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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we'll see you later. have a good night. [ cheers and applause ] well, someone had to do it, and politico has now done. an official count of how many lies donald trump tells per speech. one of politico's counters of trump lies will join us. and with what might just be 24 hours left before the collapse of the republican party, guess what donald trump says about the violence occurring at his campaign events. hint. according to politico, he tells at least one lie every five minutes. >> we begin with the u.s. election, or as you may know it, the holy [ bleep ] please make it stop trash fire two thousand [ bleep ] 15. >> how many people have really been hurt during this whole thing?
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>> there's no violence. >> this guy's a pathological liar. >> petty punk-ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these, quote unquote, protesters. >> if donald trump is the nominee, he is a disaster. >> lying ted. lying ted. >> at what point do we say enough is enough? >> i still intend to support the republican nominee. but it's getting harder every day. >> i'm not going to say little marco. i refuse to say little marco. >> insults and schoolyard taunts. >> we cannot have a country where everybody hates each other, where everyone's at each other's throat. >> we can have political debates without turning on one another. >> you and i know, donald trump is not who we are. >> you're a fascist! >> oh, get out of here. these people are crazy. they're crazy. >> i don't know, man. i think it might be you.
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we may now be just 24 hours away from the destruction of a political party as we know it. donald trump's very hostile takeover of the republican party could be complete tomorrow night. reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee, could by this hour tomorrow night be the chairman of nothing. he will still have his office. he will still have his stationery. he will still have his title, but he may be in charge of nothing. the republican party will stand for nothing, as donald trump has said, everything is negotiable. and so the republican presidential candidate's position will be whatever passes through his mind while his mouth is moving at any given moment. the republican party may now be only hours away from what political parties were invented to prevent -- chaos. today donald trump dealt with the chaos and violence that has broken out at his campaign events the way he deals with everything. by lying about it.
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>> the press is now calling, they're saying oh, but there's such violence. no violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think like basically none. other than i guess maybe somebody got hit once or -- but there's no violence. >> there is no violence. there's lovefest. these are lovefests. >> whenever donald trump is asked about the trump supporter who got arrested at his rally for punching a peaceful protester, everyone saw that on video, donald trump despite that, despite knowing that everyone has seen it on video, donald trump always lies about it. like this. >> he starts swinging and hitting people. when the people hit back, which was very appropriate. he was a big strong guy. they hit back. the next day it was trump's people are rough. it's terrible. it's terrible. >> donald trump continues to get away with this kind of lying because the news media has not yet figured out how to deal with
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a pathological liar who will tell you what you did not see even though you actually did see exactly that on video with your own eyes. the news media has no idea how to deal with a candidate like that. trump supporter ben carson continued that kind of lying today by saying that trump supporters have absolutely no choice but to fight back. >> if the protesters continue with their ilinskyite tactics there is a real possibility of escalation because those who are the victims of them have two choices. they can submit to them and meekly just do whatever those protesters want them to do or they can fight back. and if they decide to fight back, there could be an escalation. >> in the world of ben carson apparently police do not exist. in that fake scenario that ben carson was describing of course
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the reasonable thing to do is to allow police and security officials to handle the situation, just get out of the way, let the pros handle it. but in ben carson's imaginary universe trump supporters have absolutely no choice but to fight back against these imaginary assaults on trump supporters. "new york times" has pointed out that trump's famous tv show line "you're fired" has turned into "get 'em out" on the campaign trail and the crowd loves it. >> get them out of here. get them out. >> get her out. thank you. get her out. nearest exit. always the nearest exit. >> you know, somebody wants to get on television, they stand up, they think they're going to be movie stars. they're not going to be movie stars. don't worry about it. >> these people are crazy. they're crazy. let me ask you, you know, i don't want to ruin somebody's life. but do we prosecute somebody like that or no? [ cheers ]
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>> donald trump came close to being prosecuted for that punch that was thrown on his behalf in north carolina. earlier today the legal counsel for the cumberland county sheriff department in north carolina said that they were investigating donald trump's possible involvement in that incident. they said, "we are continuing to look at the totality of these circumstances including any additional charges against mr. mcgraw including the potential of whether there was conduct on the part of mr. trump or the trump campaign which rose to the level of inciting a riot, and including the actions or inactions of our deputies." tonight the sheriff's department decided not to file charges against donald trump. president obama's voice of reason is now competing with the most chaotic presidential campaign of the television age. >> america is pretty darn great right now. america's making strides right now. america's better off than it was right now.
