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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 26, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at >> today was the race where we descended from the front runner acasualtying the wife. we descended from that to the national enquirer publishing lewd sexual allegations about his wife the consultant. the candidate is denying the national enquirer's story, that apparently how is republicans are trying to decide on their presidential nominee this year. so that story is ahead. at least as much of that as we can stomach ahead this hour. we have news this hour that is totally outside the political realm. it is a big deal in national security news. that's ahead this hour. we got news this hour which has
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not been reported anywhere else in the national media about something that the republican national committee just did, which is so sleazy, i actually feel personal anger ab it. it doesn't happen with that many news stories and especially all that many cruz in politics stories. this is so gross, i can fought believe they are doing it. i hope they will stop. i hereby predict that story will gross you out i hereby guess that today's story of this alleged republican sex scandal already has grossed you out. so, because i want us to be friends, because friday i'm in a nice place in san francisco, as a little digestive relief before we get into those uglier stories. tonight, let's do ours a little favor an start with something adorable. >> i grew up in a family without a lot of money. my family never went to college. i want every kid in oregon and washington, vermont, to
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understand that if he or she does tear school work seriously, does well -- what? oh. [ cheers ] >> now you see, the little bird doesn't know it -- [ cheers[ cheers ]
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>>. >> i think that there may be some symbolism here. i know it doesn't look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace. no more wars. >> senator bernie sanders today panfestly collided by a little bird. oh, my god, did the crowd go nuts for that little birdie even before the bird land on the podium him when it was on the stage, the crowd was going nuts for that little bird. football one, it's not that weird that there was a bird in that venue. >> that venue is the modus
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center in portland, oregon. over leave 00 people showed up for that event. if are you in a building that big to have a crowd, it's not that weird that a bird may get in. it's a big place. any room that large they might squeak in. portland loved that bird today. of course, the other reason this is so amazing, god love portland and putting a bird on it, this is like a liberal tv dream come true. almost literally, this is a tv dream come true.
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>> put a bird on it is one of the jokes from portlandia, the tv show making fun of portland for being so portland and ten today in portland in front of a private crowd, more than 11,000, absolutely thrilled portland supporters. bernie sanders literally did put a bird on i. i mean, i can only imagine the amount of eye rolling in hillary clinton's campaign, happy friday, whether or not you think that was the sign of world peace from the heavens, it did put a giant smile on bernie sander's face, let alone everybody in that him
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radio. >> that is a rare treat in the political world. ar absorb that. that happened today in portland, oregon, in front of a huge crowd. it's interesting. oregon is not due to vote until mid-may. so, bird or fought, this was a very interesting side trip that senator sanders took to portland, bird and all. he was actually on his way to the northwest to do woo is expected to be a possible bigger rally tonight in seattle, washington. because washington will be voting tomorrow morning on the presidential side of the race. it's interesting. walk has a little unusual history within it comes to primaries and caucuses. in 1988, when walk was holding a caucus on the republican side, washington shocked everybody, including most of the republican establishment in the state when they didn't pick the favorite that year the sitting vice president, george h.w. bush. instead, they picked pat robertson. pat robertson.
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yeah. he did not win many states in 1988 against poppy bush. he did win the caucuses of washington state, it freaked out the party at the time, enough that they basically stopped using the caucus system. they still got the caucuses on the box. but on the republican side, they don't use those caucuses anymore. they said, pick their choices for the nominee at a primary in late may. on the democratic side, it's bake am will i the mirror image. democrats in washington will technically have a primary in late may. but where democrats will pick their choice for a presidential nominee is at their caucuses tomorrow morning. so the parties have differed in washington state as to how they do these things. even on the democratic side, though, washington is a little bit strange in terms of the way they do tear caucusings. one of the things you can generally say for the primaries is caucuses ask a little bit more of your average voters.
