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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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another controversial re-tweet by donald trump. this as the billionaire candidate files his ballot papers in new hampshire with a swipe at marco rubio. >> when they check his credit cards and what he did to the republican party in florida, i think you'll probably see that he will be going down rapidly. and canary at the coal mine. republicans are hoping a win for a tea party favorite in kentucky could be a sign of things to come in their crew said to overturn obamacare. >> this is the opportunity for kentucky to be a beacon to the nation. the values that we hold. the principles that we hold. the work ethic that we hold. the high road that we will take. this will change the tenure of what happens in the 2016 race. it truly will. good day, everyone.
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i'm andrea mitchell in washington. democrats are feeling the heat today. a new nbc news poll shows hillary clinton even with ben carson in a potential 2016 match-up. and kentucky is seeing red after the election of tea party republican matt bevin last night after campaigning on a platform of getting rid of obamacare. that could cause thousands of kentuckians their benefits. is this a warning sign for democrats ahead of next year's big contest? i'm joined by congressman james clyburn hosting a forum for the democratic potential candidates friday night moderated by rachel maddow live on msnbc. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> well, let's talk about the presidential candidates because you're coaching them friday night. and here we see dr. ben carson tying hillary clinton in a hypothetical general election match-up. what is going on here? >> well, i think that all of us
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are aware that there's a significant amount of unrest in the country. people feel that they are not being well represented here in the congress. and some of them feel the same way about the white house. these things happen. there's ebb and flow in the political process. all of us are aware of that. the country is a pretty divided country right now. it all depends upon what the issues are as to how people line up. and right now people are very anxious about their futures. there are young people who feel that it's not worth it to get a college education. there are older people who feel that they are not respected in their golden years and there are threats to their comfort as they
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live out those years. there are black people who feel that their lives do not matter and white people who feel that the country or the government is not responding to them. that's just the way things are. and it's incumbent on us in public office to work hard to get people to understand that we do, in fact, have their interests at heart. and we aught to start here in the congress with working together, putting together bipartisan pieces of legislation that the country can rally around. we seem to be doing that today with the transportation bill that will include the xm bank, the amendments that have been put up. some of them don't make a whole lot of sense. but i have noticed that there's a bipartisan group before that decided they are going to stay together and try to keep this
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bill in such a way that everybody or at least a vast majority here in the congress can vote for it. so if they let this be the foundation of our moving forward, i do believe we can begin to bring this country together. but right now everybody is a bit anxious about their futures. >> well, as you eluded to, one of the movements that we saw most recently, friday in atlanta, hillary clinton being introduced by john lewis, your colleague, is speaking to a large african-american group and is interrupted for as many as 12 or 13 minutes by the black lives matter protesters who interrupted her -- she's had this experience on the road before when i've been covering her. and she tries to respond to them, let's take a quick look at what this looked like. >> of the feelings that come forward, and yes, they do. yes, they do. >> black lives matter! >> yes, they do.
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[ cheering ] >> i'm sorry, you know, i appreciate their passion but i'm sorry they didn't listen. because some of what they've been demanding i am offering and willing to fight for as president. >> and perhaps it's a coincidence, perhaps it's not. just a few days later she was meeting privately with trayvon martin's mother and the mothers of others, the parents of others who have been killed often with law enforcement. she's been focusing on this a great deal on the campaign, but she still can't get her voice out because of the gaffe, the suspicion between these activists and professional politicians. >> well, that's true. i had those same experiences myself. as i said, people are very, very anxious. but, you know, my dad who never
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lived to see me get elected to office, he used to tell me all the time, son, the first sign of a good education is good manners. and one of the things i would like to see is for all of us to show a little good manners, be respectful of each other. ask your questions. demand to be heard. but then listen when you're being spoken to. that's the problem that a lot of us have. i have not discussed this event with john lewis, but we have seen each other since. but i know john. john and i first met in october 1960 when we were foremen of what was then snit. and i know there are times when we acted our age. and so our incentive as elected officials and politicians running for office in day, just remember, all of us were young
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at one time. and all of us will be a bit anxious about our futures. and don't get too upset when people don't demonstrate good manners. and so i would hope that mrs. clinton will continue to press her agenda. i believe that she'll break through real soon. >> and on the republican side, speaking of good manners, trump, donald trump re-tweeting a tweet that speaks to jeb bush and says, adios jeb, aka jose. there's a sombrero in there, a swastika. he acknowledges re-tweeting this and says he didn't know there was a swastika, but i don't know how he can explain the aka, adios jeb, aka racial slur. >> that's what i'm talking about. this is not respect of ethnicity or skin color.
