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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 7, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PST

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dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. hello, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt" and we have breaking news this hour on the russian plane that crashed. we hear ing from the e egyptian officials who are investigating the plane crash and what they heard so far. we will not let you sit back and be completely unfair without letting the american people know what is going on. and the american people are waking up to your games. ben carson battles the mediaf after the gop frontrunner is confronted with claims about the past. reaction. >> and now, back on the campaign
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trail a day after the democratic southern forum and what did we learn from the candidates and did anybody come out a strong winner? and now, a sexting scandal in colorado. and now some officials could face some pretty substantial charges. at one minute past noon, we begin with the breaking news. e egyptian aviation officials are confirming certain details of a crash of a russian airliner which killed all 224 people aboard. the head of the panel investigating the crash said that all appeared to be operating normally until the plane appeared to break apart. >> the loss of recorded altitude is 30,000 feet and 888. still in climbing mode. last recorded air speed is 28 #
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-- 281 knots, and piet lot was engaged until the end of the recordings. >> we will go the abc's bill neely who is in sharm el sheikh, and, bill, welcome to you, and what else did we learn from the briefing bill? >> yes, hi, alex. a as we heard, there were a lot of numbers and detail, and it was significant, and this is the first time officially that the investigating committee, and mostly made up of egyptians have spoken and it is the first time that they gave us official confirmation of what we heard yesterday that there was a noise in the cockpit. he told us that the team consisted of 47 investigators, 29 of them from egypt and backed up by a huge technical team. he confirmed that the debris was scattered over a huge area, and that that scattering meant that the plane had in fact broken up in midair. again, something that was pretty much established some time ago. he talked about the black boxes,
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and this is really the only dramatic moment when he turned to what the black boxes contained. he talked about the cockpit voice recorder, as you will hear from the clip, he calls it the cvr. >> the cvr team is still in the phase of writing the transcripts which will take time to finalize. a noise was heard in the last second of the cvr recording. >> reporter: so he timed the noise at 23 minutes and 14 seconds exactly. that noise will now be analyzed microscopically, because within that noise, and it is obviously didn't last for very long, but within that noise, maybe the clue to the what caused this crash. there will be a difference between the noise caused by an explosive device and the noise caused for example by a fuel
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tank exploding. now that noise we heard yesterday from a leak from french investigators that the police believe that the noise was number one an explosion most likely caused by something other than technical or mechanical failure, and in other words, the phr french investigators are leaking to their media that they believe it is a bomb. now, he would not confirm that today and indeed, he spoke in a rather frustrated way about leaks to the need ya and intelligence out there that the investigating committee didn't know anything about, and he said, please, can you, any country that has information like this, give this information to the investigating committee. at one point briefly, he also spoke in arabic, and what he said there was interesting. again he said, we have made no conclusion about the evidence that we have so far, but he said for the first time he said that there are a number of scenarios including it could be lithium batteries from one of the passengers that has caused this
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explosion. it could be an explosion in the fuel tank and all scenarios are on the table and i cannot exclude anything. alex, interesting and a lot of detail, but as expected he came to no firm conclusion, and of course, the analysis of the noise will intensify and the search continues over that wide area. alex? >> extraordinary how the investigation is proceeding. bill e neely from sharm el sheikh, nbc reporter. >> and now, we go over to the transportation administration secretary, and i want to ask you about what bill was talking about, that explosion that the investiga investigators can actually detect the difference of the sound and a very brief sound we will expect, right, of an explosion from the fuel tank r versus a bomb versus even e throwing in the possibility of a lithium battery. >> right.
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what we are hearing here is uncertainty, and they are saying there was a explosion, and a small explosive device would have caused a a small explosion like that of the underwear bomber. and it reresults in the catastrophic failure of the airplane which is going to sound different from the explosion on twa flight. so there is a number of interpretations there. >> and so overall in the u.s., are there security measures in place to prevent a bomb from being planted on the bomb, and again, we are not saying that happened on this metro airline er. >> yes, the carry-on bags or the cargo that goes on most passenger flights in addition to the checked bags. so if we are going to be looking
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at the carry-on bags and the persons again going back to the christmas day bomber or the underwear bomber or the richard reid shoe bomber, it is what they got on, on the person, and there are procedures from preventing that from happen iin from the metallic eye tems such as guns and knives and nonmetallic like what happened on christmas day. every single bag goes flu the explosive system which automatically checks for any type of explosives. so there shouldn't -- >> well, i was speaking to james woolsley who talked about the subcontractors and the vetting process is not as thorough as he would like to see done there, and when you hire foreign workers who are coming through the foreign subcontracker or thes the security clearance is not necessarily what he would like to see. >> oh, clearly. i think that may be the answer here in this sharm el sheikh
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bombing if that is what it was again. because, we just don't have confidence in what the local authorities at the airport or frankly what the government had been doing as to the vetting, the assessing of those airport employees. so it is clearly one of the issues that authorities are looking to get at to see if isis or some other group infiltrated somebody in or something an airport worker took to a bribe to smuggle on the contraband or something, and didn't know that it was explosives and unwittingly facilitate a terrorist attack. >> and john, they say that the department of homeland security will put in enhancements in the rejun, and first of all, can the dhs do that because it is foreign airports and what kind of cooperation exists between the u.s. and the dhs and other airport officials? >> the u.s. has jurisdiction and responsibility for the airports
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that have non-stop passenger service to the u.s. there are 275 of those around the world. so the u.s. can act as a regulatory agency, and that is what tsa and others have the responsibility to do to enforce and require those 275 airports to have the same security protocols commensurate with those in the u.s. it is when we get out to the sharm el sheikhs and the hundreds of thousands of other airports around the world that we don't have confidence in, because we don't have the authority and responsibility to enforce those standards. so that is where it is problematic both for the passengers and for the checked bags and cargo. we are human, and five years ago we saw the yemen cargo put on planes that if it weren't for good intelligence, those would have erupted. >> and so, it is important for