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usually the bottom line is you physically have to show up at the date and time the caucus is happening in order to participate if it. that's a little bit more oonero. in washington state, though, even though they are going to have a caucus tomorrow, here's the thing, more than 30,000 washington democrats are plan income participating in those caucuses without turning up for them. more than 30 democrats have filled out a surrogate affidavit, which essentially lets you participate in the caucuses by mail, without having to show up while the caucus is happening. this is something according to seattle times, more than a few 00 people needs to do in the democratic caucuses. both the campaigns have been encouraging people to do that this year in order to basically
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bank those votes, so tens of thousands of democrats have decided to caucus that way already. they have already submitted their votes. given the numbers of how many people have done that, how many people have turned in these surrogate affidavits, they're expecting a really big overall turnout. now, you might remember that this past woke in i'd horks which is right next door to washington state, the democrats actually broke the all time record for the caucus there. bernie sanders won by a mile, he won 43 out of the 44 counties in the statement he got huge turnout, record breaking turnout in idaho. it's a big deal, particularly, in general, democratic turnout has been down in 2008 and almost every state so for this year. bernie sanders and his campaign have a knack for the caucus system this year, particularly in smaller states. there have been nine states that voted thus far.
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bernie sanders has won several of the fin caucus states the only two were iowa. he also did not win the caucuses in nevada. other than that he won all of the caucuses, walk state, appears to be wired for bernie sanders in that way and if lots of other ways as well. in some places, for example the word socialist next to bernie sanders' name is seen as an unsurmountable battle for voters. if walk, they were happy to elect a self declared socialist to the city council in 2013. seattle per capita raised more money for bernie sanders then an other large city. overyaum, bernie sanders has twice as many individual campaign dofors in that city as hillary clinton does. >> that said, seattle and washington more broadly, they're not likely to be a totally lost
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cause for hillary clinton. she has endorsed us, for example, from the state gocht she has endorsements from both of the state senators. she has endorsements from all six of the democrats that washington state send to congress. they have all endorsed hillary clinton. >> that not only means she will benefit from the power of her endorse pt. that means she's locked up support of the fin of the state's 17 superdelegates with those endorsements, no matter how she does in the popular vote in the washington state caucus. seattle i should mention has a weekly newspaper called "the stranger." and they both sort of teased their own readership and made an interesting political point when the stranger this week distribute these two different edition of their paper. apparently, they sent out we endorse sans sanders to neighborhoods in seattle theically the will support bern benefit and they sent out we support clinton to neighborhoods they think will go for clinton.
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so fairp they were trying to trick people, bamboozle their readaries little bit. most of all, i think they were trying to make a point, which they spelled out on tear editorial page, quote, don't be an idiot. vote for democratic nominee. there is a lot of delegates at stake, in addition to the 17 super delegates, there are 101 pledged delegates, because of seattle, who washington, it's a caucus. there are a lot of reasons both campaigns are pretty confident bernie sanders will win a victory over the lion's share of the delegates. if nothing else, you should consider the history here, in 1992, when bill clinton was running in washington state in the democratic caucuses that year, he came in fourth in washington. when bill clinton ran there, the 1st place was paul st zo --
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tsongs a. >> that will be a fun one to watch. also, tomorrow, democratic caucuses in hawaii and alaska. in hawaii, i think bernie sanders would be favored in that state regardless. but this year, in particular, you have to think he will be helped by his high profile endorsement from democratic congress woman chelsea gabbarred. she has done campaign aexperience and cut hawaii specific apps urging people to caucus for him in that state tomorrow. >> that third state where there is a democratic caucus is alaska. again, this is the third out of 33 taking place tomorrow, where it's both a caucus and a state more generally thought to favor sanders over clinton in terms of the democratic elect terror rat. >> that advantage is being
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pressed if alaska by the sanders campaign, taking absolutely nothing for granted. on the clinton side, no clinton family members or campaign surrogate levels in the candidates, themself, have made their way up to alaska to campaign for tomorrow's caucus, bernie sander's wife, jane, arrived if anchorage, alaska yesterday, did a campaign event there yesterday. stayed overnight. she is staying overnight again, she is doing more campaign events in alaska tomorrow in advance of the democrats heading to tear caucuses. three straight days in alaska from the candidate's wife. obviously, that is a big investment if her time and campaign resources. so the sanders' campaign and the clinton campaign in the big picture, they got to be looking ahead to some of the states like wisconsin and a few other states. this weekend, tomorrow, both sides expect it to be sanders, sanders, sanders. if walk and hawaii and in
