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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 28, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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happen today and has already happened it, mate be a blessing that we don't have beautiful clear skies because everything, everyone with a car and a phone would be out trying to get pictures of this. the low ceiling and these white puffy clouds have already allowed at least one picture to be posted on social media. somebody was under this thing as it passed overhead. i sure thought we were going to show that picture. hang on. oh okay. this is video. and that would be our aerostat. there's no mistaking it. now, i don't see a whole lot of movement here. i saw one still picture earlier showing it at a greater distance. this appears to be a storage unit. appears to be some jostling and not every day you look up and see a j-lens aerostat over your storage unit. this will happen today. this is highly unusual.
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again, we realize people are tuning in and the story you might have heard a bit of is true. it's in the trade known as an aerostat. as a semirigid air ship filled with helium that's divided up into different sections on board. this is mostly a flying radar device. there's the still picture that we saw on social media. we have conveniently circled the air ship in red. focusing your attention to the middle of the picture there. it has been loose, untethered. the tether can measure from 5,000 to 10,000 feet long. this has as far as we know no on-board system of propulsion of its own. it has been traveling at about an altitude of 16,000 feet. in basically a northern direction. there are -- there is a wing of
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f-16s stationed at atlantic city, new jersey. the air national guard. been in existence for a long, long time. they were scrambled today to get kind of eyes on this thing. of course, the difference in traveling speeds between an air ship traveling at the speed of the wind and an f-16 which is capable of, of course, breaking the sound barrier, is significant. these are roughly and some of these still pictures you see the proportion to people and vehicles, that is not the greatest proportion right there showing member of the military in the foreground. these are just under two football fields long. they're substantial. if you see one overhead you're going to know it. they do not resemble the blimps over nfl games, the metlife blimp, the goodyear blimp. they have a main feature of that
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huge radar pod lung underneath the aircraft. these are the two that were stationed at the aberdeen proving ground in maryland outside d.c. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon continues to gather more on this. jim? >> reporter: we told you a moment ago that the balloon descending somewhat close to the ground. remember, it was dragging that very heavy 6,200 foot long cable. more than a mile long cable. and we're getting reports that apparently that cable as the balloon descends and moves across the countryside, is dragging across parts of the ground and is apparently interrupting electric lines, causing power outages. no word of any kind of other damage or injuries. but apparently this balloon is not landing as safely as some officials hoped it would. >> oh man, jim, that's just the
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worst-case scenario. imagine the trouble it could cause on the ground and when it hits power lines. >> reporter: that's in columbia county, pennsylvania. so if anybody can get on the horn and reach those people and find out more detail. it would be helpful. >> don't reach up and grab it to try to slow it down. >> reporter: exactly. >> this is not a three-prong plug from home depot. there you have it. this is unique on our watch. and an unmanned, unmoored airship northbound in the eastern seaboard. tom costello covers aviation for us. in the washington bureau. tom? >> well, i was just looking exactly on where this would be. columbia county p.a. as jim sugge suggesting, they believe that's where the ship is. between scranton and harrisburg. this is not the most densely populated air space along the
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east coast. i think you have to move further to the east and really between philly and new york to hit that congested air space. not to suggest any air space with a blimp in it right now, an unmanned and uncontrolled blimp is good air space and nonetheless we're talking about looks like guessing 100 maybe, 150 miles or so west of newark, new jersey. between allentown and scranton and harrisburg, p.a. again, to underscore the point of the faa watching this closely, of course the potential impact on air travel, the faa telling us air traffic control is rerouting it need be. they have not seen a dramatic impact on air traffic. >> tom, is there any -- looking at the browser and flight tracker. is there a marker over the last-known location of this. >> i don't have it, brian. i was just going by what jim said and columbia county, p.a.
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that's the photograph by the way, the photograph that we were showing was from bloomsburg, p.a. the general vicinity of where they believe it's last seen and smack dab in the middle of columbia county, p.a. between scranton and harrisburg. >> okay. as it was explained to me, when the president visit there is's a tfr, temporary flying restriction and this is a moving tfr moving with the last known location of this. we have a teacher, jason jurenco from the columbia county, p.a. school system an eyewitness to this. what did you see in when do you see it? >> i saw this large -- i saw the blimp about 1:56 changing classes period 7 to period 8. a student looking out the window and said, you have to look at this. his insistence, we went over, a
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small class. only a class of six kids. we went over, looked at the balloon, the blimp. and watched it travel from the east towards the town of bloomsburg and then as it got closer to us, you could see there's a cable dragging. we didn't really understand the size of it until we went on to twitter and facebook and what have you to see what we were actually seeing. so and then as we saw it, as we visualized it, we had flickering power and lost all power. and then sat in the classroom in the dark. waited for direction as to what was going on. we didn't have an idea that the two were related at the time. >> this is unbelievable. so, you had a visual of the cable. you could see that it was trailing this cable. any we to estimate its altitude when you saw it? >> that's kind of tough.
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we didn't really understand how big it was when we were seeing it but my estimation, i would have said between 200 and 300 feet off the ground. >> oh wow. >> where i'm at, we are very close to around 11 and some railroad tracks and i thought perhaps the railroad system was tracking data or something with the cable attached to a train or something or, you know, why would someone be on the road with a cable? so pretty quickly we understood that it wasn't a resident rnl flying apparatus. >> what subject do you teach? >> sports medicine at the high school. >> okay. i'm told the state police in your state is in on the hunt for this thing and they are chasing it down. but this all makes sense with what jim miklaszewski was reported from the pentagon. as it decreasing in altitude, we don't know why it's dropping,
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the cable which measures over a mile and is a substantial cable is dragging against the ground and is picking up and interfering with power lines, everything in its path and if you had power flicker and go out, well, that's the worst possible scenario that this thing is doing across the countryside. and one more thing, whoever this student was who was looking out the window he needs to be commended for looking out the window. i tried it for years and never saw anything that exciting but that's pretty fantastic that he spotted this. >> zachary boyd should get some credit for that. >> well, thank you for calling in and sharing what you witnessed. so we have an eyewitness account from a teacher in the state of pennsylvania who said not only did they look up and see it but it was visibly dragging its cable. tom costello, and taking out the
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power, municipal power as it went. >> yeah. that's clearly the priority at this point. i would point out, asking him what altitude he thought it was at, i was thinking that clearly is not 16,000 feet which was the last reported altitude we have for the blimp and at 16,000 feet, you'd be worried about the impact on aviation but if it's only 200, 300 feet off the ground, that's not a threat to aviation. the threat is more immediate to where might this thing come down and the impact on the power grid. we have had reports of several thousand people and tens of thousands of people having lost power in particular parts of p.a. we don't know if it's related or unrelated and clearly a priority with the cable across the ground. >> and, tom, the cable may actually be our way of stopping this here. if it gets caught, that will stop the forward progress of this thing and at least be
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stationary so they can grab it and get under control of it again. >> can you imagine being the guy, being asked to grab that cable? >> yeah. i guess i'm using a figure of speech. >> no. you're right. it's a 200-foot as you know a 200-foot long blimp and has the kinetic energy going on there and got to wonder how many or what type of apparatus on the ground it will have to get hooked on to to stop the forward momentum. a fence might rip it out. they have a heck of a challenge to stop this as fast as they can. >> jim miklaszewski, that's a great question if there are any airship experts wandering around the pentagon. does it give off a positive charge from aircraft to ground and how else they expect to capture it. >> reporter: you know, i don't know that, brian. we'll ask that question. we have an update of norad
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officials who say in the current state it appears to be half as inflated as it was when it broke from its tether and hovered at about 16,000 feet for what are we going on? a couple of hours now? but -- and as to the question and we asked it, just what is causing it to descend? obviously, it's deflating. the remote controls to deflate it don't work unless it's tethered. that's out of the question. we asked the critical question, did those f-16s have anything to do with it? was there a kinetic operation? did they pump it full of bullets? we were told, absolutely not. the f-16s were not involved in any way in bringing this ear rostat down. at this point, it appears to have deflated pretty much on its
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own. >> yeah. i think those people who were thinking that the f-16s were scrambled to take as they say at the pentagon kinetic action, to fire rounds into this thing, you would have to think long and hard about that. number one, any projectile fired from a military jet over a populated area problematic. this thing despite being an airship has very, very heavy electronics on it so it's the containers of helium on board that keep those aloft. but when this thing falls in a big hurry, you got to make sure there's no population beneath it, jim. >> yeah. this is a runaway blimp. a runaway aero stat, balloon, whatever you want to call it. it's just now it's a runaway at lower altitude and the cable dragging and causing power
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outages and perhaps damage on did ground. i would not want to believe in the way of that cable. >> you and me both. let's get fred huntzinger in here. he's the director of public safety. fred, when's the situation there? thank you for being patient with us. >> right now the emergency response personnel are out taking care of many reports of live power lines taken down, also trees and other infrastructure, most of the traffic control devices are out. large-scale power outages are out and critical facilities and dealing with those emergencies right now. >> no threat to lives as far as you know? >> none at this time that we're aware of. >> but what you mentioned, you know, when you lose traffic signals, when you lose power, that's when, of course, ancillary accidents can happen.
