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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 9, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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right now on "first look," the republican candidates, they are back in attack mode ahead of tomorrow night's debate, while donald trump scored bill on "snl." >> they don't have my talent, my money or especially my good looks, but do you know what, they are not bad. why dozens of mazoo football players are refusing to play until the president of their university steps town. an act of bravery caught on camera, more than a dozen vehicles val load up without warning. it is no sky fall, but the
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new bond movie has a good debut. good monday morning. thanks for joining us i'm betty nguyen. tomorrow's gop presidential gate is primed to be the most explosive yet with several candidates fighting off controversy. ben carson is fighting off allegations that he em blishd stories about his past, largely by firing back at the media. >> i have always said that i expect to be vetted, but being vetted and what is going on with me, you said this 30 years ago, you said this 20 years ago, this didn't exist. you know, i just -- i have not seen that with anyone else. if you could show me where that's happened with someone else, i will take that statement back. >> and marco rubio is spinning off attacks about his use of a republican party credit card during his time as state laejs lay for by releasing two years worth of records. the numbers are in from
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donald trump's "snl" appearance, the highest ratings in nearly four years. >> let's start with ben carson, what to expect from him heading into tomorrow's republican rum snoobl a lot of questions, perhaps from the moderators, perhaps maybe the other candidates at the gate coming up. ben carson said all of these issues that have been dug up about 20 years or 30 years ago have a lot to do with his quick rise in the o polls. ben carson is on the defensive ahead of tomorrow's gate, his believes about mere a mids, claims he was a violent youth, a west point scholarship he never applied for, now a "wall street journal" report questioning whether carson defended white students during a high school riot. he says it's all about his quick rise in the polls. >> it's because i'm a threat. >> to? >> to the progressives, the progressive improvement in this country. >> i feel badly for ben.
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>> donald trump tells nbc. >> he is going to have to explain a lot of things away. >> bernie sanders says the focus for carson should be on issues. >> this man does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity. this man wants to abolish medicare. >> rand paul giving hints he may go after marco rubio, comparing him to hillary clinton. >> i see her and rubio as being the same person. they both want a no fly zone, they both have supported activity in libya snoond chris christie says being jumped from tomorrow night's gate isn't the end of the world. >> what really matters is what's happening in new hampshire and iowa. >> let's take a look at iowa. in the latest poll christie 3%, donald trump on top, two points ahead of ben carson in that poll. dozens of football players at the university of missouri have decided to boycott their team and are vowing not to participate in games or practices until the university's president resigns. these players are joining others protesting how the university
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president has handled several recent racial incidents. nbc's dan shin man has more. >> reporter: student protests escalated when 30 football players announced they would not take part in team activities until university president tim wolf is removed. the head coach tweeted we are united behind our players. this one of several that stems from a semester that black students say has been marred by racial incidence on campus. recently a swast ask a was skrauld in fees sees on the wall of the door. the homecoming king was a target of a slur after he was crowned. >> this isn't just me who is going through this. these are students coming from all different pack grounds. >> reporter: black students say the school has failed to respond to the incident and believe university president tim wolf has been inadequate. last week one student began a hunger strike while students began camping out on the lawn of
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a university plaza. >> we are advocating for black students and for shake m&a making this a safer place. >> reporter: the president promised specific plans in the coming months. now to egypt where the investigation into that russian jet crash continues nine days after the disaster killed all 224 people on poured. the question remains, was it a bomb that brought the plane down? nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely has the latest from egypt. >> reporter: as more evidence is analyzed, investigators grow more confident of what happened. >> -- was heard in the last seconds. >> reporter: an unnamed egyptian investigator told the reuters news agencies they are 90% sure that noise 23 minutes into the flight and based on their annual sits of the sound waves was a bomb exploding, but egypt's
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aviation ministry called that a pure lie, saying it's too soon to reach any conclusion. the answer may lie in fractions of a second and in grains of sand. russian teams have taken away 15 sacks of sand from the site, looking for evidence of explosive residue. parts of the plane are still missing somewhere in the desert, but crucial pieces of evidence that might prove this was a bomb could be tiny, the size of a fingernail, and tough to find here. the fbi has been asked to help by the russians and has agreed. its role, it says, modest, but the possibility of a bomb is causing shock waves, above all, for airlines. >> it is as a result of what it is alleged to be i'm afraid it's another game changer for the industry. >> reporter: security officials are examining reports at the airport where the plane took off a baggage scanning machine was often broken, the baggage
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handlers weren't monitored and the deliveries to the airport weren't properly searched. >> that was bill neely reporting for us. in just a few hours a tense meeting of allies at the white house, president obama therefore host israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu, it will be the first time the two have met since netanyahu's cold shoulder visit in front of congress in march, it's also their first meeting since the iran nuclear deal. the rocky relationship has continued as old facebook posts from netanyahu's chief spokesman emerged, they suggested obama is apt semitic. a terrifying scene in china to show you. a truck went up in flames passing through an expressway tunnel. instead of stopping the driver made the daring decision to deep driving, he was able to get through the tunnel and out of the truck in time. he said he kept going to prevent people from being injured in case the truck exploded, the calls of that fire is under
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investigation. coming up on 8 minutes after the hour,en cnbc's landon dowdy is here. >> stocks posted their sixth positive would he can in a row and that follows friday's strong jobs report raising expectations that the fed will hike interest rates next month. look for data on inflation and retail sales. the average price of gas inched up less than a penny to $2.25 a gallon. while that's not a major move it is the first increase in prices following 19 straight weeks of declines. over that period gas has propped of 3 cents a gallon. wall street is racing for lower bonuses this year. they expect year-end payouts to drop 2 to 10%, the last time bonuses fell industry wide was 2011, the reason global market turmoil which has affected stock and bond trading and forced some companies to delay ipos which hurts bankers that underwrite
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those deals. time for sports and another action packed nfl sunday. let's take a look at some of yesterday's highlights from around the league. >> third down and 7 blintz. panthers pick it up. end zone. flag. touchdown, carolina. >> brady, touchdown. >> here they come and there goes mariota, up for grabs and, oh, it's caught on a deflection play to walker. lewis there, a block down field by hunter and a touchdown. >> taylor going to take a shot throwing end zone. touchdown. >> looking in that direction, throwing. diving catch made by brandon marshall. >> bryant with a move.