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americans getting on planes that are non-stop destinations. >> and now, we will talk to a expert on whether he believes it is an act of politics. and a now, back to ben carson responding to investigation into his life story. >> what these kinds of things show is that there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish me, because they have been looking through everything. they have been talking to everybody i have ever contacted. there has to be a urs in, a scandal, a something. and then there was a kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants, and it is okay, because i totally expect i
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it. >> i hope they don't get a hold of that kindergarten teacher. and now more outrage as donald trump is expected to host "saturday night live." they are expected to rally outside of the studios here at the msnbc headquarters and la - last-minute pressure to have executives cancel him. and tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are holding separate events after participating in the msnbc first in the south forum, and sanders and martin o'malley sat down with my colleague rachel maddow and talked about wide range of issues including criminal justice reform and the fight of isis. >> what has gone on in recent years, whenever there is a problem around the world, the american troops and the american taxpayers, they will do it, and wrong. the whole world has to get involved in the coalition to take on isis and not just the united states. >> there are some really heinous crimes that are in my view still
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arguably should have the death penalty. >> and this move for for-profit prisons in our country is immoral and wrong. >> and o'malley who has yet to break out of the the single digits in polling a had th ingp response about the viability of his campaign. >> and only one of us has 15 years of executive experience and not just talking about the progressive thing, but actually getting the progressive things done. >> and joining me now from orangeburg, south carolina, is msnbc's alex siteswald, and is there a winner here? >> well, the format let each of the candidates shine, but if one candidate the outperformed, it was martin o'malley, because the expectations were low and when you are at 1%, there is nowhere to go but up. i do think that he is an undervalued stock right now, and he has not gotten that much attention, but now that there is three candidates in the race, he
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could be due for a moment. i talked to congressman james clyburn who is the most powerful democrat in the state, and he said that he thought that o'malley did well by himself. and one word of caution, this format was good for o'malley, and we have a debate coming up in a week, and he did not do well in the last debate and we will have have to see how it goes, and keep an eye on him, because this could be a new turning point for him, alex. >> and alex, you think if there is a bump, it would carry him through for the next debate but then all bet s as are off and at as if you start over again? >> well, look, a guy who has served two terms as the governor of maryland, the mayor of baltimore and if you tick down the list of policy items that the liberals are looking for, he is there on all of them, but not a chance to make the message shown. i talked to people who said they were discovering him, because he has not been able tot attract any crowd, but at the larger
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events to piggyback off of the enthusiasm from clinton and sanders and maybe get the message out, but we will have to see. >> and i agree with that assessment. and now, sanders and clinton had these events in south carolina, but what else is on the agenda? >> well, people are lined up to hear hillary clinton speed and this is a historically black college and the fourth one that she has done in the hbcu and orangeburg, south carolina, the county here, 62% african-americans, and no surprise that african-americans are key to winning the democratic presidential primary here, and one democrat said that the percentage of the primary could be 65%. that is huge. she is looning in to -- she is leaning into the ish ssue, and t to do with the justice reform system for criminals. and bernie sanders is rolling out a team that includes black lives matter activists, and
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others. and tomorrow, bernie sanders is haead ed to las vegas to talk about immigration, and to latinos and another key demographic in the race. but it is all leading up to the debate in des moines, the key state of iowa and sparks may fly there again. >> all right. alex seitz-wald, thank you so much. it is ben carson and he is against the media. he fights back that the media reported false facts about his past. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. watching fis great...ether ...but i think women would agree... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too.
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all of you guys trying to the pile on is actually going to help me, because when i go out to the book signingsb and i see the thousands of people, they say, don't let the media get you down. don't let them disturb you. please continue to fight for us. they understand that this is a witch hunt.
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joining me now is erin mcpike political reporter with reuters. good to is see you. >> you, too. >> and is dr. ben carson right that all of this is going to help him with the republican primary voters? >> i don't know that if it is going to help him, but i think that if anything, it won't necessarily hurt him with the supporters that he does have. that is the big thing right there. but as far as growing the support, i don't think it is going to help him as all. >> and so, you are to fix the ear peace, so we don't get the echo. >> okay. yes. >> and last night he said that president obama did not encounter that scrutiny, and is that the an a proech -- is that an approach that will resonate with anyone? >> people were fawning over barack obama when he was first running in 2007 and new and
9:20 am
exciting figure, and of course, as the democrat, he is making the case that the media is quite liberal and they didn't come down as hard on barack obama. it is a much different media environment that we are in eight years later, and that is part of it, but i think that if anything, the scrutiny is going to make a number of republican primary voters say, you know, he may not be ready. the other thing that i would add here is that campaigns generally do a lot of opposition research on themselves, and so that, and on their candidate so that they know what to anticipate and what might come up from the media, and it does not appear as if the carson campaign did much of that, because they weren't prepared for the answers, and the carson campaign and ben carson, himself, have offered some varying answers over the past two days on the things that are coming up right now. it shows you that he is not quite ready for the scrutiny and the spotlight that is coming. some of the other campaigns are in that boat as well. marco rubio as well, he was not ready for the missed vote story
9:21 am
to come up. they had done the research, because in the washington post story that came up recently, the rubio campaign provided the washington post with a number of committee hearings that he missed. so it seems that rubio is prepared on some level, but they didn't have the best response. in this case, the carson campaign was caught completely flat footed. >> in the tuesday debatee have chris christie and mike huckabee bumped from the main stage to the kids' table. and also, george pataki is not in any debate at all or bobby jindal. so who stands to gain the most? >> well, mike huckabee has not had a breakout moment. and it was 2008 that he looked at running again in 2012, but he has not broken out of the pack at all. and now, chris christie may have missed the moment and should
9:22 am
have run in 2012 as well, but he is beginning to move a little bit in new hampshire. it is -- there is some potential that this could help chris christie, because he could get more air time in the undercard debate, and maybe it helps him with the new hampshire voters. >> and remember, it happened with carly fiorina. >> and the same could happen with chris christie, because he is showing more fire in the debate, and maybe he could make another debate in the future if he does well in the undercard debate, but as far as mike huckabee is concerned, so many yah aye republican strategists say that he does not have the same strength that he has the same strength in iowa as he did in 2008 and an afterthought for many of the voters at this point. >> and erin mcpike, always so nice to talk to you. thank you very much. and coming up why a foreign intelligence officer says that the russian plane crash was k z caused by a terrorist attack. yea. okay, uh, may i?