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so i imagine your awareness is fully heightened right now. >> yes. local police and emergency respond erps as well as the pennsylvania department of transportation are dealing with the traffic control issues and also local emergency, fire and ems responders are doing what's necessary to keep the public safe. >> you have a ballpark on how many households are without power? >> last report they said above 10,000. pretty good piece of the county is out. but we don't have accurate numbers because a lot of stuff is still coming in. >> you have your hands full. thank you very much for the time to spend with us. and this is really, jim miklaszewski, this is back to the fact that this is made by raytheon, this is a consumer product for the trade. this is being marketed to the u.s. military. this was part of i think a four-year trial. two of these moored side by side at the proving grounds there in
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aberdeen, maryland. and this is going to be to put it mildly, a big pr problem for this product. >> absolutely. a big question, of course, is not how's it descending, how the heck did it break free of the tether in the first place? again, we are told by officials, military and at norad this is a first with this kind of a runaway balloon in the united states. so it's been fairly a relatively safe way to provide the kind of surveillance that the u.s. particularly the coastline needs but in this case i don't know if there's got to be an investigation already under way into how this kind of cable could have broken loose today. >> people have a lot of explaining to do. tom costello, are you still with us? >> i am. our affiliate in baltimore reporting a fire on the ground
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in pennsylvania as a result of the cable apparently hitting a power station or some sort of a power facility, if you will. a structure on the ground. we don't know the size of it. and there had been reports that as you heard from this gentleman a short time ago with the office of emergency management, 10,000 people without power. he believes in the county and heard there may be more than that in other parts of pennsylvania, as well. but at least, at least the thing is no longer a threat to aviation. clear sli a problem right now on the ground but as far as tracking it, they know where it is. they have a handle on that. i would assume one would think they're probably getting close to being able to completely disable this aerostat and we're not going to go into the evening hours with this thing drifting up the northeast corridor. >> i'm reading from the literature that comes with the sales effort for this product. the j-lens is the acronym. stands for joint land attack
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cruise missile defense elevated netted sensor system. in raytheon's own material they say j lens is the product to keep the region safe. there's debate in the news media, debate in the defense community as to whether or not that's true. whether or not it is worth the visual of having such a craft hovering your metropolitan area. in maryland, it is close enough to the capital district in washington to provide broad kay c radar cover and not temp of mind walking with your family along the national mall on a beautiful
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summer day. versions and predecessors of these products highly visible in the dual wars over the past decade plus. they showed up in the skies over baghdad early on after the u.s. invasion there. witho us is marcus of defense one. have i gotten it right with the raytheon product? >> brian, there are only four of these, actually. two that are deployed right at the aberdeen at the three-year test program and two others in storage. there's been talk of deploying them around the country. right now, it's being used in this test. the purpose is to actually see if this thing can spot low-flying objects, like that guy in the gyrocontinue egyroco
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blimps in afghanistan, iraq, they're different. this is a sophisticated radar to spot the low-flying objects such as a cruise missile or something like that gyrocopter. >> marcus, i said you're on the phone. it is good the see you an thank you for being with us. in the case of the gyrocopter, did this raytheon product miss it? >> it is not clear. from what we have heard, it did not spot it. the thing is this system has not been used in bad weather often. there have been trouble with it an trying to actually test it more in weather such as this. clearly as you guys have said earlier today is a big setback for this program. >> this program was i correct in saying that it was -- it's being aggressively marketed toward the homeland security industry by raytheon?
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>> correct. the idea behind this is there's actually a big debate within the military whether or not this is the right way to go. there's a faction of commanders who actually want these blimps deployed around the country, around major cities to protect from cruise missiles. what they can do or in theory is by having the radar in the air, see over mountains. the radars on the ground, they could actually -- missiles hide behind mountains and fly around them. this is facing downward. in the military there's debate in the army, the army runs this program. the army itself has actually not wanted to continue it but higher military commanders at north c 0m and norad fought to keep the funding going for the project. >> isn't part of the role of the aircraft you mentioned terrain following incoming missiles. isn't part of this role to speak
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electronic to ground stations to, you know, to ordinance to take out the missile? >> correct. the idea is in testing this is actually worked before where they're able to take coordinates from the -- that are gathered from the blimp and pass them along to an f-15 or an f-16. ideally what t lly pentagon wou hooked up with the surface-to-air missiles and aircraft like the f-16s that are ironically chasing it right now. >> tell me one last thing. one place in the world where we immediately think of the very real possibility and recently the war over incoming missiles and that's israel. do the easy reallies have and employing a version of this? >> they don't have this specific version but this type of technology is widely deployed around the middle east region as
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whole. >> all right. marcus, thank you very much for being with us from defense one and filling in some of the blanks here. we next want to go to paul worth. he is with the power company dealing with these outages in pennsylvania. paul, how many households do we think? >> right now, we have about 24,000 customers out of power in the area where this damage occurred. >> and you've been able to confirm that some of this is direct contact between the tether wire that is being dragged behind this airship and your power lines, substations, transformers on the ground? >> we have a report that the tether wire contacted some power lines on the ground. we have not confirmed that report. but there is damage there including some downed wires and a broken transmission line pole. >> and just to be sure about it,
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the weather there while dark and stormy is not severe enough to have done that on its own? >> that's correct. we have had scattered power outages due to wind and heavy rain but this is damage to a transmission line which reportedly caused by the tether on this blimp. >> you will treat the repair of it you would had a traffic accident brought down a pole. you'll be out there trying to fix it regardless of the source? >> yes. there's two ways we can do that. we can restore power to some customers by switching them to other sources and we are doing that now. we had outages more than 30,000 when we started. about an hour ago and we are down to 24,000 now. some outages will remain and we'll have to do the physical repairs on the line and we're mobilizing to assess the damage and do those repairs right now.
