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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. tackle it! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. larger size available. today on "msnbc live," a brand new set of pollsters, everything you thought you knew about the 2016 presidential race out the window. we'll tell you who is walking away with a late summer win and what if anything it means heading into the fall. plus, we are live in virginia as a public memorial is set to get under way for adam ward. friends and family will pay tribute today to the roanoke cameraman murdered on live tv along with his colleague alison parker. i'm francis rivera. we begin with developing news and what authorities describe as the execution style mulder of a houston deputy sheriff. the suspect briefly appeared in
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court this morning. he was appointed two attorneys and did not enter a plea. and here's what we've learned so farp. the prosecutor said 30-year-old shannon miles shot darren goforth 15 times. and that a gun at miles' home matched the bullet casings found at the scene. miles is being held without bond. watch this exchange the judge had with the suspect just before she sent him away. >> do you understand that? >> uh-huh. >> yes, ma'am. >> do you have any questions? >> no. no. >> okay. you can take him back. >> burning questions remine on why deputy goforth, a father of two, was gunned down. the county sheriff says he was targeted simply because of his uniform. msnbc is live in houston, joins me now. jamie, still no suggestion of any motive? >> no, no suggestion yet, of any motive, francis. as you said, shannon miles was
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briefly in court today where the judge read through the case for the county to continue holding on to him. miles was arrested saturday and charged with capital murder in a shoot that has shobed this city. he was walked into court today flanked by deputies. he was wearing a yellow jump suit. he said very little and spoke in a soft voice. when asked to identify himself was he mr. miles, the judge asked. good morning. yes, i am. he said. we also heard gruesome details in the case. the district attorney said when deputies responded to the scene they found 15 shell casings around the body of 47-year-old sheriff's deputy darren goforth. and i want to remind that this is a capital case which means that miles faces the death penalty. legal experts here in texas, francis, say a grand jury will be convened in the next week or who. >> jamie, we know that there have been many people, if not over a thousand, there with marches and vigils at that gas
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station. anything else expected today? >> nothing yet today. as you said, there's been an outpouring of grief here. saturday night and sunday night we had crowds that were around a thousand or could have even exceeded a thousand on saturday night a vigil at the gas station where the shooting occurred and on sunday night a march from a local church to the gas station about a mile and a half walk. people waving american flags, holding signs, just an amazing outpouring of grief. and the district attorney during an emotional press conference fr court concluded today said that she hopes that this case will unite the community and she believes that it has instead of dividing it, francis. >> many people contributing money there to that family, especially as a father of two young kids. in houston texas, thank you for the update. turning now to presidential politics. new iowa poll numbers giving ammunition for the antiestablishment candidates. a brand new monmouth university poll of likely republican caucus
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goers shows ben carson and donald trump tied for the lead both getting 23%. that's on top of this weekend's des moines register poll showing trump leading with 23%. ben carson right behind him at 18%. meanwhile for democrats, unsettling new numbers for the clinton campaign. her lead has dropped a pull 20 points since the month of may. senator bernie sanders gets 30% support in the poll. just also hour my colleague andrea mitchell spoke to sanders about what he thinks is leading to his surge. >> there's a got that's going on. i think the american people want a government that represents all of us and not just wall street and a handful of very wealthy people. >> i want to bring in now nbc nbc's senior political editor mark murray. good to see you and hear from you. when we look at the poll numbers does it show the growing strength of bernie sanders or growing weakness of the hillary clinton campaign? >> francis, i think it shows both. it is worth noting this new des moines register poll, the last time it was actually conducted
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was back in may in sanders growth has increased, as you just ended up mentioning. but what has also been true over the last month or so has been that bernie sanders has been around that 0% margin in contests with hillary clinton. to me this newest des moines register poll shows that when hillary clinton is at 37% instead of around 50% it shows that the drop has been more about her than necessarily bernie sanders' rise. i would point out as well that there have been other polls in iowa including cnn and suffolk that had hillary clinton well above 50% and leads over bernie sanders between 20 and 30 points. the des moines register poll is gold standard in iowa. >> meanwhile you have dr. ben carson, highest favorable/unfavorable score among gop caucus goers. 79% favorability here. what does it tell you about his appeal and why we should start looking into ben carson? >> this is one of the great
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stories in american politics right now. it has to do with the fact that for a lot of people who are watch that first republican debate they might have thought that ben carson didn't stand out. but among republican watchers carson really did and did himself a lot of favors. it's still remains what is attracting republicans. but i would argue that one ben carson's faith as well as the fact that he seems to be a more consistent republican where if you're looking -- if you're a republican, maybe interested in donald trump, he has taken some stances that are a little bit more unconventional for a republican favoring keeping social security, taxing the rich. >> when you consider trump, that's another candidate who gets a higher favorable/unfavorable score. his numbers show 61% of republican caucus goers view him favorably. his number is up 35% in may. many people have called this the summer of trump that is now august 31st. is there no ceiling for donald
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trump, mark? >> you know, again, i don't think we just know. that poll shows that maybe that ceiling is higher than other people might think. hour, francis, when you look at some of donald trump's past positions they run counter to what so many republicans belief in. donald trump wants to tax the wealthy, believes in social security. those are usually -- it will be interesting to see if other republicans make those attacks if donald trump's numbers go down. >> nbc senior political editor mark murray in washington. always good to have you with us. thank you. i want to bring in republican strategist, former adviser to donald trump, roger stone. he's here with me now. roger, always good to hear your take, too. let's bring those numbers once again. another sure of this monmouth university poll showing dr. ben carson tying trump in iowa. of course, carson, anti-establishment here. when donald trump is always kind of forward looking, looking ahead, should he now start looking beside him, behind him,
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and be concerned with ben carson? >> i don't think so. first of all, it is interesting that the anti-establishment non-politician candidates are the ones moving up. donald trump, dr. ben carson, carly fiorina, people who are not career politicians. it's a miss take to assume that approximatelies are monolithic in their views. social security, taxing the super wealthy, those are the issues that make trump such a compelling and strong general election candidate. remember, you have to not only get nominated but you also have to win the general election. i think those views do have appeal among populous, middle class republicans. that's why trump is surging. >> less talk about that. after the summer of trump. after everybody looks at this and saying everything will change after this summer season goes and the summer flings. trump has seen his numbers surge and improve in iowa,