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thanksgiving, but is listing the fattest states in america. the new analysis weighs 12 f factors and as a result, mississippi tops the scales. first in obesity and third in unhealthy habits. louisiana is second behind mississippi for obesity and west virginia is third overall, and first in unhealthy habits. on the lighter side, hawaii is the least obese state. and now, nielsen set out to find the most confident consumers in the world. you know where that is? india. that is where you will find the upswing and the fastest growing economy, and united states second and philippines is third slipping from number two after a bad second quarter. >> i have made a ghastly mistake. a scene from the long-rank show "frazier" ranking third all time the. the book of situation comedies and the authority is devising a
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? half past the hour and welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." we have new updates to the report that we told you about at
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the top of the of the hour. russi russi russian plane that was brought down which killed 224 people, and now the egyptian crash committee head is responding. >> the committee was not provided with any evidence in this regard to a bomb on board. and now, joining us, the executive director of the aceteroc project. what made you draw the possibility of a terrorist
9:32 am
attack? >> well sh, there are many stro indicators here. the aircraft was at 32,000 in the air and broke up in midair and could be attributed to some instances, but that is not likely. russia has had two suicide bomb attacks in 2004 which broke up the aircraft in this same way, and so there are distinct indicators there, and on the ground, you would have organizations like the fbi and mi-5 to test for the residue, and the british and the american fbi indicate there is some evidence there from that which confirm as bomb was on board. >> and now, we have just heard from the committee that there is no evidence of bomb claims con f confir mation, and how does intel sharing work in this situation? >> in this situation on the ground, it is in the interest of egypt to be cautious about the information and they would want something definitive as noted by
9:33 am
an international organization, let's say. but for the united states and great britain and russia, they would collect the intelligence from the ground and bring it back to the united states or analyze it on the spot, and they could start extrapolating the data that they have and cross correlate it with the intelligence within the intelligence community, and that would give them a strong indication, but they wouldn't pass that on to egypt until you had a nation-to-nation exchange of information. >> so malcolm, the washington post said this, and this is the quote, if the islamic state indei destroyed the plane, it would shatter whatever expectation there was that the group could
9:34 am
be defeated. >> well, isis is an organization that is al qaeda fifth generation, and they have had the capacity throughout the middle east. as you see, isis in egypt, and isis in libya, and isis in nigeria and all parts of the middle east. they are already spreading broadly, and they could very well do this type of bombing, which would be actually a rudimentary type of attack. it is not the most sophisticated attack to do a drop bombing on to a cargo craft and not as s s sophisticated as a hijacking. >> and so, it is not meaning that it is pay-back for the russia's month long bombardment against isis. can you explane that? >> when a cell leader is operational on the ground, and an operation requires luck and opportunity. usually, you don't find the people who will, you know, waste an opportunity to bomb a german
9:35 am
aircraft or russian aircraft when the enemies are so broad. so maybe the cell lead leader o go, no-go criteria, he knows that it is available, on the tarmac and vush shan and maybe that is a bonus, but for the most part they won't waste opportunity when carrying out the attack of this magnitude. >> i know that you recently came back from egypt, so with what can you tell us about the aviation security measures ther there? >> well, egypt is a very, very big country and very poor country. i wasin kcairo, and at cairo international airport flying from cairo to munich, and the security there was shoddy at best. they have cleaning women to go through security without being check and one x-ray screen of the baggage from the main hall to, you know, the check-in. no secondary searches, and no residue explosives, searches and
9:36 am
very cursory searches, especially as the status was higher. if you are in business or first class, they barely look at you. the egyptians have to do much better. >> for those of us who travel a lot and we get to the security and think, what a pain, i think that actually, were you kind of nervous? i mean, were you noticing the d distinction and did it bother you, the lack of security? >> well, yes, it bothers me as a matter of fact. despite the fact that egypt is in the insurgency, and they have a lot of armed security out now throughout the country, it is oriented towards stopping the insurgency as opposed to focusing on the specific terrorist threats like in sharm el sheikh. when i go through the airport, i evaluate these for, you know, evaluate the security just on my own and for, you know, clients that i work for international aviation transport association. iata. and so you buy yourself some
9:37 am
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tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. turning now to what is a major topic on the campaign trail on the subject of surprising new study. chris christie and jeb bush bringing attention to the issue of substance abuse in recent days both with personal perspectives. >> and there but for the grace of god go i, and it can happy to anyone. and so we need to start treating people in the country and not jailing them. we have to give them the tools they need to recover, because ev every life is precious. every life is an individual gift from god. and we have to stop judging and start giving them the tools they need to get better. >> we realize that she was taking drugs, and she went to drug treatment facility.
9:41 am
sometimes it worked for a while, and sometimes it didn't. >> what is that like as a parent? >> it is heartbreak iing. it is heartbreaking. it happens. it happens a lot. and it is unknown what the spark is for someone to go beyond recreational use to addiction. >> and joining me to discuss this is patrick kennedy, former congressman and author of "patrick kennedy, a personal struggle, past and future of personal addiction." thank you for coming on, patrick. >> thank you, alex. >> and jeb bush here talking about his own daughter, and do his comments and chris christie's comments resonate with you? >> yes, a lot the shatter the silence. the real common struggle, alex, is that nobody wants to talk about their family members who are suffering from addiction or mental illness, and that why onl we can't get the president or any of the major policy makers to actually discuss what is
9:42 am
really a public health epidemic. we lose over 40,000 americans every year to both suicide an 40,000 more to drug overdose, and millions more who are suffering, and yet, our insurance system continues to discriminate when it comes to covering treatment for addiction and mental illness. so if governor christie wants to give tools so that people can recover, i hope that both him and frankly, it should be president obama before he leaves office require the insurance companies to stop diskrcriminatg and frankly, president obama has it within his authority to require secretary burwell, his secretary of the hhs to demand of all of the major insurers that they disclose how they will do utilization management decisions which is at the essence of how they deny care to someone facing treatment with addiction or mental illness. >> you are talk thing about the parity law which mandates that
9:43 am
mental health issues be covered the same way as physical health issues mike be covered. do you see a time that is a law that is enforced? >> well, we have the authority to enforce it. secretary burwell can demand that all of the principleb insurers disclose whether they are covering a mental health and addiction in the same way as a cancer or cardiovascular disease or what have you, and right now, secretary burwell is reneging on her job. frankly, we are coming up on veterans day, alex, and the president of the united states ought to pay more than lip service to veterans, because half of the veterans are going to be covered bir their employer-sponsored health care, and that means if the president wants to stand with veterans who are suffering from the traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stre stress, he needs to ensure that the insurance companies actually cover brain injury and post-traumatic stress. that is the best way on this
9:44 am
veterans day for the president to stand with veterans. >> you make a good point, patrick. there is a new study there that shows that the death rates among the middle aged white americans is attributable to substance abuse. is congress going to take action and if so, how? >> they have to take action. in that study by a nobel laureate economist, they verify that it is the epidemic that all of us already know that it is. and it is time that the congress and the president and it is time that all of the presidential candidates have a plan of action to deal with this public health epidemic which in the study said it s the height of the hiv aids epidemic in that subset of epidem epidemic. people can join now and get to push it as a political issue in the 2016 campaign.
9:45 am
>> you said that you wrote your book to treat the shame of mental illness and perhaps unearthing difficulties with your own family, but i understand that your sobriety date is february 22nd which is your father's birthday and talk about the significance of that. >> well, all of us when we finally reach that point where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired need that inspiration, and for me the inspiration was that i no longer wanted to mark these events which were sad events by drinking and drugging and letting my addiction take the over and i wanted to say no and i would live differently for my children and for my wife. i am trying to do that one day at a time, and by the grace of god, i have four and a half years, and as you said, next to february 22nd, if i should be so bless blessed, i will have five continuous years. >> i have to say that i am cheering you on for sure. and what about the family, and your father, specifically,
9:46 am
patrick, were you able to speak to your father candidly about your struggles? >> i was. but he of course had difficulty speaking about it. that is part of what his generation had trouble doing. >> and i think that all of us have a obligation to break the silence. because, you can see, alex, that when you don't talk about them, it is likely that people don't get treatment. governor bush talked about how he was heartbreaken. well, if you wait until somebody's illness is a stage four illness, it is much more difficult to treat that illness. i hope that in the future under a future republican or democratic president that they make sure that these illnesses are treated at stage one. just like cancer. as opposed to waiting for a mental illness or ed a daddicti reach stage four before the treatment gets put in place.
