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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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john kasich's ambitions hinge on a victory in his home state. >> we're going to win the state of ohio and it will be a new ball game. >> this is an msnbc special town hall with governor john kasich from lima, ohio. here is willie geist. >> good evening, welcome to a special msnbc town hall event i'm willie geist in lima, ohio. this is a family business that started out of the back of a pickup truck in 1977. today it's 100% woman owned by our host, tracy sanchez. in just four days, ohio makes its choice in this presidential primary race. the winner sweeps up all 66 of
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the state's delegates. john kasich said if he doesn't win the state he'll get out of the race. donald trump doing his best to make sure that happens. let's welcome ohio governor ohio governor john kasich. [ applause ] >> we've been through 24 contests, is it good to be home? >> i flew into cleveland tuesday. i guess it was. can't remember which day. it's hard to keep track of anything. i got on my hands and knees and almost kissed the ground to be back in the buck yeye state. >> there was a poll that came out this week that has you with a 79% approval rating among republicans in this state. you won reelection 16 months ago by 30 points won 86 of 88 counties. you were endorsed two months ago about the republican party in the state. yet donald trump is leading you
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tied or you have a slight margin over him. why aren't you running away with your home state? >> i think we are gaining, willie. i think people, you know -- i believe that we will have a good solid victory here. we have to work. that's why i'm in lima today and be traveling across the state. and you know, it's an odd year. i mean, there are all kinds of things happening. but we're ahead of him, the latest polls shows up five. and so, you know, i just think we have to work hard. we're doing everything we can possibly do. and look, i can say they don't want me to leave because they want me to stay as governor. i'm not going to say that. i'm just hoping they're going to say let's move our guy forward. that's all. >> given governor all your built in advantages shouldn't you be winning by thoan you are? >> shouldn't "the today show" be having a bigger audience than what you have. come on, you do the best you can. i can't tell you exactly why it isn't a blowout right now. look, people are unsettled. and i think they're looking for
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some significant change. i think that's true. but obviously they're happy in ohio. so we'll take -- i'm very, very copesetic. calm. i'm having the time of my life. >> what do you say to some of the people in the state of ohio who like you very much but are thinking about voting for donald trump on tuesday? what do you tell them? >> well, i just tell them let's look that record. let's look at what's happened in ohio. let me get to washington and try to fix that play, too. because that's something that can help the whole country. not just people in ohio. and people in ohio will be helped. and by the way, i'm not going to move to washington permanently. my kids are going to stay in school, i'll be coming back and forth every weekend, how is that? we'll see. [ applause ] >> governor, marco rubio's communications director came out today and said if you want to stop donald trump, in the state of ohio vote for john kasich, would you say the same thing to
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republican voters in florida -- >> tell the people who are for me not to vote for me. >> to tell the people -- >> people who support marco rubio or ted cruz, if you want to stop him go vote against donald trump. would you say the same thing to florida -- >> should i tell my voters to not vote for me. go vote for somebody else? >> that's what the rubio -- >> that's nuts. that's something a politician would do. i'm not going to tell my voters to vote for somebody else. do you know what else? i don't think that i have to tell them anything. let them figure it out. let's just let it all run its way. here's the thing, you have to understand, i'm the governor of this state, the people have allowed me to be in my second term. we've seen -- not only seen the economy rise but we've seen a lot of people helped. you know, the drug addicted, mentally ill, working poor.
