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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good evening, im'm erica hill. we are following the latest attacks in brussels. right now the belgian fellow prosecutor says raids are happening across the country. investigators found an improvised explosive device with nails and an isis flag. isis has claimed responsibility. this is a picture of three possible suspects, and the prosecutor says two of the men were likely suicide bombers. police at this hour are still looking for a third person in that photo, this man right here. belgian police asking for the help of anyone who may recognize him. joining me live now from brussels, world news editor for the daily beast, chris dickey, who was just a few yards away from the metro station that was attacked, and that was also not far at all from the offices of the european union. chris, good evening. what can you tell us at this
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hour? >> well, i'll tell you, right now things have calmed down considerably in the city. gradually public transport is being renewed. people are trying to get their lives back to normal before going to work again tomorrow morning, but of course everybody is extremely nervous. what the counterterrorism professionals are most worried about is that there will be another hit. they knew that there was something afoot, and they failed to stop this pair of attacks this morning, so they're worried there is something else out there lurking, just waiting to come after them. that's why they're pulling out all the stops with these searches. but you have to remember that they were searching everybody since november, since the paris attacks. this country has been under a very high state of alert, and there have been plenty of searches, plenty of people ro rousted out and it didn't stop the attacks today. >> something we heard, too, over the course of the day, chris, is we're learning more about belgium and how things operate
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there. the division that there is, even when it comes to different law enforcement agencies within the country, is there a sense that there is more cooperation at this hour tonight? >> well, i'm sure they're trying to cooperate better, but if you haven't had a long tradition of very solid cooperation, it's very hard to improvise that. it's an institutional thing. and one of the problems -- look, belgium is a complicated country. it's half flemish and half french speaking. it's got multiple layers of police. recently it went for two years without being able to form a government. it's a model of disorganization within the european union. it's a nice country, it's got nice people, but at the end of the day, it's not a country that's well equipped to take the kinds of measures that are needed to fight terrorism. >> you mentioned these raids, these searches that have been going on throughout the day, and since the attacks in paris.
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any idea where some of those raids and searches have been focused? >> not really. they're hitting a lot of the same areas they hit before. this most recently discovered explosive device with nails in it, that's in exactly the same neighborhood where they thought they had indeed found what seemed to be the bomb factory for the paris attacks back in december, in that same neighborhood. so they're going back and hitting a lot of the same places again, but these are places where people are not inclined to cooperate with the police, and the police clearly have not done a very good job of penetrating them with intelligence and informers. so they have to go roust them out and do their best and hope for the best, and right now we're hoping for the best. >> we certainly are t. chris dickey reporting from brussels. chris, thank you. and we're back with pete
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williams. it's my understanding you have knowledge of the explosives that were used in brussels today. >> one thing we're trying to square here is the dispute of what isis is claiming and what authorities are telling us. the claim from isis says that these were attackers wearing explosive belts, is the way they put it, not suicide vests. that's the term they used. nonetheless, several officials have told nbc news that they believe the bombs at both the airport and in the subway train were in suitcases, not explosive vests. now, i suppose it's possible that the attackers were also wearing explosive vests, but the force of the blasts that we have been looking at and the devastation in the pictures that we've been seeing as you look at the authorities responding there and trying to move traffic out of the way so emergency vehicles can get through, they were in suitcases. some estimates are that the
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suitcases may have contained at least 20 to 40 pounds of explosives. that's just a rough guess. two of these suitcases were detonated, they believe, in the airport. a third suitcase did not go off. and authorities were able to render that safe and learn as much as they could before they had to detonate it in a controlled fashion. there have been a variety of different eyewitness reports of what these explosives may have been carried in. you saw that picture earlier of the suspects that the authorities had released in brussels, and they were pushing what looked like luggage carts -- there they are. >> uh-huh. >> these are luggage carts you see in european airports, specially that are narrow and quite long, and you can get a lot of material on it. so one thing authorities are looking at is whether those, in fact, were the very suitcases that contained the bombs that they were carrying or pushing along on those carts. in any event, despite whether
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they were on those carts or not, the authorities tell us, several different sources, that they believe the explosives were in suitcases, not suicide vests. >> in terms of that one suitcase that was found, but then as you point out, they looked for as much as they could find before they needed to safely detonate it. what were some of the things they would be looking for? is it fingerprints? >> the signature of the bombmaker is probably the most important thing that would tie them to other attacks to see what kind of explosive they use, what was the detonator, was it a button, was it a timer, was it a radio call to a cell phone? those are all the things that they would look at, and we don't know what the answer was on that device that they were able to recover. we don't know the answer to either of the other two devices
