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tv   Up  MSNBC  February 20, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PST

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oh, my gosh. is this a bad time to eat my caramel cake? >> no. [ applause ] >> wow. >> yeah. we're doing that. >> willie, what are they doing? >> that is, yes, the beginning. good morning, everybody. come on in. it's february 20th. primary day for south carolina. picking who they want to be the republican nominee for president. what i have right here are vera lynn caramel cakes. she brought these years ago. and the mills house. >> little known fact.
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willie and i after that learned how to liquefy that working with the same chemistry set, straight into the vein. >> i'll eat them all. thank you. >> willie geist, how sad are you that we couldn't start our show at 6:00 but had to wait until 8:00 in charleston, south carolina? that's terrible. >> it's 8:00 a.m. we're in charleston, south carolina. and it feels like a game day in the south. >> really. >> the big game is today. >> it's not just the south. >> it does. it feels like a huge football game. and the thing is, the stakes really couldn't be higher. but just think about this. >> actually they can. >> think about this. if trump has a bad day, the establishment leaps. let's say he underperforms. let's say nbc is right and he comes in second place. the bleeding starts, mark halperin. let's say cruz which panic a mild panic set into the cruz campaign. let's say he doesn't finish
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second. let's say rubio, who has basically been handed everything anybody could be handed to do well on this day. let's say he talks all of those massive advantages that have been bequeathed to him and he doesn't finish a strong second or third. jeb bush, a lot of people say his campaign is on life support. ben carson, got to be something here. it's in the deep south. you can go through the entire list of the candidates. seems like john kasich is the only guy that gets a free punch out of here. the other ones are literally fighting for their lives today. >> a ton on the line here today. the public polls are all over the place. private campaign and super pac polls are all over the place. we don't know what's going to happen. it makes it exciting like s.e.c. game day. it's serious because as you suggested, everybody is not just how they do in this state but how they do in this state the republican party will look at them and say if this is how you did in south carolina what does that mean for march 1st when we have states voting all over the
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country? >> as far as money goebs rg trump doesn't have the money problem, but trump does have the expectations problem, john heilemann. but you have rubio, you have cruz, and you have bush. all three of these campaigns have all muttered at some point. if we underperform, we may have serious problems moving forward. i never thought i would say that about ted cruz's campaign a week ago but they have as much riding on the line as rubio and bush. >> what gets a lot of this is about playing the expectations game. they've all -- expectations have now been set for all of them. there's a history here. this state has been the republican primary in this state has been the most reliable predictor over the course of the past 50, 60, 70 years of who the eventual republican nominee will be. more than new hampshire, more than iowa, people look to south carolina on the republican side to sort of say this is the person that's going to win the whole thing. finishing first for donald
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trump, you can walk out of here and say i can run the table now. if you don't, it becomes, what's going on with donald trump? ted cruzs a marc was saying, a decision for him. if he ends up in third place behind marco rubio what is that auger for him going forward and rubio and bush could be on life support or dead if they finish third or fourth or fifth here today. >> rubio third place finish really, willie geist, after all of the endorsements, after all of the glowing press coverage, would be devastating for rubio as well. >> there's a lot of attention on him. if you turn on the tv in this state as all these people know behind me the ads are almost exclusively directed at marco rubio, either p for him, against him, or super pacs against him. they're painting the picture of him with the next generation with nikki haley and tim scott and trey gowdy. if he slips down to third and fourth you have to wonder what the rationalefor his campaign is
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going forward. if he finishes second place to donald trump he's got a strong case to make. i did well in the south. ten days from now on super tuesday, i've got georgia, i've got arkansas, i've gotten the, texas, i've got all of these states coming through where i could do well. >> a strong second place finish by marco rubio opens the flood gates for the money. i don't know how much that's going to help because this is really -- this is the last closely held contest. after this, it's a bunch of airport hangars, a bunch of 30-second commercials, and a calendar that absolutely explodes. i had a campaign person on the phone yesterday la meanting every week it's do or die, every week it's a focus on one state. i said, that all ends tomorrow. >> correct. >> soon, it's airport hangars and 30-second ads and people falling off. >> yeah. after today, i mean, this becomes after this state, it becomes a fly-by campaign for all the candidates who survive. but the most interesting aspect
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of politics to me is and always has been we can sit here each and every day and we do and discuss the latest polls. but when people vote that's the drama of politics. >> that will be tonight. >> people go in and vote. they actually decide and one of the decisions that's going to be made here is, again, another incredibly interesting story, does south carolina mean the end of one american family's politic political dynasty? jeb bush, does he go home to florida after this? >> all i can say is i'm hearing a lot of the same things about jeb bush this morning that i was hearing about hillary clinton eight years ago before she shocked the world in new hampshire. just a friendly tom brokaw reminder you never know until the people vote. and when the people vote they will make the decision, not the pundits, not the pollsters. and right now jeb could finish in second, jeb could finish in fifth. >> this was supposed to be bush country. it's not just the south making
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its mark in presidential politics tonight but today democrats will caucus in nevada and choose between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that apparently is razor thin as well. we'll see and follow that as well. the polls are open in today's first in the south primary. and it has had a strong track record for republicans picking the eventual nominee. and where donald trump has led in every poll since november. this morning is no exception. trump is ahead by 17 points in the new emerson college poll. 36% to marco rubio's 19%. ted cruz in the close third at 18%. jeb bush and john kasich tied for fourth at 10%. ben carson at 6%. and trump enjoys a 15-point lead in the final south carolina republican house caucus survey. 34% to cruz at 19% and rubio at 18%. and in the clemson university palmetto poll which uses only republicans who voted in two of the last three primaries trump has had a nine-point lead, 28% to 19% over cruz.
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rubio at 15 points and jeb bush at 10%. but with record turnout expected today, this poll may be a bit of an outlier. we shall see. trump rallied 12,000 people in myrtle beach yesterday afternoon, firing up supporters, and in settings large and small he urged them to get out and vote. and watch out for dirty tricks. >> it's a movement. we have a movement going on, folks. we have a movement. and we can't blow the movement. we have to make sure we get a big mandate. no matter what you're doing, you have to say i've got to take ten minutes and go out and vote. yesterday we did five speeches. maybe more. it was almost like i was on automatic, wind me up, go out and speak. you never know with this caucus stuff. people walk in, they're going to vote for trump. all of a sudden they get in a spin room. the whole thing is ridiculous. i don't know if i like the caucus system too much. but, it's what it is.
