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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. we've just gotten word there have been several nato casualties after an take by a suicide bomber. jim miklaszewski joins us. what are you hearing from military officials? >> reporter: military initials confirm there have been casualties among coalition forces. so far there was no word there were any american casualties, though u.s. military are holding the casualty count very close to their vest for the time being but we're told that nato in fact suffered some casualties. at this point i don't know whether those casualties were simply wounded or killed. we do know reports out of the region have been pretty much confirmed there were six coalition forces and perhaps afghan forces that were in a convoy who were killed when a
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suicide bomber on a motorcycle pulled up along near their convoy and blew himself up. now again, it's reported that five or six were killed, as many as six were wounded but there's still lack of information really, clarified information on exactly who was in that convoy. some americans reported in that convoy but who more importantly suffered casualties, killed or wounded among those six killed. >> okay, we'll be following that story throughout the course of the day. thanks for that update. turning to the race for president, let's take you to new hampshire. live pictures on your screen where republican marco rubio is holding a town hall meeting. he's under new scrutiny this morning within his own party for his absences from the senate floor. and when the last debates of the year now in the books, there's a new dynamic unfolding on the
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trail between the two national front-runners, hillary clinton and donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiters. >> she's like a snake with no energy. >> mrs. clinton is mrs. happy talk. >> i have to get this off my chest. donald trump is a jerk. >> he's a tough guy. >> up hated being a front-runner? >> i'm going to let marco defend his own voting record. >> we have 2016 candidates. hallie is here with us and steve kornacki is here in new york. in this battle that's now beginning to unfold between hillary clinton and donald trump, it seems like neither is holding back. >> and that's something we've seen develop just over the last few days here. it's the brawl among the front-runners in the party. this started at that democratic
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debate saturday night when clinton largely looked past the two candidates flanking her on stage and aimed her attacks squarely at donald trump. perhaps no surprise that trump responded very quickly. we heard him today on the "today" show about how hillary clinton hod him a public apology after she called him ice as about best recruiting tool. in the meantime up have other candidates sorting to punch upward. you is rubio going after cruz, christie going after both of them. rand paul after a number of candidates. increasingly it looks look where the focus is right now is trump versus clinton. >> hallie jackson live for us innia. this morning. let me bring in steve kornacki.
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>> it's a trend we've been watching for a while. we can show you a new set polls. iowa? they had cruz in this poll at last 9 points the difference is evangelical christians, they're a huge part of the poll in iowa. for donald trumps, 2-1 ahead of cruz in new hampshire. you seep what trump is really benefiting from here in new hampshire is this muddled establishment laebl that would be enough to beat trp but it's spread out among four candidates. we have new numbers this week. and trump continuing to lead there. crews keep an eye on him in
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south carolina, though. if he were to win iowa, his campaign believes this number would zoom up, south carolina a lot like iowa, big part of the republican primary. they think if he can get that boost out of iowa, he could catch donald trump in sork. but this dynamic aim that you're talking about with donald trump and hillary clinton the way, he talks about flatlining wages and how donald trump is tapping into the anxiety of blue collar men. this what he said. >> you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. some of it justified but just misdirected. and, you know, i think somebody like mr. trump is taking advantage of that.
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that's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign. >> so the president weighing in with his own assessment of where donald trump is taking his strength from. >> steve kornacki breaking it down for us. thank you. let's turn to a deadly hit-and-run crash out in los angeles. police say a woman intentionally swerved her car along the side walk of vegas strip before driving off. >> suddenly saw people fly in the air. the car hit them. it was like a bowling ball hitting pins. >> a 3-year-old was inside of the car. morgan, what more do we know about the driver and perhaps her. >> reporter: we're still learning details about driver, but we do know this happened around 6:30 p.m. yesterday.
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tull it -- this scene was so chaotic, people thought they were film being for a moe and she drove up back to the sidewalk hitting people on to come back to the sidewalk hitting more people and that's before fleeing the scene. they also realized the 3-year-old toddler was inside the car. one person was killed and upwards of 30 people have been injured. local hospitals say they've only heard of the adult injuries and they say they range from head injuries to broken bones to minor lacerations. the police department also says they will treat this as a homicidal act if they find out this was in fact intentional. >> thank you for that update. whoo scene was unfolding, the
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miss universe was even being its finale but this mistake by steve harvey is what everyone is talking about this morning. take a listen. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> steve harvey apologized during show for mistakenly announcing miss colombia was the win per. in fact crowd -- and this is what steve harvey said, i want to apologize to miss colombia and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible.
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and the miss universe statement said we witnessed that tonight, our sincerest apologies to miss colombia and miss philippines. >> less than two hours ago, a news conference concerning the so-called affluenza teen. authorities have issued a $5,000 reward for information leading to couch's capture. let go live to fort worth, texas and carrie sanders. what are authorities saying about this manhunt? what can we expect in this news conference? >> it will be interesting to see. i suspect they'll detail a little bit about his mother, tanya couch. the u.s. marshal fugitive task force is searching for ethan
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couch and they believe that ethan couch is receiving son-in-law of assistance and that help may be coming from his mother. this morning federal, state and local authority are on a worldwide manhunt for ethan couch and his mother. the district attorney this morning officially named tanya couch as the miss agent specific. >> of fugitive gets hem, whether through his mother or somebody else. >> dozens of facebook tips are coming through. >> we're working leads. there's some information that is promising. >> the case gand widespread
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outrage when 16-year-old ethan couch driving drunk slammed into a car and killed people. instead of prison, the judge sentenced him to ten years probation. just before couch and his mother disappeared, this video of what appears to be ethan at a beer pong party showed up on twitter. other party-goers told the district attorney ethan was there, which possibly violate his probation, although it does not so coach drinking. his father own as multi-million dollar sheet working business in forthworth. >> you can have all all the money in the world and you're going to slip up.
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vietnam the wealthy eventually need to use credit cards. they confident that even if couch has gone jove seas, they will him down. >> a lot more ahead. a core and we'll get the very latest on the investigation into san bernardino. and so much for the hope for a white christmas. but the story out wet, and bill karins will join us with the very latest on the forecast. stay with us.
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in just a few hours the only person charged in the san bernardino terror investigation will face a judge. 24-year-old enrique marquez will be in federal court in riverside, california for a bail hearing. let's go to san bernardino. annette, what can you tell us about the hearing taking place in a little bit? >> good morning. the big question today is whether a federal judge will grant bail to enrique marquez. marquez is not on a flight risk but could pose a very serious threat to the public if he is set free as this trool plays on. marquez is facing three charges. he's accused of making false statements while buying firearms
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and an immigration sham involving the marriage of syed farook and tashfeen malik. this is all taking place at 10:00 this morning. >> thank you very much for that. after the break, we're going to take a look at some of the other headlines making news this morning. and if you own a drone or you're hoping that santa may bring one to you be today we'll hear about those. but first, american astronauts are performing a space walk. you can see they're fixing the mobile transporter unit that got stuck.
