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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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roosevelt died several months into his fourth term in office, his vice president harry truman assumed the presidency. that have 1945. he was then elected president in his own right in 1948. at the end of that term in tonight on "all in." >> this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get to death inside rally. >> more weekend violence as donald trump tries to charm washington republicans. >> if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. >> the republican front-runner goes to d.c. president obama makes history in cuba and senator bernie sanders goes all in. >> donald trump is an embarrassment even to the republican party. >> hear sanders surprising answer about trump protesters. his response to democrats calling for him to get out of race, and what he thinks of how the media is covering him. >> campaigns and elections are not a game. they're not a game. >> "all in" starts right now.
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good evening. i hope you're sitting down because this has been crazy day of news with president obama on the first presidential visit to cuba in nearly 90 years. donald trump descending on washington to woo the gop establishment and bernie sanders sitting down with me for a 20-minute interview you do not want to miss. all of that ahead, but first to trump. violating every taboo and offending anyone and everyone found the one group he wouldn't risk add libbing in front of. he spoke to aipac using a teleprompter. gave trump fairly enthusiastic reception. one we'll discuss later in the show. shortly before his speech, trump defended the man seen here
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violently assaulting a protester at a trump campaign rally in arizona over the weekend. >> he was given a certain finger and a hand. he was talked to horribly and he was also looking at somebody that came up with somebody dressed as a member of the kkk. he happened to be african-american, the person who was a supporter. it was a shame what happened. he saw a member of the ku klux klan. you people don't write that. >> the man attacked was not dressed as a member of the kkk. there was another protester nearby in a kkk hood. the victim of this beating said he was scared he would be killed at the rally and blamed trump for inciting violence.
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>> this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. what's going to happen when this man is president? how is he going to shut down descent when he's in charge? >> trump's defense comes on the heels of the defense of his campaign manager, currently the subject of a criminal complaint from conserative reporter who said he grabbed her. at that same arizona rally where the protester was beaten, a trump staffer was seen getting physical with a protester. despite video evidence to the contrary, trump claims he was not involved. the only candidate not in aipac was bernie sanders who said-too busy campaigning out west where he's been met with massive crowds including 14,000 in utah. he managed to make time for an interview with me.
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let me start with this. it was another example of some real upsetting violence at a trump rally. he was arrested. this comes in the wake of a lot of protests, the roadblock. there's some commentators are saying that the protest efforts at the rallies, the disruptions are playing into his hand. what do you think of that? >> well, look, i think that trump has been incredibly divisive. i think he's insulted almost every person in america. i think his policies are out rageous, but in america people have a right to hold rallies. my own feeling is it's absolutely appropriate for thousands of people to protest at a trump rally, but i am not a great fan of disrupting rallies.
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people want to be outside, they want to talk about attacks on mexicans. his out rageous attacks on muslims and african-americans, there's appropriate. i think in some ways you're right. i think it plays into trump's hands. it's counter productive. protests yes, disruptions, no. >> that's not the answer i would have expected from you. >> why not? people have a right to give a speech. people have a right to protest. i'm not great fan of disrupting people's speeches. >> there was an article, i believe it was in politico about democratic senators talk about you and hillary clinton and your campaigns. i think urging you to enter a phase of your campaign not to stop campaigning but target donald trump as opposed to hillary clinton because they believe or claim you don't have a clear path to nomination and you were damaging hillary clinton. i wanted to get your response to that.
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>> let me respond in a couple of ways. we do have a path to victory. secretary clinton has done well in the deep south and in states that have had elections there. we're heading west. we think we have an excellent chance to win in washington state. in the state of california. in oregon we think we'll do well. this week in utah, we think we'll do well. in arizona we're right now here in boise, idaho. we have 6,000 people next door. we had 14,000 people out a few days ago in salt lake city. most importantly in almost all the exit polls, we're winning the people 45 or 50 and younger. the future of the democratic party is with us. people are tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. people want to united states to join the rest of the industrialized world with a national health program. medicare for all.
