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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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air airliner earlier this morning is now in custody after a tense seven-hour standoff where he claimed he had a bomb strapped to his body. the hijacker forced the plane which took off from egypt to fly to the island of cyprus. we have video of the man identified as the pilot climbing out of the cockpit window, scaling down that plane, and then fleeing. hours earlier, the hijacker released most of the more than 60 people onboard, keeping seven people behind. meantime, authorities say this did not involve terrorism but rather the hijacker's estranged wife, who is from cyprus and lives there now. rehema ellis joins us live from london. we' we know they are saying this is domestic related. there questions about security, did this man have a bomb and how was he able to take over the aircraft? >> those are big questions, tamron. in fact, everyone is looking for the answers to those. none the least, the egyptian authorities because they now say they believe this device was a
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fake, but they did not know that at the time. that's why they say they had to proceed with the utmost caution. the questions of what he had strapped to him, how did he get it past security authorities? how did it get onto the plane? the authorities are now saying that this man who has been identified as seif eldin mustafa is a man in his 50s and authorities say he seems to have an unstable personality. he had been asking at one point to speak with his estranged wife. you point out she lives in cyprus. at one point, he asked for asylum. another indication perhaps of his instability. authorities are telling us they spent some early three hours talking to this man, and negotiating with him while he was asking for things, what they were saying is you have to give us something in return. and the something that authorities wanted was the release of some passengers. early on, he did do that. many of the 55 perjuries were released from the plane early on and then late toward the end of
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this standoff, there were seven remaining passengers, a pilot, crew members, security officers, and three british nationals. we also know that at one point, there were eight american foreigners on that plane. they were released. now, this is all come to a peaceful end. but huge questions right now, tamron, as to where did this man come from and how did he get this device on the plane that led police to think they had a dangerous situation that led to this hijacking? >> all right, rehema ellis live for us from london. thank you, rehema. >> we turn now to major developments this morning in the race for president. and the wisconsin political battle between donald trump and the so-called never trump movement in that state. right now, senator ted cruz is holding a rally just an hour after wisconsin's governor, scott walker, announced he's backing cruz. >> i just fundamentally believe if you look at the facts, you
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look at the numbers, that ted cruz is the best positioned by far to both win the nomination of the republican party and to then go on and defeat hillary clinton. >> now, after more than a week off the campaign trail, donald trump will make his return this afternoon. he's planning to hold a high profile rally in the home town of house speaker paul ryan, who has taken aim at the republican front-runner. even been talked about as a possible, quote, white knight presidential candidate at the republican convention. we also have new numbers this morning from our weekly nbc news survey monkey tracking poll, national numbers here. they show donald trump at 48% versus ted cruz at 21%. again, these are national numbers. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also on the ground campaigning. she is set to hold an event in milwaukee. these are live pictures of that event. the democratic front-runner now has a six-point lead over bernie
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sanders nationally after she dropped and he gained from last week. again, these are national numbers. as always, our correspondents are out covering the candidates. let's start off with hallie jackson at the cruz event in brookfield, wisconsin. so hallie, we also have tony dokoupil in janesville. we're starting with hallie. this scott walker endorsement, what does it mean right now? does he have enough juice, enough popularity to help senator cruz out there? >> three quick points to make about this walker endorsement. let's start with the impact of what the governor's endorsement could mean here in wisconsin. his approval rating, as ted cruz, by the way, speaks on the stage, is right around 40% in the state. remember that walker has influence, especially with tea partiers and with conservatives, for example, in the suburbs around milwaukee. that is an area where ted cruz will play, given there's a fairly strong anti-trump sentiment in some of the conservative counties. second, you have to look at how walker endorsed cruz.
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it was not like what we heard from romney who said he wanted to back cruz in order to force a contested convention. what you heard from walker was a forceful backing of cruz's conservative credentials. walker reputed that in the interview with charlie sykes this morning. finally, we have to talk about the impact of this to john kasich. the fact that walker has come out and endorsed ted cruz, potentially undercuts kasich's argument he's the best anti-trump candidate in this race and allows cruz to bolster his own argument that he has seen members of the gop who don't want donald trump coming to support him. color from the crowd, they were listening in to the radio endorsement. when walker said the magic words, you heard a loud cheer, instantly, monitors popped up on stage saying walker endorses cruz. we could see him campaigning for cruz by the end of the week. >> interested in how aggressed scott walker plans to push against trump.