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we want to bring you an update on the breaking news story we're following out of afghanistan. jim miklaszewski has an update for us. >> nbc news has learned there are americans dead and wounded in the suicide bombing. there were six coalition forces killed and three wounded. but the exact number of americans or afghans killed is not known. but as we understand it, there have been americans among the killed and wounded in that suicide bomb attack. and according to reports, there was a convoy of sorts, which included both americans and afghan forces. when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle pulled up alongside or near them detonated his bomb killing himself obviously but also killing six and wounding three other coalition forces. now, there are 9,800 american
6:23 am
troops still on the ground there in afghanistan through at least the end of next year and most of them, probably about 5,500 to 6,000 are located there at bag rom, which the is the biggest u.s. military air strip in all of of a fan stan. again, people are still sorting out the details there reluctance to report it immediately in terms of the gravity of the situation in terms of exact numbers but u.s. officials do tell us that americans were among the sex killed and three wounded. >> we'll be following that story throughout the course of the mornings. thanks for that update. >> beginning today, remote controlled drones will have to be be registered with the fda. drones, helicopters weighing between half a pound and 55 pounds. new ones have to be registered
6:24 am
before they were flown. if you already have one, you get 60 days to register it. violator could foo investigators are looking into a major fiery crash. the driver of a mercedes made a u-turn crossing the border at mexico. border patrol attempted to follow the car. the person driving mercedes and the man and woman in or killed. >> today marks 27 yoors sense the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, scott land. all crew and passengers on board were killed and people were also killed on the ground.
6:25 am
the person who was convicted was released on compassionate grounds and he died three years later. >> fifa announced a ban this morning after finding blatter guilty in a payment deal. he said he still views himself as the president of fifa. chances for a white christmas aren't looking so good, particularly for those on the east coast. meteorologist bill karins has the details on what is a surprisingly warm winter for us here. >> shockingly warm will be the answer. wait till you see how warm it's going to get maybe through new year's eve. look at these clouds in the
6:26 am
central pacific above hawaii, that's going to create epic amounts of rain. we could see 2st. higher elevations of the cascades and sierra are now picking up the snow. the ski resorts in the west, they're loving it. it will be one of the best forecasts for you. in the east, not the case. during the day today, high wind warnings in effect for the portland area and right up through the borders of washington ton and our gone -- and oregon. if you're traveling between i-10 between tallahassee and new orleans, you're going to get
6:27 am
drenched. the storm that's in the west goes to the mountain west. now let's take you into wednesday. this is when our record highs will begin. into the mid 60 as forth north as st. louis and kansas city. it's raining, too, it's like a warm rain. very strange for this time of year. if we go to christmas eve, we could see a lot of record highs broken. the warmest temperature new york city has ever had in december is 75 degrees and we're we're at the end of the month and it mate may be 71. you're going to be wearing shorts and t-shirts sflip can't imagine drnging egg nothing in this weather. >> going ma -- plus, the first
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this morning we're hearing from the former drug company ceo publicly vilified for hiking the price of a life saving drug by more than 5,000%. martin shkreli spoke to the pre press. pretty interesting development that he gave this interview to the wall street journal. did he have anything important to say? >> essentially he's saying even though the u.s. attorney said there's absolutely no connection between these charges and his drug prices, he's saying he believes it's all part of a conspiracy to come out and get him because of that controversial decision. he was speaking to the wall street journal and i think we have his quote, he says trying to find anything we could to
6:32 am
stop him was the tutsi tud of the government. he went on to say beating the person up and trying to find the merits to make up for it, i would hope the government wouldn't take that kind of approach. he also seas believes the sec is confused by his complicated accounting. >> he's been publicly vilified. also we're learning his social media account, at least on twitter has been hacked. >> and ypriter was hacked on sunday, his prchlts r. company again confirming that that had happened and they immediately changed with a bit of humor his handle to "martin the god" and he's been criticized as being an out of control maniac. most of the posts were too lewd and offensive to repeat. they're giving him a hard time.
6:33 am
>> it will be interesting to see how this trial unfolds. thanks very much for that update. >> back to the race for president. a claim she made at saturday night's debate, the suggestion that isis is using donald trump donald trump in recruiting videos. hillary clinton's campaign officials are trying to walk that back. >> he is being used in social media as propaganda. she didn't have a particular video in mind but he's being used in social media. >> a bit of a surprising claim there from hillary clinton. donald trump wants an apology from the campaign. what are the chances he's going to get it? >> i seriously doubt that. you take a step back and looking at this from 30,000 feet and hillary clinton want to be able to have a debate with donald
6:34 am
trump. she mentioned donald trump's name several times in saturday night's democratic debate and of course donald trump wants to be going after hillary clinton. it's mutually beneficial for both. fact-checkers say isis has not used donald trump or his rhetoric in any recruitment videos, however, a lot of analysts and anti-terrorism experts say the potential is there. i actually thought maybe the most interesting, change was from donald trump called into to "meet the press" on sunday and chuck todd asked trump if isis uses his future videos, would he stop that rhetoric? he said no. he needs to be strong and go forward. >> and -- and we have two
6:35 am
front-runners from the latest round of debates. how wise is it for hillary clinton to single out donald trump? >> you look at hillary clinton, whether it was the first two debates or the one on saturday night, he want to have her -- he was more eager to mix it up with donald trump or her rival democrats on the stage. her strategy has always been if you are the leader, one. ways you sometimes play defense is by going after the opposition, the political on sgs on the republican side. so i this that was her strategy. she slipped on not being factually accurate when it comes to video themselves, but there is still possibility that they are using donald trump's
6:36 am
rhetoric for the future. >> thank you. i want to teak you live where marco rubio is at a. meanwhile, president obama is currently in hawaii on his christmas vacation. the first family arrived in honolulu on saturday where he was asked about isis strategy. >> i think there's a legitimate criticism in the sense that we haven't on a regular basis, i think, described all the work that we've been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president in hawaii. a very early morning for you, kelly. thank you for getting up for us.
6:37 am
it seems that the president was a bill reflective as he began himself christmas vacation. >> he really was, and i think that is very notable in sort of how the president is describing the public's feeling about what has been happening with isis attacks or those inspired by that kind of terrorism in paris and in san bernardino. really talking about the fact that he takes some ownership of personally and for his administration but what -- he's making a distinction. he believes what they have failed to do is not a tactical or strategic issue but one of messaging, that the administration has not been clear enough or effective enough in telling the american people about the steps the administration and coalition partners have taken. he goes on in the interview to describe 9,000 air strikes and describing a change in the physical territory controlled by the group in iraq and syria saying it has been reduced by
6:38 am
40%. so as you well understand, to have a caliphate, you need. when you control territory, you control the natural resources, like oil, that are so much a part of their larger financing. so although president sort of calm in his tone, even muted in his emotion answering that question, i think it's a very notable end of year sort of of dealing with itsis. he says the fears are real, let is legitimate and there is a danger ongoing but he pointed out that isis is not a threat in the economic threat and p but they can cause harm, cause death and damage in the smaller scale plots.