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you know something nice about you walk in, vote, leave. not you sit around for two hours and talk. in iowa we had a great time but we had a guy who cheated. i mean, you know, this guy cruz cheated. if the republican party had any guts they would have terminated cruz from that election because, honestly, he cheated like a dog. you know, he holds up the bible and then he cheats. >> this as ted cruz is trying to contain the fallout of his campaign's iowa caucus night tactics. including a one-on-one meeting with ben carson in a closet. >> really? >> yeah. the daily beast reports that cruz and carson privately -- >> ferris bueller remark. >> -- claim he was exiting the race using a storage closet at a conservative gathering on thursday night. there are so many jokes there. quote, carson's campaign confirmed the meeting and blamed the cruz campaign for leaking the fact that it occurred in an attempt to rectify his public image. but now cruz allies are engaged in last-minute attacks on druch
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with a cruz aligned super pac hitting trump on gay rights and with row who calls about the confederate flag being removed from the state capitol grounds last year. here's part of those calls. >> check out how trump answers this. >> i'm a lesbian. when president trump is in office, can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians. >> you can. look, that's your thing and other people have their thing. we have to bring all people together. >> stop. what does he mean by forward motion? what's he agreeing to? it's not about tolerance anymore. it's about mandatory celebration. it's about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings. forcing clergy to officiate. it's about transgender bathrooms in your child's school. it's about tearing down our judeo christian values. it's about tearing down our america. >> put it in a museum. let it go. >> that's donald trump
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supporting nikki haley removing the battle flag from the confederate memorial in columbia. >> respect whatever it is that you have to respect because it was a point in time and put it in a museum. >> people like donald trump are always butting their noses into other people's business. but trump talks about our flag like it's a social disease. on saturday, send donald trump and his new york values back to manhattan. ted cruz for president. let's take our country back. >> willie, of course -- >> what the heck? >> talking about the greenville social disease museum. >> what the heck? >> treats it like a social disease. i mean -- >> who was that person talking? >> the thing about ted cruz is, okay, everything is so obvious. and it is so clunky and it is so two dimensional. >> forced. >> i find it hard to believe. first of all, where trump says
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whatever he says to this lesbian reporter for a guy that goes to manhattan and talks about gay marriage differently than he talks about it when he's in middle america, that's really rich. >> that sounded like snl online clips early before the show this week but those were real calls that people are getting in south carolina. i think it was telling that as they played in this room everyone was laughing at them. >> i wasn't sure who was benefitting. >> that is a super pac. it's not from the cruz campaign. stipulate that. but, you know what, i think there are probably people who work there and don't like the decision the confederate flag came down in this state and maybe that influences them. >> mark halperin, cruz has upset ben carson. he's upset -- he's photo shopped a picture of marco rubio. i mean, this seems to go on and on. the scar tissue is just so deep. we always talk about how trump can't unify the republican
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party. ted cruz has just been a slash and burn mission from the day he's got into the senate. i wonder, we hear about his numbers dropping. i wonder if it's finally catching up to him in south carolina. >> there are a lot of things going on. the people who laughed at those don't live in the upstate. you know, i suspect those calls are going to the more conservative parts. >> i know people in upstate in south carolina who would laugh at those. >> some but probably not the ones getting those calls. pretty targeted. ted cruz over time has proved he's got more appeal to his supporters than he does to the members of senate and the people he's running against. he's clearly now alienated everybody else in the field. tactics, although i will say even those calls, willie said not the campaign calls, relatively light. these are relatively soft by the standards of what normally happens in a south carolina republican primary in this state. i think if ted cruz finishes second here, which at this point i think they would take, it really does beg the question what southern states are going
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to beat donald trump in? >> let me ask you this question. he has targeted it hard. marco has to finish in second place or he's in trouble. ted cruz, we all assumed coming in here that ted cruz was easily going to finish this second place. now there's a lot of doubt that he finish necessary second. >> i don't agree with you about marco rubio having to finish second. i don't agree with that. >> with marco getting all -- every endorsement he ever needed. glowing press. the guy couldn't have more things going. >> i'll tell -- >> you're saying if ted cruz doesn't finish in second place where does he finish in first place? marco rubio was a guy who said i'm going to finish third in iowa, second in new hampshire, and first in south carolina. three, two, one. now he's going to have to go third, i finished fifth, i finished third. >> okay. let mark answer. >> hesitation trophy. because everybody is a winner. >> there's -- >> no, that's not how it works.
5:15 am
he's got to win something. >> two things. look, the guy came in here given up for dead. he's got a story to tell. >> everyone is given up for dead, mark. >> third is not a comeback story. third is third. >> oh, my god, you're doing the same thing after they did in iowa what. the winner is marco rubio because he game h third. in south carolina, the winner is marco rubio because he came in third. >> if -- >> my god. >> if he -- >> i want to live in marco's world where you don't have to win anything. >> he got -- he will eventually have to win something. but the other big difference is he will consolidate if he is third, the establishment support. money, endorsements. >> oh, my god. >> you're wasting time. you're wasting time. >> it want to talk to my children right now. >> no. >> it want to talk to my children right now. don't listen to this hippie who tells you you don't have to win. that you're okay to finish third place. you have to win. okay? >> there's only one hippie here. >> those are new york values.
5:16 am
those are yankee values. you know what? you know what my daddy told me, if you ain't first, you're last. >> y'all. >> talladega nights, right? ricky bobby taught me that growing up. in first or last. marco rubio being able to not win for the rest of his life and still be a winner. >> i'd like to adjudicate in this matter. >> okay. >> please. >> wow. >> i believe that it is difficult for marco rubio to proceed from this state and say to the establishment of the party, i am now the person you should rally around on the basis of a third, fourth, and theftth place finish. i agree. i'm not saying not that he's out of the race. >> he finished fourth in new hampshire. >> fourth. >> you get past third -- >> i think it's hard to make the argument, which ask what now this is about, right? if you believe that in one way or the other donald trump and ted cruz are going on, and they're going to go fight in the s.e.c. primary and ted cruz has money, donald trump's probably going to win here, those two guys are going on. the question then is what happens among mainstream conservatives and establishment
5:17 am
republicans? if you're marco rubio how do you stand up to the donor class and electeds and say, hey, i'm the guy to take on ted cruz and donald trump on the basis of a third, fourth, and third place finish s finish. >> because i told you i was going to come in second in new hampshire and i finished fourth and i told you i was going to win in south carolina and i finished third. >> and when more or less the entire republican establishment in south carolina rally behind him. >> we have to go to break. we have to go to break. it's actually different today. >> i know it's different today because it's saturday. but we're here. it's not really different. willie geist, you remember when we were gelled in turkey back in 1974. >> i don't know we were going to talk about it on tv, but, yeah. >> and we spent the next 20 years begging and bribing and doing what we could to keep those pictures out of the press? >> difficult days, yeah. >> those were tough days. >> yeah. >> a little different now. bernie sanders, arrested. >> yeah. >> very proud of it. >> yeah. >> he wants to get that picture out of him being arrested. >> 1963. there's a new photograph that the chicago tribune has
5:18 am
unearthed. we're going to talk about i coming up. this goes to, he believes, his credentials because he's been called by some as exaggerated his roles in the civil rights. >> you've been arrested for? >> or you. >> or me. >> very different. >> you guys are missing the bigger story here because you're just running your mouths to the point where almost like verbal vomit but hillary clinton is going to release these speeches. >> she is? >> i think so. because bernie sanders says he will. >> good. >> you're being sarcastic. >> i can't wait to read them all. it's going to be like a beach read. >> south carolina republican congressman, you got to roll it. mark sanford, you know what, only have one job. only have one job. we've got mark sanford, jim clyburn, jane sanders. >> i love her. >> we'll be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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her life's work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency. which is why for every american who is not being paid what they're worth, who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them, and there are far too many of you, she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together, a stronger country. >> i spent my entire live in the civil rights movement. i came up in the naacp like my mom came up in the naacp. like bernie sanders came up in the congress of racial equality. >> black looi lives matter. we need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom in a broken criminal justice system.
5:23 am
>> i'm supporting bernie sanders for president and all of us who have joined this campaign are there for the same reason. he has always fought for populous position of let's fight for all of our families as if they are our own. >> i'm bernie sanders. and i approve this message. >> oh, my gosh. those were two new ads from the clinton and sanders campaigns. >> the bernie ad, what a strong ad. john heilemann, you were in vegas yesterday. >> on thursday. the interesting thing, obviously a big fight going on out there for that caucus and it's impossible to poll and hard to tell. but i'll say that while the telemundo msnbc town hall was going on there was a clark county dinner for democrats in clark county, the county that encompasses las vegas itself, bernie sanders after doing the town hall came and gave a speech there. followed by bill clinton in this room. 1,000 democrats. this was not the union workers. this was the relatively upscale part of the democratic party.
