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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live this morning from the urban farmer restaurant in cleveland. one of the establishments that the folks in this city and in this state are quite proud of. and of course, this state is one of the key battleground states
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we're keeping an eye on. we're five states will hold primaries tomorrow. many delegate rich, as we like to describe them. right now, a furious day of campaigning under way. the six presidential candidates are scheduled to hold a total of 22 events today, covering all of tomorrow's primary states. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has an event this hour in chicago. and bernie sanders is set to hold a rally in ohio. getting started there now. and that with polls showing secretary clinton leads in four of the five states. holding primaries tomorrow, but with one poll now showing senator sanders with a single-point lead in missouri, and his campaign is hoping that that energy and that momentum may have an impact in illinois and maybe even here in ohio. now on the republican side, donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, and john kasich are all about to hold events or wrapping up their first rallies of this morning. now, the latest polls also show
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trump leading in four of tomorrow's five primary states. and that includes florida. we just got this new poll in. hot off the press, a new monmouth university poll released this hour now shows donald trump with a 17-point lead over senator marco rubio in rubio's home state. factor this into your poll categories of information, i guess. a new quinnipiac university poll also out earlier this morning shows trump with more than a two to one lead over senator rubio. those results are similar to our nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll out yesterday. in ohio, the new quinnipiac poll shows trump and governor kasich tied in the governor's must-win home state. while our poll showed kasich with a six-point lead. i know there are a lot of numbers but we're trying to paint the stage to why tomorrow is so critical, and it really could go any way.
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a key question asked this morning. how will the protests and violence at trump's recent rallies and even trump's refusal to accept any responsibility for the rhetoric that may have played a part in what we saw, how will that all affect tomorrow's vote? meanwhile, that violence included secret service agents surrounding the republican front-runner as a protester rushed the stage on saturday. trump later insisted the man had possible ties to isis after something he saw on the internet. but federal law enforcement officials tell nbc news there's no evidence of that. the protester has been identified as 22-year-old thomas demasimo who is charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct. he tells nbc news he has no ties to any terrorist organization. >> no way, shape, or form was i planning on touching him. not even to move him away from the podium. just trying to get there and get
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my voice close enough to the microphone. >> and we want to check in with our nbc correspondents covering the campaigns for us to get you the latest. let's start with jacob rascon in hickory, north carolina, with donald trump is about to hold the first of three rallies today. you know, the question that everyone asks when you say a donald trump rally, are we seeing protesters this morning, jacob? >> so, inside the auditorium, about 1,000 people were able to sit down. of course, it's filled to capacity. outside, there are about 300 people who couldn't get in. i'm told by one of our nbc colleagues that there are some protesters outside. that they have had some rival chants going on between the supporters and protesters. but that so far, they have been peaceful. their protesters are talking about immigration. the rival chant, as you might expect, but so far, everything peaceful. inside here, we're expecting donald trump at any moment. the trump plane was delayed because of fog. we're told at any moment he could show up here.
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there's two chairs as you might be able to notice on the stage. one is chris christie, making a last push for his candidate, and the big question after such a weekend as is always the case, is what will the voter do, and what does the voter think? the voters here at the trump rally, many of them i have talked to, blame the other side, blame the protesters coming and saying look, what does donald trump have to do with this, even though he's talked about punching people in the face. that's only happened once, they'll say. but others do say, look, we're in it for donald trump because of his policies. we really like him because he's an outsider. we're not really a fan of any of the talk about violence. we wish he would kind of tone that down a little bit. and so some of them do express that worry. and a lot of them do think that he'll tone it down after a big win tomorrow. so of course, everybody will be on the lookout for that. will he tone it down at all? like he said he will. he will pivot to become more presidential, will that happen or not? we'll see.