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i think that we see a lot of disrespect by a lot of people. i look at some of the facts that come into my office. i would not dream of sending that kind of stuff out. and really, i'm very uncomfortable with anybody running for the presidency of the united states to even be associated with that sort of thing. at least not to re-tweet it. so whoever is doing that, i don't think they are doing the country any big favors. and hopefully they aren't doing themselves any great favors as well. >> should it be disqualifying? >> that sort of thing i think is disqualifying. absolutely it should be. we aught to conduct ourselves as adults in this world. we can have disagreements. my lord, i have them within my own family with my siblings, not
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to mention with my wife. so these are just rumors that come. we be respectful of each other, try to preserve the integrity of the institution we may be representing at any one time. and in this instance, that institution that is the glue that keeps us all together, the united states of america, we aught to respect each other and not have that kind of silliness defining us. >> james clyburn, always a pleasure to see you. thank you, congressman. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i'll be seeing you friday night in south carolina. >> look forward to it. come on down. as we mentioned, i'm coming on down this friday at 8:00 p.m. rachel maddow is hosting a forum in south carolina with the democratic candidates running for president. we'll have special coverage of the event right here on msnbc. and today ben carson is back on his book tour in florida while his top primary opponents are all in new hampshire. so let's get the latest on the candidates from the trail.
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chris jansing in florida, and in new hampshire, kasie hunt and nbc's halle jackson. chris jansing, first to you. ben carson, this tour is really a campaign tour. >> reporter: it is absolutely. we have another standing room only crowd. they have run out of books. people are waiting. his book could come up any second now. and obviously a lot of enthusiasm from these folks who have heard about the polls that show him leading donald trump, that show him running neck and neck with hillary clinton. but now two things come out of those poll numbers, right? the first one is greater scrutiny. more questions about some of the things he hasn't been able to answer satisfactorily, including his positions on health care. so that's one thing. and you heard donald trump going after him on his experience. we asked ben carson about that yesterday, he said, what would you expect donald trump to say? that i would be the best person to be president? of course he's not going to say that. i have a different kind of experience and i tell you, if you ask some of the people who
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are here, ask the people who i was with yesterday when he got 1500 at one bookstore, a thousand at another bookstore. they say look where experience has gotten us in washington, d.c. it's his lack of traditional political experience that is a big part of his draw. and what brings this crowd here today in sarasota, andrea. >> thank you so much, chris jansing. and kasie hunt, jeb bush now has a media coach. we saw a little sign of it perhaps in some of his comments last night. >> reporter: that's right, an a andr andrea. jeb bush is meeting with a coach that has helped his father in the past. clearly they are taking the reboot seriously. and you could see evidence of a changed candidate. i spent last night at an event with him and senator scott brown, his no b.s. barbecue. and bush sounded pretty fed up. take a listen. >> that's how america's always
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been. moving forward, always believing in the dynamic response, always embracing the unforeseen. because we're americans, damn it. the president has to lead. the president can't say it's somebody else's fault. the president can't say you're fired and go to commercial break. the president has to roll up his damn sleeves and get to work. >> by the way, i'm anxious to hear what you're going to do. and by the way, good energy tonight. >> i actually have pretty good energy every night. >> reporter: good energy every night. so i will say, i did ask governor bush afterward about his use of the word damn. we have heard him say that several times. that's part of his emphatic new strategy. he apologizes to his mother, barbara bush, for swearing. he says that she wouldn't approve, andrea. >> kasie hunt. and halle jackson, now we've got marco rubio with a strong debate performance. but now getting scrutiny for
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credit card -- a state republican credit card that he used for some personal finances. this has been reported before, but the tampa bay times has been drilling down on it this week. >> reporter: absolutely, andrea. as marco rubio rises in the polls, obviously he's going to get more scrutiny because of that. and this is an issue that came up during the senate run in 2010 and came up again when he was vetted for a potential vice presidential candidate run in 2012. he's set to release years of previously undisclosed credit card receipts. i asked marco rubio about this in iowa recently and he said, i've answered thee questions and wrote about this in my new book. these are not new discredited attacks, but listen to how he responded to the issue this morning. >> every expense on that card is detailed in the republican party