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people believe fervently that in the year 2016 we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. we got to impose tax on wall street speculation. these are the ideas that are generating enthusiasm. of course, i'm taking on donald trump. i'm very proud in almost every national poll, we are running much stronger against trump than clinton is. last nbc poll had us 18 points up. clinton was 13 points up. if you can live it in the state of utah, which is not elected, voted for a democrat in 50 years, we were beating trump by 11 points. hillary clinton by two points. one of the points many people are saying all over this country is bernie sanders is the strongest candidate against donald trump. >> you've gave an interview the other night. you said you would, if you were elected, it was a lame duck
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session, you would ask for him to withdraw and name your own supreme court justice. i wonder your views about heller which is the opinion in 2007 by the supreme court finding that basically the second amendment protects an individual right to bear arms. do you think that was properly decided? would you look for a justice who would overturn it? >> chris, i'm not going to go through every supreme court decision. this is what i will tell you. i don't go around coming up with litmus tests every other day. i'm obviously pro-choice, 100% voting record for women's rights. for the environment and so forth. i worry, very much, about the future of american democracy. the degree to which we are going to have a vibrant democracy if citizens united continues to stand. this, to me, is a very
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fundamental issue underlying the whole nature of american society. i will not appoint or nominate anybody to the supreme court who is not loud and clear, making it very public that not only will they vote to overturn this disasterous citizens united supreme court but push it to come up as soon as possible. >> one of the things citizens united gave rise to is super pacs. i've been surprised by what a disaster they have been. literally hundreds of millions of dollars lit on fire. $145 million to get jeb bush, four delegates. are you surprised how seemingly ineffectual that kind of big money has been thus far? >> i think that's a wrong characterization of the situation. the political world is changing
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rapidly. what the establishment has learned, what the democratic accomplishment, the media establishment is the world is not what they thought it was. with the middle class disappearing, people working longer hours for low wages, people working for the future of their children, you're seeing a lot of discontent at the grass roots level all over this country. trump is tapping anger in a very destructive way. we're trying to bring people together to create an economy that works for all of us, not just wall street. to underestimate the long term impact of citizens united, of the koch brothers, of sheldon adelson would be a serious mistake. that would be one of the worst decisions in the history of supreme court decisions. it's got to be overturned. >> you're nothing, if not
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consistent. you've been consistent on a whole set of principles since you entered public life. i think that consistency is a large part of your appeal. people don't think you're making up this position about banks or money in politics just because you think it will work. you really believe it. are there things that you've changed your mind on about politics since you got into congress or even since you started campaign? is there things that you have changed? >> let me say this, to be honest with you, i almost, what i fervently wish is we had more time. right now i'm speaking to you and i can hear in the background a crowd of 5 or 6,000 people in boise, idaho. we have 14,000 people out in salt lake city. what i think i under estimated
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is the degree we can bring people together around a strong economic message. people will disagree. i am pro-choice. i am pro-gay marriage. i feel fervently about climate change. i think there's more opportunity than i had previously believed to bring people together around basic economic issues ended this disasterous trade policy that's cost us millions of jobs. raising the minimum wage to 15 an hour. believe the majority of people want health care. if i had to do it over again, i would have put more emphasis on bringing working class people together to fight for a government that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> when you said more time, i thought you were talking about you and i. you're saying the runway for the
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bernie sanders plane, you wish it was longer. you think you found something here that if it was longer, you would be in a better position to take advantage of? >> i think, two things, number one, the democrats need a 50-state strategy. i think with intelligent planning, cultivating good leadership in the south and there is some right there bringing blacks and whites together, democrats can make huge advances in the south. i think in other parts of the this country, i think it's insane for the democrats to abdicate those states in that entire region. i think if elected president and becoming leader of the democratic party, we're going to put resources in there.
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i think we can bring people together. you say you may disagree with me on gay marriage. you do need to see your kid go to college. you need to have a decent minimum wage. i think we can bring a lot of people together. >> much more on my interview including the presidential candidate making news with sharp records about benjamin netanyahu. donald trump's day trying to charm the d.c. establishment that ended with him threatening the people he was trying to win over. those stories and more, ahead. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to
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much more of my conversation with bernie sanders. rereveal for the first time how his own religious impacts the way he talks about politics. you're the first jewish individual to get this far. how much does that shape how you think about your role, should you become president with respect to israel, a place where you did live at a certain point. that answer, ahead.