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>> he's going to get from the end zone, hits simms out of the back field, simms gets it back to evans. taken in for a touchdown by wade. >> now to dallas for the cowboys hosting the eagles on sunday night football, greg hardy making headlines after photos surfaced as a victim related to his domestic violence arrest last year. the cowboys defensive end expressed his regret in a tweet on thursday. >> the cowboys that pass is intercepted by gordon hicks to takes it 67 yards back the other way for the philadelphia go ahead four. on the cowboys next drive qb mat cassel scrambling and dez bryant able to jump up and haul that one in to tie the game with his first touchdown catch of the season. it was his second game back. >> the eagles with first
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possession. >> matthew now in the game at the 41 yard line. and fires and it's caught on the run and inside the ten and to the end zone goes matthews for a touchdown to win the game. >> philly quarterback sam brad ford finds receiver matt yus with a 41 yard touchdown pass. dallas' sixth straight loss after a 31-27 victory. why nearly 1,000 flights are grounded today. plus a juicy parking lot surprise. you're watching "first look."
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jool welcome back to "first look." check out this drone video, this is meridian, mississippi, it swallowed up 14 vehicles at an i hop parking lot, the hole was 50 feet wide, 30 feet deep. authorities said it would take
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several days for all those vehicles to be removed. look is a red clay. they think it could be weather related. the rain they have had lately there. let's take to you california and this is what we want, we want more snow, of course, not car stents to go along with it. this is donner pass, sierra nevada mountains, heavy snow made for slick driving conditions. as much as as a foot of snow is expected at the highest of elevations. with the drought scenario we will take whatever we can get. now, into the tropics, yes, the tropics, there is a reason why our hurricane season goes from the beginning of june to the end of november. every now and then we get some systems at the tail end or the very beginning. now we have tropical depression number 12 and this is in the businessman hamas, chaings flee the storm that is along the east coast will deflect this and absorb it as we go throughout the next 48 hours, it will kick up the seas a little bit along the southeast coast but that will be about it. the storm that's going to deflect it is bringing heavy
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rain through the carolinas, especially in the mountains of north carolina right now getting some steady rain and then northern portions of florida. it's just kind of a dreary day in the southeast, lots of clouds with the rain and eventually that will work its way up the coast. our rainfall forecast has the heaviest rain eastern north carolina, could see isolated flooding, 2 to 4 inches of rain. tonight the areas of rain will move into virginia, maryland and delaware and tuesday up towards philadelphia and southern new england including new york city and boston. we to get minor travel delays on tuesday, otherwise a beautiful day in the middle of the country, gorgeous from chicago to dallas. another thing to keep an eye on, wednesday we will have a severe weather outbreak, we could see a good number of tornadoes, we will be watching areas like st. louis carefully. >> thanks for the warning. we appreciate that. and then there's this, tragedy in marylanded on sunday, four people died, 14 hospitalized after a van carrying several children collided with two other vehicles and caught fire yesterday. crews worked to free several
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people trapped in that wreckage. >> they definitely looked scare. >> eight remain in critical condition. no ward on what caused the crash. myanmar's first free elections in 25 years, voter turn outreached 88%. reuters reports opposition leader's party is expected to win. luft an is a says it will cancel nearly a thousand flights in germany today, will m a third of those scheduled is due to a cabin crew strike that started saturday after talks between the union and airline broke down. check out this 12 1/2 foot alligator at a mall parking lot near houston. luckily a dental assistant who just happened to be a licensed alligator hunter was on the scene. what are the chances of that? she helped police rankel the 800 pound gator now nicknamed
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godzilla. all right. let's talk about bernie sanders, he is sticking up for ben carson? and who there soon be a 51st state? one presidential candidate things so. against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and the uniform code of military justice. so help me god. ♪ things so.
