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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 6, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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we do want to start in south carolina. the democratic presidential candidates tonight, msnbc's rachel maddow will host the first in the south presidential forum. of late, the candidates have been jousting over who is most electable and who will be best at gun control. take a listen. >> when it's bernie sanders against somebody like donald trump or against other republican candidates, more often than not, not always, but more often than not i do better than secretary clinton does. >> i will fight for comprehensive background checks. i will fight to close the loopholes that let guns end up in the wrong hands. and i will fight to end the unique immunity. >> once secretary clinton and senator sanders get done bickering -- >> there we have it. steve kornacki on location in south carolina, steve, let's talk about the forum. explain the parameters.
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why south carolina? or rock hill, south carolina? >> well, yes, here we are, rock hill, south carolina, the campus of winthrop university. the eagles, if you like the mascots and nicknames. the reason this is being called the first in the south democratic forum, so much attention on iowa, the first in the nation caucus state, they lead everything off. so much attention on new hampshire, the first in the nation primary state, the first presidential primary. but when the action finally shifts to the south after that, south carolina is the first big test. south carolina, a very different state in terms of a democratic party that's getting more and more diverse, more than 50% of the democratic electorate in south carolina is black. very little of the electorate in iowa and new hampshire is black so this is a very different state, tests different messages, different issues. in terms of what to expect tonight, your setup really tells the story. the fact that gun control, the issue of gun control has generated so much discussion, has been such a focal point in the discussion in the last few
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weeks tells you this campaign has been moving in hillary clinton's direction. gun control is the one issue where she has real room to the left of bernie sanders. bernie sanders is trying to engineer a revolt against hillary clinton from the left. she can get to his left on gun control because he's cast some votes with the nra as a senator, as a congressman from vermont. she succeeded in moving the debate to those terms so the question tonight for bernie sanders is can he get off the defensive and try to put her on the defensive. we'll see a few hours from now. >> steve kornacki reporting in south carolina. see you in just a little while. i know you will have a one-on-one with congressman jim clyburn. look forward to that. joining me, jill lockhart, former white house press secretary for president clinton, bob shrum, democratic strategist. i want to read two quotes from bernie sanders, both from a meeting he had with the boston globe editorial board. he says on clinton, quote, i disagree with hillary clinton on virtually everything. and later says you asked me about the differences between
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hillary clinton and myself. i have taken tough votes throughout my entire life. he also said this of his damn e-mails remark. i didn't let her off the hook. there is a process going on in this country. there is an investigation. the fbi is doing what it is doing. do you think he's about to get a lot tougher with hillary clinton and we will see that tonight? >> well, i think unless he made a mistake talking to the boston globe, he's signaling that he's going to get a lot tougher. i think it's a very risky strategy for him. i think this is an election year where people are looking for new voices and you know, people who are out of the mold of the traditional politicians, and what he's doing here in signaling he's going on the attack and launching and polling for negative ads, you know, he is a sitting united states senator, he is just like all the other politicians and i think that it's dangerous. we'll see if it works. but i think it does undermine a
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lot, it undermines potentially support he has with probably the most progressive part of the democratic party. >> bob, let me talk to you about what's going on with hillary clinton, her strategy. when you're this far ahead in the polls, when the competition is just not giving up, where is the room for the undecideds in this to go for hillary clinton, especially without irritating some who might be leaning toward bernie sanders? >> well, i don't think it's so much undecideds here as whether people will shift from where they are. hillary clinton had a tremendous month. the republicans on the benghazi committee really helped her out after vice president biden decided not to run. joe can tell thaw thyou that th republicans tend to have a tendency to overplay their hand and help out the clintons. right now she's the overwhelming favorite for the nomination. she can't act that way and take it for granted.
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that would be a mistake. iowa and new hampshire, especially new hampshire, are potential places where she could be upset. you now see sanders going on the air with these ads. i think the first ad i saw is very effective. whether or not it moves the numbers, we don't know. we have to wait and see. by the way, i think they are both going to draw differences with each other. i think that's only natural. even newcomers to the process tend to do that, because voters are going to look at this, they are going to make a decision and right now, i think as i say, it's overwhelmingly hillary clinton's to lose. but they are going to have a vig yous vigorous debate. >> good to see you, gentlemen. thank you. another developing political story, more questions about dr. ben carson's past. this time, about his claim that he was offered a full scholarship to west point. nbc news confirmed the story first reported by politico that dr. carson's staff admitted upon inquiry that the story was
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fabricated. the tale is told in carson's book "gifted hands." in a statement to nbc news, dr. carson's campaign manager says this. he was introduced to folks from west point by his rotc supervisors. they told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance. he considered it but in the end, did not seek admission. there are service connected nominations for stellar high school appointments. again, was the top rotc student in detroit, i would argue strongly that an appointment is indeed an amazing full scholarship. so this is the latest twist in stories about carson and his upbringing that has come under scrutiny. before this, tales of a violent youth before professing his faith in god has come under question. no one has been found to challenge the veracity of his accounts. at the same time, no one has come forward to corroborate it. here's what he told chris
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jansing on thursday. >> unless they were there at the time, why would they know about that? that's very silly. everybody has childhood memories of things that they do that other people, unless they were specifically involved, wouldn't know about. i don't know why that's hard for people to understand. >> so guys, it's good to see you. kyle, before we get to politico's reporting, let's talk about the narrative behind dr. carson's story of having an opportunity to attend west point. what is it? >> i mean, you pointed out it was in his seminal book "gifted hands" where he describes his success in junior rotc in high school and that enabled him to both meet general william we westmoreland who had committed troops in vietnam and ultimately led to a full scholarship in west point. besides the technical point there is no such thing as a scholarship to west point, we
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discovered there was no attempt to apply to the school counter to his narrative on that. >> you make a great point about west point. it basically begins with a nomination by a member of congress or another prominent government or military official, vetting happens. if offered admission, all costs are covered. so it is a full scholarship in that respect. but something that is paid for by west point. what is the reporting that you are moving forward and why were you so interested in trying to find out whether or not this story was fact or fiction? >> well, dr. carson, you know, is premised in large part on his personal narrative which is an incredible personal narrative of rising from poverty in detroit and becoming one of the best neurosurgeons in the world but part of that narrative was a decision to how he describes it as turn down this opportunity at west point in favor of a medical career. so you know, while none of this takes away from his accomplishments as a surgeon, it does sort of shine a light on another aspect of his personal
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story and again, it does come at a time when as the front-runner for the republican nomination, he's getting a lot of scrutiny on some of the other claims in his past. >> joe, let me ask you. i watched dr. carson or heard dr. carson this morning as he was talking to another network about this. basically, he said this is the media just playing gotcha, going after me and it's a smear campaign, and i don't appreciate you lying about me. so the more we look into this, it seems as if some of these bona fides might be a little ginned up. how does that affect his political candidacy? >> so much of his candidacy is really based on his story, who he is and the way he comes across as somebody who is honest and really smart and has new ideas and is not a long-time political person. this hurts. this really hurts. what you want to do if you are a candidate for the presidency, especially if you are leading, you want to deal with this story quickly and hope and pray that it goes away, there's something else in the news cycle that causes it to not dominate the news. at the end of the day, in really is a story about truthfulness