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alaska. now the republicans this weekend are sitting it out. they don't have contests this weekend. they have contests all next week. but in alaska, something weird just happened today on the republican side. republicans voted in her to caucus in alaska on march 1st. they held a caucus won by ted cruz. these are the results if alaska. ted cruz 36%. donald trump 34%. marco rubio just at the 15% threshold that you needed to get delegates below that threshold. you had ben carson in fourth lace. john kasich a distant fifth. there were three candidates who looked like they were going to get delegates out of lack, ted cruz and donald trump in the race and also marco rubio who has since dropped out. now the rules of the candidates say gets delegates at those caucuses, but then drops out of
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the race. that dropout will get his or her delegates reallocated among the surviving candidates. the alaskan republican party has gone through that re-allocation process, now he quit. now it no longer looks like ted cruz won alaska. with the new allocations of delegates in alaska, even tow ted cruz came in 1st place the new delegate shows alaska to be a tie, 14 delegates each for ted cruz and donald trump. and at any normal year in any other year in recent decades, that would be an uninteresting campaign footnote. >> that had no real consequence in terms of the overall project of running for president. this year, that map about who gets one delegate here, one delegate there. this year, that's everything. that part of the race for the republican nomination, of piecing together individual delegates here and there, that is how this race will be won or lost and it, gentleman, has
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something to do with winning states, winning primaries and caucuses on these big election fights. but that's not the end of the story when it comes to delegates t. wall street journal, nbc news, lots of big national media organizations are devoting, reporting resources to follow the delegate trail in all of these individual states to see which candidates are putting together delegates that will do the concrete nuts in votes and bolting, that will pick the nominee at the end of the day. just as we suspected, turns out the fit for those delegates is under way already. it's hard to follow. it's going to be a big shock when it's all revealed at the national convention in cleveland. for example, in georgia, there is good evidence now that although donald trump won georgia on what we thought was the election night. georgia's delegates may not support donald trump at all. georgia delegates have been organized by the ted cruz
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campaign. same deal in louisiana. on election night in louisiana, it looked like donald trump won the state. the delegate states put together, particularly taking over decision-making bodies, like rules committees and credentially committees. those are folks fought in support of donald trump. it turns out those delegates have been organized again by ted cruz in south dakota, voters at large have fought had a chance to vote yet for who they like but when it comes to sending them to the dell gax, it appears to be already wired by ted cruz. in the virgin islands, which we have been having a really good time covering, ever since the republican party chairman told us he believed the party vice chairman is a neonazi or a nazi sympathizer and a felon. it's fun to cover the virgin islands's republican party. in the virgin islands, their
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delegates place in terms of who they are sending to the delegation is hashed out if cou in court. so on the democratic side, it's what you think it is. the democrats will pick their nominee on election day. when they turn out to caucus in hawaii and alaska and walk. on the republican side, though, those election days, those primaries and caucuses, they are interesting, they are a snapshot of the race, but it's starting to feel the real fight the real decision-making the determination of work who will be the nominee isn't happening on those nights. it's happening in the harder to follow, harder to report, quieter and in some placed closed door events in the precinct and county and state conventions with almost no connection to the primary and caucus calendar after allch. and you know, we keep talking about the big fight that will happen at the republican
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convention this july in cleveland. what is still so harder to see, harder to focus on, unavoidably true, is that fight for that convention is already under way right now. it is admittedly hard to see and hard to cover. on days like this, it is extra hard photn to see. it gets sliemd and pired in how personal it has become, including the national enquirer of it all. >> that story and the difficulty of covering the real consequential fight. that's ahead tonight. stay with usslime.
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>> things have been getting u-g-l-y, ugly. today their ugliness veered into new territory. territory so ugly i am almost not allowed to go there on tv.
