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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 22, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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people, and congressional aisle hogs these designated aisle blockers are going to have their hands full on thursday. pray for them. it's tuesday, september 22nd. right now on "first look," pope francis will arrive in the u.s. today and security in three east coast cities is at a fever pitch. the gop field just got a little smaller. but the controversies heat up. as hillary clinton unveils a plan that moves wall street. general david petraeus heads to capitol hill with a plan to face isis head-on. plus a kayaker that takes on one relentless hammerhead. the persistently hungry raccoon at the back door. that and much more. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody, thanks so much for waking up with this today, i'm betty nguyen. it is a historic day ahead. in just a few hours pope francis will arrive right here in the u.s. he'll start in d.c. then go to new york and
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philadelphia. the level of security is unprecedented. so large, the secret service is running things. there aren't any specific credible threats yet but each city will have thank you sands of law enforcement, snipers, s.w.a.t. teams and police helicopters. nbc's tracie potts reports. >> reporter: barricades are going up. streets are shutting down. tens of thousands will greet pope francis at the white house. at the basilica. and at the u.s. capitol, where he'll address congress thursday. >> everybody is just excited. everybody is thrilled. everybody is so proud. >> he's literally taking the church out to the people. >> pope francis! >> reporter: they're coming from all over. this bunch left chicago. >> we have our chairs. they told us to wear nice walking shoes. so i'm just excited to sit in the sun all day long just to wait to see the pope. >> reporter: the secret service has been getting ready for almost a year to protect the people's pope. >> he likes to see babies, and
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you know, go up to handicapped individuals. so we had a good sense of his movements. >> reporter: in washington, the pope will bless food catholics feed the homeless. >> he lifts up our whole efforts by being here and say okay, you guys are doing a great job. >> just knowing that he cares and that he loves people and he wants to see people is just wonderful. >> reporter: in new york the pope will address the united nations. he'll celebrate mass at madison square garden, and again outdoors in philadelphia. more than 1 million are expected there. americans, looking for a blessing. >> that was nbc's tracie potts reporting. don't miss a minute of our wall-to-wall coverage of the pope's historic visit to the u.s. we will have special live coverage of the pope's arrival hosted by brian williams beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. all right, now politics and the race for the white house. the crowded republican field just got a little smaller. wisconsin governor scott walker has thrown in the towel.
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walker offered brief remarks, adding that other gop candidates should also consider dropping out. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. >> gop candidate ben carson is standing by the controversial comments he made on "meet the press" this weekend. he is facing backlash for saying he would absolutely not support a muslim president. carson insists he will not apologize. >> i don't care what a person's religious background is, if, in fact, they believe in our constitution, and our american values, i will support them. >> top muslim american advocates are calling on carson to drop out of the republican race. gop candidate jeb bush was interrupted by a group of young protesters at an event in houston yesterday. [ chanting ] the protesters were demanding immigration reform.
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they were chanting no hope without our vote. bush stopped his speech to remind those shouting that he supports a pathway to citizenship for children of people in the u.s. illegally. carly fiorina sat down with tonight show host jimmy fallon and began discussing vladimir putin. fiorina compared him to another republican we all know. >> donald trump has recently said that he wants vladimir putin saying he wants to meet with trump when he comes here. and that he wants to sit down and have a conversation with him. you've met putin. >> i have. well the two of them have a lot in common, actually. but we'll just leave it at that. >> on the democratic said hillary clinton will roll out her plan to rein in prescription drug costs. while in baton rouge yesterday we vowed to defend the affordable care act. she criticized louisiana governor and gone presidential candidate bobby jindal for not expanding medicaid under the act. >> because of your governor's decision, more than 190,000
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people in louisiana are left with no health insurance. they are unable to qualify for medicaid or get the subsidies that would help them get covered. >> clinton is expected to outline her plan to lower prescription drug costs during a speech in iowa today. this morning, growing outrage in response to an overnight price increase for a drug some people just desperately need, daraprim is widely used to treat a common parasite that attacks people with aids, cancer or who are pregnant. after turing pharmaceuticals bought the drug in august it raised the price by 5,000%. it now costs $750 a tablet. the company's ceo defended his decision on cnn yesterday. he argues the proceeds will go to research to make the drug better. >> there have been much larger drug price increases by much bigger drug companies that actually you would argue large multibillion dollar companies with lots of cash that don't
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necessarily need to do this. turing is a very small company, we're a new company and we're not a profitable company. for us to try to exist and make any profit i think is pretty reasonable. >> in response to all of this attention and doctors and patient groups saying they can't access this drug, are you going to change the price? >> no. >> okay. >> well, there you have it. the price hike could cost some people over $100,000 a year. it was one of the largest food recalls in american history. well now the man at the center of a deadly sam them la outbreak is going to prison. 61-year-old stewart parnell has been sentenced to 28 years in prison. the company's tainted products are blamed for nine deaths. more than 700 people got sick. he was convicted a year ago for illegally shipping peanut butter from a southwest georgia plant. that company officials knew was contaminated, and faking lab tests intended to screen for salmonella. safety inspectors also found a leaky roof, insects, and signs of rodents at the plant.
