone has ever been elected to anything before while we see scott walker who theoretically strength in this race is that he won three elections in four years. jeb bush, marco rubio trending downward. iowa republicans at least at the moment want to send a very clear message that the establishment
9:20 am
represented by donald trump or ben carson or cakarlcarly fiori >> what do you do if you want to take attention and donald trump is taking all the oxygen, you say something like, let's take a look at chris christie and scott walker. >> at any moment fedex can tell you where that package is. it's on the truck, it's at the station, it's on the airplane, it's back at another station, it's back on the truck, it's at our doorstep. yet, we let people come into this country with visas. the minute they come in, we lose track of them. here's what i'm going to do as president. i'm going to ask fred smith, the founder of fedex, to come work for the government for three months. >> we always talking about this southern border and building a fence there. we don't talk about a northern border where if this is about securing the border from potentially terrorists coming
9:21 am
over. want to build a wall north of the border, too? >> people asked about that in new hampshire. raised legitimate concerns including law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings. that is a legitimate issue for us to look at. >> a northern border. a wall separating the united states and canada, anne gearan. and stachi instamping people, i with bar codes to be tracked with fedex packages. >> or a chip in the back neck. i don't know. the summer of our discontent continues. as chris said, the people who are on the rise in the republican field are those who have the least -- fewest qualifications on paper to be the next president. that is actually their drawing card. and clearly we're seeing it on the democratic side as well. bernie sanders is about as unestablishment you can get and still be an elected official and as your discussion with him shows and his polling over the
9:22 am
weekend shows, he is really pulling within striking distance of clinton in iowa and he's already tied or even slightly ahead of her in many polls in new hampshire. so he's giving her a run for her money. >> now, people have raised questions about some of hillary clinton's aides regarding what they did with their own e-mail system when they were at the state department and also different kinds of jobs they've had and potential conflicts of interest. but take a look at what donald trump said regarding huma abedin, the closest aide to hillary clinton. he attacked her because of her marriage. >> who is huma married to? one of the great sleaze bags of our time. anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner. you know the little bing-bing-bing, bomp-bomp. i love you very much.
9:23 am
>> so, anne and chris, anne, first to you, first of all, he suggests that there's no way she would not have disclosed classified information to her husband because they're married and she's a woman and she loves him. >> right. i mean -- >> take it from there. >> a lot of women would take issue with that and find it offensive that just simply because of who you're married to that that means you're having discussions that are a violation of your professional responsibilities. >> illegal. >> yeah. or don't -- let's not forget illegal. i mean, she -- huma abedin is the closest aide to hillary, has been for many years, has worked for her for nearly 20 years. hillary clinton is her life. and they are, you know, trusted confidan confidantes. that means she did have access to a great deal of classified and sensitive material because it was her job to make sure that hillary clinton, when she was secretary of state, was getting what she need ped.
9:24 am
yes, there are a lot of other state department people in charge of that as well but huma is the person standing at the right hand and making sure she gets what she needs. and so she is in the middle of the questions now about whether some of that material was improperly present or crossed on to hillary clinton's home base server. >> and chris cillizza, trump doesn't seem to phase any difficulties when he goes off on subjects like this. but it does raise questions. his going after a staff person rather than the candidate. >> you're right. both of those things, andrea. i would say that for the people who like trump, which is not an insubstantial number of republicans, they like the idea of him as a guy who so wealthy that she can say and do whatever he thinks. that has appeal for a number of people. sort of his wealth insulates him. he can tell people what he real lit thinks of them.
9:25 am
you know, attacking a staffer, even a high-profile one like huma abedin seems off but attack john mccain for being a p.o.w. which is now a month and a half in the rearview mirror i would have thought would have crassed the line with many. it didn't. many of the other things he's said and done haven't. amazingly in the error of trump -- i can't believe i said that, that we are now living, the huma thing raised eyebrows, yes, but didn't create a big fire storm in the way past comments he has made have because i think he's been not proven right but proven right that his supporters don't mind him doing those sorts of things, which leads the question, is there anything that derates the guy? people ask, is there opposition research out there about trump? of course there is. right? but does that hurt him in any meaningful way? doesn't seem to right now. i guess that's the key.
9:26 am
right now at the end of august in 2015 he looks teflon. extending beyond that to when people actually vote, who knows. >> chris cillizza, anne gearan, thank you both very much. and more than a thousand people attended a vigil for sheriff's deputy shot while pumping gas. investigators are searching for a motive. the latest on that story coming up next. vo: today's the day.