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accounts that they file every month with their reports that they have to file with the state. it doesn't say who they belong to, but every expense is on there and we will release those soon. there wasn't a credit card, it was an american express charge card secured under my personal credit in con junction with the party. i would go through the bills that were mailed to me at home. every month i would go through it. if there was a personal experience, i paid it. if it was a party expense, the party paid it. >> reporter: we may hear more about this from marco rubio at the event that begins in a couple minutes here. the local chamber of commerce moderating a panel. we expect to hear rubio focused on the company and entrepreneurship in the new state where our new wbr poll shows he quintupled his numbers going from low digits to double digits just today. >> halle jackson and kasie hunt and chris jansing. thank you to our power panel today. and there were other, several other big decisions made at the ballot box made in ohio yesterday. a measure to give a small group of investors the power to grow marijuana for medical and re
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recreational use was voted down. and a win for airbnb. the website spent $8 million on a campaign to defeat an niche five to limit the number of days residents could rent out rooms in their homes or apartments. and in houston, texas, voters repealed the city's equal rights ordinance that had support from the white house and the city's first gay mayor. opponents fought it on the grounds of transgender access to single sex public restrooms. coming up, money talks. marco rubio facing questions about his personal finances as he pushes ahead in the polls. we'll talk to his latest supporter, a senator. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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this election is a
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generational choice about what kind of country we'll be. the final verdict on our generation will be written by american who is have not yet been born. let us record that we made the right choice. >> marco rubio, a new ad selling generational change to republican primary voters. and now two of his youngest colleagues are the first senators to endorse rubio's candidacy. senator, good to meet you. >> good to meet you. >> let's talk about marco rubio. why not ted cruz or one of your other colleagues? >> well, i think marco rubio is a next generation conservative. he'll be able to, not only inspire, but you night our country. and americans are looking for that leadership. and nobody understands the challenges of the working class, of working families better than marco rubio. look at his personal story. his daddy was a bartender. his mom was a hotel housekeeper.
9:20 am
and worked a third shift at kmart stocking shelves. he's the son of cuban immigrants and he understands how to help families going forward into the next century. >> again, though, why not ted cruz who has a little more experience? >> well, first of all, i think we have a lot of great candidates on the stage. look at the debates, there's a lot of substance, there's a lot of great leaders on that stage. but i think marco uniquely presents the ability to unite and inspire our country. and he really is about the future. and that's why you see so many -- cory gardner and myself, the younger senators, we have dropped the age of the senate, we are looking for the leadership of the future and marco rubio uniquely can do this for this country. >> one argument, though, is he's not been in the senate for much. that he says he hates the senate and is quitting the senate. since announcing his candidacy
9:21 am
has missed 42% of the votes. does that trouble you at all? obviously, you want to be in the president? because you were just elected there. >> let's look at president obama, joe biden, hillary clinton, john kerry, they were all senators who also ran for president. they missed hundreds of votes. so i think there's a double standard here. marco's running for president of the united states. and i'm grateful he's out there investing his time and talent then to be the next president of this united states. >> i will have to check those numbers because i don't think any of the people you cited, biden and hillary clinton and obama missed as many votes as marco rubio. and we're not as outspoken about disliking the senate as much as he has. >> there's two standards here. marco rubio is a great leader. i've served alongside him in the united states senate. we are working on policies here to help working families.
9:22 am
so i work with marco in the united states senate, as does cory gardner. and you can see senators working closely with marco are standing with him in endorsing him to be president of the united states. >> a lot of people tell me that the hillary clinton folks are more concerned about marco rubio as a generational contrast, perhaps, or as the sharpest contrast to her in a match-up should she win the nomination. even though right now ben carson is the one who is doing best of all the republicans against hillary clinton in our new poll. he's tied her. what do you think about endorsing ben carson? >> i have great respect for dr. carson. i think he's another great leader, but ultimately i had to look at who do i think will be the leader to represent the next generation the best. who can bring the next generation of conservative values as well as the ability to inspire and unite our nation. that's why i think it's marco rubio. if i were hillary clinton, i'd be afraid as well. there's such a contrast.
