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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 21, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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frontrunner donald trump is engaged in a new war of words with democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. in what could be a preview of the general if they both become their party's nominees. trump demanding an apology after her remarks at saturday's debate. >> i would say this, matt. i will demand an apology from hillary, okay? you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize. she lies about e-mails, she lies about whitewater, she lies about everything. >> so our team is covering every angle of the battle for the white house with our political reporters. we see them there. let's start with msnbc's kasie hunt. was this a big surprise? >> senator graham had been talking as though he was still going to stay in through new hampshire when i last talked to him at the republican debate last week. so from that perspective, it's a surprise. but we did know this deadline was coming and everyone who had been talking with senator graham privately in south carolina expected that this might be the
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day he would drop out just because he did want to have a chance to get off of that primary ballot and the party had told him the county board of elections had told him -- excuse me, state board of elections had told him this was his last chance to do that. take a listen to what graham had to say about why he decided to drop out in this interview with cnn. >> at theened of the day, i'm not going to be competitive in my state if i'm not competitive outside my state. we started off leading the pack in south carolina. what's happened here is sort of my lane of the party has collapsed and south carolina's been incredibly good to me. i would be competitive in south carolina but i got to show traction outside the state. >> he says of course that -- they were doing some private polling that showed the only way people in south carolina, his home state, would back him up is if he showed strength somewhere else. there was really tough to do when he wasn't able to make it on to the main debate stages. he was instead relegated to the undercard.
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so there was a lot of risk for graham in potentially going forward being on the ballot, ultimately falling far down. he still obviously wants to be the senator from south carolina that could have potentially been embarrassing. he also wants to clear a little bit of space for an establishment figure to potentially take on donald trump. >> does that mean that he would not support a donald trump eventually? we all remember donald trump giving out his cell phone number. if there's one thing lindsey graham has memoribilia from trump, it's a new cell phon number on an iphone, i think. what about graham endorsing him if he would be the person to lock it up? >> yes. we all do remember lindsey graham proceeding to put his dproe cell phone in a blender. graham has also been on the record saying trump would be a disaster for the republican party. it will be interesting to see if he's a little freed up. obviously some of the other candidates who are still in the race are hamstrung a little by the fact that they can't say they won't support the republican nominee without putting their own status on the
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ballot at risk. i don't think there's any doubt we are going to hear lindsey graham being a voice against trump here. but i would watch other people like john mccain, for example. potentially mitt romney, john mccain putting out a statement saying that only his friendship was a greater honor than lindsey graham's -- than his support for lindsey graham. i think the question is whether or not graham is going to be able to drive them to coalesce behind an establishment candidate, especially in new hampshire. >> he's regarded as one of the more gop statesmen in all of this. thanks so much. want to bring in msnbc host steve kornacki with what this means for the other candidates in the race. steve, especially for the establishment candidates and those that are trying to stop a donald trump prior to iowa. >> yeah. well, really, kasie was starting to get into it at the end there. to me, the significance of this, of lindsey graham getting out, people say he was at 0%, what does it matter? it matters because of john mccain. john mccain matters because of
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new hampshire, and new hampshire really matters because if there's a state where the establishment needs to stop donald trump, almost has to stop donald trump, it is new hampshire, the first in the nation primary state. comes after iowa. you look at iowa right now, ted cruz, donald trump really gobbling up the lion's share of support right there. new hampshire, a very different state. the independents can vote. it's a much more secular, moderate state. john mccain is still very popular there. remember, he won it in 2000. he won in 2008. a lot of those independents really like him. you look at the problem. there's the poll up on the screen there. look at the problem those so-called establishment candidates have. rubio, christie, kasich, bush, alone, none of them are close to trump. you add all that support together that the four of those candidates have, that is enough to beat donald trump. john mccain could potentially, this is probably something that would happen a ways from now, closer to the new hampshire primary. what this announcement does today is frees up john mccain, he doesn't have to stick with lindsey graham anymore, he could give one of those candidates his
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blessing and coalesce that establishment vote behind him. >> thank you, sir. we will see how this turns out. we go back now to the issue of donald trump and this new battle that's brewing between the gop frontrunner and the democratic frontrunner that's all been heating up today. at the top of the show, you heard from donald trump on the "today" show demanding this apology from hillary clinton. here's what led to the demand. >> we also need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> katy tur is following donald trump and joins me from grand rapids, michigan. that's where donald trump is going to hold an event later today. obviously we have got no real evidence to support this claim from hillary clinton but talk about the battle that's heating
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up here and especially when a hillary clinton candidate elevates a donald trump candidate to seem as if they want to go head-to-head. >> reporter: i think they are both playing to their bases here. hillary clinton supporters do not like donald trump, donald trump supporters do not like hillary clinton. in fact, that's one of the biggest applause lines at his rallies when he trashes hillary clinton, calls her a liar, says she should go to jail. he gets huge applause from the people in these rooms, even sell pins outside that say hillary for jail time. so neither one is taking much of a risk here because basically, what they are trying to do is rile up their base of support to come out in the general election. donald trump has been focusing more on hillary clinton a lot lately, less so on even his opponents, because you can see him starting to look forward to the general election rather than focus on the primary, almost as if he thinks he's going to get the nomination, that it's in the bag and that he's trying to stable himself for what will be the likely nominee, hillary clinton, for the democratic party. but hillary clinton has had her
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issues with this, donald trump has had issues with a number of other statements including thousands of muslims cheering in new jersey. he is tapping into an anger of the republican base and even president obama acknowledged that today. that's why you are seeing thousands of people show up in early states like south carolina, new hampshire and iowa, and thousands of people show up in the non-early states like here in michigan. they are expecting thousands for this giant arena tonight. donald trump had something that he's tapping into. whether that will be enough to get him the nomination and get him to the white house, of course, remains to be seen. we have a little bit of time left before the voting actually begins. >> katy tur following the trump campaign in grand rapids, thank you. we are asking you to weigh in on hillary clinton's comments about donald trump. through our microsoft pulse question today, as we were just talking about, should clinton apologize for calling trump's isis' best recruiter? weigh in. we will bring you the responses throughout the show.
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hillary clinton not the only one taking aim at trump. so as katy tur was talking about, we have president obama speaking out about the trump phenomenon in his end of year interview with npr suggesting donald trump is benefiting from demographic changes and economic stresses facing blue collar men. >> you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. some of it justified, but just misdirected. and i think somebody like mr. trump's taking advantage of that. that's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign. >> want to bring in katrina pierce, national spokesperson for the trump campaign. nice to see you. >> hi, thomas. thank you. >> those words about exploiting the anger of some parts of the american electorate, is donald trump doing that? >> i think it's rich that the accusation that the billionaire in the race is the one that's
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resonating with middle income people simply because of anger, it's not true. it's his policies. it's the fact he's not a politician, the fact that he's not beholden to a lot of the pacs and donors that many of the politicians are beholden to. that's what's happening here. the political class and all the elites in the media and the pundits, they just don't seem to get that still to this day. >> even though he's not tethered to pacs and having anybody pull the strings as he likes to talk about, is this proper leadership? is this presidential leadership to talk about muslims this way, mexicans this way, megyn kelly this way, john mccain this way? is that presidential leadership to refer to certain groups of people or individual people with such hatred or bigotry? >> well, if you look at the decorum of politics over the years, you can look at the conditioning we have today and say no, that doesn't resonate. if you look at the founding fathers and see the hurls and insist they went at each other with, i think you will find it's actually a nice thing that mr.