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that were set off or the one on the subway. there is word that the attacker in the airport, at least one of them was a suicide bomber, in other words, set it off standing right there. belgian authorities said the other one may not have been, it could have been placed and somehow remotely detonated, and the same is true for the device that was on the subway. that's information we still don't have the answer to at this point. here in the u.s., you're seeing more security at airports and train stations, subway stations. there is no specific intelligence, there is no reason to think that something like what we've seen today in belgium or what we saw in paris last fall is planned for the u.s., so the response here is based not on intelligence but just on a prudent thing and a concern, of course, about the possibility of copycats or anyone who is taking some inspiration from what happened overseas. so that's why you're seeing this additional security here in the
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u.s., and that will probably go on for a couple of days. the same kind of response from law enforcement that we saw in the fall after the paris attacks. that means additional scrutiny to people in the united states who have been under observation by the fbi, additional scrutiny to them, tightening down the screws of the people they have been watching. >> thanks, we'll be checking ng throughout the afternoon. as you're looking at all of this, one of the things pete brought up, they're trying to figure out what happened in the metro, how that explosive device was detonated. if it was done remotely, if it was planted, that he would seem in some ways to be a bit of a game changer based on what we've seen. >> yes, it's more like the madrid bombings than previous isis attacks. on the other hand, there are lots of reasons to understand.
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>> i'm going to interrupt you for just a minute because we have bill mehle on the phone who has word on one of those raids. bill, what can you tell us? we just lost bill, and we'll try to get him back. mobile communications have been difficult from belgium, which is understandable. >> if there are not suicide bombers for these attacks, are these the last few people involved with it, or did they answer by groups that have done this in the past, not with explosives quite this large other than madrid. i think in terms of your other question about, how do we figure out who did this.
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the components. if this was made with household chemistry, anything who would lead to an identity of someone, who had their fingers on this, who may have touched a detona r detonator, who was also at the apartment. let's not forget one of the things that led us to the suspect from the paris attacks led us to an apartment they raided. >> now. sort of the signature. >> yeah, yeah. look, it's also true that some very sophisticated bomb makers. that's not usually going to work. they go for reliability.
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i just follow the same pattern over and over again. we don't know a lot, we only recall. again, you see the two guys suggesting it is likely they had some kind of detonator in their hands, right? which according to reports from paris a few months ago is exactly the same way this all went down in paris as well. >> we look. >> on the left-hand side of your screen there, those two men in black that they are east. bill is at the scene of one of these surges going on in belgium. what can you tell us? >> i'm on the scene of a raid. there are two police helicopters in the air, one of which is shining a bright light of one
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apartment building believe. this is where i believe one of the attackers from the airport. police made it clear tlrt. as well as those two other men pushing luggage, it looks like, at the airport just before the attack. so there are. it's not clear if anyone is inside the apartment police believe they have someone who was connected to today's attacks. >> bill, i'm not sure. >> do we have a sense of how much has gone on around this activity or in this.
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there's been activities now for, i'd say, 3 or 4 teams with a nsh. they put at least one man on the loose. clearly, that's why there were three explosions, but the results are clearly a support network that are helping these people. so it's not just one man thereaft thereafter. is this a whole nuchl cell. in the schaerbeek neighborhood. one of the questions is, could the attackers be relate to do this same cell that he's a part
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of? he was captured on friday. >> we don't know for sure, and there are small differences between what happened in paris and what happened in brussels. again, it's important for us to understand, brussels, belgium, it's a very small country. it's a very small place. not that everyone knows everyone else, but it's not like you're talking about the east and west coast of the united states. you're talking about a very small city. the idea that you have two very advanced terrorist networks, likely both affiliated with isis, likely both trained for isis, that are in a very small place that have access to very elaborate explosive devices, very successful explosive devices, what are the chances that there's two of those in the same place that have no idea about each other? it's very think, but chances are pointing to that heavily.
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if there are two attacks, i hope not. >> just the fact there would be one in such a small country, in such a small subcommittee. it is a bit disturbing that after four months of raids, of intensive. yet. they missed an apartment full of nail bombs, they missed an advanced terrorist plot where they knew they were targeted. this brings up that even when we know there is an attack coming, it's that difficult to stop. >> e van coleman, stay with us. we'll take a short break on msnbc. as we go to commercials, we want
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we continue our breaking news coverage of the attacks in brusse brussels, belgium earlier today. we just did have a phone call from our own bill mehle who is on the ground in brussels.