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trump already tweeting out last night that he beat skoch water, he essentially takes the credit for getting scott walker to be the first republican to drop out of the presidential race. >> right. >> carly fiorina has taken on trump very aggressively as a person who indoerszed ted cruz. will scott walker do the same? >> it wouldn't be surprising to see that given the point you mentioned, walker was one of the first so-called trump casualties in the race. when he dropped out, remember, he called on the rest of the party to come together in order to try to stop trump. this was months before the stop trump movement actually gained any steam. i will say he was pressed by this on the radio this morning and he instead pivoted to talking about praise for ted cruz. that's something we have seen for now. we'll see what happens on the campaign trail over the next seven days. >> thank you. let's go to tony dokoupil in janesville, covering trump protest planned there. and tony, as mentioned, donald trump has been off the campaign trail. he's picked the home of paul
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ryan to make his big return in wisconsin. and he may be greeted by a lot of people not happy to see him there. >> that's right, tamron. i'm in janesville, a quiet, serious town, home town of a quiet, serious man, paul ryan. it could get loud here. the rally against donald trump began in the lobby of the holiday inn. they sat down, locked arms, yelled cancel, cancel. six were arrested. the police chief expects about 1,000 protesters to arrive. that's an important number because there are only 1,000 trump supporter in the venue to see donald. we're looking at a 1 to 1 protester to supporter ratio. that's not something we have seen since chicago where protesters shout down the rally. this is the home town of paul ryan. why is donald trump here? you could argue for political reasons, it's at an important intersection of three places, but paul ryan said donald trump
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lacks civility, he's saying, i can come to your home town, i can pack a venue. you want to see civility, you're going to see the opposite but i'm going to win politically. >> thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on the potential protests there. let me bring in msnbc analyst and former rnc chairman michael steele, as well as "huffington post" editorial director howard fineman. thank you for joining me. michael, let's start with what tony dokoupil talked about. we know donald trump often has strategy, a plan even though it may look chaotic. he's in janesville, 1,000 people there. he knows and has commented on paul ryan's assertion the rhetoric is too hot. what happens today if you see a clash between protesters and trump supporters in ryan's home town? >> from donald trump's perspective, he would say, hey, why did you incite this riot? you know, because he just came to do an event, and of course, he'll use the speaker's words
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against him. and try to score political points. at the end of the day, donald trump doesn't care. that's not -- you know, he's doing what he's doing strategically. he's tweaking ryan. yes, he wants to reach out and build relationships, but he also recognizes that these folks are also working against him at the same time. so he's coming into his backyard. he's going to stake a claim here. i think his chances in wisconsin are not as good as he may boast or think. largely because these aren't his kind of republicans. this is more tailor made to a ted cruz or a john kasich, which was a surprise that he didn't get more juice from the governor there. but the reality still remains the same for trump. he's the front-runner. he's got the most delegates. he's got the momentum. and he can afford to come into ryan's backyard and have some fun. >> howard, let me bring you in on that. katy tur is reporting that trump's campaign sources tell nbc news despite general thinking, wisconsin is not a must-win for trump. they say it's a must-win for
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cruz. just getting half of the delegates would be considered a huge win for trump. so to michael steele's point, they're kind of playing down what it means. last night, donald trump tweeted out after the way i beat governor walker and jeb, rand, marco, and others in the presidential primaries, no way he would ever endorse me. that's at least, i guess, instant putdown of scott walker. >> well, it's a furious amount of lowering expectations by the trump camp. i was talking to one of their inner circle last night who was saying to me, aha, now it begins. the real stop trump effort is under way. and i think trump's own mentality and the personality of his campaign is that he is the rebel. he's the outsider, the guy poking the stick at the establishment, and if he can't win in wisconsin, then -- which i don't think he's going to, he will portray it as the establishment trying to deny his
