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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 7, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." new evidence today on what caused that russian plane to fall out of the sky. and it could point even more to terror. officials say isis chatter after the crash may hold clues. what you're not going to find with me is somebody who's going to sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on. and the american people are waking up to your games. >> defending his life, ben carson gets in a contentious back and forth with the media about some claims he's made about his past. why does he think all this could help him? and meanwhile, a southern
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swing for the democrats facing tough questions in the south carolina presidential forum. did anyone come out a clear winner? rejecting the keystone pipeline, we'll look at some of the critical factors that may have led to the decision and the timing of the announcement. another good morning to all of you. we have new developments in the crash of the metrojet airliner in egypt. u.s. officials tell nbc news intelligence intercepts picked up chatter between isis forces in sinai. now, nbc news has confirmed that the u.s. intelligence community intercept a signal from an isis affiliated group prior to the crash that warned of quote, something big in the area. egyptian officials confirmed the cockpit voice recorder from the airbus a-321 is in working
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order. the black box data points to an explosion on board the flight, however, this still does not answer the question as to whether a bomb or some other catastrophic failure was to blame for the crash. the u.s. department of homeland security says it will put a series of security enhancements in place in certain foreign airports in the region. the measures will be taken in consultation with the foreign governments there. we have two reports on this for you. am am amin, we'll reach out to you first. let's get the latest on the investigation. what do you know? >> well, we are expecting an announcement from the aviation administration. this came after news that egyptian -- to actually recover that cockpit recorder and determined that it is in fact usable. there was some speculation early
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on following the crash, ones that the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were recovered -- would be heavily damaged and would have to be transported out of to country for further analysis. egyptian officials believe they have a working cockpit recorder. they have analyzed it and perhaps we'll learn what the content of that was later in today's press conference. however, there's some sharp criticism coming up from the egyptian foreign minister. he's been somewhat critical today, according to reuters. the foreign minister said that some countries were not sharing the intelligence as to what they may have had to suggest it was downed as a result of the terrorist attack. egypt is still on the defensive. they held their ground saying that the evidence so far remains inconclusive to determine whether or not it was a terrorist attack or whether or not it was some other possibility. despite the fact that the growing evidence in western
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capitals suggest that it was a terrorist bomb. on the ground operations still very much ongoing to try and get many of those tourists in sharm el sheikh back home. we know that russia now one of the countries -- >> all right. well, we have had a bit of difficulty as you can tell for yourself, but we got the gist of it there. let's continue the conversation with colonel jack jacobs. first of all, colonel, how difficult would it be for someone to put a bomb in the baggage area of the plane? >> incredibly easy. think of all the people crawling all over the airplane when it's on the ground, before or after the passengers load. caterers. fuel people. baggage handlers. maintenance people. i mean, are these people scrutinized thoroughly? probably not. almost assuredly not in foreign countries. it's really easy -- they're all
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invisible so it's real easy for these people to do something. >> granted, you're not a member of the tsa, but we're talking foreign airports. don't they have the control over the security measures? i mean, how much can dhs influence? >> very little. don't forget a lot of the things are performed by contractors and sub contractors. you have to do background investigations of everybody. you have to have cct all over the place all the time and monitor it continuously. it's -- it's a lot of eye wash to be honest with you. no way they'll guarantee that any airplane anywhere particularly some place other than the united states is going to be totally safe. >> we hear isis mentioned over and over again. whether it be the chatter or something that was prior to this investigation, confirmed not at all. but if isis is behind this, how does it change the u.s. tactics in fighting isis? >> i think it doesn't because i think what we're doing at the moment is trying to fight a fragmented organization that's
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dispersed over a wide variety of areas over the middle east. the headquarters of isis doesn't exist in the same way that the headquarters of al qaeda existed. the chain of command is tenuous. extremely difficult to supervise all the people. we won't change what we're do g doing. the president has decided that what we'll do is stay there for a while and leave and that's exactly what we'll do. >> all right. colonel jack, thanks so much. later on this hour, former cia director james woolsey. we'll get his take on the investigation and the implications if indeed isis is behind this incident. let's go to politics and a combative ben carson responding to criticism about his life story during a news conference in florida last night. >> what it shows in these kind -- these kind of things show, there's a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish me because they have been looking through everything. they have been talking to