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particularly with his favorability rating here. at the same time, according to the poll, there are voters who say their support could still go to other candidates despite their current preface. how will he be able to sustain that well into the year? >> first of all, we already see his favorable numbers dropping and favorable numbers decreasi g decreasing. secondarily, as he did with illegal immigration he leads to spell out and has announced his intention to spell out an economic vision for the country, an economic growth vision for the country. he is going to unveil a tax reform plan in september where i think he will grab the growth mantel. people will say how will he do with latino voters? it's very simple, he's going to offer latino voters the same thing he offers all voter, opportunity, jobs, prosperity. that is the key to donald trump's potential for election. >> i want to bring up what donald trump said over the
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weekend at an event in nashville calling basically this race a movement. let's listen. >> this is a movement, folks. this is not like even maybe about me. i don't want it to be about me. this this is about common sense. it's about doing the right thing. >> common sense, doing the right thing. some may say, wait a second, we're talking about donald trump who is always about trump. what makes him think that? >> he's the agent of change in this election. i think voters view him as so wealthy, so independent, so outspoken that he can't be bought and he can't be bullied. voters are fed up with the status quo, fed up with both parties, fed up with career politicians, fed up with the political establishment. frankly, also the big media establishment. trump is seen as have been the strength to challenge the system. without being waylaid by special sbriss or lobbyists or billionaire or super pacs. >> among other things, let's talk about his campaign which
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released this instagram video hitting jeb bush on the act of love comments last year using his words over undocumented workers, those images and those photos who have been arrested for crimes. many say when it comes to donald trump, all right, this times he's gone so far. does the video go too far? >> i don't think so. actually to the extent there is a back and forth between jeb bush who personifies the pampered elite and the ruling establishment of the republican party and it benefits trump. i can't really tell you what jeb's position on immigration is. he wrote a book on favor of amnesty and then disavowed he's own book. >> quickly. human abedin and her husband anthony weiner, crossing the line or should staffers be off limit or fair game? >> not at all. huma abedin is the only one who has a waiver that allows her to work for a private foundation and consulting company at the same time. >> choosing the words he did. calling her husband -- one thing to attack her, somebody argues staffer, fame game or not
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approximately going after her husband calling him a perv and sleazebag there. looking at that tweet. >> most voters would probably agree with that. she had access to classified documents. >> yes or no, will those tweets help him? >> certainly won't hurt him. >> all right. roger stone, thank you very much. we are asking in our bing pulse question of today piptsz about outside candidates and the mark they're making in the polls and on the campaign trail. so weigh in here. we're asking is 2016 the year an outsider will win the white house? the pulse is now live. cast your vote. we'll bring you your responses later in our next two hours here. now a developing story in the southeast. remnants of tropical storm erika pouring down on parts of florida at this hour. even though the storm has essentially fallen apart it's still packing a whole lot of rain. nbc's sarah dalloff is with me now from clearwater, florida. last time i checked in with you, blue skies, beautiful clouds. now very different. >> reporter: yeah, how quickly
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things change, francis. we've had the first rainstorm, the first remnant of erika sweep in here within the last half hour. people on the beach who were enjoying the sun suddenly went running for cover while this rainstorm came through. it was a quick rainstorm. over pretty quickly. it demonstrates how fast is weather changes. and the reason that officials are concerned, that's because this area already having its third wettest august on record. the aquafers are full. the ground is saturated. some rivers at minor flood stage. heavy downpours that could strike at any time today could push some of the ris into moderate flood stage. could cause some street flooding. there is enough concern one school district canceled classes today. they've got the national guard standing by. they're offering sandbags to residents who want to be prepared. just in case. there is a flash flood watch in effect for most of central florida throughout the day. that's going to go into tonight as forecasters and vacationers
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keep their eye to the sky to see what's coming next. >> sarah dalloff, could have been much worse if that storm had stayed intact. thank you very much. up next, as virginia's wdbj marks the first week without two beloved journalists. plus, tom brady back in court days before the nfl season begins. when will brady be back on the field? and close encounters of a heart stopping kind. where kayakers got too close for comfort with this hammer head shark. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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killed by a co-worker on live tv last week. the morning show team at wdbj tweeted this picture of happier days saying, quote, we love our morning family. we will get through this together. an interfaith service was held over the weekend for the two young journalists. the third shooting victim victory gardner remains in the hospital in stable condition. msnbc's adam riess is in salem, virginia, and, adam, really a lot of grief through the community but still amazing to see how many ways they're celebrating adam ward's life. >> yeah, he touched so many people wherever he went, francis. he did here at the high school when he went on to virginia tech and of course at wdbj where he worked as a photo journalist. it was here at the high school where he grew up, where he was so beloved. teachers said he was so popular. everyone wanted to hak out with him. he was athletic, he was on the football team, he was smart. always quick with a joke or a prank. he was all set to get married to melissa aut. in the control room.
10:19 am
she watched this horror unfold. they were set to get married and move on to a new job in south carolina. they had so much to look forward to, francis. >> adam, tell us about the arrangements being made for alison parker and her funeral. >> they're having a celebration of life. that it wanted something very private. they didn't want to have a funeral so it's a celebration of life. her father andy parker told us. and they will spread her ashes over the river. that's in north carolina. that's a place that she loved to go with her family. francis? >> a place she loved to go and hoped one day to even get married there. adam riess in salem, virginia. thank you for the update. california woman who was missing for nine days has been rescued alive. 62-year-old harwood was last seen august 20th, two days after she went hiking with a group from the sierra club. they spent a week scouring the california forest trying to find her in areas where wildfires were burning.
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harwood broken her leg but otherwise she is okay. up next, we hear from the california surfer who narrowly escaped a shark attack with a huge bite out of her board to prove it. and still ahead, a late summer scorcher. watching the mercury rise in times square as the east coast braces for a very hot start to september. we'll have a live forecast coming up. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does.