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this is the first criminal trial of a u.s. producer in a food poisoning case. retired general and former cia director david petraeus is heading to capitol hill today. he's scheduled to appear before the senate armed services committee. petraeus is expected to be asked about u.s. policy toward the middle east, and strategies for defeating isis. this will mark a return to the spotlight for petraeus. earlier this year he was sentenced to two year's probation and fined $100,000 for sharing classified information with his mistress. all right, so if you are waking up with us in alaska, you may have some money coming your way. each year residents are paid out of the alaska permanent fund, which is just for people living in the state. it's just that easy, folks. the fund was created by voters in 1976. and it puts a portion of state oil revenues into a savings account and then pays residents based on a five-year earnings average. oh, and it gets better. this year's $2,072 check is the
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biggest ever. but don't start looking to head up there and cashing in. residents must live in the state for a full calendar year to be eligible. and then there's this, a scary video off the coast of san diego. a hammerhead shark biting and ramming a kayak, even after getting whacked several times. the kayaker finally made it to shore but the shark reportedly swam back and forth like it was actually waiting for the boater to get back in the water. and cinnamon toast crunch has the latest and greatest breakfast technology. the selfie spoon. yes it announced the new utensil on its tum bler page and it's already on back order as you can imagine. you might think these two stories have nothing to do with each other. but the truth is you might be better off with the shark. here's why, mashable tallied the data and found that so for this year selfies are more dangerous. there have been 12 selfie-related death, versus 8 reported shark fatalities. a little food for thought as you
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post your breakfast selfie. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. think you'd use one of the breakfast selfie spoons? >> i don't know that i want to take pictures of myself eating. but i swam in the ocean all summer and i guess i should be more afraid of this guy instead. >> yeah. >> north america's ceo says he's confident the german automaker will restore customer confidence after a quote totally screwed up by rigging emission tests on diesel cars in the u.s. vw stocks are merely 20% on monday. the company could face epa fines of up to $18 billion. apple is moving ahead with plans to build an electric car. "the wall street journal" says the company has set a 2019 target date. although that may not be when customers would get one. reports say apple will expand the team it has working on the project. code named titan. and price waterhouse coopers will start offering new employees $1200 to help pay off their student loans. it's a big selling point for the
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consulting and accounting firm. pwc hires more than 11,000 college grads a year and nearly half its u.s. workforce are entry level workers who graduated in the last five years. >> that seine tiesing. thank you so much. monday night football, lucasoil stadium, first quarter ryan fitzpatrick connects with eric decker on a six yard slant to score first. but, five turnovers and 11 penalties by the colts left them reeling. the jets took advantage of every mistake as you can imagine for a 20-7 victory at indy's home opener. dallas cowboys they confirm that quarterback tony romo will miss about eight weeks with his broken collar bone. he missed ten games back in 2010 with that same injury. the top scoring fantasy football players for the week include ben roethlisberger followed by travis benjamin, arizona's larry fitzgerald, tom brady and tyrod taylor then cam newton and
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antonio brown. so in the race for the pennant in the a.l. east battle between toronto and new york first out of the game -- >> back to price. inside the fence. he puts it away for the first out. >> that's how it went down. blue jays went on to beat the yankees 4-2 giving toronto a 3 1/2 game lead on the bronx bombers in the a.l. east. now to a sport of a different kind. motorcycle racer gary roswell from england set a world motorcycle wheelie speed record. he was timed at 209 miles per hour. and from our friends at red bull, belgian world cycling champion kenny blay is attempting to cross a slack line in the french alps. he failed miserably in his first attempt. after that things got much -- went much more smoothly as the man called a magician successfully crosses between two cliffs more than 367 feet in the air.