6:39 am
>> do you feel the president has come under criticism about this isis strategy? he's trying to get out ahead of it over the past several days. i was wondering if you felt that was because of -- i believe this is the fourth time he's addressed the question of his ice why strategy within the last ten days or so? >> i think that is part because of the reality of knowing that the approval ratings for how he's been hand plg these kind of issues have taken a dip. i think it is in part where he's had an opportunity through his address and npr will give us installments over this coming week as the president takes some down time. and he said without really naming them, talking about some of the ideas that they put forward, like we've heard ted cruz talk about carpet bombing, which is indiscriminate pounding, which would take the
6:40 am
lives of civilians, the president says that's not the right strategy because it would hurt the u.s. sort of reputation in the world. he went point by bont and he just takes a different view and dns -- bombastic view, he said he still believes in the way that he's doing it. so if you're looking for a change from the president, you're not hearing one but you are hearing him talk about it differently. >> all right. nbc's kelly o'donnell with the president. we want to turn to breaking news. let's turn to steve kornacki, who has that update for us. i believe we might have mark murray were us in washington.
6:41 am
is mark with us? >> hey, i'm here. >> sorry. we had an update on breaking news on one of the campaigns. what more can you tell us? >> we can report that lindsay graham, the republican senator from south carolina is dropping out of the presidential race. one of the reasons why it actually has happened today is today is the deadline for someone to remove their name from the south carolina primary ballot. and of course given that lend, if he did not want his name to appear on the primary ballot, today is the day to get out of that contest. as you know very well and a lot of viewers know, lindsey graham is an outspoken hawk on military affairs, long-time senator and a very good friend of. >> senator jackson's. he's added his voice on national security issues you a p but a lot of us had been circling
6:42 am
today on our calendars knowing about this dead lien. and it seems that lindsay graham has gone through with it and will be exiting the presidential conference. >> i want to go back to hawaii and bring in kelly ole donelle who knows senator lindsay graham very well. let me get your take on this announcement that the are in dropping out of the presidential race. a surprise based on the numbers? what's your fake away on this? and from the start of this campaign when he announced in his hometown in sork national security has been we've been hearing hints of late that he would reassess his campaign and mark explained the importance of deadlines in his home state. he happens to be from a
6:43 am
statement that of the candidates sort of staying power. it's his home state so now doing well there is a problem for sind cy his larger mission has been to try to focus the conversation in a way that we've actually seen take place and that is to talk about national security as his sort of leading arguments. because of his events that were not of his making, paris, some of what he's been saying has had greater resonance. one resident he named personally was lindsey graham. president obama disagreeing with the need for ground forces but
6:44 am
giving graeme credit so he has been an important vos. as been hampered with the way the debate structure has worked in this early phase where he has always been in the under card event when i first interviewed pim, sort of buddy hour, calling it the happy hour debate hoping the viewers would watch that as a warmup to the big debate. very frustrating to graham himself to not be a voice in the larger debate, especially when he their have been issues he believes because of the issue of a donald trump figure who does not have the foreign policy experience that graham has. we will talk about having been to iraq 30-plus times, 36 it may be up to now and he'spersonal relationship with leaders.
6:45 am
it's time for him to bough out, even though it is not his time but that contributed something for the raes for that hawkish wing of the republican party. >> ste with you us. i bleach we is a. >> today i'm suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone who has taken this journey with me. you have honored me with your support. i believe we've run a cam pan would could could -- the big problems, like retiring our dealt and fixing a broken immigration system. however, the centerpiece of my campaign has been win a war we cannot afford to lose and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was risie i -
6:46 am
rising. i believe we've made progress in this effort. i said anyone who was not ready to step forward to fight isil was not ready to be president. i'm far more confident today that our party will provide the strong leadership america needs to restore our military and take the fight to our enemies and do what it takes to make our country safe and preserve our way of life. this is a generational struggle that demands a strategy and a will to win. i will continue to work every day to ensure that our party and our nation takes on this fight. i'm suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving
6:47 am
security through strength for the american people. god bless our fighting men and women. and god bless america. >> that was senator lindsay graham there announcing the suspension of his presidential campaign. i want to bring in steve kornacki, political contributor for us. he's a candidate who ran on this hawkish platform in terms of national security policy, he's very versed, been to iraq, knows foreign policy well. the polls suggest that national security has become a major issue in this campaign for 2016. why was his message not resonating with the republican base? >> yeah, it's interesting. you look at it and there a hawkish candidates in this race. one of the questions now will be givens credibility and the support he has not necessarily with actual republican voters but influential people in the republican party who share his hawkish views, will he back one
6:48 am
of these? maub marco rubio comes to mind, the most hawkish on national security. would graham go with somebody like that? but there are a couple other things that are going on here i think are pointing out. and south carolina itself has played this pivotal role in republican party politics. you got iowa, new hampshire, you go down to south carolina. there was a lot of irritation among republicans in new york and the idea is he was jech daisuking some of whether, out of respect to him, out of deference to him that maybe if he'd been doing a little bfrt so part what was going on here was setting the deadline to get your
6:49 am
name off the ballot. i think there was a hope they could flush graham out of the race by doing this. i'm a little surprised it worked, however, because candidates, all the time we see this in campaigns, their names remain on their home state ballot. gram could have one in -- santorum in 2012 dropped out in part, his name stayed on the ballot, he just wasn't an active condition and there was no embarrassment there. going forward there's not a big ground swell of support there in terms of lindsay graham in terms of the electorate. there's an awful lot of support behind the scenes on this national security question. somebody like marco rubio in particular comes to mind as somebody i imagine would be seeking him out. >> let's bring in kasie hunt. one of the point that senator
6:50 am
graham made and the quote was he joined the race to turn theside of isolationism within the fact that his campaign, although numerically not significant, that it did have some success. any takeaway from that particular point about did he have an impact on the isolationism within the republican party throughout this campaign? >> this was a big part of the reason why graham ran in the first place. if you remember how this race unfolded over the course of the past year, we were talking so much, this is before donald trump, we talked so much about rand paul and his impact on the republican party, and you even had ted cruz getting pulled that way into this sort of liberty movement as people would describe it, some of its critics like graham would call it isolationism, and he really saw this as kind of a purpose, a reason for him to be in the race. i don't know if i'd go so far as to call it a crusade but it's not unlike that. this is an issue, foreign pol y
6:51 am
