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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> translator: terrorism has struck belgium, but it was europe that was aimed at, and it's everyone who is concerned. we have to be aware of the scope and the extent of the terrorist threat. we are faced with a global threat which requires a global response. france and belgium linked in this horror that once again we have shared. >> these are appalling and savage terrorist attacks. these were attacks in belgium. they could just as well be attacks in britain or france or germany or elsewhere in europe, and we need to stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they
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can never win. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> obama and other world leaders reacting to what's going on in brussels today, two terror attacks, one at the airport, one at a train station at the seat of government in the european capital. as we saw president francis oland say, it's not just an attack on brussels, it's an
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attack on europe itself. chris joins us from brussels. we've been talking all day, you and i, about this attack on europe as the french president put it, and it does feel that way. >> oh, it definitely feels that way, and i think there really is no question that's what it's all about. the idealogy that these guys subscribe to, assuming that this really is the islamic state behind it, and i think there's no reason to doubt that at this point, is one that says that europe is the weak underbelly of the west, that europe can be divided, that you can create insurgencies in europe, you can divide the muslim population from the rest of the population, you can radicalize it and you can also radicalize the rest of the population and lead to all kinds of persecution and islamaphobia. that's exactly the game they're playing, and they are very well down that road right now. you see the effect in politics here with marie lepin, with builders in the netherlands.
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you see the british exit from the european union is likely to be influenced by events like this, even though leaving the european union wouldn't help them at all. all of that is really running right down page by page in the isis playbook. >> you and i spoke last -- around the paris attacks, and, of course, much has changed in france since then. i wonder how either france or the whole of europe is responding in terms of a more assertive law enforcement approach, more assertive or muscular military approach. are you seeing a sea change in the way europe is dealing with this problem and its borders? >> not a sea change, no. we are seeing changes. there are tougher laws in france, there are tougher laws in some other european countries. but, you know, other european countries had thought that maybe they could get by, maybe there were jihadists there but they weren't carrying out any attacks, they might attack
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somewhere else. that was actually the position that belgium was in for a long time. that's one reason that maelbeek, the infamous area in brussels here, they're a problem, but probably for other parts of europe, not us. now we see whenever one of those countries cracks down on the jihadists inside, all of a sudden the jihadists strike back with what are much more organized and much more highly disciplined attacks than anything we've seen, well, almost since 9/11. >> christopher dickey, daily beast foreign editor and nbc news contributor. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> sure, thank you. let me go to washington. pete williams is on duty there. pete, what are you learning? >> reporter: first of all, it's clear that not all the devices that were planned to be set off in today's attacks actually detonated. authorities believe it was two
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bombs in the airport in brussels, and a third one was found and neutralized or disabled somehow or set off safely. then there are reports of additional explosive devices that have been found and also rendered safe or suspect devices that turned out not to be bombs. more people were killed in the subway bombing than were killed by the two airport bombs, and it's possible, authorities say, that there were other targeted subway trains that were unsuccessfully targeted. but the focus on the number of casualties on the train as opposed to the airport bears out a long, historic trend. if you look at the data from the last two decades, really, since 9/11, something like ten times as many people have been killed in terror attacks on rail as on airport or airline security violations and terror attacks, and yet, of course, it's
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aviation that gets most of the money. it's just simply so hard to protect rail security that it just handles so many more people, it's hard to do. in terms of what's happening in this country, savannah, that's what's happening across the country. certainly more security in airports because of the challenge of trying to protect these areas that are basically open to the public, like the airport in brussels today, so a lot more visible turnout by police there, and the same in the subway platforms. routine screening of packages down in subways in some major cities. they're doing basically all they can do in the absence of any specific information that any cities or any transportation facilities in the u.s. are targeted, savannah. >> pete, can i ask you, you mentioned that authorities believe there were two bombs that went off at the airport, a third some kind of explosive that they were able to neutralize, and then you mentioned there may be other
