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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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he is innocent. we'll have more coming up. and badger battles spring break over. all five candidates heading to the trail in wisconsin. and the state's biggest republican players weighing in. >> it is time we elect a strong new leader, and i've chosen to endorse ted cruz to be the next president of the united states. i believe he is a constitutional conservative. >> i have voted, but i'm not going to tell you how i voted. as chairman of the convention, i really do believe that i need to be a referee calling the balls and strikes, and a neutral observer. i'm not going to mention who i voted for in wisconsin. empire state of mind, a top clinton strategist disparages bernie sanders as a brookl
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brooklyn-ite. >> particularly when he is running a negative campaign against us, let's see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. if he does that -- good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington, beginning with breaking news in the presidential race. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, a drone servi -- controversial figure, joining me now, katy tur, since the beginning, and hallie jackson out of new york, chief legal correspondent, ari melber. katy, first to you. tell us what is the campaign saying about this incident? let's go back and talk about what happened that day. you were there. >> reporter: i believe that corey lewandowski is innocent, they got a notice to appear and given a court date. was not arrested and he is absolutely innocent of the charge. ellen ter
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ellen -- enter a plea of not guilty and believes he'll be exonerated. this has been an ongoing issue. michelle fields alleges he grabbed her so hard that he bruised her arm. ben tear rrrace backed up her s. the trump campaign denied it. lewandowski called michelle fields delusional. not only had he never touched her, he had never met her. a number of videos came out after that from a number of different news outlets. nothing showed a dedefinitive g he moved towards michelle fields, as she moved back away from donald trump. today, the jupiter police have released security video that they got from the donald trump security people at jaup tier. it's his golf course down there.
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that video does seem to show corey lewandowski grabbing michelle fields and pulling her back. he has been charged with simple battery. they had a few weeks to investigate it, and he has been charged with this. we are unclear what role he will play from now on in the trump campaign. whether he will continue on as campaign manager, we have not seen him here in wisconsin, obviously because he is down in florida. michael glasser was assisting, deputy campaign manager, just recently -- so there is somebody that would essentially take his place. but the trump campaign has been very adamantly behind corey lewandowski this entire time, and in fact, a kim of weecouple after, donald trump was having a news conference after march 15th, second super tuesday, he had corey lewandowski on stage with him, very close to him,
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closer than he normally stood, and he said good job, corey. that was an indication that the trump campaign was going to push back vehemently that corey lewandowski might have behaved inappropriately to michelle fields or other reporters. there have been a number of stories that have come out since that incident that have alleged him to have verbally abusive with reporters, overly aggressi tone, among other allegations. the trump campaign has ignored it and gone on supporting corey lewandowski. this is coming at a particularly bad time for the campaign, when it comes to women in particular. the trump campaign has, as you know, of having a major gap with his support among women. only about half of republican women view him favorably, and about 70% of american women in general, the electorate in general, have a negative view of
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donald trump. this is also on the heels of the controversy between trump and ted cruz, when it comes to the wives. donald trump retweeting what some people are calling an unflattering photo of heidi cruz. when it comes to the campaign's ability to bring more women into the fold, the idea that his campaign manager is now being charged with battery against a female reporter, certainly doesn't help his chances. we've just gotten here to janesville where he'll have a rally in about a few hours. there are a number of supporters already in line, and we'll ask them if they find anything wrong with this. i found in the past, though, whenever trump has seemed to have a problem with women, seem to have an issue or controversy seem to be on his side. so we're going to see what they say in just a few minutes. andrea. >> katy tur with a complete
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report, and hallie jackson with the cruz campaign. cruz just today having picked up the support of course, of the governor, scott walker. any reaction to these charge as soon as. >> not yet, not to charges from the record. that said, back in mid march, in decatur, illinois, he did react to some of the news when this came out, when the incident with lewandowski and michelle fields first happened. at the time, this is what he said. physically assaulting a reporter is a fireable offense. he said he never envisioned where there are quote allegations of a significant physical assault. he also essentially put responsibility with trump, saying that at the end of the day, the responsibility for any campaign lies with the candidate. so if we do hear cruz respond to what has developed over the last hour with the trump campaign, i would not be surprised to hear him talk about character. this is an area that he
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highlighted with donald trump in the past, tackattacked him on w has been a lack of character, use words like sleazy and slimy. if there a report from cruz, that's the direction it will go. >> hallie jackson, we turn to ari melber in new york, our legal correspondent. ari, what is simple assault? can you explain the charges? >> yes. under florida law, misdemeanor can be punishable by a fine or a year in jail. one of two possibilities. either the intentional striking or touching of another, without their consent. or the intent to injure another. that certificat this asserts the first. probable cause to charge the campaign manager with the uncontested striking of another individual. and that means prosecutors don't need to prove, as you see in the
