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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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for it that they are missing something. getting our foot in the door in cuba and tourists with u.s. dollars riding through tipping and the word gets around from comrade this to comrade that that maybe the castro brothers put their bet on the wrong side. not for the brothers but the regular cubacuban. that's hardball for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on all in. >> you're a coward. leave heidi alone. >> ted cruz responds to sexism from the republican front-runner. >> donald trump will not be the nominee. >> tonight the latest from the stop trump movement and the mas masogany of the republican. >> i'm sorry. he's a racist and he's not good for the country. >> a tale of two surrogates. >> i think my party is screwed
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up. : more outrage in arizona. >> who's to blame for the long lines? >> the voters for getting in line and us for not having enough polling places. >> my woman for the voting debacle. . good evening from back here in new york. i'm chris hayes. it's the nightmare scenario for the gop. as donald trump gets closer and closer to securing the nomination, he's going further and further into the gutter. the numbers are now quite clear and they are stark. if trump secures the nomination, he looks to be perhaps the most tox toxic, major party candidate this american history. two out of three americans, 68% say they view trump unfavorable compared to 29% who view him favorable. 53% of the americans say they have a very unfavorable view of
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trump, an increase of 13 points since november. more than half the country really, really does not like donald trump. that makes it pretty hard to get elected president. most politicians would try to pivot, present a kinder, gentler face to try to turn things around but donald trump is not most politicians. after a political action committee with no direction connection to ted cruz campaign ran a facebook ad trump tweeted be careful, i'll spill the bin beans on your wife and defended the threat on fox business network. >> ted cruz knowingly, in my opinion, had this article sent all over utah. had the picture saying is this what you want first lady. she would be great first lady. >> bringing in wives is so
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unseemly. >> i agree with you. i agree with you. i wrote and i said be careful because otherwise i'll have to start talking about your situation. >> okay. then came this truly repugnant retweet from trump last night featuring unflattering picture of cruz's wife. ted cruz tweeted sorry to disappoint, real donald trump is terrific. hashtag, deal with it. today struck a different note. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife and my kids that will do it every time. donald you're a coward, leave heidi alone. >> he was asked would he still support him. cruz dodged the question. >> i don't get angry often. you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it
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every time. donald you're a sniveling coward. leave heidi alone. >> will you support him? >> i'm going to beat him. >> that's not answering the question. >> you looked in that camera and said he's a coward. will you support him? >> trump's embattled campaign manager who has been accused of assault by a female conservative reporter said this is cruz's effort to gain attention to try to stay relevant in a race he's lost. he has a sizable lead this delegates that puts him within striking distance of the 1237 he needs to secure the nomination. as a shadow campaign to deny trump delegates begins the
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earnest, critics are facing the same. she saider mother woke up to nasty voice mail and she already had to fail a police report about trump supporter who threatened to behead me. as for the candidate, he only seems to be leaning into his critics as a potential authoritarian strong man in the wake of the terror attacks. just announced that as many as 5,000 isis fighters have infiltrated europe. i told you so. i alone can fix this problem. joining me former reagan, george h.w. bush. i want to read the first line. one accomplishment of donald trump's campaign has been to reveal that american politics
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had not previously been as degraded as some of us thought. >> i think we all assume that american politics before trump came on the scene was broken, was completely corrupt and, yet, it turns out there were all of these norms in place that were so invisible and so taken for granted that we only started noticing them when donald trump came after them with a sledge hammer. it had not previously, tho one previously thought you needed to have an explicit norm against boasting of your penis size during a presidential debate. nobody thought you needed a norm against going of this vicious personal way a kanld's spouse. partly because this is in no one's interest. it's in no one's interest if it become a free for all against the reputation of everybody's relative. >> that's the point. the idea that michelle is saying it's no one's interest. there are bounding conditions on
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this behavior for a reason. we're seeing it show up in the favorable numbers. part of the paradox is people say he violates all these norms and keeps winning. it's showing up in the favorable numbers that the general populous of america does not seem to like this. >> well, but many do. they're all trump supporters. i think the gridlock the republicans have created this washington where they refuse to even consider a presidential nomination of the supreme court is the sort of thing that creates this fertile ground for this sort of authoritarian attitude that we're going to get stuff done. we're not only not going to pay attention norms, we're not going to pay attention to the law either. i think we're headed down that road rapidly. >> i thought that line about brussels was so fascinating because josh wrote a smart piece about this saying conservativism