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>> paul, thank you very much. we realize this is busy day for you and unchartered territory for all of us. thank you for joining us from the power company. now, a man we're very happy to be able to talk to, one of the pioneers of severe storms forecasting over the last couple of decades in this country, dr. greg forbes at the weather channel. dr. forbes, i guess i'm looking for you for a little forensic weather here. can you tell me weather conditions at the aberdeen proving ground, especially upper level winds at or about the time this thing reported missing as they say? >> the surface winds gusting to about 23 miles per hour so as the previous speaker said, it wasn't the winds there or that gusts that broke it loose and we can tell you once it got above the ground, about a thousand feet up, it shot into winds almost due from the south at about 40, maybe above 40 miles per hour and then about 5,000 to 8,000 feet up, about 50 miles
12:26 pm
per hour from the south and that's caused it to drift up into pennsylvania. and so it's been -- went higher than that. winds maybe took it to the northeast and now down low drifting almost due northbound. >> greg, there's some thunderheads appearing embedded here. yellow and oranges at trenton, new jersey. >> this point, mostly heavy showers. i'm not seeing cloud to ground light nng this and blustery, rainy conditions with what you would call rain squalls embedded in that. >> while neither you or i are in the airship business, i'm imagining the tethers built to withstand winds of, you know, approximately 25 miles per hour, certainly a mile above the earth. you don't think the weather was severe enough to have caused an
12:27 pm
event that, you know, this thing didn't plan on? >> i don't think the weather caused it to break through but up in the air draft idrifting i the wind, it's a balloon. it's a low level jet. >> people that don't recognize the pittsburgh accent may not know you're a native pennsylvanian and know the territory pretty well. >> i was at penn state for 21 years so i know a lot of pennsylvania, yes. thanks, brian. >> one of the very best in the business and lifelong pittsburgh steeler fan, dr. greg forbes with our look at upper level winds and surface winds, a you will of it germane to this, of course, today, because we have been chasing along with elements of the new jersey air national guard, norad, the faa, the federal government, we have tom costello with us covering
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aviation. we have jim miklaszewski at the pentagon on stand-by. both gentlemen and this appears to be new video. you just see the sizeways drift. it looks like a dolphin. this is bloomsburg, pennsylvania. that kind of mid ships from the right of your picture to the left. what an incredible sight. we learned that some very sharp eyes and perhaps bored to tears student at the local school was the first to spot this looking out the window. we suspect and this is sure being borne out on social media where this has taken over twitter. we suspect a whole lot of different views will come in of this. both still and moving images. but what an incredible thing. there's no way to know what you're looking at given the
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profile of this. in the sky. had you not heard that they were tracking this up the east coast. again, when we first came on the air to say we had this untethered airship, jim miklaszewski, we said at the time it was at 16,000 feet. >> that's right. >> that puts it up there in the altitude with certainly general aviation. and some commercial aviation. so, tom costello reporting the faa rerouting flights around it but then something, jim, took this thing down to a lower altitude where the tether wire has now caused havoc with power grids on the ground. >> that's right. military officials that we're talking to say pay particularly close -- video you have up now, pay particularly close attention to the rear tail fin of the aerostat. they say that the aerostat about
12:30 pm
50% or so deflated from what it was when it broke loose from its tether and almost see it droop. they say that it's the rear portion of the aerostat which appears to be at least lost some of its helium. doesn't appear in this photo anyway it's descending but as you called it just slowly drifting not forward but sideways. and they insist again at norad that the u.s. military had nothing to do with deflating this balloon so it appears that something caused it to lose some of its helium, particularly in the rear portion of the aircraft. as this video or photo also appears to demonstrate there. >> you see the fall colors and the hillsides of suburban pennsylvania. unbelievable story. just turned 3:30 here in the east. half past noon on the west coast. let's bring you up to date with
12:31 pm
the highly unusual an highly unlikely story we are covering f. you just saw that graphic, if you have ever seen the macy's thanksgiving day pa rid and a blow-up balloon character loses an arm slowly over the course of the parade, this seems to be what is happening. this is an airship. it's called an aerostat for the purposes of conversation we have been calling it a blimp. it is manufactured by raytheon. until this morning, it called its home the aberdeen proving grounds in maryland where it was tethered to a stationary pole. we think about 6,000 feet up, they can go about as high as 10,000 feet. something caused it to come loose. it is unmanned. not prospelled by any on-board means. and as you can see there, it is drifting. it's been drifting as high as 16,000 feet.
12:32 pm
going with prevailing winds up the east coast. very stormy winds. a lot of precip here on the east coast today and just kind of grabbing across the sky looking like one of the balloons a child can buy at sea world. in real life, it is an enormous piece of electronics. it contains several on-board radar pods that are designed and marketed by raytheon to keep the skies safe over whatever given city. versions of this, predecessors of this product, not this exact product, used in the nation's dual wars to watch the air space and perhaps keep eyes on people on the ground in places like baghdad and kabul. this, however, is said to be an airborne radar platform that working at 10,000 feet, tethered to the earth can take in the skies in an area as large as the state of texas.
12:33 pm
problem is it is not used to being in the air space over maryland. pennsylvania. new jersey. it's taken quite a voyage today. the big problem is its tether line took out power lines on the ground and we have an estimated 24,000 homes in pennsylvania without power because of the line, the cable, dragging behind this airship. and absolutely unbelievable story we're following at 3:33 p.m. and kate snow is here because we're also covering a lot of other news today. kate, you try to explain -- >> i know, brian. this is happening on such a busy news day. we'll continue to come back to you as soon as we have any new information about that military balloon. but we also have following paul ryan on capitol hill. he's just been nominated for speaker of the house. we're also following politics.
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well, all afternoon we have been tracking this rather bizarre story about a military balloon that's gotten loose. it's floating over the air of central pennsylvania. we're continuing to track that story very closely. but as we await more information there, we're going to get to some of the other day's news now. heading into tonight's republican debate, top ten candidates set to take the stage in boulder, colorado, and the first picture of candidates doing the walk-throughs. there's mario rubio on stage. chris kchristie up there. ben carson leapfrogging donald
12:38 pm
trump in some polls in iowa and national now. a day before the big debate. carson told "the hill" newspaper i'm going to relax today and go through the piles of mail i haven't been able to get through and probably get a hair cut. donald trump said he looks forward to what he called a very unfair debate and jeb bush says he's prepared to go after trump on the issues. >> there could be opportunities to do it if he talks about protectionism, if he talks about a pessimistic world view which jo share. i believe conservatives and liberals win with a reagan-esque message. i'm take it to him, for sure. >> the focus of attacks hillary clinton. she has four ads on the economy to air during the debate. kasie hunt is outside the event in boulder, colorado. jeb bush i think might be the only one said he's actually
12:39 pm
preparing and studying for tonight. everybody else kind of relaxing? >> reporter: it seems that way, kate. i mean, jeb bush has a lot of work to do tonight and needs to send a message to supporters and donors he is well prepared and then execute. that's what i'm hearing from the sources throughout the day and many in houston over the weekend for that gathering of the bush family which originally that event billed as a pep rally to be excited about the jeb bush campaign and really turned into a crisis management meeting. i'm told by sources that many people emerged from that meeting feeling more calm and confident than frankly some of the people arranging the meeting were expecting them to be and seemed to have responded well to what they heard with plans for both the campaign and the superpac prepared to spend over $100 million to try to get jeb bush elected president. that said, all of the people said this is a key moment for him. they acknowledge that he really needs to get up there on the
12:40 pm
stage and perform and i think you heard that from jeb bush himself just there saying that he is going to take it to jmp for sure. >> kasie hunt on the ground in boulder, colorado, and the main event tonight, four republican candidates square off at 6:00 p.m. and what's called the undercard matchup. so far, only rick perry and scott walker have ended their campaigns and 15 candidates remain in the gop prompting people to wonder why aren't the gop's presidential stragglers dropping out of the race? i'm joined by steve kornacki on that. a big crowd tonight. >> a big crowd. gotten a little smaller as you say from when we began and still the largest presidential field in modern times and looking at the average of all the polls out there it certainly does raise the question why are some of these guys sticking around? looking at it this way, first of all, these four candidates will not be on the main stage tonight. they have not been on the main stage in the so-called kids'
12:41 pm
table debate. in fact, drawing a line right here, an you went with the bottom eight candidates on the republican side and added up the support, it would hit 15%. that's just it. 8 candidates accounting for 15%. the question is, why are so many of them sticking around? the reason is there's a sense among republicans and there's a sense in the political world that the rules are changing. and what i mean by that is we can go back to the last presidential election and we can show you. we can if i press the right button. this is in the same time right now. october of 2011. if you looked at a national poll of the republican race back then, two things jump out at you. who's in first place? it was -- i'm going to really figure this out one of these days. see if we can get back to it. okay. herrmann cain in first place with 30% and lasted 3 weeks in first place and then fell apart.