9:47 am
>> and you know, i know that there are many, many people out there who are joining me to applauding your writing this book and being so bold and honest about it, but i am curious about the reaction within your family to this book? have they all read it and share your thoughts on the openness? >> well, not all of them. but i have a big family. >> true. [ laughter ] ? and the best thing is that my beautiful wife amy and three and soon to be four children are right behind me, and i am blessed to have a beautiful and healthy family. >> and three and soon to be four children, a children, and we will have amy sainted. good job. >> and yes, i will put in for that, because she deserves it. >> thank you, patrick. thanks for talking to us so much. and the ladies of of the "view" make fun of the republican candidate's face and how she fired back.
9:48 am
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9:50 am
how will you get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that are going
9:51 am
to be said about you? >> well, hey, if you meant your comment about my face being demented in a halloween mask as humous, so be it, but i guess you misinterpreted my comments about donald trump about my face and took him to task and -- >> wait, wait, wait. that was me actually. >> and this is candidate carly fiorina a week after carly bay har and another co-host spoke about her face and other issues. >> and now, coming to talk to us are a democratic and republican strategist. so, susan, joy behar says she makes fun of other candidates and hillary clinton, and these jokes about fiorina's face taking it too far? >> that is interesting, because they did go after her, and when donald trumpp went after her, they attacked him for doing it,
9:52 am
and i don't know if you are oa double standard this if you are a daytime host and you are allowed to poke fun at women, but for that being the case, i give carly fiorina a lot of credit for going on the show, and address the remarks from donald trump and the host of the view straight on. she didn't try to play it or hedge it in any which way and she didn't stay to away from it, which i give her credit, and just because i am a woman, it does not mean that women should vote for me, but you should vote for me as the best candidate. that is staying in the lane. if you think that i'm, and if that is what you want to talk about when it comes to my face, fine. if not, move on. >> she said double standard and is there one for the women? >> 1,100%. >> we agree? >> yes. >> and so they talk about what they are wearing and the hair and everything. >> yes, absolutely a double-standard in politics. >> and donald trump does get hair. >> yes, but it is its own entity, and he brings it up
9:53 am
himself, and obviously, the snl, and he had the preview that he posted on twit wer with the wei wig on, and i don't know if you saw it, but yes, there is a double standard. >> and the appearance of the messenger and not the message. while i disagree with the policies that she is talking about and what she supports, i agree that you should not talk about how she look, and that is irrelevant to being commander in chief and leading the country and the same is true for hillary clinton, and often the looks are attacked. her looks have been attacked for decades and decades, and that is in part why she has such thick skin and sometimes comes across as not as open, because so much scrutiny has been placed upon her for so many years. >> and dr. ben carson and of course, this story of the being offered a full scholarship to west point and now trying to backtrack a little bit of the interpretation of what happened. how much do you think that it matters to the campaign? how much do they have to back pedal and explain? it does not matter a lot,
9:54 am
because they got politico to change their headline of the story that he was not back pedalling, and in fact, he may have been basically trying to explain it. but he took a real good tact with it. he took it and said, this is the press trying to do it, and he turned it around and he stood behind it. it is, i think fine, and the people who support him won't have a problem, but what would be problematic is if this is part of the narrative that he kind of misrepresented him here and then here and then here and three or four or five times that he did it. >> yes. >> and so that is what he has done and not the record, and we are not talking about other candidates and what they did in kindergarten, but he makes what he did in kindergarten part of an issue. >> so it is relevant because he has not held office and the background and the experience is why people are liking him. and also, if it is a a narrative it is a problem, but before the west point thing, i was already like, what is going on with ben carson because he said the
9:55 am
strange thing about the pyramids with the grain in it, and that is on the heels of obama care being slavery and the thing about nazis and guns, and he says a lot of things that are off- off-color, and i will be nice about it, off-color, and makes me go, did he really say that on television? so we will take a harder look at him, and he is going to be thoroughly vetted from this point on. >> and to his point, he handled it quite well when jeb bush said that the press will vet ben carson and let them do it. that is what happened. >> well, a a little combative exchange between ben carson and the media. let's listen to that. >> and you are not going to find with me is somebody who is just doing to sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what going on, and the american people are waking up to your games. >> and so, zerlina, it is step by step, and with the republican voters, does it help? >> yes, that clip is going to be
9:56 am
sent out to raise money for the campaign and any time you are attacking the media as a republican, that is good for you, because the republican primary voters hate the media and believe it is liberal and biased and the media is actually the enemy and so to paint them as a enemy is a very good strategy. and that is the most energy he has shown, and again, he is going to be vetted to the media, and that their job. >> and she brings up a good point, because it is the first time that we have seen ben carson so animated. >> yes, fired up. >> and is he going to be taking it to the debate tuesday, and so maybe a new ben carson, and he can only take that posture if he is 1,100% in the right if you will. if he starts to create a question of whether he says it is true or not, and he says this is true and you are manipulating, but it is another if he has been exaggerating here and there and other tales that come out, and then he is trying to deflect.
9:57 am
>> well, if he gets anymore brought up, it will take the wind out of the sails of donald trump. than you for coming in. >> thank you. and the e focus of the new book about things that you never knew about the comic strip favorite. to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. hey! how are you?g?
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[ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ] get snapshot from progressive, and see just how much your good driving could save you. new clues in the crash of the russian airliner, including the final moment caught by the cockpit voice recorder. a what does that recording reveal? new safety precaution, and what is done to better secure u.s.-bound flights. >> i never said that i received a full scholarship. >> do you feel -- >> wait a minute. don't lie. >> and for clarification, ben carson is setting the record straight, or is he? sia, i love this hair. >> donald trump has got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho. >> ten hours to showtime for donald trump on "saturday night live" and for protesters.