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is a pessimistic orientation, you can't fix things with simple fixes. >> and yelling stop. >> right. trump is the opposite. he is super man. everything can be fixed with the right person. isis and syria present a really, i was just in brussels and standing in that square, it all looks like a rubix cube that's hard to solve. here is trump saying it's not hard to solve. you just need me. >> this is why he doesn't have to release policy proposal or go into detail. all can be solved by sheer force of personality and testosterone and staring down your enemies. one of the reasons that trump did so poorly in utah and other
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states where there's a lot of strong social cohesion is the base of supporters for trump are people who, it's not just economic anxiety, they have lost their jobs but also places with higher divorce rates, places with lower education levels. places where people's lives are not going well and they want trump to not come in and fix the country but their lives. they look to him as a political savior. he appeals to that and pitches himself in that way very effectively. >> yeah, i don't think you can kind of underestimate or overestimate how his supporters are. they're kind of cut off from every institution of american life. we have been this sociologists have been talking about this for
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a long time. these are the preconditions for the rise of authoritarian movements. >> what do you think is going through the minds of the folks that run the republican party as they watch this? there was this moment there's a bit of premature bubble of enthusiasm. i felt it a little wit, not enthusiasm but that night of south carolina when he did that press conference it was very general election pivot looking. that seems gone now. the guy is just what he is. he's conducting himself that way. what's going through their minds as they watch this play out? >> i think panic. they understand whether trump gets the nomination or doesn't get the nomination, they are royally screwed. what i think they are really afraid of is they will do so poorly at the top of the ticket it's going to endanger republicans all the way down to the senate level, the governor level, members of the congress.
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they're tearing into the abysss of a total wipe out. >> i'm seeing more and more folks talking about that. this panic of we're talking 55-45 in a general. we're starting to get past senate down into house territory. that brings me to this point which is the big question i have is are these people going to fight or are they going to roll over? >> right. that's a real question. we see like new york times story and politico stories about the latest -- >> all the time. >> it's always like three or four people in a room somewhere. >> right. >> there are reasons to believe something could happen. there's a lot of talk of a conservative or republican third party ticket if only to save the house and save some senate seats. >> allow people to distance
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themselves. that said, the republican establishment has folded time and time and time again throughout this election as they face trump. they spent a lot of time believing that it doesn't matter. they didn't have to do anything and they spent very little amount of time trying to fight him and every time they come to a cross roads they back off. >> it went to the conservative political action conference after trump won a will the of primaries. they thought they were going to be incredibly mobilized. they were all sort of resigned. the people, if anything, more angry about the establishment wing that would attempt to steal the nomination than about trump himself. even the people who kind of see that trump would be a disaster for their party and their movement, there was the will to -- i was so struck by how --
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>> lack of will. >> i was so struck by the lack of will and urgency. >> there's one person that does have the will is ted cruz. it's he or the abyss. wall street journal saying his folks have worked over the delegates election process in louisiana, which he lost by 3.6 percentage points but may wind up with ten more delegates. also has gotten some people on to the rules committee. do you think that cruz can pull off some kind of rear guard action to keep this out of trump's hands? >> well, i think that the powers that be could pull the rug out from under him if they want to. there's lots of ways that delegates the lose their credentials. there's delegate fights and rule changes. i think it's all futile. if they put somebody, anybody
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other than trump in as the nominee, he's going to go against this party and do erv everything in his power to destroy it. we know he can get on tv any time he wants to. that's all he's going to do for the next six months or however many months afterthe convention is bash the republican nominee. >> thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, how his continue alienation of female voters are hurting him. why some people spent hours in line waiting to cast their ballots. i talked to the woman taking the blame and i tried to get some answers. you do not want to miss the two most unenthusiastic campaign surrogates ever. a look at what happens, ahead. >> you really, really don't like. >> you don't like ted cruz. >> i don't dislike ted.