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>> okay. thank you very much. donald trump canceled an event in florida today, where he holds a nearly two to one lead over marco rubio. he's instead campaigning at the tighter race of ohio. let's go to nbc's hallie jackson covering the cruz campaign for us. she joins us from rockford, illinois. and hallie, i saw you put out a note regarding an interesting remark from senator cruz when he was asked again about whether or not he would be willing to support the gop nominee if it's donald trump. he said earlier, after all of the violence, that he would still honor his pledge. but he described it in a very interesting way today. >> he did. and he doubled down on this with chuck todd over the weekend with "meet the press" saying he would support trump. we pressed him again today and he said, hey, listen, here's when i would not support donald tru trump, if he were to go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody. it was a joke, renferencing a
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remark trump made. but it was telling in that the senator continued to say that he will stand by his pledge that he made to support the republican nominee. we went back and forth on this. listen. >> at the outset of this campaign, i committed i will support the republican nominee. and i honor my word. i know that that is revolutionary and particularly when you have a candidate like donald trump who changes his position on a given issue sometimes two or three times on the same debate stage. but with me, i'm very simple. when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. >> that is cruz's message in this campaign. it has been for months now, tamron, that he is the one who is a consistent conservative. it resonates with his supporters. but as you noted, one of the questions now given what's happened over the last few days in the republican race, is whether cruz might change that position or at least leave the door open to maybe second thoughts as we have seen marco rubio, john kasich, both of them describe their decision to support the republican nominee is getting very difficult. the other thing that ted cruz is
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doing here in illinois, which is another state, by the way, that votes tomorrow on super tuesday, too, is painting trump as too close to illinois politicians like rahm emanuel, like rod blagojevich, for example. this is something cruz talked about not just with reporters but up here on stage just a couple minutes ago in front of a crowd at this theater in rockford. expect to see that be a key part of his message as he continues on to four more campaign stops today. he's hitting illinois hard and hopes he can close the gap, pick up delegates from donald trump. cruz now by the latest polling only behind donald trump by maybe single digits, tamron. >> and we know that hallie, cruz is spending the entire day in illinois, holding five events there. let's talk strategy. not that senator cruz is a man who is unwilling to change a pledge or change a promise. we know that happens, but a strategy regarding donald trump supporters. maybe some of those who potentially could be turned off by some of the violence, who may have questions.
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cruz knows he want that support. so when he says, listen, i'm still willing to honor my pledge, isn't that also an attempt to not offend donald trump supporters, if it ever gets to a position where they might consider senator cruz? >> potentially, tamron. remember, though, what cruz has done in the last month, which is draw a lot of distinctions, a lot of contrasts between himself and trump on policy. what cruz is doing is trying to aim for that, what he calls maybe 60% of the republican electorate that does not support donald trump. what we have seen over and over again when we look at exit polling from states that have voted already is trump's support has hardened. people made up their minds they were going to support donald trump a while ago and they still will do that. cruz's strategy is try to coalesce the rest of the party, everybody who doesn't support donald trump, behind him. so while there may be certainly a strategic perception or the thinking strategically that you want pootoo pick up the dt supporters, it feels like
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potentially cruz is trying to stay consistent with the message that he's been delivering for months now, which is if he says he will do something, he will do it. >> but one of the things we know that's fueled donald trump's campaign has been the pledge to build a wall, which is also what ted cruz has said he would be willing to do as well. so they do have an intersection of where their support could definitely overlap. >> absolutely. >> we're looking at strategy there. thank you, hallie. let's go to marco rubio. he's insisting tomorrow will be a game changer for his campaign. here's what he said in the last hour to meet and greet with voters in jacksonville, florida. take a listen. >> tomorrow's the day where we're going to shock the country and we're going to do what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. and it's going to give us the momentum we need to go into arizona and utah. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is covering the rubio campaign for us. he joins me from i-95 as he s z
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heads to the senator's next event in florida. to a person, everyone wants to know, what is marco rubio looking at? what internal polls is he looking at that gives him this confidence to say that tomorrow he will win his home state? >> hey, there, tamron. we're here along i-95. and this is marco rubio's home state, the chief artery going down from jacksonville all the way down to miami. he is now heading to his second event, in melbourne. he has something, another event in west palm beach and then heading to miami. the key question for the rubio campaign is really how can they gain any sort of traction? with donald trump up in the polls, as you mentioned, tamron, up 20 points according to our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, shehe's down 21 points to trump, a monmouth university poll, 17 points. rubio campaign insists the
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internal polling they're doing shows a closer race. it's a steep mountain to climb for the rubio campaign. they're trying to do local media. they're hoping that some of these attack ads going up against donald trump, his super pac is putting out there, that makes some sort of difference. the voters we have talked to, they say they don't really know why marco rubio has failed to get so much traction. this is a campaign that didn't want to be in this position. they tried to run a campaign based on policy early on. then they, you know, the campaign made a decision to try to match donald trump in the gutter, in some of the school yard insults. that didn't seem to work. this is really marco rubio's last stand in his home state. he's a politician who succeeded here before. they think they can pull something out. but it really will be a challenge, as you say, down so much. the early vote, the rubio campaign, there was a poll that came out earlier that said he was up in the early vote more than two million people voted early, either in person or by
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mail. according to our poll, donald trump has 48% of that vote. so it remains difficult to see how the rubio campaign is going to pull this one out, but they're insisting they will, and they're already planning events for later in the week in utah. tamron. >> it will be an incredible story on tuesday night if he closes that gap and these polls are proven wrong. thank you very much. and let's go to peter alexander with the kasich campaign at a rally right now in youngstown, ohio. and peter, it's always interesting when you're able to talk to people you run into in town and get their feel of the campaign. you have the governor with such an interesting record in this state. he says he's brought in 400,000 jobs since becoming the governor. he has been instrumental in rebuilding ohio. and yet, he is in a race to the teeth with donald trump here. >> yeah, tamron, that's exactly right. they're holding a town hall just behind us, but this is a man who has represented the voters of the state since 1979.