policy, national security, that graham has literally built his entire career about. he was an air force reserve officer for many, many years, an air force lawyer, so in the services himself. one of the only candidates running this time around who actually is a veteran and has a background in the military. he's also done this on capitol hill, taking congressional delegations, pushing really hard on all of these issues. he and john mccain in particular recently taking up the cause of arming the moderate rebels in syria, something that they fought very hard for for many, many months and ultimately frankly ran into quite a bit of resistance from both their other republican colleagues who are in this more isolationist wing. i think this is something he really focused on. you heard it from him over and over in the campaign and he was one of the only people out there saying it until all of a sudden we're now dealing with these terrorist attacks, and in the wake of paris, in the wake of san bernardino, suddenly what lindsey graham was saying sounded a lot more like what
6:52 am
many in the rest of the field were saying. you have marco rubio attacking ted cruz for voting against some of the defense bills. it changed in a direction lindsey graham had been warning it would for a long, long time. i think, and steve touched on this, for lindsey graham this is also mostly about his home state, right? so i had reported earlier this month the party essentially set a deadline for him. they said, hey, if you want to make sure that your name isn't going to be on these ballots in south carolina, you have to tell us by december 21st otherwise the orders are going to go out, all the different counties print their own ballots. they said weigh can't guarantee you're not going to show up. first of all, it puts graham himself in jeopardy. if he's on the ballots, he doesn't get enough votes, he risks embarrassment. but second of all, it also risks taking away votes from, frankly, an establishment-type contender who would be somebody that senator graham himself could accept, somebody like a jeb bush, somebody like maybe a marco rubio or a chris christie and he doesn't want to put
6:53 am
himself in that position, amon. >> casey, stake with us for a little bit. we want to go back to new hampshire where hallie jackson has been with the marco rubio campaign. he's speaking there. we dipped into that a short while ago. let's talk a little bit about -- and we heard steve mention this, that marco rubio could benefit from lindsey graham dropping out of this race. i was wondering what the reaction has been, if you've had a chance to gauge any reaction within the few minutes that this news has broke among some of the folks out there. >> so senator rubio has been on stage during this whole process and we started seeing reports graham may be suspending his campaign and confirmed it. what i'm going to do after this is run incede siside and get so reaction from senator rubio. number one, as steve talked about, it's where he and senator graham are on national security. the two of them taking a hawkish position. it's become very important for the republican electorate. it's one lindsey graham has staked his campaign on and marco rubio is increasingly talking
6:54 am
about it on the campaign trail at every stump speech. second, it's this idea of potential endorsements. at this point there may be a sense that folks in the senate have sort of stayed out of this race out of respect to senator graham. they haven't endorsed necessarily in the race because of that. now that senator graham is out, we may see more endorsements for senator rubio since the conventional wisdom goes rather unlikely senator cruz will pick up senate endorsements. it's not clear that given the way that voters feel right now about washington, if senate endorsements are going to do much good, but it's still a point that is to be made, and the other reason why you might talk about senator rubio benefiting from senator graham is when you look at what's happening in south carolina, this is a state where senator rubio is trying to make a play. his complain believes it has a real shot to win. graham is well connected in that stit. if he does end up throwing his support behind rubio it will benefit rubio given he's in the top three in iowa and new hampshire but it doesn't look at least his path of winning either
6:55 am
of those two states is not as immediately clear as it would be a cruz or trump. significant for a number of reasons in the campaign. senator graham doesn't have a ton of polling numbers behind him, doesn't have a ton of support, he's an asterisk in most of the polls but we could still have some influence particularly among the republican establishment. with that we're going to run in and see if we can get anything from senator rubio. >> we will speak to you in the coming hour. hallie jackson live for us on the trail with senator marco rubio in new hampshire for reaction on the news that senator lindsey graham has now officially suspended his campaign in the 2016 presidential race. we'll have a lot more commentary and analysis about this announcement, including from the former head of the rnc, michael steele. he's going to be joining us next hour. we'll break down what this means and how this may change the current lineup of the 2016 republican field. stay with us. the future belongs to the fast.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
i have breaking news right now on msnbc. the field of republicans running for president is getting smaller this hour. nbc news confirming senator lindsey graham has dropped his bid for the white house. the south carolina senator telling supporters and donors in an e-mail this morning that 2016 was not his time. good monday morning. i'm amon mohyeldin. let's get to the political team. we have steve car knack can i, kasie hunt, kelly o'donnell, mark halperin and we'll be joined on the phone with former rnc chair michael steele. we also have us mike murray in washington, d.c. mark, let me begin with you. you were with senator lindsey graham saturday, just spoke with him on the phone a short while ago. are you surprised by this, and more importantly what did he have to tell you on the phone? >> not surprised. he's been struggling to get enough currency to get on the main stage for the debates, to
7:00 am
be seen as a player, and to position himself to be at least a player in the south carolina primary which is early in the calendar after iowa and new hampshire. this is in his view a personality contest dominated by donald trump. he wanted to at least try to drive the debate in a serious way and he said he thought he had, that people are talking about national security, defeating isis in a way that reflects the emphasis he wanted to do. this does raise the question, graham obviously was not polling high enough -- his departure doesn't have a huge impact on the outcome of the race but it does raise a question for it's other establishment candidates, people like christie, bush, kasich, and rubio about if everybody stays in the race, does it allow terrorism to win because they can't coalesce behind one person and he's thinking about that as is senator mccain and other establishment republicans. is there a way for them to settle on a candidate because they increasingly see that as the only way to stop donald trump. >> you brought up this point, steve, in the last hour we spoke is that when you look at the numbers of the establishment candidates, all of them well below donald trump, but when you
7:01 am
add them all up, substantially more than donald trump. so in the case like this, if senator lindsey graham drops out now that he has dropped out, how does that help those establishment candidates coalesce around a single candidate and who gets to vie for rubio's -- for lindsey graham's endorsement? >> i think this is really the key to it and mark was starting to get to this. it's not so much lindsey graham it's a the other name attached to lindsey graham. john mccain. john mccain couldn't do anything for any of the other candidates officially because lindsey graham is basically his best friend and he was tied to lindsey graham as long as lindsey graham wanted to continue with this. think about new hampshire, donald trump right now basically 2 to 1 ahead in new hampshire. however, if he look at the people who occupy what we call the sort of establishment track on the republican side, chris christie who got the enforcement of "the manchester union leader." jeb bush around 10%. john kasich who is at 7%, 8% in new hampshire, you add all those
7:02 am
together that's more than donald trump in new hampshire right now. you look at john mccain who won new hampshire in 2000, 50% of the vote. went back there and revived his campaign if 2008 by winning new hampshire in 2008. he is now free with lindsey graham out of this race to pick one of these candidates who is with him on national security, one of these anti-trump candidates and go up to new hampshire where there is still a lot of love for john mccain on the republican side with republican leaning independents, in that state you look at iowa right now, the evangelicals seem to be coalescing behind ted cruz, that state emerges as where if the establishment is going to stop trump, new hampshire, that's their best chance with lincoln out now, one of the establishment's best weapons in new hampshire, john mccain is free to be if he wants to be an impact player. >> he was up in new hampshire also. i talked to him at the same time i talked to lindsey graham. he is very much thinking along these lines, if not graham who is big enough to stop donald trump in new hampshire? and if he puts his weight behind somebody, it would be key.