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everybody i have ever known. it's got to be a scandal. there's got to be a nurse he's had an affair with. there's got to be something. they are getting desperate. so next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants. it's just ridiculous, but it's okay because i totally expect it. >> we'll have more of his reaction later on this hour. meanwhile, there's growing outrage as donald trump prepares to host "saturday night live" tonight. protesters are once expected to rally outside of nbc headquarters to pressure executives to cancel him. and a bit later this morning, democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they will be holding separate events in south carolina. after participating in msnbc's south in the forum last night. they sat down with rachel maddow and they talked about a wide range of issues including racism and criminal justice reform. and hillary clinton talked about
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meeting with the mothers of trayvon martin. >> in our streets as i was sitting in that meeting listening to the pain and the anguish of the mothers to talking to me a 9-year-old boy in chicago on his way his grandmother's house, holding his basketball which he took everywhere with him, he was lured into the alley and shot. he was assassinated because of some kind of gang related feud involving apparently his father. this has to end. >> i think it's appalling the -- this move to for profit prisons in our country. i think it's immoral, i think it's wrong. >> i was there with martin luther king, jr., dr. king, in the march on washington. so i have a long history, but more importantly, i think i have the economic and social justice agenda now that once we get the word out, will in fact resonate with the african-american community. >> well, joining me from orange
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burg, south carolina, is msnbc's alex sites wald. it wasn't a debate last night, but if we need to say someone won, who do you think would be -- would be the top person last night? >> well, i think the format really let each of the candidates highlight their biggest strengths. for bernie sanders, it was foreign policy. we haven't heard a whole lot from him on that, but rachel maddow pressed him on iraq and isis and he said he did not agree with the president on sending special forces there. he didn't want to get involved in another quagmire there. and for hillary clinton, rachel maddow said she took money from goldman sachs but she cannot be bought and she supports a bill to limit the influence of those. and martin o'malley, he thinks he has a chance now that the
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field has winnowed down to the three of them to break through. if anybody you know outperformed expectations i think it was martin o'malley. he had a strong moment. he looked smart. he looked funny. he looked capable in a way that we haven't seen him before when he's kind of disappeared on previous stages. i talked to him after the event and he said that last night will be a very, very important event in the strength of his career. i think it was the best 20 minutes of his campaign thus far. >> i did not know what you were going to say and i have to say, i couldn't agree more. i watched it and i thought, what i took away was i want to hear more now from martin o'malley. he had that spotlight and it was terrific. and the title of the article that you wrote, that bernie sanders shows his softer side. he did that as well. even though he was at his typical high volume pitch for sure. but let's talk about the agenda for the candidates today. what's on tap for that? >> well, if you're a democrat and you're running in south
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carolina it's all about winning the african-american vote. in 2008, 57% of the people who turned out to vote in the primary here were african-american. so hillary clinton is here at the historically black college in orange burg which is a very important place to win as a democrat. 62% african-american in the country. so she's going to be really leaning in to some of the issues that you talked about in the set-up there, alex. criminal justice reform. her meeting with the family of -- families of people killed in gun violence and killed by police violence. yesterday she wrote an op-ed in "ebony" magazine writing about needing to commit to communities of color. bernie sanders is doing the same thing in a different part of the state. he's rolling out a leadership team that will include black lives matter activists and civil rights activists and he hopes to introduce himself to the community that he's unknown in otherwise, alex. >> all right, thank you for that. and for all of you in just
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the next hour, we'll have re-airing of the first in the south democratics forum. other news now, two officers are arrested in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old boy during a car chase. jeremy martus was killed and his father was injured when they opened fire. the two officers were booked on charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. >> i can tell you as a father it was one of the most disturbing things i witnessed. he didn't deserve to die like that. that's what's important. that little boy was buckled in the front seat of that vehicle and that was how he died. >> the shooting is still under investigation but authorities say no weapon was found in that vehicle. an historic hand shake for the leaders of taiwan and china.