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we will buckle our intemts and try to get there without getting me fired now. >> the journey to a world you almost can't imagine.
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. >> she doesn't have the strength. she doesn't have the stamina to be president. hillary clinton does not have the stamina, didn't have the energy, doesn't have it. >> you recently said she has low energy, very low energy, doesn't have the stamina to be president. you are roughly the same age as hillary clinton. why do you say that? >> i think she doesn't have the stamina. you watch her life. she will go away three, four days. she will come back. i don't think she has the stamina. >> watch her, she'll go away three or four days. she doesn't have the stamina to
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keep up the campaign. let me know for the record, donald trump's last campaign appearance was the past monday. it's now friday. he has not scheduled another campaign appearance until next tuesday. that's eight straight days without a campaign event. which in an eye for an eye world would raise issues of his stamina and his strength. but this isn't and eye for an eye world or campaign, it turns out this one is a more complex bizarre of body parts. donald trump's eight days off the campaign trail led for a call for a psyche valve. the ted cruz campaign manager said, missing, sleazy donald, why no events in the next four day, none planned for eight. ever had a psychological evaluation? what's hiding in your medical records, release them. this is nice, donald trump and his campaign call ted cruz lying ted. ted cruz and his campaign called
3:26 am
donald trump sleazy donald. >> with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> can you imagine if the democratic race were like this, too? the whole country would jump off a cliff. fortunately, it's nothing like this on the democratic side at all. it is on the republican side to the point it's almost hard to report this without breaking our news division rules of what is okay arnot okay to put on television. monday was the last day we saw donald trump on the campaign trail. tuesday, he posted a response online to this anti-donald trump ad one u run on facebook in utah apparently by an anti-trump super pac. the ad encourages him to vote for ted cruz instead of trump because mrs. trump did modeling choices and would be bad first lady.
3:27 am
mr. trump tweeted this first threat he would spill the bones about ted cruz' wife if response to that super pac ad that had the picture of his wife. for cruz responded that threat from mr. trump by calling mr. trump a coward. then mr. cruz decided to up the attitude position by calling mr. trump, not just a coward, but a sniveling coward. >> donald, are you a sniveling coward. >> meanwhile, the trump campaign followed through on tear threat toill the proverbial beans. they have threatened to spill concerning senator cruz' wife. they're not necessarily the trumpiest bones in the world. a spokes woman said the aforementioned bones concerning senator cruz' wife, included the fact she worked for the bush administration, was a member of the council foreign relation and worked for goldman sacks. those are the beans. >> the subheadings in her wikipedia entry? how could that be what's causing
3:28 am
the fist shaking an ted cruz using the word sniveling, donald trump going no hiding for a week? what's going on here in this depressing and increasingly stupid contest? well, we still don't know. we don't know where that will en. this is the wall the republican presidential nominateing contest veered into at speeds today a. tabloid national enquirer story alleging senator ted cruz had lots of extra marital affairs. for cruz vehemently denied that story and accused donald trump of being behind that story remember donald trump for his part says he has nothing to do with his story. he hopes it isn't true, he went out to reference other cellatious allegations the national enquirer made about other people that were things that did our u turn out to be true. so this is how the republican party, lying ted, or sleazy
3:29 am
donald. or john kasich. i guess. even though nobody has yet bothered to bestow upon him a kindergarten variety nickname, which presumably means he's not really in the running. you and i have the luxury of being able to shower and think nice thoughts in order to cleanse ourselves of stories like this our next guest does not. sadly. that's next. stay with us. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you. for crash survival, subaru has developed ours most revolutionary feature yet.
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national enquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> ted cruz today speaking in wisconsin. the very nice person i know who has done nothing wrong but who is nevertheless saddled with the daily responsibility of covering not only mr. trump but also his henchmen, if he does, in fact, have any, is my friend msnbc correspondent, katie, thank you for being here. >> for the record, i shower, rachel, on a daily basis. >> i know, you can never get clean, because you know you have to go back and cover the next day. >> unloo tick shakespeare play, anyway, go on. >> well, this is getting shakespearian. it's almost becoming vaudevillian, like hard to follow in a way that simply because it seems ridiculous.