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trump is saying today, compared to the presidents of past. i think the more important issue here is why is donald trump resonating with the people. it's the simple fact that we have a political class, a ruling elite, along with the media, that have been telling people lies for years, have been making promises, putting out 12-page bullet points, getting into office, not doing anything and failing miserably. mr. trump is pointing out those issues in a non-politically correct way which a lot of people respect. >> i want to ask you to stand by. we have this update coming out of las vegas with the sheriff about to talk about the situation of the driver that drove into people walking along the strip last night in vegas. let's listen in. >> -- the best thing i can do is say it's an ongoing investigation and i will do the best i can to answer any questions you may have. so i'm sure there will be some frustration associated with some of my responses, but that's where we are in particular to the investigation. so if you bear with me, i will read through my prepared
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statement and then we will get into the q & a. prior to that, i have to acknowledge two individuals standing next to me. the district attorney steve wolfson to my left. he will talk about the charges that the suspect is being charged with currently, and then what's possibly going to be pending in the future. and to my right is jeff buchanan from clark county fire department. the reason why i have him standing there is in particular because of their fantastic response that they had last night to the event as it unfolded. as you know, our success with public safety is reliant on our partners that we can rely on during critical incidents and clark county fire was instrumental along with a plethora of other individuals like amr, medic west, to take care of the victims the best they could and facilitate the transport. additionally, other public safety individuals, in
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particular nhp and their response, the members of lbm pd and their continued investigation. now, you have to be careful because some of my folks to my right over here have been working all night and they are doing the best they can to facilitate the victims associated with this event and to track down the background of our suspect. then before i get into the details, in particular to the mayor, caroline goodman, and our governor, brian sandoval, all three of them i was in contact with last night. they offered all the assistance they could to my department and the community in order for a successful arrest and eventually prosecution. without further ado, just after 6:30 p.m., initial calls to 911 indicated a vehicle had driven on to the sidewalk and struck several pedestrians and some thought there might have been gun shots. i'm here to tell you right now, there was no gun shots that we
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could determine. i believe it to be a result of the damage incurred by the vehicle, people may have perceived that it was gun shots. as of now, we do not believe it to be an act of terrorism. now, i want you to dwell on that for a second. we are a short ways of being into this investigation and all the intimate details. we had trouble identifying the suspect in the beginning throes of the investigation. we believe we have her properly identified now but we are having difficulty obtaining her background. she is believed to be from the oregon area. we are going to do the best we can throughout the day to determine her background. in light of that, and not -- having those unknowns, we are not 100% ruling out the possibility of terrorism. the intentional act that occurred on the boulevard is going to be very hard for us to
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explain at face value. so we are working through that but i am comfortable saying now that i do not believe it to be an act of terrorism. but with that admonishment, we are still working through it. with the assistance of the fbi. she is a 24-year-old woman driving a car with a 3-year-old female child in the back who drove her vehicle up on to the sidewalk and struck more than two dozen innocent people. video confirms that we believe it to be an intentional act. we do have a video available and it's through a plethora of different venues. one is the properties themselves on las vegas boulevard and also our regional crime cameras that we have here and additionally, from any videos obtained from citizens at our request. so we are still trying to receive as much video as we can and it is a request out to the public to continue to provide us
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with information, but we do have a pretty detailed video that shows that it was an intentional act. the suspect, lakisha holloway, repeatedly ran her car over pedestrians. some jumped up on the car or ran up to it and banged on the window to get her to stop but she didn't. as of now, one person was killed and over 30 people taken to area hospitals. three are critical with head injuries. we do not know at this point if any of them are nevada residents. we haven't had information at this point whether any of them are in fact nevada residents. she left the scene and drove a few blocks to the tuskanee casino which is eastbound flamingo, where she parked in a parking spot at that location, exited her vehicle, left her toddler within the vehicle and contacted a valet parker and
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advised that she had ran over some individuals on las vegas boulevard and requested the valet parker to call 911. so district attorney wolfson will advise you on the charge n pending on miss holloway and what potential charges will be incurred as we process through the victims at the various area hospitals. the victims were transported to four separate hospitals, sunrise, umc, spring valley and desert springs hospital, with the majority of them being transported to two separate trauma centers which would be umc and sunrise. as of now, the locations of the victims actually where they reside throughout the united states and other countries, we are able to assess individuals from quebec, canada, oregon, colorado, florida, washington, california and mexico.
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so as far as any more specific details, i'm happy to answer any questions but prior to that i would like to bring up mr. wolfson so he can advise you on the charges. >> thank you, sheriff. good morning, everybody. like the sheriff, i would quickly like to acknowledge all of the first responders. i mean, you can all imagine what it must have been like only 16 hours ago on our las vegas strip with a 2,000 plus pound vehicle ramming into literally 30 people or so, and i want to acknowledge and thank not only law enforcement, but our other first responders for the incredible work they do. my office is beginning to receive paperwork on this case, as you can imagine it's only been a few hours, but we intend to file charges immediately.
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we are going to start off by filing one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. we will also be filing additional charges as the information flows to our office. the other charges we're considering are a multitude of counts of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon, child abuse and neglect, which pertains to the toddler which was in the back seat of this vehicle, as well as the felony count of leaving the scene of an accident which i'm sure many of you realize as of october 1st, is a non-probationable offense that this lady faces. once again, charges initially are going to be filed but as we receive more information like the sheriff said, this is an ongoing investigation with videotapes and witness statements and other physical evidence to review, i anticipate
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a great number of charges to be filed. this woman is in custody. we are going to do everything in our power to see that she remains in custody under the law, and file charges appropriately, and seek a vigorous prosecution and seek justice in this case. thank you, sheriff. >> thank you. so at this point, i'm happy to entertain questions. >> reporter: everybody wants to know why she did it. what's the motive? >> that's exactly what we want. we would like to find out. right now, she made statements on the scene at the point of arrest. as i mentioned, the investigation is ongoing but we haven't determined to exact fact what the motive was. we believe she had some disassociation with the father of her child and then events prior to the event, her being what we believe to be in las vegas approximately a week and
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homeless, and residing within her vehicle. we don't know the exact recipient that caused her to snap and/or whether it was planned previously. >> reporter: were there any weapons in the vehicle? >> no. not at this point. we are executing the search warrant on the vehicle as we speak. but we have not located a weapon as of this moment in time. >> reporter: can you tell us who the vehicle owner is? >> the owner resides in portland, oregon, but the suspect advised that it is in fact her vehicle, but it is registered to a separate individual in oregon. >> reporter: did she offer any explanation of why she did what she did? >> she did, and i'm not comfortable disclosing that at this point because it is an ongoing investigation. but i can't go any further in that comment. >> reporter: where's the child? >> the child is in child haven
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locally in las vegas under protective custody. we will do everything in our power to attempt to locate the father. we believe the father may be residing in dallas, texas. at some point, we thought -- we believed that she was attempting to make her way that direction via las vegas. [ inaudible question ] >> no. this is the issue associated with her individually. we are attempting -- she does not show previous arrests in ncic so we are doing the best we can to track down all family members and/or friends within the oregon area to determine her background the best we can and also trying to locate the father of the child. >> reporter: did you test her blood? >> we tested blood. we recovered blood subsequent to her arrest. she did not demonstrate signs of being under the influence of alcohol, but we had a drug recognition expert respond to the scene and determine that he
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believed she to be under some sort of stimulant. >> reporter: did you get an initial read from the blood drawn? >> no. that takes some time prior to us having the ability to do that but obviously in this case, it will be expedited. >> reporter: why can you not rule out terrorism as a potential cause of this? >> well, as i said, the video obviously shows intention. her exiting the roadway on to the sidewalk and then obviously plowing through the pedestrians on the sidewalk, but as far as terrorism, we don't know what the intent was behind it and we don't know enough of her background to make that determination. as you can imagine, what happened in san bernardino, review of social media and everything else led the fbi down that path. we haven't had the time or the luxury to get through all those investigative leads yet. [ inaudible question ]