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a houston judge today ruled there is probable cause to hold the suspect charge with the execution style killing of a sheri sheriff's deepity. the accused killer shannon miles faces charges of capital murder in the death of deputy sheriff darren goforth. the law enforcement officer was gunned down while refilling his squad car at a gas station this weekend. following today's court appearance the harris county
9:30 am
district attorney described what happened at the scene according to an eyewitness. >> he heard gunshots and looked up and saw a black male with bald head shooting, standing over deputy goforth and unloading a pistol into him. >> investigatoring are searching for a missouri tive. as more than a thousand people held a vigil last night. nbc's janet sham lynnlin is in houston. the outpouring is completely uh-uu understandable and remarkable. >> it is. people are paralyzed by what happened and looking for some way to do something, to help. $70,000 was collected in donations just in and around that gas station. people, you know, opening their car windows, they drove by and throwing $20 into a bucket. online fund for officer goforth's family has topped $75,000. i am just out of the courthouse
9:31 am
here and it was really heartbreaking to listen to some of the details as the d.a. explained them, that the security camera captured the suspect, you know, coming up from behind and unload essentially the entire clip into the head and the back of deputy goforth. and then going to his house. authorities going to his house after having a license plate match, finding the gun and ballistics test came back that the casings found on the ground matched those from the suspect's cash in his garage. he is being held over. a grand jury is likely to meet in the next week or two. this is a capital case so the death penalty is likely, if it comes to that if there is a conviction here. but it's fair to say that houston and beyond houston has been touched by this crime because it just seems so senseless. there is still no known motive. the d.a. refused to speculate on what a motive is.
9:32 am
she says they don't have to prove a motive but certainly they would like to know what it is. and right now there is no tie between the suspect and this police officer other than what the sheriff's speculated on was that the officer was in uniform. andrea, back to you. >> janet shamlian, we just saw in the picture the officer leaves behind a wife and two young children. thank you for your reporting. tributes continue today for 24-year-old alison parker and 27-year-old adam ward. the two journalists shot and killed during a live broadcast last week. this morning their station wdbj posted this photo with the tweet, we love our morning family. we will get through this together. and virginia tech's football team announced today they plan to honor ward and parker by wearing a special helmet sticker for their season opener against ohio state this weekend. it will feature the number 7, a tribute to their tv station, and colors teal and maroon, parker and ward's favorite colors. ward was a virginia tech grad
9:33 am
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we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. huma now is one of the people that it all sort of came through huma. who is huma married to? m one of the great sleaze bags of our time. she's married to anthony weiner. you know the little bing-bing-bing, bomp-bomp. i love you very much. huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner, who is a perv. no, he is. so she's married to anthony weiner. do you think there's even a 5% chance that she's not telling anthony weiner now of a public relations firm what the hell is coming across? do you think there's even a little bit of a chance?
9:37 am
i don't think so. >> donald trump's comments would be considered shocking if they didn't come from donald trump. and in typical trump fashion there republican front-runner is not backing down. just this morning he tweeted, quote, huma abedin, top aide to hillary clinton and wife of perv sleazebag anthony weiner, was a major security risk as a collector of info. and luisa is here, long-time supporter, senior adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and joins me now. comments, madam? >> comments. i think what donald trump said, what he tweeted is vial and offensive. now, as it happens i know huma abedin. i have known her since a student, almost 20 years. this is someone of the highest personal and professional standard. i have watched her grow. she does any job that she's asked to do well, capably, faithfully. but you know, besides attacking a young staffer, there's a second piece for me.