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they met for the first time in of 6 years but the -- 66 years but it's symbolic. one of the largest wildfires in history is finally out, after three months the officials said they have extinguished the fire in the sequoia national forest. let's go now to the weather. take a look at the massive storm clouds over sydney, australia. look at that. it's actually pretty beautiful. but they certainly unleashed heavy rains and thunderstorms. officials said there were no reports of major damage. for more on the weather in the u.s., here's reynolds wolf. >> alex, my friend, not the best forecast for you in the deep south. they need a break from the rain. scattered showers can be expected from the gulf coast, carolinas, alabama, mississippi. rainy story that you can expect for today and we'll see it drip
4:14 am
on into tomorrow too. although not quite as widespread, but still for much of georgia it's umbrella city for you. parts of florida, same deal. the question is how much rain are you going to get? that depends on where you happen to be. some places could get one to two inches of rainfall. other places, two to three. that's the story through monday. meanwhile, got some rain moving on the i-5 corridor and high above up in the mountains, a touch of snowfall. wind could be strong at times too. if you want a good story, this is fantastic. what are you seeing up in tahoe, sierra nevada? you need the snow, that's wonderful. but however, what you're feeling across the southwest and including the l.a. basin, wow, this wind is awfully strong. wind advisory can be expected all the way from santa clarita and es condee toe. back to you. >> i love the snow. they opened the ski lifts at
4:15 am
mammoth. a massive nude photo scandal rocks a colorado high school. how the teens involved could be punished. the american people are waking up to your games. >> and ben carson is pushing back. how he's responding to reports he misrepresented parts of his past.
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you look at one of the websites that west point has today, it says government offered full scholarship to west point. so they use that very language themselves. but the situation -- >> did you understand it at the time? did you apply? >> it didn't go to that extent because they were very impressed with what i had done. >> so that's ben carson last
4:19 am
night pushing back on new reports that suggest he misrepresented parts of his past. joining me now, philip bump, political reporter. is the reason to believe that carson purposefully misrepresented himself or is he just misinterpreting a west point offer? >> honestly, it's very hard to say. this is something that occurred a very long time ago as carson likes to point out. i think the question here is over the course of the past week or so, this is sort of the culmination of a week of people look at ben carson's story which is central to his candidacy. how he came from poverty to brain surgery. people are looking at the details of that story and raising some questions. i think this west point issue is fascinating in part because of how it contrasts ben carson in the media as much as it contrasts what he says with what he said now as then. it seems as though someone said you could probably get into west
4:20 am
point and he massaged that into, yes, i was offered a position at west point in way that's not too uncommon. but it's different when you're running for president. >> exactly. but to your point about his relationship with the media, let's play this. take a listen. >> all of you guys try to pile on is actually going to help me. because when i go out to these book signings, i see these thousands of people, they say don't let the media get you down. don't let them disturb you. see, they understand that this is a witch-hunt. >> do you think he's right? is this going to help him with the republican primary voters? >> i don't think it will hurt him. we saw in the cnbc debate, the tone shifted and there was an attack on the media. and, you know, this is unfair. so on and so forth. it's been over the course of the several years there's been a shift in the way that the republican party deals with the media. it is advantageous to have a confrontational relationship with the media. i think ben carson is very aware of that. he tried to use that during the
4:21 am
cnbc debate to rebut some valid questions and i think that that strategy is not going to hurt him here. >> well, looking ahead to the next debate, we know that chris christie, mike huckabee, they were put down to the kid's table. if you will. they were taken off the main stage there. how surprising is that and who do you think is most likely to be hurt by this and who stands the ghoemost? >> it's not terribly surprising. is this going to hurt their chances and so on, but they were in three debates including three very heavily watched debates in which they had a chance to make a statement and convince voters and didn't do so. they're still polling above 2% after the debates so i think it's fair to suggest they'll be particularly hurt by not being in the debate. it doesn't do them any good, but it's disingenuous for people supporting them to say they're in deep trouble.
4:22 am
but the point is they were in deep trouble. >> the president rejected the keystone pipeline proposal early yesterday afternoon. that ended a seven-year review of this project. i know that you write about it with some very interesting perspective on the timing of the announcement so why now? >> well, i think "the washington post" actually had a story last night that said he made this decision in 2013. but had to go through the continuing review process that was undergoing at the state department. i think why now is two reasons. first of all, a big climate talk is coming up in paris at the end of the month. he wants to walk in there, hey, we're taking real action on climate change. i think he did want to wait until after the most recent elections to make sure there were no further elections ahead of him. he sees this as part of his legacy, so i think it was important for him to build this complete package of things he's done on the climate change, that he can then present and say, look, i'm the first president to deal with this. >> okay. philip bump, thank you. why you may never hear another commercial about buy one, get three free. won for earning a living.