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today, as the never trump movement, to keep him away, he touched down in washington, d.c., the heart of the establishment to make his pitch to possible skeptical party leaders. his day ended moments ago with major policy speech to aipac that his statement he's the single leading experiment of the iran nuclear deal got laugher. >> i've studied this issue in great detail.
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i would say greater by far than anybody else. believe me. believe me. >> trump's ended with efforts and also began that way with a sit down with the washington post editorial page to detail his sparse foreign policy. you have to read the transcript. he headed to a meeting with gop lawmakers. the gathering attended by newt gingrich along with two dozen sitting senators and half a dozen congressmen. >> i mean, he's clearly the front-runner. in my district in tennessee he won almost 50% of the vote. i think he has the clearest path to the nomination. it only make sense to unify the party. >> the real estate mogul went to his trump branded washington, d.c. hotel where he announced
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the heritage foundation is working to compile a list of supreme court nominees. asked about party leaders, specifically house speaker paul ryan's criticism, trump offered lightly veiled threats to the very establishment he was in nation's capitol to court. >> they can play games and can play cute. i can only take him at face value. i understand duplicity. i understand a lot of things, but he called me last week. he could not have been nicer. i spoke with mitch mcconnell. if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. they better be careful and should be carriful with third party stuff. a third party means the democrats will win. almost certainly.
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>> joining me now is betsy woodriff. i'm starting to see that you're starting to see the first inklings of sign that will just end up supporting trump. the heritage foundation was really interesting to me. jim demint is at this meeting. this is their statement of helping him think through supreme court nominee. it's with high integrity that will follow the rule of law. it will consistently provide that guidance as part of our ongoing support to promote conservative movement. what have the tea leaves to be read there? >> i think that heritage has made peace with the fact that trump will be the republican nominee. the sort of mass delusion that's existed in d.c. for about eight months regarding trump's strength as a candidate seems finally to be dissipating and a lot of these establishment figures are making peace with the fact he's not going anywhere.
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what's interesting to me is many of the most die hard never trump folks aren't establishment figures. they aren't in preibus world. a meeting was dominated by a group's biggest contribution was helping rick santorum get his movement off the ground. >> that's a really key point. we think of the establishment, so much of those politics are so transactional. these people think they can get close to power, they're going to. this is george will talking about this. he coins the phrase the she republicans. >> the party, it's a big, big tent can expand to include donald trump through november or is this stretching it too far. >> it cannot expand that far and remain a conservative party, which means if he's the nominee
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there will be no conservative in the race and the v she reasons that are coming to terms with the takeover of their party have to understand that. >> v she republicans. >> the question of class traitorship is central to this. sarah palin had a lengthy facebook post today or yesterday where she ranted about the fact that supporters of donald trump are worried they are getting blacklisted. a former trump aid mentioned a bit about this idea of keeping track of the names of conservative movement. >> a former cruz aid. >> yeah, i misspoke. keeping track of the names of movement conservative figures who decided to get on board with trump and legitimize him. he's had significant success getting some of these tea party standard bearers. some of the gate keepers that are the most die hard of making sure the people they supported are really conservative.
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he's had a lot of success getting them on board. >> sheldon adelson's newspaper has been offering pretty positive coverage. i think it will be a large category. thanks for joining me. >> sure thing. this incredible video of president obama and raul castro. look at that dangling wrist there. what that dangling wrist means, next. plus more of my exclusive interview where i got to ask bernie sanders a question. his revealing answer, ahead. stay with us.
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two of the most heated, polarizing foreign policy issues with the passionate domestic constituency, cuba and israel were front and center today. the world wash day of historic first unfold as barack obama became the first sitting u.s. president since calvin coolidge to visit cuba. mr. obama in the midst of a three-day visit with pomp and circumstance including a cuban band playing the star spangled banner. he met with raul castro. the third face-to-face encounter. earlier president obama and mr. castro held a joint news conference and president obama urging rare occurrence, questions were taken from the press.