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>> we believe she has been here approximately a week. >> reporter: how is the child doing? >> the child's fine. >> reporter: are you going to release the surveillance video? >> not at this point. as a matter of prosecution, i'm confident it will be released at the proper point in time but our concern at this point is the jury pool and our ability to have an untainted pool. >> reporter: assuming you ultimately do rule out terrorism, is this any sort of wake-up call about the threat on the strip? >> i wouldn't perceive it as a threat. what i would perceive is public safety and traffic issues associated with the strip. it's an ongoing discussion with the county and public works in order to create a safe environment on las vegas boulevard, and our ability to put barricades, barriers and everything else associated with pedestrian traffic. whenever you have a high density vehicle traffic associated with it, to put those things in place in order to ensure safety. >> reporter: you said you haven't completely ruled out
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terrorism. is part of that because of this statement that she made? >> no. because our lack of knowledge of her background. >> reporter: okay. just the background. not something she said. >> correct. nothing that she said. >> reporter: is she going to be eligible for the death penalty, district attorney? >> that's a consideration. >> reporter: would you move to the microphone, please? >> sorry. like any murder case, that's something that is always considered, but it's too early to even begin talking about that. i have read one page of a report and i'm sure when this case comes to our office after all of these great investigators finish their work, there is going to be a lot of paper to review, a person's background and all the circumstances before we consider the death penalty. >> reporter: sheriff, you will have 300,000 people at the same place on the las vegas strip in two weeks. what can you tell us? >> i appreciate you bringing that up. obviously it's america's party happening in two weeks. we are doing everything we can
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to ensure everybody's safety. that was an ongoing process and everybody knows that's something we do here every year. it's a year-long process and it has been ramped up in the most recent months in light of what's taking place across the united states and the world. i'm confident at this point we have all the mechanisms in place to be successful and we are being very proactive to be successful. but as far as this, having direct correlation to new year's eve, i do not believe it to be so. >> reporter: was there any discussion about not doing new year's eve? >> no, sir. not at all. i'm pretty confident that we can provide a safe environment. >> reporter: with all the questions you have, what would you say at this point today is the biggest unknown in this case to you? >> well, the question was presented two different times, what caused her to do this. we need to be more comfortable in the reasons behind that and
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in particular, what her background is that we need to be made aware of. >> reporter: did she offer any [ inaudible ]? >> i couldn't comment on that. my personal opinion was she was very stoic at the time of the event. >> reporter: can you give us more detail about the number of people hospitalized, transported and treated? >> yes. my count currently, bear with me while i go to my notes, obviously i can't release names or extent of injuries on these individuals outside of the individual that passed away and/or the three that have critical head injuries that we are concerned with. but the total count associated with the event so far, you know, some people self-transported, some people will determine 12 hours later that they have injuries that they need to report, but as of now, i am
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comfortable with the number of 35. >> reporter: sheriff, you said she was stoic. what do you mean by that? >> well, there was -- she didn't appear to be distressed due to her actions. that's the best way i can describe it. >> reporter: can you talk a little bit about the efficiency of the response? >> yes. great question. the efficiency of response was fantastic. that's why i thought it was important for me to mention our public safety partners in the beginning of this. i believe we did a great job in responding to an incident that went across several city blocks and the ability to get the victims transported in a timely manner, and the ability for us to respond, apprehend the suspect and conduct an investigation. >> reporter: could you describe taking her into custody, what occurred, what was -- you said a valet parker was asked to call.
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>> yes. there was an eventual call in to 911. obviously because of the recent event that had taken place just a few short blocks away. it was easy to correlate the two incidents and we responded and she was basically standing there in a position of non-threatening and she was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: was she coherent? >> the initial conversations with our investigators, she did appear coherent. >> reporter: she was living at planet hollywood? was she kicked off the property? >> we are trying to confirm that. i would not describe it as living at planet hollywood. i did describe to you earlier that she was living in her vehicle. she was utilizing different parking structures throughout the valley in order to reside, to spend the night. we are still tracking that down but we do believe she was at planet hollywood earlier.
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>> reporter: with the child? >> with the child. >> reporter: how do you spell her name? >> first name l-a-k-e-i-s-h-a, middle initial of n. -- >> reporter: like nancy? >> yes, ma'am. last name h-o-l-l-o-w-a-y. >> reporter: you said 24 years of age? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: oregon, did you say the town? portland? >> the vehicle comes from the portland area. we are still tracking down her place of residence within oregon. >> reporter: what do you know about her actions last night prior to the crashes? >> all we know is what i described here, i that she was in vegas for approximately a week. these are all comments made by her so i don't want to get into too much of those comments because we got prosecution things that we have to deal
10:30 am
with, but we believe her to be here for approximately a week residing in her vehicle and lack of money so we don't know if she was soliciting associated with her stay here or she had money associated with her stay but we are doing the best we can to track that down. >> reporter: how did the public cooperate or not cooperate? >> we didn't have any incidents with non-cooperation. the video is very telling. many of the people in direct vicinity of the accident were attempting to get her into custody, trying to access the vehicle by banging on the windows, opening the doors in order to take her into custody, citizens arrest type action, and then subsequently, we received numerous calls in support of direction of travel and suspect description, and then obviously, the medical professionals received great assistance from the public within the las vegas boulevard and assistance with
10:31 am
the victims. [ inaudible question ] >> yes, sir. >> reporter: is that booking today or yesterday? >> it would be last night. >> reporter: last night. >> yes. >> reporter: can you recap -- >> when we had encountered her the only difference would be her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. >> reporter: can you recap for us going on the sidewalk once, twice? >> that's another great question. it was presented several times last night that the car entered the sidewalk, exited the sidewalk, entered the sidewalk, so we are trying to bring that down the best we can. at this point we believe she entered the sidewalk in front of the north end of planet hollywood at the escalator area. she traversed the entrances into the paris which would be believed she exited the sidewalk at that point and continued to travel down the east sidewalk of las vegas boulevard and the best we can tell at this point, she exited around the area of
10:32 am
bally's and subsequently re-entered the sidewalk. we are doing the best we can to reconstruct that timeline and whether we have victims associated to the bally's area. >> reporter: what's the estimated speed? >> we don't know yet. >> reporter: there are posts, there are news racks and other things on the sidewalk there. did she hit those as well? >> yes, she did. >> reporter: she had all four tires of the vehicle on the sidewalk? >> yes, sir. [ inaudible question ] >> well, no, that's been an ongoing conversation. obviously we are based on hospitality in las vegas. i appreciate that. but sometimes security measures don't dictate hospitality and it's an ongoing conversation that we have with the county and ensure we have preventive measures in place to protect the safety of our pedestrians.
10:33 am
importantly, the county has been going through approximately two plus years of public works changes on las vegas boulevard, widening the sidewalk areas, moving news racks and a lot of things that are a benefit to pedestrian movement, but that's an ongoing conversation and we will continue to pursue the best we can. >> reporter: approximately how many people signed as witnesses to the police? >> i don't have that number. do you have an approximate number? >> we interviewed over 30 but there was probably another at least 30 written statements, too. we're still going through all that. >> i'm sure we are still going to receive some more today. >> reporter: calls are still coming in today? >> reporter: is it possible to say how many people were on that sidewalk, those sidewalks, at the time this happened? >> video reconstruction, we'll be able to tell that number. but my view of the sidewalk, in
10:34 am
excess of a hundred. >> reporter: mr. district attorney, when will be the first court appearance and -- >> well, she's scheduled for a 48-hour hearing tomorrow morning but that is not a courtroom hearing. that is a paper review where a judge reviews to determine whether there's probable cause to continue to hold her. then a 72-hour hearing perhaps on wednesday. however, i will tell you that in coordination with the police department, my office is working quickly so those dates may be moved up. she could be in court as early as tomorrow morning. we anticipate filing charges if not today, tomorrow. so she will be in court facing those charges either tomorrow or wednesday morning. >> reporter: she is currently being held without bail? >> she is. murder with use of a deadly weapon is a set in court type of setting, which means there's no bail until she appears in court.
