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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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night. i will tell you that the scope of hillary clinton's victories to the degree. wow, she had a huge night tonight as well. >> it's a big day ahead on msnbc at 11:00 a.m. eastern. stay tuned for full coverage of president obama's announcement of the supreme court nomination. steve kornacki picks up analysis of last night's big primary results right now. all right. well, good morning, everybody. a big hour ahead for us after the biggest night yet in american politics in the year 2016. a full hour of results, of analysis, of what this all means going forward. we have that straight ahead. also though, breaking news this morning for you out of washington. president obama now set to announce his pick for the supreme court at 11:00 a.m. eastern in the rose garden. the political implications of this are huge. this obviously would be an
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election year supreme court pick by the president. you can expect a big battle to break out in congress once he makes that announcement. in fact, that battle is already underway. we're going to talk with both nbc justice correspondent pete williams and luke russert on capitol hill. that's in a moment. first, we are going to start with a morning after that big night in the presidential race. the second super tuesday of 2016. more living up to its name. donald trump and hillary clinton both taking huge steps towards their parties' nominations. at the same time, the end of the line for marco rubio, once considered the likely standard bearer for the republican establishment. his campaign coming to a stunning end crushing in his home state of florida of all places. at the end of the night it was donald trump who was gobbling up the lion's share of states and of delegates. he started with that decisive knockout blow against marco rubio in florida. he added north carolina to his
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column, then illinois and at the end of the night he capped it off by being named the apparent winner over ted cruz in missouri. trump actually doing better than we expected. while it still will not be easy for him to hit that magic number of 1,237 delegates, it is certainly plausible this morning that he will. as for the rest of the republican field, john kasich saved his campaign for the time being at least with a win in his home state of ohio and ted cruz maintained his roll as the strongest individual alternative to donald trump. but the big news of the night, the republican field, it was once 17, it's now down to three. >> while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> this was an amazing evening. this was a great evening. >> to those who supported marco who worked so hard, we welcome
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you with open arms. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love ya is all i can tell you. i love ya. >> i'm going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> the politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, they're going to leave us a fractured nation. >> you better believe it's about america, about pulling us together, not pulling us apart. >> and they asked, is there anger from your people? there seemed to be. i said, there is anger. >> the mainstream media, the network suits who make the decisions want donald trump. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination! >> all right. now on the democratic side it was a clean sweep for hillary clinton last night. she's the apparent winner in very tight races in illinois and missouri as well as ohio, florida, and north carolina. the delegate math now firmly on her side. as bernie sanders may be seeing
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his presidential hopes slip away. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> and let's dive right into all the results on the democratic side. from last night we start. these are the states that hillary clinton won. we say it's a clean sweep. this is it. five states on the board. five clinton wins, illinois, north carolina, ohio, missouri, and florida. we can look closer at the numbers. she had landslides in florida, north carolina, but here's a state that bernie sanders was hoping to win. his campaign thought they could win after michigan. people said ohio, michigan, very similar demographically. if sanders can win michigan, maybe he can win ohio. he loses by 14 points. you look at illinois, hillary clinton's native state, she wins that by two points over bernie
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sanders and then in missouri, razor thin. look at that, less than 2,000 votes but basically everything's been counted. the apparent winner there, hillary clinton. so she goes five for five. what does that mean to the all important battle for delegates? well, we can show you here. this is what it looks like now. we are still tallying up some of them from last night. allocated pledge delegates, these are the delegates given out in the primaries and caucuses. they're the delegates given out in all of the primaries. hillary clinton, you can expect the number to tick up as all of them are added up from last night. sanders will add some, too, when all is said and done. hillary clinton will probably be leading by about 300 pledge delegates. in a race like this, 300 is a lot. then there's this category of super delegates. these are the elected officials, party leaders, they get automatic votes at the convention. the bernie sanders campaign had been saying, look, the super delegates will switch sides if we can get ahead in a pledge
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delegate count. they are hopelessly behind. when you add in the super delegate lead that hillary clinton has to the pledge delegate lead, it has her closing in to 1600. the magic number, 2383. she's about 2/3 of the way right there. all the momentum in the world is on hillary clinton's side in that democratic race. meanwhile, shifting to the republican race. donald trump, it wasn't quite a clean sweep for him yesterday, but he'll probably settle for this, four of the five states on the board last night he wins, that florida, missouri, north carolina, illinois. the lone exception for trump, the one miss, it was in ohio. he finishes in second place behind john kasich there. john kasich winning his home state, you see, by an 11 point margin. what does this mean on the republican side? we can go through a couple more results. florida, donald trump, marco
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rubio's home state. people were talking about how that would be his stand. donald trump by 20 points in florida and missouri. closest one of the nights. . donald trump the apparent girl there. here's the thing, in missouri on the republican side, that narrow win, such a small margin is probably going to translate into a big win. >> think of missouri, you saw the result there. donald trump barely winning the state. we think. it's this close. we think trump is probably going to win 37 of those 52 from missouri. in illinois a state where donald trump won by about eight points, he's going to take the overwhelming share of those.