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mr. castro grabbed attention for response to reporters question about political prisoners. >> what political prisoners? give me a name or names or when after this meeting is over you can give me a list of political prisoners. if we have the political prisoners they will be released before tonight's end. >> cuba does still hold political prisoners. the news conference culminating the optics that the needle president has been threatening on cuba. without appearing to endorse the castro regime. president castro at the end of the press conference seizing his arms in hope of a culminating photo op. president obama allowed his arm to go limp. back in this country the woman
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hoping to succeed president obama address the pro-israel lobby group that drew contrast to the sitting president offering to extend netanyahu to the white house. mrs. clinton's language was far from stern. she mentioned settlement activity once this passing. clinton had harsh words for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement that isolates israel and link it to anti-semitism. >> we need steady hands. clinton had harsh words for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement that isolates israel and link it to anti-semitism. >> we need steady hands. not a president who said he's
12:31 am
neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiatable. my friends, israel's security is non-negotiatable. >> there's only one candidate still in the race who did not speak at aipac today. it's the only jewish candidate, bernie sanders. i got chance to sit down and talk with him about how he sees america's relationship with israel. some sharp language to describe benjamin netanyahu. >> this is a right wing politician. a guy who kind of crashed the united states congress to give his speech there, ignoring president obama not even consulting with him. using it for political purposes back home. >> the rest of my conversation with bernie sanders, ahead. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to more now on my conversation with senator bernie sanders, a
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day of massive political headlines, i asked the presidential hopeful about the topics and pressed him on how his world view differs that his rival. >> she's much more hawkish than i am. i think she's apologized for a vote against the war in iraq. i don't think that was a mistake on her part. that is the type of aggressiveness and hawkishness that is what she is part of. i think the role that she played this libya in the kadafi and the vacuum it created for isis to come in is a mistake. the fact she would go in with a debate to me and talk about the praise she received from henry kissinger, one of the most destructive secretaries of state in american history, she was proud to get his praise. that tells you where she is coming from. we have a very different outlook. >> you just characterized her views. i'm curious, you say she's more hawkish. characterize your own views. do you think of yourself as
12:36 am
>> you just characterized her views. i'm curious, you say she's more hawkish. characterize your own views. do you think of yourself as dovish or internationalist? how would you characterize your own views in contrast to her? >> in 12 seconds or less, it's not -- i voted against the war in iraq. i voted against the first gulf war. i think war is the last option of a great military power like us. i think we need to focus on building coalitions. yes, isis must be destroyed, but it should be destroyed by a coalition of mslim nations on the ground with the support of the united states and the other major powers in training the troops there. i think also, when you talk about what goes on in the middle east, look, i absolutely, i
12:37 am
spent many months in israel. i know something about israel. israel has got to be defended. has a right to exist. you cannot ignore the need of the palestinian people. yes, i'm more than aware of what iran is doing in supporting terrorism. i'm also aware that the government of saudi arabia is no great model of jeffersonian democracy and money from saudi arabia has gone in from terrorist extremists. when you look at the middle east, we have to play with a much more level even handed approach that i think we have had. it's not just long term. i think we want to make sure that we do everything that we can to stop the support of
12:38 am
terrorism from iran but long term. i think the agreement of the obama administration reached in stopping the development of a nuclear weapon in iran is a step forward. i want to see that continued. i want to see pressure being put on saudi arabia not only to stop funding terrorists but being in yemen to play a more active role in isis. we're all aware of the centuries old division between shiites and sunnis. they're going to have to sit at the table. we can play a role in trying to resolve some of the differences so they work with us against isis and terrorism in general. >> you use the phrase even handed in navigating the difficulty geo politics in the middle east. hillary clinton mocked donald trump, seemed to mock donald trump who talked about being neutral between israel and palestinian negotiations in achieving some kind of two-state negotiation and peace deal. who's right? should the u.s. be neutral or not? >> no, it's not a question of being neutral and a question of
12:39 am
donald trump. donald trump is an embarrassment even to the republican party. what i mean is that when you look at somebody like a netanyahu, to simply not understand that this is a right wing politician. a guy who kind of crashed the united states congress to give his speech there, ignoring president obama, not even consulting with him, using it for political purposes back home. i guy who has supported the growth of settlements, i think the overreaction and the destruction of gaza went too, too far. israel should not be bombing schools or homes. just terrible damage there. point being, israel has an absolute right to exist but to exist in way they're not underthreat of terrorism. i support that 100%. you've also got to reach out to the palestinian people and the
12:40 am
arab communities. that is the only hope, i think for lasting peace in the mid east. is this going to be easy? of course it's not. wonderful people have tried for decades without success. we keep doing it. we just cannot be 100% supportive of people like netanyahu and ignore the rest of the region. >> clinton also, then i'm going to move to cuba. clinton talked about the boycott divest sanction movement, which is international movement. some of the people who advocate those tactics believe that israel should be a binational state. some are zionist but want to see israel support a two-state solution. she linked to it racism. do you think that's a fair linkage? >> i think there is some of that. israel has done some bad things.
