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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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peter alexander and mark halperin are both with us. peter good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in las vegas. it's a cool one out but it's going to be hot on that debate stage. the key matchup will be between donald trump and ted cruz right now. ted cruz has benefitted by ben carson cratering, specifically among those very conservative supporters. as you look at it, the real question most are focused on is will cruz knock off trump? this morning donald trump and ted cruz are dominating the republican field. polls show trump still leading nationalwide but cruz gaining. with cruz be surging, trump is
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bashing the texas senator tweeting "i was disappointed that ted cruz would speak behind my back, get caught and then deny it. well, welcome to the wonderful world of politics." trump argues cruz don't have e tth the -- >> you can't walk into the senate and people calling people liars. >> cruz tweeting the track "maniac." >> i think he may recapture the limelight after having lost it. >> and ben carson is taking aim
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at cruz. >> i think he has a different kind of experience, more of a politician's experience. >> carson, now a ripe target for "saturday night live" with will feral it you have to to go to chinaer or azerbijan. >> it's much closer against some of those others, including marco rubio, cruz or stay with me.
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i want to bring in mark halperin. what do you make of the way trump is attacking cruz? he's calling him a maniac. won't trump supporter say, great, that's the kind of guy we want? >> trump supporters are with him. trump has to find a way to win supporters away from cruz. cruz is turning the other would be a. and then assuming trump keeps it up, does he keep turning the other cheek or does hein gaej? >> mark, what's in it for cruz to engage? because those who in the past have endpajed trump have always lost. >> i think right now at least ted cruz and his folks agree
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with you, that there's no mileage to fighting back but just to use humor and sluff it off and continue. his favorability now is higher than inelse in the race. so he's going to want to turn the other cheek. let's say trump finally opens his checkbook and starts running negative add in the. >> who has more firm, solid support here are trump or cruz? whose voters are likely to be not be suede by any of this? >> it pretty clear that donald trump's water may be high are
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than be in else's ceiling. recognize even as we're talking about ted crude right now, donald trump actual will grew. ted across. >> and, mark, real quick, what kind of a ground game does cruz have outside of iowa, new hampshire? >> he's got i think the best ground gam in the other states as well. he spent a lot of money on there. there's no doubt there's strong social conservative aboard. but cruz's ground game and overall message is meant to win a lot of republicans. even national security conservatives certainly layer it and tear will be tar irian temperature a baltimore jury
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supposed to rule today in a trial of fn. >> what's at atmosphere look out there? >>. >> probably not as entense as you've soon portrayed in the media regarding this trial. there was somewhat of a line to get in outside. i saw the defendant, officer porter, ride willing shotgun in his car on his way to get into the court. he seemed calm, cool, collected along with the other passengers in that vehicle. you have the closing arguments in this trial. it's a jury of 12, the make-up is 7 black, five white. we heard the eninstructions to this jury saying listen it tool
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you have to look at the four specific charges prosecutors are putting forward on officer part seas season. in. it will be interesting to see how quickly the jury can deliberate this. it not a question with a lot of lease precedent beforehand. the maximum charge for officer porter would be, in fact, ten years. now, to what the security situation is on the ground here, jose, on friday local officials cancelled all loaf for officer. in the event the jury comes back today, tomorrow over the corse of this week with an unpopular
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verdict, the city of baltimore will have the most force possible to deal with any ramifications of that. >> is it a expected to request the. >> that question ebrought up before. when is a deliver guilty of not exacting? >> remember, freddy gray died in the back of that van. there is a stop & start 45 motor vehicle minute ride. the defense has said of officer porter, look, he said agree has gone to the hospital two times. he is much better than the other officers implicated in this case. there's a lot for the jury to digest. can the kwir remove itself to
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still wap. >> jose, we got a bunch of new numbers over the weekend we can take you through them i think here. we is a little issue here but i think can you make these out. donald trump. the point here is there are bad numbers, discouraging number out of trump for iowa. we'll see if he can recover. but when you get behind beyond iowa, donald trump is still in strong shapes. south carolina is one of them. the most recent number has n this will be in that sort of sec
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prime require they're calling it. donald trump dominate dunn there you look at ted cruz doing well in iowa, picking up support from evangelicals. if donald trump can win new hampshire, let say cruisin' stl sfchlt it's a note of caution when you look at the idea of a persian gulf sfchlt f. >> still much more ahead this hour. there are question captured it
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in connecticut flags are flying at half staff in memory of the people killed in the massacre when adam lanza opened fire inside the newtown elementary school. 20 children were killed, along with some of the staff. >> do you mark the day in any way or is it just another day?
6:15 am
>> you grind your teeth, hug your kids, get through it. >> we've marked the day in different ways in the past. the first year we threw sea shells into the ocean it and those that we've lost and focusing on those that we still have. and also, you know, remembering everyone else who has been lott f make a change and make everything as better as we can. >> how do you want all the rest of us to mark this december 14th? >> think about it, you know. if you have the strength, go there. go to at that dark place and know that you have the power to make change.
6:16 am
>> and talk about it. raise awareness. >> and three years since sandy hook. new analysis by nbc news find one child a day dies by gun violence. we're joined by cal perry with more on these numbers. >> we chart year by we're. we use this date to look at gun violence and specific 55 clgs of 5 -- 554 children killed.
6:17 am
this is per 100,000 killed. let's bring us louisiana, montana be to show you, these are the stads that have the highest rate of deaths. the ones in gray doesn't mean there's no children killed. there's just no re liable data coming out of those states. the leading gun to. host people think it would be the long rifle, the assault rifle. that's not necessarily the case. most national legislation about guns failed after newtown but there was a wave of state-by-state legislate, 14 states in particular tightened background checks and made it harder to get assault rifles. the last three years, unfortunately,
6:18 am
unfortunately,in. >> cal perry, thank you very much. one thield frrng. >> the egypt want government says so far they've found in evidence of terrorism in the october crash 224 people. this completely contradicts the. >> reporter: jose, this is stunning. it contra dkts the information of governments and intelligence agents around the world. now its officials appear to be saying an isis bomb may not have brought down that russian passenger yet that killed back in october killing 2 4 federal
6:19 am
budget a soda can that the explosives were kept in. at the same time, british officials here in the u.s. and russian officials all came to the conclusion it was accurate that this was an icees. . . >> john: the chem are not saying they've found evidence to support that egypt's touristtory has been devastated by a series of events, including keir simmons in lond done, thank you very much. after the break, why a popular retailer is pulling one of the hottest holiday toys. and speaking of hot, the
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northeast is sfernlt we'll have the detease next right here.
