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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on, grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing what you love. from the #1 doctor recommended brand. ensure. always stay you. good day, everyone, i'm alex witt at msnbc center. we are monitoring election developments for you. meanwhile, breaking news from brussels, more arrest warrants, and charges issued against potential suspects.
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and in brussels is where we begin this hour. belgian prosecutors today said they have issued an arrest warrant for a new suspect in tuition's attacks. the suspect, only identified as faycal faycal c, is wanted on terrorism charges. and new today, president obama spoke of the victims of the attack. >> this week, our hearts are with the people of belgium as terrorist attacks claimed the lives of more than 30 people. yesterday we learned that at least two americans were killed. we prayed for their families and loved ones. at least 14 americans were injured, and we pray for their
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full recovery, along with everyone else affected by these attacks. >> nbc's keir simmons is joining us now from brussels. keir, welcome to you. what new details have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, alex. let's take you through the charges against various people in this long and complex release from the belgian prosecutors' office. faycal c. is charged with terrorist assassinations. from that charge you can read into that that he is clearly thought to be very much involved. perhaps you could translate terrorist assassinations as effectively terrorist murder. that is potentially the charge that the prosecutor's office
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says they're laying against someone they are describing as faycal c., they just release his first name in these charges. to talk about two others, there is a man they're describing as rabba m., charged with terrorist group, and another man, participating in terrorist activities. meanwhile they're extending the time they're going to hold a man seen in dramatic video where he is on the ground, shot in the leg, armed officers approach him and appear to try to coax what looks like a child away from him. very tense moments. then a bomb robot, if you like, approaches him to check, you can assume that he doesn't have some ability to detonate explosives. once they're happy with that, they then drag him away.
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they are here, seeing those videos, there are police sirens, they know there continues to be april hunt for other suspects. it leaves things very tense here. alex, just a sense of how did i have it is proving to really get things back to normal, you can see in the street, belgians trying to do that. they had hoped to reopen the airport just days after the attacks. then they said they would open it on sunday. now they're saying it will be tuesday before the airport is reopened. >> okay. keir, i do want to ask you a question, because there has been a degree of confusion about this faycal c. it's my understanding that media outlets prior to our own have put together the picture of that one man in the white coat and the hat is long side the other two known deceased suicide bombers from the airport attack, and they have attributed faycal c. as being coordinated with that picture. but the belgian authorities have yet to do that, right?
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they have not been specific. >> reporter: yeah, the trouble is, is that some of the releases that are being put out by the belgian authorities are complex to understand, even when you have it on paper or an e-mail, if you like. and i think, you know, it's right to exercise some caution, not least because in recent days, just with that very picture, we have seen suspects in that picture, people who have said suspects in that picture are a particular person, and as hours and days have gone by it has developed it is not that person. so one man, for example, najim laachraoui, thought to be in that picture, turned out to be a suicide bomber, at one point they thought he was on the run. so some caution about exactly who faycal c. at this stage. >> thank you, keir simmons, for straining it out for us. two americans were killed in
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the attacks in brussels, more than a dozen injured. gabe gutierrez spoke with the parents of one man who was injured in the airport bombings. gabe, i know they were very emotional when you spoke with them. what did they tell you? >> reporter: hi there, alex. certainly an emotional story. i'm standing in front of this makeshift memorial where people are continuing to pay their respects. and we're learning more about those survivors. as you mentioned, the family of joe empey, his mother and father flew here yesterday, saw him for the first time since the attacks in the hospital. for them, this is all still sinking in. >> it's almost gotten progressively worse as it sinks in. you know, immediately it was, oh, he's great, talking to him on the phone he sounded at piece, it wasn't that big a deal. we're thinking, oh, this is great, he's got a few injuries. but now as it starts to sink in, you think about just how tragic
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it could have been and how tragic it was for so many people, we're really lucky. >> we got on the web and saw that people had lost their lives. my heart was broken for everyone involved. it made me grateful that he is still alive. that was all that mattered at that time. >> reporter: joe empey was one of those three mormon missionaries from utah that were injured in the brussels airport when those explosions happened. another one was mason wells. he was 19 years old. he suffered second and third degree burns. and it's estimated that he was less than 50 feet away from the explosions, alex. we also spoke with the wife and son of 66-year-old richard norby. he was another one of those missionaries. all three of them had been at the airport and they were dropping off another missionary at the airport when these explosions happened.