3:34 am
should we see this campaign as having veered suddenly off a cliff or from your daily coverage of the stuff, do you feel it's been heading here a while? we should have sort of seen this coming? >> it's been heading there a way him we should have seen this as a national pro grechlths it started off calling some mexicans crossing the border rapists and krirnlgs donald trump was called the clown the side show. p.t. barnum, a number of other things t. name calling was there from the beginning. donald trump wane went on with that, called john mccain not a war hero, has been calming people losers, nicknaming the other candidates, there is lying ted as you mentioned, there is baby rubio, sweaty rubio, a host of other things, so certainly the tone of this campaign season is far below what it normally is for a presidential campaign season. >> that certainly is because of donald trump's presence.
3:35 am
he has brought it to that level. so the idea that suddenly we're in the muck talking about a national enquirer story that is circulating wild speculation and rumors about aalleged affairs should fought come as a surprise for anyone following this campaign as closely as somebody like me. >> well, lets be straight forward about this enquirer story. as far as i can them, as far as i can see, it's not only poorly sourced, it's not sourced at all. they present no evidence at all. the cruz campaign and at least two of the five women implicated in the enquirer story say it's absolutely fought true. not a word of it. do we have any idea of the likelihood that this was planted by the trump campaign? should we see this as a tabloid story and blame the national enquirer, ra there any trump finger prints on it? >> we don't know for sure. we can say roger stone was the first operative for donald trump for some time, has not been one,
3:36 am
though, since early on this campaign season. he certainly has not worked for donald trump on the books at least for quite some time. also, there is a number of things, donald trump is in close relationship with the national inquire ir. he wrote an article. he endorsed them. he is with the enquirer's founder. there seems to be deep ties within it comes to relationships with that tabloid. that's about as far as it goes. when it comes to the donald trump campaign, they haven't done like the other campaigns have done, certainly fought like the rubio campaign or the jeb bush campaign or the ted cruz campaign. there isn't an offo guy or gal that works on their campaign and sfookly putting things out into the press for their benefit that hurts other candidates. donald trump, himself, is the oppo guy the opposition person for that campaign. he tweets out the negative stories he wants out there. even if he tweets out, it isn't
3:37 am
necessarily based in fact. what he does and we saw with this as well is say i'm not sure if it's true, i'm just hearing this i hope it's not true. this is what the rumors are saying. people are talking about this. in that way he is able to cast doubt on a candidate. he certainly did that with ben carson, with marco rubio, with jeb bush. he has done that throughout the entire campaign season. he tried to cast doubt with ted cruz' canadian birth. we haven't heard that in quite some time. now instead of that sort of thing, we are talking about sex scandals. so when donald trump has seen the news cycle move away from him, he's trying to get it back towards him. i think that's what we saw in this case, brussels was happening the news cycle was not talking about donald trump. suddenly there is a tweet nobody knew about, an anti-trump super pac ad with melania with the gq cover talking about is this who you want as your first lady,
3:38 am
essentially, in utah? and now the news cycle is back on donald trump t. headlines are back on donald trump. instead of being on somebody like ted cruz talking about patroling muslim neighborhoods. >> msnbc political correspondent, katy tur. i did not mean to cast dispersion on your hygiene, i am grateful for you being able to talk to me about it. >> tanks, rachel. >> thank you, katy. all right. we got some much-needed news today. it has nothing to do with what we were talking about. it's a national security story. that's ahead, mr. us the thing that made me legitimately angry just done by the national party. i hope they will stop doing it. that's all ahead. stay with us. d, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> the city of charlotte, north carolina, has gone out of its way to make itself friendly to business large and small, most famously, it's the home of bank of america and the second largest hub for american airlines. paypal announced a new center operations, apple has a data centers and farms and facebook and lowes is based in the charlotte suburbs. the nba is set to host it in charlotte. espn is locking at the charlotte motor speedway for x-games. all these major companies, they are all now freaking out about
3:42 am
what the state of north carolina has just done. because as part of its over all civic ethos if its effort to attract world class businesses, the city of cart recently passed an anti-discrimination ordinance. it says in charlotte you can't discriminate against someone for being gay or lesbian or trance gender. this week they called the north carolina general assembly, the legislature back early for an emergency session. you what makers cut short their vacations. they rushed back to the state capital to get rid of that anti-discrimination ordinance and to make it illegal for any city in north clo ento ever pass an anti-discrimination ordinance again. republicans in the legislature did this all in the space of 12 hours with such a small amount of debate with so little transparency the democrats simply walked out in protest before the vote was even taken.