12:42 pm
somebody may be the front-runner right now. it can crumble apart fast with scrutiny. the second thing is this rick santorum at this point four years ago, dead last. 1%. had been stuck at 1% all year. stayed at 1% practically until christmas. and then suddenly in the last week before the iowa caucuses he surged and, he won iowa and then he won 11 other states in the primaries and made rick santorum more successful than the polls in 2011 said he would be and all those candidates stuck down at 1%, 2% right now look at rick santorum saying that could be me if i could just break through. and that takes you to john kasich and he's one of the guys who's stuck down there at 1% right now. listening to how he talks heading into the debate, this is a guy that thinks he's one big dramatic debate performance away from advancing. this is what he was saying yesterday. >> what has happened to our
12:43 pm
party? what's happened to the conservative movement? why don't we grow up? why don't we get a reality check on what the heck needs to be done in this country? i'm fed up. i am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense and i'm going to have to call it like it is. >> so we see the rules are changing. that's a rule established in 2012. newt gingrich had a great debate performance and climbed 30 points in the polls and won south carolina. kasich thinks he might be combative with the other candidates, stand out, get a lot of attention and maybe zoom up, too. they see volatility now. the other thing is something we haven't seen since 1952. it's the possibility that there are so many candidates in the race, support is so scattered, the republican party is so divided, that maybe, maybe you can go through all of the primaries and caucuses next year and no one gets a majority of the delegates needed to get the nomination. you get to that convention next summer in cleveland and what they call a deadlocked
12:44 pm
convention and then doesn't matter at 8%, 20%, 15%. you will have a role in that convention. if you just stay around. so what's the incentive for these guys to get out right now? tough to find one, kate. >> steve, so interesting you mentioned the debate performance but remember carly fiorina, she had the great debate and didn't seem to be reflected in the polls. >> it did enough to get her to the big kids' table. >> true enough. >> the seat that george pataki would love to have. she needs another great performance tonight to reignite the fires. >> an interesting night. steve, thank you so much. also a busy day on capitol hill. moments ago, the house republican conference officially nominated paul ryan as the next speaker of the house. >> this begins a new day in the house of representatives. john boehner served with humility and distinction and we owe him a debt of gratitude.
12:45 pm
but tomorrow we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looked like it looks the last few years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace wit a vision. >> the approval by 200 fellow republicans sets up a final vote on the house floor tomorrow and falls short of the 218 votes needed in order for ryan's bid tampa bay approved by the full house. joining me now from the center of action on capitol hill, nbc's luke russert. did that go down the way people expected or snot. >> reporter: i thought the 43 vote of the freedom caucus was a little high. we thought more of them would jump over to paul ryan's said today. they said we vote as a block. the nominee is daniel webster and why we moved forward and paul ryan will have more than an enough votes tomorrow on the house floor and wants a robust
12:46 pm
number near 235 to 240 to show he has the support of the freedom caucus. the speaker journey will advance. he should be around noon the speaker designee and said he was excited about the vote that occurs and feels fantastic ahead of tomorrow, kate. >> you have a budget deal playing out on capitol hill, too. tell us where that stands. i'm sure we'll hear about it tonight in the republican debate. >> reporter: you certainly will. that budget thing. it's john boehner's last gift to paul ryan clearing the decks, about 2017. gets the shutdowns off the table and the debt limit off the table. we expect i think the over/under about 90 republican votes and could be more. paul ryan after saying yesterday he didn't like the process of how this budget deal was drafted behind closed doors, john boehner negotiating with the white house and other leaders here and didn't like the process and will end up supporting it
12:47 pm
believing it does give the conference and the country a lot of advantages not having to go from chaotic moment to moment. that will pass later today, especially as nancy pelosi and the democrats support it. but look at that republican number because you will have a lot of what i call the vote no hope yes republicans. the higher that number is, the better it is for paul ryan and then shows there's more of a willingness to work with democrats to get through some of the big ticket items and he will have to have deal with the highway trust fund and due right around thanksgiving and a few other things so he wants to see more willing to work rather than less, kit. >> all right. luke russert on capitol hill. there is a link of where you're standing and this balloon that we're following, the military balloon. >> reporter: no! i had -- i had staffers tell me this is an example of pentagon waste. this thing is never worked. >> that's the link. >> there was a hearing of jason
12:48 pm
chaffetz criticized the pentagon over this very program. ahead, following this breaking news that runaway military balloon causing a llt of consternation. and there's new information on where it might be straight ahead. hat's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition!
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also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. we're going to go back to that breaking news about the military blimp that came untethered earlier today. we've been tracking it all afternoon. brian williams is with us again to bring us the latest. brian, i know this part of pennsylvania. it's near where my parents live. sounds like maybe it's a rural area, and we might have some good news. >> you know millville, pennsylvania, it's in an unpopulated section, according to various reports, that it is down, or at least if not on the ground, then stationary. and that in large part due to two things. it's dragging a mile-long cable
12:52 pm
behind it. it's tethered to the ground on a good day. and second, like bullwinkle losing an antler in the macy's parade, the rear section of this inflatable has slowly deflated. so this is moving video. again, kind of crabbing sideways, not flowing front to back, but moving sideways in the rather robust winds up the east coast today. the combination of deflation and dragging that cable has apparently led to it coming to a halt. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, what can you add? >> according to u.s. military officials, the balloon is not entirely down, but appears to be bouncing along the countryside. >> oh, my. >> don't know to what extent it's bouncing, how high, how
12:53 pm
long between the intervals, but it appears to be very close to being down for good. now, according to officials, they still don't know exactly what caused the balloon to suddenly deflate in that rear section as you were talking about. they insist that norad, the f-16 jets were not involved, although one official said, you know, i'm going to wait until we get our 4:00 brief to confirm that precisely. but there's no indication that the u.s. military was involved in attempting to bring down this two football field long aerostat. >> there's a photo credit in the upper left of the screen. scott yorty took this photograph and we're waiting to establish communications with him. because at this point, you can make out detail on it, it's nearing the end of its journey.
12:54 pm
it's relatively low in the sky, as it was in a couple of the still photos that are populating social media right now. the good news is, it is no longer the threat it once was to aviation and the countryside, when it was moving at 16,000 feet. really bouncing along on some robust upper-level winds today as part of this massive low pressure system. it has precipitously lost altitude and apparently has come to a rest or maybe several of them in pennsylvania. scott yorty who shot this video is with us now. where are you and can you tell us, where is the airship? >> it's actually kept floating by. it was relatively low when it went by, dragging its tether, taking out power lines when it went by. i shot the video right from my porch at my house.
12:55 pm
and currently it's probably 25, 30 miles north of here. still going in the wind. it's half deflated, but the wind's pushing it very good. >> was this a matter of you hearing it was an unfolding story and going outside on the possibility that you could see it? >> actually, no. the wind's pretty bad here in pennsylvania today, and something was blowing around outside on my deck, and i just happened to go out and open the sliding glass door to see what was blowing around on the deck, and looked up, and i could see something, it looked like a weird cloud off in the distance. and as it kept getting closer and closer, that's when i realized it was a blimp that was half deflated and you could see the tether dragging on the ground, and it was actually taking power lines out and stuff as it's going. >> so could you see arcing -- this is just such an amazing story. could you see arcing wires on the ground as it went? >> no, but you could see the
12:56 pm
tether dragging the ground and then it would get hung up and the blimp would stop moving, then all of a sudden the tether would snap again and keep going. but it just kept floating by. but i did hear a loud pop, and they said that a couple of transformers popped in the area. but there's probably close to -- they're saying on facebook that there's nearly 100,000 people without power in the bloomsberg, area. >> we got an estimate of 24,000, but that was several miles back in the track of this thing. i'm looking at this report that it is down in an unpopulated area of millville, p.a. how far are you from there? >> about 12 miles. >> so it would kind of make sense. and it would also make sense what jim is reporting that down is a term of art and it got back
12:57 pm
up and is kind of skipping along, following the terrain. >> that's what it was doing when it went by us. it wasn't very high. you see in the video. it was barely clearing the trees, and the tether that was hooked to it was actually dragging and getting caught in trees and power lines. somebody said that there was a truck on fire. i don't know whether that had anything to do with it or not. but there was quite a -- it was going by for quite a while, so i got a pretty good video of it. >> scott yorty, thank you very much, and thanks for having the presence of mind to grab your device and take these eerie, moving pictures. you couldn't blame anyone for thinking that it was just a kind of dark-moving cloud formation on a stormy day, but upon closer inspection, there it is.