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now, the familiar of richard norby, his wife was actually -- she almost went to the airport with her husband, but didn't do so because the van was full. there was too much luggage. she didn't actually make it over there. she says doctors plan to start bringing him out of the medically induced coma he's been in for the next few days and they hope to spend easter together tomorrow. >> that will be a miracle. a tough time ahead for the families as they recover. thank you, gabe, for that story. the obama administration says it's winning the war against isis despite attacks like tuesday's bombings. secretary of state john kerry says isis is now acting in desperation. >> the very reason that daesh is resorting to actions outside of the middle east is that its fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before their eyes. its territory is shrinking every day. its leaders are being decimated. its revenue sources are
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dwindling. its fighters are fleeing. >> let's bring in christopher hill, former u.s. ambassador to iraq. mr. ambassador, welcome back to the broadcast. i'm curious what you think about what the secretary just said. is isis deteriorating? >> well, he's certainly got a point. i mean, they've lost over a fifth of their territory in syria and iraq. we have been successful in going after their leadership. we've interrupted some of the financial flows. but that said, i mean, we have a major problem that we're going to be living with for quite a while. isis seems to be planting itself in afghanistan. it's had some success in libya. the secretary is correct that some of these are acts of desperation but they're nonetheless lethal acts. in addition to brussels we've seen some real savage attacks in iraq against the shia population. where are the saudis in all this, the other sunni arab states who seem to be annoyingly
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quiet throughout this crisis. >> that's a very important question, in fact. if isis is now resorting to more actions outside the middle east, what about the nations of europe? are they prepared for this? >> you know, i think it's very difficult to be fully prepared. the belgians, i know there's been a lot of talk about the belgian police force in recent days and their various shortcomings. but they had everyone out there looking for these guys, no question they have made some mistakes. but they really tried very hard. they're very targeted against these guys and this attack still happened. this by definition is a very, very tough target to go after. and unfortunately, i don't think there's any magic solution to this. i think we'll have to do more of the same. by the way, there needs to be much better coordination. i'm not sure this is the time to be pointing fingers at the belgians, i think they know the things they need to do. i hope we can kind of rally around them and do more intelligence and more police work with them. >> the eu's police agency,
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europ europol, telling the bbc there are 5,000 europeans who have gone to fight for isis in syria and iraq. how likely is it that we'll see another european attack in the short term? >> i would describe it as very likely that we will have attempts at additional attacks. the issue is for law enforcement agencies to work together to know who is on airplanes and why, to have a good sense of whether these people are on lookout lists or not, and to really, really try to go after them. but i mean, the threat is clearly rising. part of the reasons secretary kerry laid out, which is that they're having trouble in forming that caliphate. and now we see a sort of m.o., a modus operandi. it looks like the old al qaeda one, which is, don't worry so much about the caliphate, go after the western infedel. . think we'll have to be very and i would not assume that we're going to be 100%
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successful. >> the president is confident that the u.s. military action in syria and iraq has isis on the run. but mr. ambassador, how confident are you the white house is taking the right steps to defeat isis? >> first of all, i think these are the right steps. but i don't think this is a game where you can succeed 100% of the time. clearly we've gone after them and clearly we've put isis back on their heels. but it's equally clear that isis has cells out there, they seem to be well-implanted in europe. how do you balance the rights of citizens with the security and power of the state? this is going to be a very, very tough time. i think we need to be cautious about saying we're winning the war. in many measurements we are, but i think the problem will be they will start targeting us more than they've targeted other people in iraq and syria. >> all right. former u.s. ambassador to iraq,
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christopher hill, thank you so much for your time. next up, we turn to politics, and the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz. why cruz is calling one report garbage. and doors close for the democrats' caucus in washington state in less than an hour. what are the expectations as three states vote today? you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. myand a partly sunny and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses.
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it's fast and easy. saving humanity from high insurance rates. wisconsin is the next battleground in the 2016 race and could be another turning point for republicans and democrats. both parties will hold primaries in wisconsin less than two weeks from now. 96 delegates at stake for the democrats. 42 for republicans. and an imareson college poll shows wisconsin in play for both parties. clinton leads sanders by 6 points. ted cruz and donald trump are in a virtual tie.