5:24 am
two-thirds of the room on fire for bernie sanders. up out of their sheets chanting bernie, bernie, bernie. bill clinton came in the room, gave a speech, total respectful, no enthusiasm, no electricity in the room. the next morning the clark county black caucus endorsed bernie sanders in nevada. feeling on the ground there at least to me and i was there for 36 hours and you can imagine it was vegas so i didn't totally -- i didn't have complete orientation all the time i was there, but what i could absorb was that a lot of sanders momentum and a lot of clinton panic. >> okay. joining us now from columbia, south carolina, assistant democratic leader congressman jim clyburn. congressman clyburn officially endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. also with us here in charleston, msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. >> jim clyburn, you're a man who never panics. and you've decided this week to -- >> i thought he was going to remain neutral. >> no, no.
5:25 am
he said he was neutral back eight years ago when you and i knew he wasn't neutral but he said he was neutral. i let him say he was neutral but he knew he wasn't. >> he treated us to lunch. >> i love that place. >> so, jim, first of all, tell me, i want you to tell me why you endorsed hillary and, secondly, talk about what you've seen as far as bernie sanders support in this state. how split is it in the state? >> well, first of all, thank you guys for having me. look, i -- i used to study history. i still study it. i used to teach it. and i tend to make my decisions based upon historical facts. i know when emotions are involved and i can feel them myself, but you know, when you look at the record of your candidates, you have to make what i consider to be informed decisions about the way forward. we have a saying down here in
5:26 am
south carolina that the best way to tell what a person will do is to look at what he or she has done. and when you look at the record of hillary clinton, it's very clear that she has a resume, she has the experiences, and i really believe that she has a know how to take our country and this party of ours into the future in a way that all of us can be successful. i don't have anything against bernie. >> his record is pretty impressive, too. >> jim, obviously you and bernie and i all served together in congress. we were there for a better part of four terms. >> yes. >> it seemed to me bernie's economic positions are far closer to your economic positions than bill and hillary's were during those eight years. are you looking for -- were you looking at another part of hillary's record or is there a part of bernie's record that you
5:27 am
found wanting? >> well, let's just look at the fact that here's hillary clinton coming out of law school, not going to wall street but she came here to south carolina. working with juveniles, african-american juveniles being housed with adult prisoners. she went to alabama, working on desegregation issues in alabama and to mississippi, texas, and to arkansas. her name was not even clinton then. she was doing this as hillary rodham. and i believe that all of that says something. you know, i used to be in snik, i was the chair of the core chapter on the campus when i was a student in south carolina state university. so i have all of that history. but, that's history. campaigns are about the future. so you looked at which candidate
5:28 am
can take you into the future where you think you need to be. and when i look at these two candidates, i just think that hillary clinton is best equipped with her four years as secretary of state that takes me all we need to know about foreign affair, eight years as first lady of a country serving in the senate. i think she has a resume, the background, the experiences, to take this country where it needs to go. >> all right. congressman clyburn, it's willie geist. good to be in your state here this weekend. >> yes, sir. >> i want to ask you about bernie sanders and some things your colleagues have said when congressman john lewis came out and endorsed hillary clinton with the congressional black caucus. he said he never saw bernie sanders out there on the front lines of the civil rights movement. perhaps bernie has exaggerated his role in the civil rights movement. you just talked about your experience in snik. do you believe that bernie sanders throughout the course of his life has been committed to civil rights? >> yes, i do.
5:29 am
let me tell you something. i grew up in a parsonage. my father was a fundamentalist minister. when we were out there on the streets, a lot of people when i would go to church on sunday would say, son, we're praying for you. and those prayers meant something. that support meant something. we never saw them out on the front lines. but what they did, they showed the kind of support we needed. people who put up the bail money to get us out of jail, those people never -- we never saw them. but they were doing what they knew how to do. i always said that we all have roles to play. my role back then was to go to jail, somebody else's role was to raise the bail. somebody's role was to get down on your knees and pray for our safe return. >> all right. congressman jim clyburn. >> jim clyburn, thank you so much. by the way, for the record, jim when i was in congress would walk up the aisle and look at me and shake his head and go, son,
5:30 am
i'm praying for you. but for a different reason. >> a lot of people say that to you. >> i do it today, too, joe. i'm still praying for you. >> jim clyburn. you're the best. >> we love you, man. it's so good to see you again. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, the chicago -- the chicago tribune, 1963, unearthed a picture of bernie sanders 1963. that is him, not the one smoking a cigarette looking down at the guy getting arrested but actually the guy -- that would be bad if that were bernie. but that's actually bernie being arrested. bernie sanders 21 years old in chicago and he was protesting segregation in the chicago school district. so, no, this is not a guy that was sitting around doing nothing during the civil rights movement. this is a guy who was fighting and he was -- maybe he wasn't fighting in the deep south but he was fighting in chicago and
5:31 am
other place sdpls you don't see any of his policies or positions or opinions that don't have decades behind him backing him up. clearly with no convolution. >> and consistency. i find it amaze that bernie sanders economically so much closer to so many people who endorsing hillary clinton, so much closer to economically to bernie sanders. i was there. i voted with all of these -- these members who are now saying hillary clinton. no, bernie has always been a more consistent vote. often they would be fighting against what the clintons were doing with banks, with glass steagal, with many other things. >> two things i would say. one is i thought that when john lewis and you never want to speak ill of john lewis but i thought when some of the civil rights icon, they deserve our unending respect, when they went after bernie sanders in the way they did saying we didn't see him here on the front lines. i thought it was a cheap shot. >> we should show them that picture. >> it was a big thing that happened across the country and encompassed many thousands of people. you can fight it in chicago,
5:32 am
cambridge, massachusetts, a lot of other places and i think bernie sanders fought it in chicago when he was there. on the economics thing. i asked congressman clyburn yesterday. look, explain to me on policy why hillary clinton is better for the african-american community than bernie sanders. >> on policy. >> on policy, on what they will do. and they always kind of shoot blanks on that question. >> if you look at the -- >> secretary of state, what does that mean? >> that's powerful, makes an argument for her. >> if you look at the clinton administration and you look at the people that the clintons have surrounded themselves with, they're wall street people. and they always have been. go back and look at the clinton administration from '92 to 2001. they always surrounded themselves with wall street. >> release the speeches and show us you're not. coming up -- >> on the policies you can say i like hillary because i think she's going to win. you can't put it on policy fshlgs coming up, as the rubio campaign warn south carolina voters to watch out for dirty tricks from the cruz campaign
5:33 am
we're going to look at the political history of this state that has perfected the art of the dirty trick like this moment from 16 years ago. >> a spartanburg, south carolina, woman donna durham, describes how her son idealized the former navy pilot and p.o.w. until the 14-year-old boy scout took a phone call last night allegedly from a bush pollster. >> he was so upset when he came upstairs and he said, mom, someone told me that senator mccain is a cheat and a liar and a fraud. i was so livid last night i couldn't sleep. >> afterward the two meet, shake hands and hug. and mccain steps outside, his voice filled with anger. >> i'm calling on my good friend george bush to stop this now. he comes from a better family. he knows better than this. and he should stop it. i'll pull down every negative ad that i have. let's treat the voters of south carolina where soith some respe.