12:58 pm
the front section is kind of aiming to the upper right of the picture. then there's the radar pod, more or less at midship, and then the tail section, and what may be the blessing here, what was first reported by jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, the leak or deflation, we don't know how, in the tail section of this airship, may be the blessing that brought it down, slowed it down. but jim miklaszewski, the problem is this tether. anything strong enough to keep this thing aloft at 10,000 feet, is going to be strong enough to cause a lot of damage on the earth. >> absolutely. and it's described alternatively as a tether, as a line, some as a heavy chain, actually. so you can only imagine that dragging along at the speed at which it was moving. we're also told that the u.s.
12:59 pm
military is dispatching crews board helicopters toward the scene, because once it puts down, you were talking about all the sensitive and highly sophisticated and expensive equipment on board that aerostat, that they'll want to secure the site from any onlookers, looters. i don't know what they'd do with the equipment, but they're very interested in preserving the scene once the helicopter puts down. so it won't be only local and state law enforcement, but there's going to be some military elements descending on that scene as quickly as it's found. >> yeah, i think -- i hope we're just talking about the curious, the good people of eastern pennsylvania are not about to rip it apart. but as we have been saying, this is also -- these are corporate secrets. this is proprietary information. this belongs to raytheon as
1:00 pm
contractor for temporary use by the federal government. for people just joining us, we're coming up on 4:00 p.m. eastern time. this is something aggressive marketed by raytheon, the aerospace contractor, toward people who are decision-makers in the homeland security business as a way to keep your airspace safe. this has a broad reach, radar pod, several of them aloft. you can keep it at 10,000 feet over a population center, and it can detect, or so it is marketed, it can detect incoming, terrain-following cruise missiles and just as quickly send a message to a ground station to destroy them. jim, there was a hearing on capitol hill today where this was talked about, and i imagine raytheon's going to have a lot of questions to answer tomorrow. >> well, at one point several years ago, the army tried to kill the program. they just didn't want to spend the money on it.
1:01 pm
they had other things that they thought the money would be better spent. but as you know how congress and weapon systems works, those contracts are spread out throughout many states in the u.s. by smart contractors, so it's almost impossible to totally kill many of these highly sophisticated, even though the army said it didn't need it, and it wasn't working as well as some people had thought it would work, it's hard to kill those programs up on capitol hill. >> and this is the promotional video we are watching next to jim miklaszewski, this is on raytheon's website. this is public domain, but this is how it is marketed. i've seen this before. there's the cruise missile threat aimed at potentially a u.s. warship. this is to show that jailens, the acronym it's known by, will potentially intercept the threat
1:02 pm
of incoming ordinates, transmit that threat to the warship to droi the target. this is part of the multi billion dollar, as general eisenhower named it, military industrial complex, that's only gotten more complex, after the attack on the united states of september 11th, and the dual wars this nation has been fighting, the war against terrorism that goes on. we are here 4:02 eastern time in the middle of kate snow's broadcast, covering the most unlikely story imaginable on a stormy wednesday afternoon on the east coast. and kate, i know you've been looking at some of the critical journalism that has been launched, looking at this project, looking to see if this project lives up to the billing. is this really the panacea, park one of these at 10,000 feet over the nation's capital, to protect
1:03 pm
and defend the airspace? >> brian, i have to apologize, somebody was talking to me right as you were asking. you're asking about the reporting out of the los angeles times? >> yes. >> back in september, a los angeles times reporter david willman wrote about this pentagon system, that we've been talking about all afternoon. the pentagon has apparently spent nearly $3 billion developing this system of blimps that we've been talking about. the idea as you've said all afternoon was to provide early warning if the country were ever attacked. these blimps were set to be able to detect drones or other unmanned vehicles, low-flying weapons. it's called jlens. and i referenced this when i was talking to luke, capitol hill had a hearing about this. remember when there was a gentleman who flew a helicopter into the white house, into restricted airspace back in
1:04 pm
april? well, when that happened, there were questions about why that person was never detected, how he was able to get through and fly a small helicopter-like vehicle into restricted airspace. so they had these hearings on capital hill, at which representative jason chaffetz of utah demanded to know how this could happen and questioned the north american airspace command about why this balloon wouldn't have detected this. the newspaper called j lens a stark example of what defense specialists call a zombie program, costly, ineffectual and seemingly impossible to kill. so brian, the insinuation here, and i think critics would say this, is that this has been a very costly program that maybe hasn't produced the kind of results that it was meant to produce. i'm sure there would be pushback from the pentagon if we were to call them and ask whether they think it's been successful.
1:05 pm
but again, the criticism there was that even though we had this sophisticated program that we've been describing all day, it wasn't able to detect something as simple as a guy flying a gyre row copter 100 feet in the air over the white house. >> that's right. and this goes back to the, how much of a price are we willing to pay, to live in a safe nation, and who gets to define "safe," and how are we ever to know the technology on board this thing? we have to take the word of contractors and the pentagon, and members of congress. we've seen the price we pay at airports. we've seen the price we pay with data collection. is it just too much to have this kind of generically above our major population centers at 10,000 feet? and we've witnessed today what can happen when the tether becomes detached from earth, and this becomes a large, very
1:06 pm
expensive, floating piece of technology. kate, one moment here, you mentioned penn state. john niece is with us by telephone. he's a meteorologist at the well known school there at penn state that has trained many meteorologists. john niece, not the new york mets pitcher from last night, but of the weather business. what can you add as far as conditions in your state today where this has apparently either come to a rest, or come to a rest several times. >> yeah, hi brian, thanks. it's been raining most of the day along the track this balloon would have taken from aberdeen to millville. that's about 115 miles as the crow flies. and the winds, once this thing got up a couple hundred feet above the grounds, the winds were ripping out of the south and southeast in the lowest mile of the atmosphere. there are some levels at which the wind is blowing 60 miles an hour. right out of the south. so it's no surprise that this
1:07 pm
thing got as far north as it did. but it was in rain most of the time, which would have inhinted its ability to stay aloft. >> i was wondering about that. we're not in the airship business, but there's a lot of surface area for something at leaf the length of a football field. and precipitation weighs a lot. and i'm guessing that this thing has reduced characteristics in heavy rain. >> i would certainly think so. i mean, the fact that we had some visual proof. folks were able to see it. i saw one report earlier, it was viewed in lancaster county, which is down along the maryland border and clearly it had come low enough, once it got up to bloomsberg. the clouds have been 1 or 2,000 feet. so this thing, it may have been
1:08 pm
flying higher than that for a while. but it also spent part of its time at a fairly low altitude. >> all right, well, thank you very much for the weather angle of this. we go back to the military angle. i've been wanting to say all day there's no way there isn't a gps transponder on this. somebody knows exactly where it is. and jim has more information on that front? >> just moments ago, an official from norad in colorado was briefing pentagon reporters here, via a phone conference. at the very beginning of his brief, he stopped to say, we just got word that the aerostat is, in fact, down. it's down in montour county in pennsylvania, which is right next to columbia county where it apparently skipped across the countryside, and the tail that it was dragging, took out a lot of power lines and darkened the homes of tens of thousands of people. now, according to the officials,
1:09 pm
again, there's no indication that this was brought down by those f-16s, which were following it. but at one point, we saw that it was tilted sort of upward with its tail section down. we're told by norad officials that that tail section at one point actually broke off and fell to the ground. nobody was injured and that local official secured that section of the aerostat that was lying on the ground. the rest of the aerostat, the blimp, continued on into montour county where that too has now settle down to the ground. again, don't know the reason it suddenly deflated from the tail section, as we talked about before, and why that tail section broke off. but so far, there are no reports of any injuries on the ground from this aerostat hitting the ground in two separate pieces. >> when we get a graphic up,
1:10 pm
jim, that's technically the eastern third, but kind of mid state, and up there near the a in pennsylvania. looking at this graphic. and this thing has covered an incredible ground today. again, there's no way this much technology doesn't have a gps transponder on it. so somebody at raytheon has its exact course mapped out. maybe someday that will be public domain and we can see the amazing adventure this thing has taken today. but if i'm not mistaken, montour county is up near the i, or the a, at the end of pennsylvania. and what a trek. jim, if you're right about the disintegration of the tail section, not just the deflation, along with dragging this cable behind it, this is just worst case scenario for a defense
1:11 pm
contractor, trying to sell the homeland security industry on this piece of technology? >> it's one thing for one of these things, testing any kind of weapons system, or aerial system when it goes down in the deserts of arizona, or out there in the middle east in some of these war zones, but when it affects hundreds of thousands of people on the ground in the northeastern part of the united states, where there was really a serious potential of serious damage, and an indication there's already been some serious damage. but so far no reports of any injuries, casualties, which is the bright side of it. but that will be little solace to those who are going to have to explain what happened here. >> yeah, we are really hoping -- think of what can happen when the power goes out. you lose traffic signals. there's the danger to hospitals. so human life is really endangered and wrapped up in
1:12 pm
that. that's why the rush to perhaps make this a punchline starting tonight and into tomorrow, i hope those efforts are tempered. this could end up being very serious business if we have the rumored vehicular fire, if you have any structural fires because of the interruption of electric service. again, health, home, hospitals, all of that, on what is already a bad weather day, throughout the northeast region and across the state of pennsylvania. we've been making light of this a little bit just because of the remarkable nature of the story, and the things you end up covering in the breaking news business, but this is a real drama that's been unfolding. it has involved fighter jets being scrambled. it has involved the weather business, the defense business. it has involved police on the ground. kate snow, i happily hand it
1:13 pm
over to you and let's hope those reports out of the pentagon are correct, it's down, and for now, we can just worry about getting the power restored to people on the ground. >> right, that was be a great relief. brian, thanks so much. and we'll continue to track what's happening with that military balloon. but at this hour, we've got a lot of other news to tell you about. we've got a debate coming up tonight. all the republicans on hand there, we'll get back to that in just a moment after a quick break. of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime.