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10:24 am
unmistakable fin. in san diego's popular la hoya area a hamter head circled these fishermen for about an hour. >> he might jump. >> i know. >> reporter: around the same time up the coast in morrow baio oh. >> i start swimming furiously. >> reporter: -- surfer eleanor dempsey had a much more violent encounter. sharks are no strangers to the west coast. in the last 15 years, 85 shark attacks from california to oregon, five deadly. this year two shark attacks. so far off the injuries. only close calls. as for shark sightings, too many to count. san diego's la hoya closed again on sunday after yet another sighting near shore. so are there more sharks or just more cameras around to catch them? >> when you're past we didn't have the technology to see them. >> reporter: warming el nino waters are drawing sharks north. in areas like seal beach lifeguards are using drones to keep tabs on what's underneath and patrols are flowing flotation devices to shoe them away. even for those like dempsey who
10:25 am
come face to face with a shark -- >> i it is not going to stop me or anybody else from surfing. people probably don't understand that but the love of the water. >> reporter: she feels safe enough to go back in the water. >> hopefully she'll get a new board without that bite. police are investigating a tragedy at the ballpark. a baseball fan fell to his death over the weekend at a yankees/braves game in atlanta. the victim identified as gregory murray fell from the upper deck at turner field. it was a dramatic scene as witnesses rushed in to help. the fan was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. and now there are renewed questions of fan's safety at ballpark 'the braves honor the 60-year-old long time fan during sunday's game. up next, his tom brady deflategate drama finally come to an end? we have an update just ahead. eye opening study that pretty much guarantees you will never feel guilty about nodding off at work again.ds
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developing now. we are expecting a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails later today. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is following this story for us. pete, this is expected to be the biggest batch to be released so far. >> this is in response to a lawsuit filed by a reporter for the website vice news. they are looking for information umz about a number of topics from state department e-mails and when they found out about the private server that secretary clinton has they asked for that material as well. and as she's turned it over to the state department the state department is reviewing it and releasing it. the state department has notified people interested in this, that these e-mails won't be coming out until 9:00 tonight. 7,000 more panlges they say. there's a schedule that's been set by a federal judge. vice filed the freedom of information act request. didn't get what it wanted. went to court, the judge has
10:30 am
said a schedule by which theses e-mails have to be released. and they cover a number of topics. cia interrogation, benghazi, lots of other subjects this vice news is interested in getting. there's been back and forth between the congress -- or between the state department and vice before the court trying to narrow down the request in the search terms that will be used. but this is all -- i think the last one is the end of october perhaps is the scheduled release. >> pete, bring us up to date as far as what has been flagged in a previous batches. i believe like 60 plus that may have been containing classified information and then the two i believe of top secret classify ca indications? >> after the state department made first release, some said, want, you're putting things out publicly that should be classified even though they're not marked classified on the e-mails. and there was a special team set
10:31 am
up in mid july including members of the intelligence committee adding to the team that the state department had already put together to look through these e-mails and see if there were classified things that should be redacted or not released at all. that team had said, according to the state department, that it's basically set aside for a further look. something like 300 e-mail, i think, that they wanted to look at and see whether they were classified. we have not heard the results of how many of those are actually to be marked classified. separately the intelligence communities inspector general has notified congress that they found four documents that should have been marked classified, two of them they say should have been marked top secret. >> this largest batch coming tonight. we'll see how the hillary clinton campaign responds politically and with their pr strategies as well. nbc's pete williams. thank you for the update from washington. appreciate it. we're following developing story out of new york. the deflategate controversy is going into sudden death. at a hearing in federal court
10:32 am
this morning the nfl and the league's players association had their last chance to end the battle over the suspension of patriots quarterback tom brady. >> we tried our best to reach a settlement which we did not reach. we understand tom's position and i think the process will work itself out. >> the judge will make a decision this week but will that be the final word? nbc's kristen dahlgren is in lower manhattan following that hearing. and, kristen, tell us a little bit about what exactly happen or didn't happen as far as the judge's ruling today. >> reporter: yeah, francis, this was a very quick hearing. and the judge summed it up. he said, we did not reach a settlement, that both sides tried very hard. he has no qualms about how hard they tried. but in this case, it just didn't happen. he didn't make his ruling either tomorrow or wednesday. definitely by the end of the week. now, there was a last-minute attempt at a settlement in this case about half an hour before the hearing was scheduled to start. everyone went back into the
10:33 am
judge's robing room, so that's brady's camp members of the players association. and also from the nfl john marra from the giants who was called in to try to make this last-minute type of settlement. but both sides staying firm. the nfl, of course, wants tom brady to take some type of responsibility, some type of blame for deflategate. brady's camp, of course, has maintained all along that he had nothing do with deflatding the footballs. so they have stayed firm. they say perhaps he would agree to admitting that he didn't cooperate with the investigation but that's it. so they remain very far apart. now it's up to the judge. so he will make his ruling but keep in mind, francis, that even after the judge's ruling both sides would be able to appeal. all of this as the clock is ticking down to the september 10th first patriots game of the season. right now tom brady will not be playing. >> we will see if that changed. if he takes to the field. thank you very much for the
10:34 am
update. we can talk more about this. bring in dave ziron, sports correspondent for "the nation." let's talk about the mechanics. it was very quick as far as today's hears, the judge not deciding whether tom brady caused or knew about the deflation. this is whether the judge will uphold or vacate the four suspensions, right? >> that's correct. and all of the tea leaves here make this look very bad for the national football league and nfl commissioner roger good el. not the wooes least of which they were brought into the judge's chambers. almost like the adult brought in to speak for roger goodell, saying, roger, go to the kiddie table. we need to have grown-ups here to talk. they filed in new york so the case would be heard in new york instead of where it's typically held in minnesota because they thought they would get a much more friendly judge. yet judge berman time and again has jabbed holes in the national football league. what this is coming down to is the definition of arbitration because technically according to the supreme court a judge cannot
10:35 am
overrule an arbitrator's ruling unless they feel like the arbitration process has been violated. in this case it's totally been violated because the arbitrator was roger goodell. like judge, jury, and executioner. yet at the same time that's also written in the collective bargaining agreement agreement, that roger goodell is the arbitrator. that's going to be the sticking point, whether judge berman says this is so egregious it's ridiculous. even if judge berman does say that he still might award the nfl the victory but a victory because i guarantee you he will take shots at nfl and roger goodell out the door. >> that said, we're talking the clock is ticking. football fans are like, all right, we're ready to bring this thing on and see brady on the field. talking about september 10th is first game on nbc with steelers v. patriots. is tom brady going to take to the field? >> great question. not sure about that. one thing i do feel very confident about is week four when the new england patriots play the dallas cowboys, big
10:36 am
marquee match-up. if this suspension gets pushed through brady should not be playing in that game. i think there is no question that tom brady in some way, shape, or form will suit up in week four. >> let's talk about this. anywhere outside of patriots nation where he is the golden boy, some will say, all right, tarnished super bowl ring, tarnished title here. if he wins will that reverse it, help it? >> i was born and raised a je d fan. i'm con my opinion of tom brady has risen as the weeks goen b. by. every time it's revealed they leaked information to the press, that's what makes judge berman so furious about this whole thing. all those different actually untrue likes the nfl has put out. and the more i read the more i think that tom brady is getting a raw deal and it absolutely
10:37 am
pains me to say that. >> wow. i can tell it absolutely pains you. so on the opposite end many said, you know, when roger goodell actually slapped the suspension on tom brady, more like a statement, where he has been criticized in the past and when it comes to, you know, ray rice and other punishment, when it comes to that how will that affect how we overall see the nfl and goodell as a commissioner? >> well, the way we're going to look at this is that this looks like it will be another loss in court for roger goodell. it will be the latest in a series of losses for roger goodell. so i think in the end we're going to look at deflategate as a larger picture of a commissioner who, whether we're talking about issues of violence against women or issues of concussions or issues with something as bizarre as whether or not balls were deflated in the bathroom just a commissioner that is in over his head. >> then you've got other players who have been punished by the nfl under goodle. what is going on here with that? >> that's part of the problem,
