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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. hello, i'm chris jansing. back at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this afternoon, two major
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events, either individually, of historic importance. but together a pair of epic battles. first, president obama wasting no time nominating merrick garland for the supreme court. a centrist described by one expert as right out of central casting for confirmability and qualifications. just listen to what he's been involved in. top terror cases like the 1996 atlanta olympics bombing. where he supervised the investigation. he was a prosecutor for the oklahoma city bombing. and unibomber, ted kazinski. this is a strategic nomination for the president. designed to call the bluff of senate republicans. many of whom have said they won't consider any choice. >> i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing. then an up or down vote. if you don't, then it is not only an be a vocation for duty.
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. i have done my duty now it is time for senate to do theirs. >> marco rubio out. both front runners leading competition in the dust. donald trump's four wins, particularly the one in florida puts him closer to nomination. though john kasich's win in ohio does complicate that path to nomination but he is feeling comfortable enough to skip this monday's debate. not surprisingly, that debate is cancelled and the establishment is in panic mode. paul ryan, seemingly pushed into the house speakership a couple of months ago, after initial objections. and wouldn't you guess it, ryan today saying he would not accept the nomination. so to the democrats and hillary clinton taking something of a victory lap today. she only needs 41% of the
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remaining delegates to clench compared to 76% for bernie sanders. as our nbc political unit put it into this morning's first read, the game isn't over but clinton is up for touchdowns mid way through the third quarter. let's start with president obama's pick for the supreme court, merrick garland. for some insight we turn to msnbc's chief legal correspondent, are ari. headlines say, if i can find it, obama picks a good man to go through hell. let's start with the good man part. i was just a call with the white house and they pointed out he tutors second, third and fourth graders, even. >> chris, as you know, one of the things the white house want to do here is obviously put a face on this nomination. move from what republicans are saying is this is a matter of principle and election timing and they don't want to get into who it is, no matter who it is,
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the white house wants to mention that picture. you mentioned that piece. i just confirmed with karen dunn who clerked for merrick garland here and talked about him. she said as a clerk, you would stand next to him and answer any questions he had. sometimes about which word was better. he was so careful, so thoughtful, so concerned with getting it right. she also clerked for the supreme court, i should mention. and she said, i would say in the air of san bernardino, any political party should watch judge garland on the court. he is fair and not just wrestled just as a judge but in real life with some of the hardest issues in the law. you think about that and oklahoma city bombing case which has gotten attention from him as federal prosecutor. you know as following issues, those are not cut and dry matters of law o or subpoenas or what is in the written request. those were times where he as public servant was working with all of the americans and their
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families. people killed bay terrorist. and it spoke to the way he looks at public service. i want to play briefly from a part of the materials the white house put out here. a little bit about him and him talking about what this all means. >> this is not anything i could have ever imagined happening up, dwroei growing up in illinois. my mother will be watching on tv. she would be crying. and my father would be very proud. >> you hear it there, some emotion he is showing. and to go back to where we started in your question, so apt, chris, is it quote unquote a good man going through hell. no doubt, such a huge honor, teared up there, and teared up, from what i could tell, at the rose garden ceremony. this is a prs says, no matter how big the honor of being asked, he may not ultimately be serving. >> thank you, very much, ari. i want to get to the second part of that headline p. which is merrick garland is
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facing a confirmation progress that could be hellish. few people have the experience of nbc's kelly o'donnell for covering this event. she is out on the campaign trail. she covers capitol hill. she covers the white house. i'm sure you've had the same experience i've had over the last few weeks. this is very much on the minds of voters. not just republicans, democrats as well. it is an explosive political issue. so tell us what you are hearing about what is happening on the hill and what you are hearing out on the campaign trail. >> chris, it is interesting you mention that. it is generally a late general election hot button for both parties where they really stress the supreme court being in the balance and the fate of future nominees depending on the outcome. so yes, people know that president has had this opening. he did it in about the same amount of time he did it for justices sotomayor and kagon.