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he's going to get every delegate from florida. that's a winner take allstate. most delegates from north carolina. because he won there. the only holdout, ohio, that's a winner take allstate for kasich. what does that mean for the republican side? donald trump will probably be sitting on 690 delegates. second place, pretty far back. ted cruz at 420. he'll finish up with 172. with the win in his home state, a couple of other delegates. donald trump closing in at 700. when you look at the states that are ahead, this state is shifting. the start of the season when republican states can begin winner take all primaries.
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there are opportunities for donald trump to move that number up in a big way. the number we need to hit, 1237. if he can hit that, all that talk of an open convention, all of that talk of taking the nomination from him in cleveland will be moot. he'll hit the number. ela he have the nomination. that is where we are in the republican race. the morning after the big night, let's get to the trail and check in with our reporters that are out there with the two big republican winners. we start with jacob ras cone in west palm beach, florida. skel kelly is in villanova, pennsylvania. jacob, we will start with you. donald trump, big win for him last night. this morning though he's already making the talk show rounds including here on msnbc and making a little bit of news. what are we hearing from donald trump? >> he is. as you laid out, really a big win by all accounts for donald
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trump. up until last night he was only ahead in the delegate count by less than 100. now as you pointed out, he's about 250. he now needs to win 55% of the delegates moving forward, which is doable. this morning is interesting. he's talking about foreign policy. he was asked about his advisors of course who are asking about him pivoting to the general election. here's what he said on his favorite foreign policy consultants. >> who are you consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself, number one, because i have a very good brain and i've said a lot of things. i know what i'm doing and i listen to a lot of people. i talk to a lot of people and at the appropriate time i'll tell you who the people are. i speak to a lot of people but my primary consultant is myself. i have -- you know, i have a good instinct for this stuff. >> how would you -- >> reporter: at least he's honest. he's pointing out that his primary consultant is himself,
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what many people have thought all along. he was also asked about pivoting to become more presidential and he said, i'm fine with the term but we still have two people left so i don't want to lose the edge. really last night, big picture. we're talking about a giant failure in the stop trump movement. the millions of dollars in advertisement money spent against him failed big in florida. it failed big in the other states. the campaign is feeling very confident going forward, steve. >> jacob, that's a key point. there's a lot of money spent against donald trump. he is still clearly in first place. jacob rascon in florida. kelly mcdonald is in villanova, pennsylvania, home of the wildcats. where john kasich will be holding his first rally after his win. the people will be happy with the ohio win last night. at the same time, we're two dozen contests into the republican race. that's the first time they're putting a win on the board
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anywhere last night. what are they saying about the road ahead? >> reporter: well, this was certainly a life line for john kasich, needing to win and winning big. a state that in the general election is crucial for republicans. that's the strong casey can make. kasich is so different in this election season in many ways, different from trump in the sense that kasich's sort of new line is talking about not taking the low road to the highest office in the land. not pulling people apart but bringing them together. he is trying to appeal to voters who don't like some of the noise and some of the harsher tones of this election. he's also someone with a lot of government experience, something that many voters have rejected during this campaign season. and with just three men in the race still to go, john kasich represents a different kind of candidate for voters to choose. and this is something that he will try to make that appeal. he brings a bit more emotion. he brings a lot of government experience and today he sort of was on equal footing with donald
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trump in one way, and that's the a bilgt to simply call in to a morning news program and be included in an interview. he did that today on the "today" show reacting to his big ohio win. >> neither cruz nor trump can win the general election. this -- you know, they can't come into ohio with the philosophies they have and win. you can't win ohio, you can't be president. >> reporter: and be so john kasich has a bit of a home field advantage. we know the gop convention will be held in cleveland, governor of ohio of course. as the math won't get him to 1237 as we see the landscape right now. if donald trump is unable to reach that magic number and ted cruz falls short although he's won a number of contests, then john kasich is hoping there's an argument to make in cleveland that he could be an alternative. it is a long shot but for campaigns that have been, you know, slugging it out for months, for john kasich this is a day to savor. 's he here in pennsylvania.