10:01 am
at 1:00 here in the east and 10:00 a.m. out west, and good day to you all, and this is "wek weekends with alex witt." we begin with the news out of egypt. the officials are saying that for the first time they have confirmed details of a russian airliner that crashed killing 224 people aboard and they say that the plane had reached and a a altitude of nearly 31,000 feet, and climbing normally before the recordings end. debris of the plane was scattered over eight-mile area, and some parts of the plane have not been found. we go the bill neely out of sharm el sheikh, and that is the place in which the flight originated. and bill, did this briefing indicate any possible cause as to what happened? >> no, alex, unfortunately, it didn't. especially for the relatives. and to be honest, we didn't expect him to come to any firm
10:02 am
conclusion exactly one week on. what he did give was a lot of detail, a lot of numbers about the plane speed, the plane's altitude. it was the first official confirmation that based on the widespread scattering of the debris, as you say over an area eight or nine miles long, that the plane had in fact broken up in midair. and the first official confirmation as well of what we heard yesterday from a leak of the french investigators that a noise was heard in the cockpit. that came when he was talking about the black box, about the cockpit voice recorder, and as he called it the cvr. >> the cvr team is still in the process of writing the transcript which will take time to finalize. a noise was heard in the last second of the cvr recording. >> he timed that noise at 23:14
10:03 am
into the flight. and that is a noise that will now be analyzed. that noise could be the clue to how this happened. if you will, they will take that final second apart a full spectrum analysis. they will also compare that noise with the known noises from other cockpit voice recorders of other clashes for which the clues for which the cause is known. they will compare the noise on that cockpit voice recorder, and see if other flights can provide some clues. so the french, of course, they say that the noise, or the french investigators leaking to the journalists said that noise could have only been caused by number one a a loud explosion, but a explosion not explained by the technical detail. the french said it yesterday, and the e chief investigator today was a little bit testy at all of that. he said that there was some information and indeed some
10:04 am
intelligence out there leaked and indeed some intelligence not being shared with the investigating committee, and he appealed to the countries to share that intelligence with the committee. then at one point he answered the questions in arabic. one of the questions he answered he gave a revealing answer. he said, no e, we haven't come to a conclusion about what caused this, but we are thinking about everything even lithium batteries that car i ried by one of the passengers and even an explosion in the fuel tank, and so he fleshed out some other scenarios. and one other thing, alex, that is significant is that he said that a part of the plane, in fact parts of the plane, and that is significance because they are still missing. they are going to continue looking for the parts, but those could be the part s ths that wo
10:05 am
provide the clue to this, because the wreckage so far has not yielded any details of exactly how this crash was caused, and here for the first time speaking at this news conference they did not say conclusively what caused the crash one week on. alex. >> well, some meticulous parts of the investigation to come. than you, bill neely, sharm el sheikh. in the wake of the metroair crash, the department of homeland security says they will put in higher security in some airports in the region. even though the cause of the aircraft breaking apart midair is not determined. in the last hour, u.s. administrator john pistole told me that the u.s. has limited authorities over some airports. >> the u.s. has limited jurisdiction and responsibility for the airports that have passenger flights to the u.s. there are 275 of those around the world.
10:06 am
they have a reg la responsibility, and they are requiring the 275 airports to have the same protocols commensurate with the u.s. but it is e beyobeyond that, thm el sheikhs, and the hundreds of thousands of airports around the world that we don't have confidence n because we don't have author the ti to enforce the standards and that is problematic both for the passengers and checked bag and cargo. >> the dhs says it is going to continue to evaluate the security measures at airports while the crash investigation continues. and now, any moment, hillary clinton is going to be holding a town hall in south carolina after participating in the forum in the south last night. and she sat down and talked about eisis and criminal reform
10:07 am
>> what has happened with the world is that if there is a problem, don't worry about it, the american taxpayers and troops will do it. but wrong, the world has to get involved in the coalition to take on isis and not just the united states. >> there are some heinous crimes in my view still argue pli oas s that potentially should have the death penalty. >> it is a appalling the move to for-profit prisons in our country. it is immoral and wrong. >> and a combative ben carson responding to criticism about his life story in a news conference in florida last night. >> what it shows in these kinds of things show that there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish me, because they have been looking through everything. they have been talking to everybody i have ever known, and everybody i have ever seen. there has to be a scandal or some nurse he is having an affair with or something. they are getting desperate.
10:08 am
next week it is going to be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pant, and it is ridiculous, and it is okay. because i totally expect it. >> and the reaction to that in a few minutesk but first leading up to the gop debate, ben carson's appeal to the african-americans is a subject creating headlines after the 2016 presidential candidate released a rap-themed ad on friday. the campaign says it is an attempt to reach out to the black community. ♪ vote and support ben carson ♪ for the next president to be awesome ♪ >> america was a great nation early on and not because it was flooded with politicians, but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work, creativity and innovation, and that is what is going to get us on the right track here. joining me now is jermaine star. i have looked through your
10:09 am
essay, and it is first describing carson as a childhood hero "gifted hands" who inspired you as a disadvantaged youth. but now you say he is running for president as a republican, but he's arguably leading the gop field. and in an era where the biggest cheers of the republican ke debates are go to takedowns of political correctness and the med media, ben carson is taking advantage warping his personal story into misbegotten political and personal strategy. what do you mean by that? >> well, it is encouraging people to run for office, and then yesterday in the controversy of "gifted hands" and one of the books that is revered in my childhood, he is tleegd candidate in the gop a h
10:10 am
arguably and depending upon which poll you look at, but ironically, he is an african mirn man. when you look at "gifted hands" and the biography and the way he wrote that book more than to years ago, it was crafted in a way to make young people like me look up to him to think that one day, you could be just like this man. not only was he a very successful neurosurgeon at age 33, but he is now a leading presidential candidate, however, what i realize now is that the book was not necessarily written for somebody like me, but it was written in the vein of black respectability politics and self-determination that does nothing to address or challenge the structures of racism in the criminal justice, white supremacy, and instead, you are becoming the leading candidate that he is today, he has to essentially ignore the race, and this is why he is partially appealing to the black voters.