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what the folks who are running for office should be focused on is how we can make it even better. not insults and schoolyard taunts and manufacturing facts. not divisiveness along the lines of race or faith. certainly not violence against other americans or excluding them. we're a better country than that. >> joining us now, howard dean, former governor of vermont and former dnc chairman. he's also an msnbc political analyst. also with us tom davis, former congressman from virginia, where he's the state chairman for john kasich's presidential campaign. and april ryan, white house correspondent and washington bureau chief for american urban radio networks. april, since we're all here in the washington studio and you're in an undisclosed location, i want you to get a word in right away. before we -- and that is to that final point of seeing president obama out there this weekend.
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there he was this weekend trying to be heard amid all that chaos on the republican side of the campaign. there was a little glimpse in there of what this campaign might be like if president obama was running for re-election in this campaign. >> hmm. if he were running. but he can't. the bottom line is many african-americans feel that this -- all of this right now that we're seeing, be it donald trump, any other person that's talking this divisive rhetoric, it's a blacklash because president obama is president of the united states. we're seeing fire being thrown -- well, gasoline being thrown on the fire right now because people are angry. and when people are angry it's because their finances aren't right. they feel marginalized. they feel like they're disenfranchised. but when do you say when? how do you change the dynamic of a campaign from trying to forge something new and different and really work to unify the people and when do you say when when
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you go too far, when you are separating and now, i mean, if president obama were president, i don't know if he -- not president but if he were running for office, i don't know if even he could try to put the genie back in the bottle. we are now divided and we are dividing every day -- every time donald trump speaks there's nor division. how do you bring that back together? what candidate can bring this country back together after we're seeing this, what we're seeing? >> let's listen to more about what the president had to say on saturday about all this. >> and our leaders, those who aspire to be our leaders, should be trying to bring us together and not turning us against one another. and speak out against violence and reject efforts to spread fear or turn us against one another. and if they refuse to do, that they don't deserve our support. >> howard dean, he looks like an eager incumbent president. i mean eager.
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about getting out there on the campaign trail for the democratic nominee. >> yeah, he does. he's found his -- this is actually what barack obama does best. he has a set of ideals for the country, and he's been a fantastic salesman. that's how he got his start and that's how he got elected president twice. >> tom davis, your party tomorrow night, on the verge of destruction as i put it at this point. what -- you're on the kasich team. what are you hoping for? how at this point can trump be stopped? >> well, first of all he's only got 43%, 44% of the delegates elected so far. you need to keep him at that level. tomorrow night we think kasich takes ohio. we'll know more about this time tomorrow night. not so sure about florida. north carolina's directly proportional voting. illinois has a modified proportional. the key is to keep trump's numbers down and get to a convention. you kind of have to gang-tackle him until that point. for john kasich as this race moves north i think he's going to find more favorability and more delegates.
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>> let's listen to something paul ryan said today about the situation at the rallies. >> i think the candidates need to take responsibility for the environment at their events. there is never an excuse for condoning violence or even a culture that presupposes it. i think the candidates have an obligation to do everything they possibly can to prevent this from happening and to tamp down any temptation to get this out of control. >> april ryan, there's paul ryan. there's the speaker of the house, who donald trump if president is going to have to deal with. and talking about the front-runner for his party's nomination and once again going right at him and disagreeing. he went at him over the muslim ban, said that will never happen. and here he is going at him saying he thinks the candidates need to take responsibility for what happens at their rallies. >> he also went after him with the kkk issue with david duke. >> yes. >> but we have yet to hear from paul ryan to say that if he is the nominee he's not going to support him because at this
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point he said he's not endorsing anyone as of yet but he will support the nominee. and we are thinking that donald trump will be the nominee. but here's a bigger problem and getting more so into the weeds when it comes to the republican party. the republican party had hoped that in the general election that the candidate who is the nominee would have to come to them to their data, for all their information when it's -- particularly when it comes to race, to grab more people from all communities. if indeed the nominee is donald trump, we see it doesn't look like he needs to because look at what happened in nevada. he got a lot of votes in nevada from the hispanic community. so donald trump may not need to go to the republican party. and with that at the general election you have a monster that's getting worse. he's -- i don't even know the words to describe it. >> let's listen to what john mccain's biggest mistake, sarah palin, said today. >> what we don't have time for
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is all that petty punk-ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these, quote unquote, protesters! who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your first amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully. and the media, being on the thugs' side, what the heck are you guys thinking, media? it doesn't make sense. >> tom, we thought that the republican party had suffered everything they had coming to them for the choice of sarah palin, meaning they lost the election, sarah palin did not help the mccain ticket. it turns out sarah palin is a haunting figure in this party because there's donald trump, who is a less accomplished politician than sarah palin, who's now the front-runner for this party.