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>> reporter: do you anticipate bringing this to a grand jury? >> you know, it's too early. we take some cases to the grand jury for certain reasons and we take other cases to a preliminary hearing that. will be decided in the next couple weeks. >> reporter: sheriff, in your experience for some 30 years, does this remind you of any other cases you have experienced? >> i mean, if you review the incidents that take place on las vegas boulevard, you are fully aware of a previous incident where we had a similar circumstance, an individual entered the walk in pretty close proximity to the incident last night and we did have individuals struck by a vehicle at that point. by the luck of god, we had an off-duty police officer dining in close proximity, was able to take that individual into custody. so as far as the number of
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individuals involved, i cannot recall anyone of this high level of victimization. all right. >> reporter: how many firefighters responded, any detail you can give. >> we had over 70 personnel on scene and they established unified command which i would be remiss if we didn't thank the law enforcement for that unified command. that helped the incident go very smoothly. there were over 70 personnel on scene. we did use resources from las vegas fire and rescue and from amr and everybody worked in partnership. >> reporter: how many ambulances were brought to the scene for this? >> well, a level 3 mci requires a couple of strike teams. i'm not sure if all those resources did actually arrive on scene. there were up wiwards of ten pl
10:37 am
ambulances. >> reporter: we heard of transports with more than one person per transport? >> that is correct. >> reporter: were there any injuries to first responders? >> no. there's no reported injuries at this time. >> reporter: so many are reporting she said she was tired? can you confirm that? >> i'm sorry? >> reporter: there are some reports that -- >> who is "she"? the suspect? okay. that she was tired? >> reporter: tired? >> i don't -- i can't get clarification on that comment. i just can't imagine if somebody's stressed for an extended period of time that they may exhibit those traits but i'm not sure if comments were made to that effect. okay? before we conclude, i just want to again repeat my condolences to the families and the victims themselves. this is a tragic event. hopefully it will never happen again in our community but we will do the best to bring the victims satisfaction associated with this event. everybody do the best you can.
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enjoy the holidays and we look forward to new year's eve. thank you. >> all right. hearing from the sheriff there of clark county as well as the clark county d.a. about what's moving forward with the suspect, the woman you see right there, 24-year-old lakeisha holloway who has a background coming from oregon. she had a 3-year-old toddler in the back seat of this car as she started to drive on the sidewalk and there is video they are going to put out of this, but started driving on the sidewalk and injured upwards of 35 people, killing one as the clark county coroner's office identified as a 32-year-old woman from arizona. i want to bring in msnbc legal correspondent ari melber. the big point to come out of this from the d.a. is the one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. that doesn't mean that that's the only charge we will see. >> no. that's almost certainly a floor, not a ceiling. listening to this press conference and what is obviously a horrific event and one that
10:39 am
seems so shocking and so out of the blue, this woman driving this car up and hitting people, innocent people, children, killing people. as for the law, as you say, clearly they are pursuing murder charges. nevada has a first degree murder charge that can include the death penalty as punishment. so they reserve the possibility of going all the way there with the ultimate punishment depending on a lot of details as they just come in. as to the second part of the question, there could be other charges here. there could be second degree murder as a lesser included offense, there could be child abuse or neglect with regard to the child in the car and there could be weapons charges. >> as we were hearing from the d.a. about the murder count, too early to talk about the death penalty. he has only reviewed a one-page document so far. ari melber, thank you. msnbc's scott cone joins me now. he was inside that news conference. i think the one interesting point coming out of the overall meta picture here about the investigation is that the
10:40 am
sheriff does not believe it to be an act of terrorism. talk more about how declarative the sheriff was about that investigation. >> he said he couldn't rule that out entirely and that's the issue here. it certainly speaks to larger issues about how they separate the traffic on las vegas boulevard from the sidewalks, and that's an ongoing conversation here, particularly as you head into new year's eve which is a big event in vegas to begin with. but he said that they are still trying to work out in cooperation with the fbi, trying to understand the suspect's background, social media posts and the like, to determine whether this was just something, a random incident where she snapped or if there's something larger at play here, if this was something that was preplanned, if in fact it was terrorism, and so for that reason, the sheriff said he could not 100% rule out that this is an act of terror. >> also, talk about what's
10:41 am
happening now. as they alluded to, america's party, that was the sheriff talking about new year's eve coming up in las vegas, and precautions that need to go into place for that. >> reporter: well, what he said was that there have been precautions that have been ramping up for some time now and obviously in light of the news of recent weeks, including san bernardino, including paris, they are obviously cognizant of the risks there. there's a great deal of security that's already in place here. but it does make people think about it. you heard that he was asked about that, if there were plans to cancel the celebration all together and he said emphatically no, that it is america's party, as you heard, but it certainly makes people think about in this day and age, these big events with lots of people in a very public place. >> msnbc's scott cohn in las vegas, thanks so much. i appreciate it. we want to turn to other breaking news in a very big case. this is the deadly san bernardino shootings.
10:42 am
we have the sole person charged following the terror investigation going to be in court facing a judge in less than an hour after a 90-minute delay was put forth. we have 24-year-old enrique marquez, who was a friend and former neighbor of the gunman, syed rizwan farook. he is charged with buying the rifles used in their deadly attack and for plotting other earlier attacks that never took place. authorities say there is no evidence marquez was involved in the plotting of the san bernardino shootings. joining me to explain is nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, talk about the expectation of what will happen for a detention hearing, correct? >> that's the sole purpose of this hearing is to determine whether marquez will be held in jail pending a trial. no trial date has been set, won't be for awhile. he hasn't entered a plea yet. he won't enter a plea today. that won't happen until next month. the only business today is a request from the government that he be denied bail. all defendants under the constitution are entitled to
10:43 am
bail unless there are circumstances that would prevent it. that's what the judge will decide. what the government has argued in court filings is that he's a danger to the community and a flight risk. that's based on the charges that were filed, the most serious among them are material support to terrorism charges. the government says he and syed farook plotted three or four years ago to carry out two attacks against a community college and a crowded highway and that -- they say he actually bought the rifles that ended up being used in the san bernardino shootings for the purposes of those attacks which were called off because of -- they got cold feet and because of some other terrorism arrests. the only question today is will he be held pending the trial. these hearings generally don't take very long. sometimes, though, the prosecutors will share some additional information that goes beyond what was in their initial court filing. we have to listen for that. but otherwise, this seems like it will be a fairly cut and dried affair. >> we will see that coming up at 2:30 p.m. small delay in all of that. pete williams, thank you. talk again shortly.
10:44 am
we have breaking developments to bring you out of afghanistan. u.s. officials tell nbc news that all six nato troops killed in the suicide bomb attack near bagram air base today were americans. three nato troops were also injured. the taliban posting a message on twitter claiming responsibility for that attack. jim miklaszewski is the chief pentagon correspondent for nbc news and joins us now. what more do we know about what happened and the condition of those injured? >> thomas, this was sting withe deadliest attack against the u.s. military in afghanistan in more than two years. we are told these u.s. service members were on a routine foot patrol, a security patrol near the air base in northeast afghanistan when, without warning, a lone suicide bomber on a motorcycle rode up to the group and detonated his devastating bomb, killing six americans, wounding two other americans and an afghan
10:45 am
interpreter. according to the officials, this group was not essentially in a combat mission itself but again, they were on an armed patrol, which was described to us as routine. in fact, you know, in recent weeks, we have seen a surge in taliban activity. first there was earlier this year, the taliban attack on the city of kanduz in which they seized the entire city for two days and then a huge suicide bombing in kabul. it's further indication that the taliban does not need a full frontal assault against the after afghan or u.s. forces in afghanistan to be effective, that the suicide bombing, that lone one bomber who is willing to kill himself in the process, has been an effective tool in the taliban war against
10:46 am
afghanistan and the u.s. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. coming up, we will shift gears to a lighter note but you probably have seen it all over your social media pages. the big talker of the day, possibly the most awkward moment in miss universe pageant history. >> colombia! >> okay, folks. i have to apologize. >> we are going to bring you the latest online reaction including former pageant owner donald trump's solution to the epic miss universe mix-up and the card that steve harvey has in his hands, i have one just like it. i will show you what the back of this card looks like from the time i hosted it earlier this year, how they put the runners-up and the winner on there. you will see for yourself. first, winter officially
10:47 am
arrives tomorrow. in much of the u.s., people can forget about bringing out the shovels and mittens. what's behind the unusually mild and wild temperatures. dave price here with a look at why christmas ain't feeling like christmas. >> it's not going to for much of the country. to the maps. if you are dreaming of a white christmas i hope you are in the northwest because that's primarily where you will see it. 13 to 15 states are going to get that white christmas with at least an inch of snow on the ground. everywhere else, nothing, green, warm. look at this. as we head into christmas eve we could break upwards of 52 different records in the eastern third of the country. say from alabama all the way up to maine, we are watching it. look at this. 76 degrees in washington, warmer than in phoenix or in los angeles, and 73 in new york city. that is unheard of. the record in new york city stands at 63 degrees. as we head to christmas day, that mild air stays with us. 78 degrees in atlanta, upper 60s
10:48 am
in washington, new york at 62 degrees. all that warm air just sticks with us and the long-term forecast takes us to a record-setting december along the east coast and that follows the warmest november on record for many cities. that's a quick look at your weather picture. more ahead on "msnbc live." stay with us.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
a major gaffe at the miss universe pageant may go down as one of the most awkward moments on live tv. the host steve harvey announced and crowned the wrong winner of miss universe and then this unexpected moment happened. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia.