7:03 am
i think the question is does he think marco rubio is ready? does he think marco rubio is ready to be president, ready to take on donald trump? i think the jury is out on that not just for mccain but for people like mitt romney and other establishment figures. >> all right, everyone with us for a second. we want to bring in former rnc chair michael steele joining us by phone. thank you very much for joining us. i wanted to get your reaction to senator lindsey graham dropping out of the race and some of the commentary from both steve and mark in terms of how this may change the republican field, the establishment candidates going forward. >> i think i have a slightly different take. i don't think it makes that much of a change in the overall race for the top tier. you know, we look at the support that graham had, it was very, very small. even freeing up that support and having someone like john mccain settle down maybe on a marco rubio or someone else in the establishment part of it, i don't think that necessarily generates the kind of momentum
7:04 am
for an establishment candidate at this point. the base is pretty firm in where it wants to be. some of those numbers i'm see, some of the people i've talked to, donald trump is still a second choice for a lot of people, so, you know, to make this assumption that all of that is going to move in the direction of the establishment candidate may not necessarily play out that way. so i think there's some volatility left in this thing still as we head into january. >> all right. michael, stay with us for a second. i want to bring in msnbc's kasie hunt. we were talking about this as well and this is certainly something that senator lindsey graham prides himself on. he's considered to be obviously a strong candidate when it came to the issue of national security and foreign policy, and he feels that he helped shape the republican field in terms of some of the policy and moving them in that direction, but if he was such a strong national security candidate and we know that national security has now been among the most important issues for voters in this campaign, why did he not
7:05 am
resonate with the republican base do you think? >> well, ayman , if you ask people close to senator graham, part of the issue was he was never able to make that debate main stage and the fact he was always relegated to the undercard and didn't even make the undercard one time around is a reason why possibly he didn't gain more traction. i think you actually saw in the first debate post-paris, post-san bernardino, you saw him really stand out, and i think after that undercard debate, everyone who watched that came out of it saying, hey, you know, the person who really stood out tonight was lindsey graham. he gave a very passionate defense. in particular you will remember of muslim-americans. he apologized to muslim-americans for the tenor of the republican race and he talked about muslims who are wearing the country's uniform. i know i talked to him right after that debate in the spin room and he acknowledged to me he was close to tears in talking about that subject. so it's clearly something he feels very passionately about, but at the end of the day there
7:06 am
just wasn't enough time for this issue to really bubble to the forefront of the campaign and for him to be able to see that in those polling numbers that would have allowed him ultimately to get up on that main stage. to go back to what steve and mark were just talking about, i think that idea that the establishment need to coalesce around someone in order to stop donald trump if that's indeed what the establishment wants to do is getting more and more important. the closer we get to these deadlines to the actual voting, there are a lot of people in the establishment who have believed all the way along that if we actually get to the point where voters are having to go into those booths and check boxes, that donald trump just wouldn't continue to be a factor, that people would be more serious than that, if you will, and i think there's a lot of people who are really started to re-evaluate that at this point. we are getting closer and closer. donald trump appears to be getting stronger, not weaker. there are a lot of signs he does have an actual organization in place across the map and that he could capitalize on early state
7:07 am
victories. so if they are going to make that stand, it's going to have to be new hampshire. lindsey graham is well liked, frankly beloved in the senate. he and john mccain will joke about how they're best buddies. you often see them around capitol hill whispering together, laughing. john mccain wasn't going to endorse anyone except lindsey graham as long as graham was in this race. while obviously endorsements, there's a range of how much they can matter, if you have john mccain up there in new hampshire, he's beloved up there. if he works really hard on behalf of another candidate to try to get that establishment footing through, i think it could make a difference. i think the other person to watch here is mitt romney. he is somebody who is considered a favored son in new hampshire. one of the new hampshire news organizations, might have been the boston globe did a poll of new hampshire that included romney's name and he beat trump. he has a house up there on lake winnipesaukee. i don't think it's out of the realm of possible if he thinks his best way of participate
7:08 am
something to back somebody else, if he got out on the campaign trail in new hampshire it could make a real difference. >> let's bring in kelly o'donnell who has covered senator lindsey graham on the campaign trail as well as on capitol hill. she joins us from hawaii. kelly, how much of an impact going forward will lindsey graham's endorsement of a candidate have? how could that affect any of the kind of commentary we're hearing in terms of an establishment candidate? is it even a significant endorsement? we know numerically he doesn't really have strong poll numbers, but, again, he takes pride on the issue of national security and that has now emerged as one of the most important issues for voters. >> reporter: well, in some ways lindsey graham will get more attention and a closer look as he exits this campaign than he did during the time that he was in the race. in part because some times have changed. we've seen how americans' views and concerns about issues like national security have shifted during the course of the campaign. he is now freed up to be able to
7:09 am
be a voice even more than he was as a candidate, to comment about this and talk about the issues, but i also think don't look for an immediate endorsement and don't look for one from john mccain. it's important to know john mccain is up for re-election himself in arizona, and it was really the friendship that he has which you can't even put into words with lindsey graham that caused him to spend so much time in new hampshire. don't look for mccain to make another quick endorsement. marco rubio was not even in the senate when john mccain was the standard bearer for the republican party and the nominee of his party. and so don't look for that right away. john mccain has his own work to do in arizona to hold onto his seat. not that that's in doubt but he's an aggressive campaigner when it comes to running for election. but they will, both graham and mccain and as casey mentioned mitt romney, these are important voices in the party, and it is also important for them to not endorse yet again or to put a finger on the scale for a candidate who will not eventually be the nominee.
7:10 am
if you have been the nominee yourself, which would be mccain and romney and to some extent bob dole if he wants to be involved, you cannot back the wrong horse, and it is important that whomever you choose becomes the nominee. in mccain's case, the friendship with graham and their shared views about national security propelled that relationship. it's also important to note the impact of the president's own take on the republican campaign. ayman, we mentioned earlier lindsey graham was in this interview with national public radio that is out this morning, graham was the only candidate where president obama gave him credit for being clear about his own differences with the president when it comes to dealing with national security and isis. i believe we have that clip showing the president talking about lindsey graham and actually giving him credit. >> what's interesting is that most of the critics have not called for -- >> ground forces. >> -- ground forces. to his credit, i think lindsey graham is one of the few who has
7:11 am
been at least honest about suggesting here is something i would do that the president is not doing. he doesn't just talk about being louder or sounding tougher in the process. >> reporter: and you get a sense of the president's assessment of the race. also, when you look at the others in the field, there is no love lost between ted cruz and graham or mccain. there's been a lot of tension among them in terms of how ted cruz has conducted himself in the senate, so don't look for any support there. and we'll just see going forward, but i think lindsey graham has accomplished something he wanted, not being a big enough voice in the party for sure, not getting the poll numbers or the reaction from voters he wanted, but he has been a part of the conversation on national security after many years serving in the air force, about 30 years that he served in the reserves as a judge -- a jag, an army -- an air force lawyer rather, and so for him to have that voice and to contribute to the campaign, that in itself is something that he can look to and say he was part
7:12 am