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for most of the last four decades with a brief hiatus when he was with lehman brothers. that's one of the lines of attack for donald trump. he's hit him for being an absentee governor, but he said i'm not going to wallow in the mud with trump. he said that's not a successful strategy going forward. he has 79% approval among republicans in the state. you made the point, this is a culmination of a long political career, depending on how well he does here tomorrow, the numbers according to our new nbc news/"morning joe"/marist poll shows him with a six-point advantage. the race is basically neck and neck at this point. he told our nbc news team just a couple days ago if he's able to win in ohio, it will show donald trump is an emperor with no clothes. even if he wins in ohio, if florida is a loss for rubio, and kasich wins in ohio, it's mathematically impossible he could clinch the nomination before cleveland, where he would be the home state governor presiding over the convention here. he says we would be headed
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toward a contested convention, that he's confident he could still be the one who leaves cleveland with the nomination going forward. if he loses, if he loses, it's all done. if rubio loses and he wins, he would be the last -- the lone remaining mainstream republican in the race. tamron. >> and peter, you mentioned the 79% approval. i think that's why people are perplexed as to how this race is so close, with the governor with such a high approval. add this into the mix, mitt romney is now going to campaign with john kasich today in two stops in ohio, and yet, mitt romney is still not endorsing. does that do kasich any good? does that bring any good will to him if mitt romney is not going to endorse him? >> well, it doesn't hurt to have a guy like mitt romney with you. it brings a lot of media attention and raises the conversation that's focused around john kasich right now. over the coursef the campaign, he told me repeatedly, there's the outsider trump lane, the
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establishment lane, and the kasich lane. he now has the support of two of the biggest establishment republicans. john boehner, and mitt romney, who will joining him twice later today. romney aides tell us this is not an endorsement. it's his latest effort to try to defeat donald trump going forward. there's actually a new ad out from one of the biggest anti-trump groups out there right now, hitting trump over the vulgarity, and the violence that's taken place at his events. so will it make a difference? wait and see, but the people i have spoken to in the cloud here say they're trying to decide between those two men. they like the hopeful optimism of john kasich and the vehicle of their anger that donald trump has proven to be. notably, trump will be a short distance away from here at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> all right, peter alexander, thank you so much. joining me now, "washington post" opinion writer and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. jonathan, we looked at a number of factors and wonder what impact they will have on
8:17 am
tuesday, from mitt romney traveling around to john kasich, to of course these violent rallies with donald trump. you have written a lot about it. i want to play first, though, what ben carson said on the "today" show now that he's backing donald trump and his camp. what does he have to say about all the violence. >> i think certainly if the protesters continue with their tactics, there is a real possibility of escalation, because those who are the victims of them have two choices. they can submit to them and meekly just do whatever those protesters want them to do, or they can fight back. >> so that was ben carson, several other donald trump supporters also saying that somehow this is the bernie team, these people are disrupters and not protesters. and they are responsible for the last few days. >> look, tamron, you know,
8:18 am
protesting a political rally is protected under the first amendment. people have a right to make their opinions known. they have a right to hold up signs. they have a right to try to shout down a candidate. but when you have a candidate from the podium basically inciting people to do harm to protesters, that's where you cross the line. and as i have been saying since friday, donald trump was given ample opportunity to show leadership. and to say that not only does he not condone violence, but to also clean up his own language. chris matthews gave him an opportunity. chuck todd gave him an opportunity yesterday on "meet the press." and he didn't take that opportunity. and judging from his rallies, after cancelling the one in chicago, and the ones he did over the weekend, he has no intention of showing that leadership. you know, this pivot to acting presidential that he said that
8:19 am
he told chris wallace last month on fox news sunday, and what he has been saying on the campaign trail, that his wife melania has been saying to him, he needs to act more presidential, that pivot is not coming any time soon, it seems. >> well, it's also interesting, going back even to the david duke conversation and not disavowing david duke's endorsement or support, whichever way you choose to describe it, people have tried to describe the donald trump support you have those who say these are people who are frustrated about losing jobs, many of them were democrats at one point in time, but they all have an angry feeling that the government is out to get them. then you also have a photo that went viral in illinois of a woman with the nazi salute. she says she's not a nazi. she was making it a teachable moment. you have this new video that has gone viral. let me play what one of donald trump's supporters said while leaving a rally in kansas city.