10:52 am
miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> oh my gosh. so there you see pauline vega take the crown from the miss colombia then for five seconds miss universe and give it to miss philippines placing it on the head of the real winner. joining me now is nia sanchez, miss universe 2014 who was the first runner-up for the 63rd miss universe finals and i have your name right there. so i got to be the host of that event and this is the card, the official card that steve harvey would have had in his hand. paulina vega won. we had you in the middle of the stage. that moment -- >> yep. >> -- drumming up to that. you know what it's like to be in that position.
10:53 am
you were there last night. what was it like to witness this? >> well, watching the crowning moment was absolutely amazing but it was the most amazing feeling and then after we had no idea what was going on. you see steve harvey on stage. the entire crowd went into shock when he said that there's been a mistake. nobody knew what to think and what was happening and then he said that the mistake was colombia was first runner-up. nobody knew what to do. >> i have been in this position twice where you get the card and you have to hold it really tightly because so many of the women are so tall looking over your shoulder. >> right. >> trying to peek for their names. the runners up all listed right here. on the left-hand side. this is the 63rd and you see colombia who won. that's paulina vega. this happened in january 2015. i don't want people to be confused. what do you think, donald trump on earlier today, he said that
10:54 am
maybe we should have co-miss universe. he doesn't own it anymore. >> right. >> both ladies do it. do you think that's a good or bad idea? that is mix-up, owned up and need to move on? >> right. i can understand why people say that, have two miss universes but i don't think it would -- sorry. i was cheering too loud last night at the pageant. i don't think it's fair to pia. she is the real miss universe. meant for her and she should be able to have an amazing year as miss universe and not fair to share it. >> so for you, an you know what this moment is like, how do you think these women did with living through this? miss colombia seemed very gracious. miss philippines, also very gracious. through the whole process. but this had to be very painful. >> had to be painful. i literally cried for miss colombia. i felt so bad for her. how do you live through that moment and experience that? i would have been sobbing in tears when i were her but they
10:55 am
both handled it with grace. they were both very poised. you could tell pia didn't know what to do. but you -- there's so many sound bites of miss colombia being so gracious and saying everything happens for a reason and i believe it's true. everything happens for a reason and she's going to get a lot of press from this. she is going to get so much attention, as well. i feel like long term it can be really good for miss colombia and miss universe philippines will have an amazing year. >> do you feel sorry for steve harvey if. >> oh my gosh, i feel sorry for steve harvey. very genuine. seemed like he was mortified and the apologies all over social media and just all around terrible situation. the crowd was in shock. people were yelling, screaming an whimt and anger. it was just a terrible situation. >> yeah. all right. so what's gone on with you? fill us in. your life post usa. >> oh my goodness. i just got married.
10:56 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. i got married. i'm living in california in los angeles. i'm working on the hosting world and doing a lot of speaking engagements so i speak about confidence, never giving up on your dreams and throw a little self defense in there because that's fun. >> the best. you're a fabulous miss usa and the first runner-up. i have the card. the memorabilia exists. >> i love it. >> but anyway, this is so the folks at home see what steve harvey had in his hand. you read the left and the miss universe winner on the right. nia sanchez, thank you, my friend. i appreciate you joining me today. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations to you and your husband. >> thank you. all right. so straight ahead for everybody, we are jam packed here on msnbc live. as we have the week leading up to christmas, a lot to talk about. however, not a lot of holiday cheer between presidential front runners hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll tell you why donald trump is demanding apology from secretary clinton. developments on the deadly
10:57 am
hit and run. we have the latest on the suspect in custody. and more about the social media reaction to the pageant mistake so just talking to nia about this. what it's like to be in the audience. did you know how epic this was on twitter? we'll talk about that in a moment. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating.
10:58 am
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give the gift of the better network. save up to 50% on our hottest android smartphones like the samsung galaxy s6. get the best deals and the better network. hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts and we start this hour with a shake-up in the race for president. lindsey graham dropping out of the race in an interview today with cnn. graham saying it wasn't his time. >> i've hate wall here. you know? my campaign has come to a point where i need to think about getting out and helping somebody else. here's what i predict, again. i think the nominee of our party is going to adopt my plan when it comes time to articulate how to destroy isil. >> graham's decision is a
11:01 am
reversal of what he told me a month ago. take a listen. >> your poll numbers are very low. are you close to saying it's not your time, too? >> i think more than ever it is my time. i think i'm the one guy that has a plan that can destroy isil. i think it is lindsey graham's time to lead this nation. i have a plan to destroy isil and willing to stay in the region as long as it takes to make sure we're safe here at home. >> all right. so that was just a month ago. we have the team covering every angle including the exit to impact the race going forward. i want to start with kasie hunt. so, explain the surprise and significance of graham bowing out. >> thomas, we were maybe expecting lindsey graham to do this. today's the last day that he could drop out before his name would be printed on those ballots in south carolina. or at least on some counties. it was the last day that they could guarantee he wouldn't show up and of course his numbers in south carolina have been pretty low. he risked embarrassing himself
11:02 am
to a certain degree if he was on the ballot in the home state and he didn't do well. this also gives him the chance to influence the race in a bigger way potentially. graham out there as a leading voice needing that the party needs somebody who, yes, national security on the one hand, but also, somebody who can win. and if you listen to him talk about how the party needs to talk to hispanics, muslim-americans, he, of course, the one who in that undercard debate apologized to muslims saying that donald trump doesn't represent the party. he's somebody who really feels as though the republican party needs to be a voice of region, a crusade he's taken up and showed up in the re-election race, as well. this is a chance to potentially influence the race in a different way. he, of course, john mccain, old buddies. campaigning in new hampshire just this weekend together and potentially frees mccain to support someone else in new hampshire. potentially frees graham up to support someone in mn new
11:03 am
hampshire and south carolina and a pretty real fear among people of lindsay graham that trump has strength in south carolina. everyone down there privately says if there's a state that trump is best position to win it's down there. that's something lindsey graham is public saying he doesn't want to see and that's probably the role we're going to see him playing forward, thomas. >> msnbc's kasie hunt, great to see you. thank you. >> good to see you. throughout graham's campaign he is not shy about the feelings toward donald trump. take a look athis. some of the highlight hits from the graham campaign to the gop front-runner. >> here's my advice to donald trump. if you can't take it, leave. don't let the door hit you in the butt. donald trump's one single thing he can't do. declare war on islam itself. that is coup for themment all of the muslim friends throughout the world like the king of jordan, and the president of
11:04 am
egypt, i am sorry. he does not represent us. >> let's bring in host and political correspondent steve kornacki. steve, does graham's exit change the race at all? he wasn't that big of an influence when we look at the polls. >> right. when you look at the polls, basically 0%. you say what difference does it make running or snot here's a key difference. this means now that john mccain can support somebody else. john mccain is basically best friend in politics was tied to graham as long as graham was going to stay in this race. now john mccain's a free agent and where does he matter? most in new hampshire. remember, new hampshire is a state where john mccain crushed george w. bush when he ran in 2000. it is the state that revived john mccain in 2008 when he won the republican nomination. he is still very popular up there, particularly popular with the independents who can vote in republican primary up there and he like lindsey graham doesn't
11:05 am