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it's a sure sign of spring in the nation's capital when the cherry blossoms bloom. washington topped 0 degrees on sunday, about 20 degrees above normal. while millions may be enjoying the mild december weather, it's causing a real problem for many retailers who are now stuck with racks of unsold winter clothing. that could be great news tore
6:24 am
yop lay temperature diif the good news for you, jose, though not because you're in miami, is that star load all this medical at a very beg it is count. is it tore al fear $ fnl the with the isn't kwop ratting. >> guess what! it feels look march there fnl this season it parp to 6 inches above average and higher in the midwest. all that sunshoon means major markdones. >> we have a great assortment in outer wear and we're offering some big values right now. >> it a big bust for retailers
6:25 am
that stocked. . if it's a huge bonanza for consumer. sweater downs 3%, boots, blanket, kem ut. >> hot beal. twhm right now because inventories are so high, these retailers that traditionally certainly sfrchlt ff give the
6:26 am
gift of warmth, gloves, coats, half, car was if or perhaps check ymt dp if you can wait until after christmas, some of the best fess frchls so thes did count stores will have the big frpgs frmts high-end up here. >> 70 degrees for south floor
6:27 am
eddians means gloves and carves must stay out. >> and i must point out it's skiing in bolivia, kol rod owe. it not et plates and swachlt, heavy traffic problems. trnl. >> amazon is pulling who have are boards from its site pending safety reveals. it comes on the review of fires that have happened at nine customers' last night opinion today is the busiest shipping
6:28 am
and mailing day of the year. 15.5 billion pieces of male will be sent world wide by the u.s. postal service this holiday day. officials say they've already seen an increase in the number of packages delivered to the post office. they are already delivering packages and male seven days a week. >> up nk, the fbi wrapping up their search of a local lake in the san bernardino case. >> and donald trump and ted cruz will be side by side in tomorrow's gop debate as the senator pulls ahead of mr. trump in iowa. take a look at hope francis. according to the vatican official instagram account, this is the pope's first selfie. what do you think? nice smile at least, right? constipated?
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and now to san bernardino. the fbi is not saying whether they found anything worthwhile in that lake they were searching. morgan, what's the very latest? >> reporter: the fbi has concluded the search of the lake. they have confirmed they've retrieved items of it. then something else happened this weekend, jose. the new york city reporting that tashfeen malik made it through three different background checks before emigrating to the united states and before anyone fen notice she pos.
6:33 am
>> should they have been included in background checks in the first place? all these questions and more, jose, while here in california there dins to be a back bash. a 23-year-old man was' cust of a hate crime. when nbc went and spoke to his tantin, if he and that are scared that i go going be targets of terrorist attacks themselves approximately. >> with the san bernardino investigation ongoing and holidays coming up, president obama is given trying to waum fears about terrorism.
6:34 am
leer's part of his weekly address. >> one of the most important things we can do is to stay true to who we are as americans. terrorists like isily are trying to back up along. it's the first of multiple events this week focusing on councillor terrorism. joining me, michael nantz, he's written a book "defighting isis." good to to see you. the message is stick together and don't let the terrorists win. what else can the president say? >> you have to understand something. isis thrives on all the mayhem and chaos that they if.
6:35 am
this is part of what they do and they do it, unfortunately, very well. >> yes, very well. we can't give into that. the holiday is something is going to gez pun way nor another. in it nfrm nfrmt. >> and how do you get ready for something that you don't know is about to occur? one thing is if people are trying to get into the we by but if the snichlt like what we saw in at least one of the two
6:36 am
people in san bernardino nrnlt i was just in new york city and you might say sfchlt. there are nrmt this makes the terrorist cell leader or someone con dubbing intelligence or surveillance have to teak all of this into account. we saw there may have been a plan that was thwarted in 2012, simply because the fbi had conducted a series of investigations and knocked on people's doors and asked them whether or not they were carrying out acts of terrorism. and that may have stopped an
6:37 am
attack by farook. >> and we're going to back now to the presidential race. national security expected to be aing about it for two money who have been pretty cordial on the trail it, appears eight whole new ball game. here's what trump is now saying about cruz. >> i don't think he's qualified to be president. >> why not? >> because i don't think he has if nmio. federal budget nch you can't walk into the senate and scream and call people liars and not be able to cajole and got along
6:38 am
with people. he'll never get anything done. that's the problem with ted. >> joining me now, hallie jackson. let start with you. trump's numbers are up but the margin is down. how do we read these numbers? >> ted cruz is getting closer, jose. here's the bik takeaway. it's not that donald trump is losing steam. he's actually up a little bit. he's bringing shift's whopping 18%. those are carson supporters heading over to ted cruz. it's something that at least for the cruz campaign has been potentially i evidentable, or at last they had homemade it would be inevidenceable. >> and, ryan, this is not something we often say but could
6:39 am
trump use a boost here? >> well, it may be that ted cruz's whole strategy here, he was trying to flynd the ray car and when carson and trump imploded, he'd sneak innd, talk about their colleagues using you've mystic terms. when he wanted to talk about straight bush, he simply said he's low energy. even people that liked george bush said, yeah, the guy kind of is low energy. then the nks day you've got a week of be frm and that's going to lead to story about he's an
6:40 am
unlikable guy and people will say, hmm, he's not very nice of a likable figure. cruz has been hoping to avoid this trump-cruz cage match for a long time. >> is there into irony to mr. trump questioning somebody's temperament and judgment? >> yes. when donald trump is thinking about someone in the oval office and it scares him, the rest of the country ought to scare him. >> iffium kleeia had gone too far on root -- you really need to start dialing it back. >> go ahead. >> i think you're making a good point here. ted cruz is playing this very
6:41 am
well. think about it, cruz has this perception he is unlikable. what is he doing now in response? he's being frankly pretty funny about it, showing his personality. you saw that sound look before a link to the maniac song. so ted cruz is miing this a lot of folks say in a very smart way in a hope of diffusing trump that we haven't seen any other candidates do exceptionfully until now. >> thank i for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> it's been a year since president obama announced the u.s. would normalize relations with the cuban regime. check out these aerial shots from hollywood, california. christmas is coming early.