8:20 am
>> go to auschwitz. go to [ bleep ]. >> go back to auschwitz is what he said a couple times. again, this is one individual out of thousands. but they seem to be gravitating to donald trump rallies and not any other candidates. >> right, that's the thing, tamron. these horrible, hateful things that are being said are happening at donald trump rallies. these protests, the violence that's occurred at political rallies have been happening at donald trump rallies. at some point, back in the old days, when we had sort of rational political campaigns, a presidential candidate would feel incumbent upon himself or herself to denounce things that are being said and done at their rallies, presumably on their behalf, because these are people who are supporting him or her. and he's not doing that. in fact, he's egging it on. so that's what's so frustrating
8:21 am
and frightening about what donald trump is doing. he's not apologizing, which is one of the things people seem to like about him and seem to gravitate to him because he doesn't back down. he doesn't apologize, but the test of leadership is being able to recognize that what you're doing in the short term might be helpful, but in the long term, is doing great damage, not just to you as a person, you as a candidate, but to your party and your country. that's exactly what donald trump is doing right now. >> and just quickly here. i have heard a lot of people this morning, jonathan, say that maybe he can pivot, maybe he can correct it. how do you correct or turn around some of the things that have been said? we talk a lot about children and marco rubio said he's got to decide whether he can face his children with his decision to support donald trump if he's the nominee. if you're at a school right now and some kid tells another kid, beat up this one over here and i'll take care of it. i'll get you out of trouble, what would we say about them? that's essentially what he's saying. i'll pay your legal fees if you
8:22 am
clock someone on my behalf. some would argue criminal. >> well, right. tamron, there is no way to pivot from this. again, back in the old days before the internet, sure, you would be able to pivot and gloss over things you said and did in the past. but in this age of where everyone is sort of living online, where every has a camera that has a phone -- everyone has a phone with a camera on it that can video things in real time and shoot them out in real time, there's so much stuff on donald trump that he can try to pivot, try to become presidential, but there will be a piece of video that can accompany every opportunity, every moment he tries to scrub his record clean. it is impossible, i think, for him to pivot into being more presidential. he's done more damage to himself and his campaign than he realizes or even cares, quite frankly. >> that's why in the head-to-head matchups in the
8:23 am
polls, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are beating him. bernie sanders is definitely hitting that note home in the town hall and perhaps today in the town hall with msnbc. thank you. greatly appreciate it. >> as we ton the live events from cleveland where we are, is there a way for the gop to fix the divided party? do they see a way forward if donald trump is their nominee? how will they prop him up so he can win a general election if that's even possible? plus, donald trump warns senator sanders, quote, be careful bernie. and threatens to send his supporters to infiltrate sanders rallies. this after donald trump has blamed sanders' backers for the trouble at his rallies. coming up, what senator sanders is saying today. and we're still waiting for donald trump to address his rally in hickory, north carolina. we're just getting in new video showing protesters and trump supporters getting into scuffles as they're being described outside the doors there ahead of
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welcome back. welcome back, these are live images coming in from tampa, florida, where protesters have gathered ahead of a donald trump rally at 2:00 eastern time, as you know, it's right now 11:30. they have gathered very early. our reporters on the ground noted that a number of these people reached out to one another on social media trying to get the word out that this protest would take place today. so there are groups representing both sides in this trump supporters, apparently, there as well. chanting build a wall. and you have the protesters who want their voices heard as well,
8:28 am