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we know there have been a number of raids and searches. where bill was, he was telling us there was a bright light shining on that building, there were snipers that he could see, a very large police presence. he said there seemed to be activity there for a good three or four hours. why is there niactivity in that particular spot? there is speculation. police are looking for at least one man in a photo image released at the airport. there is question whether or not perhaps this person may be in that area where this heavy police presence is. we should point out, though, there are a number of raids and searches going on and have been under way throughout the day across the city here. so we'll continue to update you on those developments. at this time i want to bring in retired general barry mccakacca, military analyst. we know isis has claimed
12:21 pm
responsibility, but to confirm some more of the details, what do the initial set of facts tell you. >> by the way, i think evan's analysis of this has been dead on target since the start. i've lived in brussels for several years. clearly europe as a whole has an issue, not just maelbeek and brussels, these attacks have happened in the u.k. and london, so it's all over europe, the problem of hundreds of thousands angry, assimilated, arab-based citizens in the country. they're coming and going in the mideast, bunches of them. very few in the united states, and thank goodness for the intelligence authorities. but europe has no border controls internally or externally, and the belgian authorities in particular, as much as i love that country, are fragmented and incoherent.
12:22 pm
they've got a problem. >>. >> we're just learning our investigative unit has confirmed two or three unexploded devices have been found in these serchz and raids at two or more different sites. we'll continue to follow that as well. evan, what you and i were talking about on the break, which is what general mccaffrey brought up, but law enforcement when they work together. we were talking about the fact when islamabad was captured on friday, it was a mistake. he was grabbed by chance. >> they went into the funeral. ment. so they started taking names down and police started talg one of these folks. and guess what, one of the guys carrying the coffin was a close
12:23 pm
friend of the biselan. he wasn't hiding in an undisclosed location, he was hiding with a close family friend, the same guy who carried his brother's casket at his funeral. so the idea that belgian authorities, law enrsment. >> there's also in terms of these communities, and general mccaffery, i couldn't hear you when you were reporting, but. and then that will. how much of a hindrance moving forward, when we know that islamabad was. >> it's a huge problem. again, it's not just brussels or
12:24 pm
belgium, but they have, clearly, a very ineffective law enforcement and intelligence services, and their ability to control their internal population is nonexistent. you can find something similar in paris and something similar in the outskirts of london, birmingham and madrid. it's a huge problem. when you add in a million refugees who are absolute h humanitarian refugees, you end up in this situation where the europeans are at great risk -- there is cautions, border protection, the fbi, pretty well and coordinated intelligence from the cia back to law enforcement euro is in trouble, and hundreds of people being killed and wounded tells me you simply have to allow better signals intelligence and better coordination of human intelligence. >> as you mentioned, you're
12:25 pm
seven years in brussels with nato. you have a unique perspective warned, based on your time there and your work there. when you look at the current situation for the european union, is it your sense that we will, in fact, begin to see more changes? could those borders start to go more closed again, or at least more broelz more checkpoints? how feasible is that? >> it's not very feasible. at the end of the day, you can't command something like this to -- which is. there has to be an infrastructure, a law enforcement institution with a training base and recruiting. you can't do that overnight, so the notion that internally they're going to suddenly
12:26 pm
materialize. >> we enjoyed talking to you. thank you. >> good seeing you, erica. we're going to take a short break as i leave you with images from paris with their neighbors not too far away. we'll be right back. e you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,
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12:30 pm
suspects who may have been involved. the explosions hit at 39:00 a.m eastern time. >> everyone went running and then we heard, evacuate, evacuate. >> minutes later, another explosion in the subway station. >> we herdard a thudding in the distance. >> isis has been a focus of investigations since the paris terror attacks in november. the city of brussels is essentially shut down tonight. social editor and chief financial correspondent from politico europe. give us a sense. it's, what, 8:30 in the evening. what is it like in brussels this ho
12:31 pm
hour. >> nightfall has come and people are starting to go back to their homes. some are going back to the city but it's been a very slow day for a lot of the people here in brussels. as you said, not many people had expected this. >> not many people expected it, although the city and the many people had been on alert, it felt like, specially friday when sal salah abdeslam was captured. >> the attacks were really within striking distance of the european union, the heart of the union. >> we're also learning there have been a number of searches and raids being carried out throughout the day. two law enrs fomt telling us.