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i got a beautiful e-mail from a mom about her son who has developmentally disabled doing well. but we provide coverage for families with autism which they never have before. our friends in the minority community. they're coming up. i decided to run for this because i thought i could help the country. but, you know, to be honest with you, i'm trying to do what i think i'm sort of called to do. and i'm working as hard as i k. the only way i could work any harder is to set myself on fire. i'm relaxed about the outcome. i've run a positive campaign from the very beginning. i don't know if you watched the debate last night my pauositivi must be contagious. >> it was mild mannered. one other thing, i don't think politics has to be name calling. you know, they're going to run a lot of negative ads about me in the state trying to defeat me which i don't think will work. but why can't we talk about our
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vision? why can't we talk about our hopes? why can't we show the kids that -- one little young person back here, why can't we -- young to understand running for president. we all have kids and they all watch? why can't we show them that politics can be a noble profession. where you sell people on the basis of what you're for. this pallet company, they don't go out and say don't buy pallets somewhere else because they're lousy. they go out and sell lima pallets because we've got the best pallets in the wuorld. why can't we run politics that way. i think it would lift our country. our country wants lifting. >> we're here to hear from the voters. let's get our first question from the night. >> governor, welcome bake to lima, ohio. and given the tenor of the campaign over the last many weeks, how concerned are you about the republican party moving forward? >> well, if i'm the nominee it will be all fine.
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because, look, i have a very positive rating in the country. which is really amazing. i'm up like, plus 19. bernie is second. i don't know that anybody else has a positive rating. i've tried to run a campaign of uniting people. i've not tried to demonize any particular group. and i've a common sense solution in terms of immigration. in this state we brought people together. i'm a conservative. i'm a republican. we'll have conservative solutions. we'll invite democrats in. the president of the senate sitting here we have a philosophy whoever want to help us solve a problem we're going to do it. i'm not really worried about all this now. what i'm concerned about is getting through all this. and then, you know, i also beat hillary by more than anybody else. i think i'm the only one right now beating hillary in ohio. the fact is i don't think in our history any republican has become president without winning ohio. is that right?
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>> that's correct. >> look, we are going to keep being positive, sir. this is what i want to say. i don't want people to misinterpret this like i'm not serious about this. there's more to life than winning an election. you know, in my lifetime, i'm trying to do what i feel i've been called to do. and you know, i'm going to keep at it. one foot in front of the other like the way they climb mount everest. i'm going to be positive and put my vision and my record out there. and if it works great. somehow it doesn't work, you know, i'll be okay. life's going to go on. i think when you get too hung up, when you want something so badly you're willing to do about anything for it, then i think it affects your behavior. remember that old song, i don't know if you're old enough to remember the song, hang on loosely, but don't let go. you ever heard that song? try it. you'll enjoy. >> thank you for your question. as your next questioner steps
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up. i want to ask you about your path to the nomination. it seems to me that the path now for you senators rubio and cruz is to stop donald trump from reaching a majority of the delegates. is that true? or do you believe that you could win a majority of the delegates by cleveland? >> we have -- trump has like, 300 or something. there's 1,000 some yet to go. yeah, i could absolutely win an enough and going to the convention with the greatest number of delegates. >> majority -- >> i mean, i don't know what we say about a fight. i think it's very hard for anybody to get there with the right number of delegates to clench the nomination. you know, you get there and you have the delegates there and they take a look at who is running, who is in the arena, then they make a pick. i could go in there stronger than anybody else. that's not inconceivable. look, the media, you know, they say so many things on monday and completely switch on tuesday. but i love you, willie.