9:23 am
you start looking at policies, two very different visions for america. but second, the contrast of what they are, how they grew up. and where marco rubio was the son of cuban immigrants who really is a product of the american dream. and i think the american people want to see a optimistic, positive view of the world in terms of where we're going to head here as a nation. and marco rubio unique lie brings that. interestly enough about marco, the more people hear him, the more they like him. that's why they are going up in the polls right now with marco rubio's numbers. because he's had a chance to cut through the multiple candidates on that stage. when people hear marco rubio, they detect personal genuineness, his sincerity, his command of the issues and his passion for american exceptionalism in this country as well as understanding the plight of working families in this country. >> and finally, senator, do you think he needs to answer the questions about the credit card, the republican party credit card that he apparently acknowledges there was some confusion with
9:24 am
his personal charges? >> well, this is the example of the attacks against marco now that he's rising in the polls. that was litigated in the 2010 election. he answered it in his book and has been very forthcoming. he'll release more of the records to ensure that the american people can see what's happened there. but he paid for his personal experiences. mar marco's already addressed that. the attacks are coming. why? because hard coamarco rubio is in the polls and will likely be the next president of the united states. >> of course, donald trump started that attack. thank you. >> thank you, andrea. coming up, new information about the death of an illinois police officer. you're watching msnbc.
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took his own life in a carefully staged suicide. the veteran police officer was found shot to death with his own weapon two monthsing a after he radioed he was chasing three suspicious men on foot. the incident sparked a statewide search that involved more than 400 police officers. but investigators found overwhelming evidence showing that glinowitz was involved in years of criminal activity before staging his own death. >> the investigation found glinowitz was stealing and laundering money. this had been occurring over the past seven years. glinowitz was also to have found forged official documents. thousands of dollars were used by glinowitz for travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult websites, facilitating personal loans and unaccounted cash withdrawals. >> nbc's john yang is in round
9:29 am
lake beach, illinois. john, this is pretty shocking. >> reporter: it is incredibly shocking. not only was this whole story fabricated by this officer, the whole crime scene was fabricated by the officer. he left a trail of his equipment to make it look as if there was a struggle. he radioed in that he was pursuing three suspicious men. and also for years this 30-year veteran of the police force was seen as a pillar of the community. he was a mentor to youth through a program called the police explorers. youth who wanted to go into law enforcement. and now it turns out it's that very program that there is evidence that they took from his cell phone, from text messages, from e-mails and financial records he was stealing thousands of dollars from this program over several years and using it for personal purposes.
9:30 am
that was going on the day before the suicide. the day before he killed himself, he called into the village administrators' office and said there would be a full and complete audit of that program, andrea. >> really incredible story. thank you so much, john yang. up next, chris christie's comments on drug addiction. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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9:34 am
viewed more than 3 million times in just five days. it shows a small event in early october where the new jersey governor stands up for americans fighting drug addiction. in fact, comparing it to his own mother's smoking. >> my mother was a smoker. she smoked her whole life. she was addicted to nicotine. she started when she was 16 years old. which was 1948. but by the time 1964 came, the surgeon general's report came out in her mid-30s, she knew that smoking was bad for you. and i'll tell you, i watched her as a kid growing up, she tried everything she could to quit. she had the gum, the patches, hypnosis, she tried everything. she couldn't quit. now, when she turns 71, a little after that, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. no one came to me and said, don't treat her because she got what she deserved.