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right, hard-earned right to the nomination. that's going to be his theme going forward. he's going to be the anti-establishment guy and that will excuse him when he loses and help him when he wins. >> what's so interesting, and chuck todd made this point about the trump and never trump campaign. yes, he is certainly not an establishment candidate, but in wisconsin, howard, you have, for example, this radio host, charlie sykes, who took him on. a guy who is tailor made, as michael steele said, as a ted cruz supporter, but does not fall for the establishment. he took on donald trump. and here's a bit of what happened on his radio show. >> i failed in my effort to introduce you to wisconsin and our tradition of civility and decenty by getting an apology from you for heidi cruz or what you said about scott walker. >> am i getting an apology by somebody who sent out that picture of my wife? he started it. if he didn't start it, nothing
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like this would have happened. >> remember, we're not -- we're not on a playground. we're running for president of the united states. >> again, charlie sykes a part of this never trump movement. so governor walker or some of these endorsements may not matter in wisconsin, but by all accounts, these conservative radio hosts matter in wisconsin. >> yeah, i'm sure they do. that was bad staff work, by the way, on the part of the trump people. they weren't aware of mr mr. sykes's background before they booked the show. wisconsin is one of the early sites of the development of the new conservative movement in the republican party and also has some moderates who might be appealed to by kasich. it's not natural trump territory, even though it's an open primary. in theory, he can pull out those people who rarely vote and come into the process. but the political culture of wisconsin is a little different. it's a little more civil. it is a little more substantive than other places.
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and it's not going to be donald trump's main turf. i think there's more of a battle going on here between the trump movement and the stop trump movement than people realize. it's happening at the state level, as they try to decide who the delegates are. it's state by state, district by district, rules involving delegates. i think in a way the fight has just begun. and i think the trump campaign is acknowledging that by bringing in a guy like paul man afort, who is an experienced lawyer, lobbyist, but a lot of background in running conventions going back to ronald reagan. they know they need to gear up fast or ted cruz, who is supe superbly organized is going to take the nomination away from him. >> politico has this article, trump's delegate danger. he's beating cruz at the ballot but months behind at the ballot to make the wins count at the convention. this never trump movement, i think early on, michael, people could say it was the establishment. going back to some of the tone and 10 sxr names from wisconsin, a lot of these people are not
8:14 am
establishment. they are right-wing radio who see, i think, the head-to-head matchup where donald trump gets beat by hillary clinton. all of the polls, and we know he's poll obsessed, he doesn't often talk about that. >> he doesn't talk about that. but here's the irony, is that so does cruz get beat by hillary clinton. the only one who doesn't is kasich, and he's nowhere to be found, which is sort of the crazy part of this whole process. look, when it's all said and done, the reality for trump is going back to howard's point, i don't think it was poor staff work. i think it was trump just coming in and playing the odds and just kind of going out and doing his thing. again, getting in the conversation. you're absolutely right, these are not his kind of republicans. these are conservatives. these are the conservatives who have argued for a long time, the party should finally nominate a conservative for the presidency, which it hasn't done in all these many cycles. this is their chance, the stop trump movement is the vehicle
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they're going to use effectively for that, and trump is smart to right now realize that like we saw in louisiana, you can win the primary, but you can lose the delegate war, and that's what this whole thing is about, amassing the delegates. >> let me follow up on that. i want to make another point from the politico article i referen referenced with you. a south carolinians said this, i have been telling the campaign for eight months now they're making a mistake by not reaching out to the republican national committee. basically, making an and establishing relationships. you know the rnc better than anyone, you were the chairman. how much do these relationships matter to a candidate who if we say one more time has broken all the rules, i don't know what we'll say later. >> they're huge because a lot of those members are going to be sitting on two of the most important committees for the convention. the rules committee, which is going to set the rules for the convention, particularly important since there will not
8:16 am