6:42 am
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6:46 am
the presidencying on lo n is keeping at the it f he sadie they ksks it. but that's true with our relationship with china, with vietnam. that's true with our relationship with a lot of countries around the world. but what we're constantly doing
6:47 am
about if being be in because they have interests now that are increasingly at stake. >> what's interesting is that there be, if that is quadruple it. if sfchlt. >> it a better approach than the attempted isolation that the united states pursued for decades. the argument is it didn't get us anywhere, didn't promote human right in cuba and didn't clar they pri this tr is more lickly
6:48 am
aprf the coon of of many f, something we haven't seen in decades. the president has long many prised to close down the guantanamo bay naval base, specifically the prison there. he did at that before he was elected president. i know he talked about the vetting process about releasing people from given. let listen into that, pannia. >> i am absolutely swad fmt testimony in terms of any kind of return to the fit by people who were released by acele, hundreds of people is been
6:49 am
released. and they many frrmt 400, 500, 600 people who get released, that a handful of this many are many activities and trying to leaning if nechbl nchblt there are individual significantly more dang route than the people isly. spluchlt fuchlt the stra teenl ek games we make by closing gaun
6:50 am
fuchl -- be is frustrated going before time runs out for him? >> i think it is a real long shot, jose. he think the white house is aware that it is a real long shot. they're going to keep pushing ahead with that project but i have to say, with the military trials ongoing now, just seems very hard to imagine considering the opposition in congress and all that still has to happen at gitmo itself. seems like such a long shot to get this done before he leaves office. >> olivier, where can we see more of this great interview? >> this interview is the kick-off point for a week-long package on cuba and cuba-america relations and policy spanning across yahoo! properties. we brought in yahoo! autos, yahoo! finance, yahoo! travel, yahoo! news. go to yahoo! and you'll see my ugly mug, a tease and a package of really good reporting, a ooh
6:51 am
good snapshot of where cuba and its relations with america stand today. >> olivier knox, thank you for bringing me that interview which you can see much more of on yahoo!. coming up, a look at how the trump brand is faring overseas after the gop candidates' comments about muslims and why some businesses in dubai are taking a second look at trump's influence. dave'and starting each day game, with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like?
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donald trump's name has been restored on a $6 billion golf complex in dubai just a few days after the real estate firm took it down following his muslim ban comments. but he's still facing international criticism, particularly in the middle east. cnbc has more. >> reporter: well, the fallout from his comments continued here in the middle east over the weekend with one prominent saudi prince calling him a disgrace to america and businesses here in dubai taking a second look at his billion dollar brand. >> donned j. trump is calling for a total and complete
6:55 am
shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: just days after his controversial remarks were criticized by rival candidates, there are now questions over just how much they'll hurt his bottom line. after years of hawking everything from luxury real estate to his own children in ad campaigns, some of his international partners are now seeing red. dubai's landmark group announced they'd be removing all trump products from their homeweare line. now this is the akoya project, marketed as the beverly hills of dubai, complete with a trump golf course. as of late last week the local developer had removed all trace of the trump brand. as you see behind me tonight that logo is back and the billboards are no longer bare. >> i bawas looking and listenin
6:56 am
more than 20 times. i say i don't think he mean what he say. >> reporter: this local billionaire/businessman was initially atrump supporter but he says the candidate can create big problems for his ventures across the muslim world. >> this is what like isis wants. isis want fueling. the fueling. and mr. trump is fueling them against all of us. >> given the comments that we heard from mr. trump, would you say the trump name is bad for dub dubai? >> i don't think a lot of people will associate and a lot of company will associate not only here but as business in turkey and indonesia and indonesia is the biggest islamic country in the world. imagine he has businesses over there and these people will take and throw everything out. >> reporter: of course, dubai is known for its glitz and glamour but it is also a gateway to the middle east, to africa, the
6:57 am
subcontinent and asia home to hundreds of millions of muslims. for them, at least, it is pretty clear that donald trump hasn't done himself any favors. for msnbc news in dubai. in less than an hour president obama makes a rare trip to the pentagon for a meeting with the national security council. we'll tell you what's on the agenda. and donald trump will occupy center stage for tomorrow night's republican debate but he'll have someone new standing next to him. we'll talk about that next. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. the calm before the storm. right now on msnbc, we're following final preparations for tomorrow night's republican debate. ted cruz gaining steam and front-runner donald trump is starting to take notice. >> this republican party is radically different -- is radically different than the primary voters even four years ago. >> two new polls show ted cruz
7:01 am
surging in iowa. >> i don't think he's qualified to be president. >> is this a commander in chief test for senator cruz? >> i believe it is for all the candidates. >> poll numbers go up and down. i wasn't excited when they were up, i'm not excited when they're down. >> but i've been in the situation room in the white house and i know what it's going to take and i will keep america safe. >> i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. >> good monday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. race for president is our top story this morning. let's get right to nbc's katy tur in las vegas. >> reporter: good morning, jose. pretty interesting day to come here in las vegas. >> yeah. our new national poll shows trump's lead growing but his margin over cruz is shrinking. what can we read into that? >> reporter: well, his lead is shrinking. this is to be expected. many have said that they do expect cruz to jump in the polls especially in iowa.