9:35 am
we're not going to give her chemotherapy, we're not going to give her radiation or any of that stuff. why? because she's getting what she deserves. no one said that about someone who had cancer. yet somehow if it's heroin or cocaine or alcohol, we say, well, they decided they are getting what they deserved. i'm pro-life. and i think that if you're pro-life, that means you got to be pro-life for the whole life, not just for the nine months they are in the womb, all right? it's easy -- it is easy to be pro-life for the nine months they are in the womb. they haven't done anything to disappoint us yet. they are perfect in there. but when they get out, that's when it gets tough. the 16-year-old teenager girl on the floor of the county lockup addicted to heroin, i'm pro-life for her, too. her life is just as much a
9:36 am
precious gift from god as the one in the womb. and we need to start thinking that way as a party and as a people. >> joining me now for our daily fix, chris alyssa, msnbc contributor, founder of the washington post fix blog. thank you to the rachel maddow show for bringing that to my attention last night. chris, it's remarkable and reflects something we have seen on the trail. we have seen hillary clinton on her listening tour, hearing about heroin addiction in new hampshire over and over again. we've heard that from officials in new hampshire and vermont. and now it is part of her campaign because that is actually one of the things that did emerge legitimately from the listening tour. but chris christie's personal expression and the way he weaves together his convictions really are, i think, compelling. >> yeah. look, you mentioned, andrea, it's been viewed 3 million times. as of yesterday it was 2 million. so that shows you it's really becoming sort of a touchstone for him.
9:37 am
it's sort of an, i'll say, sort of an unlikely touch. as you point out, this didn't happen yesterday. this happened in october. here's what it gets at, you and i have talked about this on air and off air, and it's why it is hard for me totally to write chris christie off, which is presidential campaigns tend to be about particularly in primaries about personality, charisma, the ability to sell your message, right? because there's just not that much policy difference between all the republicans and all the democrats. chris christie is a very gifted messenger. you see it in that clip you play, you see it if you watch the whole five minutes of him talking. you see it there, too. so it's hard to write someone off who can communicate that well. it's why in 2012, we were talking about if he got into the race, he probably would have been the frontrunner. >> i do think there's some traction there in new hampshire. there's a new wbur poll among new hampshire republicans showing him moving up. i know it's a harder sell for him in iowa, but if he were to
9:38 am
focus on new hampshire, if you take a look at that new hampshire primary ranking, he's moving up with john kasich whose got traction there because of strong support in new hampshire from former senator johnson and tom rath and other new hampshire republicans. >> right. andrea, if you look at -- let's say we look at, okay, mccain, romney less so because of the geographic connection, but let's look at mccain in 2000 -- in 2008. both times an underdog and wound up as the underdog in 2000. chris christie out of everyone in this field in terms of profile, approach, tone, feels the most like john mccain, right? he's the tough talking, i'm going to be honest with you, funny, good on his feet outsider messenger. he's the most similar to a mccain. so there is -- and i would say we know new hampshire is much
9:39 am
less socially conservative in their republican electorate than iowa. christie could slot in there. it's just competitive there because jeb bush needs that state. that's a state donald trump still looks the best in. rubio has to find a state to win. kasich has to have a showing in new hampshire. so what is hard is the iowa field is slimming in some ways in terms of the people relevant there. but that makes new hampshire grow even more important. >> chris, as always, thank you very much. and we have breaking news from the campus of the university of california merced. five students there have been stabbed. two have been sent to the hospital by a medical helicopter. three others were treated on campus. campus police have reported that the suspect was shot and killed. right now the campus remains closed and we will, of course, bring you more information on this breaking story as it comes in. ... married my high school sweetheart... and pursued a degree in education. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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and he's a good guy. and they gave me a lot of credit for that one. i don't deserve the credit, but there is something happening, folks, i will tell you. there is something happening. >> that's donald trump today in new hampshire reacting to the kentucky election of tea party republican matt bevin as governor. his win sets up what could be the biggest partisan battle over obamacare. he was the transportation secretary for president obama and is the author of the new book "bipartisan: my life in politics." secretary hood joins me now. bipartisanship, is it now a dirty word? >> it's not a popular word around washington right now, although the house today is working on a transportation bill that looked pretty bipartisan. a lot of amendments being offered on both sides. >> jim clyburn was on earlier tell megaaboing me about that. >> it's a good sign. >> but what is happening to the republican party? >> there's a lot of candidates with a lot of different points of view. and every -- every faction of
9:44 am