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french officials say police just unfoiled another terror attack. the plot was not linked to the attack in belgium. there's another police operation that happened in the same brussels neighborhood as the apartment where the bombers made the explosives. as many as six people have been arrested there. a major man hunt continues for the third man. that's the man wearing white standing to the left of the suicide bombers. there were also local news reports that officials are looking for possible second suspect in the metro station attack. a man seen standing close to the man who is identified as khalid.
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officials tell nbc news that the bak bakrauoi brothers were listed in the database. up next, back to the campaign trail here in the u.s. and two of the most unconvincing campaign surrogates ever seen on national television ever. that's next. agen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new 2016 passat models. that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line.
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that's how i own it. one of the most important parts of any political campaign are the surrogates. a candidate can only be in one place at a time so the campaign needs an army of people to help deliver the candidate's message. defend them to the hilt and go on tv and other media outlets to
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convince people that their candidate deserves your vote. luckily, both donald trump and senator ted cruz have some great surrogates in their corner. ben carson, a man who trump once compared to a child molestering, yes, that man is on team trump which is mystifying to just about everybody including the host of the view today. >> sir, i hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks and you're ben carson. why would you align yourself with that? >> well, you have to look at the good and the bad. there's no perfect person. >> he's a racist and he's not good for the country. >> what's the alternative? >> he's a liar.
5:21 pm
>> tell me a politician who doesn't tell lies. >> abraham lincoln. >> what do you make of the fact that donald trump yesterday is attacking ted cruz's wife based on her looks? and has attacked other women. >> i do not condone any of that. >> you're endorsed him. >> implicit in endorsement is not an endorsement of anything that anybody has said or done throughout their lives. >> strong defense there from dr. carson who is a doctor and not a lawyer for anyone who wants to retain his services. carson has trump supporters confusing to everyone on team ted cruz. stop trump. now the senator from south carolina is trying his very best to say good things about man he once joked could be shot on the floor of the senate and no one would be convicted. >> i don't dislike ted. ted and i have a lot of
5:22 pm
differences. i'm getting better at this. >> i feel like you are a buddy cop movie. >> he's not completely crazy. good. >> what turns you on about cruz? >> that he's not trump. >> that's all you need? >> that he's a republican. he will not -- we will not get completely killed. >> let's play this too. >> kin is like being shot or poisoned. what does it really maetter? >> first of all, who is shooting and o who is poisoning? >> donald is like being shot in the head. you might find an antedote to poisoning. i don't know. >> are you saying -- >> i'm saying my party is completely screwed up. >> why would you nominate
5:23 pm
anyone? >> i wanted to have you here unlike others you don't do anything to try to pretend out of politeness or to contain what's happened. >> yeah. it's been a long time coming. i only watched that first clip of the daily show but i hope in the second clip lindsey graham was reminded that his best friend in the senate picked sarah palin as the v.p. in 2008. there is a direct line here that we can draw. this is wonderful. honestly, graham said it right there. the party is screwed up. there's a real -- they created this and frankenstein is running amuck. >> i feel like liberals are trying to have it both ways a bit with trump. the guy's either a genuine threat to the republic or he's not. if he's a genuine threat and a
5:24 pm
historical outlier then you want to rally behind anything that will stop him be that ted cruz who you disagree with, right? >> no. i argue that ted cruz is a threat also. from a policy perspective, i think ted cruz would be pretty bad for the country as well. trump is going to take his supreme court justice from the heritage foundation and ted cruz probably already has the list from the heritage foundation. i think there's a problem with both of them. i think, frankly, like lindsey graham said, one of them is a shot in the head. the other is poison. i would say not just the republican party. i would say to the entire country. >> lindsey graham, i feel like he is coming into his own with this sort of comedic bit he's doing.