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his biography's accuracy. could he have an unlikely ally? bernie sanders brought up a major disagreement he had with carson, then this. >> maybe we focus on the issues impacting the american people and what candidates are saying rather than just sending so much time exploring their lives 30 or 40 years ago. and while donald trump got the headlines from this weekend's "saturday night live" we couldn't pass up a chance to show the latest edition of larry david's bernie sanders' impression. >> senator sanders, i'm going to ask you another question, please don't hate me snoof course i hate you. i hate everyone. what's to like? the only people i like are my seven adorable grandchildren. the youngest one is so cute, he just turned 40. >> but at one point we did get a look at what a donald trump presidency could look like. >> in two years you really made america great again.
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>> see, i told you. it's more than just words and the silly hair. >> first lady ma land i can't is 100% correct. >> i think it could happen this fast. everyone loves the new laws you tweeted. >> terrific. just terrific. >> and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. let's take you now to washington where we are joined by syndicated columnist bob franken. good morning, bob. >> good morning. not that he got particularly great reviews for his "saturday night live" appearance -- >> he wasn't on there as much as i thought he would be in some of those skits. >> well, besides which it looks like he does better ad-libbing than reading off somebody else's script. >> well, ben carson, though, is taking a little heat about what he has written down and i need you to break it down for us. there are a lot of questions, did he lie about receiving a full scholarship to west point, what's this about westmoreland, what about the mere mids?
2:23 am
what do you know? >> well, he benefited for the longest time from flying under the radar but now he's to coin a phrase somewhere over the radar. now he is suddenly getting very, very closely examined, his present, his past, the statements that he makes, that kind of thing and he clearly does not like that to the point that he's saying, let's move on. and you of course have bernie sanders playing his game which is to say let's not dwell about the past, let's talk about policies, that kind of thing, which is bernie sanders really saying, oh, yeah, pile on him. >> well, you know, and then we heard a little clip of sound from carson a little bit earlier in the show where he said, do you know what, i don't see this happening to other people. they are not getting this kind of scrutiny. is that true, though? it seems like there has been plenty of scrutiny could go around. >> well, yeah. as a matter of fact, i think what ben carson is trying to say is that somehow he is being singled out. i think he calls it by the secular progressive movement of
2:24 am
people who don't really want him to succeed. i think that would surprise people like hillary clinton who of course complained a long time ago about the vast right wing conspiracy. one of the ways that you always val length questions that are being asked is to challenge will the request he ner. >> talk about scrutiny, marco rubio is facing a lot of that. he's saying when it comes to that republican party credit card, here is my statements, in fact, i will give you two years' worth offer them. is that going to clear things up? >> i think it's going to cause people to say, hey, maybe this wasn't to bad, it was a slim move on his part. >> thanks so much, bob. we appreciate you joining us today. just ahead another aladdin with the late robin williams as the genie. is it even possible? find out next.
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50 years ago today the great northeast blackout left 30 million people and seven states and parts of canada in the dark for hours. here is how nbc's frank mcgee covered the story. >> we're reaching you from new york under, as you can see, exceedingly strange conditions. this is an emergency arrangement we're operating with mobile equipment and operating from even using candles as a lie sflie. it was an exciting weekend at the box office, the latest james bond film "spectre" opened in the u.s. to $73 million that's the second biggest bond opening. the peanuts movie earned $70 million. disney has enough extra lines from robin williams as the genie from the aladdin movie to make another sequel, however, any plans were sewickley scrapped because of a clause in williams'
2:29 am
will preventing use of his work for 25 years after his death. >> that's a strange clause. i never heard of a clause like that. >> it may have to do with inheritance packs for his children. i wonder if it's a financial thing. >> the family would get money if they used it, if they did it. >> i'm betty nguyen, this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. well, mr. president, you did it. >> just like i promised, right. >> halfway through into your first term and prosperity is at an all time high. in two years you really made america great again. >> madam secretary, how is the situation in russian? >> never better. after your face-to-face meeting putin has withdrawn from ukraine. believe me, he does not want to be called a loser again. he cried for hours. >> well, i'm sorry, i just had to do that. keep up the good work amarosa,
2:30 am
you're doing fantastic. >> donald trump does "saturday night live," this morning the ratings are in and as you might have guessed they're huge. nd at vetting process, ben carson's front runner status brings extra scrutiny but it is as unprecedented as he claims. plus pressure mounts on the president of the university of missouri to resign over his handling of racial incidents on campus, more on the growing protest and special meeting being held today. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early". good morning, it's monday, november 9th. u.s.a. lewis bergdorf. ben carson spent much of the weekend beating back the scrutiny of being one of the fruners in the republican field after questions emerged about t


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