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5:37 am
amazing. i can't believe it. >> come here. >> ted, come on. ted cruz is here. >> come here. come here. >> come on over here. and ted cruz shows up right here. >> right here. >> ted, how are you doing? yeah. >> thank you. >> honestly, what with those dirty tricks. god. all right. >> thank you, ted. >> grab a seat, ted. have a coffee on me. >> if my campaign was today i would be nervous out campaigning. this guy is sitting coffee. >> i feel like he's stalking me. ted just sitting back there staring. >> wow. >> the rubio campaign is warning south carolina voters watch out for dirty tricks. >> from this guy. >> from that guy, the cruz campaign. >> he does look like ted cruz. really, doesn't he? >> yeah. >> okay. >> communications director
5:38 am
writes, quote, we will not allow ted cruz to do to marco in south carolina what he did to ben carson in iowa. cruz has proven that he is willing to do or say anything to get elected. over the last ten days. the cruz campaign has lied, smeared, fabricated, and even photoshopped. we fear the worst dirty tricks are yet to come. so with this as a backdrop, we wanted to hear how south carolina's voters feel about their state's reputation and pension forwards tough politics we have this report. ♪ >> warm weather, great food, friendly people. >> get down here and check it out. >> southern hospitality. >> we treasure family. >> bless your heart. >> and the weather and the food, oh, my god. >> don't let that southern hospitality fool you. this is where the race goes to get rough. >> he's had the gal to go after -- >> the world trade center came
5:39 am
down under your brother's -- you are the single biggest liar. >> this is just nuts, okay? >> reporter: the first in the south primary is notoriously nasty. >> dirty politics in south carolina. >> i don't know. >> didn't it start with lee atwater? wasn't he behind all dirty politics and mud slinging? >> 1988, willie horton ad, state-of-the-art. >> reporter: also where john mccain was smeared for his adopted daughter. where mitt romney got hit for his religion. and campaigns are bracing for more slick tricks. >> i just hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap. >> reporter: the dirty politics is not unique to the south. >> dirty politics have been part of the american republic from the beginning. george washington didn't like getting criticized and after he thought about stepping down for a second term, even though no one was opposing him. >> reporter: in fact it's a challenge for anyone to make it to the white house with clean hands. >> in 1960 i was 20 years old when john kennedy was run for president and that was a rough and tum nl primary season.
5:40 am
john kennedy's father famously said, i'll pay for a victory but not for a landslide. >> reporter: 2016 race got its first scandal in iowa where the ted cruz campaign seized on a report that ben carson was headed home early as proof he was getting out of the race. >> dirty tricks that were going on. >> reporter: and marco rubio cried foul when the cruz campaign recently photoshopped an image of him and president obama. >> it's not real. the picture is fake. >> reporter: question talked to south carolina south carolinians from beacross the political spectrum. >> trump. >> jeb. >> hillary. >> trump. >> right now i want my ballot to say none of the above and let's start over. >> reporter: about how important it is to them for the candidates to play fair. >> dirty politics, regrettably, it's reality. >> especially in this election, they're playing on people's fear. >> games. especially donald trump. >> you got to honor donald speaking the truth sometimes. >> i think cruz, his character hits me wrong.
5:41 am
>> i guess i'm naive but i'm hopeful they don't have to play dirty. >> who has played the dirtiest so far? >> that's a loaded question. >> that's dirty politics. >> all right. good job, lewis. >> it has been the roughest. >> has it? >> it's been rough. no, here, south carolina has been. what's been the roughest year, was it '88, 2000 the roughest what they did to mccain? >> 2,000 w000 was pretty rough ones that i've covered. you see a lot of it but you don't see all the fliers under windshields, you don't hear all the row wbo calls. there's probably rough things coming up right this second. remembering the victims of mother emanuel church. reverend goff joins us to talk about how the si and the congregation is working to heal and how the church has become front and center in the democratic race for president. we'll be right back. ive"♪
5:42 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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look at that. this place is amazing. and of course -- >> got to have the carriage ride. coming up, democrats go to caucus. >> and where else but nevada. but why won't some of bernie sanders' biggest supporters be able to vote for him today? we'll explain that ahead on "morning joe." (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
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breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at i say, yeah. she said the shooting around the church and i just dropped the phone. first thing came to my mind is we need to make come changes. hillary is really committed to making sure that the guns don't get into the wrong hands. and in standing with the
5:49 am
president to get stronger gun laws. so no family ever has to go through anything like this again. >> i'm hillary clinton. i approve this message. >> wow. that's hillary clinton ad that has been running in south carolina centering on guns and the devastating shooting at mother emanuel church. joining us now reverend norvel goff. he was interim pastor at emanuel ame and now presiding elder of the seventh district ame church here in south carolina. good to have you back on this show. >> good to be here. thank you so much for having me. >> reverend, we were so moved as was the entire country with the remarkable response after this tragedy. give us an update. how is the church doing? how is the community doing? >> the church is moving forward in a positive way with the help of many including those around the world and particularly in america through prayers and words of encouragement and notes
5:50 am
and stopping by. it's been very encouraging. the families are moving along one day at a time. most certainly the freshness of death is still among us. we are coming up on the lent season and most certainly this is another chapter in terms of what we must go through but a part of the healing process is having a community such as charleston and most certainly the state of south carolina and this nation has been very helpful in the healing process. >> reverend, beyond the issue of guns, which was the focus of the commercial, what have you seen as progress in the conversation on race? that ask, for me at least, watching this, and experiencing it, you know, family members here in the community, was the most animating part, that was the underlying story for me. how was that played out? how is that conversation going right now here in south carolina? >> it's moving forward in a positive way because as we
5:51 am
understand racism and bigotry is a learned behavior. in order to unlearn that we must begin to work together and build bridges and we have seen that, particularly after june 17th here in the state of south carolina. we are writing a new chapter in terms of how we confront challenges and how we work together to be our better civils and to create a table where everyone has a seat. doesn't mean we all agree on everything but at least we are sitting down and talking between and among ourselves. so i'm very encouraged by that. >> you know, reverend, the headlines drop off the front page is the tv lights go out, we go home after incidents like this, but they -- it still exists, racism always will exist. you were talking about this new chapter that you're starting to write. how do you deal with it on a daily basis during the course of what is a very tense political season here and race has played a part in part of the political
5:52 am
season? >> there's no question about that. and that's why it's important for those of us who are people of faith and those of us who believe that we can be our better civils and working together. one of the disappointments in this political season is in terms of the attitude and conversation of negativity in terms of how we conduct ourselves in the public arena. for those who seek to be commander in chief of this great nation of which we live, we must exemplify that which we believe is the hallmark and the brand of america. some of that conversation has been in a low level of conversation and most certainly those of us who seek to lift it up must begin with ourselves first and then demand it of those who seek to seek our votes, to behave in a different way. >> in those days, eight months ago, right after the shooting on june 17th of last year, the eyes of the entire country and the world were on your church. they were on this city. and you exceeded anyone's
5:53 am
expectations. the grace you showed, the leadership you showed, your church, your congregation, the families and the victims. how did you view your role in those couple of days when the world was watching. >> bishop franklin norris is the presiding of this state of south carolina where we have nearly 600 churches, most certainly was a guiding force in terms of how we conducted ourselves in terms of our governance and attitude of how we embrace the positive movement in the midst of tragedy. and it was important to have a structure in terms of having a voice that speaks on behalf of the community and a relationship with the mayor who is now moved on but mayor riley was a very positive force. law enforcement was a very positive force and governor of the state of south carolina. we believe we should give credit where credit is due. we are different than some other
5:54 am
areas in america, confronted with these kinds of challenges, but it can be duplicated throughout america in terms of how we work together for a common good. i'm encouraged by what i see and how i move around the country and participate in the conversation. >> they all did good things but you all led the way. >> it was incredible. spending so much time listening to politicians that are talking about what happened in the civil rights movement 30 years ago. some of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time right now came out june 17th. and the way you all responded on june 17th set the tone for a deeply divided, angry america, and it was one of the most inspiring things i think any of us have seen. >> reverend norvel goff, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. thank you so much. >> we will be right back. l ove m over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures.