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and bernie sanders is in wisconsin today. hillary clinton will travel there on monday. donald trump and john kasich also campaigning there early next week. the fight for wisconsin comes in the midst of trump and cruz's latest feud, which began this week over personal attacks on their wives and ended with cruz accusing trump of somehow being involved with the "national inquirer "'s story, alleging the senator had extramarital affairs with five women. here is what the texas senator said yesterday. >> this "national inquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. donald is fond of giving people nicknames. with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. because that is his first and last resort, is to go to sleaze and ignore the truth.
9:18 am
>> two of the women named in the report have also come forward to say the story is completely false. donald trump responded to cruz on facebook, saying, "i have no idea whether or not the cover story about ted cruz in this week's issue of the "national inquirer" is true or not but i had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not as yet read it." in the democratic race, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting over delegates today in caucuses about to get under way in alaska and nebraska. hawaii comes a few hours from now. sanders was in seattle last night, where msnbc's cal perry is tracking the caucus for us. cal, behind you are empty seats right now, but that place will be witnessing democracy in action in short order. that said, it's a holiday weekend. might that affect turnout? >> reporter: i don't think so.
9:19 am
my prediction is you'll see this room packed with about 500 people. we'll give you a look at the room. the volunteers are getting people ready. they'll open those doors and start the process at 10:00 a.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. your time. they'll take an initial vote, then they'll have a bit of a conversation, a bit of democracy in action, as you said, then they'll take that second volt. we expect the whole process to last about 90 minutes, when they hope to get the election starting to move, the results, excuse me, getting out to the public at that point. looking at about a five or six-hour process in total. it's all about turnout, alex. like you said, we should have a pretty good idea who is doing better, bernie or hillary clinton, depending on that turnout. >> what about coming into this contest, is there anyone who appears to have more obvious momentum? >> reporter: breezernie sanders 100%. yesterday a bird landed on his podium, a moment for him and his
9:20 am
campaign. he's playing delegate defense at this point. hillary clinton needs about a thousand more delegates to lock this thing down. there's 200 up for grabs here, 100 in washington. if he can get people to turn out, this is what he said last night at the rally in seattle, 15,000 people turning out for that. maybe, just maybe, and the math is very tricky for him, but just maybe this is the turning point in his campaign, alex. >> you saw that meme, "birdie sanders." and apparently one bird, kind of cute. >> reporter: that's it. >> that's it. let's bring in rebecca byrd, and joy reid. ladies, welcome. joy, we'll start with the big political story of the day. crump/cruz -- i mean trump.
9:21 am
maybe i coined something new there, "crump." what is your sense of winners and losers here? >> it is the completely readily show takeover of the 2016 cycle. it's bizarre. but i guess the real world implications for ted cruz, alex, are that ted cruz needs to win in wisconsin. it's very important. it's been called the mass aada the stop trump campaign. ted cruz is winning most weekly church going white evangelicals, in addition to tea party supporters and movement conservatives. anything that could potentially shake the faith, quote unquote, the secular faith of that base in ted cruz, in his veracity, honest, and integrity, could hurt him and allow donald trump to sneak by. that's the big risk for ted cruz. on the trump side, the risk is that it raises his negatives in so high, republicans decide they simply cannot have somebody of
9:22 am
that moral character, connected to the "national inquirer," as their standard bearer and the stop trump movement begins to galvanize behind ted cruz. >> rebecca, gop leaders are increasingly falling in line behind cruz. many establishment republicans would rather lose with cruz than risk having their party and conservative principles hijacked by trump. how unusual is this split? a party basically resigning itself to a candidate that it doesn't seem to really believe in. >> right, alex, it is really unique. as you know, republicans in washington really don't like ted cruz. actually many of them so deeply dislike him, i would use the word they hate him. so it's taken a long time as a result for them to come around to him as their potential standard bearer in this fight against trump. if he had been anyone else, if ted cruz had been marco rubio, i think the party could have coalesced a lot sooner around him.