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those voters who are office holders or candidates challenging republicans. there is a strong argument they're making about the responsiblity of the senate to do its job. at least review, take a hearing, even meet in the most simplest terms, merrick garland, when he would make his courtesy calls on capitol hill. ultimately, most of them believe he deservees a vote. they say the president has a considerable amount of time left in his term. but republicans an conservatives on the trail are definitely viewing this quite differently. ways here covering a john kasich event today. the subject came up because it is on the minds of voters at a town hall. he said that he wishes the president had not put any forward in this partisan atmosphere but at the same time, he said, he thinks that it is possible for a president to put forth a nominee in the final year. but in this instance, he says, given the climate, given the way
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republicans have laid out a real line that they won't consider this nomination that it just sort of submits merrick garland to a partisan process that may not end well from him. it is something we are hearing from people concerned about what will happen. people who don't understand the process. why can republicans just simply say no? and now that we have a name attached to this nomination, and a history, which includes votes and support from republicans, it certainly makes this a tougher argument and it adds leverage for democrats to be sure. but today, chris, mitch mcconnell came out not long after the president had his rose garden ceremony, to again stress the point of view of republicans and he has a lot of the keys to this as the majority leader in the senate. here's what mitch mcconnell had to say. >> and it is the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until
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after the election campaign is over. >> so part of what we may begin to see is part of the races but still huge races, statewide, senate races and so forth, may see more of this reflected. i've already seen a number of releases from democrats challenging republican inco incumbents saying they've got to give merrick garland a proper and fair hearing. it may not raise to the level of the presidential campaign day-to-day, but it's there too. chris? >> kelly o'donnell out on the campaign trail for us. thank you so much. now if there is a confirmation process, it happens in the is notate judiciary committee. joining me is a member of that committee, democratic senator from connecticut, richard blumenthal. thank you for joining us. if you heard kelly o'donnell, then you heard what john kasich had to say. it is something shared by a lot
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of people. that is whether or not this process looks like it can be fair to the nominee. i know you support mr. garland's nomination. but do you see a scenario where there could be a confirmation hearing before the election? >> i not only see a scenario but an obligation on the part of the republican party. and eventually this position of staunch absolute resistance, even to meet with a mnominee, where a vote is unstable and untenable, this voice and phase, will i think be extraordinarily persuasive to the american people and prompt the outrage and outcry that should give the republicanes a reason to go forward despite the majority leaders position. and i believe that there is a chance. only a chance at this point, that there will be a vote. >> is that the strategy that you're hearing? i was on this call with white house officials who were
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involved in this process a short time ago. they were asked specifically the question of how do you make this happen and we never really got a good answer to that question. i'm curious if you've had time and even before we knew that it was merrick garland to talk to your republican colleagues. what is the path forward? is there something beyond pressure that you think may happen from the public? >> i've known judge garland for years. having been a law clerk to a supreme court justice and prosecutors myself, i believe he has the kind of persuasive story that can persuade voters and put some apprehension in the mind and hearts of those republicans who face the ballot box this november. and so i think there is a powerful dynamic at work here. for the senate to be required to do its job. and for republicans to join in
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believing that there is a need for it. >> let me play for you something the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said earlier today, something he calls the biden rule. >> let me remind colleagues of what vice president biden says when he was chairman of the judiciary committee here in the senate. here's what he said. it would be our pragmatic conclusion that once a political season is under way, and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. president obama and his allies may now try to pretend this disagreement is about a person. but as i just noted, his own vice president made it clear, it's not. >> so senator, do you think it's fair that if there was a republican who was president and the same process was going forward, the democrats would be doing exactly what mitch mcconnell is doing now? >> absolutely not.
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i wasn't there in 1992. that was a long time ago. but democrats wanted this process to work. and frankly my greatest regret about this republican resistance to any consideration is it drags the court into the meyer and muck of partisan gridlock that the country and american people so detest about washington. and it undermines the reputation and credibility of the court. the court has no armies or police force. the enforceability of its decision depend on its credibility and trust. and this kind of demagoguery and saying that the president shouldn't nominate someone because the political climate doesn't lend itself really plays into the worst fears and instincts. and i think the republicans will come to right it. the senate should do its job. >> senator blumenthal, always
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good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. take care, chris. >> i want to bring in amy howell. the go-to news for everything supreme court related. she has been involved with two dozen cases at the high court. and mike with the national law review. mike, you just heard what senator blumenthal had to say. how do you see this playing out on the hill? will there be enough pressure for the public? enough pressure for some of the senators coming up for reelection and maybe in more purple states that there could be movement or is this nomination doa? >> you saw some movement earlier today with purple states on tough fights on meeting the candidate, on meeting garland. not necessarily on holding hearings, but meeting him. little crack is we will see over the next few months. se
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senat senat senator orrin hatch, said should the republicans lose the senate and not get the president after november to move on garland nomination and with fear of the nomination in the senate could have a nominee. but that's after november, before january. slight movement from the judiciary committee decision not to move until after inauguration day but it is a slight move. i don't think there will be much more movement beyond that. gate keeper, chairman of the judiciary committee an mcconnell have a pretty firm line in the sand. on not moving. and it will take a lot, a lot, a lot of pressure to come down from their positions. >> to bring up what then senator biden had to say, you brought up what hatch had to say back in 1997. let me play that sound. >> pace based solely on his nominations i support garland and encourage my colleagues to
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do the same. to my knowledge, no one, absolutely no one, disputes the following. merrick garland is highly qualified to sit on the d.c. circuit. his intelligence and scholarship cannot be questioned. >> so amy, you heard what mike said. you have this list of senators saying they will at least meet with him or think he should be considered. have you awkward situations as well. a couple of senators from oklahoma who by all accounts who did remarkable work and thought of extremely highly by families. he has personal relationships. where do you see this going? what are the dynamics on the hill? >> i will say as much as mike said. there may be some movement but i think that grassley and mcconnell pulled all the troops together and it is hard for me to see them going so far back on their word and holding hearings or having a vote.