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and that's really a large part of the people that are following him, are following him because they believe him and like what he's about. they like his story. and if you can't believe all the story, that certainly is a challenge. >> also, redemption. right? because of the fact that he says he was a violent youth and he was able to turn it around and god saved him. >> yeah. of course, you are absolutely right, thomas. the redemption part is huge for him. he still has a great story. we know what he did at yale, we know about his medical career, university of michigan, his medical career, outstanding. you can't take those things away from him. but this little story is becoming a big story and it hurts. >> gentlemen, thanks so much. appreciate it. so our pulse is live right now. i want to check in with our colleague frances rivera who has the question for today. >> our viewers seem to think and agree with what we are talking about here in saying that all of this can hurt ben carson. we are asking you can carson's campaign survive the new questions about his past. early voting, keep that in mind, when it comes to the viewers. but 4% of our viewers saying
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yes, 96% say no. again, we just launched our bing pulse question at the top of the hour so this probably will change a little bit as more votes come in. we will check it out for you. is where people can vote. >> we look forward to talking again. thanks. now we move to breaking news out of the white house. just a short time ago, president obama announced his administration would reject the construction of the keystone xl pipeline, ending years of speculation. in his remarks, the president appeared to downplay both the pros and the cons of the pipeline. take a look. >> the keystone pipeline has occupied what i frankly consider an overinflated role in our political discourse. it became a symbol too often used as a campaign cudgel by both parties rather than a serious policy matter. all of this obscures the fact that this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy as was promised by some, nor the express lane to climate
10:13 am
disaster proclaimed by others. >> nbc's ron allen is at the white house for us. let's talk about is this the final word on keystone xl? >> reporter: well, if the company trans-canada wants to build the pipeline they have to reapply. it's not the final word in the political discourse, certainly. the reaction has been swift and negative from republicans, for example. the new speaker of the house paul ryan called it sickening, the decision. the premier of canada, mr. trudeau, says he's disappointed. there are a lot of other republicans also saying this is a job killer. that's how that side always portrays this pipeline, as an infrastructure project that would create tens of thousands of jobs. an argument the administration has always rejected. the other issue now is why is this happening now. the president explained he's on his way to a major global summit of world leaders in paris at theened of this month about climate change and the united states is trying to lead on this issue. and they trying to come up with what will be sweeping and
10:14 am
perhaps historic agreements to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to stop climate change. so if the united states had not done this now, the president had not made this now, the feeling is the president's credibility at those talks would have been undermined. the bottom line is this is not the final word on this because the president's critics and opponents are going to make it a political issue going forward. >> nbc's ron allen at the white house, thank you, sir. coming up, russia now the second country to suspend flights to egypt. stranding tens of thousands of tourists as fears are growing over the possibility that an isis bomb downed a metrojet. plus new measures just announced by homeland security back here at home. then hitmen, drugs, bullying and theft? even more shocking details emerging about the twisted life of an illinois cop who staged his suicide as a murder. with just hours to go before tonight's first in the south democratic forum, we will ask congressman jim clyburn what bernie sanders needs to do to win over south carolina voters. as of now it looks like he has
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u.s. authorities just announced enhancements to airport security overseas as the investigation continues into last week's metrojet crash. those enhancements include expanded screening to items on the aircraft, airport assessments in conjunction with international partners, and offers of assistance to certain foreign airports related to aviation and airport security. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin is suspending all russian flights to egypt, that order coming from the advice of his chief intelligence officer, until the cause of last week's metrojet crash is determined. all of this as british officials believe someone with access to the plane's cargo hold placed an explosive device on the plane before takeoff. russian officials say it's too soon to come to that conclusion
10:19 am
but in a radio interview yesterday, president obama said it's a possibility. >> i don't think we know yet. whenever you've got a plane crash, first of all, you've got the tragedy, you've got making sure there's an investigation on site. i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board, and we're taking that very seriously. >> joining me now is nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely in sharm el-sheikh and nbc's tom costello in washington, who has information about the security measures going into place in the u.s. bill, we will get to you in a second. what do the enhancements mean? >> not in the united states. we should make that very clear. we are not talking about u.s. airports. we are talking about foreign airports that do service the united states directly and those airports specifically those in the middle east, are now going to see enhanced security as the homeland security department talks to those governments, those airports, those airlines,
10:20 am
and essentially mandates ramping up security even further. it's all part really, thomas, of an emergency security directive that was issued in july of 2014, after that malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down. at that point, homeland security issued this emergency directive which essentially ramped up security at specific airports overseas and for example, it required passengers to power up their cell phones, power up their laptop, but as it relates to here in the united states, we are not going to see much in the way of enhancements. this is really about enhanced screening overseas, overseas passengers, enhanced perimeter check points, enhanced, really an evaluation of the entire airport security picture at specific airports and then really, to the point of what happened or may have happened to this plane, it's about looking at the cargo, looking at the luggage, looking at the food that goes on board the plane, all of that falls under this new security directive and mandate
10:21 am
to increase and step up the security only at airports in that region that service directly the united states. but you're right. the bottom line on this is that you have now got the united states and the uk saying that there is a significant chance a bomb brought down this plane and listen, you got to read between the lines on what the russians have done by suspending all flights into egypt, not just the sinai, but egypt. the russians would not do that if they also did not have intelligence which suggests it may well have been a bomb. >> you make a great clarification about russia, here. they haven't gone as far as the uk or the u.s. in discussion of this, but that signal about suspension of flights into egypt is a big deal. bill, explain for citizens that are traveling and have been in sharm el-sheikh, because this is a tourist destination, explain first how the uk is trying to get their citizens back home. >> reporter: yeah. there are 20,000 british
10:22 am
tourists here. they are being evacuated on several emergency flights. british airlines wanted to bring a lot of planes into sharm el-sheikh today. the egyptians said they simply couldn't cope with more than 20 flights. that's what the british wanted to send in. in fact, eight were scheduled. but remember, they left with handbagage only. they were not allowed to put their suitcases and so on into the cargo hold. more flights will come tomorrow and the following day. the egyptians saying simply we couldn't cope with a flood of people coming to the airport and dozens of flights trying to get in and then take off. the big news here, certainly for the 50,000 russian tourists, is that news that russia has suspended all flights and it's clearly based on intelligence. it was the intelligence chief
10:23 am
who recommended to president putin that all russian flights to egypt be suspended and president putin has agreed. that's not just flights here to sharm el-sheikh but flights to cairo as well. that is a big, big decision, because russia had up to now said leave it to the investigators, too early to say that this was terrorism. it is now suggesting at least that terrorism is one and perhaps the most likely cause of this crash. >> i want to bring in our colleague, ayman mohyeldin, who is reporting in cairo. you have breaking information to add. what is it? >> reporter: well, we understand from a spokesperson at the civil aviation ministry here that the civil aviation ministry intends to hold a press conference, though it will be held saturday at 5:00 p.m. local time. they are not giving any details about what that press conference is going [ inaudible ]. the information or at least the recording of the cockpit voice recorder is audible. now, why that's so important is
10:24 am
because in the early stages of this investigation, we know that the flight data recorder was recovered but it was our understanding and according to government sources, that the cockpit voice recorder was actually damaged. there was even some talk that there was going to be a need to transport the voice recorder outside of egypt. but now it seems that an initial reading of the cockpit voice recorder suggests that it is audible, that it was analyzed here in cairo and perhaps tomorrow, we are going to learn more from egyptian officials as to what information they were able to glean from that analysis. but as of now, the spokesperson telling us that they are expected to have an announcement that is going to take place on saturday and that the information from the cockpit voice recorder is audible and that is a very important point of information when it becomes available. >> that's a big new detail in all of this. ayman mohyeldin, thank you. i want to bring in msnbc national security and military analyst, kevin baron, also executive editor of defense one.