3:43 am
north carolina's republican governor ended up sitting in his office waiting for the republicans in the legislature to send him this bill late on the night it passed so he could sign it as soon as possible. and the governor and republican state legislators may be super psyched about the fact that they got this done and they may be super psyched about the fact that north carolina cities are now not allowed to pre vent discrimination against gay and transgender people. he has hundreds of protesters outside his house and all these big global businesses needing to attract commerce and people going to north carolina to work there they are full scale freaking out of what happened in the tar heel state. one person i do not envy in the middle of all this is the mayor of the great city of charlotte, north carolina, mayor jennifer roberts joins us now. thank you for your time. i know this is an incredibly
3:44 am
busy time. i appreciate you being here. >> i appreciate you having me on this evening. >> what is the state of there fight right now. do you have "options action" left as a city? what will happen next? >> i tell you, rachel, you mentioned, the speed and the secrecy with which this came down have us still trying to figure out what this law actually means for chorlt and o owe charl charlotte. our arena and convention center have been inclusive and equal for many years. now, we're trying to figure out how it means for how we are going fore. we are hearing a lot from our business community. we are hearing from a lot of folks around the country in support of what charlotte did in terms of being inclusive. we're trying to figure out if we can overturn this. >> were you surprised be i the ferociousness of the state wide
3:45 am
response to this anti-discrimination ordinance you passed, did you know the backlash, i don't know if it's a backlash, response would come from the state republicans? >> i was, frankly, apapalled at the speed and the special session emergency needs to allow people to discriminate. because, really, when the state came back and put in its own anti-discrim nangs, which included race, national origin, left out gender identity and gender expression. they sanction it is discrimination against our lbgt community. i am appalled to the fact that someone can walk out of their business and find a sign that says, no gays welcome here. >> that will be perfectly liam. >> the mayor or excuse me the governor of georgia is
3:46 am
considering whether to sign similar legislation if georgia. we went through something sort of related to this in indiana about a year or so ago and in both cases, in indiana, looking ahead to charlotte and more broadly north carolina, that is the prospect of major companies and sports lesion and all sorts of considerable employers, being publicly appalled by this policy decision and threatening to take their business elsewhere, because they think they may get, that it not only violates their own ethics of the companies, but it may ensure some backlash from their own customer base and their own employees, if they continue to do business with charlotte, with north carolina, with these other places that have considered it. how are you trying to mitigate it as a mayor, what kinds of conversations are you having with your employers in your city? >> well, i have spent a lot of time on the phone with our major employers. they know to attract the best talent, they have been welcoming
3:47 am
inclusive for years. many of them actually have support teams who help people transition, if there are transgender, help them through that process. so, you know, they understand that talent comes in all forms and shapes. they need to be inclusive in welcoming, as is charlotte. we are in conversations with our business leaders, our faith leaders, our community leaders, to talk about, you know the values that we have in charlotte. our values are to be inclusive. we do not discriminate and we, charlotte does the right thing in standing up and supporting a quality and equal rights. we want to work with our companies to send that message and to make sure that people understand those are not charlotte values. those are not north carolina values. i think our values have been hijacked by some political moves, by some extremists at a certain point, who went much broader than they needed to. we will continue to have conversations and see what we
3:48 am
can do to let people know, schar charlotte is still a wonderful place. we want to continue to have that voice heard. >> jennifer roberts, mayor of north carolina, one of the great cities in the south. thanks for talking to us tonight. weep us appris coup /* /- keep us apprised. i want to talk to you. >> thank you very much. . that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. then smash it into a on a perfect car, your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've do more research on them.