12:41 am
so has every other country on earth. i think if people want to attack israel for their policies, i think that is fair game but not to appreciate that there is some level of anti-semitism around the world would be a mistake. >> you're the first jewish individual to get this far to the presidency, how much does that shape how you think about your role should you become president with respect to israel, a place where you did live at a certain point? >> my role if elected president, i've got to look at foreign policy and look at the united states approach to every country on earth. clearly the middle east has been a caldron. it's been so volatile, so horrible in so many years it's an area you have to pay attention to. you have to pay attention to china.
12:42 am
you have to pay attention to latin america. i would say being jewish, what has been most significant in my life is understanding what a hitler, what horrible politics can mean to people. it's motivating factors in my life fighting racism and bigotry of all kinds. when it gets out of hands as we have seen and obviously it has unbelievable repercussions. >> today the president is in cuba and it's a remarkable thing for a lot of people to witness given the decades of american policy. it's something you oppose. do you have a message today if there are cuban disdents, to those folks are people in miami who feel like even if they didn't support the embargo feel negatively about the castro regime? >> there's a lot to feel negatively about.
12:43 am
i think in terms of the nature of the continuation of the cold war which has gone on so long between cuba and the united states, i applauds the united states for aggressively trying to end it. i hope we will not only have full diplomatic relations but the trade embargo will end. i think that will be good for the people of cuba. i think it's a little bit absurd that here in the united states we can get on plane and go to china, we can go to saudi arabia but we can't go to cuban businesses. i think that's stupid. i applaud the president for his efforts in that direction and hope in the not too distant future, we'll work aggressively to develop normal relations in every respect with the people of cuba. >> final question. you've been very critical of the media's role, is there a question you wish you got asked
12:44 am
more that you don't get asked? >> look, it's not just a question. for the media, 90% of the coverage process is soap opera is polls, is raising money. go to the rallies i have. listen to the people that come up with me. a woman comes up to me with tears her eye, i'm working 60 hours a week. i'm not making any money and don't have time to spend with my daughter. listen to the kids with 50, 60,000 there are in debt. i'm running for president of the united states because we have a disappearing middle class. we got 47 million people living in poverty. the amount of time that the media pays to those issues is minimal. that is my critique.
12:45 am
the media has to look at the pain in america and look at how the candidates are responding to their pain. campaigns and elections are not a game. they're not a game. they're about trying to change america. we're the wealthiest country in the history of the world. we should not be having flint, michigans or african-american communities all over this country where schools are failing. those are the issues we got to pay attention to an not look at this as some kind of silly game. that is the critique that bothers me. that's what bothers me about media coverage opinion. >> senator bernie sanders, thanks for all your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. all right. as utah prepares to caucus tom, the stop trump campaign is in full force. more on that ahead.
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test test test test there's some high stakes
12:47 am
drama in those contests. donald trump is favored to take arizona.
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there's some high stakes drama in those contests. donald trump is favored to take arizona. it's a winner take all primary. if trump wins even if just a plurality of the vote, he gets to keep the delegates. senator ted cruz is heavily favored in utah. it's majority take all state. if cruz can manage to get over 50% of the vote, he's awarded all that state's delegates. this is a key point for anyone hoping for a victory for the stop trump movement. projections tend to put trump around under the 1237 he needs if he continues as he's been.