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we're early, a couple of hours before he gets here shlgtsz and then it's on to utah for him. >> kelly mcdonald, villanova, pennsylvania. thanks for that. we can take a look at "the washington post" front page. clinton, trump roll on. our next guest wrote rubio drops out, rubio's demise marks the last gasp of republican reboot. robert costa, national political reporter for "the washington post," msnbc contributor. thanks for coming in. news just coming in in the last few minutes. donald trump was on fox this morning and he was asked about this next republican debate. it's scheduled for next monday night. he made it sound like in this interview, he said, nobody told me about the debates. i thought the last debate at cnn was the last debate. i will say this, i think we've had enough debates.
6:15 am
it sounds like he may be skipping this debate. any idea what's going on there? >> trump will be skipping the debate. at the moment he's scheduled to give a speech to apac, a group supportive of israel. utah is a heavily mormon state. ted cruz has done well there. the other state on the calendar is arizona. that's part of the heart of trump's base. that's really a target for him. he really wants to continue to assert himself as the presumptive nominee or the likely nominee based on people close to him. it's not that so much he's sick of debates, he likes the attention, he likes being on television but he also wants to make sure as the field narrows he's not getting -- he's not too much of a target for his rivals. >> let's talk about his rivals right now. there are two left standing, ted cruz, john kasich. let's start on cruz. cruz publicly was saying, look, all of this talk of an open convention, brokered convention, i don't want to hear any of
6:16 am
that. i want to beat donald trump. i want to get him one on one in the primaries and beat him there. after last night there's not going to be a one on one. he's going to have john kasich to deal with, too. is there going to be a change in the way cruz people talk about beating donald trump? are they going to talk about that open convention scenario? >> the undertold story last night was not so much trump sweeping but it was about cruz really being hurt by kasich staying in the race. cruz was getting establishment support. he was ready to roll out more endorsements. more endorsements will be coming to cruz based on my reporting. at the same time, the more the field stays three people, it will be harder to get the establishment behind him which is crucial to rack up the delegates. >> you mentioned that establishment. are you picking up anything, maybe in the last 12, 24 hours, any kind of a shift when it comes to the establishment to acceptance that donald trump is going to be their candidate? >> hesitant acceptance. i think on capitol hill for a lot of members of the house and
6:17 am
some members of the senate who are up for re-election, the one thing that they keep mentioning to the washington post is they like the record turnout in republican primaries. they're starting to wonder, could trump be helpful in some of these swing states if he had a disciplined message, if he was able to bring new voters to the poll. there's a lot of caution about trump. they like that he's reaching out to senator ryan and senate majority leader spoke to him yesterday. will he alienate young voters, minorities and women. >> what about if he does emerge as the nominee, bringing the party together, just in terms of his former opponents. marco rubio had incredibly harsh things to say about donald trump. marco rubio now out of the race. marco rubio, is that somebody who could get behind donald trump or is that a risk that he'll tell republicans i can't vote for this guy in the fall? >> there's a lot of chess games going on now in the republican party. if you're an ambitious republican and you're part of this never trump movement or
6:18 am
against donald trump, you maybe are thinking ahead to 2020. i know some associates of rubio, cruz, others are saying stay in the race, fight to the convention. if you don't stay in the race, stay against trump. you can go ahead into the future. that's a little bit too much games playing for the moment. we're seeing the party establishment, donors, they want to take back the white house. you'll see more endorsements from what i'm hearing, even if it's not a ground swell. >> great stuff. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, more on this morning's breaking news. less than two hours from now president obama is going to name his nominee to replace the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. details on who that nominee might be and how republicans might react. we have a live report with all the details. that's coming up next. also, as we've been saying, donald trump's momentum shows no signs of slowing down. if anything, it sped up last night. how is he being received by republicans on capitol hill?