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that's scary. all right. it is the good deed that got one man free pizza for a year. find out what he did. speaking of pizza, meet the subway rat whose quest for a slice has gone viral. details ahead. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business.
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welcome back to "first look" on this last full day of summer. can you believe that? we kick in to fall early tomorrow morning. we have a little bit of rain. we did watch that tropical depression trying to move through the four corner regions of arizona, new mexico. still some rain in new mexico. georgia from albany to macon to augusta, some thunderstorms for you to deal with. atlanta some of the showers are starting to wrap up. a few showers to the northeast of atlanta. d.c. had some showers yesterday. today, some sprinkles are left over. of course, the pope will be arriving later this afternoon and things look pretty ideal. we're going to watch the clouds clearing out, temperatures will be in the 70s. really nice forecast and of course from there the pope goes up to new york city and then back down to philadelphia. yesterday was a questionable
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forecast, but now it looks like the rain's being kept out. friday and saturday look absolutely gorgeous in new york city. central park will be mobbed with mid 70s and the pope arriving. as far as the middle of the country goes, this is the holt stuff. betty, back to your hometown. >> oh, yeah. >> we're talking temperatures still feeling like summer. >> they are not letting go of summer. >> not yet. not yet. >> thank you, bill. so, what would you do if you accidentally got $1300 in cash along with your pizza delivery? that's exactly what happened when mike vegas ordered a pizza from a berkeley, california, dominoes. after getting a text about the mix-up he returned the money, and in return he is getting freedom know's pizza for a year. the u.s. department of justice has announced it is giving $19 million in grants to police departments nationwide for body cameras. that's about 21,000 cameras that will go to 73 police agencies in 42 states. do you remember the syrian refugee who was tricked by a hungarian photographer while he was fleeing and carrying his
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son? well, he has a new job. as a soccer coach in spain. the president of madrid soccer academy saw the video, tracked him down and offered him a job. he is very grateful for his new life outside of war-torn syria. >> it is very, very, very difficult for anything for like walk, for sleep. >> he was a soccer coach back in syria. he and he son also got to meet soccer legend cristiano ronaldo. >> so does the smart money on wall street already know which candidate will win in 2016? scrambled politics is next. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it.
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20 minutes past the hour. scott walker's exit from the 2016 white house race has a lot of people talking, including the leader of one of the biggest labor organizations in the u.s. richard, the afl-cio president doesn't seem to be a fan of walkers. in july when walker announced his run for president, he released a statement saying scott walker is a national disgrease. now he released a new statement saying scott walker is still a disgrace, no longer national. donald trump took time to answer a bunch of questions from his twitter followers yesterday. he talked about his campaign, running a successful business, and more but naturally the oh, there were a few internet shenanigans to tell you about, like this person who tweeted, a photo of a tub of butter that
2:21 am
previously went viral asking trump, is this you? yes or no. i don't see the resemblance, do you? gop candidate ted cruz sat down with stephen colbert last night and they talked about what it's actually like to run for president. >> running for president is real simple. you just have to surgically disconnect your shame sensor. because you spend every waking moment asking people for money. you walk up to total strangers, you go hi, how are you doing? can i have money? >> and jeb bush is excited for pope francis to visit the u.s. he's written an op-ed for cnn titled how catholic faith changed my life. in it he writes the pundits would like to make the pope out to be a politician, but his charge is much greater than that. he is the spiritual leader to the largest group of christians on earth, and an inspiration to all people of good will. and it will certainly be a
2:22 am