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>> well, that's right. but just remember this. republicans are at an all-time high in terms of numbers of state legislators. numbers of members of the house since 1929. number of governorships. >> because not all republican governors quit in the middle of their term like sarah palin. >> which is no longer held by a republican governor in alaska. so the party is obviously when you're a coalition you have a lot of dissonant elements and trump has tapped into a part of the country that's been ignored by politicians and republican leaders. there's a huge resentment out there and he's tapped into it. i don't think it's enough to get him a majority. i don't think he understands what swing voters are in a presidential election where swing voters really matter. but he's certainly tapped into a base out there that finds some resonance in what he's saying. >> we're going to have to break it there. tom davis and april ryan, thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, politico actually tried to count the trump lies in trump speeches. one of the politico reporters
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gillette. the best a man can get. at a campaign rally tonight in peoria, illinois senator ted cruz was interrupted by a protester holding a donald trump sign. here's how senator cruz handled it. >> the grassroots. the people. >> go back to canada! >> thank you, sir. very charming of you. i appreciate your being here. and i appreciate your -- and sir, thank you. thank you for being here. we will be respectful. see, sir, one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. [ cheers and applause ] >> up next, women reading the words of donald trump about women.
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when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. a republican pac called our principles is desperately trying to prevent donald trump from winning the republican presidential nomination. the group's latest ad includes quotes from donald trump about women read by women. >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. >> a person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. >> look at that face. would anyone vote for that?
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>> she had the height. she had the beauty. she was crazy. but these are minor details. >> i like kids. i mean, i won't do anything to take care of them. i'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids. >> you know, it really doesn't matter what they write, as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of [ bleep ]. >> that must be a pretty picture. you dropping to your knees. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> women. you have to treat them like [ bleep ]. >> this is how donald trump talks about our mothers. >> our sisters. >> our daughters. >> if you believe america deserves better, vote against donald trump. our principles pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> we're joined now by katie packer. she's the founder of our principles pac and a republican strategist. she served as deputy campaign manager on mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign. katie, it's disgusting. you just -- it's just hard --
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it's a horrible thing to watch, that ad. >> seems obvious, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> yeah, i think it's important. a lot of people, a lot of voters, this isn't specifically directed at women. it's really directed at anybody who knows a woman, has a woman in their life. and a lot of people don't know that this is the rhetoric he uses. this isn't sort of a one-time slip of the tongue. this is a pattern over years and years and years of demeaning and humiliating and bullying women both professionally and personally. and i think it's just another piece of information that voters should have before they head to the polls. >> you know, i have either read most of those quotes or heard him say some of them anyway. it's so much more powerful the way you've presented this with real women just reading those words. >> well, you know, some of these comments are things that he wrote in a book or he said in a magazine. and so they were -- you know, the printed word. and i think when you imagine these things actually being said to women and about women by women it does bring it really close to home. and it's unfortunate that
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somebody with that kind of rhetoric has been elevated to the position he has. but again, we hope that this changes some minds. >> let's look at one more ad that you're running. let's take a look at that. >> the answer is not to cry in your beer about the support donald has received, and the answer is not to do what the washington establishment hopes to do in their fever dreams, which is they envision a brokered convention, where the convention deadlocks and suddenly in from washington the dealmakers parachute in an establishment candidate who is their salvation. that is not going to happen. and it would spark an absolute revolt, quite rightly, from the voters. the way to beat donald trump is beat him at the ballot box. >> and that is not your ad. >> that is not our ad. >> a couple of things in the control room ready to go. your other ad is about the campaign violence. tell us about that. >> well, we've seen over the course of the last several months donald trump sort of
11:23 pm
steadily becoming more and more aggressive as he has protesters, as he has people that disagree with him. he advises his supporters to punch them in the face, to take them out on a stretcher. even this most recent one over the weekend where one of his supporters actually punched somebody in the face and then when he got out of jail said maybe next time we should kill him. and we have yet to hear donald trump condemn any of this. to the contrary, he also suggests that he'll pay their legal fees. and we find this troubling too. you know, we don't blame him for what happens when somebody acts inappropriately, and certainly some of the other protesters shouldn't be behaving the way they are. but we certainly do blame him when he doesn't show leadership and he doesn't condemn this kind of violence. >> it's beyond that. he lies about what you saw on video and he says that didn't happen and he says something else happened. and also he's got a campaign manager who assaulted a woman reporter, who has now quit her job because she wasn't supported properly by her organization under those circumstances.