want donald trump near the nomination, doesn't want ted cruz to be the nominee and would like to have that establishment wing and that wing that shares his views on foreign policy, national security, a hawkish national security to have a candidate from that wing emerge. if you look at the poll in new hampshire right now, there are four you see right there. rubio, christie, kasich, bush. all basically even. alone, none of them beating trump right now but adding the votes together it would be enough to beat trump. could mccain intervene? >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. the other big story in politics, the growing battle of hillary clinton and donald trump. latest spat over the weekend when clinton said this. >> we also need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis' best
11:06 am
recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical ji addists. >> trump responded today on the "today" show demanding an apology from seco apolo apology from secretary clinton. >> i will demand an apology. you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology of hillary. she lies about e-mails, whitewater, everything. >> so joining me now, nbc news and msnbc political analyst robert costas. great to have you with me. your take on the latest spat. there's no evidence that isis is usinging trump currently in propaganda videos. >> secretary clinton has her eyes on the general election and wants to make donald trump the face of the gop and that's
11:07 am
really what the message coming out of the debate an enthe point of attack. >> donald trump is criticizing for making claims that aren't true and again no evidence to back uphill hill's claim. so how do you think this back and forth will go over trump demanding this apology? >> secretary clinton i think welcomes the clash with donald trump. and she is painting herself as someone who's a steady hand in national security and whether or not there is evidence for her argument that she made in the debate and none so far explicitly so and seeing she is trying to contrast with trump, saying he is the unsteady hand on foreign policy and her looking toward the general election, ready for trump nomination. >> all right. so we'll talk about that as we continue right here on msnbc. robert, thanks so much. i want to bring into the conversation chris matthew, host of "hardball" here on msnbc, one and only chris matthews. god to see you. >> thank you, thomas. >> your take on this back and
11:08 am
forth and is this a recognition that the silly season as she referred to it is over. she sees trump as a threat? >> yeah. ignore the guy and then laugh at him and then attack him and then he wins. in this case, you are seeing the strength of donald trump's ear. he has a great political ear. i would say in the old irish technique, he listens with his tongue. and you watch him with audiences being careful. when's working and not. hillary clinton said something and he can prove is not the case. there are no videotapes he believes out there that they're using to recruit people into isis and if that's not the case factually, he should keep fighting away and keep bringing the fight to her. so he heard her say something that most of us would have taken as rhetorical. he said that was a specific charge against me and about my impact on the fight against isis and he can now use it to remind people of what was used as an argument why there was an attack on benghazi.
11:09 am
something american filmmaker said or did over here and the argument that somehow democrats like to blame america for the problem with islamism and terrorism and it's pretty smart by trump. as i said, he's got a very good ear when to attack and pull back when he does that occasionally. >> a good ear and sharp tongue to follow it up. you have a special of trump coming out tomorrow. i want to show a brief clip of it. take a listen. >> sure. >> trump! >> trump is right. and americans know he's right. >> when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rape itseistrapists. >> trump is acting in an old and shameful american tradition. every so often like a fever anti-immigrant feeling arises. >> trump, i have a -- >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. >> what you see is what you get.
11:10 am
he's genuine. he's the real deal. >> he is tapped in to a part of the electorate that is i think deeply angry about the state of the economy. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? >> this guy is saying what people are thinking. >> donald trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> trump's statement is a dangerous proposal that overrides history, the law and the foundation of america itself. >> look at him. donald trump, full throttle, ready to destroy anyone who gets in his way.
11:11 am
>> so, chris, what more can we expect from the special? >> you can expect -- you know, so often, thomas, you and i cover what trump said ten minutes ago and that's the nversation as if that's the beginning and end of the conversation. he's almost 70 years ol he's had a life and become donald trump. how did he get to be the donald trump, a brand name? the marriages, the sex life, the career, the bankruptcies. if you watch this show, you will be the winner and know the whole story and we have a lot of negative this there and some positive in there. we got some balance in there. i hope balance, a lot of that. but you will walk out of the hour saying all the talk of trump i'm the master of trump because i know this guy. that's what we want to do is put on the table the best information you get on the guy in an hour and i think people are going to walk away and say i think get it. i think i get it. there's the good and the bad and the ugly in this guy.
11:12 am
a mixed bag by any measure. i think the people like him. they'll cheer at the parts they like. boo me on the other part. you know what? they' they'll walk away knowing more. >> is trump a unicorn candidate, someone you have never seen before, totally surprised at every turn? >> he, whether he knows it or not, tapped into something that the other candidates have not. including hillary and the democrats and all the establishment republicans. there is among some people in this country, not just white working class, a lot of people. this sense of endangered national identity because of immigration, trade, the stupid wars we fought. there's something people feel endangered about, vulnerable and he's tapped into that. i said west virginia guy said to me, you know why the little guy loves the country?
11:13 am
that's all he's got. people have the american identity and he is in that. i don't know if he understands it or not. i certainly don't think his opponents understand it. they go after the peripheral aspect and trying to figure out what have we missed and missing in the trade deals and missing with the immigration policy? why aren't we tapping into the working class people of this country and once the heart of the democratic party and why off base with us? they don't trust the establishment at all. they just don't. and this guy trump has really gotten into their souls and we'll see. it's new. the answer to your question, it's something else. i hope it's not dangerous. it could be. but it's new and it's something to pay -- it's phenomenal. i'll call it that. phenomenal. >> we'll be watching. thank you, sir. merry christmas to you and kathleen and the kids. >> thank you, thank you. >> catch the special citizen trump 7:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. we have breaking news out of las vegas. last hour, authorities giving a
11:14 am
news conference updating everybody on the deadly hit and run accident last night along the strip. police charging the woman who allegedly drove his car intentionally into crowded sidewalks mowing down dozens of people, killing one. >> we intend to file charges immediately. we are going to start off by filing one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. we will also be filing additional charges as the information flows to our office. >> 24-year-old lakeisha holiday had a 3-year-old toddler in the back of the car at the time of the incident. the female was unharmed and currently in protective custody with clark county. i'm joined by scott cohen in las vegas. what more do we know about the woman and investigators talking about any motive of what was behind this? >> reporter: well, there are still so many questions, thomas.
11:15 am
we're starting to get some of the information gaps filled in. as you said, holloway is her name from portland and apparently she had been living in her car here in las vegas for potentially a couple of weeks with the 3-year-old toddler in various parking structures in the area and for some reason last night around 6:30 drove along several hundred feet of sidewalk on the las vegas strip. sidewalk that was filled with about 100 people. then, makes a right turn into another casino parking lot. leave it is car, goes to the valet and tells them to call 911 because she's run over some people on the strip. the sheriff here talked a little bit more about what happened last night. >> there was no gunshots that we could determine. i believe it to be a result of the damage incured by the vehicle, people may have perceived it was gunshots.
11:16 am
and as of now, we do not believe it to be an act of terrorism. >> reporter: federal authorities tell nbc news there are no initial signs that there was terrorism. local authorities here have not completely ruled it out because they want to understand more about holloway's background. as you said, the child is in protective custody. she could be in court as soon as tomorrow morning. thomas? scott cohn there in las vegas, thank you, sir. appreciate it. ahead, new developments in the search for the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch. also on the lam is his mother. plus, at 2:30 eastern, enrique marquez is expected in court in riverside, california. marquez being the friend of the san bernardino shooters charged with buying those attackers guns used at the inland regional center. kind of holiday... is the kind where everyone gets what they wished for. make this holiday extra happy when you buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones...