12:17 pm
i think that this nomination was intended to call the senator's bluff on the gop side. but i don't think it's going to work. i think they just may leave the table before everything else happens. >> we should say it is not just the republicanes who have concerns about this. for example, mike, the liberal group democracy for america wrote, and i'm quoting here, it is deeply disappointing that president obama failed the to use the opportunity to add the voice of another progressive woman of color to the supreme court and instead put forward a nominee seemingly to appease republicans. what about concerns on the other side? either whether it is in the senate or members of groups that could have influence? >> in the many e-mail blasts -- >> and there are many. >> there are many. many said congratulations president obama on doing his job. what you don't read is enthusiasm at all for garland.
12:18 pm
you see more we will carefully review his record and come to a decision. they will all fall in line. i promise you that. he this will grumble and complain but they will fall in line behind this straight white man because they know should clinton win the white house and democrats take the senate they will be getting more diversity in terms of educational background, location, gender, and sexual orientation and race. and obama is showing what he has been showing since election, to people that are willing it listen, he is a moderate. he put forward a straight white man to say this is what i have been peddling to you all along. if you dent take it, you are hanging yourself with your own rope. >> we will see how republicans feel about leaving that nomination under her and maybe a democratic senate. mike, thank you. i have a feeling we will talk a lot during the week and months
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ahead. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> still ahead bb how the nomination is on the campaign trail after donald trump's big wins last night. plus the impact marco rubio has. suspending his campaign. new york times jeremy meters will join us, coming up. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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donald trump's big night takes him to 660 delegates. still two candidates are standing in his way. nbc's katy tur has been covering the campaign for us. katy, very good night for donald trump. nevertheless, other campaigns are talking about a contested convention. what's his campaign saying? is that what they're prepping for? do they think there is a good
12:23 pm
chance he will win this outright? >> you can tell they are at least prepping for it behind the scenes. donald trump has gone out and said on cnn this morning that he believes there could be riots if they try to take the nomination away from him. that supporters are so dedicated, so passionate for his candidacy. that they would revolt eventuallily if the rnc or gop tried to deny him the nomination even if he had the majority within the field of the votes. and i got to tell you from being on the field and talking to supporters for the past 10 months now, they are very dedicated to him. they often said they would follow him to third party campaign. think i part of the reason this campaign is so fascinating to watch is you're not entirely sure what's going to happen next. could there potentially be riots? i wouldn't take that entirely off the table. i do think that donald trump was nailing an -- not nailing an idea, but tapping into something
12:24 pm
when he talked about that this morning. but the campaign is feeling very confident. they are going to arizona on saturday. also utah. arizona is a place where he has been campaigning before and he's gotten very vocal support out there. one of the first places we went to that had a large gathering to show up for him. about 5,000 people in phoenix, arizona. sense then it has only grown. so we are expecting a pretty big rally on saturday. as for how he's dealing with what's going on in washington, with scotus, he is firmly on the side of the gop establishment. firmly on the side of congress who say they are not going to validate any of barak obama's nominees. take a listen. >> i think they should do exactly what they are waiting. wait for next president and let the next president pick.