11:24 pm
these are things we've never seen before in campaigning. >> certainly they're things that -- you know, if that had happened on any other campaign that campaign manager would have been fired. cory lewandowski should have lost his job. if donald trump was any kind of man he would have fired cory lewandowski as soon as that occurred. but he's encouraged this over and over. >> there's no other presidential campaign that ever would have hired cory lewandowski as a campaign manager. that also has never happened. >> that's true. >> katie packer, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> really appreciate it. coming up, bernie sanders and hillary clinton talk about how they plan to stop donald trump. and politico's official count. they've done it. an official count of how many lies donald trump tells per speech.
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if i win and if i get to go against hillary, polls are showing that i beat her. and some of the polls have me beating her very easily because when you take advantage -- we will take many, many people away from the democrats and we'll take many, many people away that normally go democrat. >> that's the lie donald trump tells in just about every speech, that he beats hillary clinton in all of the polls. in fact, hillary clinton matched one on one with donald trump beats him in almost all of the polls, and bernie sanders does beat donald trump in every poll one on one. usually by a wider margin than hillary clinton does.
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in match-ups with other republicans hillary clinton struggles against ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich while bernie sanders consistently beats all of them by significant margins. bernie sanders talked about this in his town hall with chuck todd today. >> we almost always, not always, almost always do better against trump than she does. sometimes by big numbers. what i think objective political scientists would tell you is in a general election we will of course get the vast majority of the democratic voters but we will do better with independent voters. we will in fact get those voters here in the midwest who are concerned about trade. why would you vote for hillary clinton if she supported virtually all of these trade agreements? >> and hillary clinton told chris matthews today that we shouldn't trust the polls. >> no. honestly, i don't, chris. and in large measure because i think pollsters are trying to do the best job they can but it's very difficult to poll now.
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if you have only online information, that's been proven to be often unreliable. if you try to call land lines, you miss everybody with cell phones. if you call cell phones you miss people often because they don't answer. i think it's very difficult now to predict the outcome of elections. somehow we're going to have to get better at it because people do rely on that information. >> joining our discussion, anne gearan, a political correspondent for the "washington post" who covers the hillary clinton campaign. howard dean back at the table with us. and i'm with hillary. i don't trust the polls. after michigan i'm afraid of all this stuff. >> she was ahead 20 points or 25 points and she got creamed. no. she has every reason to think that the polls are not totally predictive. which is a scary thought for her going into's a bunch of states tomorrow that look a lot like michigan. she's ahead in the polls, right?