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explosive devices that also were detonated or neutralized, but i didn't catch where those were. did you say? >> they didn't say. the authorities have not specifically said. we've heard some tips on where they might be, but we've not been able to confirm those. i guess the importance of that is, a, it indicates possibly that other places were targeted, and b, it's an important forensic breakthrough, because if these other devices were built but didn't go off, then that's important evidence for the police that are trying to figure out who is behind this. >> it's interesting as well, because when we first heard that this morning, that they had to detonate these suspicious devices, of course, you understand why, but on the other hand, my initial thought was, gosh, did they just give up a treasure trove of evidence? but we've learned from the fbi agents that they have ways to do that that preserves the evident
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anterior val evidentary evidence. >> they try to detonate them in a container where it won't do any damage. >> let's go over to tom who has excessive family ties in the region. tom, i know you're watching your sources but also some local television. what can you tell snus. >> they're about to watch the king of belgium any moment now, and he will address the nation. we've seen the federal prosecutor lay this out and lay out the fact they are still very much involved in a tactical situation, and trying to determine how many attackers there were. they don't have a good feel for that yet, or how many people are on the run? that it now appears that was not a sds bomber but a bomb placed there by the individual, and
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that lead to questions. today out of france suggesting there may be dozens of suicide isis players on the loose in the eu, dozens. well, that certainly, as you might imagine, makes people very nervous, and the prospects are coming back from syria regularly. they are very much on a war footing certainly in france and now in brussels. if they weren't already, they certainly are now. >> we showed an image by authorities of two individuals pushing carts. have there been other images of those individuals, or how many the police had asked the public to look out for? >> there is one other photograph we don't have confirmed yet, so we're not going to run it yet,
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and candidly, we're not clear if the photograph we've just now been made aware of is suspects. as for the suspects right here, they believe two men wearing dark clothing, that those two may be dead. they may have been suicide bombers. and notice that each one is only wearing one glove. the talk is rkts is. would that be a detonator? we clearly don't know. they are very much interested in finding him. they believe he may have gone away, so there is very much, and there is a player in the metro station at the union where there
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was a bombing as well. >> peter, i think we've just confirmed this other image put out by the authorities. we'll look at it together for the first time as we put it up on the screen. >> yes. >> i don't know if we're looking yet of the at a fourth person. many. >> i see the same picture, and i'm frankly, just. here's really -- this raeeally says a lot about where we are after the paris bombings. they had an active cell in brussels which they knew was a hotbed for radical terrorism, but have been unable to penetrate the shell. so much so you have a massive
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terror attack today, and possibly more terror attacks in the community. belgium already has a logistic decide between the french and the phleflemish. if you don't speak french, it can be challenging at time to integrate. and if someone is only speaking. as the belgium authorities have said in the course of the last few months. brussels reported something that is common knowledge to belgians for decades, and that is there is so much competition, so many many that they don't sometimes
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even share information. they won't even in a major criminal case, sometimes they're not sharing information. and so all of this has been very much the fodder of the newspapers for 20 years. and now in the context of a major terrorist investigation, it has made things even more complicated and challenging. >> there may be some real soul searching about that in the days and weeks to come. tom, stand by there. i want to turn to msnbc's jason what are you hearing from the community there? what more can you tell us if there are officials to be had. >>. a man was injured directly from the blast and another man from france who was also
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injured. we have photos of these two young missionaries, elder mason wells, 19 years old, of sandy, utah, and we have a statement from kimberly wells, the mother of mason wells. she said, quote, we are waiting to get all of the information of our son's injuries. we are grateful for people's prayers and concern at this time. she says her son is in surgery currently for his foot. she doesn't know the extent of his injuries. fannie claimed a french mission taer to the united states. someone else in the blast was also hospitalized with minor injuries. according to the church as reported previously, she was there with the other missionaries and the church is going to to up -- injured,
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although not slightly. it's 3:15 on the east coast, and it's after 7:00 in brussels, belgium where this is a day that will be remembered for a long time to come. 32 people killed in terror attacks that have struck at the heart of a european capital at a train station in an airport, and we're just beginning to measure the toll as we cover this story. we're back on msnbc live, right after this. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains
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breaking news at this hour. let's go straight to tom costello who has more nfr information about a raid going on right now. >> flemish police are saying they have raid aid house in a commune or community in the brussels proper area.