12:25 pm
>> that way he is firmly on the side of the establishment. he believes everything should co-aless around him. that is what is happening with former governor rick scott. he came out on facebook endorsing donald trump and believes the gop party needs to get behind donald trump and that it would be pointless not to because he clearly has the majority of support among republican voters, at least for right now. that's what the trump is campaign is saying. they say they are turning people out, new voters, inspiring p em to come to the party and inspiring people to vote for him and it would be ruinous if the gop decided to mess with that. >> let me ask, it he was pressed on this this morning, there was a question about what point would he make a turn towards looking more presidential and less confrontational, after so many wins last night and feeling more confident, would he do that. do you sense any sign we will see anything different from donald trump -- >> no, i don't think we will see anything different. each win and each day that passes gives him more after
12:26 pm
license to continue on twith th rhetoric he has been using in this campaign. he doesn't see a necessity to change. everything he is doing is working. he is doing very well in the primaries at the moment. not until we see him face a challenge will he change the way he does things. he said a number of times in past he would tone down rhetoric and condemn violence of any sort at his rallies. he has not done that so far, chris. >> thank you so much, katy tur. for a close are look at last night's results and what they could mean going forward, bring in jerry peters. hey, jeremy, looks nice down there. >> it is lovely, chris. thanks for having me. >> lets start with the obvious. one roadblock put up last night. where do you put the chances that donald trump is nominee? >> i think they are incredibly high.
12:27 pm
the one thing that could slow this down and really i think slow it down at this point is as far as i would take it is that he is denied on the first ballot. yeah. it is very difficult to see the convention not handing the nomination to donald trump. as you and katy were just discussing, you are seeing an outpouring of support of anger, emotion at these trump rallies already. imagine what would happen if these people feel disenfranchised, if they feel the election was stolen for them. that's how they would feel if donald trump was denied at the convention. rioting in the streets of cleveland. i could certainly see that. >> let's hope not. but i do think one of the fascinating things from last night and we haven't talked about it a whole lot, is from where you are sitting florida,e was $10 million, $12 million against donald trump. he spent about $2 million and
12:28 pm
look what result is. like these anti-trump forces that put everything into florida didn't make a dent. in fact, if anything, i wonder, jeremy, if there was some backlash. >> that's absolutely right. among trump supporters, it's true. i've never seen anything like it, this phenomena, the more you criticize a guy, the more supporters rally around him. this defiance that's unprecedent. but you're talking about a republican primary. fast forward to the general election and i think those types of negative ads have a much greater impact. i think donald trump, there is a movement to elect donald trump. there will also be a movement to deny donald trump the presidency. and i think that him as a nominee could be a one-man turn out machine for democrats. >> this morning in the times, an autopsy on the marco rubio campaign. one of the things you mention said that rubio might not have gained traction because his time was not right. and his time hadn't come. but at this point, where do his
12:29 pm
delegates go? how does he play this going forward? >> i think right now rubio is exhausted and exasperated. he will spend time with his family. let things quiet down. i think his delegates, because he suspended his campaign, are basically up for grabs. so you know, will he have a voice in saying hey, go here or go there? sure. i think his primary responsibility, and he said this, and this was his goal all through the primary campaign, to deny donald trump the nomination. and once he figures out who the best candidate would be to do that, he will get behind that person. >> how do you see those forces coming together? as we pointed out, at least in terms of the anti-trump advertising, it hasn't worked. we saw that john kasich, one of the first things he's done is hire a bunch of people who know what it is to go into a contested convention and potentially make it possible for him to win.
12:30 pm
how is this all going to co-aless or will it ever? will it always be this sort of desperate parts and donald trump just keeps going? >> that has been one of the -- the thing that has held the anti-trump forces back. they have just been unable to coalesce. we thought this would happen weeks ago in the so-called establishment. the powers that be in the republican party thought it would happen before then. it just hasn't. i don't know that there is any grand plan. this notion that there is this invisible hand of the establishment that will come around and sweep donald trump away is just -- it is just not reality. >> well, it is nevertheless something that at left a couple of candidates are hoping will happen. jeremy peters, where are you going next? >> that's a good question. >> hopefully home for a day or two. >> exactly. well, luckily the campaign ended in florida. so it's not a bad place to cool your heels for a few days. >> not at all. >> thanks so much, jeremy. good talking to you.