7:02 am
cruz has a really big evangelical base of support and they long expected this to happen especially as carson started to drop in the polls. so far donald trump is taking it okay. he's not lashing out too strongly, but he is starting to lash out, he's starting to home in on his attacks on ted cruz, calling him a maniac for the way he behaves in senate, an illusion to the fact that nobody in congress or the senate seems to like ted cruz. he's also questioning his evangelical roots saying not being evangelicals come from cuba. it is the same tactic we saw him use with ben carson successful questioning his evangelism and his religious story. whether or not this is going to work with ted cruz remains to be seen. carson was in many ways a much weaker candidate who didn't know how to stand up for himself, whereas ted cruz is very disciplined. so far he's just been laughing off trump's attacks saying that -- or actually tweeting back a tweet to trump saying -- with the youtube link for the song "maniac" from "flash
7:03 am
dance." he's trying to just brush off trump's attacks but trump's attacks have always been successful so there has to be some concern in the cruz camp on how they'll approach this. there's some strategizing behind the scenes. i do think we'll see fireworks later tonight when trump has a rally here in las vegas, more attacks on ted cruz according to the campaign. then of course the debate tomorrow. >> and i mean in the past -- you really defined really well how when trump has attacked in the past it has had a very severe impact on these candidates. but can cruz deal with this differently than have, for example, oh, bush or carson or kasich? >> reporter: i think he can. ted cruz has the sort of confidence and poise that the other candidates don't generally have. rubio has some of that as well but ted cruz is able to hold his head up and say i don't care about it. then actually acts like he means that he doesn't care about it. ben carson was a little bit more
7:04 am
on the loopier side in many ways. he didn't quite know how to respond. he tried to brush it off. he hit back. he ignored it. he was much more soft spoken. he didn't have the same sort of strength or confidence that ted cruz has on the campaign trail. whether or not that will work for him in a way that it had not worked for others, we'll have to wait and see. again, donald trump has been successful in all his attacks so far. he's very good at reading a weakness or reading a room. he's been tepid so far, dipping a toe in to attack ted cruz but i do expect it to get stronger. remember, they are vying for in many ways the same base of support so there is a lot to lose on both sides of this. >> katy tur, great seeing you. thanks for being with me this morning. >> i'm in venice. don't you like it. >> >> i was wondering how you're by the realto bridge and you have a jacket on and a plane's flying overhead. it looks indoors. >> it's a dream come true. i'm living the dream out here,
7:05 am
jose. let's go now to our political correspondent, steve kornacki, who has a deeper look at all these new poll numbers. steve, good to see you. >> jose, maybe could use a jacket in here, too. it is a little chilly in the studio. some of the latest numbers, what we have the national poll you were just talking about a minute ago first that shows ted cruz catching up with donald trump. donald trump still ahead. the race tightening up. what we thought we would do is give you a tour of the critical early states on the republican side. that's what really matters here. a lot more than the national numbers at this point. how is it looking in the key early states? the big ynews this weekend as i iowa. that's the state that is going to go first. ted cruz, ten points up over donald trump. this is the des moines register poll. they called this one the gold standard poll in iowa. donald trump's been very upset about this one, saying they got it all wrong, they have it in for me. but donald trump down ten points. from the last time the "does moines register" polled until
7:06 am
this poll, the biggest sing sl jump for ted cruz between polls that they have recorded in the "des moines register" poll so ted cruz really surging in iowa. that's great news for ted news, bad news for donald trump. however, if you key looking at these early states -- so cruz is ahead in iowa, doing well with the evangelical voters there. but new hampshire is next. how does new hampshire look? from late last week, donald trump still comfortably ahead in new hampshire. you see ted cruz all the way down there in fourth place. above and beyond anything else what donald trump really has going for him in new hampshire, it's divided opposition. you look at like chris christie, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich. you can call them all sort of establishment candidates. they're all sort of splitting up that vote making it a lot easier potentially for donald trump to win new hampshire so trump still ahead in new hampshire. what's the big first test down south after new hampshire? it is south carolina. look at that. donald trump still way ahead in
7:07 am
south carolina. more than doubling up ted cruz. we got another new poll from down south after south carolina, after this first wave of primaries. they're having what they call the s.e.c. primary march 1st. a bunch of southern states. one of them came out with a brand-new poll over the weekend. look at this -- donald trump one of the best numbers you're going to see from 43% down there in georgia. georgia critically important early state as well. jose, again the headline over the weekend is donald trump's got some trouble in iowa right now. ted cruz really on the move there. but you get beyond iowa, trump is still right now very well positioned. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. breaking news out of jerusalem this morning. we have that for you. police are confirming a palestinian man ran his car into a crowd of pedestrians near a bridge leading into the city, then got out and tried to stab people. eight people were hurt around the man was shot dead by security forces. more on this story as we get new
7:08 am
information. the egyptian government says today it's found no evidence of terrorism so far in the crash of that russian jetliner in october. 224 people were killed after the plane broke up in mid-air after departing from sharm el sheikh on that day. today's announcement contradicts russia's conclusion that it was an act of terror. nbc's keir simmons joins me now from london. some contradictions here, right? >> reporter: that's right, jose. this has people stunned. it wasn't just russia concluded that this was a terrorist bomb. it was will also the u.s. intelligence services, british intelligence services. all of those coming to the conclusion that a bomb had been left on this airbus airliner. 224 people killed you remember back in october. and now the egyptians -- remember, the plane was flying from sharm el sheikh to st. peertersburg -- saying that the have found no evidence that
7:09 am