be a nominee going in who would stack that committee with his people, as we have seen in the past. so that's going to be, you're going to want your friends there. and on the platform committee, that's going to set the narrative, the story that's going to come out of the convention for the 2016 campaign. if you don't have those relationships, you're already in a hole. and trump needs to build that relationship on the ground because those folks can help at the national level on the committee, but also in the states like louisiana, to help organize and hold those conventions to select those delegates for trump. >> howard, what we know he can do, and he's done it over and over, is manipulate the media and the headlines in that all he needs to, again, is threaten to sue, then withdraw the threat of suing, and then say they're trying to rob me and take it from me, and whether you're a trump supporter or not, the notion of someone taking something, the intricate details of the rnc and the rules kind of go over the head, i think, for average voters. >> i think that's trump's own
8:17 am
personal thinking. he's got people around him who are saying, no, no, no, you have to do this fine filigree work michael and i are talking about, and paul, even though he hasn't done it in a while, is going to have to deal with. i think trump himself, no, i'm going to threaten to walk out of the convention. i'm going to threaten to take all my volters and go home. i'm going to turn cleveland into a political wasteland. and destroy the republicans' chances of winning. at all. unless they deal with me and do things the way i want to do it. he thinks that kind of raw populist power is going to carry the day. what michael and i, who have been around politics a long time, are saying is yeah, yeah, that is good as far as it goes, but when you get into the inner sanctum of the convention, that's not going to necessarily work. we'll see. he's broken every rule. if he can intimidate the convention from the outside and
8:18 am
override all those rules, maybe. we're all in uncharted territory here. let's go to cleveland. >> let's go to cleveland. and cleveland will certainly rock, as they say. and maybe not in the best of ways depending on what happens. gentlemen, thank you so much for your time. i greatly appreciate it. >> the presidential front-runners will be on msnbc wednesday night, donald trump will join chris matthews for an exclusive town hall at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. followed by hillary clinton on a special edition of the rachel maddow show. that is right here on msnbc. don't miss it. coming up, these are live pictures from milwaukee. speaking of secretary clinton, she's set to hold a forum on guns. clinton has a six-point lead in the latest poll out of wisconsin. we'll take a look at both campaigns, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> plus, donald trump's operatives say he's not going to sue, but they will take the fight over delegates to the convention. he's arming up his team. we're going to talk to a gop
8:19 am
official who says that political party leaders, not voters, ultimately pick the republican nominee. and the fbi manages to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters without apple's assistance. the latest on what this means and the ongoing battle between the fbi and the tech giant. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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welcome back. we're following big breaking news involving donald trump's campaign. trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski has now been charged in the alleged battery of a breitbart reporter. our own nbc's katy tur has been following the campaign. she's also been following this story. and there's new video making the
8:23 am
rounds, and we have new information on this charge. >> hey, there. this happened on march 15th. corey lewandowski was alleged at the time to have grabbed reporter michelle fields' arm, pulled her away from donald trump as he was walking by her. right after the press conference, the victory press conference for super tuesday, the second super tuesday. and what happened after that, michelle fields tweeted a photo of her arm that showed bruises, basically saying he pulled her so hard that he bruised her arm. in the aftermath, the trump campaign repeatedly denied that corey lewandowski put his hands on her. repeatedly. corey lewandowski himself tweeted a number of things against michelle fields calling her totally delusional, saying he never touched her, never met her. the whole thing was seen at the time by "washington post" reporter ben terrance. he was the one backing this up. a number of videos came out, news reports, but nothing defin
8:24 am
tivly showed that he did in fact touch michelle fields. now, there is surveillance video from the jupiter ballroom, the trump golf course ballroom where the event was taking place, that does appear to definitivety show that corey lewandowski did in fact grab michelle fields and pull her away from donald trump, away from the candidate, donald trump. charges were filed by michelle fields. the police, the jupiter police investigated this, and now nay have arrested him. we are hearing that he turned himself in to jupiter police. there's a police report out. so far, though, we don't have it independently confirmed. we also have a statement from the trump campaign that politico was able to obtain that says mr. lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. he's completely confident he will be exonerated. mr. lewandowski is represented by scott richa-richardsoscott-rl