10:25 am
what do you make of that, the fresh news that ayman added about the fact that the cockpit voice recorder wasn't damaged and that they can extract information and raw data from it? >> that's a significant step that if it's true, because it can get to the heart of whether this was some sort of mechanical failure in the works in the air, i'm sure, or if it was just a sudden explosion as all signs seem to be pointing toward. i think more interesting to me is this russian development and announcement this morning, for days lots of intelligence sources back here on the u.s. side have been waiting to see would russia or egypt come forward with the same statements and precautions that the british already have and it seems that's finally happened. whether that's acceptance of a fact or just willingness of admission, it's just one more step away from accident and toward terrorism. >> so when we talk about that development of russian president vladimir putin suspending all
10:26 am
flights, not just to sharm el-sheikh but to the whole of egypt, why do you think they are being so cautious to move forward with any type of gut instinct or intelligence instinct that they can say in the more affirmative fashion that they do believe they are leaning toward terrorism in regards to the metrojet coming down? >> well, probably two reasons. one is the high level politics of it all. anything negative against russia in this fight is just going to make things harder for putin at home to justify the fight. and for being involved at all. isis warned early on that they would bring the fight to russia in retaliation. the americans warned it, secretary of defense warned it. at the time, it seems a little bit more american posturing saying you guys are asking for it if you get involved and now that's happened. at the bottom level, it probably means there is enough intelligence that made it clear to the russians whether it was their own intelligence or it came from the brits or egyptians or anywhere else in the region, there was enough intelligence to make this call.
10:27 am
perhaps it took so long because they were trying to protect sources. i haven't heard, we don't know. we speculate. but definitely, you know, like you said, not just cutting off the flights to sharm el-sheikh but all of egypt and now 50,000 russians we heard? these are not small steps. these are major steps. again, we are just waiting to get, i think, at some point pretty soon hopefully, real confirmation, that a, one of these intelligence officials or countries will come out saying definitely this was a bomb or not, and then definitely saying if it was a bomb, who did it. that's the next question. >> msnbc national security and military analyst, kevin baron. thanks for your time. coming up next, the list of troubling revelations about the illinois cop known in his community as g.i. joe. it was revealed that his -- he committed suicide. it wasn't a murder.
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new details in the death investigation of lieutenant joseph gliniewicz, the illinois police officer who authorities say carefully staged his own suicide. hundreds of pages of his personnel files have been released and they show numerous complaints that fellow officers had made against him, including inappropriate sexual behavior, using his squad car for family vacation and letting members of a youth program operate department vehicles. as we reported here yesterday afternoon, investigators also allege that gliniewicz wanted to hire a hit man to kill the village administrator. so some wild twists and turns to that story. all right. so we shift gears now and talk about what's happening on wall street and also in the job market sector. some very good news on that front with the u.s. unemployment rate falling to a seven-year
10:32 am
low, now 5%. employers adding 271,000 jobs last month. that is the most since last december. joining me now is cnbc's senior economics reporter, steve liesman. the federal reserve meets again in december. what do the numbers mean for janet yellen to announce there will be a rate hike? >> it definitely supports the idea the economy can withstand a rate hike. just a little perspective here, 271 is the number. we had two weak prior months and a lot of thinking on wall street that this is a snap-back, it doesn't represent a new higher pace of growth. it's still pretty strong. we have had a long run of monthly job growth and it continues but ultimately it's the wage number that is the thing people feel most in their pockets. that was actually pretty good at 2.5%.
10:33 am
ultimately, i think they will support a fed rate hike in december. >> we shall see what happens as we wade into the holiday season. steve, thank you. appreciate it. stick wuss. coming up, we take you live to south carolina, the site of tonight's first in the south democratic forum. is bernie sanders ready to make a big play for what could be a make or break state in his bid for the white house. or has hillary clinton resecured her firewall in the south. on the republican side, donald trump's reaction to news chris christie and mike huckabee will not be on the main stage at next week's debate. it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!?
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hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game?
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you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. welcome back. some breaking news to pass along. let's bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. i understand you have some developments about the supreme court and obamacare. >> i do. as expected, thomas, the supreme court is going to hear a new series of challenges to obamacare. now, these have to do with the requirement that employers
10:37 am
provide contraceptive coverage to their employees. the supreme court is going to consider a question that has been raised by religious affiliated institutions about the role they have to play, in essence bowing out of the contraceptive requirement. you may recall that when the obama administration originally announced this plan, or this part of obamacare, they said that churches would be exempt and then the supreme court ruled just last year that for-profit companies that are held by tightly controlled groups that are religious -- that have strong religious beliefs can be exempt. now the question about non-profits that are religiously affiliated, charities, schools, those organizations, what role do they play. they say that to do anything to further the coverage of contraceptives for their employees would violate their religious beliefs. today the supreme court said it will take up seven cases that raise this issue and there have
10:38 am
been dozens of them around the country. among them, perhaps most visibly a case raised by a group of catholic nuns based in denver called the little sisters of the poor, a group that the pope visited with when he was here in his visit to the u.s., as a sign of support. that case is instructive of the whole issue here, thomas. what the obama administration says to these non-profits is okay, if you don't want to provide the coverage, that's fine, just tell us you don't want to do it, tell us who your insurance provider is, give us the contact information and we will take it from there so that your female employees can still get contraceptive coverage. let me just take another 30 seconds or a minute to explain this. what the groups say is that to do that, to take any step, any role at all, is too much and would violate their religious beliefs. the obama administration says it's next to nothing. the groups say it's still too much. the supreme court will hear this case early next year and decide
10:39 am
this latest challenge to obamacare. >> pete williams reporting in our d.c. bureau. thank you, sir. now back to the continuing coverage that we have for you about the first in the south presidential forum. democratic candidates will sit with msnbc's rachel maddow. clinton is way ahead in south carolina. one reason, her ability to attract black southern voters. something that has bedeviled senator bernie sanders. here's steve kornacki with more. >> senator bernie sanders calls for racial justice -- >> there's no one who will fight harder to end institutional racism and to make fundamental changes in our broken criminal justice system. >> a reminder of just how crucial the early primary state of south carolina is to his campaign's survival. african-americans made up 55% of that state's primary voters in 2008.