the republican party has a candidate that they can support. and, you know, it's going to n winnow out very soon. and then we'll see who stands up and really represents and flies the banner. >> what do you think is happening in kentucky where you have matt bevin who only a year ago lost the primary fight to mitch mcconnell and campaigned on his platform, his tea party platform of getting rid of obamacare in a state that was a leader under the democratic governor in expanding health care services. and now 400,000 people potentially could lose their health care. if he carries out his promises. >> well, i hope he thinks more of that, because a lot of people will be affected. and health care certainly is important to those people that now have it that didn't have it before obamacare. i think what happened is it's an off-year election. there's no presidential candidate. not much else happening in the state. a small turnover, low turnout, and he got his people to the
9:45 am
polls. the tea party, when they have opportunities, get their people to the polls in an otherwise kind of boring time with nobody, nobody else in the action, it turns out they turn their people out. >> should this be a warning to democrats nationally? that their priorities and president obama's priorities are at risk? >> i think in the national election, a presidential campaign, the democrats have a very good way of getting their people to the polls. there will be a stark contrast between hillary clinton, who i believe will be the nominee for the democrats, and whoever we nominate. it will be stark. and, you know, it's going to be, i think, a huge turnout in the next presidential campaign. there will be a lot at stake. >> and one final question, you worked with hillary clinton in the cabinet with donald trump and what others are saying, jeb bush said, that any of the republicans on that stage last week would make a better president than hillary clinton. do you agree with that? >> well, i think this, i think
9:46 am
you should never underestimate hillary clinton. she is a very talented capable person who knows how to get things done. and has been involved in some very spirited campaigns. don't take her for granted. >> that's why you wrote the book "bipartisanship." ray lahood, good to see you. and now we have breaking news on the investigation into the russian plane crash in egypt that killed all 244 passengers on board. this statement was just released from the u.k. prime minister from david cameron's office while the investigation is still ongoing, we cannot say categorically why the russian jet crashed. but as more information has come to light, we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. in light of this and as a precautionary measure, we have decided that flights due to leave the airport for the u.k. this evening will be delayed. that will allow time for a team of u.k. aviation experts currently traveling to make an
9:47 am
assessment of the security arrangements in place at the airport and to identify whether any further action is required. nbc's bill keneely is in cairo. there's been one report unconfirmed out of the egyptian prosecutor that an explosion was, in fact, the cause. that hasn't been confirmed as i say, but something is going on there. >> reporter: correct, andrea. this is perhaps the most significant development so far as you say the british government would not say this unless they were seriously concerned. and they say this may well have been brought down by an explosive device. i understand from one source that they are not talking about evidence from the wreckage. it's some other information that the british government has. remember david cameron spoke by telephone to the egyptian president c.c. last night. president c.c. is going to arrive in the u.k. tomorrow for a state visit. britain and egypt have very
9:48 am
strong ties. britain is egypt's strongest trading party, so there are strong links there. britain has long experience of a bomb being smuggled onto a plane causing devastation. panam 103 in december of 1988 where a bomb was loaded in a suitcase and exploded over scotland killing all those on board. so this is significant. and at 1:45 eastern time there will be an emergency meeting of the british security cabinet. it comes on the same day as isis repeated the claim that it made a few days ago saying basically we brought down the plane, we don't have to tell you how we brought it down, but remember we brought it down on the first anniversary of our sinai affiliate pledging allegiance to isis. and that, in fact, by the islamic calendar turns out to be correct. but isis didn't provide any evidence, they didn't provide any new details of how they did this. but the british government's
9:49 am
statement is very significant. the investigation continues. we understand the cockpit voice recorder is damaged. that has been confirmed by both german and egyptian sources. the data recorder is in better condition and they are analyzing the data from that. it's possible that the british government has learned something about the data from that flight recorder. it's possible, too, that british intelligence has its own sources. but britain is concerned enough to suspend flights. this, andrea, is a significant development. >> thank you, bill neely. thank you so much for being right there for us. we really appreciate that. and this sad anniversary to note. israeli war hero defense minister, prime minister and peace advocate hadin, when bill clinton got to shake hands with him when he was shot trying to
9:50 am
overturn the peace process. the assassin succeeded. there's been no peace treaty since rabin's death. w offense w. i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