9:23 am
this is really an act of desperation for the party. the interesting thing is, donald trump is still the likely nominee. he still has the easiest path to getting the delegates to lock up the nomination. it's a hail mary pass by the republican party to back ted cruz at this point. of course it hasn't had the effect of getting john kasich out of the race. it's still a little bit complicated at this point. >> and rebecca's final point there, at what point does the party give up on fighting trump? >> i think now. i honestly sense complete c capitulation on the part of the republican party. you're hearing everything from abandoning the confess for the white house is focusing on saving the senate and the house and just ignoring him, and you've started to see some washington republicans actually accept proactively the idea of donald trump as the nominee. that's partly a function of how much they detest ted cruz who came in with the tea party and
9:24 am
assisted in making john boehner's life hell by shutting down the government and all of that. and a sense of fatalism that they may not win at all and perhaps the white house is lost and they should just save the senate. >> rebecca, you write about the gop vice presidential pick, how that could become a bargaining chip. would that be a smart move for republican candidates, to talk about their veep choice? >> it could be a smart move. it could also be a risk. this is what ronald reagan did in 1976, prior to that open convention. so it's really the best precedent that we have for this potential situation. but that was before the vice presidential pick was made before conventions. that was before we had this really long vetting process that people use to pick their vice presidential nominee, their running mates. in the modern era there's no precedent for how this would work or what it would look like.
9:25 am
i could see maybe a john kasich in the event of a contested convention coming out early with a vice presidential pick, to get some press, get their name out there. the risk is that if you pick someone who turns off some of your delegates, who is kind of a controversial pick, maybe you could actually lose some support as well. so it goes both ways. >> joy, do you think there is a veep candidate at this point who could give cruz the edge? >> it's interesting, because i was just listening to that, you know, the piece, and i think i agree with it, if you were to see ted cruz pick somebody like a mike lee, somebody that's a conservative but who has credibility on the hill with other conservatives, somebody who could make the mitch mcconnell wing of the party confident that he would actually cooperate with them in the white house, you could see some momentum in his direction. the other way to go would be to pick a consensus governor, somebody with the confidence of the movement conservatives and the washington conservatives who really do not want ted cruz.
9:26 am
if the republicans think they could actually win, they're talking about somebody who would be reelected in 2020. republicans have to be able to live with this pick potentially eight years. cruz is not there yet. clearly donald trump isn't either. they have the ultimate dilemma. >> do you think a choice like a mike lee, that plays to washington, that plays to noted conservatives, but does that really play across the country? >> i think conservatives have no longer -- they're no longer playing for the country. it's a really fascinating departure from what the rnc said they had to do. they have stopped attempting to play for the support of women, of hispanics, the african-americans, a long time ago. so i think they are really playing this belief that there is this untapped white working class vote out there that they can maximize even more than mitt romney did and somehow win that way. i really see the party going so far right that they're no longer trying to broaden the tent, they're just trying to get to the finish line with their base. >> rebecca byrd, joy reid, thank
9:27 am
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[eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. welcome back. i'm alex witt here at msnbc
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world headquarters in new york. belgian officials are urging residents not to hold rallies in solidarity for the victims of tuesday's attacks. belgium's interior minister says police are just too stretched with the investigation. also today, three people have been formally charged with offences related to terror, including one man, identified as faycal c., who was arrested yesterday. he was charged with terror, murder, and attempted terror and murder. belgian authorities have suspended flights at least until tuesday. engineers will assess whether the damage can be quickly repaired. let's bring bring in aman mohyeldin. >> reporter: one of the issues that's constantly brought up, in certainly the challenges that
9:35 am
europe is facing both with the issue of radicalization and security, has brought up a lot of questions back in the united states in terms of what the united states's own experience has been with issues of security and particularly with issues of radicalization. there are similarities but not necessarily in the same numbers. europe has had a much larger number of foreign fighters traveling abroad to countries like syria and iraq and coming back. the porous borders in europe make it more readily easy for them to move within countries, hide within communities. when it came to the issue of radicalization, there's also a very different story between what we're seeing in europe and what we're seeing in the united states. here is what that former state department adviser said. >> for various structural reasons, muslim communities in america are much better integrated, because they're more diverse, they're a higher socioeconomic standing. the legal structure in america kind of allows for them to feel american. the trouble is, if you take a look at belgium, for example, we're asking muslim youth to try to feel belgian.