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>> thank you for making exception. walk the voters through. because there may be some people going and voting saying i don't think he could get the nomination i don't want to waste a vote on tuesday for him. how do you get to the nomination? what is the path as a approximapractical matter? >> take things one step at a time. there's 1,000 yet to go, willie. i just said it. is it possible for me to go to the convention winning more states than ohio? look, you know, this is march madness, okay. what do they want? home court advantage. i'm finally getting on my home court. and you folks are finally paying attention to me. i mean i get questioned in the debate now. is that unbelievable? [ applause ] >> governor kasich, we've had success, with bringing business
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from foreign countries like china and canada into ohio. how specifically will you do that for the country in expand the programs that way for us? >> well, look, i think you have -- first of all, everything starts with jobs. i think everybody in ohio knows my father was a mailman. i grew up in a blue collar town. it was a town where people struggled. i learned as a kid the most important thing somebody like me or keith or any of these other elected officials can do is create an environment for job growth. common sense regulations you have some regulations but don't kill them. these people don't pay any income tax on their business i would suspect. they're small business and we don't tax them on income tax. have a fiscal plan. and one of the things that are jobs ohio people say is one of the greatest advantages we have we're running a surplus. all of the cabinet works
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together. they understand they need to work together to be job friendly. that's what we need in washington. we need lower corporate taxes. we're some of the highest taxes in the world. we punish people who want to bring their profits home. we tax them twice. it has to stop. you have to have an administration that's focused at every level with every cabinet member on being job friendly e. reward people who create jobs. because when we create jobs we help our families. that's what we have to do. get taxes in the right place, regulations in the right place. train our work force we have to demand, they're doing a great job here. we have to train our kids forrer the jobs are of today and tomorrow with the k-12 education. the community college and four year schools. you have to have a business friendly attitude in all of your
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cabinet. if they don't get t. then you've got to find somebody who does. that attitude of welcoming of having common sense of having a job creating mentality will change america and allow us to have that economic growth we so much want. we have to lower taxes. we have a $19 trillion debt and regulations have to make sense. a lot of regulations are hurting us in the midwest. >> on the question of jobs and the economy, there are a couple of steel plants in lorraine scheduled to close at the end of the month, what do you say to the steel workers? what's their next move? >> you have to find what you can train them for. we're up 63,000 manufacturing jobs since i've come into office. we're going to be later today at a place where we have now over 1,000 workers who are replacing an auto plant that closed. we have more workers working there than when the auto plant
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was open. guess who the investor is? chinese. so we are always -- we have jobs coming back from mexico. ford brought jobs back from mexico. we're seeing foreign investment from germany, france, great britain. for those workers who were there, we want to rush out there and find out what the situation is, i will tell you this, one of those steel plants got hurt. because the south koreans were dumping testeel in. they were bringing steel in the country and selling it at a price less than it cost them to make it. it's called dumping, it's a violation of trade agreements. the government went and fought it. it takes a couple years in the hands of an international bureaucrat to decide this. if i'm president we're not going to put up with that nonsense anymore. we'll have an expedited process. when we see violation of the trade agreements we'll act immediately. this is like in my dna. i mean, my family, they all
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worked in steel mills. guess what? they didn't wear a white collar. they wore a blue caollar. we rush where there's a problem. >> much more with governor john kasich. we're back in a minute from lima, ohio. ♪ the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran. ensure. always stay you. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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we're back to the special town hall event we're speaking to governor john kasich in lima ohio. >> willie as we were on break. you heard what was the bigger endorsement i got, arnold schwarzenegger or urban meyer. i have to tell you arnold has been a friend of mine for a long time. in 2010 when i was running for governor they were running a bunch of ads against me. i went arnold they're like a little, you know, little boy --
2:20 pm
he looked at me and said john, love the beatings, love them. >> read into that one. we're going to talk to the crowd in just a second. one more question on the economy. democrats here in ohio. new proposal this week to raise the minimum wage to $8.10 to $10.10 an hour. good idea? >> no, i think we have a steady raising of the minimum wage each year that fits our economy. if you jump it up too much -- i was at the hamburger place, you raise it up too much people will lose their jobs. it's a modest increase every year. look, it's a political time. why don't let's just politicize the issue. we should not politicize these things. >> somebody making $8.10 an hour, if they get 40 hours a week if they're lucky to get that and work all year, $16,848 a year. you can't live on that can you?
2:21 pm
>> no. it ought to keep rising. what i don't want to do is give a raise to somebody and somebody else loses their jobs. a lot of these jobs are young people or part-time. the whole key to income and wage increases is skills. and we want to take anybody who is in a job where they are the working poor and give them the skills to be able to get out of it and i tell you another thing we're doing. and the legislature is going along with this. we do not want to have a working mom who gets offered a pay raise she can't take it because she loses more benefits than she gains with the pay raise. that is nuts on welfare. we're trying to reform this welfare system so people will be encouraged to rise. keep their day care. get more money and ultimately escape poverty. those are the kinds of things we're working on in our state. okay? [ applause ] >> let's turn back to the audience. this is simon gonzalez.