5:55 am
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all right. still to come on this special
5:58 am
saturday edition of "morning joe" nbc's halle jackson and kristen welker both live on the trail as voting begins today in south carolina for the republicans and in nevada for the democrats. plus, south carolina congressman mark sanford after his layton doorsment of the guy sitting right behind us. >> ted cruz. >> ted cruz. he's here in the audience. >> this guy is awfully relaxed. >> seriously, and also, my favorite person of the entire campaign, jane sanders live from vegas, coming up. stay with us. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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6:02 am
just say no. you're running for president of the united states. even -- even richard nixon knew to say i am not a crook. will you lie is the home run of campaign questions. you just say no and then touch all the bases. any child knows how to answer that question. did you throw this ball through my window? >> no. >> really? >> i would never lie to you. >> okay. i believe you. >> great. can i have my ball back? >> there you go. okay. >> oh. good morning. we are live. this is a special saturday edition of "morning joe" live from this spectacular hotel. with us onset, on primary day,
6:03 am
msnbc contributor mike barnicle, managing editor of bloomberg politics mark halperin and john heilemann and waill willie, joe me. >> a lot of these candidates to lea win or lose today. of the six main candidates, only right now john kasich gets a free pass. >> moves no patter what. >> no matter what happens. ted cruz a lot of self doubt now moving around that campaign. if they don't finish a strong second. >> that's why hez here. >> you can say the same thing for marco rubio. you can say -- you can go down the list. donald trump, the expectations are so high for donald trump that if he doesn't win by double digits you're going to have a lot of people starting to whisper there. john heilemann, set it up for us as far as the expectations. who has the most on the line today? >> man, they all have a lot on the line but think about who might leave the race if they perform poorly today.
6:04 am
there's two of those. well, really only one. jeb bush. if he ends up in fourth of fifth place the pressure on him to get out of this race will be intense. he might decide to go on but i think there's a consensus around, a lot of talk about the notion -- >> let's go through the other ones. ted cruz finishes third, money dries up. >> ted cruz has significant money problems going forward. obviously part of his strength has been he's been well funded as anybody in the republican side. he would phase significant problems on the donor side. if he finished third, still got a lot of money in the bank. ted cruz is going to fight on march 1st, march 8th, march 15st. >> one person who doesn't have a lot of money in the bank, marco rubio. he needs a strong finish. he's got the governor, everything lined up for him. usual glam shots in the "new york times." seriously, it is over the top. >> and as you have pointed out the campaign talked about going three, two, one in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, if they have gone three, five, three, or three, five, four, how do you make the argument as marco rubio that you're the
6:05 am
candidate of the establishment, the candidate mainstream conservative to rally around. >> i'm watching two things. jeb bush, do we wake up tomorrow morning and see the end of this generation of the bush dynasty. is this the end of the h.w., w., and now jeb bush dynasty and i'm watching donald trump. how big is the win here if he does win because it proves new hampshire, the polls held there. now he's coming to an entirely different state in south carolina. if he wins big here, yes, they go to nevada but look ten days from now, on super tuesday, a lot of states like this state come up. >> even more down trump's alley in the deep south. mark halperin, donald trump, let's talk about him right now. you get in a fight with a pope this week. something you don't usually say in american politics. and the pope really actually provoked it which is incredible. talk about donald trump. is there a fear in the other camps that if trump gets a double digit win today he may be unstoppable? >> i think he will win big on tuesday in the caucuses out west
6:06 am
and i think he is ahead in every other state. so all the talk about second, third, fourth, really no one has gone after him this week in any way that's damaged him to the him that i've seen and what i've seen is trump 1-pope 0. >> mark? >> you all all tack abolk ibd a wh we're looking for here. i think we just saw one in the introduction to in hour, hillary clinton unable to answer the question, would you lie to the american public, i think that's a pivotal moment on the there side of the aisle. >> mika, what are you looking for in nevada tonight which, on the democratic side, could be every bit as impactful as what happens here on the republican side. >> it's not what i'm looking for. it's what hillary clinton is looking for, a win, which she thought she had and she's not so sure tonight. and bernie sanders of course if he wins nevada, it starts changing. the shape of things. so we'll see. it could be a huge night in
6:07 am
nevada. let's bring in msnbc's hallie jackson following the republican race from inside a polling station in columbia. the polls are open. how is it looking so far, hallie? >> reporter: fairly busy, mika. we've got about 13% of the precinct already come here and voted either in person or absentee pal ballot. steady trickle of folks coming in. we talked about this first in the south primary. there is so much at stake for nearly every candidate. they've all got something to prove basically. and donald trump yet again on a voting day is raising eyebrows with new controversial comments. listen. >> this morning as republicans blanket the state the state of play looks like this. donald trump on top but raising eyebrows once again at a south carolina rally last night. this time for telling a story about general john hershing ordering troops to shoot prisoners a century ago. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig's blood and
6:08 am
they shot 49 of those people and the 50tr person he says, you go back to your people and you tell them what happened. >> reporter: but according to the rumor tracking website there's no evidence it ever happened. trump's latest comments coming the same day he went on defense over iraq. >> i was against going into iraq and i was against it since a long time. >> reporter: after months of highlighting his position on the iraq war, new interviews now unearthed seem to suggest something different. with howard stern before the war. >> invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: fox news now confirming this interview took place just after the start of the iraq war. >> looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint. >> reporter: in a statement the trump campaign responded, quote, mr. trump did not say he supported the war. he commented on the execution of the invasion from a military standpoint one day after it began. trump now amping up his attack on ted cruz. >> he holds up the bible and then he cheats.
6:09 am
>> reporter: cruz hitting back. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> reporter: a super pac supporting cruz slamming trump with now r brkrobo calls about confederate flag. >> reporter: cruz campaigning with "duck dynasty"'s phil robertson. >> imagine phil robertson as ambassador to the united nations. >> reporter: marco rubio was joined by south carolina governor nikki haley. >> we want to do for america what nikki haley has done for south carolina. >> reporter: his campaign warning supporters to watch for, quote, dirty tricks from cruz today, the two in a ferocious fight for second. jeb bush not far behind, his mother by his side. >> it's amazing. 90 years old. still going strong. >> reporter: in bush country he's hoping south carolina won't be his last stand. >> you've already heard from jeb bush this morning.
6:10 am
he was out at some precinct locations and he insists he is headed to nevada tomorrow. he also got marco rubio reacting to some of those trump comments on the "today" show this morning. he said they're bizarre. we're in a weird election cycle right now, election year. ben carson we're not talking about him much. his campaign is hoping to surprise here. we'll see. you guys know john kasich is not even in south carolina. he's in vermont and massachusetts. he's already looking ahead to places where he thinks he can play on super tuesday. the big headline though as you see it in the paper this morning is that trump's race to lose and this is a question that will be answered and maybe 12 to 18 hours from now. >> we're counting down. hallie jackson, thank you very much. i realize now why i should have watched "scarborough country." i never saw it. >> you did. you always toss to it. >> then i went and did my bills. it's not like i was going to sit there and watch it. by the way, the site put together a timeline of donald trump's stamplts on the iraq war and unearthed something he said in
6:11 am
september 2003 on a little show called "scarborough country." >> no passport allowed. only comments allowed. >> best slogan in the history of tv. >> i would still be walking places and people would go "scarborough country." >> did america know you did your show in your bathing suit. >> no. always from the waist up. >> "scarborough country," it wasn't a mistake to fight terrorism and fight it hard. and i guess maybe if i had to do it i would have fought terrorism but not necessarily iraq. >> so i don't remember this interview. i remember actually the two-year anniversary, we went down and overlooking the site and talked to people like cuomo and other new yorker, rudy giuliani. it's interesting. i do remember everybody else was talking about their memories of two years earlier.