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in today's three big money headlines, october surprise, senior helper and bank withdrawls. joining me to break it down, "usa today" contributor, regina lewis. let's go to the october surprise and the far reaching implications. >> 271,000 jobs added. the biggest monthly number of the year and well above what the fed has indicated it might take for them to raise interest rates come the mid december meeting that brings the average for the year to 206,000. if you look at it since january, you see a relatively steady increase in the unemployment rate currently 5% and decreasing over the course of the year since january. >> okay. good news there. let's go to senior helper. what's the proposal that could benefit the bottom line of retirees? >> well, elizabeth warren has a proposal which is a one time emergency benefit increase to seniors. 70 million some of them
4:27 am
veterans. here's how she came up with the number and the reasoning behind it. social security is linked to the cost of goods and services and this year there was a decline because of gas prices. so the cost overall have gone down. except that seniors don't drive that much. 70% of them -- two-thirds of the 70 million are really reliant on social security for putting food on the table, paying the utilities. she came one the 3.9% number by taking the average raise that the top 350 ceos got last year. because the top 350 ceos made $16.3 million with a raise of $600,000 and then she says we can pay for it by taking out the tax loophole that allows corporations to take a tax deduction for bonuses over $1 million by calling it performance based pay and then the next thing you know those 70 million people get 600 bucks. >> okay. that's kind of complicated. >> amazing. >> that is. i get that. how about bank withdrawals?
4:28 am
is there some major clothiers regretting the end of the big deals? >> well, so joseph a. banks famous for the buy one suit, get three free, it didn't help when "snl" did a clever skit you can find online suggesting that they're so cheap and absorbent, that you should use them instead of paper towels. here's the ad, this is the last time they offer that deal. i think they're affected by the deal -- i don't know people who need four suits anymore and headed into the retail sector for the holiday season is expected to be price sensitive. while the skit is hysterical, their sales numbers are declining 15%, less funny. >> you know it has been what they're known for. thank you very much. good to see you. what caused that russian plane to crash killing everyone on board? coming up new developments in the investigation as concerns
4:29 am
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." new developments today in the investigation into the crash of a russian airliner in the sinai desert. all 224 people aboard were killed. u.s. officials tell nbc news intelligence intercepts picked up chatter between isis forces in sinai and leadership in syria. the group was clearly celebrating the crash. nbc's bill neely is in the red sea resort of sharm el sheikh from where that metro flight originated. bill, welcome to you. what's the latest on investigation from there? >> yes, good morning, alex. first of all, lots of stranded tourists here and at least 93 russian planes are now on stand-by to fly here and take
4:33 am
home those 50,000 stranded russian tourists. quite extraordinary numbers. there are also 20,000 british holiday makers, so a mass exodus from here after a crash that is increasingly looking like mass murder. the plane's flight recorders revealing such a violent and sudden event that investigators can't find anything mechanical to match it. a child's book amid the wreckage of the crash french investigators are now convinced was not caused by a technical failure. sources told french media that on the cockpit voice recorder, the sound of an explosion could be heard. before that the cockpit was absolutely normal. with no technical failure recorded on the second black box until the moment of the explosion. this doesn't solve what caused it. >> it could have been an explosive device put on the
4:34 am
aircraft or the sound of the aircraft going through what we call an explosive decompression. >> reporter: but u.s. officials tell nbc news that intelligence intercepts reveal isis fighters in sinai promising something big before the crash, then bragging just after it to their leaders in syria that they had taken down the plane. the growing suspicion that it might be a bomb has convinced russia to stop all flights to egypt. 50,000 russian tourists now in sharm el sheikh where the plane took off. it was its intelligence chief who recommended russian planes stop flying here. president putin agreed. intelligence shared with the russians by the u.s. and britain almost unprecedented. we still don't know what that intelligence is. british officials now believe a bomb may have been put in the cargo hold, inside or on top of luggage. airport workers and their equipment thoroughly searched while we filmed, but suspicion
4:35 am
is falling on staff and lax security here. egyptian security officials are still searching an airport now under intense scrutiny. in a region where isis is known to operate. tourists, the victims, and tourists trapped here. tens of thousands of them now waiting to be evacuated home. well, in a few hours' time there will be a major statement from egypt which is leading the investigation. remember, no one is ruling out the possibility of mechanical failure and i don't believe the egyptians will, but more and more evidence, alex, is pointing to terrorism. back to you. >> all right, bill neely, thank you from sharm el sheikh. let's bring in our james woolsey, former director of central intelligence under bill clinton. he's the chancellor for the world politics. thank you so much for joining me. i know you're listening to bill neely's report.