2:22 pm
he's an independent voter. >> as he mentioned my name is simon go simon gonzalez. i'm an international student i've been living in ohio for six years. for this particular election the immigration topic is a very difficult one. for me as an international student, it's kind of uncomfortable sometimes because i would love to stay in this beautiful country. just give me amazing opportunities just being an student. in the last democratic debate, they made the candidates promise that they will not deport any legal immigrants with any kind of records. so i would like to know your comment on that on illegal immigration but also in people like me that are f 1 students that would love to stay in the country. >> right. right. i'd say first of all, if you're under a deportation order, then you're going to have to leave. okay. but i think you know my position. my position is to control the
2:23 pm
border. we need to control the border like you lock the doors on your car or house. and then if people want to come in illegally they'll have to go back. i favor immigration for the 11.5 million that came here illegally, if they have not committed a crime since they've been here they'll pay taxes, a fine and have a path to legalization but not citizenship. i've been the most out spoken on this. i have never wavered. i finished my 12th debate. i have never wavered my debate whether people yell or scream that's my position. i believe in immigration. it has to be immigration that's controlled. so that we know who is coming in our country. anything other than that, is -- first of all, it's not fair, secondly it could become a security issue which we don't want. for you, you know, at this point you're a student. i don't know what the path would be. maybe you get a green card, i don't know. we certainly don't want to go around grabbing 11 million people out of their homes
2:24 pm
shipping them across the border and having their kids crying on the porch. once the wall is done, if anybody comes in you got to go back. no excuses we have to get beyond the situation. al i think the proposal i have is reasonable. a path to legalization but not citizenship to those that jumped the line is something i think could pass congress. we need to lower the rhetoric and just get it done, okay. let's be americans first before we're fighting with one another down there all the time. all right? >> governor, what's the distinction there. you said you don't believe in a pathway to citizenship to a pathway of legalization. for people at home, what's the difference? >> it has to do with bfrenefits voting all those things that come as a benefit of being a citizen. my problem with giving them a path to citizenship. i've told my girls, no matter how badly you want something, you don't jump in front of
2:25 pm
somebody else who has been waiting. and there's an element of -- not an element it's largely unfair. no matter we are in life. when we see somebody jump in front of us when we've been waiting in line it's aggravating. i don't think they ought to have that reward. many of them are important parts of our communities, our economy. to go and give them -- try to pick them up out of their home and divide america it's not going to happen. that's political rhetoric. >> simon thank you for your question. let's get one from evan, he's undecided. >> mr. governor, there's a lot of controversy right now about gun ownership. you know, due to school shootings, mass shootings and things like that. but what are your thoughts on the second amendment? and do you believe in protecting our right to own a gun? >> i'm a second amendment supporter. i would tell you this -- a couple things i would say. number one, the president through executive order raised an issue that shouldn't be done by executive order but congress ought to consider. the issue of mental illness.