9:36 am
belgian identity itself is problematic, as we know. >> reporter: that keyword right there, "integration," is one of the major differences between what the muslim-american community goes through and what the muslim-belgian or muslim-european community goes through. they've been telling us one of the biggest challenges is the sense of isolation they feel. they talk about discrimination in the job market, a sense of islamopho islamophobeia which makes it difficult for cooperation between community leaders and law enforcement. at the same time there are questions about whether or not they want to integrate or assimilate into european values. that makes it difficult to have cooperation with law enforcement, that sharing of information and cooperation. that's something that on the u.s. side officials like the i
9:37 am
fbi, or the new york police department, their cooperation with the muslim-american community. >> not to mention 900 muslim-american police officers in the nypd. let's bring in evan coleman, welcome to you. this is the second major attack by isis since november. how have these attacks helped security officials in the u.s. get a better understanding of the capabilities of isis? >> we also have to understand, this may be the work of one network. the more we learn about the individuals behind brussels and the ones behind paris, we're seeing a number of inner linkages. it's important to understand isis has the capability of striking europe. this is a group of people who appear to all know each other and may have cooperated in both
9:38 am
attacks. this may be more of a statement about the efficacy of isis networks in a particular region of europe, namely belgium and perhaps northern france. it's hard to say whether or not this reflects their capabilities elsewhere in europe. we haven't seen this level of activity. we've seen individuals going back and forth, individuals prepared to carry out terrorist attacks, but again, not on this scale. >> what is it that you think made this particular group, cell, if you want to call it that, so effective? training? was it the sheer numbers? because think of how many killed in the paris terrorist attacks, and in tuesday's brussels attacks as well. >> if you want to understand why this particular area seems to be rife for isis recruitment, i think it's important to look at the numbers of individuals who have gone to syria and iraq. hom home-grown individuals can carry out terrorist attacks, as we saw
9:39 am
in san bernardino, individuals with no training or expertise can kill and wound a horrific number of people. but not on the scale of what we saw in brussels and paris. this requires training. to build explosive devices that have this kind of yield, that are successful over and over again, that's generally speaking not something someone is capable of doing just from the internet. when you see a country where there are large numbers of people that have gone to syria and iraq, whether it's al qaeda or isis or another group, have received specialized training, have received a mission, and have come back, that makes them incredibly more dangerous. so if you're looking for where are the other threats right now in europe or elsewhere, look for the countries where there are large numbers of people that have traveled to seyria and ira to get training, particularly in countries where law enforcement services may have had difficulty in tracking those people coming back. certainly some countries have been more effective than others. these folks have gone to extreme lengths to try to conceal their return. some of them have proliferated
9:40 am
fake death notices. nonetheless, certain countries have been more effective than others. belgium is one of those that i think it's fair to say has been terribly ineffective in terms of tracking returnees from the battlefield in syria and iraq. >> what about the arrest of salah abdeslam, the last surviving of those who attacks paris directly? he gets arrested, and within a few days, five, i believe, are launched these attacks. how much did that have to do with the timing? >> we certainly know this was the on the minds of the bombers. one of them in his will wrote explicitly that he didn't want to end up in a cell alongside abdesl abdeslam. on the other hand, these operations had been planned for some time. they were looking to carry them out. whether or not this was coincidental, or whether or not they were pushed up, we don't know. mr. abdeslam apparently has more information that unfortunately was not extracted from him prior to these attacks. his lawyer has suggested he may
9:41 am
have more information to stop further attacks. right now he's not cooperating with authorities. presumably his lawyer is looking to work out some kind of deal. it's not clear whether he would actually cooperate with that deal. nonetheless, there should be pressure put on this individual to try to figure out exactly what he knows, because there is good reason to believe he knew at least something about what happened in brussels. his dna was found in the same location as one of the bombers. i think it's important for us to figure out if there is anything else planned. now, it's important to note that the main bomb maker here apparently is dead. but there are still individuals that are on the loose. there are still potentially others involved in this network. it's important we track down everyone, because we see what happened with brussels. if you don't track down every single last one of these folks there is the potential for further attacks. >> absolutely. thank you so much. coming up, former "apprentice" contestant omerosa joins me. i'll ask her about trump and his reputation with women. we've created a new company.