10:38 am
is that the process is extremely reactive. it's all about what roger goodell thinks at a different time because he's refused to collectively bargain with the yun i don't know if this punishment happens, this is then what takes place. everything is viewed as a reactive process. that can work if you have a commissioner of sterling reputation, who has the respect of the league. but when you don't have that, there's nothing that the point i think roger goodell could do. if he said brady is suspended for life or gets suspended zero games you would have no a lot of not just fans but players, say, well, that's just goodell being goodell. it's all politics. it's all reactive. there's no moral center to what he's doing. >> you've got it. thank you very much. hope you're able to recover from that pain you were talking about how brady got the bad end of the deal. paradise is getting ready for hurricane ignacio. the category 3 storm is on a path to hawaii. nasty weather not expected until midnight tonight. but it might not be as bad as we
10:39 am
originally thought. jen carfagno from the weather channel is with us now. how concerned should hawaiians be about this storm? >> i'm going to look at what's happening in the tropics because hawaii has had several threats this year and in an el nino year you do expect that in hawaii, it elevated the risk when it comes to the tropics. this one is not going to make a direct impact to hawaii. right here in the middle, ignacio. i have three on the screen at once, kilo, we've had three major hurricanes. three category 4 hurricanes yesterday at once. in the central and eastern pacific. that's not happened before. when it comes to records. i just wanted to talk about how very active it is here in pacific and el nino has had a very impact here on the tropics as well as specifically hawaii. they had to pay more attention
10:40 am
than usual to the tropics. this one is going to continue movement on to the northwest. it's about 300 miles away from hanau. 400 miles away from honolulu. the impact is going to be when it comes to the surf. high surf warnings are up for the islands of maui and also for the big island on the north shore. and we've got high surf advisories for the other islands. it's going to be double -- double your body height in terms of wave heights when it comes to the north shore beaches of the big island and maui and then as we get wednesday and in thursday you will see the waves come down. that's going to be the main impact is what's happening on the beaches. now, gjemina is out there. we've got hurricane fred and this one also just very interesting. it's the farthest east we've had a hurricane. and then, francis, we've got a big story coming this weekend with the heat building from the midwest to the northeast. summer is here for september. we're going to have at least
10:41 am
four if not five or six days in places like new york city where temperatures get to 90 plus. so get ready to keep those flip-flops on a little while longer. >> and you guys keeping very busy with this action out there. thank you very much. appreciate it. and when we come back, humanitarian crisis a has european leaders calling for an emergency leaders. we're live in hungary. first, the bing pulse question. it's about the outside candidates making waves in the 2016 race. donald trump, ben carson, bernie sanders, all gaining ground in the polls. so we're asking you this. is 2016 the year an outsider wins the white house? have you been voting so far? 62% of you saying, yes, it is the year the outsider wins the white house. 38% of you say no. keep the votes coming. this is how we're voting in realtime. you can see how it's fluctuating in the last minute or two between neutral and no. some pops saying yes. keep the votes coming. you're watching "msnbc live."
10:42 am
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10:45 am
developing news over seas. european ministers have called an emergency meeting to idea the migra migrant crisis. hundreds of thousands on a journey to escape their war torn homes. >> in afghanistan they don't pay attention to you. they don't respect humanity. they kill each other by nothing. if you are a little bit rich, they will kill you for your money. >> german chancellor angela merkel calling on the european union to share the burden. a record 107,000 migrants reached eu borders l.a. month alone. now hungary for its part is building a controversial fence to keep them out. nbc's claudio lavanga is on the border with thousands trying to close over. claudio? >> francis, i'm here where this is the biggest town closer to the border between serbia and hungary. this is a railroad where at
10:46 am
least 2,000 migrants arrive every day. pass through every day to reach the border with hungary, which is at the end of the railroad. well, now the hungarian government said today on sunday only more than 3,000 people crossed over into the country. that brings the total number of migrants who crossed into hungary from serbia since the start of the year to more than 60,000. that's a record-breaking number. now, most of the migrants are from syria and afghanistan. they will have arrived here after a long and tiring journey going through turkey, greece, macedonia, and then all of the way to northern serbia. here they are thirsty. they are hungry. they are tired. but they are also relieved because they feel they are close to their destination of choice, their goal, hungary. and, therefore, the european union. probably means that once they get to the end of this railroad, well, they find a big fence. the hungarian government built a three layer razor wired fence.
10:47 am
all along the border between serbia and hungary to get past it, well, many migrants use bolt cutters to cut holes around sneak under it or some put blankets on it to jump over it. well, then, even if they evade the arrest from the hungarian police once they pass the border, often they still end up in the hands of ruthless human traffickers who offer to take them to the final destination of choice, usually germany, northern europe. in general, overcrowded in containers in back of vans and trucks not only overcrowded, over heated, unventilated. as the case of the us a industryian truck found at the border of a side of a highway with 71 decomposed dead body last week have shown us it's a very, very dangerous journey. >> heartbreaking images as well. still ahead, donald trump
10:48 am
may be the biggest fish in the gop pond but what is a real live shark have to say about the republican front-runner? "shark tank" cohost joins me in the next hour. and now this -- >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> he said that. kanye throws his hat in the ring for 2020. when we come back, more mike dropping moments from last night's vmas.ed epper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel.
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10:52 am
if you need to be caught up on who showed what, we have you covered. the's the performances. of course, bitter feud. and even a surprise announcement from kanye west. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> there is so much more to his speech than that and of course miley cyrus who was host and no shortage of shock value. and known for a few moments of her own, she had a whirlwind of interesting i guess you could call it costume changes in the night. joining us is kim seraphin with more on this. let's get started with taylor swift and who won with "bad blood" and the entourage that made cameos in the videos. >> she was a big story of the night. first of all, she did win video of the year.
10:53 am
i don't think that was a big surprise. this video was like a mini movie and celebrities and supermodels in it and everyone predicted it would be her night. she opened with nicki minaj and she presented kanye with the award and they kind of settled they feud and so many ways it really was a taylor swift show. >> it is interesting talking about kanye west and someone called it a rant going on for 12 minutes so we have just played him announcing the run for president in 2020. but also, as you mentioned, apologizing for that moment in 2009 snatching the award from taylor swift. let's listen to what he said about that. >> if i had a daughter at that time, would i have went on stage and grabbed the mike from someone else's? >> all right. so are we seeing a mature kanye west here possibly having his sights really set on 2020 as president running for president?
10:54 am
>> yeah. it was an interesting speech because it did go on for as you mentioned about 12 minutes and he talked about things like that, making an emotional heart felt speech about his daughter and shopping with his daughter and treating taylor that way at the time and artists and award shows and but then it kind of went off into tangents and talking about smoking something to take the tension off earlier that day. and then he blamed mtv for things even though he was on mtv and then of course announcing he would run for president. it did kind of take two different tones and, yeah, seemings like a different kanye west and seemed a little bit more introspective than six years ago, clearly. >> even more shocking and married to her that kim kardashian would be the first lady. >> i know. twitter is going crazy with different memes of ideas and keeping up with the kardashians in the white house and different things if kanye became
10:55 am
president. >> with this time, what was this back and forth, i guess it started on twitter of nicki minaj and miley cyrus. >> back to this [ bleep ] had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. >> we're all in this industry. we all do interviews and know how they manipulate [ bleep ]. nikki, congratulations. >> parts there bleeped out. i didn't know they were playing it first but it seemed like a full-on feud. >> yeah. people were wondering if this was a planned moment. nikki made comments not nominated of video of the year and seemed to have died down and then miley in the interview with "the new york times" prior to the awards brought it up again, made comments about nikki and surprising she threw it back to miley and she seemed jarred and then went on but it was a little bit of tension there for sure because it seemed like miley didn't know how to react.