at another event for donald trump. meanwhile, we're back live from the urban farmer in cleveland, ohio. very nice restaurant in this city. one of the states where voters are casting ballots in tomorrow's primary contest. both democrat and republican presidential candidates are holding events here ahead of tomorrow's big primary contest, including donald trump, holding a rally tonight in youngstown. he even canceled an event in florida, likely due to his sizable lead in that state. he wants to spend more time in ohio and joining me now is republican pollster, columnist for the washington examiner, kristen solstice anderson. thank you for joining us again. >> thanks for having me. >> so let's talk about marco rubio in florida. all weekend long, he's expressed confidence and frustration for different reasons. frustration over the rhetoric from donald trump, but then this confidence that he can pull out a victory despite every poll showing otherwise. what do you believe that his
8:29 am
campaign is looking at at this point? >> his campaign has a very good pollster, a very sophisticated data team. i have to believe for them to be so confident, having a few weeks ago said we're putting it all on the line. we will win florida, that they must be seeing something very different than what the public polls are showing. they do not show that marco rubio has a significant chance to win the primary. it remains to be seen, is this another instance like we had with michigan last week, where the public polls are all completely wrong in some way, or is this going to be like most of the primaries we have seen this year where the public polls have been surprisingly somewhat close. >> it has been, and when we look at right now the early voting in florida, another record expected to be broken there, but even in early voting, you see donald trump leading marco rubio. and this despite at the end of last week, donald trump essentially sounding an alarm bell, implying there was something dubious going on with the early voting in florida. obviously, nothing has been
8:30 am
proven of that kind. >> if you take a look at florida, marco rubio at this point i think is doing particularly well in miami, the area of the state that he's from. but is going to need some stronger numbers, particularly from places along the middle of the state, what we call the i-4 corridor, tampa, orlando. these are areas where you have a lot of republican voters, but in many cases a lot of sort of republican moderates, swing voters, a lot of sort of suburb yeah there. those are the places you would expect marco rubio to do, would need to do particularly well if he wants to have a shot at knocking off donald trump in florida. >> and just quickly, another question before we talk about ohio, regarding florida. it's in the "new york times" today, i'm sure you saw it, in the the headline was donald trump's tampa office is an unlikely melting pot. and they talked to a couple of people, one woman was born to a jewish family in cuba, came to the united states as a refugee at the age of 5. several other people from different backgrounds, many of them not born in the united
8:31 am
states. but still very feverishly supporting donald trump, and even some of what he said regarding people coming to this country illegally. >> the one thing to remember ability donald trump is there are a lot of different reasons why people decide to be donald trump supporters. it's easy for us to simplify it and say it's all about immigration or it's all about trade. for some people, it's they feel the country they knew and loved is slipping away from them. for some, they're frustrating about things like china and trade deals that don't help america. for some, they're frustrated about illegal immigration. that could even apply to folks who legally immigrate to the u.s. there are many different paths that people take to become donald trump fans, which is why it's been so hard for his opponents to figure out a way to kind of take him out. no one single attack is enough to sort of get rid of a large chunk of donald trump's support. >> quickly, looking here at ohio, as we noted, governor kasich has a nearly 80% approval in the city.
8:32 am
i'm in a nice restaurant that is probably flourishing in part to some of the new business coming in. one of these farm to table restaurants we associate maybe with california or new york, but it's here in the heart of cleveland, ohiour. yet, whether he can take credit for a success story like this, he has a high approval number and he's struggling with donald trump. >> john kasich is somebody who would do well in a general election. poll after poll shows he's the sort of person who could beat hillary clinton in november, while the polls show donald trump is not well positioned to do that. in ohio, the reason this is so important is that you've got an opportunity to win this winner-take-all cache of delegates. i think in the case of john kasich, though, even though he's the sort of person who may be very popular with voters in his own state, donald trump is just getting people at this visceral, emotional level. folks who feel that no one who looks at all like an establishment or mainstream republican could possibly represent them.