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>> let's listen in also to what hillary clinton said today answering what bernie said about trade, about international trade. >> i think that we've had a number of years of experience now about what trade can and can't do in our globalized economy. so last night in ohio i said i want to set the record straight. yes, i did vote against the biggest multinational trade agreement when i was in the senate. it was called cafta. i voted against it. i've learned some things since the 1990s. and i put that to work. i also said that i hoped i would be able to support tpp. but i actually waited until i knew what was in it. and then i stated my opposition to it. >> howard dean, it's fascinating to watch these candidates struggling for who supports barack obama the most. they both opposed the single
11:32 pm
biggest thing he wants to accomplish in the remainder of his presidency. >> this is very complicated stuff. and the truth is that these trade agreements do not cause the kind of job loss that people believe they cause. most of the job losses, not all, they do cause some job loss, most of the job loss is caused by the incredible change in the economy and the lack of change in our education system fast enough to keep up with the economy. that's first. second of all, i can understand why hillary would be predisposed to some of the trade agreements because from an international point of view this is a really important part of barack obama's strategy to contain china, to align ourselves with asia. these are complicated things. easy for bernie to sands up and say i oppose everything. not so easy for someone who understands and has been there like hillary clinton. >> here's something i don't understand, what i don't here from bernie or hillary clinton. bernie never says i want to repeal nafta. it's sitting there to be repealed. why doesn't he propose repealing it?
11:33 pm
why doesn't hillary clinton propose repealing it if they both now oppose it? >> it's an amazing question, isn't it? and neither of them have an answer for. bernie sanders does not say what he would do instead. if the trade deals of the last 20 years have done nothing, if they were a terrible idea from the start, if there's something else you could do, what is that? then do it. and she actually has no other answer. and to your point about why she supported tpp, you're exactly right. it was not that tpp was some magical trade deal that was going to restore american jobs or make a competitive playing field of some sort of -- like on a purely economic populist american jobs thing. no. it's about what do you do on a geostrategic look at how -- what china's doing and why they're doing it. it's not only economic. it is political. it's territorial. it's -- they're playing on every
11:34 pm
single field. and she thinks that something like tpp where you draw a little ring around them but with other countries so the united states is not the only one opposing them is a great idea. except that when you run for president it's not a great idea. so she had to backtrack on that. everyone thinks that if she is actually elected president that there would be some way you that you could do some kind of a deal that maybe looks like tpp that she could support. but she could not do it as a candidate. >> next president thanks to president obama will have fast-track negotiating authority. that authority that they passed extends into the next presidency, whether to be trump or some other -- >> if tpp passes ultimately it's going to have to get changed anyway. the australians have some concerns. there are other people around the world that have some worries about it. your point about repealing is fascinating. nafta is probably more responsible for the emergence of
11:35 pm
a real democracy in mexico than anything else that the americans have done. are we going to put them back into the stone age where the governments are corrupted and they have one party in charge for 70 years? i supported nafta. and the reason i supported nafta is i thought it would emancipate mexican women. because the role of women in a society that's successful economically and politically is directly correlated with the societies as a democracy. and in fact we now have a stable neighbor. the immigration problem is mostly fixed. the biggest problem is central america now. we have a stable neighbor next to us, and that's largely because of nafta. >> anne gearan and howard dean, thank you both for joining us tonight. and talk policy for a change. not horse race numbers stuff. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, donald trump was happy to let vladimir putin go to battle with isis, fight isis instead of us. and now vladimir putin is calling it quits in syria. he's had enough.
11:36 pm
and in tonight's last word, we will all someday be asked what we did and what we said about the rise of donald trump. will you be proud of your answer?
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you have russia that's now there. russia's on the side of assad. and russia wants to get rid of isis as much as we do if not more because they don't want them coming into russia. and i'm saying, why are we knocking isis and yet at the same time we're against assad? let them fight, take over the remnants. but more importantly, let russia fight isis if they want to fight them. let them fight them. >> but what if putin just decides to take his marbles and go home? what if he doesn't want to destroy isis as much as we do? well, russian president vladimir putin surprised the world today by announcing that he is ordering a withdrawal of russian military forces from syria. president putin said, "ws task set before the defense minister and the military largely fulfilled, i'm organized the defense minister to start the pullout of the main part of our group of forces from syria beginning tomorrow."
11:40 pm
reuters reports that the white house did not receive advance warning about putin's decision. the white house said in a statement this afternoon that president obama and president putin spoke by phone today about the withdrawal announced -- about the withdrawal announcement and about the cease-fire agreement that was reached in february. coming up, counting donald trump's lies. someone had to do it. and someone who did it is going to join us.