12:32 pm
explosive devices at two or more locations in brussels. are any of these pair. >> it is true that we are only going on partial permission at the moment because the raids pd. this is the area that also has very large. it is true these are the suburbs of brussels to the west of the city, which have been the focus of the investigation, and those. here in the united states, there is controversy on the campaign trail in the wake of the attacks. some of that controversy involving ted cruz. al lee jackson, it's a little strange to be pacing with you.
12:33 pm
>> we had strict reaction to what he's going now, or -- after the brussels attacks there was a need to potentially patrol muslim neighborhoods, and it wasn't clear if teif he was referring to neighborhoods in europe. yes, he is talking about communities within the united states, communities of muslims. i want to read a little bit about what ted cruz said. he said, we know what's happening with these isolated neighborhoods in europe. if we want to keep it from happening here, it is going to tell problems. ser richl is a significant and growing threat in this country, but this administration refuses
12:34 pm
to. we will watch more closely muslim citizens in the united states, american citizens in the seu area. cruz has talked about needing to secure the border, needing to feel safe here at home, which is something you see from all the candidates, all the republicans, but it's certainly another development as we look at the political action here today. other political reasons, we spoke on the phone and he said, essentially, if i were president, you wouldn't see me at a baseball game. you would see me returning to washington and skulting adviser. >> for some time, the candidates have had that reaction and even
12:35 pm
didn't before it was pointed out. hallie, thanks, appreciate it. nice to see you. >> tom roberts is live at kennedy mile. thomas, what can you tell us? what are you seeing in terms of any changes, and how are people handling this news as they arrive. >> erica, good afternoon, from j.f. canyon, you make a viable test lesson from homeland security has not elevated any source of. my feet look like no. they have been working in collaboration and deployment to make sure that high-profile
12:36 pm
tarkts, like a jfk, would have muscular. we've seen a presence of national guard on patrol. others were from fort hamilton, and it was the mayor and the police commissioner speaking early today and more security presence is felt at. arts here the governor had called these senseless attacks, erica, but then followed it up saying they will not rest, letting the ser riss have access to uprooting or disrupting lives here. in new york, everybody knows how this state and how our country responded to 9/11. we've gotten used to this flux from national guard or different
12:37 pm
police forces. the national guard, port authority, hv security has been stepped up. and we have these different. >> we have the port authority increasing its. but at the world trade center as well. and the state is working with the fbi joint terrorism force. erica, interestingly enough, they also opened a police station, a hub, in times square today with 50-plus officers. they're going to be working on crime in counterterrorism.
12:38 pm
. folks on an international flight from paris discussed how they did not know about the news when they left. they learned about it when they got in the air. were able to use wi-fi and they. >> that is a tough way to find out. thomas live at jfw. thomas, thank you. i want to go back to brussels and chris. we heard. after those first. we talked with thomas about the increased police presence you may see in an airport in the u.s. what are we seeing on the streets of brussels tonight? what is it like out there. ment. >> well, it wouldn't be surprising if while we're talking we had sirens and
12:39 pm
flashing lights go by behind us. they come through all the time now. i don't have any idea how excelle excellent. . when i drove up here this afternoon, there was metal and. i don't know if you kept it reported, when i drove up here there was a lot of. police in very heavy armor, wauchlg them like swat teams, watching the car go through. i think all of europe is very, very nervous tonight. >> did you notice that same amount of scrutiny for you, for example, as you were heading into belgium, or was it more the cars making their way from
12:40 pm
belgium into france? >> there was nothing to stop me going into belgium. there was a lot to stop belgiums coming into france. that was the way it was set up. because there is a fear that -- sure, because they're worrying also that the fugitives, one or more fugitives. they wanted to take advantage of the northern borders of europe to just go to another country. >> and there are shades about what happened after they. belgium is a very soft, but france is a very. so they feel that they're the number one target, and they probably are right. >> chris dickey, world news editor for the daily beast. appreciate you being with us again this hour no. what are you
12:41 pm
hearing? it's my understanding, but please correct me if i'm wrong, there has not been an official briefing for you? sfuchldly. let's expect the same time late this evening or tomorrow morning would wrpg. we seem to have a lack of a strategy. this is not unexamined. we look and think, what has preesh aebl changed since the lavls. what is our strategy? we have a film. we need a strategy not only for the united states, that transce transcend.