indicates ill legitimate interference or an act of terrorism. to be absolutely clear what they're not saying is that this wasn't a terrorist attack. what they're saying is that they have found no evidence that there was an attack on board the plane. we don't have the report itself. it's a very, very vaguely worded, brief statement and that's all we've been told by the egyptians. so it is a little confusing but that's what the egyptians are saying this morning. >> keir simmons in london, thank you very much. now to the investigation into the san bernardino shooters, there a new debate surrounding the visa process that allowed tashfeen malik into the country. reports she openly professed her support for jihad online saying she wanted to be a part of it. ari melber, good morning. how is this connection missed? >> that's the big question, jose. two seem to be the kind of thing you don't need to be a security expert to find if someone is posting on a popular platform like facebook about something
7:10 am
illegal or terrible, mass murder, supporting terrorists, that kind of thing. yet, it is missed and law enforcement experts basically say two grind security screenings to a halt, they've told "the new york times" and others, if you actually had to go and review everyone's individual accounts and internet postings of all kind over essentially their entire life on the internet. so security experts saying two seem to be something you could get but actually would take way too long under the way it is currently organized. jose? >> it's ironic, because i've reported a lot about this on telemundo, for example, that when you have folks that are from another country and they marry a u.s. citizen, and they're mexicans or from central or south america, when they go to their interviews, the officials have all the single -- every single facebook post, twitter feed things that they've ever said or done in their lives and they use that to question
7:11 am
the validity for example of their marriage. but in this case, too much work couldn't do it? >> well, i hear what you're saying. i think part of what you're referencing is know interesting piece of at least the fiance or k1 screening process. which is we know, according to the bylaws here, that one of the things that's heavily and closely vetted is whether or not the relationship is real. so sometimes people go into these interviews as you mentioned and the officer will say, well, what is your fiance's favorite cereal? which might seem to some like why are we even getting into that? that is a vetting process to see if it is a sham or fake marriage between two people who haven't cohabitated or spent the kind of time to have a relationship. so they are vetting that and that's not silly because that would be a sign that either it is a sham marriage like a brokered marriage where it is for sale or potentially something worse if you were worried it was some sort of "isis bride" scenario. they are looking into that. they can, as a matter of
7:12 am
discretion, pick up whatever they'd casually find on the internet but there is no systemic way to do it. having said all that here, not really trying to play defense for a system that obviously failed, when we started reporting on this -- you and i did segments on this, jose -- one of the big questions was, was this woman, malik, radicalized, a threat, before she got to the u.s.? now law enforcement sources are saying yes. so that means, by definition, there is a problem with the vetting if people can go through the screening, go through the interviews,radical threat and that's not being caught. when you take people coming in who basically don't have any automatic right to be here -- right? those are the exact people you would want to stop. so i would expect a lot more debate about how to tighten this system. >> yeah. as we thank you, ari, look at exactly just the system and what she went through, two in-person interviews, three background checks. homeland security screening and state department screening.
7:13 am
green card application. and apparently never finding what she did in public through facebook and others. hey, ari, thanks so much. great seeing you. developing now, closing arguments in the case against officer william porter in the death of freddie gray. porter, 1 of 6 officer charged in gray's death. nbc's luke russert joins me from baltimore. luke, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> so break down for us what we should expect by the end of today. >> reporter: so rear's having closing arguments of course for officer william porter. he's 1 of 6 officers charged in crimes related against freddie gray. we all know what happened back in may regarding that and the riots that ensued. porter's case is unique because the prosecution mass to prove that he willfully denied freddie gray necessary aid. the prosecutors say that when grey was in the back of the van, he asked for help, that he was
7:14 am
medically not well. the idea is that porter should have been more proactive in bringing him to the hospital and getting him necessary medical attention. that's 1 of the 4 charges against porter. involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. now the jury is made up of seven black and five white, and they will have to go through those charges and see which ones stick. that's what we're going through the process right now. the question though from reading it the legal research, jose, is this idea of how to go after an officer for not willfully acting, there's not a lot of legal precedent on that so it is interesting so see how exactly it will develop. now, because of the high-profile nature of this case, there is a lot of focus on what the mood is here on the ground. like protests today, i saw one gentleman holding a sign. i spoke to an officer, he said so far this has been pretty easy, god willing. however, if there is a verdict that the public does not like some time later today, some time this week -- we have to see --
7:15 am
that could change. now the city of baltimore is taking protective steps in case of that. canceled all leave for officers. the full force is on alert, on stand-by to put out any protests that could become violent or destructive like they were in may. so a lot to see but right now the closing arguments are moving forward and a slow trickle of information coming out, jose. >> luke russert, thank you very much. three years ago today, an unthinkable massacre unfolded inside an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. this is the first time the anniversary falls on a school day. moment of silence will be observed in the high schools but there will be no mention of the shootings at the elementary school. a father of a child who survived the shootings joins us next.
7:16 am
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7:19 am
today is the anniversary of the shootings at sandy hook. counselors are on stand-by for the students and staff there. eric, thank you for being with me. your wife and daughter survived the shootings. your community lost so much that day three years ago. let me begin by asking how the families are handling this anniversary. >> i can't really speak for other families. i can only speak for my own. this is a tough day. it's harder for the parents i think than the children. we don't go out of our way to hide what happened from them. obviously we can't. they know.