busy day in washington, d.c. with the pope's arrival. talk show host conan o'brien gave us his take last night. president obama is going to be there to greet him when his plane lands. that's very unusual. yeah. yeah. president obama is going to be the guy at arrivals holding a sign that says pope. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. a political analyst, co-author of how to catch a russian spy, good morning to you. >> good morning. that's the kind of greeting i want. >> is it every day? >> it's nice, right? >> don't you worry. things will change around here now that you've requested it. things are changing for scott walker, indeed. >> ouch. >> he has dropped out -- yeah, exactly. that's been the problem, right? a lot of people just -- he just didn't resonate with them. but here's what's interesting. not only was he the front-runner at one time, now that he's dropped out he's asking other candidates, gop candidates, to
2:23 am
do the same, in a way to take down trump. is this the only, i guess, solution to taking down trump, getting others to battle against him? >> nothing else is working. let's admit that. i don't think that a lot of these people are going to drop out based on scott walker's suggestion. every single one of them still looks in the mirror and sees a president of the united states. >> or tell themselves -- >> eventually a few might get shoved but i don't think it's going to be voluntary. >> does he have a point, though? if you don't get those viable candidates out there, you don't narrow that field, then trump could run away with it. >> it's the rule of fractions. remember if you have that big pie and you cut it into 47 slices, they're all going to be pretty small. especially if one guy has a really, really big slice. >> hmm. >> yeah. listen, eventually these people will drop out. but i think as long as they have money, most of them will keep running. >> stay in it. let's talk about hillary clinton. she really has wall street listening and reacting. >> yep. >> to this new drug plan that's
2:24 am
not even out just yet. so what does that tell you? let's dissect this. does that mean that wall street is betting on a clinton win if they are already reacting to a plan that she hasn't announced yet? >> you know, that's a pretpy smart analysis. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> okay. >> they don't know. but if you had to pick right now, someone said who's going to win, you know what? there's a pretty good chance that eventually she's probably going to win. you know what? this issue has a lot of resonance, whether you're a democrat or republican, independent, drug costs are high. especially for older folks. you know, and they vote a lot, by the way. >> exactly. and we just had the story in the news about this one company raising the rates, what 5,000% on one particular drug? >> $13 to $750. that's nuts. >> it's alarming. thank you, ellis. just ahead the clock building texas teen is a guest of honor. plus meet the raccoon that knocks. details when we come back.
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the google science fair had a surprise guest yesterday. ahmed mohamed the high school freshman who made headlines for his homemade clock last week visited 9 finalists and met with google cofunder sergey brin. he also received invitations from facebook and the white house. check out this rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs of a new york city subway station. only in new york. comedian matt little caught this on video and since then the #pizzarat is trending worldwide. you dropped it! how do you tell someone that you're hungry? this raccoon visits a florida woman every single day and knocks on her back door with a rock. the woman says rocksy the raccoon has been showing up
2:29 am
looking for food for the past nine months though the knocking can be annoying the woman says she's come to think of rocksy as a friend. >> the glass is a little scratched but it's cute enough. >> i just want to know how did the raccoon know to do that. that is one smart raccoon. "way too early" starts right now. americans deserve a president who will fight and win for them. you see it doesn't matter whether you come from a big city, or a suburb, or a small town. i will fight and win for you. healthy or sick, born or unborn, i will fight and win for you. sadly the debate taking place in the republican party today is not focused on that optimistic view of america. instead it has drifted into personal attacks. today, i believe that i'm being called to lead by helping to
2:30 am
clear the field in this race of a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. >> and with that wisconsin governor scott walker becomes the second republican candidate to drop out of the race for president. but unlike rick perry, walker is encouraging some of his former republican rivals to do the same. we'll have reaction. plus -- >> the chamber businesswoman of the year who is a technology innovator -- [ chanting ] i can't see you. >> protesters forcing jeb bush to halt his speech before the hispanic chamber of commerce in houston. see how the presidential hopeful handled it. plus politics and the pope. pope francis is just hours away from his historic journey to the united states. a visit that could make partisans on both


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