10:11 am
one tof the problems that he is running into right now, and will run into is that we will have the insistence that the e media is the problem. i didn't hear about all of the scrutiny against obama when he ran in 2008 which is a ridiculous claim, because in 2008, there are many people who did not believe that president obama was born in america. many people pejoratively claimed that he was a muslim, and also, we have the article and not article, but a cover in the "new yorker" that was actually very racist in nature that positioned first lady michelle obama with the fist up in the air saying she was an angry black woman, and then the thesis are from princeton was heavily scrutinized, and current ly, be carson has not really received 11/10 oth -- 1 1/10th of the criticism, and this is according to joy-ann reid's book, that the
10:12 am
backlash from the hillary clinton campaign was racial in nature. and so, ben carson right now, he has not received that, but ironically, he is low e key playing the race card >> has he let you down? >> i can't say that he has let me down now simply because i am and a adult, but it is type of image that he wanted to portray himself as, as back 20 years ago. in detroit, michigan, "giving hands" were in the classrooms of inner city detroit like bibles in pews around america. he was revered and the ideal person. going back to self-determination, you have to remember when i read the biography, there are similar parallels in the stories. he said that he was a wayward youth and in the story he talks about stabbing someone or coming close to stabbing somebody and i have written my own personal story about how i had a near fatal run in with a relative and
10:13 am
that is real. i have people in my neighborhood, you can confirm that with, but what he did is an inspirational point to say, hey sh, you don't have to go down this the route or you can overcome this, and now as goldie taylor wrote for the daily beast, he is saying, i'm awe thuthentic blac person, because i am hard and tough. so he is using it as a card to say that i'm authentically black when somebody like me who had to deal with the violence in my neighborhood and home, it is not something that i use to the say that, hey, i'm authentically black. so i would not say i am disappointed in him now, but i am just disappointed in the fact that 20 years ago, he positioned himself as a respectable black person in america, and has
10:14 am
earned respect, but it is only of white america, and that is why he is tracki ining so well. >> what you think of the rap ad? the style or whatever, i don't think it is very good frankly. i like rap, but it is not great rap. >> i think that we all do. and so what the rap ad, it is really a disconnect between black voters and the gop and so what is the best way to appeal to black people? well, let's make a rap ad. so it was obviously poorly constructed, but it is showing a lack of intellectual depth and insight into what it would take for the gop to at a tract black voter, and si not going to be ben carson and in fact, ben carson not having problem s ws the media because he is conservative or the media has a personal issue against him, it is because he makes himself easy to be critiqued. what makes him different from mike huckabee or some of the more outrageous candidates like donald trump, ben carson is
10:15 am
saying things that are transphobic and islamic phobic and homophobic and feeds into the zenophobia and the racial fervor that is at tracking people to donald trump. so when you look at the things that ben carson says versus the white colleagues, what is really the difference? >> all right. we will let that be rhetorical at this point. thank you very much. and now, it is shocking sexting scandal, and how this could change the lives of some students forever.
10:16 am
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. a live shot in south carolina where hillary clinton is set to hold a town hall any moment now, and joining me from the campus of orangeburg, south carolina, is alex seitz-wald,
10:19 am
and what should we expect from the town hall? >> well, hillary clinton is leaning into the black voters, and african-american voters, and what she is going to be doing for communities of color here. i spoke to voters in line, and wh it underscored the problems that hillary clinton will have against her challengers. they said that they will supporter and because she is a woman, they want to make history, and so there are some tough things to overcome there. but at the same time bernie sanders and martin o'malley were trying to break in, but the south, the african-american vote is going to be hillary clinton's firewall in case bernie sanders can break through in iowa or new hampshire, and both of the states have 95% white, and looking much stronger down here. >> what about last night as we
10:20 am
look at the democratic forum, and wide range of topic, and any clear winner of the three democratic candidates? >> well, alex, i do think that each of the candidates had a nice moment unto themselves, and rachel maddow did a nice job to highlight them. hillary clinton had a great moment to discuss a meeting recently with the mo ethers of victims of police violence and gun violence in chicago which is all african-americans involved. and bernie sanders showed a lighter side. he was funny and joked about the underwear and he joked about larry david and it is a side of him that we have not seen, but a side that we are seeing him roll out, and he is bringing up his upbringing in brooklyn. and that is a piece he has not talked about. and martin o'malley, a breakout moment for him, because he has not been able to make anything happen, but last night, he showed undervalued stock, and if you want to put some money on somebody in the democratic race with limited risk, bet on martin
10:21 am
o'malley. >> i believe that we are actually on course, and in fact, this race is now narrowed to three people, and the only one of us that actually has 15 years of executive experience and not just talking about the progressive things, but getting the progressive things done. >> so, you know, she is putting the best face on what has been very poor poll numbers for him. he is 1% nationally, and 2% here in south carolina. but he has had a couple of good bits of news in the last couple of days. draft biden is another group here working across the country to get the vice president to the race, and the state director of the group has sign on, and i have talked to o'malley after the event, and he says that he can take a lot of the support from the people waiting for biden, because they weren't with clinton or sander, and so there you go, alex. >> and i agree with you, all three had the great points. i want to join in for the accolades for our colleague
10:22 am
rachel mad e ddow and people ma think we are saying that because she is our colleague, but no, she was really great. and joining us now is betsy and bob. we will begin with you, olivia, and can we talk about the performance of martin o'malley and the per fformance, and coul it be a game-changer? >> no, people are set in who they are supporting there, and people were there for hillary or bernie. as alex said, martin o'malley has 1% support nationally. a lot of people don't know who he is, and frankly, he does not have much to set himself apart from hillary or bernie. he is not more liberal than bernie is. he is not more establishment than hillary. so i don't know what he is offering that either of them isn't. and nobody is going to the at this point change their allegiance from hillary to
10:23 am
martin o'malley, and somebody who does not look like he can be come p competitive. >> and what about you, bob? any momentum that you are picking up from martin om'malle? what about the performance, can you credit it to the face-to-face interview, and in a moderator forum, and in the last debate, the performance was not critiqued too, too much? >> well, o'malley will not get momentum, and as olivia says, not many people know who he is, and he does not excite the democrats. a lot of democrats are excited about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sa sanders really, he took the momentum of the beginning of the race from o'malley who was expected to be the main democratic challenger to hillary clinton, and so maybe a good night for o'malley, but not much momentum. and sanders loosening up is big deal, because she is -- because
10:24 am
he is looking less angry. >> and i would like to hear more from o'malley, i will say. and now, the fact that ben carson said that he was offered a full scholarship from west point, and one of the colleagues was talking about how this could affect his chances going forward and the strategy? >> well, because he blamed it on the media and politico had to change the headline, maybe it helps the base, but overall, it is is going to hurt him. but he can turn it around on the media and the cycle is working well with the republicans, media-bashing, but it is especially true this time around. i think that ben carson did a good job in counter punching, but at the same time, you are running for the president, dr. carson, and the media is going to be look into the past, and we are vetting you, and that is fair game, but he's been able to
10:25 am
turn the tables. >> and how far is this going to follow him, olivia? >> well, i think that if he were to make it to the general election, this would be a huge issue, but as far as the supporters changing their minds about him sh, i don't know if t is going to be having much of an impact. and as we said, he is able to turn the tables around and make it about us-versus-them, us, the republicans, versus the media. and people are on the side for that, and the supporters believe that the media has a liberal agenda, and the media is trying to ruin them at any cost, and that is going to be effective. but is this candidate telling the truth that he tried to stab someone, is he -- what does he think about the pyramids and were with they used to store grain, and did he hit his mother over the head with a hammer, and these are not conversations that we have had typically about republican candidates. and so when it gets closer to the actual voting, people will think more seriously about who
10:26 am