9:38 am
think what donald trump just said. he said that a woman who has access to classified information will, of course, make it available to her husband, who may not be the same security clearance most often. they don't in a couple. >> in other words, she would break the law. >> she would break the law, and she says any woman would do that. think what that means for women. we have a number of them in washington who hold high security classified positions. is he saying that you cannot trust any woman with this level of information? is she saying that that's also true of men, that they share classified information with their wi wives? i don't think so. once again, this is personal. personal, as i say, vial, should be beneath someone who claims to be running for president of the united states for all those women and men out there who want to think, what kind of president will we have, what message does this send to our daughters? that in itself is shocking and the second piece is, what does
9:39 am
it say to any woman or man who wants to think about how do we use all the talent in this country? how do we as we look at the chal lechs that we face, how do we make sure that everybody who has got the capacity, who has got the talent, who -- is in there doing the most they can? not as long as donald trump has something to say about it. >> that said, hillary clinton faces some real difficulties with the decline in the polls with bernie sanders catching up. only seven points behind in the latest des moines register poll. a lot is based on the reaction in the quinnipiac poll last week. the first thought that came to mand when people were asked to describe hillary clinton is liar. the e-mail controversy is eating into her popularity. >> well, i think the kind of news that we've seen over the last -- does remind us why august is a difficult month for candidates. it's harder to make real substantive news, it's harder to break through with people about what policies are for. hillary is talking about
9:40 am
colleges more affordable and economics, but there's no question about the controversy about e-mails have taken more of the news. >> and the way she handled it. >> i would hope that people who are concerned about this also see the column that appeared today in "usa today" by the prosecutor for general petraeus who says, no, these are not at all like, these are very different situations because that's been one that's been used by political opponents. yes, we're going to get through this. i did see that poll. i would also add about the quinnipiac poll, this was the, quote, word cloud, as someone else who went back and looked at it saw a lot of people included in that, that was even included a large number of republicans for whom this is a partisan talking point. i'm more concerned about how hillary is doing talking with people she's meeting with right now in iowa and she's campaigning there today with senator tammy baldwin. that's the kind of campaigning she needs to do. >> and of course the fact of joe
9:41 am
biden pulling 14% in that poll and now he goes out in delaware to a political meeting. he meets with elizabeth warren. he's going to be going to florida. what is going on with joe biden? >> well, i don't know what's going on with joe biden. but i know that i like most of the people i know who are democrats have a lot of affection for joe biden. we have known him over the years. he emphasizes this is a good guy. this is almost someone you could feel was a part of the family. he has some very difficult personal decisions to make. i think everyone would say he should go ahead. he will go ahead, make those personal decisions. >> will he be considering this so seriously if hillary clinton were not a weakened front-runner because because of the e-mail controversy and the federal government is investigating? >> i would think, if i look at joe biden, if i look at his age, and the number of years he's been in public life and the fact that he has run for president
9:42 am
twice before, not surprising to me and he's running for -- he's now vice president of a president who can't run again that he might be looking at another campaign of his own. to any democrat who is out there who is nervous now about the e-mails i would say take a look at the fact, look at often hillary has said and been confirmed that she never knowingly sent anything that was marked classified, never knowingly passed anything like that along. nothing that has come along has disputed that. an awful lot of what we're seeing now is being gemmed up, as i say, for political reasons by people who think it's in their interest to keep attacking her. i am sure when this is over we're going to see this pass -- this too shall pass, shall we say, and we'll be back at what a campaign ought to be about. what is hillary doing, what sh she talking about, what has she pledged to do that is going to make a difference in people's lives? >> another 6,000 e-mails are going to be released tonight by the state department. >> yes. >> to be continued. it's good to see you, ann lewis,
9:43 am
thanks so much for coming in. and maryland has lost one of its most colorful popular and powerful political figures, marvin man dell has died at the age of 95. he was chosen by the state house of delegates. as governor when agnew became vice president in 1969. while in i was the end of his first marriage became a public spectacle of his wife, maryland's first lady at the time, locked him out of the governor's mansion for going off with another woman, jean dorsey. picture there whom he later married. voters were unfazed. they re-elected mandel in 1974 with two thirds of the vote. mandell's 26-year end served 19 months in a federal prison. sentence was commuted by ronald reag reagan. maryland's republican governor larry hogan issued a statement late sunday saying, in part, the
9:44 am
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at&t reminds you it can wait. europe is facing a crisis of vast proportions as waves of migrants from the war torn middle east are seeking refuge. more than 100,000 people reached the borders last month alone with a regard number arriving in hungary yesterday. richard engel has this report. >> reporter: the mass exodus continues. thousands of desperate migrants, mostly from syria, iraq, and afghanistan, are seeking refuge in europe. in serbia we met man from aleppo devastated by the war. a pharmacist, his shop was
9:48 am
destroyed in an air strike. he left home two weeks ago and is now trying to get into hungary, a member of the european union. but it could be his biggest challenge yet. europe's borders have largely been reduced to reminders of a different era. the migration crisis is changing that. hungary was the first country to start to tear down the iron curtain. now a quarter century later it's taking the most extreme measures in europe, to put up razor wire border fences again. hungary is building a fence along its entire border with serbia. when finished, it will be 12 feet high and 100 miles long. so the migrants are in a hurry to cross while they can. for now, hungarian police seem happy to pick up those who are willing to cooperate, load them on to buses, and encourage them to move on to the next country.