10:56 am
>> all the drama. wish we had time to talk about justin bieber's tears, too. >> i know. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. of course, we continue now and we'll bring you much more stories after the break including the stunning new poll out of iowa showing donald trump and dr. ben carson at a tie with 23% of the iowa caucus goers. the man in custody for what authorities call an execution-style killing of a police officer in texas. we are live in houston. the controversy over the name, the highest peak in north america. why some congressmen are upset with the president's plan to rename mt. mckinley. are you kidding me? no, it's only 15 calories. with reddi wip, fruit never sounded more delicious, with 15 calories per serving and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. i can offer you no interest sittifor 24 months.oday
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11:00 am
a brand new poll of likely iowa gop caucus goers showing the donald locked in with dr. carson at 23%. the des moines register poll paints a slightly different story. trump leads carson 23% to 18% there. but there is an important note here. when you add in first and second choices, trump and carson are tied. nbc's ali vie vitali joins me now. >> i think it really will continue to be business as usual for the trump people. a lot of us have been suspecting the shifting landscape. it is early and trump has had a very consistent lead in the early states and the shifting is always to be expected at this point. what is notable and you were talking about this earlier is that the new poll numbers show shifting leaders on maybe tying leaders and the same narrative of the fact of the outsiders on top and you did a bing poll a
11:01 am
few commercials ago that said that your viewers seem to think that this is the year that a quote/unquote outsider wins the white house and that's the narrative that we are seeing here, as well as this weekend in nashville where the straw poll came out, trump won and carson and cruz in the mix there, as well. i think these are the people americans are responding to at this point and the carson beat is new in the poll and had a steady rise so far. >> we talk with trumper campaign fund-raiser saying donald trump shouldn't be concerned. trump and the campaign continuing the hitting on jeb bush and released this video on instagram. let's show it. >> yes, they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's kind of a -- it's a -- it's an act of love. >> all right. so you see that. video here. what's behind the attack?
11:02 am
>> well look. jeb bush is no new target for donald trump but every single event i have heard him at for two or three weeks he is talking about how jeb bush's low energy as he calls him and trump's not used to low energy people and he talks about jeb bush's stance on immigration and used this line of undocumented immigration being an act of love and a matter 0 of time for it to be a campaign issue. the crowds laugh, cheer, another big talking point for trump against the rival jeb bush. >> of course. a ali, thank you very much. want to turn to the democrats now. hillary clinton seems to be losing ground in iowa and fast. first time in the des moines reg str poll this year, clinton is below the 50 pst mark and leads 7% over bernie sanders and the lead 41% in 3 months and earlier today andrea mitchell talked to
11:03 am
sanders about the surge and the narrowing numbers of the two top democratic candidates. >> this campaign that i am running, let me reiterate, is not against hillary clinton or anybody else. it is for an american people who are sick and tired of seeing the middle class disappear and huge numbers of people living in poverty. >> i'm joined by nbds political analyst and form ere pennsylvania democratic governor ed rendell. we appreciate your being with you. somebody just -- oh, okay. i think you can hear us. i'm hoping you can. >> i can. sorry. >> good. no worries. i want to ask you about those interesting numbers in the des moines register poll here and let's talk about hillary clinton with a surge of bernie sanders and how her numbers have been falling. should she be concerned about bernie sanders and especially when you're going to have flashlbacks about 2008, should that be a worry that may be 2008 all over again? >> well, first of all, this is
11:04 am
the des moines register poll. three days earlier on wednesday rasmussen, a well respected national pollster released a poll with secretary clinton up 50-26 by 24 points so polls are polls. but no. i don't think hillary clinton should be concerned about bernie sanders. bernie sanders is touching a nerve in states that tend to have progressive strong labor backing. he's touching a nerve on income equality. it's not income inequality. there's a poll that shows that 96% of the sanders voters say they have no problem voting for hillary in the fall. can this continue? going past iowa and new hampshire, get into states like florida, south carolina, north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio, hillary's lead is still 50 to 19, 50 to 167, et cetera. they have a higher degree of
11:05 am
african-american and latino population and an area he runs very strongly. of course, concern because you're concerned about anybody when you're running for office. but should she change what she is doing? absolutely not. i think the organization's good in iowa. the iowa caucus is a lot about organization. the obama folks organized and that's why they pulled that surprise. >> okay. since the attack is going this way, donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton. tweeting this today. huma abedin the top aide of hillary clinton and the wife of perv sleazebag, anthony weinerer, was a major security risk as a collector of info. how do they approach that? how can democrats and clinton do about donald trump? >> well, i think what we do is hope that donald trump gets the nomination. and anything that helps donald
11:06 am
get the nomination is something to support. because i think it's pretty clear that when you go beyond republicans, when you get into independents and democrats, there's no stomach for donald trump and the things he is saying or the campaign issues he is pushing. so i wouldn't worry about donald trump. i keep my fingers crossed he's the nomination. >> would they be worried that huma is pulled into this? but should they be concerned about that? >> well, look. hillary clinton, because she is a front-runner, because she is a visible person, because there are 17 republicans out there attacking her and the media is a little bit obsessed with clintons as they always have been, look, there is always going to be somethingment is it something that's going to resonate with the american people? e-mails as i said before, i don't think they did a very good job mandling the e-mail controversy. but i think when it's all said
11:07 am
and done, we'll find out that secretary clinton broke no rules, broke no laws, broke no procedures and she admits that what she did was not the right way to go. >> you think that will be the case, sir, with the latest batch being released tonight, the largest batch so far? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> i think come november, of 2016, very few people will go to the polls thinking about e-mails. >> we saw that in the favorability polling, not too much concern with the voters. you will be with us. >> michelle bachm man was leadig the polls this time of year four years ago. >> you have to look at history. ed rendell, that. i hope that person got to where they needed to go. >> i think they did. >> thank you very much. all right. we are also asking about today's pulse question about the unexpected surge of the nonestablishment candidates in the polls.