6:12 am
now see that quote and actually sam stein yesterday afternoon i remember being surprised that while everybody was sort of in a ra-ra mood over iraq trump brought that up. and about that time it's interesting that about that time about 60% of americans were still supportive of the war. so don't know what it means. >> it just goes to show that everything that's ever happened important in america history happens on "scarborough country." >> including the four months where we debated "the passion of the christ." >> and you never saw it. >> is "american idol" too mean. that was a good theme you guys had. >> no, jon stewart because i would say is jon stewart bad for america. we would do four minutes of jon stewart. i would walk outside, grab something to drink and come back and i would go, nah, he's good. he's great. every night. it went well. moving on, last week marco rubio came under criticism after abruptly canceling an event five minutes before due to speak at a
6:13 am
conservative forum in south carolina thursday night. ted cruz however did appear at the event and his campaign was quick to seize on it saying in part this is a final admission that marco isn't even going to try to compete for the votes of conservatives in south carolina or anywhere else. who can blame him? rubio isn't a conservative. yesterday senator tim scott and the rubio campaign offered an explanation of rubio's absence. he attended a frank luntz focus group before -- that was being shot for fox. wait. >> unbelievable. >> is that a good explanation? >> no, that's not a good explanation. >> it was recently reported by bright bart that luntz once served as a paid consultant to rubio when he was in t florida state legislature. a relationship that the report says was not disclosed to fox news. meanwhile, rubio had to cancel another event yesterday morning at a prep school gymnasium. 500 people hoping to hear what he had to say were disappointed to learn the florida senator had to pull out of the morning
6:14 am
campaign event at the last minute because of plane trouble. that does happen. >> i got to say, john heilemann, this frank luntz, marco rubio relationship and fox news relationship is remarkable. you go back, a lot of florida people that associated with the party, talk about the $345,000 a decade ago that marco rubio and the republican party paid frank luntz who developed the same speech that marco is giving today. >> yeah. >> he has -- florida people say he, in effect, has created the rubio speech and created the rubio persona. and yet fox news continues to have frank luntz and marco rubio having focus groups. now, please, please, fill freel to speak. this is outrageous. >> there's a word in the english
6:15 am
language called skivvy. >> oh. >> skivvy. >> it's ridiculous. >> i'm going to put that -- >> nothing wrong with what frank luntz did working on behalf of marco rubio. he's done that for a lot of republicans. >> getting pate $350,000. >> done it for a lot of people in your party over the last 20 or 30 years but to have him in a neutral way conducting focus groups testing marco rubio's message he helped create on fox news is ridiculous. >> and, mark halperin, rubio always goes to the focus groups. >> come on, mark halperin. i know it's hard. >> and does well in them. >> focus groups and frank luntz is fixing for his clients. >> it's a nice feedback loop. >> no, it's -- it is staggering. >> it's ridiculous. >> is there a precedent for focus groups that you think of? >> frank luntz plays an interesting role within the republican party. >> what about fox news? i'm saying my friends at fox news. what about fox news having a guy that -- >> they didn't know.
6:16 am
>> they know. that's been paid by marco rubio for over a decade. $345,000 to the florida republican party. >> for a guy who supported comprehensive immigration reform marco rubio has done well in the fox news primary. >> mirk? >> it's my kind of campaign. >> yeah. >> all right. we got to get to -- >> by massachusetts standards it's not even corrupt. >> sand box. >> sand box. all right. today is also the day for the democrats to caucus in nevada and ahead of that contest some fallout from thursday night's democratic town hall. after hillary clinton said that she would release the transcripts of her paid speeches so long as the other candidates did the same. well, the sanders campaign released a statement that reads, quote, senator sanders accepts clinton's challenge. he will release all of the transcripts of all of his wall street speeches. that's easy. the fact is, there weren't any. so now we hope that secretary clinton keeps her word and releases the transcripts of her
6:17 am
speeches. i mean, should she release the transcripts of her speech snes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> is it important? >> it was an incredibly easy question to answer the right way the first time which was of course, yes, i will release these speeches. of course. >> one of the old case where's the longer you don't do it the more people wonder why you're not doing it. >> the first rule of clinton world when something is famous for not being released it will eventually have to be released. >> i think some reporters have their hands on them so the question is how does she want them released? does she want to be release them and be forthcoming with the american people or does she want to let reporters get them first and show that she wouldn't release them but somebody else got them? >> i would expect friday night, good friday. >> reporters have transcripts. the reporters are going around to people who have heard these speeches and having them characterize which is worse because what's happening is that you're getting these people who have heard the speech essay, oh, she sounded like a managing director at goldman sachs, part of our club. >> i know a print reporter who
6:18 am
has actual transcripts. >> they should release them. good story. >> anyhow -- >> let's bring in kristen welker out in las vegas. by most accounts this race which hillary clinton was supposed to be locked up a couple weeks ago now seems to be a toss-up. >> reporter: you're right. all of those issues you guys are discussing have been dogging secretary clinton from the speeches to the e-mails. just to put this in to vegas terms, it's as if secretary clinton was holding a straight flush here in nevada and now it's senator sanders who could have the winning hand. and the stakes couldn't be higher. what happens here is going to have ripple effects for the rest of the nominating contest and it's all going to come down to turnout. >> because -- >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their closing arguments in nevada friday night. >> i have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomorrow, we're going to win here in nevada. >> we've got a lot of work to do, my friends. and i think it's a privilege to
6:19 am
be do this work. but we've got to do it together. >> reporter: and with the race deadlocked they spent their final few days crisscrossing the state, courting union workers, latinos, and african-american, all critical to winning here. >> guess what, there's a caucus here in nevada. >> there is so much at stake in this election, it's going to be one of the more conversations subsequent shul divisions. >> the rhetoric is heating up with clinton accusing sanders reporter not being a real democrat and sanders accusing clinton of playing politics with her whole hearted embrace of president obama. >> she loves the president. he loves her and all that stuff. we know what that's about. that's going to win support from the african-american community with president is enormously popular. >> reporter: former president bill clinton also getting into if game. after sanders criticized aspects of his presidency. >> hillary's opponent fell over me last night talked about how bad i had been for african-americans and poor people. that campaign has been remarkably fact free.
6:20 am
>> reporter: nevada was supposed to be an after thought for clinton but her double digit lead in october evaporated to one point, 48% to 47%. nbc news political analyst john rol ston telling andrea mitchell -- >> no question both campaigns thinks it's within the margin of error to go either way. that's why you see all this activity on the last day. >> reporter: clinton picked up a key endorsement yesterday. congressman james clyburn enforcing her. that could energize african-americans in south carolina and possibly here as well. and just to map out what the stakes actually are. if secretary clinton wins here it would help her regain momentum from that devastating loss in new hampshire. if she doesn't though it could raise questions about her broader electability. this is also critical for senator sanders because if he doesn't win here it would raise questions about his ability to win in these larger more diverse states. we are watching the millennial voters very closely because if they turn out in force that could spell a sanders win.
6:21 am
joe, mika, back to you. >> thank you so much, kristen welker. great political mind who is going to win this race and he said there's one person in this race with political -- bernie sanders. >> let's isst just what happens. still ahead on "morning joe",a saturday edition of "morning joe," bernie sanders' wife jane sanders joins us from the las vegas strip. and congressman mark sanford joins us live here in charleston, south carolina. and here he comes in to the market pavilion hotel. hello, sir. we'll be right back. was engineered...