of the 2016 cycle and perhaps made a difference in how voters and others look at these issues. >> thanks, kelly. let's go to msnbc's mark murray in d.c. mark, you know, we talked about this quite a bit, that lindsey graham never cracked that prime stage, that prime time stage throughout the first five or so republican presidential debates, but his voice still shaped some of the discussion on that stage. is his voice going to be missed from the debates going forward? not necessarily the presidential debates but just the debates among the gop field? >> you know, i don't really think so and part of it is the reason why lindsey graham ended up spiking the football in his statement saying that most of the republican field now agrees with me when it comes to national security. it's important and worth noting two years ago when edward snowden was kind of the household name, that the republican party almost seemed split when it came to national security, where does it go? does it go back to the hawkish neoconservative kind of era for the bush administration or does it go in a new path? it was kind of represented by
7:13 am
rand paul, and as we've seen after isis first hit the scene and certainly after the paris and san bernardino terrorist attacks where the republican party is so much more on the lindsey graham side of things than it is on the rand paul side of things. some exceptions, notable ones leading the field are donald trump and ted cruz, but for the most part the republicans are very, very hawkish, and i think that lindsey graham felt like that was important. i would say though and while today's development is certainly key, it's important not to overstate it. lindsey graham was just at about 1% or 2% in almost every poll we've seen so far, and so his exit and certainly endorsement, if he ends up giving one, won't be a huge development. also, the possibility steve kornacki was putting out that you could have more establishment candidates dropping out and coalescing around a singular one is possible. it's also possible that you could end up having a situation where jeb bush is at 10%, marco rubio at 10% in new hampshire, chris christie at 10%, john
7:14 am
kasich at 10% which means a winning number for donald trump in new hampshire could be 20% or 25% which seems very doable for him. >> all right. we've been also hearing about the close relationship between senator john mccain and how important his endorsement would be. we are getting his initial reaction to the announcement that senator lindsey graham has now dropped out of the race. he tweeted a short while ago that it was a privilege to support my dear friend lindsey graham. thank you for all that you have done for the country you love and serve so well. so we're going to have a lot more analysis. our thanks to mark murray, kelly o'donnell, kasie hunt, steve kornacki and mark halperin. coming up, breaking news overseas, americans killed in a suicide bombing near bagram air base in afghanistan and back here at home an intentional act of violence in las vegas. one person was killed, dozens injured when police say a woman swerved her car onto a crowded sidewalk along the las vegas strip several times before driving off. we'll take you live to that
7:15 am
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we're also following another breaking news story. this one out of afghanistan where in the past hour we've learned that american soldiers are among those killed in a suicide attack near bagram air base. we're joined by nbc's jim miklaszewski with an update. >> reporter: all u.s. military officials can tell us right now is that there were, indeed, american service members included in the six killed and three wounded by a suicide bomber near bagram air base in northeastern afghanistan very early morning american time. now, according to officials, there was a convoy of sorts that included both american and
7:19 am
afghan military when a suicide bomber pulled up alongside. first we were told it was a motorcycle, could be an automobile or some other vehicle of some kind, and detonated a bomb that then devastated the convoy killing six, wounding three. americans among the dead, but so far they cannot give us precise numbers or the precise service under which those americans were serving. now, there are 9,800 americans still in afghanistan, and a large majority of them, somewhere around 5,500, maybe 6,000, are based there at bagram, a large air force base in afghanistan that was a center of operations for the u.s. military for 13 years. everybody is downsizing. the president says by the end of the year he will reduce that number from 9,800 to somewhere around 3,500, but, again, still
7:20 am
pursuing these reports and waiting for some clarification on just how many americans were killed or wounded in that suicide attack, ayman. >> jim miklaszewski live for us with that update. up next an update on a fatal hit and run in las vegas. we're live on the strip straight ahead. , an update on a fatal hit and run in las vegas. we're live on the strip straight ahead. a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts? toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? now to a developing story out of las vegas that we've been following where officials are investigating a fatal hit and run crash as, quote, intentional assault. police say a woman intentionally swerved her car onto a crowded sidewalk along the famous vegas strip several times before driving off. one person is dead. dozens others injured. >> i went in my doctor mode. i wasn't thinking about anything else other than to help those people. >> it's just hysteria. i'm shaking still.
7:24 am
>> a 3-year-old was inside the car at the time of the crash but wasn't injured. msnbc's scott cohen is in las vegas with the very latest. scott, thanks for joining us. what are you learning about the driver and perhaps any motivation she may have had? >> reporter: well, of course, that's the big question. we don't know very much about her other than she's a woman in her 20s, apparently 23 years old. she had a 3-year-old toddler in the car who came through this okay, unharmed, driving a 1996 oldsmobile with oregon plates, and like everyone else, the shor authorities said overnight they're trying to figure out why she did what she did. >> she's in the detention center right now. she's speaking to detectives. they're drawing her blood, and she will be -- i expect her to be charged within the next few hours. >> reporter: the authorities say that what she did appeared to have been intentional going up
7:25 am
on the sidewalk at least twice. 37 people were injured, one person killed. there were six people critically injured. they're all now stabilized. authorities say they have ruled out terrorism, but interesting that that's one of the first things that comes to mind in this day and age. the las vegas strip was closed virtually all night. it is now back open as they try to figure out just what was behind what happened last night. a w >> thanks for that update. we want to go back to our top story. we're going to head right to that right after the break, and that is gop candidate senator lindsey graham dropping out of the 2016 presidential race. stay with us.
7:26 am
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♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. developing now in texas where about 40 minutes away from now a news conference in the manhunt for the teen who used the so-called of a flew when za defense. police are searching for the
7:29 am
18-year-old ethan couch and his mother. the pair vanished after the teen failed to check in with a probation officer a week ago. he received probation after killing four people in a drunk driving crash back in 2013. couch's lawyer at that time argued the teen's wealthy parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility, a condition one expert called affluwenza. kerry sanders is live in ft. worth, texas, with that update. what are we expecting at this news conference in about an hour's time from now? >> reporter: well, i think they're going to answer some questions and among the thing they'll talk about is the possibility that ethan couch's mother may actually be assisting her son. she is missing at the same time her son is. they both go missing on december 11th. now, the authorities have a fugitive task force searching for ethan couch and overnight and now this morning his mother has been listed as a missing
7:30 am
person. what that means is if she's driving a vehicle and she's pulled over, an officer would run her name and see her on a national database. now, adding to that the authorities have now put her vehicle on a watch list and so here is a look at her car. the vehicle is a black 2011 ford f-150. it has the harley-davidson addition with 23-inch chrome wheels, and there is some damage to the suspect vehicle described as a crease located on the passenger side and rear panel. but what they're trying to do is to see if they can't find ethan couch who may be hiding with some assistance, try to find his mother who may be the person who is providing that assistance and if they find her they believe it may lead to ethan couch. so far right now you have the fbi, the u.s. marshal service, and the tarrant county sheriff's office who are doing a full press to see it they can locate him and bring him in as soon as
7:31 am
possible. ayman? >> nbc's kerry sanders live for us from texas. thanks for that update. we want to go back now to our breaking news coverage of the shake-up of the gop presidential race. >> this has been a problem-solvers campaign. however, the centerpiece of my campaign has been securing our nation. i got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war we cannot afford to lose and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. >> so that was senator lindsey graham abruptly ending his bid for the white house just within the last hour or so. the south carolina republican notifying supporters and donors of his decision to suspend his campaign. today was the last day he could drop out and have his name removed by the south carolina primary ballot. let's get right to it with msnbc political corners steve kornacki and kasie hunt. steve, break this down for us. first of all, were you surprised by this, and secondly, what's the significance of dropping out today? >> yeah, i mean i was a little
7:32 am