11:08 am
is 2016 the year an outsider wins the white house? 61% of viewers saying, yes. when we last checked in, that was 62% and went down one point and that was that 38% previously. keep the votes coming. we'll have another look at the results late they are hour. developing news now on what authorities describe as the execution-style murder of a houston deputy sheriff. the suspect briefly appeared in court this morning on capital murder charges. he was appointed two attorneys and did not enter a plea. the prosecutor said 30-year-old shannon miles shot darren goforth 15 times and that a gun at the miles' home matches the casings at the scene. he is held without bond and the burning question is why the deputy, a father of two, was gunned down. the county sheriff said he was targeted simply because of his uniform. jamie novogrods th is loive in
11:09 am
houston. >> reporter: the district attorney went through evidence in the case in order to establish probable cause to continue holding on to him. miles was arrested on saturday and charged with capital murder in a case that's thrown houston into grief. the d.a. went into gruesome details in the case. she says that when the deputies arrived at the scene, they found 15 shell casings around the body of 47-year-old sheriff's deputy darren goforth. the district attorney says that that means that every bullet in the gun was fired friday night into goforth's body. miles wearing a yellow jump suit under heavy security and said very little and spoke softly. are you mr. miles? good morning. yes, i am, he said. police are looking for a motive. prosecutors said today a motive is not required to move on with
11:10 am
the prosecution. and asked during a press conference after court today, whether authorities were able to extract a confession of miles, the district attorney said only that miles had been cooperative and that she didn't want to get into it. texas experts say a grand jury will be convened in a week or two. miles faces the death penalty and in the meantime, funeral services are planned for friday for deputy goforth. >> all right. jamie, thank you for the update. right now, family, friends and well wishers remember the life of adam ward at his alma mater salem high school. the tv cameraman and his colleague reporter alison parker were killed in a live report last week and the morning team show tweeted this picture remembering happier days with ward and parker saying, quote, we love our morning family. we will get through this together. adam reiss with me now from salem, virginia. along with the grief still very
11:11 am
raw for them, they're really going all out to remember the lives left behind and how they celebrate it. >> reporter: somber. the family heartbroken. his family was a long-time guidance counselor and touched the entire community, entire town. adam was beloved here at the high school going on to virginia tech and at wdbj. here at the high school, very popular. the teach earls said everyone loved to hang out with him. he was smart, athletic, quick a joke. he was also set to be married next year to melissa ott in south carolina. move to a job in north carolina. they had the whole future ahe of them. that is all over for now, francis. >> still so heartbreaking. thank you very much. up next, the ambushed murder of a texas deputy sheriff raises the need of a movement for all lives. plus overseas to the front
11:12 am
lines of a crisis of hundreds of thousands of migrants steaming into europe. later on, one of the country's leading medical voices of a growing problem of children and vaccinations. following tropical storm erika. people emptying the beaches here. in central florida, earlier in clearwater. now it is under a flood watch. earlier today, blue skies, clear skies but very different now. much more on the story later in the hour.
11:13 am
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11:15 am
more on the developing news we brought you earlier in the show and what authorities describe as the execution style murder of a houston deputy sheriff. burning questions remain on why the deputy goforth, father of
11:16 am
two, was gunned down. the county sheriff said he was targeted because of his uniform and this weekend he alluded to possible tension tw the black lives matter movement. >> we've heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops' lives matter, too. why don't we just drop the qualifier and say lives matter and take that to the bank? joy reed is here with me now. interesting going through the data and pouring through data and information. what is it that you found about perception of police? >> absolutely, francis. great to see you. there's not been a significant change in perception of police by both black and white americans but the change has been for the worst in both cases. the gallup poll talked about whether or not people have confidence in police, in 2003, 2004, 60% of whites said they had confidence in police. that's insignificantly changed down to 57% of whites. when you look at
11:17 am
african-americans, only 36% of african-americans had confidence in police in 2013-2014. that's down to 30%. it's a significant low. >> and then we also had a comparison here coming to this and you are looking into it, the fatal shootings by police. and also, fatal shootings of police. when's the difference there? >> absolutely. you thaerd that sheriff trying to allude to the fact of the rhetoric of the black lives movement focusing on police brutality, you have sheriffs organizations, police organizations blaming that movement but the statistics are not going in that direction. in 2014, 50 shootings of police officers of civilians and up from 32 in 2013 but when you look at people who have been shot by police, it doesn't even come close. there have been 652 on a conservative estimate this year. with 24 who are black and unarmed and when you actually look at just this half of the year, the number of shootings of police is actually down 30% from
11:18 am
the same period last year. >> it's polarizing especially by the marches for those who frankly will say we're anti-police and on the other side we see everybody coming together at that gas station in houston for this. and how that's being polarized across the nation, not just with this shooting, as well. >> absolutely. they're not anti-police. they're anti-police brutality and looking for specific changes in the law to hold police officers accountable when a civilian is shot and also create systems where police brutality is less likely. you have police organizations frankly not comfortable with the level of scrutiny that have been brought to police organizations. over 40 proposed laws that would curtail the powers of police or add body cameras. not lot of proposed laws has passed. >> also seen the presence of black lives matter and their members trying to address it,
11:19 am
get the attention of 2016 candidates, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, as well. is there reaction to that? >> yes. they're walking a tyightrope. they're issuing statements about this individual shooting. keeping in mind, of course, that the person charged has not ginn a motive for that shooting. we only know that the person that did the shooting is black and the officer is white. but the democratic campaigns has had to mention black lives matter, say the words and to acknowledge they want to make changes in policing, as well. that is important. they need that african-american voting base so badly. >> thank you very much for the breakdown and perspective. >> thank you. donald trump leads the gop pack in all the recent polls. when's behind the lead? we'll look at the marketing of trump. first, sad news from the horror movie industry. one of its leading lights has
11:20 am
passed. we'll look back at the career of wes craven. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪
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when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. two really close encounters with sharks in california over the week. first a surfer unscathed after a shark took a huge bite out of the surf board. eleanor dempsey told nbc news she swam as fast as she could after that terrifying encounter. there was a group of kayakers off the nearby san diego coast that captured a hammerhead shark on video. according to lifeguards it trailed them all the way back to shore. no one was hurt in that scenario. wes craven, the visionary filmmaker that defined the horror genre with "nightmare on elm street" and scream franchises have died. so many were scared and then the
11:24 am
filmmaker revealing he couldn't sell that movie when he made it for three years until he was able to turn things around. and he did so in a very big way. nbc's carson daly brings us more. >> reporter: mourning hollywood's master of horror. wes crain died sunday. the man behind horror movies villains freddy krueger and scream's ghost face -- >> oh, you want to play psycho killer? >> reporter: passed away southerned by family at his los angeles home, he was 76. his family announcing the death in a statement saying in part our hearts are broken. he wrote and directed cult favorites. before the character that launched a thousand nightmares and almost as many sequels -- >> come to freddy.
11:25 am
>> reporter: in "a nightmare on elm street." >> whatever you do, don't fall asleep. >> reporter: over a decade later, a new sxwren ration we quall parts scares and self awareness in "scream." >> there are certain rules to abide by to survive a horror movie. >> reporter: raising the bar on horror film making in the process. >> the leg vi is the fact he helped invent a genre in the '80s and then turned that genre on the head and poked fun at that genre while also exploiting it in the "scream" films. >> reporter: courteney cox tweeted, today the world lost a great man. my friend and mentor. >> that was nbc's carson daly reporting. when we come back, the marketing on donald j. trump. how has the mega successful businessman translated that success to politics? we'll speak with someone who's got a different perspective.