4:36 am
what is your main take away on the investigation? do you have any conclusions you can draw? >> very hard to get away from the very high likelihood that this was terrorism. it's not absolutely certain, nothing is absolutely certain in this part of the world. but everything is pointing toward terrorism. the thing that americans may want to spend some time concentrating on, is the chance it could happen in the united states. and the way it could is if somebody who worked in an airport was able to get something into a baggage section or whatever. and we are now hiring airport workers without vetting them. they just have the kind of visas that agricultural workers have. it's a lot easier to cause devastation if you work inside a hangar at an airport with airliners than if you are in the middle of the wheat field. so -- >> sir, may i ask you, what
4:37 am
you -- we are now hiring employees without vetting them. does that mean that we previously vetted them and something has stepped back or no? >> well, previously, they were largely american citizens and often came -- were people who would let's say worked for the city and on a part-time basis worked for the airport. what's happened now, is that a company called iss that employees very large numbers of foreign nationals who are not vetted has been winning contracts and for maintenance and for custodial care of the buildings and so forth. and the system is not letting them be vetted. so they're coming in with essentially no clearance at all. just worker visas like agricultural workers. >> well, it could be more
4:38 am
important that you're highlighting this point and that some action be taken to examine what you're saying, sir. with regard to what bill neely was talking about, a bomb in the cargo hold, that's possible. is there any reason to believe that isis could undertake such an attack on a u.s. airliner, either overseas or here in the u.s.? >> sure, we recently had a jihadi who worked in the united states, i think it might have been in arizona, in an airport. went off to syria and got killed. there's -- it happens. and one needs to just be very careful on who you hire and how you vet them and what steps you go through in order to -- one cannot have no foreign workers work in airports, that's not the point. but you have to be careful about what you're doing and they're not being careful now. >> president obama in a radio interview on thursday as you
4:39 am
well know he was asked if he thought a bomb brought down the plane. let's listen to what he said. >> we're going to spend a lot of time just making sure that our own investigators and our own intelligence community figures out exactly what's going on before we make any definitive pronouncements but it's certainly possible a bomb was on board. >> when a president is willing to go that far, is there more to be read into it? >> quite possibility. i would imagine that the people working on this in the u.s. government if we look at the leaks as well as the statements, there's almost nobody taking the position that it is likely to have been a technical failure or much less a missile because this plane was flying at 30, 35,000 feet and the shoulder held missiles that the terrorists have don't get up that high. so there's -- and the explosives it looks like the blast occurred in the plane and so all the
4:40 am
blast is taking shards and so forth out rather than the blast having occurred outside the plane as it would with an attack let's say by a missile. and blowing the shards inward. so it looks -- nothing is absolutely certain, especially in this part of the world. but 90%, i would say. >> so if it's determined ultimately that a bomb brought down this metrojet and that isis is responsible, what are the implications? how does that change the u.s. approach to isis and the threat it poses? >> i don't think it changes our approach. this caliphate and they want -- they want to be an empire. they don't want to be a group of just -- just a group of terrorists. they want to build an empire. as happened in the early days of islam and they're working hard at attracting people to their new state, to come as jihadis. i think that this has been clear for some time.
4:41 am
they are not the junior varsity that the president characterized them as a year or two ago. i think everybody agrees with that and understands that now. but it's a serious enemy and part of the reason there's such chaos in europe and to some degree chaos in our own immigration system is because of what's going on in syria and the middle east. the chaos there spreads around the world, it doesn't stop at the north atlantic and the pacific the way it used to. our oceans don't protect us the way they did many years ago. >> very quickly, the department of homeland security says they want to look at stepping up security at the airports. do they have the authority to do that in foreign airports? >> good question, they have to do it through a special arrangement with the countries where the airports exist. i'd be surprised if they could step in and do it. but airports do work together on this sort of thing all the time. so they probably have some way
4:42 am
they can persuade colleagues of other countries to work with them. >> all right, james woolsey, thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. fact checking ben carson's book. he calls it a media witch-hunt. might the latest findings solidify his support? ll, managee steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today.
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like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. to politics and more on the back and forth that ben carson had with the media late friday. essentially over the apparent offer from military academy, west point. chris jansing is following that story for us. >> reporter: good morning. ben carson is feeling the pressure of being on top of the polls. the very qualities that voters like best about him are under attack so last night he fought back at a contentious press conference. ben carson as we haven't seen him before. >> see, they understand that this is a witch-hunt. >> reporter: fiery and
4:46 am
combative, claiming voters are on his side against the media. >> you won't find someone who will sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on. >> reporter: carson is strongly denying reports he fabricated this key part of his life story. >> i was offered a full scholarship to west point. >> reporter: but west point never accepted carson and he acknowledges the offer wasn't anything formal. >> several of the high brass told me that i would be somebody they'd be interested in in the military. i interpreted it as an offer. >> reporter: this is isn't the first time he has been accused of embellishing. it's all a new level of scrutiny as carson shares front-runner status with donald trump, who didn't waste time tweeting about west point. wow, he wrote, one of many lies by ben carson. big story. chris christie weighed in too.