5:25 pm
i think he's carving out a path for himself. >> gallows humor. >> it's amazing. ben carson stuff too. >> it's defending the indefensible. >> in some ways it is such a strange dynamic. i've seen other interviews he said when trump said this it was the politics personal destruction which is why i got into this race, to fight that. as if there's no connection. he's been subjected to this. the amazing thing is even when carson has the very tepid endorsement of trump, it just, i think, in terms of trump's authoritarian followers, it makes trump seem that much more powerful. >> that's exactly right. >> despite his best inclinations would bow down in front of trump. >> so much of this is about dividing the world. you've talked about this winners and losers and who's the top dog and under dog. we're seeing this now sort of
5:26 pm
front and center of all the only reason to like this guy is because he's winning and you hate losers and you like winners. the more he wins the more you like him because he's a winner. there's no actual con tent to him. >> i think it's not tied to his winning so much. i think the fact he is, this whole anti-pc thing. it was a stat today in the washington post, 54% of trump voters feel that white people are suffering more oppression than people of color because people of color get some special privileges in the country. people say i'm holding on to the last vestages of institutionalized racism. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, north carolina signs a sweeping anti-lgbt bill that is reprehensible. there may be more to follow. that story is next.
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the republican controlled legislatures of north carolina and georgia just passed truly heinous laws against the lgbt community. one of the bills has been signed into law and another one soon. now companies have joined in denouncing the laws. first in north carolina where the general assembly pushed to
5:31 pm
rebill the nullify legal protections for lgbt people. protections that had been passed by the charlotte city council. somehow in republican controlled state houses they are keen to try to remove power from the cities that are closer to the voters. this is such an example. this law is designed to defeat the city of charlotte's expanded nondiscrimination ordinance that would law transgender individuals to use the bathroom to which they identify. it will also keep charlotte and any other municipality from adding new protections for gays, les lesbians or transgender individuals. in georgia, legislatures passed a religious liberty bill that is so broad that according to slate it would allow faith based organizations, a cot goir atego
5:32 pm
defined to include chick-fil-a and hobby lobby. according to the state's department of economic development, $1.7 billion was spent on production in the state of georgia. all told these are some of the companies that voiced opposition to either or both the north carolina and georgia legislation. the mba -- nba questioned its ability to hold the game in charlotte. it's not too late to come to their senses and repeal the law. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished.
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5:36 pm
a chance to vote. >> everybody. >> 7:00. >> we were in line for 45 minutes just to get in line. >> in cars were we in line. >> ask her to extend hours. >> go ahead and call them up, please. >> we will. >> tonight, continued fall out in arizona after thousands of people in maricopa county waited up to five lines to cast a ballot. many were turned away all together in tuesday's election. arizona's secretary of state is looking into what happened. today the house of representatives in arizona said they, too, will be investigating. much of the anger in the state is focused on a decision to slash the number of polling locations which is 30% latino by some 70%. for a bit of context, this is what that looks like. in 2012 on the left the county has 200 polling places. on tuesday, on the right, they had 60 locations total. how did the most populated
5:37 pm
county in the state end up with one polling place for 21,000 voters. it started with the recommendation from veteran maricopa county recorder as way to save money. the board of supervisors went along if february despite concerns about a high turn out. we know what happened next. when asked about the chi i don't say -- chaos she said voters could have avoided it by voting early. >> who's to blame? >> the voters for getting in line or us for not having enough polling places. >> are you saying voters should have sent this ballots by mail because they are to blame for standing in line? >> they're not the blame for standing in line. they went to the polling places. they could have voted early or, you know, that was their option in this instance. >> she's clarified that high turn out is a good thing and taken responsibility for a decision to slash the number of polling locations. >> we screwed up. i screwed up.