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i've never met people like politicians. they are the most dishonest people i've ever met. >> this guy's a pathological liar. >> what do you mean by that? >> what i mean by that -- >> that's almost a clinical -- >> well, it is. >> bernie sanders is right. and yes, it is clinical. donald trump is a pathological liar.
11:44 pm
and the news media for the most part has no idea how to deal with him. television news in particular needs new rules about how to deal with a pathological liar running for president. for example, last week on election night every cable news network carried donald trump's 40-minute victory speech in its entirety, and it was filled with lies from start to finish and the networks then devoted virtually no time to reporting or analyzing those lies for that audience that just heard them. donald trump got away with every one of those lies on live television to that huge audience that night. and then the next day some of those lies were taken apart in news articles for a much smaller audience and on some television shows for a much smaller audience than saw that huge election night coverage of his speech. television news has always worked on the assumption that politicians will not try to get away with outright provable lies live on tv where everyone can
11:45 pm
see them. a few cable news shows don't make any attempt to correct those lies because the shows are basically cheering for donald trump anyway. but the so-called establishment media where neutrality is prized is failing miserably in dealing with a pathological liar. it is impossible to be neutral in the face of lies. but the establishment media is so calcified in its posture of neutrality that it feels to them like challenging a lie is somehow partisan, like challenging a lie is somehow taking sides. and so they let the trump lies fly all over television. no trump interviewer on television has ever attempted to correct every lie that donald trump has said right to that interviewer's face. donald trump knows that the faster he talks, the more lies
11:46 pm
he can tell, and the faster he talks the harder it is for any interviewer to keep up with his lies. how many lies does donald trump tell? politico has actually tried to count them. politico studied 4.6 hours of trump talk last week, and they found one misstatement every five minutes on average. essentially, they found that donald trump lies about everything he talks about, from our trade deficit with china to our trade deficit with japan to manufacturing jobs, health care, christianity, how he is self-funding his campaign, and everything else you have ever heard him talk about. joining us now is darren samuelsson, one of the reporters who wrote "trump's weeks of errors, exaggerations, and flat out falsehoods" for politico. he's a senior policy reporter for politico. darren, thank you very much for being here. thank you for doing that hard work of the 4 1/2 hours of getting through every word.
11:47 pm
i would point out that once every five minutes on average means -- i just want some viewers to know, they have experienced him telling five lies within five minutes. we're talking about averages. and sometimes he talks about his children and his family and he's not lying much when he does that. so it happens. but the other night he started right away, the first thing, and we've talked about it already tonight, that i beat hillary clinton in all the polls. and you guys took that apart beautifully. but i also want to show something he has said about trade with japan, for example. let's listen to that. >> you have japan where the cars come in by the hundreds of thousands, they pour off the boats. we send them like nothing. we send them nothing. by comparison nothing. >> now, no one on tv has ever questioned that statement. >> we do. we do send a lot of things to japan. i think they're our fourth
11:48 pm
largest trading partner. number four in terms of sending things over to japan, whether it be automobile manufacturing parts, whether it be drug pharmaceuticals, meat, pork. we are a big exporter to japan of products. so we found i think it was something like on the magnitude of $600 billion -- million dollars, excuse me, that we send over -- >> and japan, by the way -- also japan automakers also send factories to the united states. there are about 23 i believe japanese auto factories providing american jobs, making toyotas, nissans in the united states. so the toyota is now an american car made in america. i'm not sure how many of them purchased here, are made here versus japan. but that's why they came here so, they could make them here. >> no doubt about it. donald trump is take -- he's done this with china as well, he's talked about the trade deficit we've had with multiple countries and he's confounded it. he's talked about it over and
11:49 pm
over. he's been fact checked before many times over on this topic and it seems like he just keeps saying it. >> and whenever he gives a number like a trade deficit with china or a trade deficit with japan he just makes one up. he just exaggerates a number that's way bigger than that number is. that's what you found. >> yeah. it's the 500 billion number he keeps repeating over and over again. it's been hit by reporters, by politifact, by politico and others. but he keeps saying it over and over again. >> let's listen to what he says about christianity. >> christianity is being chipped away at. i mean, really, they've shut christianity down. >> they've shut christianity down. when you went out and fact checked that, could you find any christian churches still open in america? >> 7 in 10 americans identify themselves as christians. the polls that have been done show that religion is thriving in the united states. >> but this is the big media's big failure. he says things like that and there's no one who challenges him on that because they want to move down their agenda of questions they want to talk about in the interviews and those things come pouring out