12:42 pm
we're not surprised. our hearts and prayers go out to the individuals involved s. >> as far as your accordance, your connections with other world governor. >> is is. i don't regularly engij with former dig any taers, but i sfrm. we're going to stand in our alley and these people will be brought to justice, when they say that, it concerns me because they're killing themselves in the act. on seernl. sole that concerns they merle intensity nm. i'm going to talk about the knowledge of this embassy and
12:43 pm
that atd ver saer. >> there's been a lot of talk of that frustration on both sides of the aisle. when it comes to -- i want to pull on your homeland security credentials at this point. when it comes to americans who are watching this afternoon, wondering, do i have anything to be concerned about, what would you say to them? >> i would say that you need to be concerned, you need to let your elected officials at every level know and certainly at the national level, because as we talk about the open border between belgium and france and transitioning either fighters into belgium or now perpetrators out of belgium into france, we have a similar situation certainly on our southern border in particular where it's open, and we don't necessarily know everybody that's coming here and what they're interested in doing. not to mention if you have an international airport, that's a border as well, and plus we have refugees coming in, which many of us know aren't clearly and appropriately vetted. that's a concern for every american, and this highlights that concern, and i think appropriately so. >> before we let you go, what's your first course of action tomorrow morning? >> my first course of action is
12:44 pm
to hopefully get the briefing, and then continue to work on things like making sure the border is sealed and that we're prepared in a posture which means defining it so techniques and procedures can be applied to keep us safe. >> scott, i appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. we will continue our coverage here throughout the day on msnbc. we're going to take a quick break, and as we do, we want to share with you a moment of silence from earlier. >> all present to rise for the purpose of a moment of silence. the chair asks that the house now observe a moment in silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in brussels. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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brussels, we are learning more frankly every minute, and many of it is about these explosive devices. one of the hospitals has released this image to us, and i want to let you know the person in this image is okay, we're told by the hospital. this is a person who was injured during the attacks. what you see there in that x-ray, that is a large nail or a screw. this was released by the military hospital in northern brussels just to show a bit of what they are dealing with. this shrapnel, what they are finding in some of the victims. again, just to point out, the person who did suffer that injury is okay, we are told by the hospital. msnbc's jacob soboroff is in salt lake city this afternoon. four missionaries were injured in the brussels attacks. you've been speaking with some of the mormon community there. what are you hearing? >> three of those missionaries,
12:49 pm
erica, were from here in utah, and a fourth was french but on her way to the state of ohio to start serving her year and a half. they were all in brussels at the time of the explosion. three of them, the gentlemen that are from utah, were all severely injured in that explosion and have been hospitalized. the fourth, the young woman, has also been hospitalized with minor injuries. she had gone through the security checkpoint. their names is elder rich order norby, rachel wells and fanny mitchell. she's the young french woman. they obtained a statement from the family. this has been a difficult day for our family and our hearts are broken for those injured or killed by the attacks. jason emby is alive. he has been in surgery for his leg. we have been in constant communication with the mormon
12:50 pm
church in salt lake city and will come back with any updates as we get them. >> thank you. joining me now is the belgium ambassador to the united states. so good to have you with us. >> good afternoon. >> varbeck, good to have you with us. >> good afternoon. >> first of all, condolences to you and your country men, of course, with these attacks. i imagine, it must be tough to be on this side of the atlantic as all of this underway. what are we hearing from some of the belgians stateside? have they been able to get in touch with their loved ones? >> excuse me, what was the question? >> whether or not some of the belgians who are here in the united states, have they been able to get in touch with their loved ones in belgium? >> oh, yeah. no, no, sure. sure. there are telephone numbers, there are different social media that are operative at this stage. so the belgian community in the united states can -- the belgian community in the united states can contact the people manage that crisis situation. we have a crisis center both at
12:51 pm
the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of homeland affairs, homeland security, where belgians always come in and ask for details as regards to family members, as regards friends, who may have been affected in this attack. >> i can imagine in addition to first confirming that your loved ones were safe, you have likely been in a number of meetings and briefings throughout the day. give us a sense, what is your first concern tonight for your countrymen at home? >> well, i think there are two concerns right now, that we will have to address. the first one is that we have to overcome the kind of emotional black day that we went through. but on that, i'm rather confident, because we, the belgian people, we are quite resilient. and i'm sure that we will be standing back on our feet as of tomorrow, start normalize again,