11:26 am
that's next. back in court, quarterback tom brady and nfl head goodell in court. what happened? well, b and the humanitarian crisis in europe. unprecedented emergency meeting of ministers in the eu as the death toll of migrants fleeing the middle east rises. we're live from hungary after the break.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
border from potentially terrorists coming over, do you want to build a wall north of the boarder? >> people asked us about that in new hampshire. law enforcement folks about a week and a half ago. that's a legitimate issue to look at. >> joining me now is kevin o'leary, chairman of the o-shares investment great. good to see you. donald trump is not driver's seat of the issues bus and no one's seemed to pull him off of that. what's your reaction to the other candidates taking trump-like stances on the issues? >> you know, what i find so interesting about this current debate is how early in the cycle it is. if you think about this, i've been watching presidential election cycles for decades now, i have never seen this occur before where in deep august we have such interest of a
11:31 am
candidate of either party and what it is telling me, if i'm locking at politicians as stocks, that's how i look at them. which ones have momentum, capital to make it to the end, which ones look like winners and losers and what i'm finding now so interesting is if you ask the votering constituency what the election will be about is everybody would say the bush brand and the clinton brand and first time now we're beginning to realize that maybe the voting constituency doesn't want the old, crusty brands. they're willing to listen to someone else and give them major market share and means a lot for me as an investor. this is changing the game dramatically. >> do you think it's some of what they say donald trump is saying the controversial comments made that's fueling this and continuing the heat? >> no. i think we can look at something
11:32 am
much bigger. there's a populous movement out there that people just don't like the old hack politicians. they really don't trust them anymore. you can say that, you know, wall street has done a horrific thing since 2008, 2009 and it is vilified. but so have politicians. they have basically got nothing done in almost, you know, five years, six years. >> sure. >> so i think what you see is a rage out there and my guess right now if you were to take, you know, when's going to happen is you've got someone like a trump has unique opportunity to bring policy into it and surround himself with stronger people that understand the machinery of government, he actually has a chance and so for the first time ever i looked and said maybe the old crusty brands are not going the make it. i'm worried if i'm clinton and bush. >> we've seen that reflected in the des moines register poll and seeing pretty much the good old-fashioned politics as we
11:33 am
know it and rejected from the people being polled and say we're done with politicians as usual. coming to the trump starting the hone the political skills, may be watching saying, wait, he is doing this. and then in fact, playing to a crowd full of new england patriot fans. let's listen to his words then. >> i know tom brady who's great. bob kraft who's great and coach belichick who's great. those people i know. they're real winners. >> do you think brady should settle -- >> leave tom brady alone. right? we love tom brady. he's a very good friend of mine. i know tom brady. tom brady is an honest guy. he's a great guy. he's a great champion and winner. leave him alone. >> well, donald trump is a master when it comes to branding himself, pushing his own brand. when's it say overall about the marketing ability of donald trump especially now running for president? >> it's his lack of political skills that's so refreshing.
11:34 am
it's his attitude taking his negotiating skills when ch are proven successful. after all, that is very successful financier and real estate mogul and applying them in a few way to politics. doesn't mean he can make it to the end because when they get serious about policy, they ask questions he may or may not be able to answer but what it tells everybody in the race, let's go to the republicans of which there's 17, i think it means anybody can be president, not just trump. anybody. the voting constituency doesn't want the old, crusty brands and for me as an investor, this is really entertaining. >> more ways than one, for sure. kevin o'leary, good to hear from you. thank you very much. >> take care. speaking of nonestablishment candidates, we want to know what you think of the bing pulse question. is 2016 the year of an outsider
11:35 am
and winning the white house? take a look at the scoreboard. 63% say, yes. up 2% from the last time we checked and 39% of our viewers say no last time. 37% say no this time. here's the votes in the last few minutes. wow. in my discussion, with kevin, look, a lot of people spiking and voting yes when it comes to that. keep the votes coming. speaking of the new england quarterback, tom brady and the nfl headed to court. they had the last chance to end the battle over the suspension of the patriots quarterback. >> we tried our best to reach a settlement. we did not reach. i think the process works itself out. >> the judge pushed the sides to settle the controversy and now it's in his hands. he will make a decision this week. nbc's kris endahlgren is live in new york. before we knew it, it was over.
11:36 am
>> reporter: francis, the judge apparently not listening to donald trump. but yet, this is still going on. it really was just about a five-minute status hearing today but the judge pushed them earlier in the day to try to reach a settlement. both sides got here an hour before the hearing. they were brought back into the robing room. they tried to reach some type of settlement. both sides staying firm. tom brady not agreeing to take any culpability for deflate-gate and the nfl wanting him to serve the four-game suspension. the judge said both sides tried very hard. he says he feels very comfortable with the way both tried and didn't happen. when will it happen? he says he is going to rule either tomorrow or perhapsfinitd of the week. even after the judge makes the ruling, both sides could appeal so this really is the clock ticking down to that september
11:37 am
10th first game for the patriots. >> people watching if he'll take to the field. kristen, thank you. now changing gears. they're arriving in unprecedented numbers, not since world war ii, migrants of the middle east and north africa risking their lives for safe haven in europe. over 300,000 have made the treacherous journey across the mediterranean. 2,500 died or gone missing and for those that escape, there are more hurdles to jump in the country of hungary, that hurdle is a 13-foot high razor wire. more than 100 miles long. claudio lavagne is in serbia along the border with serbia. all guys trained on eu leaders to see how to handle this crisis. >> reporter: well, francis, so far the eu leaders failed to find a concrete solution to
11:38 am
share the burden on the crisis and that's why france, germany and britain today, well, yesterday, called for an extraordinary meeting for the 28 leaders of the european union to discuss it and find a concrete solution. they proposed to create, for instance, some eu coordinated refugee centers in the first two countries in europe where migrants arrive first for obvious geographical reasons. italy and greece. they wanted a creation of a safe countries of origin meaning that the people refugees coming from war torn countries of syria and afghanistan will get a fast track into the asylum seeking process but the german chancellor today said that if this time again this european leaders cannot find a concrete solution, well then, they'll have to start questioning the efficiency of the agreement. the agreement, let me remind you, is an agreement of moving
11:39 am
freely around europe. and of course, that would put -- one of the pinnacles of the pillars oflts european union itself, francis. >> all right. nbc's claudio lavagna along the serbia-hungary border, thank you. want to go back to the developing weather story in the southeast. beaches are emptying in parts of central florida as they get ready for a dousing by the remnants of tropical storm erika. how are we looking throughout? didn't seem too bad just yet. >> reporter: it is changed in the past couple of hours. let's show you right here. those beaches that were full this morning with the blue skies, both of those things now gone. people fled as soon as the rain started. nothing like what we saw earlier this morning. now, these storms supposed to continue on and off throughout the rest of the day and a flood watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. now, in some areas of the state, this moisture has been welcomed
11:40 am
but here in the tampa area, they're already having one of the wettest months on record. the ground already saturated. and the rivers already at minor flood stage. they really don't need the moisture right now. a school district shutting down classes today in anticipation of the rains. national guard standing by by with 8,000 members in case that help is needed but as for now, it's waiting and watching the skies and hoping the remnants of erika continue to be relatively mild compared to what we saw just a few days ago in the caribbean. back to you. >> with damage left then. thanks for the update. now here's some of the story that is caught our eye today. did you see this? many los angeles police officers will be wearing new piece of gear today. body cameras. mission division is the first. los angeles is biggest city in the country to be using body cameras on a large scale. one man learned firsthand
11:41 am
why you should not use your cell phone while driving. trying to take a selfie and drove the car off the road and right into a tree. several of the passengers in the vehicle were injured in the crash. vladimir putin and prime minister met at putin's sochi residence to spend the day pumping iron. putin and the prime minister lifted weights and then celebrated the good workout with a barbecue. a boy playing a game of hide and seek. after a little bit of peekaboo, the boy and the baby gorilla began playing. watch. chasing each other. aw. too cute. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free.