surprised in that there was this ballot issue in south carolina. i wasn't sure that would be the impetus to get lindsey graham out of the race but the bigger scheme of things i'm not surprised. clearly this wasn't going anywhere for lindsey graham, and lindsey graham has a vested interest in keeping donald trump from being the nominee of the republican party. you know he doesn't want donald trump to be the candidate. you know he doesn't want ted cruz to be the candidate. ted cruz has been rising up lately. if you're lindsey graham and you care about getting somebody else, somebody with your values on foreign policy, on national security, and keeping this party from going to donald trump or ted cruz, then you need to do something, not just yourself but you need to -- i think this is the key, you need to let john mccain do something, and john mccain, lindsey graham's best friend, endorsed him as any friend would, stood with him, was going to stand with him as any friend would, but john mccain has a lot of influence in that first in the nation state of new hampshire in particular. mccain won it in 2000. he won it again in 2008. he was tied to lindsey graham as long as lincoln was going to stay in this thing, but john
7:33 am
mccain is now a free agent, and you look at how are you going to stop donald trump if you're from that wing of the republican party? well, where you're going to stop him really has to be new hampshire. iowa is a state loaded with evangelical voters. ted cruz could beat donald trump there, but if you're going to stop trump, you have to do it in new hampshire. you have the independents who can vote in the primary. it's a little more moderate, it's independent friendly and those rippindependents love joh mccain. john mccain has the potential to play a kingmaker role in new hampshire. >> let's pick up on that point, kasie hunt. with graham out of the race, this frees up senator john mccain, his endorsement will be very important in a place like new hampshire. how important is his endorsement now and where may he be heading with that endorsement? who may he endorse? >> well, the question is -- it's about more than just an endorsement, right? john mccain could put his finger on the scale if he decided, hey, this is my candidate and i'm going to spend most of the month of january and february in new
7:34 am
hampshire campaigning for this person. as kelly o'donnell smartly pointed out earlier, he does have his own race in arizona, so he has to tread a little bit carefully. he's had this ongoing problem with his own right flank. he was censored by the republican party in arizona. so he has to be careful of that as well, but he's also somebody who obviously focuses very much on the bigger picture, cares about the overall direction of his party, was the former nominee. if he decides not only is he going to endorse but also work really hard to get that person elected, it could make a real difference. i think mitt romney also, same goes for him. we've seen some questions about how he might involve himself in this race. he's somebody who frankly has a ton of goodwill in new hampshire, and if he decided to do something similar where he was up there trying to help somebody out in a really aggressive way it could really make a difference. like steve was saying, we're at the point where the establishment really needs to make its stand in new hampshire, and lindsey graham know that is better than anyone, and his home state -- let's also not understatement the importance of his home state and his
7:35 am
decisionmaking process and in the early primary process as well. so lindsey graham ran for re-election in 2014, and everyone thought at the time going into that that he was going to be in real danger. that of all the republicans who were up that year, he was going to have potentially the most trouble with his right flank, with tea party challengers, and lindsey graham, who is a master political tactician and who is known in his state as such and who, frankly, has a bit of a lockdown on the state's political talent, on its money, on its operatives, on all of that, he essentially engineered it so that no one who was serious enough to actually take him on in a real way thought it was a good idea to stand up and run against him, and he managed to win about 50% in the primary, which at the time we all thought, oh, hey, look, lindsey graham is coasting to re-election in a way that we didn't necessarily expect. but if you think about what that says about the electorate in that state, it means about half of them were unhappy with lindsey graham, with their incumbent. i think you're seeing already and people i talk to in south
7:36 am
carolina say if donald trump is going to win an early state, south carolina is it. and if lindsey graham went into a race with his name on the ballot and ultimately got crushed by donald trump, that doesn't really look good for anybody, and i think that's also something that factored into a lot of thinking here. >> all right. msnbc's kasie hunt and steve kornacki, thanks both for joining us. we'll have more throughout the course of the day. up next, new video inside a key battle against isis in iraq where iraqi forces are fighting to save the city of ramadi. details on this images straight ahead on msnbc live. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. president obama is currently in hawaii on his christmas vacation. the first family arrived in honolulu on saturday, but before the president left the white house, he gave an interview to npr where he was asked about his administration's isis strategy. take a listen. >> i think there is a legitimate
7:40 am
criticism of what i've been doing and our administration has been doing in the sense that we haven't, you know, on a regular basis i think described all the work that we've been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president in hawaii. kelly, good morning to you. you hear the president there seeming a bit reflective, and it seems one could say that he was a little bit critical that they haven't been regularly communicating their strategy and the hard work they're putting in in the fight against isis. >> well, amon, it's important to note the president isn't saying his policy or his strategy for the tactics they have used to deal with isis is wrong. he's saying he takes some of the blame personally and for his administration for not doing a better job explaining what they've been doing and in that interview he goes on to say there have been more than 9,000 air strikes against isis targets. he talks about the fact that the
7:41 am
group has less physical territory under its control in a place like sinjar mountain which was very much in the news over the last couple of years, has been taken back by u.s. and coalition forces, and that that changes the dynamic in the region, that if isis has less territory, it has less access to natural resources which help fund its organization, and that isis has not had any real gains in terms of gaining new territory in several months. that's how the president explains it. but he also acknowledges that many in the general public have watched what happened in paris, watched much closer what happened in san bernardino, and while the ties to isis specifically are not entirely established when it comes to the san bernardino case, it is the inspired idea where you would have jihadists inside the united states who look to isis as a sort of model of what they could do, and he says that is a danger and one that is very difficult
7:42 am
to intercept in advance or stop. so he says he recognizes the fear, considers it legitimate, also said the media has put a lot of attention on this so, of course, americans are worried, but the president says he's got it right, that his ideas about how the u.s. and coalition partners would deal with this is right, not changing course, just saying they need to do a better job explaining it. ayman? >> thank you very much for that, nbc's kelly o'donnell with the president in hawaii this morning. new reports from iraq this morning that isis militants are preventing civilians from leaving the city of ramadi. heavy fighting has erupted in several districts in the city between iraqi security forces and isis fighters. just yesterday according to reuters iraqi military planes dropped leaflets over ramadi asking residents to leave within 72 hours. a possible indication that a major military operation could begin soon to fully take the city back from isis control. now, at the same time msnbc has obtained battlefield videos from
7:43 am
an anti-isis tribal fighter in iraq that purportedly offer a critical glimpse into the country. it's important to note though that msnbc did not shoot this video and does not know the circumstances surrounding or leading up to the events depicted inside. now, joining me to break all of this down is msnbc senior video and digital content editor cal perry. thanks for joining us. obviously a very important video emerging. what do these videos show us? >> for starters, they show us the intensity of that fighting in the city of ramadi. let's roll. keep your eye on these houses right here. i'm going to let it breathe. this was a suspected car bomb that isis had that they were hiding sort of under the overhang of a house. as you said, this is video and as we sort of roll to the next one, i will explain to you, this is video we have obtained from someone we believe to be a tribal fighter backing iraq can
7:44 am
go army and as you look at this video, this is a schoolhouse in the southern section of ramadi. it's an iconic moment for the iraqi army as they work through the schoolhouse. you can hear the fighting is very fierce. it's really room by room, but this schoolhouse has become a landmark. it was on december the 8th, we believe, that this video was shot. the same day that the iraqi army said that this section of the city has now been taken under control again by the iraqi army from isis. we are used to seeing video of isis displaying that black flag over various landmarks in significant iraqi cities lycra maddie, but this gives you an idea even with the intensity of the fighting and you will see the iraqi army member crawling out onto the roof taking cover to display that flag. this is an eye kopic moment for the iraqi army. we have heard so many presidential candidates out stumping on the speech coming up with their plan to fight isis.