they are voting for. the voters will get more serious when they are voting and they will say, i don't know if i want to pull the lever for someone who is trying to convince us that he tried to stab someone or held up at the popeyes. >> and the platform for which he is running is his life story. >> and olivia, you wrote about what chris christie is thinking being order ed ed to the kiddie table, and what about this? >> well, it is not great. christie has had a couple of rough years after bridgegate, but he started to get some momentum, ba and lo-- get some momentum back, and then this moment came out in the "huffington post" talking about rehabilitation, and what he and other republicans are talking about in the last couple off years. it is a poplar thi about, and h it well. and so now, there is an opportunity for him at a smaller
10:27 am
stage, and people with whom he is much more popular than and a more social conservatives for him to stand out and give a killer performance and set himself up to be the breakout star of the debate. but it has never happened before so far in the campaign where a top the tier campaign has been push pushed over to the kiddie table. so we don't have anything to go the off of in terms of predicting christie's cam can pa pain, and it may not have any impact at all. >> and if you think about carly fiorina, because she did a great performance at the kiddie table and then bumped up. i am out of time, but thank you, and we will see you soon, bob and olivia. a children's classic hits the big screen, but what is the biggest problem making the "peanuts" movie? (cole) alright, now that we have merged with cableworld,
10:28 am
we are so excited to hear your big ideas on how we're going to take on directv. so over to you. (newhart) thank you. full disclosure. we forgot to come up with ideas. (cw exec) yeah, we got messed up last night. you're lucky we're even here. (newhart) but, we did bring breakfast. (jmh) bagels? (newhart) nope. (woman) oh my goodness. (newhart) peel and eat shrimp. (cole) not how i would have gone but it's good, it's innovative. and that's what we want here. (vo) get rid of cable and switch to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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10:31 am
the aviation officials are confirming the details of the crash last week of a russian airplane that killed all 224 aboard. and an official said that a noise was heard in the last second of the cockpit recording. and now they are analyzing to determine the cause, but they said that the plane had reached an altitude of nearly 30,000 feet and still climbing normally before the recordings end. let's bring in the special assistant in charge of the u.s. special task force. don, we still do not know the cause? the prime minister david cameron and others are saying it was a bomb? >> well, when you have the prime minister saying that it is more likely than not, and president obama, and other people off of the record saying that it looks like it a bomb, and now you have got the black box, and the voice recorder, and talking about this noise and everything else was normal until that point.
10:32 am
so it is starting to look at that way. ultimately, there is going to be a lot of forensic evidence from the debris field to confirm the suspicions right now if it was a bomb. >> when you consider it, how hard to plant a bomb if that is indeed what brought the plane do down? >> well, a lot of factors in place, and under the normal circumstances, it would be very difficult, but if you have somebody acting on the inside, that's knowing security, and know house the circumvent security features of an airport, it is not that hard. the other thing to think about is with regard to isis and isis and the branch, the sinai province, we think of isis as the guys, these thugs cutting people's heads off and low-tech, but among the ranks of isis, you have military, former military office officers, and intelligence officers and people with explosive experience, and is so that the face of isis on social media may be the thugs, but there are a lot of people behind the scenes with experience and
10:33 am
can pull off an operation like this. >> you mentioned isis, and confirmation to reports from msnbc news from officials that they picked up the shatter from sinai and syria and they were celebrating the the crash. what is the likelihood in ters s of the capability for isis to pull this the off? >> well, it is very good. you have a chatter pointing to a certain direction. the isis province, and the sinai province, the branch has been notorious for the operations against the egyptian military and police. they pulled off a successful assassination, and they have been at it for a while. they have recently in 2014 pledged the affiliation to isis, but they have been active since 2011, and pulled off a lot of successful attack, and the military people have been killed. so they are not new to the game. >> and so, don, what has to be done to ensure that if isis is
10:34 am
responsible that nothing like that happens here? >> well, number one, like egypt, go back to do a thorough investigation to everybody who had access to the airport and the airplane. i am sure they are doing that, but around the world, the airport security people need to be looking at all of their individuals who have access, and make sure that all of the security checks are up to date, and not just physical security, but the personnel security, and background investigations, and test these people, and put in, you know, make sure that you are testing and retesting all of the security procedures, and even then, there is no such thing as 1,100% security. it is an airport that couldn't function if it was locked down that tight. >> yes a little unnerving to consider, but i thank you anyway. don borelly, thank you. >> and it is still on. despite the protests, donald trump is prepared to take the stage tonight at "saturday night live," but the protesters are planning to stage their own show. holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host,
10:35 am
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hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. >> so now the politics and the
10:38 am
controversy over donald trump hosting "saturday night live" o tonight. katy tur has the latest. >> i'm donald trump and i will be hosting "saturday night live." >> on the heels of the first campaign ads. >> i'm donald trump candidate for president -- >> it is "saturday night live"! >> and donald trump will take the "saturday night live" stage in new york city tonight. >> and sia, i love this hair. >> reporter: despite protests from the latino advocacy group, and hundreds of thousands of signatures trying to stop hill. security already on high alert for anyone trying to disrupt the broadcast. over to the decades the donald has been a popular character for the variety show, and both the real version. >> it is even bet ter for "saturday night live" that i am here. >> reporter: and the fake. >> hey, i'm the prince of the city, and when you are in my office, you treat me we are spect. >> reporter: famous for the biting political sat ire they
10:39 am
had the candidate impers tonate the billion nate herself. >> and let's see your jeb impression? >> no, i don't want to show a person sleeping at the podium. >> reporter: after a week of questionable as sergs from the main rival ben carson, but it is looking like trump is going to be playing it safe on the show tonight, telling fox news. >> did you knock out any bits? >> yes, there were a couple that were too risque. >> wow. >> because the poll came down that i was leading in iowa and i want to stay leading in iowa. >> reporter: and so polls show that marco rubio will be close behind if the polls say anything. >> and now, joining us is an author who helped to write a book with donald trump, the "art
10:40 am
of the comeback." and it is fun with the package with you, and the comment on everything, and you said, classic as he was talking about "saturday night live" saying that it is luck iier for them tt i am here. >> yeah. >> and what was he like to work with, because you wrote the book with him? >> i did. it is an interesting question, and people don't really talk about what is actually like to be in the inner circle, and be in his office and listen to kind of the running commentary about it constant thely. >> is he like this in the office all of the time or a show? >> well, he is a -- a show, and he is a very serious businessman. he hires people that he really likes, and goes with the gut, and some is of the lessons in "the art of the comeback." and so when he hires e people, he trusts them and to get into the inner circle, and i was thinking about this this morning to the people who work for him, he is able to leverage his assistance and people who are close advisers very well. for instance, he has three women
10:41 am
that sit right outside of his door who are all executive assistants who make his life go. >> and can i u ask, do they make his life go, out of fear, because they want to work for him and don't want to be fired or because they really like him and want to do what is right for him? >> i can tell you from personal experience it is a little bit of both. but it starts out, i very much never wanted to let donald down. that is one thing, and i wanted to get my chapters in on time, and have them perfect, and the benefit is that the more you do that and e-show up and create and do good work, the more he is going to trust you. so the first couple of chapters, he was micromanaging me and making shure that i did it righ and then i got some free e dom, but trump is very nice when you work for him and kind and loyal. and so the people who work for him, and the three people outside of the office, rona who passed a away recently and the
10:42 am
other two women they love him. they are very loyal to him. and he appreciates loyalty very much. >> and this book, "crippled america" why is he putting that out now? >> well, somebody asked me three or four months if donald would go the distance and to have enough money to buy the ads and run the campaign, and i remember turning to the person saying that donald is the ad. he is the ad. he doesn't have to worry, and if he writes a book and makes a stump speech and something outrageous in it, he is going to be on the cover of the media outlets, and he is going to call into msnbc, and so i don't know, and i have not read the whole book and i started to read it, but i believe it is just the act of writing the book and saying the outrageous things that he says on stage and writing nthem in the book, and then journalists will pluck them and say them on the air. and so it is a publicity thing. >> and they said that the media has been doing everything for him and he couldn't get more media if he tryied.