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the world remain severe, many lacking basic medical care. in fact, 1 in 5 children lack access to life saving immunizations and according to the world health organization 3 million children die from environmental related diseaseses each year and while organizations around the world coordinated efforts in unprecedented ways there's still a lot of progress to be made. this doctor is a contributor and chair of medal ethics and health policy at the university of pennsylvania. thank you for being with us as we talk about this msnbc is proud to be hosting the global citizens fes value here and shedding light on some of the alarming statistics, especially coming to children's health worldwide. what more can be done? there's one priority that needs to be made and improving this situation for children. what would that be? >> looking at the series of diseases, vac sization is beneficial, cheap, cost savings and prevents disease and it's
11:46 am
the best way to go but there's pneumonia and diarrhea for children that's big problems. we have new vaccines and the global alliance of vacization has a good arrangement and the second area that's important is neglected tropical diseases and the title says everything. neglected. we tend to ignore them. but actually treating kids, these are parasites and other seven other diseases and they if you treat them usually takes one treatment a year, greatly enhances the educational attainment of kids and the health and those immunizations and treating neglected tropical diseases would be very high on my list. >> here a lot of us this n this country may take it for granted what these children on a global level really need and also some progress that has been made talking about the advancements this year when africa celebrated
11:47 am
first time an entire year without a polio case. >> right. >> due to an increase in immunizations and we see by that alone the difference that can be made. >> you're absolutely right. not only is that a huge success, but we have also seen a big drop in malaria due to big uptakes of nets and rapid treatment. what it shows and i think the last decade has showed is we can make a big difference internationally. it's cost effective. beneficial for these countries. we do have the technology. the real issue is funding. funding for global health in general plateaued over five years with the world economic crisis and probably the single best investments the world can make in getting developing countries and poorer countries lifted up out of poverty. >> this is our role as the united states and americans here that can also set the example on a global level, as well, when it comes to making sure that the countries receive the care that
11:48 am
is no needed, especially with vaccinations and you said that america is low coming to developed countries and vaccination rate. what can we do even at home? >> domestically, we have had this issue that we have been in such good health and kids rarely get these infectious diseases that parents foregone the immunizations assuming other parents take care of it and their kids won't get it. >> we've heard the debate. >> and i'm a big supporter of the california law. no exceptions except for the kid's health. we need to immunize everyone and sort of vague philosophical i don't want my kids to get this foreign thing, put it away. it threatens everyone. this is where your choices influence the health of your neighbor. >> we have been very proud to be participating as far as the global citizens festival. what do you say for those at home saying this is a problem, i can do my part, how can i help? >> there are a lot of ngos
11:49 am
working in this space of global health and health for children, whether it's contributing to the companies or the ngos that do malaria or the global alliance for vaccines and immunizations. those are the kind of places to support and tell your congressmen that global health is important to you. it's probably the single most cost effective intervention the united states can do of all the things we do in the world and we don't spend that much money. we spend about a penny every $100 in our economy for these things. >> we appreciate your being here and shedding light on that. with that need globally, doctor. as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. a reminder to viewers, global citizen festival is a few weeks away on september 26th here in new york city. you can catch our coverage of the event hosted by willie geist, alex wagner, and thomas
11:50 am
roberts here starting at 3:00 p.m. with performances by big names. want to bring you live pictures of a car chase in texas. a live look here of this car chase. you see that red vehicle on what appears to be not necessarily a highway but that light appeared to be a red light and other vehicles stopped. this red vehicle blasting right through and outside houston, texas. southwest of texas, southwest of houston. again, live images from the air here of kprc. local affiliate. and their chopper watching this vehicle. you see other law enforcement on the side but again traffic stop and traffic light i should say after traffic light we are watching this vehicle and you see now stuck in traffic and other vehicles making way. again, a live situation, a chase. high speed. what appears to be on this road
11:51 am
here, a secondary road as again you saw that vehicle be law enforcement vehicle coming close. this driver making his way through it. so again, hopefully people are finding out about this and know about it. will stay clear of the area and appears to be an exit here and not sure heading on to a highway. but again, this vehicle as police are chasing this driver now making a shoarp right with other vehicles and the hope is that this will not end violently and that it will stay somewhat safe as police are trying to chase this vehicle. a live from our chopper affiliate kprc in rosenberg, texas. outside of houston, texas. and again, as we're watching this vehicle from the secondary roads going in to a -- what appears to be a major highway, at least one part of it.
11:52 am
and continuing to watch this. it is approximately 1:51 local time. in houston so not necessarily the height of rush hour at this point. but as we can see, the good thing is seeing the other vehicles around there quite distance. they're not necessarily in the same lane. but watching this as this is a pursuit of this vehicle. outside of there. and many people seeing, we watched the chases in the past. we'll continue to follow it. we'll keep you updated. when it helps giveshot ma lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines.
11:53 am
make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. pubut to get from theand yoold way to the new,d. you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that istill to come. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about.
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11:55 am
breaking news following outside of houston, texas. that is high-speed car crash in the houston, texas, area. this is fort bend county, kprc
11:56 am
had a chopper overhead as we're following this red car as police chasing it and making the way through secondary streets. blastinging through some traffic lights. and then on to this highway. at last check, kprc saying southbound on 59 and we're looking here and you can see with traffic there at the side of the road an going into an area that is not paved. a construction -- what appears to be a construction area along the highway and the car continuing on law enforcement and some points they were able to get close as this car's had close calls with other vehicles but really remarkable situation here we're watching this car chase and a reminder of viewers concerned about seeing something, you know, that may be violent. we have this on a delay here on msnbc. so as we're watching this car chase now, unpaved birth road, again, so we see some -- this
11:57 am
driver, i don't know if he is -- the door's open. what appears to be a door open and slowly breaking. car door open and making a run for it. this is a delay crossing the other side on to this grassy area here. fort bend. kprv has the chopper overhead and a fountain, water area. man-made lake or pond as he continues to run. authorities are chasing him. what started out as a car chase. and we'll see where he goes. this area, i'm not sure, they're panning out. appears to be a business area. certainly not a residential area as this guy -- we haven't seen actual officers any time recently and we are again
11:58 am
watching this suspect as he is chased by police in the vehicle and other vehicles coming on. there he is slowing down. other vehicles, his arms up and lying down and again i'm not sure of law enforcement out there. i can't see any. and he is basically surrendering now and if you can imagine these people, they're unloading their car whether this is a business area or a home. and you see this happening. it's got to be astounding for them, frankly, saying what is happening here? but again, good to see there weren't any other drivers involved. they're business as usual. loading up whatever they're bringing in and now police officer -- yeah. gun drawn. okay. so we're going to take a -- this appears to be over and taking a quick break.
11:59 am
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