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they have been the most resistant to him. we're going to talk to a member of congress coming up. >> we've had such incredible support. paul ryan called me the other day. tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell today. we had a great conversation. the fact is, we have to bring our party together. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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we're going to pete williams with news. >> reporter: i only have a little bit of news, steve. we're waiting to hear from
6:23 am
president obama on who his nominee is. usually we would know from calling people who have heard. very few people who have heard. those who have heard say they don't want to say. those who are willing to talk say they haven't heard. we don't know who the choice is. we have our hunches. we don't have enough confirmation. it does seem to be down to a choice of two federal appeals judges, merrick garland and sri srinivasan. he was supported unanimously. he is aide the first hindu. merrick garland served in the justice department. widely respected here in washington. liked by both republicans and
6:24 am
democrats. confirmed to the federal appeals court easily when he came on the job. either one the feeling is it would be someone interest groups could get behind. one of the things at play is trying put pressure on the republicans to allow the normal process to play out, to have confirmation hearings. republicans have been saying, no, they don't want to do that. we'll find out who it is in just a little under two hours if not before. >> pete williams, thanks for the update. >> reporter: okay. >> back now to the 2016 republican race. we were saying a minute ago, a big night for donald trump last night. he tripled his lead in delegates it looks like over ted cruz. trump now more than halfway to the magic number of 1237. trump telling "morning joe" this morning that former rivals of his are trying to make peace
6:25 am
with him. >> people want to come together and they are calling me. >> do you think you can bring those people together? >> i think so. well, i watch your show, i watch other shows. i read things, i read a lot. i see people making statements and then i have them on the phone call me wanting to get together and we have very good conversations. >> welcome to politics. >> no, they want to come together, joe. >> and joining me now from capitol hill is congressman tom morino. a republican from pennsylvania and supporter of donald trump. congressman, thanks for joining me. there are still as we talk right now there are still a very few of you in terms of members of congress who have endorsed donald trump. have you had any conversations with your colleagues since these results last night? if so, what are you hearing from them? >> no conversations since last night. we were watching the numbers. they congratulated me for getting on board early and
6:26 am
supporting donald trump. the issue is very clear. donald had a great night last night. he's very methodical. runs his campaign a day at a time. primary at a time and a state at a time. that's how you get to the goal line. >> when you talk to your colleagues, not just last night but in the past few weeks, john kasich said donald trump, if he's the republican nominee, he can't win. marco rubio saying, if donald trump is the nominee, he can't win. others are saying if donald trump is not the nominee he can't win but he may do so badly and hurt us down ballot. are you hearing that from your colleagues and what do you say to them? >> i've only heard from one but i don't believe in that premise. here's what i believe in, the american people and the voters. donald's momentum has been growing and growing and growing and since kasich did win ohio by a smaller margin, that's going
6:27 am
to cause a problem for cruz and donald is going to sail to the primary nomination. >> donald trump made that pledge. he said if donald trump is the nominee would you support him? he had indicated he would. he said in the last couple of days it was getting harder and harder to keep that commitment. when you look at the level of vitreole between rubio and trump, how difficult would it be to unify the party around donald trump? >> it's not difficult at all. these are smart people. the 17 or 18 people in the primary for the republicans are great people. they're quality people. any one of them would have made a better candidate or better president than hillary clinton but they're smart enough to realize the important goal line here is to win the white house, put a republican there. to have a republican nominate supreme court justices. the most important thing, this is the will of the voters. >> have you seen anything like this before?