8:25 am
coffey of miami. inquiries are directed to mr. richardson's office. right after this, i spoke to donald trump at the miami debate. i asked him if anything came to light proving that corey lewandowski did in fact touch michelle fields, were there going to be consequences? he would not answer that question, in fact, he turned it against me, saying would i apologize if it turned out to be true that corey lewandowski did not touch michelle fields. now, it's looking as if there is actual proof that he did touch her. this is all coming at a pretty bad time for the donald trump campaign. there are a lot of reports now that he's doing poorly with women, there are polls out that show he's doing extraordinarily poorly with women. only half of republican women find him to be favorable. 70% of general election women in this country do not find him to be favorable. so this is only adding fuel to
8:26 am
that fire that donald trump is not in fact a friend to women. he's not upholding women's values especially when you consider his campaign manager is charged with simple battery by a florida police department. >> and katj, just some of the dynamics here, and reiterating, he has been charged at this point with misdemeanor battery, according to authorities, he did turn himself in to jupiter police just after 8:00 a.m. for people who don't know corey lewandowski's background and how he became this very valuable part of trump's launch, his decision to run for president, going back to new hampshire, and also even, katy, i'm sure you remember, you were there, right after the allegations that corey lewandowski had grabbed this reporter, trump had him on stage, at mar-a-lago, asserting what a valuable person he's been
8:27 am
to the campaign, right after this allegation initially happened. >> yeah, let's do a little background as to who corey is. corey was working in new hampshire for afp, also for a short time a state trooper up there, and he did work on a failed campaign in new hampshire. he wasn't necessarily an establishment figure. he was very much an outsider, like donald trump. donald trump did take a liking to him. we have been told by those who know corey that he was always very good at riling up anger in local politics and getting people to be very angry about things, and vote for his particular topic. he's certainly never been a part of anything that is as high profile as this campaign. the campaign did certainly feel like it was going to be doing this well once they hired corey lewandowski. but he did well for the campaign. they have been winning so far. his motto has always been, let donald trump be donald trump. that has worked for donald trump. he's valued lewandowski as a
8:28 am
very close confidante and even more so as the campaign has gone, and as they have continued winning. lewandowski, though, has been the figure of a lot of -- a lot of controversy. he hasn't necessarily got along very well with reporters covering the campaign. there have been a number of stories of clashing between him and reporters, aggressive behavior, abusive language, just not being helpful in any way that a campaign usually is with the reporters that are covering him. politico wrote a big story about it a couple weeks ago. the reporter has since been -- that reporter was banned from donald trump events. so it's been a contentious relationship all along. this michelle fields thing was really the first thing that came to light about it. it set off a bit of an avalanche of negative stories about him. and corey denied it repeatedly. and called her out on twitter, called her basically a liar, victim blamed her, saying you're
8:29 am
totally delusional, saying he never touched her. very emphatic that did not happen. there were a numbers leading up to it that seemed to point to it happening. nothing definitive. this surveillance video, the security video from the ballroom does seem to show that. makes you wonder why lewandowski himself or the campaign tro continued to stand by him so vehemently when they must have known there was security footage and the cops would ultimately try to go get that footage. >> right. >> and then as you were saying, one last thing, as you were saying, the other day as mar-a-lago after his -- the last, i'm sorry, the second super tuesday, about two weeks or so after the incident with michelle fields, while corey lewin downsky was embroiled in all of this controversy, donald trump had him very close to him on stage, closer than he's ever stood before. and he did make a point of saying, good job, corey. and that was seen by a lot of
8:30 am