7:20 am
but they understand that something bad happened this time of year. they remember it and they associate it with the season. but we have decided as a family we're going to send them to school. if they have any reservations or objections, we discuss that. overall the children are doing well but it is a really tough day for parents and teachers and faculty. >> what do you tell kids as they get older and they learn more about what happened? what do you tell them? >> well, with my own children -- and this is the advice we got from the counselors -- you don't force them to talk about it obviously. but when they're ready, they do. and you have to talk about it in an age-appropriate way. with my older child, my son who's now 13, we talk about firearms. i've begun to talk to him about the laws in our country, how nothing has changed at the federal congressional level. we won't even do research on the
7:21 am
issue. i am a former employees of the centers for disease control. i can personally vouch for the great work that they do there to make us safer. we've been able to reduce drownings. we've been able to reduce hiv infection because of the work of the cdc. we've been able to reduce damage done by tobacco usage, but yet we will not allow the nation's premier public health organization to even study the topic of gun violence. >> there has been a renewed push for gun control after this month's attack in san bernardino. california already has some of the nation's strictest gun control laws including universal background checks and limits on assault weapons. what do you say to those who say more gun laws aren't the answer and they point to places like california where these weapons were legally purchased and it has probably the strictest gun control as far as rifles in the country? >> i think it is a fair question. what i would throw back there is that the united states does not
7:22 am
have consistent gun laws. you can drive right across the border to arizona and pick up an ar-15 from a person in a parking lot that you find on the arms list. to say one state's laws don't work, just like people often cite chicago which is not actually the murder capital of the country. kansas city typically takes that title. when you look at it on the normalized rate basis. we have to have consistent laws across the united states and that would be the first step. i would point people to australia where they used to average a mass shooting every year or so prior to 35 people being killed in the port arthur massacre in 1996. they passed really strict gun reforms. they have not had a single mass shooting in almost 20 years, whereas the rates of mass shootings here, we've had 350-plus just in 2015 alone and the frequency with which they occur is occurring more often and the deadliness, the number of people killed from mass shootings, is increasing. >> back to my question though. the point is that for example in
7:23 am
the san bernardino case they weren't brought in from another state. they didn't go somewhere else. they actually purchased them and had them legally in california. >> you know what would have helped there? to say we're not going to grandfather in anything. that when we ban something like this, if you've got it, it's gone. so at that point now you don't have this enormous inventory. there will always be a black market but to say that laws don't work, there is a reason that hawaii has very low rates of gun violence. they have very strict laws and they don't have any states surrounding them and they don't have this massive inventory to pull from. >> eric, one other point very quickly. when something like san bernardino happens, or newtown, the purchase of weapons actually increases in the united states. people actually go and buy more weapons and more rounds of ammunition. >> yes. and in the same way that we have son of sam laws that we do not allow murderers to profit from their crimes, we should not allow gun manufacturers to
7:24 am
profit from mass shootings. >> how? >> well, i think there is a case again, too, where this is an industry that they internalize profits and they externalize costs. we should make that industry internalize the entire cost of gun violence and at that point every activity from the manufacture, sale, distribution and usage of firearms -- we could do it through proper licensing, through background checks, through insurance requirements -- we absolutely could have them internalize that cost. >> eric, thank you very much for being with me. appreciate your time. every other day since sandy hook a child has been killed by gun violence in america. part of a new analysis conducted by msnbc. cal perry, senior editor for digital content, good morning. >> good morning, jose. as you said, every 48 hours someone under the age of 12 is killed in the united states by a gun. since sandy hook hook nbc news has looked at year by year. in the past three years, 554
7:25 am
kids -- again, under the age of 12. not even talking under the age of 18 -- killed by a gun in this country. nationally, each individual instance that's happened in the past three years. you can be killed by a gun really in three ways. homicide, suicide and accidental. for this age group, children under the age of 12, 60% via homicides. we have a national map here as well. this is all on we are looking at gun deaths for children killed by every 100,000. if you look at louisiana specifically, you'll see the rate there as well as montana, we have a look at that. the other really interesting thing about this report in taking a look at the trends in the past three years is how people are being killed, how children are being killed. by a wide margin, jose. it is by a handgun. you would think assault rifle is the issue. that is no the issue. we've seen a lack of federal gun
7:26 am
laws being passed since sandy hook. there was a push but really it was the states -- 14 states were able to change their legislation and that seems to be making a difference, but unfortunately the overall picture is still very grim, jose. >> cal perry, thank you very much. appreciate that report. more on gas prices are falling even lower this holiday season. will this unexpected gift last through 2016? that's next. make this holiday extra happy when you buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones... like the samsung galaxy s6. buy one get one free. so spread some cheer. and capture every minute of it. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. ono off-days, or downtime.ason.
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you can't deal with something by ignoring .t but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates! answer the call already. millions of americans will have extra money in their pockets this gift giving season. gas prices are now the lowest in years. msnbc business correspondent olivia sterns joins us. good morning. >> good morning, jose. in many parts of the country gas below $2 a gallon and it is expected to fall even further in the coming weeks. right now kansas has the cheapest gas, about $1.77. california on the other hand pays the most, around $2.65. the national average though, jose, just $2.01, down about 16
7:30 am
cents from a month ago and more than 50 cents lower than this time last year. just to put that in perspective for you. gas is now cheaper than a gallon of dairy milk or even a small -- regular cup of coffee at starbucks. that will still cost you around $2.15 on an inflation-adjusted basis which economists like to look at, we are looking at some of the cheapest gas prices since the early 1970s. the two biggest reasons, jose, one, the u.s. now swimming in oil. domestic production in fact up 90% since 2008. that's incredible. that means we are now making more here than we are importing from abroad. the other big reason, saudi arabia and many opec countries just keep pumping more and more oil because they hope to drive out competitors both here in the u.s. -- think of the domestic shale players -- and also drive out competitors from eiran as w expect iranian supply coming back on the market. good news for car sales here in the u.s., 16 million vehicles have rolled off dealers' lots
7:31 am
this year so far. 59% light trucks and suvs. also heating oil prices are down by more than $1 a glallon compared to last winter. whenever winter decides to show up, the cost to your house -- not in miami -- but it should be considerably cheaper than last year. >> it is pretty ironic that a cup of coffee costs more than a gallon of gas. >> even at starbucks. >> but if you think about it, olivia, you have to go dig underground, get the oil out, refine it, transport it. and coffee, it's much more labor intensive, i guess, to me. >> i guess. a lot of coffee comes a long way, too. that's the point. we are making more and more oil here at home. >> olivia, thanks. president obama just minutes away from a rare pentagon meeting with the national security council. we'll tell you what is expected to many could out of this meeting when we come back. but first we are learning more about what we thought and were told was the pope's first selfie. remember this one? guess what?
7:32 am
turns out it is a screen graph from a recent google hangout. not in fact actually a selfie. it still went viral. we'll keep watching for the pontiff's first true selfie when we find it, we'll share it with you.