12:50 am
that means a few delegates shy could keep him from an out right win. a cruz majority win in utah is the kind of outcome that could lend credence to the idea that trump can be forced to go to cleveland without the nomination secured. part of the reason cruz is a shot in utah is it looks like mormonism is the most effective anti-trump inoculation among the gop base. the greater the percentage of mormons in a given county, the less support there is for donald trump. anti-trump super pac put out facebook ads targeted to mormons. coming up, could donald trump's trouble rally mormons to his side keep him from winning the republican nomination and we'll preview what the democrats have in store tomorrow, next. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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joining me now msnbc contributor. msnbc political analyst howard dean, former chair of the dnc and former governor of vermont. arizona, tomorrow, immigration is figured more prominently in that state's politics than any other state in the union. you see jan brewer endorsing trump. you wrote about how the emigration legacy has led to trump. how do you see that issue
12:55 am
playing out on both sides tomorrow? >> well, i think, chris, there's a lot of shock and awe when donald trump came out with his candidacy and speaking about immigrants being rapists and drug dealers. the truth of the matter this isn't old. this is the type of rhetoric we have been seeing over a decade starting in arizona because of the problems they were having being a border state. it quieted down when the supreme court struck down most of it. the question is for both republicans, republicans and democrats, we're not going to see this immigration rhetoric go away until we have comprehensive immigration reform. it will wax and wane but until it's taken offer the table with a comprehensive reform from congress, not just band aids of executive orders, we'll keep seeing more of the same. >> howard, this is my favorite nugget about the efforts to
12:56 am
blunt trump, and this is in a washington piece. they keep trying to attack him for the fact he's insufficiently harsh on health care. he has supported universal health care in the past. he had this exchange about not letting people die in the streets. in one poll, potential trump voters asked if they would bail on him if he would repeal the aca. less than a third said they would. it's remarkable how absent the aca is from this primary and how much it's benefitting trump. >> he's got the right formula. he's got the wrong personality and rhetoric. he's saying to those disaffected democrats, many of the reagan democrats, we're not going to cut your social programs. we're not going to renounce the traditional democratic safety net, but we are going to use a lot of hate rhetoric on people who make you uncomfortable. unfortunately, this debate
12:57 am
benefits democrats greatly. the hispanic population is critical to winning the presidency, and you can't win the presidency if you're a republican and you get less than 35 or 40% of the vote. donald trump has driven that number down to almost under 20%. i don't think either side should benefit from this debate. as it turns out, since we are the party that's the -- that looks like rest of america, hispanics have been driven into our lap by this rhetoric. he's not the first to use this rhetoric. >> there's a new poll out about favorable party. we say a lot about what happens tomorrow in arizona where i think hillary clinton is currently the favorite. the favorable opinion of the own party, gop 51%, dems 82%.
12:58 am
seems to me like that number has a lot to do with what's going on in both those dynamics and what we'll see out of arizona tomorrow. >> absolutely. drawing off what the governor said, it does come back to that growing latino electorate. hillary clinton having established a strong connection with the latino community decades has been able to harness that and help her into the primary and going into the general election. in utah we'll see immigration being a primary issue because our country is changing. the country of tomorrow is one that will be based on immigration whether folks like it or not. >> howard, i think this stat about mormonism in utah is fascinating. you've seen mitt romney come out against him. he has low favorability among mormons.
12:59 am
>> one of the things about mormons and evangelicals i think they are really put off by the language that he uses, including the language that would have undone any other candidate many, many months ago. the mormons i know care about that stuff. there are democratic mormons. they don't like that crude language either. i believe that hillary clinton will pick up delegates. bernie may win utah and idaho. together that won't be enough to make up for the amount of delegates that hillary will win in a one sided win in arizona. >> that's the big question. it's all proportional if she does win, which polling projects. thanks for being on the show tonight. >> thank you. >> that is "all in." we'll be live from phoenix,
1:00 am
arizona at 8:00 eastern covering the primaries. you can catch a special live bonus hour at 3:00 p.m. eastern if the travel goes according to plan. tune in. the rachel maddow show starts now. you're the guy that got the magic carpet checked out. >> i'm about to hop on it. >> safe travels. thanks to you at home for joining us. when franklin roosevelt died several months into his fourth


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