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they have found nail bombs, some chemical products and an isis flag. so again, this is belgian media reporting this in flemish, that federal prosecutors have found nail bombs, chemical products and an isis flag in the community of scarbag, which is one of the communities in the brussels region. this is made of many towns, flemish towns, but has seen a heavy influence of outsiders over the past 10 to 15 years. back to you. >> and we remember, actually, i think it was you who reported earlier, that some of the doctors were describing injuries consistent with nails, finding nails, that perhaps these bombs at the airport contained nails. >> that's correct. i should say doctors are reporting multiple victims have shrapnel, significant nail wounds. in fact, we've seen an extra photograph of one of the victims who had a nail literally through the chest. it appears he has survived, and
11:21 am
they were operating on him. but many of the victims have significant nail shrapnel injuries. >> okay, tom, keep an eye on it there. i want to bring in evan coleman who is our correspondent. you two were having a very fascinating conversation about this issue of explosives and what we can glean, if anything, by the sophistication of the device. evan, you and i talked about that. do you want to weigh in on it? >> there is definitely a pattern here, and we need to wait and see what the forensics and information gathering determines, but when you look at the paris attacks, the fact that these would-be attackers who carried out today's deadly attack had a tremendous amount of patience. they demonstrated a willingness to wait and sit out and choose the right time. that, i think, is a suggestion of a certain degree of sophistication among those that are operating that reflects something we haven't seen in the past. we've seen in the past, particularly in the u.s., lone
11:22 am
wolf attacks or isis-inspired attacks. this seems to be more isis directed, and that leads me to conclude there has to be some serious know-how in making these weapons. these aren't individuals going on line and looking up how to make a bomb and just sitting around waiting for the right time to do it. i personally would be looking at all this evidence, and the intelligence official i just spoke to who was looking at some of the explosives based on the footage said the explosives were very sophisticated. it may be a crude bomb, but where they decided to detonate it and the timing of it shows a certain degree of sophistication that has to be implicated when it comes to who is the individual who is making these bombs? these aren't individuals just go googling how to make a bomb in europe and then deciding on an attack. it's battle tested and these individuals know what they're doing. >> that mirrors what you said. you had that same impression.
11:23 am
>> we have instances of isis communicating with a bomb maker in syria and saying, we aren't doing this right, what are we doing wrong ? and that led them to being prosecuted. they're going to send someone who knows what they're doing, who doesn't have to phone home for directions. even people who have been trained in this screw this up all the time. rasam, back in 1989, tried to blow up los angeles international airport. this is a guy that received training at three different training camps in afghanistan, including one that specialized in chemical weapons. this guy nearly suffocated himself trying to make explosives in a hotel room in canada. even someone who goes through the hotel camp, has experience in what they're doing and has done it still are oftentimes unsuccessful. whoever did this spent a long time perfecting this method. there were so many explosive
11:24 am
metho methods, apparently they left them behind. >> the scary thing is they may be at large. the reason i say that is because this third individual who is in the police warrant that now has been issued or the suspect that has now been identified i the sense that they're looking for him from that picture, he's still at large. we know that the belgian prime minister today also made reference, too, that they don't think this is the end of it, they think there could still be more attacks. on friday, french officials suggested his network of people involved is much, much larger than what they anticipated. when you add all these factors in and the sophistication of what we're seeing today. i don't think you can safely say that europe is in the clear following what happened. >> and the colors of the belgian flag and obviously a display of solidarity from a capital not far away that certainly knows
11:25 am
the pain that i city of brussels is going through. as you said, this seems to have a level of sophistication directed by isis. what's the next logical conclusion, that isis feels comfortable enough, strong enough, operational enough to be able to pull off something like this? >> look, this goes back to mr. abaaoud's comments that were published in an isis magazine just a couple months ago. >> abaaoud, who was the ringleader of the paris attacks? >> yes, and he boasted how easy it was for him to get back and forth here, and how he was assembling, basically, an army. we don't know if all these folks are connected, but again, the idea that there are two very well matched with explosives.