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1:16 pm
as we continue to track that story about the military balloon, we'll bring you up to date on that, but right now we're going to talk politics. this hour, ten republican
1:17 pm
candidates getting ready to square off under the lights, conducting predebate walk throughs, marco rubio, chris christie making last-minute preparations. tonight's gop debate marks the first debate in which ben carson enters as the national front-runner. he talked to reporters just a few moments ago. >> how do you built on momentum? what do you have to do tonight? >> be truthful. and talk about the things that are so important for this country. >> you have a reputation for being so cool, calm, and collected, any nerves at all? >> not yet. >> meaning maybe soon? >> maybe if a tiger comes out on the stage, maybe. >> carson also discussed his strategy going into the big showdown. >> how do you plan to respond to donald trump's attacks today? >> the same way i would respond to anybody's attack, and that's to say, maybe we would be wise to devote our time to actually
1:18 pm
answering questions about the issues and not attacking each other. >> joining me now from the debate site in boulder, colorado, nbc's katy tur, and washington post national political reporter robert costas. robert, you were there when reporters were talking to carson. what's his mood overall? he seems to be saying he's not in attack mode? >> his advisers call him zen ben. i walked with carson as he left the debate site, and he was as calm as ever. he believes trump will come at him tonight, but he also believes the way carson sees it, he is the front-runner. he's more comfortable in that position, and he believes he can continue to introduce himself to conservatives. >> katy, donald trump has not been very pleased with the polls lately. i want to run a little bit of sound for those who missed it from last night. he was in iowa and sort of chiding the crowd about his falling poll numbers there. >> iowa, will you get your numbers up, please?
1:19 pm
what the hell are you people doing to me? please do me a favor, let me win iowa. now, if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again, that i can tell you. >> so he's joking, but as he walks into that debate hall in colorado now, what do you expect, katy? >> i think he's the exact opposite of ben carson right now. ben carson's in a zen mood. he's going to come on the stage and be calm. i think donald trump is anything but calm right now. i think these poll numbers have really gotten to him. and really sent him into a bit of a tizzy. so he might be getting to stage on the defensive and angry when he should be getting on the stage if its campaign had its way, calm and collected and ready to come in and show that he's the person who can lead this country in the right direction. especially on the economy and job creation. that's where he says that he really stands out. and this is where he says he has a really opportunity to shine, especially against ben carson, who is not an expert in any way on what -- on business, on the economy.
1:20 pm
>> that's what we're hearing, kate. we talked to cory lewan do you ski, trump's campaign manager, he said trump has to talk about the economy. he's a billionaire, he's made his career in business. our sense is they want to have that be the focus. but trump's on twitter right now, tweeting about the polls. >> he's very hard to wrangle. i think last night you saw a more subdued version of him. he admitted he was number two in the polls. he was pleading with the crowd to bring him back up, but that trump doesn't seem to last for very long. might have moments of it, but then he goes back to the more angry trump hitting his opponents, sometimes getting nasty, who's angry the at the press for not covering the polls that he thinks should be covered. depends on which trump you're going to get tonight. you might get both. i guess we'll see. >> right. and it's not just a two-man debate obviously. there's a woman up on stage too. we got a lot of other candidates up there. robert, what do you expect from the others?
1:21 pm
>> so the trump-carson dynamic is the dominant dynamic. but it's a big night for governor bush, he needs to prove to his donors he can still be a contender for the nomination, that he has the energy, that he has the commitment to a long race. look for bush not to make so much a criticism of trump and carson, but a revival of his own plank, to say i'm still here. and john kasich, he wants to make a point that the party is moving too far to the right with carson and trump, he wants to pull it back to the center. >> kasich has really got to get out there and make a name for himself tonight, stand out among the crowd. and jeb also has to remember this is a performance as much as anything else. he kind of ram bells at time. >> did they figure out the green room thing, who was going to sit where? >> apparently they have. there's just not that many identical rooms here to give
1:22 pm
everyone. but i know carly fiorina has a jacuzzi, that was the cause of some stirring within the other campaigns, some jealousy there. >> we're at the university of colorado, so some campaigns were unhappy that there were toilet seats prominently in some of these rooms. >> hard to keep 15 people happy anywhere, right? >> indeed. >> so katy tur, robert costa, looking forward to tonight. thanks so much. while donald trump and ben carson may get the lion's share of attention, many other candidates will be hoping for a break-out moment. steve? >> well, you mentioned a little bit there about kasich, about bush. these non-trump, non-carson candidates. thought we'd go through some of them and look at what's at stake for them. what they need to do tonight if they're going to be successful. we can start with jeb bush. if you reduce it to a simple phrase, it's this.
1:23 pm
jeb bush has to show life. jeb bush has been called low energy by donald trump for the last few months. it's one of the most devastating putdowns in a presidential race that i can remember, because it's resonated with so many people. he has to get on the stage and show energy. what he has to do is the complete opposite of what he did last saturday. you've probably seen this clip, but it's worth playing again. this was jeb bush probably at his lowest moment in the campaign so far, bemoaning what had happened so far. this was him last saturday. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done, then i don't want any part of it. i don't want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock become so dominant that people are in decline in their lives. that's not my motivation. i got a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me, and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke.