2:26 pm
we do not want to have guns going into the hands of people who have mental illness. and the fact is the states are supposed to upload the data on people that have these problems. many of the states are not doing it. congress should look into this and follow the law and we should toughen the law in that area. there's another thing i think that's in your hands. when you're in school you get a sense of somebody being bullied, you get a sense of somebody who is, you know, really you can see that they could be on the edge. that's when you need to tell your teachers, that's when you need to tell your principal. that's when you need to report -- call the police department, say let me tell you what i'm seeing. because that's something that can disrupt these kinds of things. and it's important we keep our eyes open. let me tell you another thing, i tell all the students that i see, including the young ones out here, never ever bully
2:27 pm
anybody and secondly, when you see somebody being bullied, you want to do some real good, stand up for the person that's being bullied. it will make a big difference, okay? [ applause ] >> is that a people problem or a gun problem when you look at them? >> i don't know what the details are. no, i think that people have a right to defend themselves. i think people have a right under the second amendment to collect guns, to hunt. i just don't believe that passing laws to restrict guns is going to have any impact. i think it's fundamentally a problem with the people who engage in this kind of violence. so look, i can only answer it by saying we all have to keep our eyes open. i don't know the story behind that. we just had a terrible situation
2:28 pm
in chicago where a young boy was shot because the gang member had a problem with his father. >> a 9-year-old. >> these are horrific things. horrific things. so the question is how do we get to the root of it? i tell you one other thing. willie, when we look around, we find a society sometimes that is divided. that is polarized. and frankly, you know, loving your neighbor matters. and when we don't love our neighbor, when we don't care about somebody, you know, we know the story of the good samaritan. it's transcended time. two people passed them by and finally somebody stopped. and got him into an inn and paid his bill. that good samaritan is transcended time as the way we should behave. so i think a lot of this is about us reconnecting our communities. it's about being involved. you know, we're running -- i'm running for president. you know, i think you hire me, it's the ceo, i go take care of
2:29 pm
the budget and the taxes and all that. what really is the spirit of the country in my opinion, it's you. it's what we do with the god given gifts that we have. if you're a nurse, you spend an extra 15 minutes with a family that's frightened. if you're a teacher, you know about teachers, they're the most underpaid people in our society. why do they do it? they want to change lives. there's another one i like to talk about. you know a lady, she's been married 50 years, her husband dies no one calls her. call her on monday and tell her you'll take her to dinner on saturday. what's she going to do on thursday? >> she'll go and get her hair done. and it will be perfect on saturday. and when you pick her up on saturday, she's going to wear a dress she hadn't worn in six months. did that change the world? absolutely it did. willie, i think the spirit of our country and connectivity, it rests with us. we have to have the confidence to know that we're the ones that
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. we're back, our gracious host here in lima ohio with governor john kasich. time for foreign policy. we go back to the crowd.
2:34 pm
mark bitner is a republican. >> thank you for visiting us here in lima. as commander in chief, how would you deal with the issues that are going on in the middle east, in particular with isis? >> okay. how about a little trip around the world? okay, first of all, with isis. isis takes me back to the first gulf war. and the reason i say it is we cannot defeat isis unless we have -- we could. but we need to have the arabs involved. the the muslim arabs who have been our friends. those would be the egyptians and they know their days are numbers if isis gets ahold of them. the jordanians, the same deal. the saudis are upheaval. and the gulf states. and, frankly, turkey, is really tricky country that we need to figure out how to deal with. then we get our european allies, and we go in the air and on the ground and we destroy them. as quickly as we can. settle the situation down. and let the regional people figure it out. you know, iraq was drawn after
2:35 pm
world war i by a bunch of guys sitting in london. they didn't know the difference between sunni, shia kurds and put things together that never fit. let the regional people sort it out, okay? israel is a great ally of ours. when you think about it i said it in the debate, they're being attacked from above with missiles, rockets, they're being attacked from under the ground, digging tunnels, they're our great friend. we need to make sure that they have the security that they need and give them the weapons they need to defend themselves. our goal should be stability. libya is a problem now. because we kicked kadafi out and medaled somewhere we have. in that case, we participated in driving him out and now we have isis in libya. which we now have to tend to. they say now we're going to do it from the air in that case,
2:36 pm