12:52 pm
so that we are not becoming the hostage of that intimidating act. on the other hand, i think the second challenge, that is that we have to pursue the course that we were going on, that we have a determination, a determination to pursue our action, our strategy, aiming at neutralizing these terrorists that are imperative, not just in our country, but in europe at large, and for that matter, in the world. >> do you think like there's been enough cooperation with your government and with others in the area? >> yeah. yeah, i can -- on that point, i can confidently tell you that we are quite pleased with the cooperation that we have within europe, and particularly, of course, the french cooperation. but in europe as a whole, i don't want to go into technicalities, i can tell you
12:53 pm
that works very well. but let me express also that we are very appreciative with the transatlantic cooperation. the cooperation that we belgians have with your people here in washington, particularly with the people of homeland security. and as a matter of fact, i will be seeing your secretary of homeland security in about half an hour to go through the fine, to discuss some of these matters. >> and are you concerned, ambassador, that there could be further attacks in the coming days? >> no, there is not at all -- well, certainly not a confirmation, but, of course, we are vigilant. we are vigilant at the highest level that what happened today is the end point of a very difficult road that we had to tread for the last few months. but i am confident that with everything that we are doing now, we will be in a position to neutralize the enemy, if i may say so. >> mr. ambassador, we appreciate
12:54 pm
your time on what is understandably a very busy day for you. thank you. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> i want to bring in now terrorism analyst, evan kohlmann. evan, as we spoke with the ambassador, it was interesting, he said he feels this is the end point of a very difficult road. would you agree with that? we were talking earlier, and you had a little bit of a different take. >> yeah, i don't -- i disagree for two reasons. number one, we don't know if this is the end of this network. we don't even know, if for sure, this was the same network that was involved in france. and even if this is the same network, and even if all the members are now dead or arrested or under scrutiny, this is just the beginning, because we have to get to the root causes of why this happened. and those causes have not been dealt with. for international causes and local causes. of course, international cause, there's been a war going on in syria and iraq now for going on five years. and that war, in addition to killing hundreds of thousands of syrians, is now coming in the form of blowback to us here in the west. the second issue is more local
12:55 pm
concerns, right? why is it that muslims and other immigrants in belgian have such a problem integrating with local society. why is it that they do not feel like they are belgian. why is it that they are ghettoized into these communities? and that has a lot to do with what's going on here. because, again, if you look at the numbers, way -- a much higher percentage of belgians have gone to go fight in iraq and syria than french nationals and it's right next door. what is the reason for that discrepancy? >> those numbers were there before the attacks this morning. they were there before the paris attacks. but especially for those of us in the u.s., we probably only started to hear about them after the november 13th attacks. how much of a focus was there on figuring out, to your point, why these communities fell so disenfranchis disenfranchised, why they have become these mini communities. >> the truth is, there haven't been many attempts at answering
12:56 pm
those questions. the attitude in belgium for a long time has been, yes, we know there are people who live here who aren't so great, but they're not killing anyone here. they're going other places to kill people. so it's not our problem. and that attitude, obviously, was completely deficient, and you see the results here. and to be fair, the belgians were not the only one who had this perspective. the british back during the 1990s allowed london to become what became known as londonistan. where you had known members of al qaeda and known terrorists who were recruiting and the british felt, they're doing it somewhere else. after 9/11 and the 2005 attacks in london, that all changed. is that going to change in belgium? maybe, but it's going to take a lot of work. >> evan kohlmann, appreciate the insight. i know you'll be with us for the rest of the day. our coverage will continue here on msnbc as we continue to update you on these deadly terrorist attacks in belgium. my colleague tamron hall picks up coverage next. i'm erica hill. stay with us. without warning.
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hi, everyone.
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i'm tamron hall live at msnbc's world headquarters in new york. it is 4:00 p.m. in the east and 9:00 p.m. in brussels. and we continue our coverage of the breaking news of the day, the terror attacks in belgium. it all started this morning, during rush hour, after explosions at the airport and a metro station. the number of people confirmed dead at this hour, 30. hundreds of others are confirmed injured. now, witnesses describe what happened in the moments after the explosions. >> that shock impact -- the shock wave that hit just was, uh, like nothing i've ever felt before. and at that point, you turn, naturally, towards something and the debris that was flying towards me, you know, was kind of highlighted. and i think looking back, i knew exactly what had occurred. >> that is just one man's story who was in the departure lounge with his girlfriend waiting to board a flight. now, isis has


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