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11:20 am
turning now to breaking news in the deadly san bernardino shootings, the sole person charged following the terror investigation will be in court facing a judge within the hour. they had a brief delay earlier and 24-year-old enrique marquez is the friend, the former neighbor of the gunman syed farook and now charged with buying the rifles used in the deadly attack and for plotting other earlier attacks that never took place. authorities say there's no evidence he was involved in the plotting of the san bernardino shootings. nbc news national correspondent miguel amalguer is with us. >> reporter: we don't expect a lot of new information and scheduled to be in court ten minutes from now, a detention hearing, essentially a bond hearing. we don't expect marquez given a
11:21 am
bond or bail amount at this court hearing and likely be in jail until january 4th when he has the next preliminary hearing and may enter a plea of whether he believes he's guilty or not guilty of the three criminal charges he faces and today's proceeding in just under ten minutes from now, more of a procedural thing and over after a couple of minutes and the second time he's faced a federal judge in riverside, thomas, just outside of san bernardino about 15, 20 miles away from where this attack happened, thomas. >> okay. we'll wait to see what happens. coming up in ten minutes. thank you. we got a massive manhunt for the so-called affluenza teen and he grabbed headlines avoiding jail for killing four people in a drunk driving accident. his lawyers successful arguing he was too rich to know right from wrong when he was
11:22 am
sentenced. he received probation and authorities believe he is on the run and his mom may be helping to keep him hidden. >> strong suspicion and we believe that she's helping him and she is assisting him. but as far as what we believe and what we think and what we can prove are two different things and i don't think we at this point can prove that. we can't prove they're together. >> waiting for facts to come forward. look at this. this is what police have put out as what to be on the lookout for. the public should look for this black ford truck. nbc's kerry sanders joins me live from ft. worth, texas. why do investigators believe he is on the run. >> reporter: he disappeared on the 11th and they don't know where he is. that truck belongs to his mother, tan pa couch, black and ford f-150 and the
11:23 am
harley-davidson package on it for those that know that kind of look of the vehicle and that it has a crease down the passenger side from a little bit of damage. but they believe that if they can find her that she might lead them to him. now, the reason that he's on the run it's believed is because of this video that was posted on twitter. the district attorney says that it appears that ethan couch is at this what appears to be a beer pong party and that's him to the side. there's no indication according to the authorities that he was actually drinking beer and they're not sure actually to define whether that's a violation of the probation. the violation of the probation is that he's not come forward and turned himself in, had the regular meeting he's supposed to have and the authorities expanded the search and now a nationwide search to see if they can find ethan couch or if they can find his mother who they believe may then lead them to ethan couch. thomas? >> kerry sanders reporting in texas, thank you for that
11:24 am
update. appreciate it. we'll bring you up to date on the breaking news out of the afghanistan. six american troops killed after a suicide bombing attack near bagram air base and then more on the battlefield videos obtained exclusively by msnbc. they offer a glimpse into a critical moment in iraq as the country struggles to defeat isis without increased security from the u.s. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in.
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11:28 am
visual of the park you're there to see. but they have now been stuck in the process and we're not sure whether they were on the way down or up but have been stuck inside for roughly about an hour. you can see the folks crowded against the windows there and you can make out some people, adults, with their kids. but it looks like a beautiful day in orlando. a busy day at sea world as we're seeing other folks there on that water walk be able to cruise by and get to other areas of the park. there's the top and the people working on the ride. at full elevation, it stands roughly about 400 feet. we are not sure how many people are actually on the sky tower at this time. but they have been on board for about an hour. now, it looks like they're closer just from the vantage point and closer toward the bottom than the top. i could be wrong about that.
11:29 am
but orlando our affiliate there wesh is saying that they have been stuck there working on getting down about an hour. crews are there. we can see kids, adults waving at the aerial shot coming out. we haven't heard officially from sea world just anything yet about how long it may take for the people there on board the sky tower for them to get off. but as we know, they are working on it. as we saw, a maintenance guy at the top of the facility trying to work on whatever mechanical failure they experienced when these people got on board. but this is typical of a lot of parks where you will have some type of ride to take you up an elevator basically to get a good aerial view of the entire park. typically, slow little ride to the top. go up with the kids, check things out and come down. we'll keep you posted on how it works out with getting these folks off. all right. so we're following breaks news
11:30 am
out of afghanistan with our troops. we have officials telling nbc news that six nato troops were killed in a suicide bomb attack near bagram air base today. all those six were americans. three other nato troops injured. the taliban posted a message on twitter claiming responsibility for that attack. i went to bring in chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. what do we know about the claim of the responsibility and what more do we know about the victims? >> reporter: shortly after this attack that the taliban did claim responsibility and nobody has any reason to not believe it. because the taliban has you know has been very active and very aggressive over the past several months throughout all regions of taliban but what occurred here is six american service members killed in a small village northeast of the bagram air base there in northeast afghanistan. now, according to u.s. military and defense officials, those
11:31 am
americans were to attend or had attended a meeting with local afghan leadership when suddenly out of nowhere and without warning a suicide bomber on a motorcycle drove into the group and detonated his vest killing the six americans, wounding two others. don't know their condition. and wounding an afghan interpreter. and at this point, u.s. officials are saying that leadership meeting was routine. they have done it before. but it just -- it just emphas e emphasizes the fact that the lone suicide bomber is a key weapon, effective weapon, of the taliban in their war against the u.s. and, of course, afghanistan, afghan military there in afghanistan. thomas? >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. the pentagon confirming today the u.s. coalition task force with 12 air strikes
11:32 am
against isis in iraq, four near ramadi. msnbc has exclusive new video into the glimpse of the fight to take ramadi back. anti-isis tribal fighter in iraq provided them to us. we don't know the circumstances surrounding or leading up to the events depicted. i want to bring in senior editor for video content, cal perry. explain what these videos are demonstrating. >> thomas, we are getting ourselves a greound view of the fighting in ramadi. we do know that the iraqi government is urging people to leave that city. they have done so in the past 24 hours by dropping leaflets. you take a look here at the first bit of video on a highway or a busy road that runs east to west east of the city of ramadi and that's an iraqi army helicopter, an iraqi armored personnel carrier and a week ago the prime minister turning down
11:33 am
the offer to supply apache helicopters and walking a fine line really politically between the u.s. and iran and accepting too much support. the second video for you, thomas, shows a school. this is a school in the tamin neighborhood of ramadi and this is another symbolic moment for the city of ramadi. it was about five or six months ago when major parts of that city fell to isis and you're seeing here the iraqi army backed by tribal fighters going room to room in this school clearing it from isis fighters and they're taking an iraqi flag, you will see it coming up here shortly in the video and slowly working its way up to the top of the building where then one of these iraqi army personnel actually crawls out on to this roof top and unfurls the flag. why is it important, thomas? we see so many times videos of isis running the flag over various parts of the city.