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. not that long ago on this show, we set up something called send it to it simply is a means by which you can send us something. if you come across something in your daily life, particularly related to politic, really anything. if you come across anything important. you think it's news, you don't think you see it in the news, sends it to us, to through the magic of sends it to we have just learned that voters
3:51 am
across the country have been receiving this. it kind of makes your heart race a bits when you see it, right? that big red lettering. an envelope with past due in bold red letters. notice of delinquency. it's designed to be drink went in being paid, inside that scary envelope is a letter which said its recipient is in delinquency. they have funds that are past due. circled in red. >> that letter is from reince prevus of the american party. it's a funds raising mailer. it is aimed to scare anyone who receives it into thinking you owe someone money. so maybe a bill collector is going to come after you. maybe your crud it is about to get screwed up. this is the sleazy tactic honestly that elderly voters are thought of as being particularly susceptible to. especially if you can't read the
3:52 am
fine print or you, know, there is an extra special hot place in hell for anybody that likes to scare the elderly. even if it's for some bs political reason. this is for a bs political reason, though. this is my opinion. but i think this is disgusting. i think the republican national committee should stop doing it. when you see stuff like this, trying to scare old people into thinking that they've got overdue bills and they need to send reinc prevus, let us know. this is news. this is also disgusting. in this case, it's news, send it to
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> sometimes it's hard to keep the names straight. sometimes it's hard to keep the fake names straight, even if you know the real names. every once in a while you get one that's a big deal, you can appreciate how hard it must have been important to get him based simply on the dollar amount they put on his head. the rewards for justice program pays people for tips for finding internationally wanted terrorists. they pay out award money who led u.s. forces to each of saddam hussein's sons and ramzi yousif. the biggest reward for justice program was a tip leading to osama bin laden. since they got bin ladin,
3:55 am
they've moved that $25 million reward they had on him over to the guy that replaced him to al zawari. there is one guy, the head of al qaeda, $25 million. then for the whole middle east, there are three guys at the next level down, a $10 million reward for the top al qaeda facilitator in iran the head of the network and the head of isis. they're all $10 million reward. look at this, these two guys. a $7 million reward for either the head of boka haram in nigeria, or there is the same reward for the guy they just got. i know it's hard to keep these guys straight. but there are two guys in the whole world who the u.s. is offering a $7 million reward. the head of boka haram and this guy, who they say they just got from the top leadership in isis. as far as the u.s. rewards for
3:56 am
justice program goes the only isis leader more valuable as a target is the head of isis the guy that's declared himself the count, al baghdadi. i don't know if anybody will get the $17 million reward with the 12 aliases and the dead or alive warrant on his head. they got him by u.s. special force developing out of helicopters to intercept the vehicle he was traveling in, in iraq. now they say he's dead. isis, obviously, is capable of carrying out complicated and devastating attacks in the west. they send their fighters and trainees to brussels and paris. for whatever it's worth, they do seem to be under duress at home in iraq and syria. they will lose the territory in ramadi and syria and sinjar and tear highest profile leadership getting checked off the list of the post-wanted men in the world. thanks to congress, this is an unthors authorized and
3:57 am
undeclared war america is fighting against isis. today they got a big win. msnbc's political coverage is up next. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi ais here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ it's my job and it's i takealso my passion.rises. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve...
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more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] >> good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. developments in belgium overnight. we will take you live there in just a moment. ahead, politics and a bitter feud between ted cruz and donald trump escalating into late yesterday with an ongoing back and forth. the latest coming up. for the democrats, it is a big day, three key contests out west and beyond, voters begin going to the polls today, with more than 150 delegates at stake. and an interesting moment during a bernie sander's speech late last night. you will hear how the candidate reacted to an unexpected


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