10:40 am
a group he is trying hard to win over. >> i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and the dignity. if you don't want me to be here, that's okay. >> reporter: after coming under fire from black lives matter activists who say he hasn't done enough for the black community. sanders' rival, hillary clinton, enjoying overwhelming support in a state that could prove to be her firewall. 80% of black democratic voters say they would back clinton in south carolina. just 8% would go with sanders. but it wasn't always this case for hillary clinton in south carolina. after a bitter and racially charged 2008 primary campaign, nearly 80% of black voters in south carolina cast their ballots for barack obama. >> yes, we can! thank you, south carolina. i love you. >> reporter: the focus of tonight's first in the south forum will be on bernie sanders. >> we have a lot of work to do
10:41 am
specifically in the african-american community and the latino community. >> reporter: if he can't improve on his showing with black voters, it won't matter if he wins iowa or new hampshire. that will not be enough to propel him to the nomination. >> steve kornacki joins me from winthrop university. go ahead. you have the opportunity to figure out how this firewall will work for hillary clinton. >> absolutely. we are here where the forum is going to be held tonight. we are joined by congressman jim clyburn from south carolina. congressman, thank you for taking a few minutes. >> thanks for having me. >> you have written about this yourself. back in 2008 when hillary clinton and barack obama had that primary here in south carolina, it got ugly, it was racially charged. bill clinton invoked jesse jackson in a way that bothered you. to see numbers now where hillary clinton has such overwhelming support from the black community, when you think back to 2008, is that surprising?
10:42 am
>> no, it's not surprising at all. in fact, before the latter days of that campaign, that is after, things shifted in south carolina. every black grandmother saw in barack obama a grandson and a lot of black mothers saw a son. and she was up against history at that time. much like i think bernie and o'mo o'malley are up against history today. >> isn't part of history how the clintons behaved in south carolina, bringing up jesse jackson the way bill clinton did? isn't there some penalty to be paid for that? >> i think it was paid. once paid, we move on. i think it cost them a lot in that campaign but there's no residual that i know about. i have talked to a lot of people
10:43 am
and they are not holding any of that against hillary today. >> how about you and the former president? you had some very stark descriptions of your interactions with him in 2008, of this phone call you had with him. has that been patched up? has he apologized to you? >> oh, yeah. he called me two or three weeks after and told me at that time that he was not going to hang up the phone until i accept his apology. i accepted his apology. we have talked since then, first time was at a service, we sat next to each other and chatted that day. i have seen him at a lot of democratic function since. there's no residual with him as well. >> in terms of bernie sanders, when you look at poll numbers like that where he's losing by 70, 80 points among black voters, he has for the last few months made racial justice a major part of his campaign platform, yet getting no traction with black voters. is there anything he can do? >> the fact of the matter is i always say all of us are the
10:44 am
total of our experiences. bernie comes from new england where there aren't too many black people. hillary clinton comes into politics out of arkansas. she has campaigned throughout the south. she knows the language. she knows a whole lot about how to campaign among the african-american communities and latino communities. that's something that's a little bit foreign to bernie. politically, as far as philosophy, i see no difference. public policy positions, i see no difference. i think it's all style. >> he says the difference is i was there first, for instance, keystone, i was against tpp from day one, she got there about a month ago. does that matter? >> procedurally, it's timing. they both got to the same place one before the other. >> congressman jim clyburn from south carolina, you will be here tonight. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. back to you, thomas. >> steve, thank you very much. our thanks to the congressman. coming up next, we will take
10:45 am
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10:48 am
a lot going on and there are other developing stories we are following for you. in arkansas, state police say six people were killed in a charter bus crash on interstate 40, this happening near little rock. >> a bus slam right into an overpass. it was headed from texas to michigan. no word on a cause. there was light rain falling at that time. >> the california fish and game commission has voted to delay the opening of crab season after increased levels of toxins were found in the water. that means recreational and sport fishers can't get their crabs from the ocean or bays north of ventura or santa barbara counties. the season would have kicked off this weekend. a nasa astronaut is venturing outside the international space station to make needed repairs. scott kelly, who i talked to last week, was among the daring
10:49 am
duo. he is more than half which through his record-setting year in space. he will be back on [ inaudible ]. >> always a nice day for a space walk. nice day here in new york and you want to go ice skating in 70 degree weather. >> the rockefeller christmas tree arrives in 75 degree weather. dave price is here with what we are looking at this weekend. there's something weird about it. >> it certainly is odd. the fact that the tree was going up as people were watching it wearing tee shirts and shorts. let's talk about it all, see what's happening in our nation, all around the country. let's begin by taking a look at this strong cold front beginning to move through, stretching all the way from the eastern great lakes down to the tennessee valley and the lower mississippi valley, stretching into texas as well. our big concern on the top of this front is going to be gusty winds and isolated tornado not out of the question at all. then heavy rains continue as we head to the south. let's move on over and talk about the rains.
10:50 am
hourly rainfall rates, one to two inches in some locations. the heaviest rain still from areas of southeast texas all the way to northwest georgia, where we could see three to four rest country goes, we are talking about a very, very warm northeast. look at the temperatures. 72 in boston. 73 in new york. 79 in washington, d.c. contrast that to 73 degrees in phoenix. we are going to see cooler weather begin to push on through and as it does we are going to see changes in the forecast. heading into the weekend, everyone, seeing the temperatures drop into the 60s in the northeast. most everybody still gets cooler weather, more autumn-like weather and keep in mind we're going to stay soggy in the southeast. heading into sunday, everybody feels finally like it is autumn. but for us, here in the northeast, as that tree goes up in rockefeller center, 78 feet tall and the thermometer is reading just about the same number. we expect to see a high of 75 and 77 degrees today.
10:51 am
that's a -- and it stretches 48 feet wide. 80 years old, by the way. 80 years enjoying temperatures in the 70s. folks, that's a look at the weather picture. >> great and that tree will dominate our lives. >> yes, it will. >> and the crowds along with it. >> i should say of the picture yesterday a salvation army bell ringer outside. >> and christmas music. >> sooner or later it will feel a lot like christmas. >> i knew that was coming. thank you so much. going to the south, a live look at winthrop university in south carolina where rachel maddow is hosting the first in the south democratic forum and a preview after this.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
stage is set for the next
10:55 am
gop debate on wednesday and the two notable candidates not on the main stage, mike huckabee and chris christie demoted to the undercard debate thanks to low polling numbers. christie brushed it off at a town hall today in new hampshire. >> here's something i know for sure. no national polls determines who the next president of the united states will be. the people determine who has a chance to be the next president of the united states are the first in the nation primary is new hampshire and iowa. they'll win know the field. not an executive at a suite in new york city and not any pollsters in some strip mall somewhere making phone calls. >> so today at 3:00, my colleague kate snow will have chris christie on her show but this a blow to his campaign, no doubt an huckabee but it could be a lot worse. former new york governor pataki and lindsay graham shut out of the daeblts with the low polling figures. next, back to the democrats.
10:56 am
much more from south carolina where the candidates for president on the left are going to be taking part in a forum here on msnbc live 8:00 p.m. eastern and there's questions of the backstory of ben carson following a new politico report he fb ri kated the west point scholarship offer. can carson's campaign survive the new questions about the past? and then carly fiorina, faces off against the women of "the view."