with people in libya on the ground, taking care of their matters. we should never have had that problem. and with putin, you know, with putin, he needs to understand we're going to arm the ukrainians so they can defend themselves. if he tries to attack in europe, it's an attack on us and he needs to understand that. we don't have to tell him he's our enemy he needs to understand what the limits are. the chinese need to understand they don't own the south china sea. we don't expect them to continue to hack us and we have the capability not only to defend ourselves but launch a counter attack to knock out their systems. they have to stop manipulating their currency when they're in a good position to try to take our jobs. europe, it's important you go to europe and respect them and warn them the dangers -- you don't have to tell the french about the dangers of islamic
2:37 pm
extremism. the brits are getting ready. the germans now are being overflooded with migrants because we failed to do anything in regard to syria where we could have supported rebels in opposition to assad. europe is ripe now for an agreement. here's what i'd say. sometimes you get lemons, and oftentimes you can take those lemons and turn it into lemonade. and since everybody is at risk, this might be a unique toornt opportunity for us to unite the world. the civilized world needs to stand forever. >> 15 years ago we went to war in afghanistan. a lot of people after 9/11 thought here comes the full american military might. we'll take the people out and go home. and we're still there. and we're still fighting on the ground in iraq. if we go back in with troops, how do you know -- >> you know, in afghanistan? >> yeah. >> no --
2:38 pm
>> the fight against isis. >> you know when it's over when you actually decapitate them. that's an achievable and understandable objective. afghanistan is a little bit of a different situation. i have to tell you, we got to get to the point where we know without having to announce it that our time should be limited. what we have to do is to make sure the afghans have the capability to fly the planes they need to support their ground forces. there might be an opportunity for us or might be necessary for us at times to be able to intervene if we begin to see something like al qaeda beginning to gather. i don't want to say it. the minute you say we leave they go what time is it when are they leaving? i want to tell you that i think american involvement in that country has gone on for just about long enough. >> time to bring the troops home? >> i said what i said. >> more with governor john
2:39 pm
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2:42 pm
msnbc's town hall event with john kasich. donald trump up with an ad airing in your home state here. hitting you on a couple things. he said you're an absentee governor. he hits you time at leeman brothers. how do you respond to the ad? >> wallowing in the mud with donald is not a successful strategy. i will say one thing about lehman brothers i ran a two man office in columbus ohio. if i bankrupted them from a two man office i should have been selected pope, not run for president. it's like blaming a car dealer in lima for the collapse of gm. it's negative and desperation. the people here know me. >> he has floated the idea that you would be a great vice president for him. he says -- >> he better not say that in front of my wife. >> you represent an important swing state. [ applause ]
2:43 pm
you've said in the past you would support the nominee even if it were donald trump could you get on a ticket? >> i believe i'll be the nominee. i have the second best job in america. number one is president, number two is governor of ohio. i love being governor of ohio. [ applause ] >> if donald -- >> come on, willie i just answered your question. >> you will not accept the vice president nomination -- >> i'm going to be the republican nominee after we win ohio and finish the rest of the country, okay? willie if you didn't live in new york -- you know, we may be competitive in new york. are you available for vice president with me? >> i'm afraid i've got a good day job, thank you very much. >> there's a plane, there's a house. >> nbc takes good care of me. let's go to another question.
2:44 pm
this is shhannah. >> hello governor, i'm hannah, i'm 23 fulltime grad students. i'm graduating with my masters. >> from where? >> lima ohio but graduating from liberty. i'm worried about finding a job and paying my student loans. i want to make something of myself. my question for you, how will the american dream be a reality under a kasich presidency? >> well, you know, that question touches me. because you're 23 years old. and you're going to find not only the american dream, but your own dreams if you dig down. because you're made special. don't ever forget that. there's something you can do nobody else can do. those are big dreams in and of themselves. in terms of our country, we
2:45 pm
absolutely have to get this economy going. this is the worst recovery post world war ii out of a recession. we're going anemically. there's all kinds of things that are happening that are keeping us from deoing well. we're up 400,000 jobs. the wind has been in my face, never at my back. if i can get this all straightened out down there using the formula i did in washington -- i was budget chairman. i don't know if you knew this. i got the federal budget balanced working with a group of people. we paid down a half a trillion of the national debt. the economy was roaring. the republicans spent all the money and then we went back into the hole and we had the crisis on wall street. and we've been down. we can get back up again and grow. now, for you, i mean, i'm worried about the student debt as well.