12:31 pm
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turning now to that breaking news from paris where earlier today four people were arrested for planning future terror attacks, according to french officials the three men and one woman all identified themselves as radical islamists. "daily beast" editor chris dickey is following this in paris. chris, what more do we know now? >> i think this has people really on edge. the interior minister is trying to calm the waters a little bit saying let's be very cautious. eer not sure it was a planned terrorist attack or if it was, we don't know exactly when it might be going to take place. but this just comes a day after people who were investigating the november 13th massacre here in paris knocked on doors in
12:35 pm
brussels and wound up in the middle after fire fight in which one man was killed with a rifle beside him. >> this is a place where you have lived so many years and you and i spent weeks thereafter the horrible attacks and we saw this sense of security shattered so desperately. had the city been recovering? had tourism been recovery? what does this mean for this city? whatever it turns out to be. >> tourism -- chris, yes, i remember our time together there on the plaza derepublic. that slowly subsided. very slowly. but tourists, it has been a long
12:36 pm
slog for the tourist industry. there are strange things going on. the chinese sent a delegation to look at security measures taken in paris because of so many chinese tourists who come here and numbers of people you see at places like the eiffel tower have been weighed down. i walk all over this city all the time. in the last few days as we began to have a little spring like weather, you did see tourist and more people coming out. but this will make people very nervous once again. >> given what's at stake here, obviously the economic portion of it, but also the safety, security, mental well-being of people who live in paris everyday like you do, do you expect to hear from officials about who these folks are and if they really did have something that was on its way to being potentially deadly? >> yeah, i think we will hear something in the next couple of days. they're interrogating them right
12:37 pm
now. the main figure they're interested in, a man named yuseff, was on house arrest. he was arrested in 2012 trying to go to syria it join jihad. they think he might have been in contact with the so-called islamic state. but there are no more details out yet. >> christopher dickey, always good to talk to you, my friend. thank you so much. coming up, back on to the campaign trail. bernie sanders plotting his best way forward after losing all five states last night. his campaign manager joins us next. and hillary clinton sets her sights on general election. her deputy communications director is with us. all coming up on msnbc, the place for politics. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november!
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our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. [ cheers and applause ] and i want to congratulate senator sanders for the vigorous campaign he's waging. >> a break away evening for hillary clinton last night. she beat bernie sanders in all five states pulling off decisive victories in florida, north carolina, and ohio. and winning by thinner margins in illinois and missouri. hillary clinton picked up 364 delegates last night to bernie sanders' 282. here is the overall delegate math. doesn't look good for senator sanders. at this point in the race, clinton picked up 1566 delegates. bernie sanders has 858. in order to win, sanders needs 76% of the remaining pledged delegates. meanwhile, both democratic candidate are weighing in on president obama's nominating merrick garland to the supreme court today. clinton released a statement that reads in part he has chosen
12:42 pm
a nominee with considerable experience on the bench and in public service. a brilliant legal mind and long history of bipartisan support and admiration. now it is up to members of the sena senate to meet their own ado th duty they swore to undertake. senator sanders wrote, it judge garland has done his job now it is the time for the senate to do theirs. >> last night, hillary clinton took a jab at the gop front-runner. >> how commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. when we candidate for president, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that
12:43 pm
doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> so what is hillary clinton's next move? let's turn to hillary for america. christina shockey, good to have you here. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> it was a great evening for hillary clinton. her lead exceeds 300 delegates over senator sanders. >> is this a preview of what is to come? are you shifting away from going after bernie sanders and more toward the general? >> i have to say she is solidly focused on winning this nomination. it's not over until it's over. >> so should she be talking more about bernie sanders or is it time for her to make that shift? >> the truth is she has been talking about donald trump from the beginning. she was the first to call him out for his outrageous rhetoric months and months ago and called on republican candidates to do the same. they have not. she has been calling him out for
12:44 pm
things he is saying. he is a bully and bigot and she has been standing up to him on that. she is just astonished by what is happening on the republican side. >> the "new york times" pointed out a similarity between secretary clinton and donald trump and that is, it is hard it remember a time when you look at the polls when the two front runners had low public opinion of them, the way they do. secretary clinton repeatedly acknowledged recently in particular she is not a natural campaigner. but is she addressing a stylistic issue when the real problem is deeper and it is about credibility and truthfulness? >> i don't think so. she was very forthright in saying this doesn't come naturally for her wait it does for president obama or her husband. this woman has been an advocate her wholevocating for women and families. it is harder for her to talk
12:45 pm