4:47 am
>> so dr. carson has to answer for it and answer to the voters and then they're going to decide whether that answer is sufficient or not. >> reporter: now carson's campaign suggests the competition is spreading lies. >> suddenly we're number one. there's a republican who's a very nervous who's passing out dirt all over town and having to defend this stuff. >> reporter: past controversies have only strengthedenned his support. >> he's cast himself as outsider, and this may feed into the narrative. >> reporter: i talked to a number of strategist who said there's risk in going after the most personally popular character in the race and jeb bush has called ben carson's story inspirational. >> well, we'll see how that plays out. chris jansing, thank you. let's bring in "newsweek" political correspondent emily kaday. i know you're covering the campaign as well and you wrote the cover story. it's quite extensive and really good, i might say. >> thank you. >> what do you make of the
4:48 am
controversy over the west point story? >> well, i think in the short term, as you said, this might not create a lot of problems for him in the primary. i think that there is a sense among a lot of republican voters that, you know, the media is out to get some of these guys, that they're biased, et cetera up. but i do think it raises some fundamental questions. his life story is a big part of his campaign. if he's exaggerating or embellishing this i know that the campaign is denying he outright fabricated it, but something doesn't match up here. you know, it's a chink in the armor, you see some other campaigns starting to circle, you know, a little bit over this. and i think it's going to -- it presages a lot more challenges he'll face. >> let's play more from last night's press conference and carson put the blame on the media. >> what you're not going to find with me is somebody who's just going to sit back and let you be
4:49 am
completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on. and the american people are waking up to your games. >> so what's he doing here? trying to appeal to his base's distaste for the media? >> yeah. we saw this in the cnbc debate as well. it's an easy tactic to take on the republican side, if you face tough questioning turn it on to the media. but i think that any candidate at this level is going to face scrutiny about their past and questions and if he doesn't want to answer those questions, if he's constantly deflecting on to the media, i think that at some point voters are going to stop and say, you know, like every other candidate faces these same types of questions. why does ben carson think he doesn't have to answer them? >> you write about carson's devotion to the seventh day adventist church. how much of the world view is based on his religious beliefs and the doctrines?
4:50 am
>> i think that's a large part of the whole world view. i think he's shaped very much not in the way he approaches politics, sort of the role of government, but how he thinks, you know, the history of the world some of the things he said about his world view is the literal interpretation of the bible. but he's always been able to reconcile both sides of those belief systems and they don't really have a problem with it, which i thought was interesting. >> he was the chief of neurosurgery, do they see a change in the ben carson they knew than ben carson the
4:51 am
candidate? >> i think there are things that are a little more eye opening that they wouldn't have attributed to them. some comments about muslims and --- >> the muslim one in particular saying that he believes that an american muslim president would have to adhere to his muslim point of view than christian. >> i think that he thinks that an american president would have to abide by sharia law rather than american law. a colorado high school football team has to for fit today's last game of the season all because of a sexting scandal. and now the photos could lead to felony charges. art is healthy eh for sex.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
a sexting scandal that
4:55 am
involved hundreds of nude photos at a colorado high school caused multiple suspensions and the forfeiture of a football game. >> what started as a game has taken a very serious turn. >> reporter: a colorado high school in crisis. nude and explicit photos of minors being collected and traded like baseball cards. >> it got into a little contest to see who could collect the most. >> of the 1,000 kids attending the high school, over a third are involved. at least one photoetoe was taken on school grounds. the police have launched an investigation that could take months. >> we do have a telephone with several hundred images on it.
4:56 am
>> reporter: authorities now have three cell phonism imagines and they say the kids were hiding the images using foetd toe aps on their phone s so parents don't suspect what's really inside. and the football team with was forced to for fit last night's final game because it's unclear how many of the players are implicated. those not involved feel unfairly punished. >> the two kids that rained it should. have ruined it for the entire team. >> the school once in contention for the state championship, now under investigation. >> and the charges these kids are facing, possessing and distributing child pornography, that's a serious felony, they could have to register as sex offenders. ---he wants to know if students
4:57 am
were co-coerced or bullied into sending some of the photos. that's a wrap of this weekends with alex witt.
4:58 am
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