11:26 am
brussels is a very small country. one of the reasons they're ill-equipped for this is this is a sleepy corner of europe. this is not the kind of thing they deal with. we talk about france. france has a long history of dealing with this. belgium does not. this is a first for belgium. given what happened in paris and who was behind it. i want to turn to former tsa administrator john pistol who joins me on the phone, i believe. here you are, we get to see you. okay. the question, where do you draw the line? this is horrifying that someone drives up, put your bag in -- we've all seen this. for someone in your old job, how
11:27 am
do you guard against someone like that? >> that's exactly the question, savannah. in terms of all the layers of security, where do you establish the outside perimeter. some places such as lax would have security checkpoints as some people drop off passengers. there's a number of different things that could be done, but the bottom line is there are soft targets such as have been exploited today in brussels. that's on the public side of the airport. we saw that in moscow a few years ago. i guess if there's any good use out of this, the terrorist did not get on security and could
11:28 am
have even flown a plane. >> from what i understand, security is from that point forward, but previous to that, it's the local airports that handle security. just because we don't see that security doesn't mean it's not there, but that takes place before you get to those familiar pm. >> local law enporsment agencies andand you can imagine there ar varying degrees in terms of opportunities to detect and deter a future terrorist. it really becomes a question of where and when and what is stable long term. that's right in terms of random and unpredictable types of
11:29 am
screening, additional law enforcement officers, tsa officers with bomb-sniffing dogs, additional protection duty police officers, a number of aft after. . isis, that's who carried this out, has claimed responsibility, and is looking at those softer targets as opposed to trying to do something here in the u.s. unfortunately, for brussels and for belgium, the political heart of europe and with nato there, it just presented a very attractive target for them to try to exploit, and i'm not so sure about the comments about the actual.
11:30 am
>> gtp with the nails and others. but clearly the planning. clearly the form of attacks is significant. >> former nato sergeant, we appreciate it. we'll be back after this break. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird.
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and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at it is 7:30 in belgium and we are looking at a shot of -- i believe that is the brandon brigade in berlin. it is, of course, bathed in the colors of the belgium flag at this hour, as is the eiffel tower, and moments of silence were observed in main capitols, and there will be a moment of silence here also. let's go to jane harmon.
11:34 am
she is the director and president of the woodrow wilson center. congresswoman, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> you, too. >> your impressions as we look at the heart of the european city. >> i was scheduled to attend a security forum over last weekend and to be on a panel on terrorism in brussels. and i would have flown back yesterday, so it kind of gets my attention. anybody could have been killed, and obviously our hearts go out to those who died and their families there. i don't think this is over. i think that europe is a battlefield. the latest statement just issued by isis in arabic and french turns out they have additional targets in mind. they have professional tradecraft in terms of training people and building explosives, and they also have impressive
11:35 am
security, obsec, in terms of evading our intelligence communities. they may have separated cells in silos who don't talk to each other whom they can make operational by some kind of preset command. europe is in for a long siege, and we have to anticipate that what they really want to do is perfect their efforts in europe and then come on over here. we're in for a long siege, too. >> it's frightening to hear you put it in those terms, specially europe as a battlefield. when you said it, i wrote it down, so the next question is then what? what's the response? >> well, we have to have a response. one response, which europe is good at, is resilience. it's amazing. my hat goes off -- i don't wear a hat, but my heart goes out and my praise goes out to the french who have been through so much. belgium has to get tougher. it's a small country with few resources. the ability just within that country to communicate
11:36 am
intelligence from the mayor of brussels who had a list of names which weren't communicated to higher levels is poor, and brussels is the headquarters of the eu and nato and a lot of the other international organizations in europe. so it's kind of a heart of the battlefield, attractive target. brussels has to get harder. intelligence sharing is still a problem across 28 countries. that has to improve yesterday. we are helping them improve. u.s. intelligence agencies have been helpful for years. i remember visiting the french and the british and others while on the intelligence -- the house intelligence community and seeing how strong our cooperation was, even if our governments weren't cooperating closely, our intel agencies were. but this has to become seamless. and even with this, my point is that they're good, they're evolving. they know how to communicate in ways we have not yet discovered.
11:37 am
we have to evolve, too, and that's a piece of it. so europe is one piece, and then obviously we have to strike at isis, and we have to strike in several ways. one is, literally, we should try to take back roca, we as a coalition, not just the united states, and certainly those in the middle east have a big stake in this. but also we have to defeat their idea and we have to defeat their recruiting. most of the people who have acted in europe are european born, or at least european raised, who then freely traveled to syria and elsewhere and came back and bragged about it. that's the toughest part. these folks can't be rehabilitated. we have to find them and take them out. >> you've described a battle on many fronts and none of it is easy. thank you for being with us today. appreciate it. >> thank you, savannah. jim cavanaugh joins me now. jim, based on what we've been reporting and hearing, in
11:38 am
particular, i'll go to your expertise. these explosives, do you agree with our experts, all of whom seem uniformly to think these are fairly sophisticated that indicate a level of difficulty that suggests, perhaps, there is direction and not just inspiration from isis? >> no, you have somebody who is a bomb master. he has the formula for the tatp. he's perfected the detonator. we call it an electric match and he used it as a detonator. this is what they've done. they've practiced it, they've used it, and it's very telling in these reports that the bomb on the subway might have been placed. early this morning we talked about this, that maybe they weren't just suicide bombs, some of these bombs could have been played. when bombs are placed, it allows the bomber to escape.