8:33 am
john kasich would argue he's not the mainstream establishment republican but someone that the establishment could be okay with. donald trump on the other hand is likely to split the party if he's the name. >> all right, thank you very much. great pleasure having you on again. interesting information about marco rubio's pollster. we'll see if their information is better than the national polls out here. >> cal perry is live for us in tampa. we were just talking about donald trump's campaign on the ground in tampa. this "new york times" article highlighting some of his supporters. now we're seeing more protesters showing up. cal is there. what do you see on the ground, buddy? >> yeah, so this is the line to get into the trump rally. these are the trump supporters. i'll take you over here. here's the protest. i want to be clear about this to our viewers. there's an equal amount of media as there are protesters. we're seeing a back and forth about the wall. racist trump is what this crowd is chanting. this crowd is chanting we've got to build a wall. but again, this is a show at this point for the media, the police are doing a very good job
8:34 am
of keeping the two groups separated. we'll keep an eye on this, but right now, it's just a pretty good shouting match. >> what's the security situation like there, cal? >> i'm sorry? >> cal, what's the security situation like there? >> security is very good. so the police are set up over here. they're staging in this area just behind where the protests are. there seems to have been some kind of silent agreement worked out between the small group of protesters where they'll stay on this side of the barrier. you can see the police have lined this road, and they have totally shut down this street. we hear they may shut down more streets but it will depend on whether this gets bigger, of course. >> all right, cal perry, we'll keep an eye on the developments in tampa, florida, where donald trump has a sizable lete in the state, but clearly, at this location, a number of protesters who are ready to stand against him. also developing now, senator bernie sanders is holding a rally in youngstown, ohio.
8:35 am
he's trailing hillary clinton by five points, according to our latest poll. but he certainly could surprise everyone tuesday, as he did with michigan. we'll take a look at where bernie sanders is picking up steam and where he has a fighting chance and perhaps even a victory. red lobster's lobsterfest is back. so come try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year, like lobster lover's dream or new dueling lobster tails. it's a party on every plate, and you're invited. so come in while it lasts. advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ these are live pictures from youngstown, ohio, where bernie sanders is holding a rally right now. sanders is one of three candidates stopping in that rust belt city today. john kasich, donald trump, also campaigning there. yesterday in illinois, trump accused sanders' supporters of disrupting his events. >> and a lot of people there, they had all of the bernie signs, made right from a printing press. everybody had them. they were handed out.
8:39 am
leave them alone. leave them alone. look at that person, that foolish person. all right, get him out of here. get him out. get him out. send them back to bernie. send him back. >> senator sanders responded to trump at a town hall in columbus last night. here's what the senator said. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. he's going to pay the legal fees of somebody who committed a terrible act of violence. what that means is that donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. >> msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt is covering the sanders campaign. let's talk about why you have three candidates in youngstown. what that city may represent on a larger scale for the state.
8:40 am
>> tamron, forgive me. i'm having a little trouble hearing you. i apologize if i didn't catch the end of the question. senator sanders is here in youngstown. it's his first of five stops today. he's hitting four of the five states that are up on march 15th. this is the first of two rallies here in ohio. then it's on to north carolina, then missouri, and finishing the night in illinois. he's got this increased focus on donald trump. you heard some of it just then. and his aides tell me he really is ready and willing to take this head on. he says, of course, he does not condone violence, but his campaign is not organizing many of these protesters. sanders himself saying he doesn't condone people who interrupt other people's meetings. a little interesting for somebody who, of course, has been engaged in civil disobedience at some points during his youth and over the course of his career. but this is something that the sanders team feels like they can take on in a way that could in fact end up elevating sanders'
8:41 am
profile. of course, it's all about whether or not he can post wins on the board on tuesday. they're looking at missouri and illinois as their best chances to do that. ohio is really going to be the proving ground, and both sides are working to manage expectations of how that's going to come out. if he can manage to beat hillary clinton here in ohio, that would be a pretty big deal for the course of his next couple months and fighting, as he says, all the way to the convention. tamron. >> and kasie, i know you're having trouble hearing, but do we know about the spending from bernie sanders? i feel like i have seen more of his ads and heard more of his ads on the radio than anyone else. >> tamron, yes, of course. they have so much money available because the small donors are willing to give millions and michigan was energizing for them. they can go back again and again. it also means he doesn't have to spend time fund-raising. part of the strategy for march 15th was actually a switch from
8:42 am
previously. before, we had seen the sanders campaign not advertising in states where they thought they were going to lose. they weren't putting time in in those southern states. it's possible that will have turned out be something of a tactical error only buzz it allowed hillary clinton to rack up major delegates in those southern states. the goal tomorrow is to prevent that from happening. so they are competing across all of these states on the airwaves. that includes florida where hillary clinton is expected to win, but where sanders hopes to keep the loss within a range that won't let her rack up two many gel gdelegates. >> kasie hunt live for us in youngstown. a programming note, msnbc will be hosting a town hall with both the democratic candidates for president. that's at sick:00 p.m. eastern time for chuck will be with senator sanders and hillary clinton follows up at 7:00 p.m. eastern with chris matthews. that's tonight, only on msnbc. you don't want to miss that. developing now, secretary clinton just wrapped up a campaign event at an immigration workshop in chicago.