people as the trump campaign and donald trump himself standing by their man. despite all of the negative allegations out there, despite all the negative news stories, despite all the concern. i can tell you that after all of this started to unfold, once it gained a head of steam, the campaign did start to react a little bit more pleasantly, if you will, to campaign reporters. they started answering more questions, they started handing out statements. there was less abusive language. we'll see how it unfolds after this. this is certainly a very big story to have the gop front-runner, his campaign manager, charged and arrested with battery. >> right, and quickly, also, we focus a lot on the campaign. the fact that michelle fields eventually left her job, ben shapiro, the former breitbart editor at large also resigned, there have been allegations directed at the paper, the conservative news outlet as well, regarding how it handled michelle fields' allegations and
8:31 am
the trump campaign after. >> absolutely. and so michelle fields initially, they said if this is true, then corey lewandowski -- breitbart said this, then corey owed her an apology. that never game. then they backed off. it appears someone else grab michelle fields' arm, it was a secret service lewandowski. this is breitbart saying this and not defending their reporter. they kept doing this. breitbart has been accused a lot over the campaign season in being in cahoots with donald trump himself. there was a story that donald trump at one time may have been funding the news organization. they have not had a good reputation of being an independent organization, especially when it comes to donald trump. michelle fields ultimate lly qu her job, ben shapiro quit, a number of other writers quit their jobs at breitbart because
8:32 am
they didn't feel what was happening in the organization, how they were defending their reporter, was right. the spokesman for breitbart quit in a very public way. went on cnn and said that everybody was lying about this. that corey lewandowski did appear to grab michelle fields. so there was a bit of an exodus after this with those that were working at the breitbart campaign, but the michelle fields thing went under the radar after that because what happened was violence in chicago, a number of other controversies since then, and what the trump campaign has done and succeeded in doing is whenever there's a bad story against him, a big negative story or some controversy, they quickly pivot into the next controversy so they have been able to avoid hearing too much about one. but when the police come out and charge your campaign manager, it is hard to avoid it, hard to bury that. but i would play very close attention to see how donald trump reacts with this today. of course, he's going to be in
8:33 am
janesville 4:00 local in wisconsin, 5:00 eastern. just a few hours from now. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow the breaking news. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, charged with misdemeanor battery after allegations and new video surfaces of -- which appear to show him grabbing a reporter after a news conference. police again confirming this information this morning and releasing this new video. meanwhile, we have more breaking news to report to you. this from the supreme court over a high-profile union case. a big decision coming down. we'll have the latest on that. pete williams will join us live. we'll be right back. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. as mentioned before the break, we're following breaking news from the supreme court this morning, as the high court has its first major 4-4 split since
8:37 am
the death of justice antonin scalia. the deadlock hands a significant victory to public unions and collective bargaining. let me bring in pete williams who has been reporting on this case. what can you tell us? >> this case would clearly have come out the other way if justice scalia were still alive base said on his previous comments and his comments during the argument in this case. this was a challenge to public sector employees, teachers mainly in california, but it would also affect firefighters, nurses, police officers around the country. what the challenger said is that they should not have to pay any part of union dues. now, in states that have these collective bargaining agreements where the union negotiated for everybody, if you're not in the union, you still have to pay a portion of union dues th. they say that violates their first amendment rights because any position you take on public unions and what they should be paid is a matter of public
8:38 am
importance. the court divided 4-4. this is a victory for unions because the tie vote is basically as the court never heard the case. it leaves the lower court ruling standing. the lower court ruling was a victory for the pubc sector unions. now, it means this case could conceivably come back here if the court gets back to nine. and the question of whether it's going to get back to nine, marek knarland is actually just across the street here in the senate shaking his first republican hand today, mark kirk of illinois, who has said the senate ought to vote on the nomination, but the leadership is still insisting that he will not get a vote before the end of this year. tamron. >> all right, pete williams, thank you very much. a busy day and obviously a busy one with the high court. thanks, pete. up next, can leaders in -- can leaders in the republican party effect trump's chances at the convention? we'll have the latest on that and breaking new news.