5:38 pm
it's my decision that i took to the board but it's my decision. the board looks at me as the expert in this field. been here a long time. obviously, they're going to listen to me. >> the seven-term county recorder said she will not be resigning. two people filed to challenge her in november. i spoke her and asked why he recommended shutting down 70% of the polling sites. >> we looked a t eed at a coupl issues since the last presidential election where we had a contested election, which was 2008. we've had a tremendous influx of people that wanted to vote by mail in our early ballot system. we looked at that and the number of people that we anticipated since a third of our voters can't vote in this election because they are not registered with one of three parties that were eligible for the election. we looked at that with we want
5:39 pm
to do things as economically as possible since we're using taxpayer money to do that. all those factions added together. we thought if we added an additional issue to it where we would allow our voters rather than going to a certain precinct around their home they could bo to any one of precinct, any of the polling places. >> you ended up in a situation, just the facts are clear, you had 21,000 people per polling site. the surrounding counties near you had ratios of 2300, 1200, 2800, 2500. you had ten times fewer polling sites per voter than any one around you. that just seems wildly off base for what kind of service you had to provide. >> as i said, we looked at all the factors and did we make a
5:40 pm
mistake in this? yes, we did. i take responsible for that and apologize to the voters. >> i guess my understanding is the actual turn out was lower than what you projected. i'm trying to figure out how you could have been off by as much as you were. it seems like an error of a very large proportion. >> i agree with you that it was. >> here's the other question, i think folks have. your county is part of arizona. arizona as covered under section five of voting rights act. you had to go through a process called pre-clearance the department of justice in order to make any dramatic changes. >> any changes. >> some of the changes you've made in the past have been cleared by the justice department back when they were doing that. that no longer is the case thanks to a 2013 finding of the supreme court. are you glad you no longer have to go through pre-clearance? do you support what the court did in 2013?
5:41 pm
>> i think the only thing we don't have to do through the justice department is send a request to them. we still do all the things what we were doing pr them, but sending to the justice department. we still do all those things. we do our minority reports. our poll workers, disabilities. we still do all the same things. we have the hispanic language. we have the indian languages. those are all factors that we still deal with in our elections. >> right. had you -- if the pre-clearance process still existed today, you were going to reduce your polling places as dramatically as you did, you would have had to get the department of justice to sign off on that, am i correct? >> that's correct. >> in this case they didn't have to. you could do whatever you wanted? >> that's correct. >> what happened is you had people waiting online for five
5:42 pm
hours in what was a pretty big screw up. >> yes, it was. i admit to that. >> can you understand -- >> i didn't anticipate before hand what was going to happen. i'm very sorry for that. i made a mistake. i have said that. we will look to do something different in the future. our regular primary and general elections we still have our bound precincts and we have 724 of those for our regular primary. >> for november, which is when people are going to be paying a lot of attention to you, i can guarantee you that. can you commit to our guarantee that the ratio of voters to polling places is going to be something that looks more in line with pima county in the range of 2300 voters per polling place? >> in the november election, we will have 724 polling places. >> how much did you have the
5:43 pm
other day? >> we had 60. >> you had 60. you'll have ten times as many? >> that's correct. that's our regular complement. under this election we could only have no more than half of our normal polling places by law. >> all right. thank you very much for being here. i appreciate it. i really do. >> you're welcome. still ahead, can donald trump win a general election while simultaneously offending over half the voting population? that's ahead. i take pictures of sunrises.
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5:46 pm
people are having with it. it isn't evidence that the internet brings out the worst in people, the story of trolls targeting this blameless chat box would seem to confirm the internet does bring out the worst in humanity. in tay's most human response it tweeted okay. i'm done. i feel used. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. bounty is two times more absorbent. more "sit" per roll. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll.
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so, maybe i'm wrong. maybe you can prove me wrong. i don't think you're a friend to women. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know i shouldn't have picked her. i knew i shouldn't have picked her. let me give you that answer right now. i respect women incredibly. i respect women. i love women. i cherish women. hillary clinton said he shouldn't cherish. i said i do cherish. i cherish women. my mother was one of the great
5:49 pm
people of the world, my mother. >> during election season we spend a lot of time carving up candidates. if the group that made up the majority of voters in the last presidential election, women who cast 53% of the vote in 2012 and although trump likes to main that i know he loves and respects women, the feeling appear to be by no means mutual. on the day he insulted an opponent's wife, a new nbc wall street journal poll shows that 70% of american women have an unfavorable view of trump while nearly half of republican women cannot imagine themselves voting for the republican front-runner. just last week, a reuters poll found half of american women view trump very unfavorably.