about herself. this is different for her. >> this is stylistic, and the benghazi e-mails and things that make people question whether or not she is being all on the up and up. >> you know, she has weathered these attacks from republicans for years. i think those numbers are a reflection of that. but you know, i think what is important that we saw last night is 8.4 million americans voted for her as president in the clip you showed, she won more votes than any candidates in this race. so there is incredible enthusiasm for her candidacy. >> let me ask you quickly, you heard what bernie sanders had to say, he and hillary clinton on the same page about the supreme court nominee. >> yes. >> what is your sense of it and where is the campaign going on this? how big a deal do you think this is? how will she be hitting on it in weeks and m months to come? >> you saw her talk about it. it shows how high the stakes are in this election. president obama fulfilled his
12:46 pm
constitutional responsibility and put forth as hillary said a very qualified candidate to serve on the supreme court. >> is this something against democrats? >> absolutely. for them, they have obstructed president obama in every way they possibly can and new they will obstruct the united states supreme court. so this is an incredibly important issue and you saw her make a strong statement today supporting president obama. >> christino shockey, good to see you. >> thank you. >> joining me on the phone is bernie sanders' campaign manager, jeff weaver. jeff, good to uk talk to you. good afternoon. >> it is a long shot and best for bernie sanders to get the nomination now. what is the plan going forward? >> look, i have to say, i heard you lining up and you know, i think you are repeating the same erroneous information that many people in the mainstream media are repeating. let me clear it up for viewers certainly. the 1500 number are people who are part of the insiders who
12:47 pm
don't vote until the actual convention. and they have a long history of switching's leetness us during the course of campaigns. >> take out super delegates, he is still far behind. >> so we are 300 behind. we knew we would be at this point. the secretary with always do well in the south. no doubt about that. long history, first lady for 12 years in arkansas. husband has strong connections to the south. if you look at the calendar going ahead, the calendar going ahead is favorable for senator sanders and truth of the matter is last night in illinois, 1.9 million votes cast, she was hit by about 10,000, a fraction of 1% in missouri, as you know, 1500 votes. and so, if those were switched around, we would be having this conversation and talking about sanders even though delegate math would be the same. >> do you think that maybe you misplayed expectations game a little bit. maybe several weeks ago before michigan, this was not a day you guys thought you would do very
12:48 pm
well in and then michigan happened and we heard other members of your campaign talking about the states you thought you could win. another michigan-style upset. what is the lesson going forward? >> we almost did have the michigan state and two states, in which we were behind double digits last week. going forward, the calendar turns very favorable for us. if you look at the calendar going forward, if this was the calendar on the first half of this, you would be on the phone with the clinton campaign saying why are you so far behind and can you make it up? we are only half way through, by the way. we have picked not quite half of the delegates in the contest. there is a whole second half to be played here. we will come out quite strong and the drain is very, very good to us and we will eat into the secretary's lead. this is the high water mark for the clinton campaign. going forward you will see week after week the delegate lead and delegate being chipped away.
12:49 pm
i believe on june 7th when we have a number of states participating that day, including california and new jersey, we will surpass her. >> jeff weaver, bernie sanders' campaign manager. thanks for calling in. >> always a pleasure. >> chief justice loved when he was nominated more than a decade ago. what do they think of him now and how could politics impact merrick garland's nomination? the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected.
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12:53 pm
you've known him for years, and i was watching him in the rose garden and thinking, wow, it takes a certain personality, a certain temperament to put yourself in this situation, and why someone might say, even to the president of the united states, i have no interest in being a sacrificial lamb. tell us about his personality and how you see him playing this. >> i think it does take an exception personality and i think he's dedicated to public service. there has to be a nominee and he's willing to step up and play that role. and at the same time, i think the white house is hoping that even though the republicans say now they won't give a home, if a democrat is elected in november, though many in the white house are thinking, the senate might stop and think, maybe it would be better to confirm merrick garland now as a more centrist candidate for the supreme court, than to wait for a democratic president to send up, to a possibly democratic-controlled senate an even more liberal
12:54 pm
nominee. garland is not considered much of an ideological liberal, more of a centrist on the slightly liberal side, and perhaps that's the thinking of the white house, that there is a possibility here. >> and they said today, he's going to start going on the hill tomorrow. he's going to be talking to people. he has friends on the hill, right? >> that's right, he has many friends. what he knows is votes. and some republicans, many republicans are saying they won't even meet with him, much less hold a hearing in the judiciary committee and much, much less have a vote on the floor. >> pete williams, always good to talk to you, with pepete, thank. >> you bet. >> now that marco rubio is out, will his delegates be released to, say, ted cruz? we'll check in with the cruz campaign after. om and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most...
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12:57 pm
the charleston post and courier newspaper reporting that south carolina governor, nikki haley, who was a marco rubio backer, is now going to back ted cruz. the plot thickens. that's going to do it for me. i'm chris jansing. i'll see you back here tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. eastern time.
12:58 pm
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