10:57 am
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and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. hi, everybody. good afternoon. we start with breaking news in the ongoing investigation into that metro jet crash. sources telling nbc news the cockpit voice recorder is audible. the egyptian civil air ministry expected to hold a news conference tomorrow. u.s. officials announced new airport security enhancements to certain foreign flights bound for the u.s.
11:00 am
and a short time ago, white house press secretary josh earnest gave updated information on the u.s. investigation. >> the united states still has not made our own determination about the cause of the incident. and, you know, while we can't rule anything in or out we have to consider the possibility that a potential terrorist involvement. >> meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin announced he is suspending all russian flights to egypt. joining me from washington is nbc's tom costello and reporting from cairo, foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. tom, let's talk about the enhancements for foreign airports. >> reporter: it means if you're traveling from the at least into the united states, there's enhancements to the screening procedure, the luggage. but i think the homeland security office is going to really encourage and work with these foreign airports to
11:01 am
enhance the screening of the people who are behind the scenes, the people who are putting the luggage on the plane, the food on the plane, all of that. all the cargo on the plane and then a more rigorous screening of that material itself so however form, whatever form that takes, whether with dogs or specific screening devices, this's the kind of screening that we are talking about trying to enhance and homeland security says it will work with these foreign airports even more dreektly than it already does and it does by the way rather aggressively to try to ensure that the level of security is taken to the next level. we're really talking about the middle east here. the region around sharm el sheikh that is most directly implicated with terrorism and this ongoing war of isis and al qaeda so you can almost do, you know, the wheels and the spokes of a bicycle if you will out of sharm el sheikh and that would include cairo, include all the way up to amman, the persian
11:02 am
gulf. >> thanks so much. let's go to ayman mohyeldin in cairo. you were reporting last hour about the cockpit voice recorder that was once suspected to be too damaged to be of use for raw data and now you're hearing differently. >> reporter: yeah. that's correct. egyptian officials here confirmed to nbc news that both the data flight recorder as well as the cockpit voice recorder both of those right now are being analyzed. why that's so important because in the initial assessment, once those devices were recovered from the crash site, the assessment was that the flight data recorder functionible, able to analyze, get information off of it. the voice data recorder, not so much. there was speculation to transport it out of egypt for analysis and now learning from a spokesman here is that that voice recorder is audible and has been analyzed. we may be learning what the contents of that is tomorrow when the civil aviation minister
11:03 am
holds a press conference here in cairo. a thing that's significant if in fact they can get the information is what exact sli on that flight voice recorder. is there a sound of an explosion? can they learn anymore in terms of the simultaneous cutoff of both of the recorders? certainly those questions are all being asked by the experts leading this and keep in mind this is an investigation involves several different countries. you have countries where the plane was registered, obviously the russians with their citizens and you have european including germans and the french involved this because it was an airbus. so a lot of different pieces coming out to light and learning more about it in the coming 24 hours. thomas? >> gentlemen, thank you. we turn attention now back here to the race for 2016 and the democratic contenders for president descending on the south at south carolina's winthrop university for a first in the south democratic
11:04 am
candidates' forum hosted by our very own rachel maddow. they'll take to the stage for one on one questions from rachel. they enter the forum with hillary clinton leading the field. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" giving clinton a 31-point advantage. with that rival, bernie sanders and senator sanders here taking off the gloves and ready to take on hillary clinton. that's what people want to know. and then with martin o'malley trailing a distant third, how will he make a name for himself and maybe break out this evening? joining us from south carolina, host and political correspondent steve kornacki and here in new york, national correspondent joy reid. steve, let's start with you. what are viewers going to see tonight that is going to be any different from what we saw on the democratic debate last month? >> reporter: well, very simple. in the format different. the debate last month allowed for sort of an interpersonal exchanges of the candidates. tonight they're on one at a time and questioned by rachel maddow
11:05 am
and the advantage is to have follow-up, foe low-up of follow-ups and get a level of specificity out of them you don't normally get in a debate setting. the challenge of the format of somebody like bernie sanders is sanders has to do something here. the story of the summer was the rise of bernie sanders. he was coming close to her. starting to get close to her in the national polls. he overtook her in new hampshire. he was tying her in iowa. the story of the fall and started with the first democratic debate, is hillary clinton reassuring the democratic base, the party and opening up once again as you showed a big lead in this thing? bernie sanders, setting may not be conducive to attacks and criticisms because she won't be on the stage with him at the same time but he has to do something to get the numbers closing again. >> one thing, joy, that we have been reporting on is the fact that hillary clinton always definaled south carolina as a firewall for herself and support
11:06 am
in the african-american community. i want to play something that bernie sanders told npr about his support and the fact that it is poor in the black community. take a look. >> if the elections were held today, just among the african-american vote, we would lose. i'm not well-known in the community. i think people will tell you. that's simply the truth. we have got to do a better job in discussing, number one, my record which in the united states congress is one of the strongest records of any member in terms of civil rights. >> so, with about a year left to go, does he have the time to get that name recognition within that community? >> does he have the time and the money? right? he would have to buy name recognition. that's the way it's done in politics and a huge fund-raising deficit between clinton and sanders and sanders with a second mountain to climb. he has to convince voter who is are pretty much settled now that hillary clinton likely to be the nominee of why they should oppose that and undo what to a lot of voters feels like a fay
11:07 am
that comply. she lost -- but that's back and sanders has to do something to become well-known to african-american voters and convince them why they shouldn't just stick with hillary. >> all right. so meanwhile, 2008 and, steve, let's kick this out to you. hillary clinton didn't have a good run through south carolina and lost that state to president obama. compare and contrast the contrast seeing today to what was going on then. >> well, it's an entirely different world. i mean, the story of 2008 among other things is african-american voters who flocked to barack obama after he won the iowa caucuses. he had a breakthrough in the heavy white states and could beat hillary clinton, could beat the overwhelming favorite and saw the numbers back then eight years ago shift dramatically in south carolina. he ended up winning overwhelming support of black voters and a
11:08 am
very ugly campaign that was waged. here in south carolina. accusations of racial insensitivity on the part of bill clinton in particular. invoking jesse jackson. i talked to james clyburn and he said the clintons paid the price for it. >> substance and style is something, joy, that came up with steve and the congressman. about that something that bernie sanders might need to prove tonight. show some style. >> yeah. he had an interesting thing happening in the background of the campaign. the supporters, to feel the burn people, have been in the off and on ugly dogfights in the background particularly on social media with african-americans and not helpful. the's been a sort of lecturing of black people to remember that bernie sanders marched with king and sufficient reason to support him. not a good thing and he has to overcome his own supporters a little, too. >> thank you. don't forget the first in the south democratic forum, tonight,
11:09 am
live here on msnbc. 8:00 p.m. another developing political story at this hour, more questions about ben carson's past. this time, about his claim that he was offered a full scholarship to west point. nbc news confirmed the story first reported by politico that dr. carson's staff admitted upon inquiry he was not offered a full scholarship to west point and it's told in the best seller "gifted hands." in a statement to nbc news, carson's campaign manager says, he was introduced to folks from west point by his rotc supervisors. they told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance. he considered it but in the end did not seek admission. there are service connected nominations for stellar high school appointments. again, the top rotc student in detroit. i would argue strongly an appointment is indeed an amazing full scholarship. now, this is the latest carson story that has been coming under
11:10 am