11:34 am
this is the message to people in ramadi a sign to them perhaps the iraqi army is trying to take back some of that city. >> cal perry, thank you, sir. fascinating look at what's taking place there. we have the clinton campaign responding the donald trump's demand for an apology. we stick around. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
11:35 am
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? we're now on the breaking news out out orlando, florida, where passengers on the sky tower at sea world, they have been stuck on the ride for more than two hours. one of the passengers, michael moffitt, joins me on the phone. explain what happened. you are on the way up or the way down? >> we ascended and went to the top like normal and about halfway down and all of a sudden the ride just came to a stop. >> so now this is the sky tower. >> a mechanical failure and then it's been a few hours now that
11:38 am
we have been dealing with this. >> this is the sky tower at sea world in orlando. this is just for beauty shots at the top and you can look out over the park? >> oh yeah. it's beautiful view. >> i hear some laughter on board. and you and your fellow passengers, obviously, you have gotten to know each other pretty well. how many folks would you say are on board currently? >> let's see. there's 25 on our level and i think 25 on the next level up. two-level ride. >> we can see folks up against the window waiting on the wesh chopper 2. so about 50 people in all. >> four helicopters in the area now. >> how many kids, michael, are on board? all parents and kids? >> it's a mixture of kids and two thirds adults. >> the last time -- >> as well. >> the last time you had contact with sea world folks, what were
11:39 am
they saying? >> they're in the process of -- they just lowered the steel cable down. they're raising up the emts to the roof. just to make sure everyone is okay on board and then lower back down to get the maintenance workers and the emergency brake is apparently stuck. >> for everybody on board, people remaining calm? it's a little over two hours now? so -- >> yeah. it's been frustrating. >> i'm sure it's been frustrating. with the 25 folks down below, 25 folks up top, have they made any mention of any type of emergency way to get you down if they can't get the sky power operational to bring it down on its own? >> no. they're raising the cage up now for the emts to come up now just to check on people. >> michael, temperature-wise,
11:40 am
it's staying comfortable and cool inside the sky tower? >> yeah. yep. it appears they opened the roof hatch and cool in here, yes. >> all right. michael you and yours stay safe. we'll continue to follow the story. michael moffitt on the sigh tower there at sea world that stalled mid ride two hours ago. they're working to get around 50 folks down. two levels there on the sky tower ride. up to 400 feet and looks over the park and we have received a statement from sea world. i want to read that to you. they say we're working closely with orange county fire rescue to quickly and safely remove all guests from the ride. we are in constant communication on the ride and the passengers are safe. safety is sea world's top priority. we'll keep you posted on how this story unfolds this afternoon. we shift our attention to politics and the hillary clinton campaign for president
11:41 am
responding to donald trump's request for apology. spo spokesman brian fallon says, hell no. hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps isis recruit more terrorists. president obama is in hawaii and also took aim at trump and answered fears some americans have. >> if you're referring to specific strains in the republican party that of suggest that somehow i'm different, i'm muslim, i'm disloyal to the country, et cetera, you know, which, unfortunately, is pretty far out there and gets some traction in certain pockets of
11:42 am
the republican party, and that have been articulated by some of their elected officials, what i'd say there is that, you know, that's probably pretty specific to me and who i am and my background and that in some ways i may represent change that worries them. >> kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president in hawaii. that is revealing interview. not only talks politics but for the president gets quite personal. >> reporter: it does get personal, thomas, and this that section you just played interesting to hear the president talk about the criticism from the far right that he's sometimes get, even sometimes putting some of their words and allegations on for a moment to distance himself. that was in part a discussion of would a democrat be able to win the presidency after barack obama given the way the country may feel about him, given his approval ratings, things like
11:43 am
that to give you a bit of the context. the president also talked about ishlgss like isis, republicans without really naming too many of them have in mind if they were to be commander in chief and in this instance, he talked about a lot of their strategy but he actually got to the subject of donald trump, not on that particular point, but again, in a more reflective moment where he was talking about some of the concerns in the country that have to do with economic stresses, the changes in the job structure in the united states and he pointed to concerns about blue collar men and how they might feel and that's where he invoked the name donald trump. here's what he had to say. >> you combine nose things and it means that there's going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. some of it justified but just misdirected. and, you know, i think somebody like mr. trump's taken advantage of that. i mean, that's what he's expl t
11:44 am
exploiting during the course of his campaign. >> reporter: and so in this interview on range of topics, the president acknowledges some of the concerns, the troubles, the criticisms headed his way and same time really holds firm on his own feelings and his policy when it comes to things like dealing with isis or some of the domestic issues in the country. so this is an interview done by national public radio. we are grateful they did it on camera, as well and installments released during this end of year holiday time while the president is on vacation so we'll be getting to hear from him that kind of looks bab on the year that was an some of the issues that remain. among the most talked about in the national conversation day-to-day. >> should be interesting. kelly o'donnell in hohn lou f hu for us. should secretary clinton apologize for calling donald trump isis' best recruiter?
11:45 am
take a look at what you have to say about this. 18% say, yes. 82% say, no. so the 82% probably like the response from the clinton camp that say, hell no, they won't apologize. keep the votes coming in.
11:46 am
11:47 am
♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator...
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can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? more now on the republican side of the race for 2016. we have got south carolina senator lindsey graham no longer in the race. officially dropping out. so what does the exit for this candidate mean for key early voting states in matt moore is south carolina republican party chair and joins me now. good to have you here. >> good to be here, thomas. thank you. >> so i got to ask you, are you surprised by senator graham's announcement? and if so, why do you think he didn't feel he could pull forward, at least get through iowa? >> well, senator graham gave 110% effort over the last few months, particularly in new
11:49 am
hampshire. he's said continue alally if th poll numbers in new hampshire he would reassess the race and he did today, of course. it speaks to senator graham he is hurt in the race. this is a national security election. senator graham is right on a lot of things on national security and i think he's hurt and thear >> why do you think that the folks in south carolina were not as supportive of their own senator to take the white house as they would be for a candidate like donald trump where he seems to have south carolina in the bag? >> well, a couple of thing that is are important. senator graham wanted a big re-election victory here and he's very popular here in south carolina. but senator graham said all along he is not running for president of south carolina or new hampshire. it speaks to the overall picture in the country. people are frustrated, anxious, very much liking outsiders at this point. donald trump, ben carson, a number of people are speaking to those voters but i feel like doc
11:50 am
brown in "back to the future." the future is written yet. there's a lot of time. it's state by state process iowa to new hampshire and south carolina and beyond. candidates need to prepare for the long haul. >> south carely thatns need to be proud. great to see you. thanks for for your time. >> thank you, thomas. next, back to sea world, orlando, update you on the passengers that have been stuck for over two hours on the sky power right. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code
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11:53 am
bring you an update on breaking news out of world, florida. passengers stuck now over two
11:54 am
hours inside this ride. matt lapoli is a reporter with affiliate wesh-tv. give us an update on what people are being told, how much longer they might be stuck. >> no idea exactly how much longer they'll be stuck but sea world said they're working closely with the orange county fire rescue department here to quickly and safely remove all guests they say from the ride. this is the sky tower ride. we also spoke with a rider by cell phone when's on the ride right now and he said he believes it's the emergency brake that stopped the ride. he was scared then but he says he and the family feel safe now. >> so, matt, has sea world talked about or investigators that are looking into this the mechanical folks, have they isolated what malfunctioned? >> no, they haven't commented on that yet. they're just saying right now the top priority is getting everyone off the ride. they have not said what or if
11:55 am
malfunction to cause the problem. >> okay. real quickly, when it comes to getting the folks off the ride, their goal is to get them down through reinstating the function of the ride or they're going to come in with some type of secondary cage or something that can get the folks out of the sky tower? >> sure. they haven't said specifically but they are saying that they're working with fire rescuers to get them down. so that could mean that it might be by other means. >> okay. >> than the ride repair. >> matt with the affiliate there, wesh. folks waving on board. everybody's remaining calm inside the sky tower and got to be frustrating for families that took the kids, week leading up to christmas for a little visit to sea world. that wraps things up for today's show. thank you for your time. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. richard lui is coming up next.
11:56 am
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hi, i'm richard lui and then there were 13. the republican field shrinking by one. donald trump demands an apology of hillary clinton and marco rubio aims to fend an up ted cruz and the doubters of his work ethic. today the republican field shrinks with lindsey graham's announcement that he is suspe suspending his presidential campaign. >> i want to thank everyone who's taking this journey with me. you have honored me with your support. and i'm suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the american people. >> graham's announcement came on the deadline day to remove the name from the south carolina ballot. there by avoiding a loss in his home state and leaving some top supporters up for grabs right now. we begin with steve kornacki. how are you doing? >> well, yeah.
12:00 pm
so the reaction of the so-called republican establishment coming in. some of graham's rivals. jeb bush, john kasich, both tweeting their praise for lindsey graham and notably here mentioning isis, national security. you have john mccain up there, graham, his good friend. mitt romney a luminary in the party. again making reference to national security and sort of key here, aspects of national security, the hawkishness of graham and he's sort of from that republican party establishment that doesn't want to nominate donald trump, doesn't want to nominate ted cruz saying if we don't want cruz and trump, we have to come together the establishment. we can show you the dilemma in the poll up there in new hampshire. take a look at this. donald trump easily in first place there. but take a look at rubio, christie, kasich, bush. the four of them you call them


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