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and moments ago senators john mccain and jeff flake shared unprecedented information about an investigation into the department of defense and professional sports. they're calling it paying for patriotism. so when you see a military member singing "the national anthem" or carrying the american flag at a sports game, often these events are in fact contracted between dod and the professional sports team. mccain and flake announced today that the department of defense will halt the patriotism activities. and they are calling to end the practice permanently. kelly o'donnell is here with more. at the stadium, we feel emotional and feel patriotic when we see our veterans on the
9:54 am
field and the flag, and now it turns out the hugely profitable nfl franchises are being paid by the pentagon as a recruitment effort to try to inspire young people to join the volunteers of the army or armed services. >> reporter: and it is not just the nfl, it is major leagues. and we have already seen legitimate recruitment efforts sometimes happen at sporting events because there's where you have fans who might fit into the target age group or even younger, young fans who might some day move into that. so trying to create a good feeling about the military is a legitimate part of recruitment. the distinction here is that senators mccain and flake found it particularly objectionable that asking people to stand and put their hand on their heart was a part of some paid service as a part of these contracts from national guard and from the department of defense, the air force, separate contracts, the deal with marketing in which
9:55 am
these sorts of programs were listed within the contracts. now, senators mccain and flake said it was very difficult to get information out of the department of defense on this issue sensing perhaps they would be embarrassed by it is what they told us a short time ago. so the idea is, can recruitment veer into something that actually cheapens the general public sense of saluting the military service of veterans and those who are serving now. it's a realization they say will end the practice. >> kelly, thank you for that. we have to go right to the white house briefing. josh earnest is taking questions about the plane and the new information cited moments ago. >> we have a strong desire to get to the bottom of what exactly happened there. as it relates to the procedures for aircraft operating in and
9:56 am
around the sinai peninsula, let me share some information about the faa. first of all, the faa has a notice to airmen that was published earlier this year, assessing that the u.s. civil aviation operating into, out of, within or over the sinai peninsula is at potential risk from hazards associated with extremist activities. so let me be clear, this is actually something that been in place from the faa prior to this tragic incident over the weekend. so this is what is called a no-tam in place of march of 2015. essentially, it advises civil aviation to avoid flight operations in the sinai peninsula at altitudes below 26,000 feet. now, my understanding is prior to this march 2015 announcement, there actually was a previous notam in place that urged flight
9:57 am
operations above 24,000 feet. that had been in place for -- since at least 2014. so there have been rules, advisory rules shared by the faa to civil aviation operators about the potential risks associated with operating air space over the sinai peninsula. now, the second relevant piece of information is for you to understand is that there are no u.s. carriers that regularly operate out of the sinai peninsula. and, in fact, the airport in question is, in fact, not the last point of departure into the united states for any airline, including foreign airlines that do operate in the sinai peninsula. if it were the last point of departure for any aircraft
9:58 am
operating regularly in the united states, there would be a whole set of security regulations that would be imposed to ensure the safety of the traveling public. so i say all of this to illustrate that there's a longstanding policy, or at least policy related to security precautions for aviation in and around the sinai peninsula. that's been in place prior to this tragic incident over the weekend. so obviously the british officials are announcing steps that they have concluded are in the best interests of ensuring the safety of the traveling british public. and i'll let them speak to any decisions they have made about that. >> reporter: on the elections yesterday, i was wondering if you could give us a sense of
9:59 am
what the president makes of the fact that the democratic party has lost quite a number of state and local races since he's been president, including last night. >> well, as it relates to last night, the fact is that the election results in some red states like kentucky and mississippi were good for republicans. the results in some blue states, like in pennsylvania and new jersey -- >> hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts here at minneapolis headquarters at 30 rock in new york. and there we were listening to the white house press secretary josh earnest talking about the breaking news of what u.s. officials are talking about today in reaction to what we're seeing from british government officials saying that they are delaying flights from the sinai peninsula. so the british government is now delaying, as i was saying, all flights from the area.
10:00 am
we just heard josh earnest say he's going to leave the safety of the british citizens up to their government saying he's confident they can ensure the safety of traveling public for that country. the u.s. is not responding in such a fashion. however, in reference to this breaking news, they have said, quote, we have been or we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. so this is from the british government. again, they are not allowing flights out of the airport. bill neely is in cairo, egypt, following this story from the very beginning. bill, bring us up to speed on why they feel they have the evidence necessary to make such a declaration. >> reporter: this is the latest in the investigation so


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