scrutiny. now, before this, tales of violent youth, before professing a faith in god. no one found to challenge the voracity of the violent storytelling of the youth and same time no one has come forward to corroborate. here's what he said on thursday. >> unless they were there at this time, why would they know about that? that's very silly. everybody has a childhood memory of things that they did that other people unless they were specifically involved wouldn't know about. i mean, i don't know why that's hard for people to understand. >> msnbc's benji sarlin with more on this. explain the potential importance of the story from carson's biography and why so many people don't understand his willingness to try to shrug this off as if it's not worthy of more questioning. >> that's right. this is a latest story now looking into carson's biography. this one with west point's more potentially explosive. there's an inherent absurdity of
11:11 am
a candidate grilled about whether he made up being a violent psychopath as a youth. there's something funny about this in terms of the legs of it. fabricating a west point scholarship is another deal. ben carson's camp, though, made a case and not a terrible one that politico oversold things a little bit with this story. they say that they never admitted to fabricated anything. their explanation of what happened is that it was more a misinterpretation of what constitutes a scholarship offer, that his understanding from meeting with rotc officials, meeting with general westmoreland is telling him to get in. but if you read the wording of gifted hands, it's very hard to read it and not think there's something more scholarship, an offer of some kind. refers repeatedly over and over again to how flattered he was to get a scholarship and how hard to refuse a scholarship offer. might be some embellishment there and he has a case that perhaps this is more explosively
11:12 am
described than it is. >> the application process for west point has we have been learning, the nomination of congress, prominent government or military official, they get vetted. they're offered admission. if it happens then the costs are covered. there's really no such thing as a full scholarship that they give. they just cover the costs. thank you. appreciate it. want to go to frances rivera for an update on the bing pulse question of the day. frances? >> with the latest developments here, can the carson campaign survive? this is what we posed at the top of the hour. right now viewers are saying 26% of the viewers saying, yes. he can survive. 74% saying, no. this was higher closer to 100. this is how we break it up now asking that question and factor it in with the questions of west point scholarship and also
11:13 am
questions about his violent past as a youth, this is how we're asking them. this is breakdown. keep the votes coming. we'll see how that breaks out even more if this continues to rise or drop, thomas. >> thanks so much. we have breaking news for everybody from washington. the is going to hear a new challenge for obamacare. joining us with more on that, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, this just continues to go on and on with the supreme court. >> reporter: well, this is the fourth trip for obamacare to the supreme court and the question is religious freedom. now, the supreme court ruled a year ago that a for-profit company closely held and based on religious principles could refuse contraceptive coverage for employees. it is going to affect hundreds of colleges, hospitals and charities around the country who are not churches themselves but are religiously affiliated and say it violate it is religious freedom to provide the
11:14 am
contraceptive coverage. the way it works now is if an organization feels that way, a charity, for example, tells the department of health and human services we don't want to provide that coverage and the government says, tell us the name of your insurance company and we'll work it out. but what the groups say in seven cases that the supreme court agreed today to hear they say even that is too much of a role. it gets their hands dirty in something that they find religious objectionable. and that's too much. they say they should have the same total exemptions that actual churches have so the supreme court will hear the case most likely in march, thomas, with a decision in late june. one way or another, the women who work for these organizations are going to get the contraceptive care and going to be provided by insurance companies. how does that happen? and can these groups basically play no part whatsoever in how it's done? >> nbc's pete williams reporting from washington, thank you, sir. appreciate it. we move on to this breaks story.
11:15 am
came to us from the white house earlier today with president obama announcing his administration would reject the construction of the keystone xl pipeline ending years of speculation of that matter. however, the president appeared to downplay both the pros and cons of the pipeline. >> keystone pipeline has occupied what i frankly consider an overinflated role in our political discourse. it became a symbol used by both parties rather than a serious policy matter. all of this obscured the fact that this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy nor the express lane for climate disaster as claimed by others. >> candidates weighed in. marco rubio said it will be approved when he is president. bernie sanders applauded the decision. [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon.
11:16 am
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11:19 am
republican politics, tuesday night seeing the fourth republican debate featuring two fewer candidates on the main stage. christie and huckabee did not have enough support so they'll be relegated to the undercard debate. >> if i'd had as much time to talk in the first three debates as the other kand dailts i would probably be on the stage. >> doesn't mean a whole lot of everything. we'll be debating on tuesday night. i'll be talking about the things i want to talk about and, you know, national poll that is one snapshot in time means nothing to me. i'll go there and debate and as soon as i leave, i'll go to iowa and get back to work. >> christie and huckabee go to
11:20 am
the undercard. the undercard is losing two familiar faces, though. graham of south carolina, former new york governor pataki are out because they could not meet the required polling support to make it to the stage at all. dave weigel covers politics for "the washington post." good the see you, dave. how did we go from the republicans unified about the debates to change to actually seeing we're losing candidates from the debate stages? >> it's all about the leverage and the network have the leverage have the rules. keep in mind, fox business debate is one that at the sunday meeting of the campaigns minus fiorina, it was one they agreed they didn't have time to mess with and then fox didn't mess with them. there's not really any voice or any time able to change the way that the debate is going to work. >> christie is going up in the polling in new hampshire. he points that out. is it fair to make the
11:21 am
determination cutoff on national poll figures than the primary state polling? >> i don't envy them making the decisions but there's a strong argument to say a national poll pinging people in north dakota and california and states not having an important say in the process, that it's not fair to include all that in making the determination. you have in iowa, huckabee who won the caucus in 2008 relegated to a lower stage doing better than john kasich, someone like carly fiorina plunging since her performance a month ago included in these. you have kasich who stumbled not really with any one mistake in new hampshire but fallen a bit and christie is rising and not reflected in this and there's a good question about whether the state polls which are actually probably more scientific given how much bigger the sample is given the population and whether they're underrated in the process. >> one thing, too, dave, i'm
11:22 am
sure you're watching the undercard debate before the big debate, i'll miss seeing graham. i was entertained, informed and a very compelling figure on the debate stages in the undercard debate and i think his voice will be missed. >> you're not alone there. the leading campaigns, the exception of donald trump wanted graham elevated in the debate far number of reasons. they personally like the guy and thought he would be a good role in undercutting trump, undercutting some of the i'd say even rand paul's foreign policy and talking to graham this week, he was saying he won't leave until he gets a chance to stage on stage with trump and call him to account. he's got further from the goal than ever before but a lot of people running for this really would prefer graham be on the stage than one of the other candidates who's muddling throu through. >> donald trump sent a tweet saying a good idea and fair to include christie and huckabee in
11:23 am
the debate, both solid and good guys at fox business. >> right. >> so again, they're going to be in the undercard debate. the roommate for them by the fact that pataki and graham are out. do you think it changes the dynamics of them to rise back up and actually have more time to get their message across to have their substance heard as opposed to dealing with style issues of being the loudest on the stage? >> well, again, christie's answer was very telling in saying that he is going to go to iowa and make the case. the voters of iowa, new hampshire who have been hardened and sensitized by years of being important in the process, they're susceptible to the argument of big cable networks, big parties cutting out of the voice to listen to them and i think huckabee makes that argument in iowa and christie in iowa and new hampshire and say, all right, i was kicked off the debate stage and you know the process is unfair. what i care about is you. i don't know if that's better than being on stage but an argument to make sense because
11:24 am
both of them are very popular in the states where they campaign the most. >> just to point out, the campaigns that were coa lesing for a demands to those hosting debates fell by the wayside and no demands presented. correct? >> well, don't trump upset that by pulling out of the process. all of the demands supposed to be built for the debate hosted by next by cnn. i think it's not dead but it could come out again. donald trump leaving the discussions through his campaign hurt that and you'll hear the campaigns negotiate and it depends on fox business handling this, frankly. >> nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> chris christie is joining kate snow coming up in the 3:00 p.m. hour and we encourage you to stay tuned for that. do not miss it. coming um, we have this heartwrenching story out of chicago. a 9-year-old boy lured out of a park and murdered.