6:28 am
the candidate that emerges, democrat or republican, the candidate that emerges has a lot of endorsements, has a lot of elected officials supporting him or her. donald trump has done this with very, very few of you? >> this is a whole new ball game. this is a new paradigm in washington politics and it goes right to the heart of the american people are tired of the establishme establishment, the insiders making the decisions. we the people make the decisions. >> one of donald trump's supporters on capitol him. thank you for your time. up next, it was a huge night last night for hillary clinton. a clean sweep for her. the democratic presidential nomination now tantalizingly in her reach. bernie sanders says he is not ready to go anywhere even though the odds for him just got a whole lot longer for him last night. how much longer can sanders keep this thing a two-person race? stay with us. >> we started this campaign at
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6:33 am
michigan. a defeat that suddenly called into question her grip on the democratic nomination, but last night she silenced the doubters and she did it in a big way. a clean sweep for hillary clinton. five for five last night and now a delegate lead over bernie sanders that looks insurmountab insurmountable. let's take another look at those results last night. clinton has strong showings as expected in florida and north carolina. she won hand dilly in ohio. a state bernie sanders had been hoping to beat her in. she engineered razor thin in illinois and particularly razor thin in missouri. she beat bernie sanders by less than 2,000 votes in the show me state. for the night clinton has so far picked up 363 delegates. that number may tick up as more results are tabulated. sanders, 282. that gives clinton more than a seven delegate lead when you factor in the super delegates. let's go to arizona. that's one of three states holding contests next tuesday.
6:34 am
msnbc's casey hunt is in phoenix. where we heard from a very subdued sanders last evening. sanders was hoping for a great scenario to win three. instead they win zero. how do they pick up the pieces this morning? >> reporter: it was a really tough night for them, steve. in some ways tougher than they thought it was going to be. they were watching those illinois and missouri returns late into the night. i was standing backstage with them as bernie sanders delivered a little bit of a winding version of his stump speech, not his usual kind of self. and the weaver and devine, the top advisors to sanders talking about at the time the margin in cook county and hoping that they could pull it out but acknowledging, of course, that it was getting grimmer kind of by the minute. their delegate strategy is very much going to get tougher going forward. while before you had these notes of defiance from the candidate himself and from his staff about how he had -- bernie sanders was being written off, that was
6:35 am
unfair, that sort of turned into some resignation. the conversation is instead around the fact that they're going to win these small caucus states, that they're going to try to scrape some delegates out of the state convention processes that will still play out in a couple of places where they've already done well. at the end of the day that's only going to yield dozens of delegates, not hundreds. at some point the conversation does have to turn to whether or not the democratic party is going to unify. you've already started to hear that from hillary clinton, from the clip be ton campaign. they're, of course, being a little bit ginger and careful about t. sanders, of course, is a candidate who will get his back up and will resent being pushed out of the race too early. at the end of the day, sanders is somebody who believes very deeply in the principles that he holds and believes that trump should not be the next president of the united states. if he starts to feel personal pressure that he thinks the best way for him to do what he wants to accomplish is to unify, to stop donald trump, i think that's when you're going to see him get on board with hillary clinton, steve.