7:33 am
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7:35 am
just a couple of minutes from now, president obama will gather with his national security council during a rare trip to the pentagon. it is the first of several stops he's making this week to try to re-assure a jittery nation and deflect some of the criticism against his administration, along with today's trip to the pentagon, president obama will be speaking at a naturalization ceremony tomorrow, travel to the national counterterrorism center on thursday. nbc's kristin welker is live for us at white house. >> reporter: jose, good morning. president obama is making this rare trip to the pentagon for a few reasons. one, calm public fears ahead of the christmas holiday. he also wants to show that he's trying to ramp up his response to fighting isis. now this is his first visit
7:36 am
since the attacks in paris and san bernardino. his national security council which includes the vice president will update the president on the campaign to defeat the terrorist group. the president who has come under fire for not being tough enough against isis is hoping to put some of that criticism to rest with this full-court press. the pentagon recently stepped up air strikes and sent in additional special ops forces to conduct raids if iraq and syria. you'll recall that last week defense secretary ash carter indicated that additional steps are under serious consideration. but white house officials have told me and they're cautioning that the president is not going to announce a major shift in strategy today but they also stress he is willing to escalate the u.s. response if necessary and he is consistently reviewing that response. now in his weekly address over the weekend, the president argued american air strikes, which by the way, are more than 8,500 -- are working, that they've taken out a number of isis leaders in recent weeks. and i'm told that the president will likely highlight a similar message again when he speaks publicly after his meeting today
7:37 am
and as you pointed out, jose, it is a busy week here. he'll hold a similar briefing later this week at the counterterrorism center and there he will give a brief on the entire homeland security strategy. >> kristin welker, thank you. we will will carry the president's statements at noon eastern right here on msnbc. joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to nato, nicholas burns, also served at the state department and currently professor at the harvard-kennedy school of government. let's talk about this, the president's going to be speaking today. he's got had rare visit to the pentagon. what's the president have to do? does he have to be more concrete? kristin welker was saying no expected new policy announced. >> i think the president's done a good job of assembling this big coalition, 65 countries, against the islamic state. it needs to get stronger. frankly, i think some of their partners need to do more so i hope what we'll hear is the president wants turkey to do more to close down that porous turkish border where the islamic
7:38 am
state fighters are transitting where that oil -- black oil -- black market oil sthimts ahipme transitting. we need the saudis to do baltimore. they're effectively awol. >> it's been 14 months since the united states got this coalition together since the bombings started. 14 months! and still a lot of these coalition partners are m.i.a.? >> some of them are because they are more focused on yemen than the islamic state. >> why is that? >> the saudis are fighting a proxy war against the iranians in yemen. that's their first order of priority. i think we need to put some pressure on them to get back in the game against the islamic state. what else the president can do? arm the syrian kurdish rebel groups that have been the most effective fighting force against isis. >> these are the groups being bombed by the russians. >> that's right. and in some cases by the turks. then get two big countries at least to try to not create problems. turkey, our nato ally, hasn't been helping very much. russia operating across purposes. so think of the president as this great coordinator of a big
7:39 am
unwieldy coalition. we need to get people fighting all in unison. that's a hard thing to do. i also think the president can repeat a very powerful message from his speech to the nation eight days ago, that is, we've got to operate out of refl so and not fear. hillary clinton's been saying quite correctly, we can't prey on people's fears, we can't divide america over this terrorism by making americans so fearful that we shut down our borders to immigrants or to muslims. that's i think she's right about that and he ought to take up that fought. >> you have yemen, that was at one period, considered the success story for americans, that they had supported it. now saudi arabia is forced to deal with something that's a very real danger to their border area. you have russia acting on its own. and the other big player you didn't mention -- iran. they've involved in yemen, they're involved in syria, they're involved in every place and yet they're not exactly playing ball. >> iran is a major problem for us, as you know, they're arming the shia militant groups in iraq
7:40 am
and they are a pernicious influence in baghdad fighting for president assad in syria. the iranians are sowing mayhem in the middle east. i think a bigger, stronger coalition can make a difference but ultimately, someone has to fight on the ground and it can't be the united states. >> is the united states a big enough player currently in the middle east is it. >> we are. we are the strongest outside power. i think we need to use our influence, more assertively than we have, to try to coerce the turks to get into the fight on our side and to stop their poor behavior behavior, to get the arabs involved. i think president obama has been resisting arm, the sunni and syrian rebel groups. we need to arm them to set up a counterway for the islamic state on the ground. >> we know those arms will stay with that group and that group is always going to be on our side because in the past we arm people, then they turn that against us. >> right. but we're not going to get
7:41 am
anywhere against the islamic state. you can't defeat them by air. it has to be a counter force on the ground. can't be us though. has to be the syrian kurds. >> we have some cuban pastries out there. hope you try them. coming up, we'll take you back to nevada where the stage is being set for the next republican debate. that and a whole lot more right here on msnbc. what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar.
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7:44 am
we've been talking a lot about the warm weather in the east but people out west and in the plains are getting hammered today by a major snowstorm. if there's a storm, the weather channel's mike seidel is there. he joins us now from holladay, utah. i understand there's some weird white stuff coming down from the sky and it's cold, mike? >> reporter: yeah. unlike back east, jose, where more records are going to be set today, and even though it is going to cool off back in new york, philly, d.c. and atlanta, it is going to warm back up against as we head towards
7:45 am
christmas next week. not great for ski resorts in the northeast and new england. but here this is a godsend because they've had hardly any snow officially in salt lake city, jose. only 1.4 inches until this storm. ski resorts have had a bit more but they're running about a 13-inch deficit so far here in holla da lchl holladay. this is wasatch boulevard. if you don't have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive or chains, don't even attempt that. this is what they're doing. these cars are trying to get up this hill and they're spinning. you got a couple of guys using some elbow grease. we've seen this all morning long, cars getting stuck, actually spinning around and coming down the wrong way saying i've had enough of this. basically you can see the sign here, up into big cottonwood and little cottonwood canyon, chains and 4x4.
7:46 am
those take you up to the four big ski resorts that way. all the ski resorts will end up with a foot to two feet of snow. so there aren't many folks complaining for the snow as we head towards christmas here in the wasatch front, because last year, jose, it was their fourth-least snowiest on record. so far here they've had 11 inches and only one cancellation at the airport at flc. >> mike seidel, thank you, man. it is good to see you. take care. tomorrow night the republican presidential candidates will face off in their last debate of 2015. there will be eight men, one woman on the main stage. donald trump remains in the middle flanked by ted cruz and ben carson. chris christie is back in prime time after being demoted to the undercard debate last time around but it is the dynamic between trump and cruz that everyone will be watching for.