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comcast business. built for business. welcome back to this saturday edition.
6:25 am
we've got child labor issues here. kids, kids. >> yeah. >> the banana is a little mushy. you have to go back and fix that up here. what do i remind you of? "the devil wears prada." >> okay. >> i got to say mika is the only person i ever known that has watched "the devil wears prada" and she actually -- she relates more to meryl streep. >> i feel bad for her. they're terrible. they don't know what they're doing. the coffee is a mess. are you kidding me? >> she treats it as an instructional film. >> it is very good. >> mika's two favorite characters are meryl streep and emily blunt. and she said i wish i had emily blunt as an assistant in my office. she knows what she's doing. >> this is terrible. joining us now republican congressman mark sanders who represents charleston, south carolina, and i believe -- >> is ted cruz still here? >> tell us, mark, why ted, why
6:26 am
ted? >> i'll go with it. yeah. >> so, so, okay, thank you. so why did you endorse ted cruz? >> because i thought he had the best shot. as ylook at leaving the gate hee in south carolina somebody has got to stop trump. >> this is all about donald trump and how important you think it is to stop donald trump? >> i don't think -- i think it is dangerous for our republic if he walks out of here with a double digit lead. i totally get -- >> strong language. >> yeah. i say it this way. people are frustrated. they're frustrate with the economy. frustrated with washington, work for them. but this is the vehicle for those frustrations is i think destructive. i'm worried about it. >> so talk about your constituents. who you know very well and done very well for a long time. explain why so many of them will be supporting donald trump. >> investigator vefor the very said. they're at the breaking point. their view of the economy, their view of washington, trump's ult patly their discomfort in the way he relates these values.
6:27 am
>> we've scratched and clawed for 20 years, you and i together, a lot of times in the same room, fighting republicans that were big government republicans. and we've always said big government republicanism is just as bad as big government liberalism. why does that not seem to matter to voters in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina? are they just not as ideological as people like you and me have always thought? >> they're ideological in the they vote that which affects them and what effects them right now is their pocket book and the way in which they feel disenfranchised from washington. >> why do they feel disenfranchised from republicans in washington? >> hmm. >> well, it's the same thing on the democratic side. it's no different. it flip side the same coin. >> broken promises. >> it could be trump on the right, could be bernie on the left. >> what have republicans in washington done wrong over the past 20 years that have led to such frustration to say, forget those guys, we're going with frump?
6:28 am
>> they've said one thing and then another on spending. and so the debt doubled under george bush's presidency as well as it did under obama's. >> you're not the first person, congressman, i said the donald trump presidency would be, quote, dangerous. what do you mean by that? i know people don't like him in some quarters but dangerous is something else all together. how would he be dangerous? >> let me back up. i didn't want to take a dog in this race. i stayed out until the 11th hour. soing this thing break and being concerned about a double digit lead for south carolina i decided to endorse. i say dangerous because i think ultimately you cannot play to people's worse fears. when you talk about bush being a coconspirator and 9/11 that's crazy talk. when you talk about -- i watch you onset. you brought -- i mean, needs to be asked of all of these candidates on debt, government spendings and he completely rebuffed it. >> i didn't think joe asked any questions like that. >> i asked if he liked a ham sandwich and pastrami.
6:29 am
no, that was cnn asking, hey, how many hour s do you sleep at night. what's your favorite dessert. you know -- >> you asked the right question and he didn't answer it. >> we pushed him on entitlements and debt. programs increased the debt by $11 billionrd coing to everybody that we've trusted for 20 years. >> right. so you can't have a leading contender rebuffing the notion of entitlement reform. i think that's dangerous in terms of the pis cafiscal pictu country. >> why not marco rubio? >> cruz is closer than rubio. >> just pure polling? >> what's that? >> yeah. somebody oh we. >> just based merely on polling. >> i like what he's done with regards to the constitution, i like what he's done with regard on standing up on ethanol in iowa. if you won't lead on spending issues in a place like iowa it's doubtful you will lead in washington. >> congressman mark sanford, thank you so much. coming up, much more from here in south carolina. >> by the way, what's your favorite dessert. >> plus, today's the funeral
6:30 am
mass at the nation's largest roman catholic church for justin antonin scalia. chris jansing joins us live from washington. this special weekend edition of "morning joe" is back in a moment. >> really looking forward to hearing -- this bale of hay almost derailed the ranch. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay.
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sail with princess cruises, the best cruise line in europe. limited 7-day mediterranean fares from $999. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. funeral service being held this morning for the late justice antonin scalia. yesterday thousands liked up to pay their respects, casset res. among the mourners, president obama and met privately with the family. earlier in the day the court's remaining eight members gather we'd the scalia's family with a prayer delivered by his son paul who is a catholic priest. joining us now from washington, senior white house correspondent chris jansing. set the scene for us. >> reporter: well, you said it
6:34 am
very well. this is a memorial for justice scalia that will be led by his son. he could have had a cardinal or a high-ranking bishop here but he had said very recently that he has been to too many high-ranking funerals and wanted clearly wanted something simple. it will be a traditional roman catholic mass. not a the latin mass that he went to every sunday but a mass, a simple mass, post vattian ii. and in the meantime it may mean a respite for an hour and a half or two hours from the fight that has gone on on capitol hill just across the street from where more than 6,000 people passed his cassette yesterd casket yesterday including two who are said to be on the short list to replace him if it ever comeses before the senate judiciary committee. president obama met with members of the family, said to be taking a binder into the weekend with a
6:35 am
list of some possible replacements for his consideration. one that would be particularly interesting would be jane kelly, iowa judge, who was confirmed by unanimous vote and of course is in senator jchuck grassley's state, iowa, from -- he of course is the -- he of course is the head of the senate judiciary committee. so all of that put aside today for what will be a traditional catholic mass of burial. >> all right, chris jansing in washington, thanks. brian williams, by the way, will lead msnbc's coverage of the funeral starting at 10:00 a.m. >> what's very interesting, willie, is you're now starting to see some division in the republican ranks. chuck grassley, of course, the chairman of the judiciaiciary committee talking about the need to have hearings. roy blunt also saying the same thing. we need to have hearings. whether they go ahead and confirm the president's choice
6:36 am
or not, there seems to be movement towards going ahead and having the hearings. >> i hope so. were you surprised they came out so quick, not everybody, but some republicans so quickly and said, don't even send -- just let them send it and then do your advice and consent. >> very surprised. very surprised that mitch mcconnell put out a statement as quickly as he did. i wonder whether that is once again a guy like john boehner before him who didn't have the credentials -- enough credentials on the right to be able to say, hold off, guys, we're going to mourn his passing and we'll decide this later. maybe next week. >> i'm telling you. it's the book end to this presidency. undermining before there's something to undermine. they've done it every step of the way. still ahead, jane sanders will be our guest. plus, we'll tell you why today's democratic caucus in nevada isn't exactly kosher for some jewish voters. we'll explain that, next. before i had the shooting,
6:37 am
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6:40 am
joining us now have las vegas, nevada, msnbc correspondent jacob with an interesting look at why the caucus is being held on saturday causing problems for some voters. jacob, good morning. >> good morning. so interesting because bernie sanders after new hampshire became the first jewish person to ever win a presidential primary in the united states. and now there is a group of conservative orthodox jewish voters here in nevada that say they're not going to be able to participate in the caucuses this morning which is part of the sabbath. i went to one of the places that thought i could get a good pulse on what people are feeling about this. take a look. this is a deli, my aunt who lives locally in the las vegas area. the best chicken noodle soup in town. is that the chicken noodle soup? maza ball. >> bag until. >> bagel chip. do you think it's unfair for
6:41 am
jewish voters to hold a caucus on saturday? >> i think it's wrong, yes. >> aerial, how is the rye bread? >> delicious. >> you didn't finish it. >> i finished the soup though. >> there's a segment of the jewish community here saying it's not fair to hold the caucus on saturday morning because it's the sabbath. what do you think? >> i agree. there's a lot of very religious people and it affects them having the chance to vote because they're going to put their religious beliefs before they vote. >> are you a bernie sanders or hillary clinton sitting here right now what would you say to them about doing this saturday morning caucus? >> i feel like bernie could relate. i'm disappointed in bernie. but i mean, i think hillary, she's been in town. she came last saturday, i believe, so she wasn't we're rid about the jews then either. >> all right. so this is your place. your name must be weiss. >> yes, it is. >> controversy about the caucus that it's on saturday during the sabbath. a lot of jewish people if you're democratic can't go. do you think that's fair? >> yeah, but not every jewish
6:42 am
people keep it. >> super observant. yeah, i saw a guy ordering a ham sandwich out there. >> we do serve it though. it's friday to saturday. so they can go afterwards if they can keep the caucuses open. >> that's what i'm telling you. they're not keeping the caucuses open. >> they should. >> that's what i'm asking you. is that fair? >> it's not. >> what would you say to the state democratic party about the caucuses closing before sun down? >> how about do it on sunday? everybody can go. >> what about the christians? >> how about do it on monday? >> what about people that work? >> i don't know. that's a tough one. >> we got a tough system here, don't we? >> yes, we do. >> reporter: willie, the state democratic party says that this is the most convenient time, local time 11:00 a.m. on a saturday for the most people to get out. but this woman, ms. weiss, raises a good point which is the caucus system in general and actually earlier on your guys' broadcast donald trump mentioned this, is difficult for a lot of people to get to. some people might say i'm democratic and that's what we're facing here this morning.