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let's take a quick look at today's political headlines. democratic caucuses in washington state are about to get under way, about 15 minutes from now. later today deputies will caucus in alaska and hawaii. on the republican side, the feud between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating after allegations in a "national inquirer" story. cruz calls the report garbage. two of the women named in the report have come forward to say the story is completely false. let's bring in former "apprentice" contestant and trump supporter omerosa manigault. welcome to you. >> hi there. >> i'm curious to your candidate as reaction. is he going too far? >> i don't remember donald trump attacking heidi cruz. there was a back and forth where donald trump was forced of course to defend his wife against some really ugly ads created by a super-pac that
9:46 am
supports and endorses ted cruz. i believe any man who truly loves his wife will defend her in any way he can against these senseless, ugly attacks. >> they are certainly senseless and ugly. but do you think donald trump was right in retweeting that very unflattering picture of heidi cruz? >> i think it's his preprogresstipreprogress ti prerogative in any way that he wants to defend his wife. there is this anti-trump movement, $65 million, alex, have been spent to date to stop donald trump from becoming the republican nominee. and these folks will stop at nothing, including bringing in donald trump's wife, milania, and posting ugly, ugly ads towards her. so donald trump has a right to defend his wife, and he will certainly defend this nation. if he would allow these attacks to go on, you would question a
9:47 am
man who doesn't defend his wife. >> i don't think people have a problem with that. but why do people have a problem with him? he talked about the $65 million so far spent. what is it about donald trump that causes that reaction in people? >> first of all, donald trump is definitely not an establishment candidate. he's not being controlled or puppeted by the powers that be. in fact they're in these back rooms, these secret meetings, trying to figure out how to stop him. so i believe that anything that you see, these stories, are just meant to slow down his momentum. clearly he's made a connection with the voters. 7.5 million people to date have voted for donald trump. they're supporting him. they believe that he can truly bring a change to this nation. and so the establishment is afraid. in fact they're talking about brokering a convention and bringing in candidates who have not even been in the race. they're trying to figure out anything they can do to stop donald trump. but the voters will be heard. and their voice and their vote will matter in this election. >> their opinions have mattered thus far. you talk about 7.5 million
9:48 am
people. there's a recent poll showing 70% of women have an unfavorable view of trump. why is he not connecting with female voters? >> that's not what we're seeing, particularly in exit polls were women really are turning out for him. and the question about diversity, in nevada, in florida, we saw minorities, women, hispanics coming out for donald trump. that's why he's been able to win these really large races and why he's going to go on and clinch the republican nomination. >> so let's say he does that. let's look at some other maps, if you put november together, we show donald trump losing to hillary clinton by 10, 20 points, and more in several cases, depending on the polls. what do you say to the claim that he's not a strong general election candidate? >> well, one thing that i know is that once we get into the general -- you know, the whole game and the whole landscape becomes a total different story. i mean, the interesting thing is that even hillary clinton, she struggles with millennials. 80% of millennials are supporting her opponent. it shows that if she goes head
9:49 am
to head with even bernie sanders in the -- i mean, in this primary, that she's struggling with women. and so we can look at all the polls and the data, but donald trump has already defied what people said that he would do. they said he would not make it through the fall. they said he wouldn't make it into the spring. they said he wouldn't win primaries. yet he is the front runner. he's continue to defy political logic, because donald trump is in the midst of a movement. he truly is going to make america great again. >> if there's one thing you can say as to the reason behind your support, what is it? >> donald trump has been an incredible, loyal, kind friend to me. he truly has shown that he cares about what's going on in my life, in my community. on a very personal level, i know him. i know his heart. i know his beautiful family. and he is a really, really good person. and unfortunately, because of all of the attacks, you don't
9:50 am
get to know the real donald trump. but i know him. and i can say that i truly believe that he will make an incredible president and he will bring about the change that we need to see in this nation, and he will be a very powerful, strong leader at a time such as this where terrorist attacks are continuously making us feel unsafe in the homeland. donald trump is tough when we need him. he has vision, he has leadership, and he will be an incredible president. >> i'm sure he's glad to hear you talk about him, that's for sure. omarosa manigault, thank you very much. >> thank you. next, a spokesman for ted cruz responds to the latest back-and-forth between the two camps. don't let dust and allergies get between you
9:51 am
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choose the lowest, and hit purchase. it's fast and easy. saving humanity from high insurance rates. this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his trench men.