8:43 am
officials have reported record-breaking early voting numbers. this as clinton is locked in a tight race with sanders in actually her state, her home state. she was born in illinois. we'll be right back. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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8:46 am
everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. welcome back. hillary clinton is hitting the campaign trail in illinois. these final -- this final full day of the campaign before tomorrow's primaries. she will then head to missouri, and then to north carolina. bernie sanders will also, as we mentioned earlier, be in chicago later today. he'll be holding a rally at roosevelt university. secretary clinton's lead in illinois is slim. she leads sanders by six points. that's in our latest nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll. at a dinner for ohio democrats last night, clinton unleashed one of her harshest attacks yet on the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> let's just tell the truth
8:47 am
about what's going on here. donald trump is running a cynical campaign of hate and fear for one reason. to get votes. he's encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. he is pitting americans against each other to get votes. >> and kristen welker is with the clinton campaign in chicago. a lot of moving parts. that was her reaction, of course, to some of the rhetoric from donald trump. but in reality, kristen, focus still has to be on that toit race in illinois and a potential upset in one of these other states on tuesday. >> tamron, it's still very much the focus of the clinton campaign and what's happening here in illinois underscores just how tight this race is. as you point out, secretary clinton is leading but only by six points. and this is her home state.
8:48 am
michigan was a real wake-up call to the clinton campaign. a lot of folks thought the ground game there was lacking and her messaging wasn't quite hitting the mark. what have we seen since michigan? we have seen secretary clinton more aggressively tout her plans to enact stiffer trade restrictions and she's been talking more about her plans to bring back and strengthen the manufacturing sector. i just spoke with one of her organizers here in illinois who say they're feeling confident heading into tomorrow. they have been putting a lot of resources into her ground game here and bringing in a lot of her top surrogates over the weekend to rally voters. still, there is a lot at stake tomorrow night. clinton campaign thinks if secretary clinton can win states like florida and north carolina, she'll expand her delegate lead, and right now, she has a pretty comfortable lead in those states, but ohio, ohio, ohio, tamron. our poll shows her with a comfortable lead. other polls show that the race is much tighter, and both campaigns think that it is much tighter. so there's going to be a lot of
8:49 am
focus on what happens in critical ohio, because if secretary clinton wins that state, she could really start to put the race out of reach. if she loses it, senator sanders only gains momentum. tamron. >> all right, kristen, thank you very much. i'm told now that donald trump has taken the stage in north carolina, with governor chris christie. they're in hickory, north carolina. let's listen in. >> i thought so. >> well, thank you. thank you so much, everybody. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> and we're looking forward to being all over the country today. we're going to be here, we're going to be in tampa. we're going to be in youngstown, ohio, and we're going to be working real hard right up until election day tomorrow to get the wins for this guy, put him in the white house.
8:50 am
so what we thought we would do today is, you know, since donald and i have known each other for 14 years now, known each other well, been friends for a friends a long time, been opponents for a brief period of time, i thought we'd ask some questions for you all to be able to get to know him a little bit better, his vision for the country, and what's brought him to this moment in history to help to lead our country. so how's that sound? [ applause ] so donald, i know north carolina's important to you. you have business here. why don't you tell folks a little bit about that. >> well, i do. i love north carolina, and i have a business. a lot of spirit in north carolina, but i have a big development actually down the road not so far away. lake norman, you know where lake norman is. it's trump national. it's been a tremendous success. i took it over. the company built it and they
8:51 am
lost it, went through a bankruptcy proceeding and bought it at a bankruptcy. spent quite a bit of money. we have a lot of employees, great, great people from north carolina. we have employees, and it's a tremendous success. it's a tremendous job. we're very proud of it. i come here, you know, i won't be coming here much looking at that but now at the state to make sure your roads are in good shape and everything else. but it's been a wonderful job. we love it. a lot of people work there too. >> and that experience, not only here but what you've done around the world in terms of building great businesses, i think folks are confident that if you become president, you'll do the same for the country. tell them how will do be doing it. >> thank you, thank you. well, i built, like, this is one small example, but all over the world, and then in this country, and we submitted on papers to federal election because as a
8:52 am