1:24 pm
elect trump if you want that. >> he cannot be talking about the other cool things he could be doing with his life. he has to tell voters why they need him to be their candidate. others to watch, marco rubio. his challenge tonight, meet the potential. here's the interesting thing about marco rubio. if you ask people who look at this thing as a horse race, who they're betting on, who is likely to win the race. marco rubio is the betting choice in the race right now. most analysts, or the most analysts say rubio is the most likely nominee. that's not translated into the polls so far. there's a lot of potential there that has not been realized. one significant thing that means for rubio is, there are a lot of well heeled donors, sitting on the sidelines, who have been waiting for the moment to believe in him. so for rubio tonight, look
1:25 pm
presidential and plausible as the republican nominee, stand out on that stage of ten people in a way that will make the movers and shakers in the party say, yeah, he's finally living up to what he can be. another one to watch, john kasich, the governor of ohio, stuck at 1%. we say he's got to say it to their faces. yesterday, previewing his approach to the debate in a speech, he went after just about every one of his rivals. didn't do it by name, but it was unmistakable who he was talking about. let's play a clip of that. >> do you know how crazy this election is? let me tell you something, i've about had it with these people. and let me tell you why. we got one candidate that says that we ought to abolish medicaid and medicare. you ever heard of anything so crazy as that? we got one candidate that claimed, one candidate that actually said that the reason why we signed an agreement with
1:26 pm
ford to bring jobs back from mexico is because he's been yelling for the last week. i'm fed up. i'm sick and tired of listening to this nonsense, and i'm going to have to call it like it is. >> if john kasich shows up tonight and does not, in his words, call it like it is, he risks looking very weak. he's raised the bar dramatically for his performance. two others we can get through, one is rand paul. his challenge, justify his candidacy. he has to run for re-election to the senate next year. a lot of republicans now getting nervous if he can win that race. he's got to say, this is why i need to be in the presidential race right now. that's his challenge. and chris christie, we have been saying this all year, chris christie, he needs the youtube moment. he built his rise in politics on that spontaneous moment that goes viral, gets the heads nodding, his campaign thinks it will turn it around for him. late october, hasn't had it yet. he really needs it tonight, kate? >> can't wait to watch. don't miss tonight's republican
1:27 pm
presidential debate in boulder, colorado. special coverage starts 5:00 eastern, just a half hour from now to cnbc. >> coming up, the republican conference gives its official blessing to paul ryan for speaker, setting him up for a final vote tomorrow. we're live on capitol hill. still ahead, pot politics. the republican candidates are about to take the stage, as we said, in colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal. but they are staking out sharply different positions on the issue. nbc's harry smith will break it all down for us just ahead. ♪
1:28 pm
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1:30 pm
you're looking at a live picture now of the house floor, where any moment now the republican-controlled chamber is expected to take up a budget deal that keeps the government funded for two years and raises the debt ceiling. nancy pelosi on the floor right now. the vote comes just hours after the house republican conference officially nominated paul ryan as the next speaker of the house. >> this begins a new day in the
1:31 pm
house of representatives. john boehner served with humility and distinction, and we owe him a debt of gratitude. but tomorrow, we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looked like it looked the last two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision, and we're going to replace it with a vision. >> the approval of a majority of republicans sets up a final vote on the house floor tomorrow, but today, ryan fell short of the 218 votes needed to be approved by the full house. joining me now is nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. walk us through this. he fell short, but it was enough to get to the nomination. what happens tomorrow? >> well, this is really a two-step process, kate. so today although falling short, not entirely a surprise, because this was an inside-the-house
1:32 pm
republican vote, and there was that other candidate who was more favored by the most conservative members, daniel webster of florida. he was still offering himself up as an alternative, so he got some votes. so that was expected. whereas tomorrow when democrats and republicans vote for speaker, it's expected some of those will throw their support to ryan. it's a way of having the cake and eating it too. the conservatives who had their own choice, at the same time, not getting in the way or blocking a soon to be speaker ryan tomorrow. so that's why that played out in that way. the house speaker is the only job in leadership where both parties actually vote, but don't be mistaken, democrats will vote for a democrat, probably nancy pelosi as they normally do, in a much more ceremonial day, but this is ryan taking control, seeing him in front of the flags with the other members of the leadership team is a new image
1:33 pm
we'll see day in, day out on capitol hill, as he tries to turn the page, as he said. it will be a real challenge for him to do that, but it will become the ryan speakership we expect, and we'll see if he can keep the conservatives in line where john boehner was not able to. >> and not a slow start. he's got a deal with the budget deal right away. tell me about that vote. >> well the bipartisan budget act, which is on the floor for the house today, is that deal that was struck between the outgoing boehner leadership and the white house which does a few things that are important, removes the threat of government shutdown, or crisis over the debt ceiling increase and it funds parts of the budget that members in both parties wanted to see get more money, including defense and protecting seniors' premiums, avoiding a big increase for them. so this is $80 billion of additional spending. so conservatives are not happy
1:34 pm
about that. but this is one of those classic washington deals where there's something for each party to say they like in the deal. but expect this to be carried by democrats, with many republicans saying that spending more money is just something they don't want to see happen without more offset spending cuts. so it's important because it will bring some certainty to washington, but it won't be easy, as most things aren't around here. kate? >> and virtually guaranteed that we'll hear about it tonight in the gop debate out in colorado. nbc's kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. coming up, with just hours before that debate, members of more than two dozen top latino conservative groups are issuing a stern warning to donald trump. will the republican party heed that warning? plus, where do the republican candidates stand on marijuana legalization? the debate tonight is in colorado. harry smith joins us to talk pot politics, up next. when my doctor told me i have
1:35 pm
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1:38 pm
>> republican candidates are making last-minute preparations for tonight's presidential debate. i want to bring in someone who has been a republican on that debate stage before, former minnesota governor and 2012 presidential candidate tim pawlenty joins us now. >> good to be with you. >> you've been there, in the last-minute preparations leading up to a debate. what are they likely doing right now? who has the most to gain? who has the most to lose? >> well, i think in the hours before the debate, they're having probably a meal and relaxing in whatever way they can, and doing some last-minute preparation. in our case, we went bowling. but i didn't do well, so i don't recommend that. in terms of what people have to win or lose, there's a group tonight, ben carson is going to have to not stumble to maintain credibility as a front-runner. donald trump is going to have to show he has some continuation to grow his share of the market. and some others are at risk.
1:39 pm
the lower candidates, they need to not vomit on themselves. because they're not in it to win, but to continue their campaign, including trying to convey a message. >> and the focus of tonight's debate, it's a cnbc debate. there's likely to be a lot of focus on the economy. how to republicans tackle economic issues and criticize president obama when unemployment is down right now? >> well, unemployment is down from a high of over 10%, to something closer to 5%, but underneath that, workforce participation rates are still at concerning levels. the quality of the jobs and the pay of the jobs are not where people would like it to see, as people struggle with the lack of income growth, particularly for modest and lower income households. so there's still a lot of worry and concern about this anemic growth in the economy. >> any predictions tonight?