9:54 am
donald is fond of giving people nicknames. with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald, because that is his first and last resort is to go to sleaze and ignore the truth. >> ted cruz getting fired up last night in wisconsin as he accuses donald trump of spreading rumors about him. let's bring in cruz campaign national spokesman ron nearing. ron, welcome to you. what does this do to your campaign, having to go on the defense with such a story? >> well, i think it does a couple things. first is i've been really, really surprised and impressed by the amount of blowback that donald trump has gotten in response to his, you know, pushing this story out, his attacking heidi cruz, having his spokesperson go on television and attack heidi cruz, his retweeting of, you know that tweet that you talked about in the previous segment. there really has been a very, very strong backlash. and that actually is very
9:55 am
gratifying to see. the people are finally getting to see what donald trump is really all about, and that's not a good thing for the republican party or for the country. as for our campaign, senator cruz was in wisconsin yesterday talking about economic issues as well. he was in new york a few days prior talking about national security issues and really calling out donald trump on his very, very naive and misguided statements about having the united states pull out of nato. so, we're going to keep focused on the campaign as we go forward. and donald trump will have his side show, which, of course, always seems to come about whenever he's in trouble. you know, the new polling numbers out of wisconsin, which is a must-win state, it's a very, very important state, are not very good for donald trump. he's down by five points, he's dropping like a stone. association rig so, right on schedule, donald trump panics and starts hate tweeting strong women who he doesn't know late at night, which is par for the course for him now. >> what do you say to those who feel that it might hurt your candidate to have to get down in the mud like this with donald trump?
9:56 am
i mean, gone, long gone with those days where ted cruz seemed to take whatever donald trump threw at him in stride and not blow back with the same tenor. was it a turning point when he went after heidi? >> yeah, i think so. and look, senator cruz has been very strong in his defense of heidi, who's a wonderful, wonderful woman. you know, the cruzes are a wonderful, wonderful family and terrific people and heidi cruz doesn't deserve what donald trump decides do when he lashes out because his poll numbers are not doing well and the air continues to come out of the balloon and it doesn't look like he's going to get the delegates necessary to lock up the nomination. and then we go to the convention and he's not going to do well there if he can't win on the first ballot, which it doesn't look like he will. so, it's unfortunate that you have someone who purports he's qualified to be president of the united states picking on his opponent's wife. that's not appropriate, but at least now the american people are seeing who he really is. >> something we should note here, it was an antitrump pac that first brought the wives into discussion with this ad.
9:57 am
we're going to show it here, which encouraged people to vote for cruz. did they go too far? do you, the cruz campaign, do you disavow this ad? or is melania trump fair game? >> no, it's not fair game at all. as a matter of fact, the moment that ted cruz learned of this, which was done by a pac, which by the way, has been critical of senator cruz from time to time as well -- this is an anti-trump, independent pac. this is not a pro-cruz pac. and the moment that senator cruz learned of that, he immediately condemned it. i've said, you know, on multiple networks, multiple times, that family members have to be off limits in any presidential campaign, any campaign whatsoever. and in large part being number one, it's a giant distraction to involve family members. number two, it doesn't speak well of the candidates at all for them to do that, and three, family members don't choose to -- they're not running for office, it's not their name on the ballot and they shouldn't be dragged into something like this. so, of course that ad was completely inappropriate by that super pac and we said so right away.
9:58 am
the difference is, donald trump's personal, visceral attacks on heidi cruz come from him personally. it's not some independent organization, it's not someone else he can blame it upon. they come from him and his spokesperson on tv. that's really unfortunate, but again, now at least the american people get to see who we're dealing with with donald trump, someone who peddles in sleaze and uses the "national enquirer" to try to push out sleazy stories when reputable media won't cover it." >> i'm out of town, but john kasich's campaign strategist, john weaver, alleging that the cruz camp negotiated with them to keep trump from winning more delegates, then went back on its promise. how do you respond to that? >> yeah, ted cruz is running for president of the united states. so our goal is to win this election prior to the convention by geting to 1,237 delegates. it's very, very clear that john kasich is a spoiler candidate. take a look at the numbers in wisconsin. we're up by five points. if john kasich wasn't in the race, we'd be up by 11 points. it runs directly contrary to
9:59 am
all. various fantasies that have come out of the kasich campaign. every time he loses a state, kasich campaign comes, says no, no, no, no, the map looks better going forward, you know, now we're going to start winning. >> all right. >> he's not in a position to win anywhere. he's not in good shape, he's running as a spoiler, and he really should consider not being in this race and stopping the help that he's giving to donald trump. >> ron nehring, thank you so much for weighing in. we appreciate that. >> thank you. >> in a few minutes, caucusgoers in washington statement will be mith mooeting to decide between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we're live in seattle. well, that's a packed room, as promised. plus, in the wake of the tragedy in brussels, what's being done to prevent attacks in the u.s. ...and our competitors's side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey!
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