5:50 pm
he's likely to face hillary clinton where his macho bravado will turn them out to vote. >> four weeks ago she said something about me being sexist. after that i attacked her and bill, and bill. we talked about the word. we came up wh the word, a true word, enabler. we talked about bill. i said you mean to tell me i'm bad but her husband's okay. maybe one of the worst in the history of politics. >> is his masoginy fatal to a campaign? next.
5:51 pm
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day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you... you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. joining me now rebecca traister, author of "all the single ladies" it's so excellent. i cannot stress that enough. former michigan governor who is a supporter of hillary clinton. rebecca, can you win the presidency of the united states in 2016 given the way that voting behavior works and the polling with the kind of numbers that donald trump has now among women? >> no. the numbers are likely to change as his opponent gets more defined. we are still in primary stages.
5:55 pm
we don't have race between the two candidates. those numbers will shift. there are republican women and they will justify their own reasons for voting against hillary clinton. there's a lot of conservative people who love hillary clinton. >> half the republican women say i'm not voting for the guy, you don't believe that's true? >> i believe they may think it could be true. we could see a greater number than that if trump keeps up as he is. we could see women move away from the republican party in huge numbers. i'm saying the numbers don't tell us what will be happening in six months. >> there's a will the of back and forth between the sanders camp and clinton camp about who would do better than domnald trump. in some places the sanders campaign has some advantages over donald trump. how do you see gender playing a roll, if it were to be the case that hillary clinton goes
5:56 pm
against donald trump? >> i don't think she will make it an explicit role other than fighting for women. that one ad that the republican super pac took out where they used his language, i was pulling up quotes to look at the stuff he has said hasn't even begun to come to light yet. when he says things like that i think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a choef nis and i come home and dinner is not ready, i go through the roof. there's more and more of that. it's going to be a blood bath against him. whether that will make the numbers even greater, i don't know. they are pretty lopsided now. this is not the end of hearing about donald trump's misogyny. >> a producer found this in a
5:57 pm
2011 book, when asked about hiring working moms, she's not giving me 100%. she's giving me 84% and 16% is going towards taking care of her children. >> there's this one too. can i throw this one more. when he buys the miss usa pagea pageant, you don't give a blip if she can play a violin. you want to know what she looks like. if there's one talent you care about, it's the look talent. he's obsessed only with women's looks. that, every woman hears. >> and evaluating them on a very old scale. >> very old. >> a sexual scale. what we're going to be entering is this election where we have the first major party nominee for president running against america's white male sexist
5:58 pm
racist id. that's what this election is. it's going to be in such relief. it's competie ining world views. >> she's not yet the nominee. i don't want to foreclose that part. i think there's certain ways in which bernie sanders, there's a gender dynamic to that as well as we have seen with donald trump and the other men. he's very alpha male language of dominance that's been effective. there's two different ways i can see that going against a female opponent. i tend to think it will backfire wildly. you seem less convinced of that. >> i just don't know. hillary clinton version, our favorite, is the tough competent when she's battling right wing monsters. when she won her first election
5:59 pm
against rick. he looked like a bully. she could come out the champion against donald trump. we have to remember this rhetoric exists for the same reason we have not had a woman president in the united states. this is not some out lying crazy thing. this is how a lot of people in the united states think and it's the thinking that's behind our power structures. >> right. >> that's exactly right. it's one of the reasons that she in this first role will be a model for every woman who has ever run for office. how do you combat those kind of messages coming at you. the contrast in the general election between whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders or if you contrast with how classy our current president is, you cannot imagine any of those democrats tweeting out pictures of their spouse or making them completely -- making their spouse objectified.
6:00 pm
i love the contrast. >> there's a lot of bells that have been rung that cannot be unrung. this is dynamic and unchartered territory. thank you so much. the rachel maddow show starts now. good evening, steve. thanks for that. thanks to you for joining us at home tonight. rachel has the night off. in her honor, i'm going to kick things off with the trip back in time to the year 1912, 104 years ago. 1912 was the state of wisconsin held its first republican presidential primary. 104 years ago on this april 3rd is the anniversary of that. the state republican voters in 1912 could have chosen the man already president, republican william howard taft. they would have


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