7:45 am
well, isis is being fought in various cities around iraq. it's important we remember that. this gives us a look. >> i know you spend a lot of time on the ground in iraq. talk to us about why ri maddie is so significant for the iraqi army. >> this is in so many ways president obama's plan, to get sunnis to fight against isis, to get that in the anbar province which is where this is. it's really this patchwork against isis. this is why it's key. this is one of those fault lines as you look at the map there of. the hope is if ramadi falls, iraqi force kansas city turn their attention to the north and maybe take mosul. >> thank you for that insightful video analysis. apple's ceo tim cook opening the doors for a rare look inside the largest company in the world. we'll take you inside. and we're tracking some unusual holiday weather as another blast of warm air makes its way from the midwest to the east coast but at least it still looks like christmas in i would
7:46 am
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well, there are now just four shopping days until christmas, but you have even less if you are ordering online or sending packages. today is the busiest delivery day of the year for the postal service, and nbc's kristin d dahlgren is at new york city's main post office. thank you for joining us. how are things moving there? >> reporter: it's been a really busy morning here because as you mentioned four shopping days but only three shipping days so this really is crunch time right now. they were sending out so many packages this morning they actually ran out of trucks. they had to go rent an enterprise truck, and they're loading that one up now to get all these packages out. it's estimated about 30 million packages will be delivered today. this is the biggest delivery day
7:50 am
of the year. but in the grand scheme of things, that's just a small portion of what's been sent over this holiday season. some 15.5 billion cards, letters, packages, mailed by the u.s. postal service alone, but this really is the time. you only have three days left, so you can't get it there by standard mail anymore. this is the last day for priority mail and then after this you have to go into the express priority or use u.p.s. or fed ex. you can still get it on their two-day air or when you get to webs it's going to be one-day air. so either way you're going to be paying for shipping at this point to get it there in time by christmas. time really running out. >> kristin, i have some stuff that i sent. if you see it, would you mind picking it up for me just to make sure i get it delivered before the holidays? i don't want to upset a lot of people. thank you very much for that. we appreciate that, kristin dahlgren live from outside the new york city post us a. this holiday season millions
7:51 am
of americans may be up against record worm temperatures. dylan dreyer has more on that. it's not going to be much of a white christmas for us in new york. >> not really across the eastern half of the country. in fact, this is going to be one of the warmest christmass on record. especially when you factor in the jet stream, this ridge is well to the north. we are looking at high temperatures to be 25 to 30 degrees above normal. we are looking at several records to be broken. again, the warmest christmas eve on record. let's look at some of the past records. savannah, 77. charleston, 76. those were old records. those will be long gone. we should hit 79 in savannah on thursday. tallahassee, about 79. that will break the record as well. look at the mid-atlantic. the record in washington, d.c., on christmas eve was 66 degrees set back in 1982. we should hit 75 degrees on thursday. and in the northeast we're looking to break records in boston. the old record is 61. we should hit a high of about 67
7:52 am
degrees. this is going to be exceptional warmth. let's take us into christmas day. it's not going to be as warm. i don't think we will see as many records across the northeast and new england. we'll fall just shy of those but as you go farther to the south we should still break some records, especially across the southeast. old records were in the 70s and 80s. we should see most of our high temperatures on christmas day in the upper 70s to mid-80s. jacksonville, florida, 85 degrees for a high temperature. these extend back through texas, too. the records on christmas day run around 68 in dallas. we're forecasting a high of 74. i'm hot just looking at these temperatures or maybe it's the lights. i'm not sure. a big travel day on wednesday. still looking at a lot of snow in the rockies. a lot of people taking their ski vacations this time of year. it's fantastic for skiing out there. we are going to see some rain with the warmer temperatures. it's not going to be a sunny beach day. a chance of stronger storms along the gulf coast, especially the panhandle of florida.
7:53 am
we will see the rain heaviest across the mid-atlantic and northeast by the time we get into wednesday and thursday and then christmas day we'll lose the showers in the northeast but we're still looking at the chance of some scattered storms. so it is going to be warm, unprecedented heat as we get into the christmas holiday but it comes with some rain. maybe some you wiumbrellas for ? >> i have a feeling santa may be arriving on jet skis. not going to work on the slopes. thank you for that update. apple's ceo tim cook is defending iphone encryption. >> i don't believe that the trade-off here is privacy versus national security. i think that's an overly simplistic view. we're america. we should have both. >> all right. let's bring in the executive editor of "the verge." i want to get your reaction to tim cook's position he's made
7:54 am
there, particularly about the issue to not include some kind of backdoor to allow the government to keep tabs on communication. >> well, tim cook is actually basically right. if apple builds in some kind of back door that the government could access to look at what's encrypted on the iphone, it's dirt actually impossible for them to have that only be accessible by the government. somebody somewhere will find it and so if you want to keep your bank data, your personal data, anything else on your iphone secure for hackers, it basically means you have to keep it secure from the government as well. >> it seems his concern is not so much about the government having access but if the government has access to it, certainly somebody out there else will be able to get that information. >> that's right. and, i mean, he was very clear and careful to say that. if the government has a warrant, apple will turn over what they can when they've got it but the stuff encrypted on the iphone, they don't have access. >> you brought up that point about warrants. it also caught my attention in that he says there's only so much information that they can provide, them being apple. what does that mean? >> it means that a lot of the
7:55 am
stuff that you do on your iphone, the imessages, other data on your phone never actually gets onto apple's servers in an unencrypted form. the only way to get to it is unlock the iphone and look at it directly. apple can't get it itself. >> this past year has certainly been the year of the data breaches. it started off with the sony e-mail hack. a lot of major retailers have had data compromises. where do you see this going in this upcoming year, the pull between lawmakers, private companies over the issue of information? particularly data information. >> i think it's going to be real tough. i think that the biggest tech companies, apple, certainly google, microsoft, are all basically lined up to protect encryption on the devices they sell and make software for. they will put a lot of lobbying dollars into making sure lawmakers don't push back on this. >> thank you very much from "the verge." that wraps up this hour of msnbc
7:56 am
live. i'm amyman mohyeldin. tamron hall is up next. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential
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what's in your wallet? breaking news right now on msnbc, senator lindsey graham is out of the republican race for president making the announcement just a short time ago. more than a dozen candidates still remain with a few of them still consistently polling in the single digits. so who will follow graham? also ahead, the latest on the identify ty of the woman poe say drove into a crowded sidewalk with a toddler in the car injuring one person and injuring dozens of others. plus this -- >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. >> the latest on steve harvey accidentally crowning the wrong miss universe winner on live television. miss colombia was forced to
8:00 am
forfeit her crown to miss philippines. and we'll bring you that. but let's start with breaking news. senator lindsey graham has dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. graham making the announcement in a video to his supporters. >> the centerpiece of my campaign has been securing our nation. i got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war we can not afford to lose and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. today most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what's needed to secure our homeland. >> well, graham's message has not resonated with republican voters polling in the single digits since he jumped in the race. even so, he repeatedly came away as one of the standout performers on the so-called undercard republican debates, including last week's debate when he lashed out at front-runner donald trump. >> donald trump has done the one


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