8:39 am
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stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. welcome back. we continue to follow the breaking news. donald trump's aide, corey lewandowski has been charged with misdemeanor battery. we have a statement in from hope hicks, who is the spokesperson for the campaign. it reads in part, mr mr. lewandowski was issued a notice to appear and was given a court date. he was not arrested. mr. lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. he's completely confident he will be exonerated. in addition to the announcement of the new charges, the miftd battery charge, authorities in jupiter, florida, released video we have showed you this morning, surveillance video of the incident between michelle fields in a light colored jacket. you see a gentleman reach
8:43 am
between donald trump and another person pulling her back. authorities say that person is corey lewandowski. i believe ari melber is standing by with more on these charge against lewandowski, and again, this video and the role it must have played in the charges today. >> that's exactly right, tamron. the video is seen as crucial. it's cited in the police report. we're looking at the now. this is the overhead shot. legally, i want to speak to what the trump campaign said. the police report from the jupiter police department states, probable cause exists to charge corey lewandowski with a count of simple battery. that is a florida misdemeanor. punishable by a fine of up to a year in jail. that regards the intentional touching or striking of another person against their will. now, that allegation, which as we have reported, the trump campaign manager mr. lewandowski denies, that allegation relates to exactly what we see circled
8:44 am
on the screen. this interaction. the police report, which again as we all know is one side of the story, this is like a charging document of sorts, refers to what you see on the left side of your screen there, saying, and i'm rieading from i, quote, after ms. fields asked the question, she felt someone yank her left arm. she added she fell back and caught herself from falling. then it goes on to describe what another reporter on the scene, a "washington post" reporter, had said at the time, which was captured on audiotape and we can now confirm said to the jupiter police department, because according to them, this new police report out right now, that "washington post" reporter, ben terrace, quote, confirmed what fields had told me. that's in the voice of the police officer, about the incident. quote, terrace indicated he saw lewandowski pull fieldsarm, and fields stumbled right after the pull. terrace specifically used the term yank as far as what type of action lewandowski took, end quote. i read that part because under florida law, the question here
8:45 am
is whether this was intentional, unwanted touching or a battery or injury. and the police report, tamron, goes on to describe, according to fields, the bruising she experienced. you had a live report on this initially from katy tur, who accurately described that the trump campaign and mr mr. lewandowski had not only said they're not guilty, which goes to the legal claim, but said this actual physical interaction never took place. what we know now is the local police saying, based on their review of testimony and the video evidence you see on the screen, that they believe there's probable cause to move forward, that the physical altercation did take place, and allegedly kaunls tutes a battery. >> we're also looking at a timeline here. the question is when did the jupiter, florida, police department obtain this surveillance video. we have gone a few weeks since these allegations. michelle fields left her job, a number of others resigned from
8:46 am
breitbart, the website, due to their concerns over how that news outlet handled this investigation. and according to them, did not support the reporter in her allegations here. so the question is, also, did and has donald trump seen this video? was this provided to the campaign. we're able to now zero in on why police say they charged corey lewandowski, and to your point, initially, as katy tur reported, he referred to michelle fields as delusional, said it never happened. we see with our own eyes at least this moment in time. we have yet to hear an explanation as to when this video was obtained and when it was shown to the campaign. >> the answer is saturday, march 12th, tamron, according to the jupiter police department. brand-new in this police report and this video we're putting up on screen is what is at issue. the jupiter police department is telling us today on saturday, march 12th, they first obtained video footage. who did they obtain it from?
8:47 am
trump security at trump national in jupiter, because they, as a police department, had a lawful request in to the trump hotel there, the trump national, to obtain extra video. some viewers may recall there was a lot on the internet of different camera angles, photos. this is an overhead view. now, we can't say from what we know, tamron, whether that video was also obtained by the trump campaign. and today's statement, they don't address that. but i can tell you, in the myriad -- i would say the myriad business and political doings of donald trump, this happens to be, of course, a facility that his companies control, but they did provide it on that saturday. the other thing i can tell you about the timeline you mention is this report from michelle fields was first filed friday, march 11th. we know that on that friday and that saturday, everything i just said then came to pass. >> so six days after she filed the report, six days after she filed the report, this video was
8:48 am
obtained. >> no, i'm sorry, the same friday. so friday, march 11th, she goes into the jupiter police department and alleges this battery. on the same day, they initiate investigation and contact the "washington post" reporter. by the following day, saturday, march 12th, they say they obtained the video footage. the left side of the screen, which the jupiter police department says constitutes a physical altercation, when the trump campaign denies. speedy investigation. >> still took some days from when they saw the video to where we are now with the charges, which is, again, part of the questions still out there, why so many days between when they viewed it and the charge. we'll continue to follow the breaking news. thank you so much for joining us, connecting some of the dots that remain with this. we'll go to a quick break. we'll be right back. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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we're going to be smart, vigilant and proud of our country again. >> i know how to deal with trouble, and believe me, that's why i'm going to be elected president. welcome back, as mentioned, donald trump's campaign manager now backing down from -- their
8:52 am
threat to sue the republican party over the allegations of delegates. the threat came after ted cruz picked up more delegates in louisiana, despite losing the state's primary to donald trump by four points. trump's advisors say they're up for a showdown from cleveland, but for trouble for trump at the convention, 100 unbound delegates to control. who gets the nomination instead of the voters. joining me now, curly, rules committee, unbound delegate from north dakota. curly, thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> obviously, the breaking news, and i want to get your reaction to donald trump's campaign manager, now being charged with miss dem me misdemeanor battery. these headlines, and the foreign policy flubs, are these the things that help determine which way you will go?