11:39 am
the bomber escapes because he wants to do it again. the bombings in madrid in 2004 and 2005, they were all placed bombs on the train, they weren't suicide bombers. so bombers' modus operandi, finding a nail bomb, maybe at a bomb factory or a place they were making them is a big find. so they'll -- they're embedded in the tatp. when you see a witness talking about the two bombs detonating there, you might have 10 to 20 phon
11:40 am
phones. it will kill 13 people, whatever the number was. it's devastating because it's inside this veen. there was a fire that followed the explosion, there is a thermal effect. yes, i definitely agree. i think the bombmaster, maybe the guy they put the picture up of, they've got to get him because he trains the others. he can at least tamp this down for a while if they can get him captured. >> it would be a valuable target for isis and a valuable target for isis for sure. you mentioned an neutralize, you might be able to pick receive a hallmark or something.
11:41 am
individual who is repeating this over and over again? >>' seen it both ways. actually, we talk about this frequently, but i've seen it happen in different ways. i've seen bombers, like the unabottom place. we saw some. i've seen other bombers who change their. i think in this case, evan is right and aman is right, that there is a formula, and he's sticking to the formula. that doesn't mean isis doesn't have anyone else to make bombs,
11:42 am
but in belgium. . it can maybe lead you back to, it is the same guy, and other leads that can be gained from the materials, we always try to track down the hints and finding who the bomber is. >> we showed that a little bit earlier. this is of perhaps a suspect. i wish we had more information to give you, but this is a picture that was released by the belgian authorities. they're asking for the public's help, hoping to identify this pers person. and yet that's really the difficulty and the conundrum, jim, and i turn back to you, because you have a couple areas in brussels where it's known
11:43 am
that this is a community that's sympathetic to isis or to radical islamism or jihadism, yet you have someone like salah abdeslam who was able to live there for four months after the paris attacks with, one would presume, all law officials looking for him. you put out these pictures and law enforcement is hoping to get some kind of tip. but they're facing some huge headwinds there. >> that's right, savannah, because the support network, even though it's not the greater community there, it certainly is not, but there is enough of them that could help hide some of the these. the comment that he brought nine kamikazes back, 90 kamikazes -- 90 -- that's a large number.
11:44 am
the support network would be larger than that, and the support people aren't slapping the vest on or hiding the bomb, but they're giving you support, money, coddling you, allowing you to be a terrorist in the world where you're not alone, so that's very big, and they've got to work on that, but it's just like you talked about, and the muslim community is really the wrong way to go, because that's exactly what isis wants. they want you to slam that muslim community, so we can tell y you, maybe a death call. but they want that, they want the authorities to trust their. if you go past the isis people, and you have to be diligent and smart when you.
11:45 am
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woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. coming up on 3:00 eastern time, almost 8:00 in brussels, belgium, and what a day it has been there. two separate terror attacks and belgian media reporting right now that a nail gun and an isis flag was found in a home outside brussels, a home police have raided. we will follow this. it's in the scarbay district of brussels. we're seeing scenes of incredible devastation. these are key places where this happened, the metro station just on the outskirts of town where two people were killed at the
11:49 am
departure area of the airport there. as i turn to evan coleman, we've had a claim of responsibility from isis. never know if that's credible or not, but certainly bears their motives in terms of a terror attack in a big city. >> we've had confirmation from the kind of official wire agency, and now we have a claimed responsibility that's come out from isis central, the main media wind. there is basically no doubt at this point. isis, truthful or not, is claim taking credit for this. in the second issue, they never really did say more than we saw in the first one. they did say something about potential future attacks. they did not give a total number of attackers. they were very sparse on detail. obviously, when you see that, it tends to make you wonder, is this really isis? was this directed by isis?