11:25 am
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new details come to light in the death investigation of lieutenant joseph gliniewicz the police officer who investigators say staged his own suicide. personnel records show numerous complaints that fellow officers lodged against him and include inappropriate sexual behavior, using a squad car for a family vacation and letting members of a youth program operate department vehicles. we have an incredible story out of ohio. a boy missing over a decade is found alive. frances is back now with more in that case. frances? >> optimism story here. his mother said she never gave up hope of finding him even after 13 years and hundreds of miles. stephanie gosk reports, it is
11:29 am
how he was found that's so remarkable. >> reporter: julian hernandez was on a missing children's list for more than a decade. authorities guessing what he might look like. alabama investigators following every dead end lead. >> never closed. it was a cold case. every time we got a tip, we followed up on it. with a lead, we followed up and didn't pan out so the case was never closed. >> reporter: today his father bobby hernandez sits in an ohio jail accused of abducting his own son. >> speculation is that maybe that was bobby hernandez who was calling in those tips. to try to divert investigation. >> reporter: julian disappeared in 2002 from his alabama home. his parents were unmarried and his father quickly became a suspect. but father and son slipped away some 600 miles to cleveland and assumed false names. police say julian had no idea who he really was. >> 12, 13 years without knowing
11:30 am
his own history, he was a victim of a crime and that someone was out there looking for him. >> reporter: a high school senior and a good student, julian was applying to colleges when the prosecutor says he ran into problems with his social security number. school officials and the 18-year-old put the pieces together and discovered julian's true identity. bobby hernandez was arrested. >> i think he understands the gravity of the situation and i think he'll fully cooperate to resolve it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the mother says our family was overjoyed this week to locate julian and learn that he is safe. the alabama prosecutor says mother and son have spoken, planning the next steps before a long awaited reunion. >> that was stephanie gos b reporting and in the statement from julian hernandez, he writes, please, no more cameras or reporters sneaking into my school or showing up at my house
11:31 am
and no more microphones in my face. i just want to be left alone. bobby hernandez is being held in ohio on a $250,000 bond. he will have to be extradited to alabama to face the charges of interfering with child custody. hernandez's lawyer say it is client has had no contact with his son, thomas? >> wow. amazing story. there. thank you. we have breaking news about hillary clinton unveiling the criminal justice plan. msnbc's ari melber next to talk about the highlights of that. also ahead for you -- >> i'm under the impression -- >> may i finish the -- may i finish the answer to the question that michelle asked? >> carly fiorina facing off with the panelists of "the view." the presidential candidate talks women's issues and the 2016 race. plus update you on breaking nulls from the homeland security department announcing increased security for certain foreign airports. a former commercial pilot joins me to talk about what these
11:32 am
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11:35 am
welcome back, everybody. breaking news in 2016 politics. ahead of tonight's first in the south democratic forum hillary clinton just released new parts of the criminal justice reform plan. joining me now msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber. that is week after releasing other parts of the plan. what's included and then is there any correlation to what we're seeing from president obama? >> there is a huge correlation. you put your finger on it. i spoke with the clinton administration folks today and outlines new plans that cut mandatory minimum prison sentences and blamed for that spike in prison population and cutting the punishment for non ni violent sentences. the three strikes was a clinton administration plan saying this
11:36 am
year, bill clinton, that he regrets it and made the problem worse. today, hillary clinton making it official. a total break with the clinton administration's approach to crime, basically saying we got too punitive in the country. incarcerated people for the wrong things and an embrace of president obama talking about just this week. >> ari, pretty amazing this is out, too, with the timing of the forum happening tonight. how much do you think rachel maddow will drill down on that? >> yeah. look. i spoke to an organizer today for black lives matter. that is good first step for hillary they said. they interrupted the speeches in both parties. clinton, sanders and republicans. so i can't predict better than anyone else what will happen tonight and i think it's fair to say that criminal yus tis reform has become an issue in both parties and especially on the democratic side as a point of
11:37 am
distinction and the clinton aides say you judge her by the record and comparisons to bill clinton and make that point and saying on the record they think she has much more to offer than bernie sanders. >> well, also, the record and the vision she is forecasting for the future as potentially the leader of the country. ari melber, thank you. >> you got it. moving on to republican presidential candidate carly fiorina joined the ladies of "the view" and she clashed with the comments and jokes about her face after the last debate. which is quite a contrast to how they defended her after donald trump's that face comment and goldberg asked fiorina if she would build a thicker skin. >> if you meant your comment about my face being demented and a halloween mask humorous, so be it. i guess you misinterpreted the donald trump comments about my face and thought they weren't
11:38 am
humorous and took him to task. >> he is running for president of the united states and he was making a nasty comment. we are comedians here. i make fun of hillary's pantsuits and hillary's husband's sex life. john boehner's tan. i don't understand why any politician is exempt from my jokes. >> i'm joined now by michelle bernard of the bernard center for women politics and public policy. i lovejoy behar and an interesting perspective on things but did she step in it or what? seems like she is trying to explain away what she was taking donald trump to task for. you can't say it but it's okay if i say it. which is wrong. >> it is -- it is so difficult just even watching the interview on "the view" this morning. i find very, very difficult. it's a double-edged sword for everyone involved. you have carly fiorina who donald trump took a shot at and
11:39 am
the ladies of "the view" took a shot at her and the same person a few years ago caught making fun of bah bra boxer's hair and basically doing to another woman what she has accused others of doing to her and she later apologized for it and was sin veer i believe in saying that what she did was wrong and she would never do it again. i actually, thomas, i think, you know, you and i might have to agree to disagree. i any joy is kind of right when i heard them say that she was demented and a halloween mask. i thought this is improper and not doing it and i realized that they're comedians. it is a little bit different. it is a slippery slope. it's difficult particularly when it's women against women and people love a good quote/unquote cat fight. nobody wants to see that on television. i don't. others like that. >> but, michelle, if they hadn't
11:40 am
come to her defense -- >> yeah. >> -- over donald trump making that remark about that face and then carly fiorina having that moment saying i think the women across america know what donald trump was talking about or something to that affect and underhandedly took him out at the knees about that remark -- >> yeah. >> they defended her about that. they took trump to task over that. why do they gate pass on using the same type of schoolyard tactics to make fun of her looks and appearance and get away with it? i don't understand. >> you know, i don't -- i don't think i would argue that they get a pass. i would argue that this is -- it is a difficult issue. it is quite amal gous to how african-americans use the n-word and say you cannot use the n-word. there's a place for it appropriate and a place for it when it's inappropriate. i'm not saying that what they did at "the view" is 100%