1:40 pm
>> keep an eye on marco rubio. he's very polished and disciplined. and if you believe trump and carson are not going be too the nominee, and their support migrates, that looks and sounds a lot like rubio. >> tim pawlenty, always good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> welcome. the republican party's relationship with hispanic voters got a little rockier. a coalition of latino conservative activists warned the presidential republican field to ditch donald trump's rhetoric on immigration or lose the election. let me bring in former u.s. treasurer under president george w. bush. nice to see you. what's the point that your group is trying to make? what are you trying to tell the party? >> yes, thank you, kate. it's a pleasure to be here. the most important thing for us is to make sure that every candidate knows that they cannot
1:41 pm
take the hispanic community for granted, that they need to ask for our vote, and they're not going to get it if they're going to insult us, be demeaning to us. so there was unanimous consensus that the gentleman that is running, the wannabe politician, i don't say his name -- >> you're talking about donald trump, but you don't say his name. >> i don't say his name. i won't dirty my mouth saying his name. but he's out of our picture as far as we're concerned. but the warning is to every other candidate. you need to ask for our vote. you need to demand it. you need to work for it. and if you're going to use the rhetoric that that gentleman has used, we are not going to be there with you. especially when it comes to the general election. if you don't think you need the hispanic vote right now in the primary, and that's why you want to go all the way to the right, that's fine, but don't expect us to come in the general and get
1:42 pm
our vote, because you're not going to get it. it's a warning to everybody. >> is there a candidate that you look at, as we go into tonight, who you think you might be able to support? >> oh, yes, there are very good candidates for the hispanic community that have not insulted us, that have plans to deal with immigration and the economic issue as well. the hispanic community over the last 87 years, they've lost $10,000 of income. that's very significant. we want our nominee to be one that is dealing with chronic issues, has a plan to deal with immigration, and certainly that doesn't offend us. >> and let me ask you about the front-runner right now, ben carson, what's your take on him, and what are you looking to hear from him tonight? >> well, he is a very nice gentleman, i will have nothing bad to say about him. i just don't know from a personal perspective that he would be a good commander in
1:43 pm
chief. i think he's an outstanding doctor, and i wish him well, but i don't think he's the answer. although, his answers on immigration are some that are far more palatable. but i don't know that he has earned my vote yet. >> rosario marin, former u.s. treasurer, with the coalition of latino conservative activists, speaking out in boulder. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, kate. there's one topic that coloradoans will be paying close attention to tonight. marijuana legalization. colorado is one of four states that now has legalized recreational marijuana. the republican candidates hold a wide range of positions on that issue. some have said they'll enforce federal drug laws, others have said they support states' rights to regulate legal marijuana. harry smith has traveled to colorado many times and covered the booming marijuana industry there extensively. take a look. >> it's boom time in the capital
1:44 pm
of cannibis. >> we did about $4.5 million last year. >> how about this year? >> about $9 million. >> and then next year, 18. >> medicine man opened as a medical marijuana dispensary on the outskirts of denver. >> location, location, location, and we screwed that up. >> and yet everybody's here. >> that bad location and some good timing came together in a happy accident. >> i would suggest blue dream. it's a really good 60/40 split hybrid. >> we're the closest dispensary, so people land and come here first and go up to the mountains and have a good time. >> let me bring in nbc news correspondent harry smith. so good to see you. >> and oh, by the way, you can't get warehouse space in the city and county of denver now. >> because it's so popular. >> so sold out with marijuana growers.
1:45 pm
>> it's an unbelievable business. our offices are across the call from each other. >> i come back with stories. >> all the time. politically speaking, what do you expect to hear at this debate tonight? because this is tricky politics. >> yeah, i don't think it's tricky for the colorado -- it's in colorado, so it becomes this obvious sort of quote/unquote elephant in the room that they'll say, what about this, they do it here. ohio has a vote next week already. next week. it's kind of complicated the way it's worded in terms of, there's a medical one, there's a recreational one. >> in ohio? >> yes. this comes up for a vote. it's too close to call right now. 58% in the last gallup poll, that's the people in america who think marijuana ought to be legal in america. >> 58%? >> 58%. red meat voters are going to say, please be against this, we don't want this in the hands of
1:46 pm
our kids. more progressives, middle of the roaders will even say, or states' rights folks will say, it's not up to the president to say, it's up for the states to decide. >> and we've heard from some of the candidates already. we've heard chris christie say that he's going to enforce federal laws. what does that mean, exactly, when it comes to marijuana? >> it means a lot to the states who have already approved it. almost a dozen states where the legislatures or the state this will be in the referendum for the next year or so. in colorado right now, eric holder told the people in colorado a year and a half ago, we're not going to enforce it as a schedule one drug. so we're not going to be in your face. >> so the federal government not interfeeshing. >> exactly. a new president comes along with a brand new attorney general, and he can say, this is a schedule one drug, we are going to come down hard in your state? >> and what happens to these millions of dollars for this industry that's been created? >> that's a really good
1:47 pm
question. then it becomes, is there a supreme court decision to determine if a state has the right to do this? but there are people in congress right now who are saying marijuana should never have been a schedule one drug in the first place. so a lot of this is a little bit murky. but look for the guys who are -- listen, this is early debate. people need to win in caucus states. they need to win in early primary states. the easiest answer for them to go to is to say, we are flat-out against it. maybe a little tiny window for medical marijuana. otherwise, the safe spot for them to be is just no way. >> harry smith watching it all from a very specific point of view tonight. looking for the marijuana pot politics. ha harry, thanks so much. coming up, prince harry in new york, just wrapped up a meeting with president obama at the white house. we'll have more on harry's brief 24-hour visit just ahead.
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>> we're back now with the latest out of columbia, south carolina, where school resource officer ben fields was fired just hours ago, for his involvement in this disturbing video. we see the officer grabbing a female student, slamming her to the ground, throwing her across the room. today the county sheriff there had this to say about his actions. >> what's caused me to be upset, when i first saw that video and continues to upset me when i see that video is the fact that he picked a student up, and he
1:52 pm
threw the student across the room. that's not a proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement. >> the sheriff also made clear that the officer's actions leading up to the point when he threw the student across the room when he threw the student across the room and it was the throwing the student that led to his firing. charles hadlock is in columbia, south carolina. some of what the sheriff had to say, immediately on social media, you saw the backlash, that he seemed to defend the officer. >> he's not defending the officer. he's saying the responsibility lies with the student for starting this incident. it appears that it was just a frustrating moment for everyone this that classroom with an obstinate student. but it was the lack of training for how to handle the situation, that the sheriff said was broken
1:53 pm
and he had to take action. here's what he had to say about the student's responsibility, as to what started it all. >> we must not lose sight that this whole incident started by this student. she is responsible for initiating that action. we also have to put responsibility on her for disrupting that school, disrupting that class, and causing this incident to start from the very beginning. >> no charges have been filed against the officer, it's up to the fbi and the justice department whether any civil rights violations occurred in that classroom. >> all right, charles, thanks so much. turning now to wall street, where stocks ended the day in positive territory. kate? >> that's right. market closing higher after the fed decided not to hike interest rates yet again. dow jumping 198 pounds. s&p up by 24. nasdaq rising 65 points. that's it in cnbc, first in business worldwide.
1:54 pm
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royalty in the nation's capital today. britain's prince harry just wrapped up a meeting with president obama in the oval office. the prince is in the states promoting the invikt us games for veterans which will be held in orlando next year. keir simmons has been following his visit and joins us now. he's only here for a brief trip, 24 hours. >> yeah, that's right, kate. and i'm going to be careful to just speak a little bit quietly, because we are inside the british embassy and prince harry is speaking as i speak just through the glass doors there. i can see him making the speech.
1:58 pm
and because it's so important because he's here as you mentioned, to promote the invikt us games, which is his kind of olympic games for wounded warriors. that will take place in may in florida next year. he just came from the white house, meeting president obama, where the president talked about prince harry's relationship with the first lady. she was with him at a basketball game just this afternoon, and it was a wheelchair basketball. they sat and watched and clearly enjoyed it. what was really moving, michelle obama stood up and spoke about the prince's commitment to wounded warriors. the prince stood up and said, i've got tears in my eyes. and then talked about how when he was on his tours in afghanistan, he would travel back on a plane with servicemen and women who had been seriously injured, and it was there that he decided that he had to do something. he actually borrowed the idea from here in the states, but decided that he would have a
1:59 pm
games for many, many countries, and they expect next year that 15 countries, 500 injured servicemen and women will take part in these games. kate? >> this is something that is a deeply held belief by the prince. this is something that he believes in, so much. >> right. that's right. i think like so many veterans, he left serving and had to figure out what it was he needed to do. and also, as a member of the royal family, but not gonna be the monarch, he needed to sort of work out what his path in life was. and he's clearly finding that. he clearly feels really so passionately about his comrades in arms, if you like, the people who aren't as lucky as him, not just in the sense that they're not a royal, but also because they've been injured. even if their injuries, post-traumatic stress, but still
2:00 pm
something we really have to take seriously. >> keir simmons, out of the london bureau, making a quick trip across the pond to washington. thanks so much. >> that does it for us. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. ♪ >> if it's wednesday, it's desperation time for some republican 2016 hopefuls. and tonight's key debate could deliver a rocky mountain high, or a runaway boulder that smashes them flat. this is "mtp daily." we're live from boulder, colorado, and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello from boulder, it is one of those days in colorado that reminds you why people that live here never leave here. just an hour away from the


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