11:50 am
is this simply isis jumping on the bandwagon? given the other facts we know now, it would seem this is isis directed, but again, there is nothing in the communiques themselves where there has been forewarning. >> there have been other cases where isis takes credit for something and then gives something else to back it up. that has not happened here. >> initially after the paris attacks, we didn't know, were these folks directed by isis, simply motivated by isis? then over a series of weeks, the isis propaganda released bits and pieces proving that they knew these folks, proving that the folks had been sent out, culminating in the last few weeks in a video showing the actual bombers or attackers reading their wills in combat fatigues in syria. clearly this was highly planned. if this is, indeed, what we think it is, this is exactly what we can expect. we can expect more material in
11:51 am
the form of, obviously, the english language probably addressing this, very likely a video. but we need to be patient, because if you look at the timeline of paris, isis is still releasing new materials about the paris attacks even within the last few weeks. we could be looking at several months before we really start untangling the full picture of what happened here. >> we know authorities are looking for at least one suspect, perhaps more. are they in a position to go to some of these neighborhoods? you made the point that this is a small country, it's a small city, and an even smaller neighborhood known to house many of these sympathizers. are they able to go, for lack of a better way of putting it, door to door, looking for people, trying to shake them loose? >> even if legally they had the right to do that and the ability to do that, the problem is what do you do by achieving that? certainly if you go door to door and you raid every single house, maybe you'll find someone.
11:52 am
on the other hand, the whole problem here with belgium is you have a handful of people who do not feel like they're a part of society. whoever provided shelter or safe haven to mr. -- how do we integrate these communities into the belgian society as a whole? there should not be a ghetto community inside this city, it should not exist. and the fact that you have dozens, hundreds of people who have gone to fight in syria, why is it that belgium, which is so much smaller than france, has such a higher percentage of people going to syria? they're directly next to each other.
11:53 am
they're neighbors. they have simplistic backgrounds. why would it be that belgium has such a significant problem? that's what needs to be addressed, and would the paris attacks have happened at all if it weren't for the fact that isis, apparently, has a base inside of belgium and a network of people it can rely on. it's not clear that they would have that network inside of france proper. >> now, of course, the people of belgium are seeing the results of that visited upon them personally. it was next door with the attacks on paris and now it's come home. this is a candlelight vigil. this is for the victims. people are pausing now and reflecting and just soaking up the sorrow and heartache of this
11:54 am
day. i want to turn now to ambassador mark ginsberg. he's also the former white house middle east policy adviser. ambassador ginsberg, it's good to have you with me, and i'll ask your impressions today and what strikes you about what we've seen. >> unfortunately, savannah, and my heart goes out, as it does everybody else, with what we have seen. as it's been said many times throughout the show, tit's not merely the breakdown of authorities, it's the military tier inside brussels alone that makes the use of authorities extremely difficult. that's point 1. point 2, the overlay in belgium is complicated, particularly involving the issues that attract many of these migrants to live in the very ghettos that i visited, that evan has
11:55 am
referenced. i spent a great deal of time tracking the social media to stem the recruitment of arabs to join isis, either in europe or the middle east. i can tell you that one of the greatest challenges that we have faced long before the paris attacks, savannah, involve the capacity of these operatives to be able to communicate without the authorities being able to pin them down. now, just about a week ago, savannah, i'm not sure if any of your guests have referenced this, but a german newspaper got ahold of approximately 15,000 isis sympathizers in europe. the names were given to a german newspaper by an isis operative who basically ran away from isis but was working in roca, syria. i guarantee you when authorities
11:56 am
go through that list, they'll see on that list people that were in brussels and. germany is next, as well as brita britain. dr. ginsberg, i appreciate your time this afternoon. we're really glad to have your perspective. >> thank you. as we wrap up our coverage this hour, we have an image from lemond, and you see the french flag, the belgian plag. will it be remembered in those countries so vividly, now the brussels attacks in belgium. i'm savannah guthrie in new york. no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your
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good evening, im'm erica hill. we are following the latest attacks in brussels. right now the belgian fellow prosecutor says raids are happening across the country. investigators found an improvised explosive device with nails and an isis flag. isis has claimed responsibility. this is a picture of three possible suspects, and the prosecutor says two of the men were likely suicide bombers. police at this hour are still looking for a third person in that photo, this man right here. belgian police asking for the help of anyone who may recognize him. joining me live now from brussels, world news editor for the daily beast, chris dickey, who was just a few yards away from the metro station that was attacked, and that was also not far at all from the offices of the european union. chris, good evening. what can you tell us at t


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