7:47 am
here to talk about that and more, nbc's hallie jackson and ed o'keefe of the "washington post." amigos, good morning. hallie, if trump throws the first punch tomorrow night, can cruz afford to sit back and play nice or does he have to counter punch? >> reporter: i don't think he has to counterpunch, jose. i think it is not a question of "if" trump will throw a purge. i think you will see trump do so and he's done so already just in the last four or five days here. he has some likely lines of attacks. for example, painting ted cruz as somebody who's taking money from "party bosses." this is something donald trump has alluded to already. does ted cruz need to hit back? no. pis strategy right now is playing nice, sit back, turn the other cheek. he's been funny about it, trying to show he's likable and has a lot of personality which is something donald trump's going after him enough, not being likable enough. i think you will continue to see ted cruz do that. that said, if trump comes out on policy, i would not be surprised to see cruz try to hit back on
7:48 am
policy, takes where he's always said he'll go after somebody if they come after him on policy decisions. but on personality stuff, not sure you'll see him go after trump. >> trump supporters really like a strong candidate. is it going to backfire? >> i think it very well could. there's always unpredictable things that happen in these debates but certainly tu lly tr cruz trying to appeal to the same base. cruz certainly seems to enjoy an advantage among evangelicals, among the most conservative in the state. and among those that have voted before so we'll see which way this goes. i think either of them certainly faces a lot of risk but also potentially a lot of reward. >> ed, just the latest poll out of georgia has trump with 40%-plus on the lead there. in other words, outside of iowa an new hampshire, trump is just -- it seems as though he's just -- his lead is growing and
7:49 am
growing and growing. >> i would suspect that has a lot to do with the fact that people, when they think about this campaign in states other than the first four, are only hearing a lot about donald trump. and until the campaigns really start spending more time there and doing things in georgia other than raising money -- because all the republican candidates have gone to atlanta to raise money. once they start campaigning there i suspect things would tighten up. this is similar to what we were seeing at the beginning of the year. guys like jeb bush were sitting at the top. why? because we were talking about them more at the national level. i think as we near those other states in the south that vote in march you'll dentally see things tighten up. >> hallie, are trump supporters transferable? meaning, would they only go to polls for trump or would they come out on a cold winter night in iowa to support folks like cruz? >> reporter: right. that's the thing. if it is raining or if there is a thunderstorm or it is a blizzard, who actually shows up to caucus? i think that's a key question moving forward. remember though, these guys are -- these candidates are polling from a little bit of a different base.
7:50 am
cruz has locked down the sort of more traditional social conservative voter. trump has expanded the elent rat especially in places like iowa, people maybe who haven't gone out to caucus before. the question is will they show up. you look at some of the folks who support ted cruz, a lot of these evangelical folks that have proven that they will go out and caucus. they have the organization in place. they're used to doing it so that may be where cruz's advantage lies. >> jose, just real quick. in the "des moines register" poll over the weekend cruz enjoys a total of 51% among people who would pick him first or as their second choice. because remember, caucusgoers might have to pick a second or third choice if their first guy doesn't have enough support so that's encouraging for cruz. >> ed o'keefe of the "washington post," and nbc's hallie jackson, thank you both for are being with me. want to bring in democratic congresswoman dina titus which represents t
7:51 am
hillary clinton and other democrats have been trying to lump all the republicans together, whenever it seems donald trump says something controversial. is that something that's fair, you think? >> well, i think it's accurate. it's beyond fair. because even though perhaps mr. trump is the loudest and the most obnoxious, other members have said they will support him if he is the candidate. they have not taken him on when he talks about immigrants or refugees or the economy. and if you look at the voting record of cruz and rubio, they've been just as extreme on the immigration issue which is very important to my district which is the most diverse in the state of nevada. >> that's interesting. because there have been other candidates. for example, bush who has put forth the very specific issue on immigration. but seems as though all that is browned o drowned out. >> that's right. you remember mr. rubio was part of that initial gang of eight looking at immigration. he backed off of it. cruz has been talking about his own wall and been just about as
7:52 am
bad as trump, even though he hasn't been as loud about it. >> what are you hoping to hear tonight for an issue that you brought up -- immigration? >> well, i think we'll hear the same old thing -- build a wall and keep people out. in my district you have a very large hispanic population, a large and fast-growing asian population, ethiopians, refugees from serbia, across the world, they are here in las vegas. and they do not appreciate this venom and this acrimony and this criticism of immigrants because it ignores what they have contributed to our country and our economy. it used to be kind of amusing when trump said these things but now i think it is dangerous. >> nevada congresswoman dina titus, thank you for your time. appreciate you being with me this morning. >> thank you. much more on the debate and the news nbc news/"wall street journal" poll numbers at the top of the hour.
7:53 am
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and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. developing now on msnbc -- the president at the pentagon. president obama makes a rare visit for an update on the islamic state as fears of terrorism remain the highest since 9/11. and later today the president will update the public on the fight to defeat isis. plus, the stage is set for tomorrow's gop debate. by the way, the last of the year. donald trump and ted cruz are set to go face to face center stage after a weekend of trump attacking cruz and the texas senator refusing to take trump's bait. and, a moment of silence held across connecticut this morning marking three years since the sandy hook shooting. we'll take a look at the in um ber of children killed from gun violence in just the past three
8:00 am
years alone. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. developing now -- president obama makes that rare visit to the pentagon to talk about the strategy to beat isis, both abroad and its sympathizers here at home. we expect video any minute now and we'll bring that to you shortly. but right now the president is meeting at the pentagon with his national security team, including vice president joe biden, defense secretary ash carter, and joint chiefs chairman joseph dunford. after that meeting in the next hour, the president will deliver a statement updating on the fight against isis. today's visit to the pentagon is the first of several events on the president's schedule this week meant to calm public fears in the wake of the san bernardino and paris attacks. joining me now live, nbc news chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. sean henry, former assistant director of the fbi. thanks for joining us. mick, we're already hearing from the white house the president is not expected to announce a major


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