10:43 am
in regard to the "saturday night live" event tonight, is he swayed by the fact that there are protests and e legitimate one, and over half a million signatures delivered saying do not let the guy host the show tonight, because largely a lot of to latinos were sunset over the previous comments that he made, and how seriously does he take that, or does he just set it aside and believe in his own hubris. >> well, one thing about him, he is incredibly confident and believes in what e shdoinhe is whether it is building a golf course or building a a building and he is unfazed by what people say. >> and do you believe that he has thick skin, because there are times that he appears not to have quick skin? >> well, a quick temper and initially, when he believe it is wrong, and he has been wronged by something, he has a clear picture of what is to be right and wrong and kind of a black/white. so my sense is that he loves the
10:44 am
controversy coming out of the "saturday night live" piece tonight, and loves the people there waving the trump flags, and he does not like that people are petitioning to not have him be on the show, but i think that he just loves the hoopla and the fact that he is making a difference and on the tip of people's tongue, and cab drivers to the ceos and all of the way to the fellow people running for president. >> whatever may be debated, i dove believe it cannot be debated that he is not a good entertainer for sure. >> i will be watching. >> me, too. thank you sh, so much, kate. >> thank you, alex. it is a high school scandal that could turn criminal. hundreds of naked student photos found on a camera. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus
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10:48 am
snooppy. >> one person ta you want by your side at a moment like this, it is your loyal dog. >> ah! >> no. >> and the film is one recent nod to charles schulz and a new book is out called "only what is necessary." charles m. schultz. written by kip -- chip kidd, and joining me now. what did you feel about the movie? >> well, it was written by his grandsons and they were careful about preservinging their father's creativity as an artist. >> and one thing about this is make ing the characters three-dimensional and never meant to be that way as an artist. and i understand that you are an artist, and talk to me about the difficulties, and what is the difference there? >> well, the difficulty is
10:49 am
tremendous, and one of the things in the book is that during schultz' lifetime, there were three dimension al looks o the character, and there were three dimensional dolls in 1958 from the hungerford plastics corporation, and he loved those. then in the late 1970s, there was something called the view master reel, and the stereo optic cons that showed the models, so there is a precedent for this. >> and you have to admit that there is nothing like the classics that charmed it, and the old clip, and we have to show some of them to the viewers if you have not seen them, and you have been living up in iraq. here is that. >> this time, i'm going to kick that football clear to the moon. ug! >> isn't it peculiar, charlie brown, how some traditions just
10:50 am
slowly fade away? >> something to note. he always made a point of showing the girls being mean to boys and never the other way around, and why was he was veryt that. he felt that it was amusing for the little girls to be mean to the boy characters, but it would not be amusing for the boy characters to be mean to the girl characters. >> so, as a classic storyteller you always have to build some conflict somewhere and that was just one of his baseline ones. >> i think the closest he came was shroeder never sort of let lucy get him. >> you have a point. she was by the piano and listening to him play. let's talk, chip, about your book because you were given unprecedented access to the archives. first of all, what did you find? >> we found all sorts of amazing things. drawings that he did before "peanuts" exist of the trip before that which was called "little folks" which he was running in a small newspaper in
10:51 am
st. paul in the late '40s and he redrew all of them to -- in order to come to new york and try to sell the strip to a big syndicate here. and so we shot all of that. there was a transition between "little folks" into what would become "peanuts" in terms of format so he was experimenting with drawings about that that had never been published before. >> can i ask you about the character franklin and the origins because it's a great story. >> it's an incredible story. shortly after the assassination of dr. sing there was a woman who wrote to mr. schulz she was a self-proclaimed housewife from santa barbara and she basically was just entreating upon schulz to integrate the strip. she just thought i think this would be a great help to the national culture. and she resisted it. not because he didn't agree with her, but because he didn't feel that he was up to the task.
10:52 am
and so there's an amazing correspondence back and forth that we were allowed to photograph and include in the book, so she entreated upon friends of hers who were african-americans to write to him about what they thought of doing this. and that that convinced him, and franklin appeared -- >> yeah. >> -- and on the beach, getting -- saving charlie brown's beach ball. but it's interesting, franklin's dad was off in the vietnam war. so, there were all these themes -- he was very careful about being political. >> yeah. >> but he -- he really felt that this finally was something that he was up to. >> part of the reason probably for his wide-ranging and persistent appeal even to this day. >> yes. >> i can't approach the holidays every year without watching that charlie brown christmas special. i have to watch it. >> it's like a poem. >> it is what it is. it's fantastic.
10:53 am
as is your book. thank you for joining me. best of luck. >> thank you. easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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new details in the criminal investigation surrounding a nude photo scandal at a colorado high school. police say an anonymous tip led them to a phone with hundreds of images on it. the school will not say how many students are involved, however, the district confirms several students were taking and trading nude photos. in addition to suspending students, the school has now canceled friday's football game and the district attorney has said it is still too early in the investigation to tell whether or not charges will be filed. though some of the students could now face felony charges of distribution and possession of child pornography. and that is a wrap of this edition of "weekends with alex witt." i will see you right back here tomorrow at noon eastern. up next "caught on camera." have yourselves a great saturday.
10:57 am
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not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. they are the good guys. >> the dog looked like he was about to get swept away. >> and the bad. >> trying to slit my throat from behind, telling me she's going to kill me. >> men and women capable of courageous action. >> if we didn't get things going quickly, he was losing brain function. >> or dastardly deeds. >> they were carrying guns, big guns. >> from the valiant. >> i didn't know how many thrusts it would take. he was a lot bigger guy than i was. >> to the violent. >> the first few blows were so painful. >> they have one thing in


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