2:46 pm
what's interesting -- i don't know what the costs are at liberty. i was in michigan a week ago, you know that you could go to college for six thousand dollars in two years and transfer the credits to a four year school? cut your college costs in half. and that's one thing, secondly you ought to be able to restructure your loans so those interest rates reflect where the market is today. and, you know, maybe we can come up with some community service projects where you can help improve the community and work some of that debt off. but here's another thing that you need to think about. what year are you? >> graduating. >> graduate student. >> may 14th. >> yeah, well, you need to go on ohio means jobs, the website. because you will see a list of all the job openings in ohio. i think we're up to 200,000 jobs. something like that. of the openings that are not filled. so you need to scan that, ohio means jobs. every state ought to have ohio
2:47 pm
means jobs. early on in our education we ought to be educating you based on what you want to do to your life connect today the jobs that are available so you can see what it is you might want to do and how you get one of those jobs. and that's what i think is important. connecting education to jobs. we're forcing all of our universities to work with students on that. and we also are starting that in the k-12 system. so that people can begin to grow up and see what it is they might want to do and what it takes to get one. what they pay. all of it there on ohio means jobs. that is the kind of a site i would argue should be available all across america. so people can get education connected to jobs, training connec connected to jobs. don't lose faith. we'll get the economy going. but also remember, that you know, keep the faith. and know that you will find your way in this world. just search for what it is you're supposed to do. okay? >> thank you, very much.
2:48 pm
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. we're back with more of msn msnbc's special town hall event with ohio governor, john kasich. we're in lima, ohio, glad to be at the lima pallet company. i want to talk to you more about the state of the race. as you know, there are
2:52 pm
conservatives, there are republicans who believe we must first stop trump, that's all that matters here. i'm going to read from you from "the national review" a couple weeks ago, every vote, you, governor kasich, take from cruz or raubio is a vote away from sensible judicial nominations or irrational foreign policy, vote toward the potential destruction of a republican party that is america's last political hope of protecting life, religious liberty, and national security. >> sounds pretty dire, doesn't it? >> what do you make of that argument that some people think the three of you are splitting up the vote and clearing the path for donald trump to become the nominee? >> well, this isn't a parlor game and we're not picking the class president. we're picking the president of the united states. i'm running in this because i believe that i can bring the country together and solve these problems and frankly transfer power to people here where they can be strengthened and also to restore some hope. i mean, i go places, i was in
2:53 pm
this little town, palatine, illinois, there must have been almost 2,000 people in there. they were working folks. reminded me of being home in mckees rocks. they were so intense about, you know, you can do this. i mean, sometimes those people give me more energy than i can get, myself. and you don't make these kinds of deals or whatever. i'm not out to stop anybody. i'm out to become president of the united states and we have a long way to go and starting with a good win in ohio, we're off to the races. and i'm going to get to that convention, maybe -- you never know what happens in this business, by the way, what's true today is not true tomorrow. so, look, i don't pay much attention to all these, you know, pundits and -- get in the arena, my friend. get in there and then let me know when you're in the arena what it's like. okay? it's easy to have an opinion when you're sitting, like, 50 rows up, you know, in the end zone somewhere. well, i'll tell you what that quarterback should do. go play football then give me a call. okay? >> let's turn back to the crowd.
2:54 pm
chandler is a republican here in ohio. has a question for you. chandler? >> hello, governor. i am currently a junior in high school. last night on the debate, there was talk about raising the retirement age. as baby boomers currently come closer to their retirement age, do you think slowly raising that age could hopefully, like, save america? >> well, first of all, i said last night that there are more 18-year-olds who believe in ufos than seeing a social security check and somebody today fact checked me on it. how do you fact check? no, i don't -- we already are raising the retirement age. no, see, the answer is, i'll give you a technical answer since you're at st. john's, right, high school. you're a smart guy here. here's what we do. we currently create the initial benefit based on wages and prices. we're only going to base it on prices which means your initial starting point will be somewhat lower. for those who have been wealthy through their lives, they'll get social security, it just will be less.
2:55 pm
for those who definitely need it and depend on it, they'll get their full benefit. the system is fixed forever, period, end of story. we don't need to do anything else. got it? now, in order to get that done, you're going to have to have some democrats to go along and there will be compromise involved in this, but that fu fundamentally will get it done. i tried to do this before i left the congress. everybody ran away. th they didn't want to get themselves out there on social security. the problem got worse. we can fix it, okay? >> if you're in the position to appoint a supreme court justice, will being pro-abortion -- excuse me, antiabortion be a requirement? >> all i want to know is they're not going to make law, they're going to interpret the law and that they, you know, they're upstanding people.