11:50 pm
unchallenged all the time. >> he was liar of the year i believe is what politifact gave him in 2015. luckily we do have some practice fact checking campaigns. we've been doing it through 2012 as well. donald trump has really just stepped up and given us a lot more to write about, a lot more to check on a given basis. we've been watching every single debate and throughout them all he keeps us no doubt busy. we have to look to marco rubio, ted cruz and others to try to fit space, but certainly donald trump has the lead. >> darren samuelsson, great job, really appreciate you guys at politico did this. thanks for joining us tonight. coming up, in tonight's "last word," elizabeth warren said the same thing today about donald trump that edward r. murrow said about joe mccarthy over 60 years ago. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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>> let's assume somebody else becomes president. let's assume a very low-energy person, very, very low energy. so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. so let's say jeb becomes president. nothing. nothing. >> donald trump's first target when he became the presidential candidate was jeb bush. jeb bush stayed quiet about donald trump for too long. the republicans stayed quiet about donald trump for too long. and tomorrow night at this hour donald trump just might take over and destroy the republican party. today elizabeth warren said, "there's a history of people staying quiet for too long, hoping for the best but watching silently as the threat metastasizes. donald trump is a bigger, uglier threat every day that goes by, and it's time for decent people everywhere, republican, democrat, independent, to say no more donald.
11:57 pm
there's no virtue in silence." donald trump has been trying to bully protesters into silence by encouraging his supporters to, quote, knock the crap out of them. he's also offered to pay the legal bills of any of his supporters who commit the crime of assault and battery. because remember, that's the only way that they would have legal bills, is if they commit an unprovoked, indefensible assault on someone who poses no threat to them. as this trump supporter did last week in north carolina. donald trump has not yet paid a penny of that man's legal bills. and we have no word yet from donald trump on whether he will pay the legal bills if that man decides to kill that protester, as he has publicly contemplated doing. >> did you like the event? >> you bet i liked it. >> yeah? what did you like about it? >> knocking the hell out of that big mouth.
11:58 pm
we don't know who he is. but we know he's not acting like an american. >> so he deserved it? >> every bit of it. >> what was that? >> yes, he deserved it. the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> might have to kill him. donald trump tries to pretend that this sort of thing happens in all campaigns. but in more than half a century of news film and personal video at campaign events not one other voters has been recorded saying he might have to kill a protester. that is donald trump's unique contribution to campaigning in america. america has much to be ashamed of in the rise of donald trump. and america has much to be proud of in the rise of protesters against donald trump. the pictures and videos of those protesters are seen around the world, and it is the most vivid message we can send to the world that this is not donald trump's america. not yet.
11:59 pm
most americans will never have the chance to protest a donald trump rally. but there are many other ways to take a stand from showing up to vote, to using social media. in this month of march in 1954 edward r. murrow took a stand against the rise of the donald trump of his day, republican senator joseph mccarthy. >> this is no time for men who oppose senator mccarthy's methods to keep silent or for those who approve. we can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result. there is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities. >> today 62 years later elizabeth warren echoed edward r. murrow by saying "there's no virtue in silence." someday we will all be asked by someone, perhaps a child or a grandchild, what we did, what we said when donald trump tried to grab power in america. i hope for your sake and for the
12:00 am
sake of the country that you will be proud of your answer. tonight on "all in." >> we're going to take our country back from these people. >> a dark campaign gets even darker. the republican front runner now thinking about paying a violent supporter's legal bills. >> i actually instructed my people to look into it. >> tonight, the fact and fiction about violence and the trump campaign. >> there's no violence. >> as the stop trump movement throws the kitchen sink -- >> this is the guy that ohio needs to vote for. >> and the front runner calls in backup. >> petty punk [ bleep ] little thuggery stuff that's been going on. >> and as democrats dual in ohio and florida and beyond, how candidates are forced to deal with.


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