9:49 am
once in hungary many of the my grants wander the streets, hoping to be smuggled to wealthier countries in europe. we don't know if he made it. it's getting more difficult every day. >> nbc's claude you is on the other side of the border in the barb wired fence in serbia. claudio. >> reporter: i'm standing here in subotica, the biggest town of the border with hungary. there are some of the 2 to 3,000 migrants that come here to the border every single day. now, that's a record number. hungarian government yesterday said that on sunday alone more than 3,000 arrived. that brings up the total number of migrants who crossed into hungary this year from january to 60,000. i spoke to migrants earlier on, most of them are from syria and afghanistan. they will have followed the typical route that takes migrants all of the way to here,
9:50 am
now they cross into turkey. they went through greece, then macedonia and serbia, of course, and they arrived all of the way here just on the border with hungary and therefore the european union. they know that along this railroad, at the end of this railroad is hungary. the problem is when they get there, as you have seen in richard engel's report there, they just find a fence and they either try to cross over it or go underneath it, but then once they do that and if they succeed, they end up mainly in the hands of human traffickers who sometimes put them into unventilated, over heated and overcrowded tracks that may lead, as we've seen last week, to their death. >> andrea? >> claudio there in serb bayia the other side of the border. human crisis of monumental proportions and huge crisis for the european union.
9:51 am
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? we go to alaska. president obama is on his way there. he will become the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic but he's flying right into a dispute of environmentalists critical of his decision to approve drilling by shell and locals who want the jobs the industry is producing. senior white house correspondent chris jansing is already in anchorage awaiting the president's arrival and joins me with a preview of this political tightrope that he's going to be climbing at this summit. beautiful backdrop. >> it is. so, andrea, i guess what you're
9:55 am
talking about is the kind of the classic that we have seen. i mean, any time you talk about climate change injure wayou're this political tight walk. it was just last week that the president gave the okay or the offshore drilling for shell. environmentalists say it's hypocritical of him to come here and to push for climate change but that's exactly what he's planning to do. he says that this is one of the most important issues of our time. it is something that they've been working on for a while. he's done 14,000 miles over the last couple of weeks with stops in nevada, in new orleans, pushing his for climate change. of course, all of this in advance of the big climate summit in december in paris. now secretary of state john kerry is already here. he's in meetings this morning. yesterday he said that those who are cloi mate deniers will not be judged well by history. and the president put out a video in advance of coming here. there really is no place in the
9:56 am
united states for sure where you see the affects of climate i think cha so dramatically the temperatures have been warming twice as quickly over the last six decades as anywhere else. and you see the melting glaciers. in fact, tomorrow he's going to go to the exit gla day cher and he's going to tape a segment with bear grills, something he's done before like with channing tatum. he is all part of this big push leading up to paris where they are looking to get that big international agreement. andrea? >> and, chris, there's been a big controversy, of course, of renaming mt. mckinley denali which is the alaskan name, the original name. >> yes, it's been since 1975 this has been a fight in congress. it pitted the alaska delegation and the native alaskans here against the politically powerful ohio delegation because president mckinley is an ohio an but the name change has happened
9:57 am
officially, signed by interior secretary sally jewel. andrea? >> thanks to you, chris, we look forward to your reports. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online, on facebook, and on twitter @mitchellreports. i work on the cheerios team. and when i found out that my daughter-in-law, joyce, can't eat gluten, we found a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now we can have cheerios together, anytime.
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by going under... and around the nail. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. tackle it! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. larger size available. today on "msnbc live," a brand new set of pollsters, everything you thought you knew about the 2016 presidential race out the window. we'll tell you who is walking away with a late summer win and what if anything it means heading into the fall. plus, we are live in virginia as a public memorial is set to get under way for adam ward. friends and family will pay tribute today to the roanoke cameraman murdered on live tv along with his colleague alison parker. i'm francis rivera. we begin with developing news and what authorities describe as the execution style mulder of a houston deputy sheriff.


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