6:43 am
>> there are obstacles for everybody. interesting angle on that story. nice turn turning down the bagel crisp. hold out for the real bagel. >> he was taking her through the whole week. >> yeah. what about sunday, what about monday, what about tuesday? >> people work. what about june? june. this is june. she is 8 months old. >> she wants me. >> no. >> yes, she does. >> oh, my god. don't scare her. all right. fine. >> hi, baby. >> we're going to be talking to jane sanders coming up. >> do you want to talk to jane? >> she loves the stones, too. >> she has. she actually has a rolling stones t-shirt. >> her parents are cool. >> start me up. >> all right. jane sanders straight ahead. we'll be right back. june has a question. >> yay! if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. okay. this baby is so cute, i can't even stand it. june is undecided, but we'll figure that out. jane sanders stuck in traffic? >> stuck in traffic right now. let's talk about the democratic race very quickly. if hillary clinton wins, obviously, very big for the clinton campaign. but mark halperin, momentum seems to be behind bernie sanders, even though it's a caucus state you don't know what will happen. what will the impact of a bernie sanders win in nevada mean? >> it would show there is still momentum, a sanders coalition can win states outside iowa and new hampshire. and i think it -- regardless of how she did in this state, it would set him up well to be very
6:51 am
competitive with her in terms of raising more money than her and winning march 1st. i would say, if she wins today, the race could be over. she would still have a long-protected fight but she could be headed towards the delegates if she wins today. that's how big the stakes are. >> if she does not win, because the momentum seems -- she could very well win. if she does not win, that would mean basically she tied iowa, get blown out in new hampshire, and a loss in nevada. three states she was expected to win, just two months ago. >> ooh, we've got jane! >> devastating to the clinton -- >> joining us -- can i do it? >> yeah, we wanted michael to finish his thought. >> it's all right. we have jane sanders. >> let's go to the wife of the democratic presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders. >> you made it! >> a political adviser and former president of burlington college in vermont. >> thank you for rushing. >> that's fantastic.
6:52 am
>> we have an 8-month-old baby on the set here, undecided. why should she feel the bern? >> oh, he's going to take care of her. he's going to make sure she can have great child care and a fantastic k-12 education, and college that will not put her in enormous debt. not to mention, she'll -- he'll be very, very good for her political upbringing. >> what are the stakes of nevada? what do you think a bernie sanders win in nevada means? >> i think that will really propel the momentum. i think what we've seen is quite -- you know that he was way, way, way down in the polls when we started in nevada. nobody knew him. and now they do. and as on the tack hillary
6:53 am
clinton has had. many of his ideas leads like a laundry list, a wish list, but practically they're not going to get done. you're not going give free college to everybody. not going to have effectively universal health care. how does the campaign respond to that charge, these are good ideas, but she knows better she's been there and they can actually get done? >> well, i can the clinton campaign is saying lower your sights. expect less and don't have a vision, a bold vision, for the future. i think that these so-called liberal ideas are ideas that are in place throughout the world. i mean, college -- you should not bankrupt your future in order to get a college education. it's good for our country to invest in young people.
6:54 am
these ideas can be carried out if you have a bold leader who wants it. and i think -- i think people are hearing that and realizing that there's no reason to say i don't deserve this. i don't deserve affordable prescription drugs like they have around the world. i don't deserve health care without worry and without high deductibles and high copayments. the rest of the world has it. why doesn't america? we want to be first in everything. how about first in quality of life for the people of this country. i think that as they get to know bernie and they get to know his record, he comes up with these bold ideas, he has since he was mayor and then congressman and then senator. and then he implements them. so i think it would be a great future if he were elected. >> mark halperin. >> jane, i want to bring two stories together. one the question of whether the president should always tell the truth and then this new "chicago tribune" photo of bernie sanders
6:55 am
being arrested back when he was a college student. i want to know if before you agreed to marry him he told you he had an arrest record. >> he did not. he did not. but it was for a good cause. so -- >> yeah, it was. >> it certainly was. >> all right, jane. >> jane sanders, thank you for rushing to the cameras. i know what this can be like. we're so glad you were on. good luck tonight and thanks for being on this morning. >> thank you. i'm so sad i was not there in person. >> next time. >> maybe next weekend here in south carolina. thanks so much, jane. we also want to thank ted cruz for stopping by our audience today. >> yes! >> let's show a split screen. there they are! >> oh, my god! >> look at that! >> oh, my gosh. we will be right back here tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. to break down all the results from today's republican primary in south carolina. and democratic caucuses in nevada. >> if you look at the clock, we
6:56 am
are only nine hours away from knowing what we're about this race. how it shakes out. whether donald trump is on his way to an unstoppable victory, not only here, but also across the deep south. or whether it's ted cruz, jeb bush or marco rubio. the unexpected momentum coming out of south carolina. >> at the top of the hour, brian williams hosts msnbc special coverage of justice scalia's funeral today. that's after a quick break. thank you so much for being with us. we will see you tomorrow. >> thank you, guys!
6:57 am
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well, good day. and our coverage for the next few hours will be centered upon the northeast corner of washington, d.c., an extraordinary structure, one of the largest of its kind in the world. the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. it's on the campus of catholic university, last in the news, when the pope said mass there in september. today it will be a gathering of so much of official washington, members of a large and sprawling family, as the nation will remember and lay to rest associate justice of the supreme court, antonin scalia. we're outside the court. pete we have yet to have a chance to have a conversation since word arrived of the death of easily one of the most impactful justices of the modern era of the court. curious as to your thought


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