2:56 pm
if they have a couple peccadillos in the background, i don't care about that. at the end of the day we appointed conservatives. we vote for judges in ohio. most of them have won. i haven't checked it all but they've done well. they've carried on their duties responsibly. one thing i am beginning to ask some of the judges, though, is we have a very serious problem all across the country with drugs. and the one thing we don't want to do, or with people who are nonviolent offenders, let's not put them in the prison next to a murderer. you know, because a judge sometimes gets down to a decision, well, am i going to be labeled soft on crime if i put him in a setting that's better for them, but yet i can be attacked in a campaign? we need to make sure that we're on top of that. so we might ask the question like that, but no litmus test. where do they start and where do they end? >> let's go back to the crowd. brooklyn has a question for you. >> hi, governor kasich. >> hi, brooklyn. >> i'm brooklyn. i'm from delta st. john's. my question for you is how do you think governor gives you an advantage in the race and as
2:57 pm
possibly president? >> well, look, when you're a governor, you -- first of all, i was a legislator for a long time, okay? and i learned to not like executives. okay? and as an executive, i'll let you finish the sentence, okay? no, just kidding. in all seriousness, these experiences allow you to understand both sides. what is it that a legislator needs and what is it that an executive is supposed to do? you know, is an executive, you're held accountable and, young lady, you know, at the end of the day, if we were not growing jobs, if things were really bad, you know, then people would say he failed. fortunately, we didn't fail. i had a good team of people and good legislature to work with. there's no substitute of the experience of things happening that come right out of the blue. let me tell you, i am a much better leader today than i was five years ago. there's to question. i'm better today than i was four years ago. each year, you develop -- you know what part of the key is,
2:58 pm
you have to be calm, you have to be confident, you have to be strong and you have to make sure you have a good team. that's what you have to do. and you don't learn to be calm -- how old are you? >> i'm 16 right now. >> okay. you're 16. are you driving yet? >> yes, i am. >> okay. be careful. okay? now, here's what i want to tell you. you're going to be a much better driver two years from now than you are today. and you're going to see things today that are going to get you a little shaky, okay? ride in the right-hand lane, would you? here's the thing. after you see a lot of things, you're going to become more comfortable behind the wheel. that's what it's like to be an executive. you can't blame -- you can't make excuses as an executive. in other words, the final exam comes and can't say the dog ate my homework. you actually have to take the test and get a grade. >> thank you, brooklyn.
2:59 pm
appreciate it. unfortunately we're out of time. i will ask one more that there seems to be interest about in this room. the cleveland browns cut johnny manziel today. was that a good idea? >> well, you know, the people cheered when they told me about it. and, look, i mean, here's what i would say. i don't know the guy, but i think we're all disappointed he struggled like he has, huh? we wish it hadn't have happened. he hasn't seemed to accept personal responsibility. i don't know enough about him other than to say that, you know, clearly he's got a problem and he needs to get on top of it and i hope he does and i wish him all the best. but it just hasn't worked out for the browns. now, you didn't bring up lebron and let me just say this, they're going to win the title this year. >> really? >> i'm going to predict it, okay? [ applause ] i know -- i know -- listen, i know all about stephen curry, i know all about klay thompson, i know all about the draymond green.
3:00 pm
i know that. watch for the cavs, seven games, watch for it, willie. >> steph curry born in akron, too. >> i didn't know that. >> he was, indeed, he was, indeed. good luck on tuesday. see you. appreciate it. our thanks to governor john kasich and to the lima pallet company and owner tracy sanchez for hosting us tonight. this is the place for politics on msnbc. have a great night. and good evening from msnbc headquarters in new york. i'm richard lui. this hour, right now, four live events. we will take you over the next 120 minutes after a busy morning, man who jumped a barrier in dayton, ohio, this morning is where the day started spooking the candidate and prompting secret service agents to surround donald trump. that individual has been


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