6:36 am
>> all right. casey hunt in phoenix. thanks for that. joined now here on stet by christina shockey. joins us after quite a night for you guys last night. >> yes. >> congratulations. you went 5-0. we had you here not too long ago. >> yes. >> hillary clinton had that loss in michigan. people looked at ohio, michigan, demographically these states are similar. if she had trouble in michigan, she's going to have trouble in ohio. instead, she won in ohio by five points. what did you do by losing michigan. >> this says a lot about hillary clinton. she listens. she learns, she thinks about things and she comes back with solutions. so she really took in what happened in michigan and she really realized that her record on trade was being mischarateriz mischaraterized. >> that was a surprise to her,
6:37 am
the michigan result last week? >> yes. it wasn't really to us but it was disappointing to us. she said, i'm going to get out there, i'm going to set the record straight on what i've done on trade and what i'll do to grow jobs in this country and i'm going to fight for ohio and she did and had a decisive win there. >> the pledge dell will he gate count sits at a 300 lead for you guys. >> yes. >> that's more than obama ever led clinton by in 2008. >> yes. >> do you look at this race and say, we're the presumptive nominee? >> we feel like we're in a very strong position. we're really thrilled with the winning coalition hillary has put together. she has won resoundly with women, with african-americans, with latinos, with union households. she won last night with white voters in florida and ohio. that's what you need to win the democratic nomination. it's also what you need as a democrat to win the white house. we feel we're in a strong position. for hillary, this is not over until it's over. she's going to get out there and fight for every vote in the primaries and caucuses coming
6:38 am
up. >> is it difficult for you if bernie sanders takes this to the convention, do you want to unify sooner than that? >> the truth is, he's a really great candidate. you saw hillary say that. she's proud of the race that they've both run. he's been really good for the party. he's brought a lot of ideas and enthuse see samp. it's his decision to make. we're proud of this race. it's not over until it's over. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. coming up, we are going to head back to washington. that battle over president obama's nominee for a new supreme court justice, it is about to go into overdrive with the president's announcement at 11:00 a.m. will republicans even consider his pick now that he's going to make one? plus, john kasich stays alive in the republican race with a big win in his home state of ohio last night. how did he pull off that victory over donald trump?
6:39 am
and can winning that revitalize his national campaign? >> to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love ya is all i can tell you. i love ya. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i'm getting ready to rent a covered wagon. we're going to have a big sail and have the wind blow us to the rocky mountains and over the mountains to california, but here's what i want you to know, we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states! >> john kasich last night after pulling off the victory he was desperately looking for in his home state of ohio.
6:43 am
kasich winning by 11 points over donald trump last night. and that means he gets all 66 of ohio's delegates. it's a winner take allstate. kasich now hoping that that win in ohio last night can propel him to victories across the country. so what states are they targetings next? let's bring in trent duffy. the national communications advisor and spokesman for john kasich's campaign. congratulations on the win in ohio. let me hit you with the cold, hard math you guys are staring at this morning. this is the delegate count that we have and the republican race a few more to be tallied. a big lead for donald trump. i think we have it on the screen somewhere. a big lead for donald trump over you guys. there it is. john kasich sitting back there at 138 right now. trump at 656. that is a long way to go to catch donald trump. how are you going to do it? >> one state at a time, steve. i mean, look at the win that john kasich had in ohio
6:44 am
yesterday. he won by 11 points, but not so much as important as the win itself but how john kasich won. he won amongst women. he won amongst voters who believe jobs are the most important thing and he won because democrats and independents came across and voted for him. he's going to be in pennsylvania today which is where he grew up and we feel good about competing there. he's going to be off to utah tomorrow. as these races go to the northeast and the midwest where kasich has done well, that's where we feel our strength lies. >> it looks like though if you guys are going to get the nomination or ted cruz for that matter at this point it would have to be at what they're calling the open convention. donald trump doesn't come in there with the clear majority. nobody has the clear majority. >> right. >> then we'll see what happens at the convention. but if donald trump does have a significant lead over ted cruz and over john kasich going into
6:45 am
that convention, if he's not at a majority but he's close, is it fair to say somebody else can and should be the nominee? >> that's a big if. john kasich, we expect him to do well in the primaries going forward. there are still 1,000 delegates out there that can be had between now and the time we get to the convention. we feel as this race narrowed, senator rubio ran a great race and john kasich was very congratulatory to senator rubio for the way he conducted himself. we feel as this race has now narrowed to a three-man race, we're going to start to do very, very well in the states going forward. we feel that we can establish the kind of delegates and the kind of momentum that we need because one thing we learned yesterday, you've been reporting, is that hillary clinton cruised to victories in ohio and florida. if we can't win ohio and floor darks if republicans cannot win those two states in november, it's game over. forget about the white house, forget about the senate.