8:53 am
>> i don't think terribly significantly. those are side show things that there is a lot of stuff going on. >> so even with the foreign policy as i called it, flubs, that's the description of donald trump not being clear on sanctions against iran, that the u.s. does not do business with iran, not knowing that iran's trade partner was not north korea, instead, it's china. not knowing those details, does that matter at this point? >> as far as i'm concerned, we're busy working on the mechanics of putting on a convention, and the process of going through that, more so than the policy discussion and debates. >> let's go through the mechanics. how do you see it playing out at this point? >> well, first i would like to point out something that mainly, it's this binding of delegates that cause the problems. people don't understand. the entire history of the republican party, only one convention, and that's in 1976, when the ford campaign had the
8:54 am
horsepower to do it, they passed a rule called the justice resolution in the 1976 convention, that officially bound all of the delegates to vote according to the primaries. now, that was promptly rescinded in 1980, leaving us a situation we're in right now. the delegates it he convention will be unbound, also the 2016 convention chooses to do exactly what happened in '76, the convention delegates could choose to bind themselves to the primary results. but i don't see that happening. but we'll have some interesting insight on that from paul mattford who just joined the trump campaign. he was involved in the '76 campaign. there is a lot of historical video available. we've got chronkite, of the resolution of 1976. people will understand that the convention is where the
8:55 am
nomination is going to take place. the sooner we get our heads around that, happier people will be. >> why do you think people have such a difficult time, the party bosses, not the voters who choose the nominees. i've seen you on a number of programs say this from cnbc, in print, why do you believe people getting their heads wrapped around that? >> you know, that's amazing to me, as a member of the republican national committee, my job is to defend and protect the republican party. in my wildest dreams, i never, ever thought i would be on national tv insisting that it's the right of the republican party to choose the republican nominee for the presidential election. here we are. but i think it's basically a function of the large amount of money involved, and the political industrial complex wants these primaries so bad that they can see nothing but the glitter, the gold in the primaries. and the process be damned.
8:56 am
>> we had the breaking news involving donald trump's campaign manager, i know you've made the rounds. we hope to get you back on to talk more about this as we move closer to cleveland and what potentially could play out there. extraordinary fashion. thank you so much, curly. >> no problem. thank you. wednesday night, donald trump will join chris matthews for an exclusive town hall at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, followed by hillary clinton, a special edition of the rachel maddow right here only on msnbc. thank you for joining ugs this hour. a lot to cover, breaking news, and we'll continue with andrea mitchell, who is up next.
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soup and sandwich and clean and real and insideokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. right now, on andrea mitchell reports, charged, trump campaign manager arrested in florida, charged with simple battery for grabbing a breitbart reporter's arm. the police release new video of the incident, the campaign says
9:00 am
he is innocent. we'll have more coming up. and badger battles spring break over. all five candidates heading to the trail in wisconsin. and the state's biggest republican players weighing in. >> it is time we elect a strong new leader, and i've chosen to endorse ted cruz to be the next president of the united states. i believe he is a constitutional conservative. >> i have voted, but i'm not going to tell you how i voted. as chairman of the convention, i really do believe that i need to be a referee calling the balls and strikes, and a neutral observer. i'm not going to mention who i voted for in wisconsin. empire state of mind, a top clinton strategist disparages bernie sanders as a bryn


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