private company, you never know. people don't know and maybe he's not as rich as people thought, so we submitted almost 100 pages of documents, very powerful documents and it really spells out the great company. we built an amazing company. very little debt. tremendous cash flow. you said you were shocked by the numbers, how big they were. a great company. the reason i say that is because it's important this is the kind of thinking we need in this country. our country. we have to get, you know, look, our infrastructure is a disaster. we have to build it on time, on budget. these projects, they end up costing ten times more. and a road ends up costing far more than anticipated. nobody knows what they're doing. it's one of the things, chris, that was interesting, two years ago, they went out to bid with the old post in washington, dc, the single best location in
8:53 am
washington. everybody wanted it. one of the most sought after projects in the history of the gsa. everybody wanted it and i ended up getting it. and i got it because my financial statement was the best right there along with all of these great and in many cases big public companies and public companies. because we had the best job, the best concept. we're going to build a tremendous super luxury hotel, one of the best anywhere in the country and i think maybe the best in the country, but interestingly, i got it in the obama administration. if you think about it, the obama administration, everybody wanted all the major hotel companies, waldorf astoria, so many different companies wanted it. and what we have now, we started construction. we're over a year under in terms of schedule. we're a year ahead of schedule. we're right on budget, even under budget, and i'd be way under budget because i up the marble. using marble instead of teraza. all of the finest materials and in the end, i think it will be
8:54 am
great. but the point is it's under schedule. we're over a year ahead. it will open september. and it wasn't supposed to open for many, many months after that. and it would be great if when we do the infrastructure of our country, we could be under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we want to see. >> and i think that relates to one of the big issues that you've brought up in this campaign, which is trade. and how would you bring the same kind of principles you brought to bringing great properties and managing the great company to relationship with trade other the world? >> right, chris. one of the biggest problems we have in our country is trade. we're bad traders. we have the worst people representing us. we have political hacks. now, we have political hacks. we have a trade deficit with china. $505 billion. think of it. $505 billion. we have trade deficit with japan
8:55 am
that's shocking. we have, by the way, with mexico. i have great relations with mexico and with hispanic people. i employ thousands of hispanics. they're great. but we have with mexico, $58 billion trade deficit. and when i say we'll build a wall, which we will, by the way, but we're going to build a wall. they love it. they love the wall. we love the wall. we love the wall. we're going to build a wall, folks. we're going to build a wall. are you ready? who's going to pay for the wall? 100% correct, okay. and when i get off stage with like, marco, and i get off stage with kasich --
8:56 am
[ boos bank account ] usa! [ crowd chanting usa ]
8:57 am
>> all right. [ crowd chanting "trump" ] >> all right.
8:58 am
>> you know, it is amazing though. we have rallies. tremendous rallies. sometimes 25,000, 35,000. we had one two weeks ago in alabama. 35,000 people. in disruption. no nothing. but the press is now calling this thing, oh, but there's such violence. the violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think, like basically none, other than i guess maybe somebody got hit once or something. but there's no violence. and you know in chicago, we cancelled because i didn't want to see it. it was a huge group of people formed, like 3,000. we were going to have 25,000 people in chicago. and they've given me credit, chris, because rather than having the rally and having people fighting, because we feel great. the people that are supporters of donald trump want to see america be great again. that's what it is. i mean, it's simple. so rather than fighting in
8:59 am
chicago, i did something that was a good move. a good decision. i don't want to see anybody be hurt. and what happened is, and we've been given so much credit for that decision, nobody hurt. no problem. went away. but because of that, people say, well, it's their violence. there's no violence. there's lovefest. these are lovefests. every once in a while, you just have someone to stand up and say something, the police who are so great, by the way, in all cases, i mean, they're good. but somebody will stand up and they'll say something and a lot of times, their kids, don't know where they're coming from with a bernie sign. bernie is going nowhere. >> you're listening in to donald trump. as you see there with new jersey governor chris christie. the visual of this is different than everything we've seen this weekend with more boisterous
9:00 am
donald trump behind the podium when a protester make their voice known, said get him out of here. he and chris christie trying to change the theater of what has happened this week. my colleague, andrea mitchell is here. taking over coverage and the trump campaign announced that florida, an event with governor sarah palin has been cancelled. she was supposed to campaign for donald trump in florida. that's been cancelled now. we don't know exactly why, but the trump campaign confirming that sarah palin will not be campaigning for donald trump in florida. let's go to andrea mitchell. >> it's incredible. and it's very sad when you look. even with the protesters, the level of anger from all sides including the anger from our side, we're angry. we're not angry people. i tell you that. we're good people. but there's a lot of anger. and there's anger,


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