6:46 am
we cannot win a general election. that's why john kasich will get the nomination, because he continues to poll best against hillary clinton. >> one of the things we saw in the run was mitt romney who was campaigning, he wasn't endorsing john kasich, he said, look, if i lived in ohio i'd john kasich. if i lived in florida, i would vote for ted cruz. he was saying where an alternative to trump is the strongest, republicans should vote for that alternative? is that something you want to see going forward? there are going to be states where kasich looks better to take on trump and there are states that cruz is better to take on trump. the main thing is don't be voting for trump right now? >> no, the main message that john kasich is going to be sending is he's the only one that can unite our country and get america moving again. it's interesting. i think you were reporting donald trump is considering not doing the debate next week in
6:47 am
utah which is a little surprising but i can see why if he doesn't want to go up against a proven governor like john kasich who has a record of job creation and uniting men and women together to solve some of the biggest problems. the message from john kasich is bringing america together, getting jobs going again, getting washington working for the men and women of this country. that's what he's campaigning on. that's why he's doing well. that's why we're starting to see our national numbers surge. >> trent duffy with john kasich's campaign. congratulations on last night and thanks for the time. ahead we are going to go back to washington a little over an hour from now. president obama set to announce his nominee to replace the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. vowing to block it. the president will try today. stay with us.
6:48 am
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the president set to announce his pick to replace the late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. we'll have that announcement and we'll go to capitol hill for reaction next. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, you wanna see something intense? with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful.
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all right, let's go straight to chill and luke russert with reaction from the president's announcement coming an hour from now in the supreme court. luke. >> hey, there, steve. i can report that right now, president obama is conducting a call with the relevant democratic leaders on the senate side as well as the relevant senators on the senate judiciary side on the democratic side, presumably talking strategy on the announcement at 11:00 a.m. they're going to say, look, this is unprecedent eed obstruction they don't even give this nominee a hearing. that's what they're asking for. and so far, mcconnell has said no. as has chuck grassley, the chairman. we'll see if they hang on to that. that is unheard of, at least in
6:55 am
recent memory. >> another big piece of news, not supreme court related, but you know capitol hill, you know john boehner well. look at this headline in the last few minutes. john boehner, the former house speaker saying this morning he packs paul ryan for president. if it gets to convention, he would like the convention to turn to paul ryan and not one of the current candidates. >> john boehner says a lot of things. sometimes at these private events, he goes off the cuff, especially if they're spirited events or if he has good friends around him. his spokesman, i reached out to him. he said, look, he's already backing john kasich. he was simply talking about a hypothetical. remember, john boehner is the guy who pushed paul ryan into the speakership, when all out catholic guilt on him. basically made him take the job. this scenario is a little different. i personally from covering paul ryan do not think that he would
6:56 am
be receptive of this. he does not necessarily want to go forward for a job in a brokered convention which 40% of the party would hate him. the trumpians on the fringe right, he doesn't like to deal with them. they already came after him hard when he took the speaker's gavel. i don't see this in his future, but hey, the speaker race was the craziest thing i ever covered. things happen. >> that's quite a mentor paul ryan has in john boehner. luke russert, thanks for that. that's going to wrap up this hour here on msnbc. jose diaz-balart is up next. he's at the bayside marketplace in beautiful miami, florida.
6:57 am
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this is msnbc, the place for
7:00 am
politics. and we're following breaking news out of washington. a live look at the white house. on what is a gorgeous morning in the nation's capital. but behind the scenes, a battle is brewing. in just about an hour, president obama will announce his choice to take the seat on the supreme court. there are reportedly three names on the short list. the president says he has picked someone who is, quote, eminently qualified for the job, but whoever the nominee is, the process is sure to set up a showdown with senate republicans. gop leaders have vowed not to consider any nominee sent their way. republicans instead say the next president should fill the vacancy. good wednesday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart from bayside marketplace in miami. we're here covering last night's primary results. we'll get to all that in a moment. first, very busy morning in washington. ron allen is at the white house. ron, good morning. so what do we know? >> well, we know that in about an hour, we will know who the president's nominee is for


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