11:41 am
appropriate but it's judged differently because they're comedians and sometimes what they say is funny, sometimes it is not funny. >> if it is not funny and hurtful -- do you think that, you know, as carly fiorina did in making that apology to senator boxer, do you think that they might in hindsight look back on this and be like, you know what? maybe we owe her an apology. >> absolutely. absolutely. one of the things i thought about immediately seeing this feud going back and forth is you'll recall, thomas, you know, in hillary clinton in one of the books talked about the fact that the obama campaign wanted when tore say negative things of sarah palin in 2008 and she refused to do it because both of them are women and nothing to do with partisanship but it had to do with the fact they were women. no one should talk about hillary clinton's roots or cleavage or how is sarah palin president with so many children? you know? which is what we heard in 2008 and i think the women of "the
11:42 am
view" look at this and say, you know what? it was out of taste and never doing that to another woman again. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. now to other big stories that caught our eye today a. terminally ill "star wars" fan got his wish. the director sent an unedited version of "the force awakens" for him and his wife to watch in the home. they started a social media campaign to get an advance screening and luke skywalker himself tweeted his support. very cool. speaking of the force -- ♪ all right. you get the point here. 7-year-old ryan, huge fan of the dark lord villain and you hear the mini darth vader kild it playing the imperial march on his cello. emirates airlines back at it
11:43 am
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welcome back, everybody. new developments today from the plane crash that killed 224 people in egypt last week. we have the department of homeland security announcing enhanced security measures at a number of foreign airports, especially those that are last point of departure for people traveling from the middle east to the u.s. with me is anthony roman, an investigation analyst and former commercial pilot. anthony, good to see you. so let's talk about this. do you think that these security measures go far enough? again, these are from the department of homeland security to foreign airports that have inbound flights coming the u.s. >> you know, i'm afraid they don't, thomas. i'm not thrilled with the security that's being provided at international airports both domestically in the united states and overseas in europe and other international airports
11:48 am
and other countries. i've seen major flaws. we have seen major failures in audit, technology, in basic screening procedures such as patdowns. a year or so ago several hundred loaded semiautomatic weapons were loaded into the passenger compartment of a major airliner in atlanta hartsfield and within the cargo hold and that smuggling operation of moving these weapons to chicago and new york was happening far period of two years. now, naturally tsa looked at the problem and enacted some new security procedures but there are still major flaws in training, in initiative, in technology that need to be addressed. i don't know how we're helping anyone overseas when we have inadequate security at our own airports. >> that's a great point back here at home because how do we insert ourselves into security situations overseas for proper
11:49 am
regulation, at least to the safety precautions that we would like to see here at home? how do we insert ourselves in that situation? >> international airports, they want to fly to the united states. we are an attractive destination for both business and tourism. so any airline, any airport that's going to have the united states as a destination is required to comply with tsa security measures. so we do have a significant influence on these airports and security officials there. if we say and we believe that their security is inadequate and not cooperating, we can prevent those foreign flights from coming to the u.s. and stop domestic flights from going there. so we exert the influence. my problem and our problem is that we're not doing a great job at home and that has to change.
11:50 am
>> anthony, thank you for your insight. appreciate it. thank you. we turn to this story out of chicago. a 9-year-old boy lured out of a park and murdered. why police say that he was specifically targeted.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
so these are pictures of chicago where first responders on the scene of a reported shooting outside of a school. chicago pd will hold a news conference at 3:00 p.m. local time and that shooting comes on the heels of several shootings that have rocked that city. one of the most recent a 9-year-old boy who police say was lured from a park to his death in a grizzly alleyway murder. >> probably the most abhorrent, cowardly unfathomable crime in 35 years. >> this was not drive by. not a spray of bullets. a baby was executed. >> so they say that shawn lee
11:54 am
targeted because of his dad and the dad's ties to a rival gang. there have been 421 recorded homicides since the start of the year, 14 less than that of last year. but this one gaining so many headlines because of the horrific nature of the crime against such a young child. andy grim is a reporter with "chicago sun times." there's a record for information leading to the arrest of the killer or killers. explain where police are in the investigation. >> well, press conference yesterday chief mccarthy said they know who did it. they believe they know who did it and just need that tip to the community as he said put them over the tip and bring charges against someone. >> we see on this reward poster where it says tyshawn's name and then break the code of silence. talk about the code of silence and the fact that the dad in all of this feels as if he knows who is responsible for this but
11:55 am
won't cooperate with police. >> well, i should say that i spoke with the father yesterday and he spoke to the press and he is adamant he does not know who did this and has no idea, has no information to give to the police. but chief mccarthy, again, was very pointedly said that he's not been helpful and, in fact, refused to speak to police at least two occasions. yesterday the tyshawn's father showed up at the press conference after the chief left. spoke to press and police brass and apparently supposed to come in for an interview with police this morning and was a no-show according to our police reporter. >> what is the theory, andy, of who is responsible for this? >> the chief pointed to a series of seemingly escalating violence between two rival gangs, there are large gangs in chicago and these are smaller factions of the gangster disciples and the black pea stones. yeah. they said that it dates back to
11:56 am
august and in october so just a few weeks before tyshawn was killed, a pair of homicides involving gang related shootings in one case a gang member was killed, shot in his car when he was with his mother. >> so -- >> wounded in the shooting. >> again, a reward being offered for information leading to an arrest for the killer or killers in tyshawn lee's death. thank you for your time. >> thank you, thomas. >> absolutely. that wraps things up for today's show. see you back here on monday. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. kate snow picks up the coverage next and she is going to be joined by presidential candidate new jersey governor christie. keep it locked here.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
here with us. what will the republican candidate and outspoken new jersey governor have to say about being edged off the main debate stage? we'll ask him about that and also his moving comments of addiction that have gone viral. plus, questions for carson. his campaign acknowledging he never actually applied to west point. even though he has said he was offered a scholarship. and msnbc's democratic presidential candidates forum now just a few hours away. former south carolina governor jim hodges, bernie sanders campaign manager, steve kornacki, all joining us in the hours ahead. we begin with ben carson who's facing increased scrutiny of his past today after a politico report. nbc news confirmed with ben carson's campaign he never sought admission to west point. even though he repeatedly said he had received a scholarship to the academy. here he is on "charlie rose" on october 9th.


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