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zoom in here in his interaction with michelle fields, they would not need to prove he intended to injure her, only he struck her without her consent. in the police report, they note she did have bruising, and on the timeline, one thing i can add-on the political back and forth, i can tell you michelle fields, the reporter for the conservative breitbart website, she has since left the publication, she went and filed this initially on friday, march 11th, about the incident you see on the screen here, after what katy tur just told us about, the deniles a denials, on that same day, who according to jupiter police, corroborated ms. fields' account and then by the next day, march 12th, a saturday, they obtained that overhead video footage of the altercation from the trump
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national security department. that, you see there in the screen, that moving circle with their interaction. i should note that video is, as lawyers would say, more dispositive, more clear, as to the interaction than a lot of the other side videos that we had seen. and then, i'm reading from this police report, the police officer basically says, quote, this video parallels what field had told me. trump was walking towards the exit of the ballroom, taking questions, she is seen on the video trying to ask him a question, trump looks in her direction, lewandowski extends his left arm out, believed to be a secret service agent, the report states, after extending his arm out, lewandowski appeared to reach for field's left arm, allowing him to get closer with her, grabbing with his right hand and causing her to turn and step back, end quote. so again, that is the kind of inquiry and evidence that the jupiter police department reviewed in order to reach what they call a probable cause
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determination. that basically is lawyer speak for they think there is enough to charge that this happened, but a lot more of course disputing in court mr. lewandowski will, we're told, appear in may, and be able to argue his innocence plea which will go first on probable cause and then potentially a trial. >> ari melber, and of course, michelle fields did resign, as did one of her colleagues, because breitbart, she said, did not back her up. i'm joined by msnbc contributor, rick tyler. rick, i can't recall anything like this ever happening. a charge still has to be proved, but it's just the whole issue of whether or not there was physical contact between a campaign manager and reporter in the midst of one of these moments. >> well, several things going on here. one is michelle fields is vindicated. and as you remember, all the
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other video was very unclear, and this video is very clear. the problem is, it's a misdemeanor battery, so probably not a lot of punishment for something like this. but if you remember, michelle fields said i would have accepted an apology, but when everybody came out and said she was lying, including her own employer, breitbart, who vindicated color color, said it never happened, and then color color said i didn't do i -- corey lewandowski said he didn't do it, he clearly did, then he must have told mr. trump that i didn't touch her, or told him that he did touch her, and so he lied. or corey lied to his boss, and then his boss is still in the dark. we don't know the answers to these questions. >> of course, there is the question of donald trump coming out as katy tur said, we noticed that night at mar-a-lago at the victory appearance, he made a big point of saying great job.
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>> right in your face. irtalk ir -- i talked to several reporter after that, and that was intended to send a message, corey standing on the stage. most candidates, they don't put your campaign manager on the stage. >> it hasn't happened before. here we have wisconsin, all the major players, scott walker coming out today endorsing ted cruz, the man you had worked for. paul ryan saying he won't say who is voting for, and donald trump going after the republican party in the louisiana, for he claims, an unfair disposition of delegates, since he won louisiana fight, and yet ted cruz is picking off delegates. ted cruz is picking off delegates in a way that just shows that he is a better organization, and this is fair game, this is the way the game is played. it is an insider's game. >> he knows what he is doing. if you look at louisiana, they
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allocate their delegates about i congressional district. and the trump campaign is alleging at the last minute, they changed the rules. so instead of trump getting two delegates in each of the districts where he won a majority, or cruz getting delegates, they apportioned them one for rubio, one for cruz and one for trump, and now rubio is out of the race, so they effectively become unbound. i'm told they would vote for crust cruz. that's true in virginia as well. all the at large delegates, 13 of them, they will be presented, everyone will vote for cruz on the second ballot. if there is a second ballot, and also going on in georgia, the cruz team is very organized at the district level, state level conventions, and it seems as though the trump team does not understand the delegate process and how to secure delegates. not only on the first ballot for unbound, but the second where
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they all become unbound. >> they're trying to make up today, by hiring paul manfort, how effective it might be. >> it may be too late. >> appreciate you being here. the battle of brooklyn, clinton and sanders going head to head on their home turf. we'll talk to campaign strategists next. you're watching andrea mitchell reports. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray
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so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. events in florida with the arrest on a simple assault charge of corey lewandowski, the campaign manager for donald trump, ted cruz' campaign has issued a statement, saying this is what we have come to expect from the trump team. unfortunately, that bus sieve
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behavior seems to be part of the culture of the trump campaign. and we should point out that the trump campaign has issued a statement completely denying or defending lewandowski saying he is absolutely innocent. meanwhile, on the democratic side, debate over debates in the democratic side. senior strategist on monday. >> senator sanders doesn't get to decide when we debate, particularly when he is running a negative campaign against us. let's see if he goes back to the tone he said he would set early on. we're not going to talk about it. >> no chance of a new york debate? >> i didn't say that. we'll talk about it. if his campaign wants to run the kind of negative campaign and run negative ads like they did in north carolina, illinois, all over the country on march 15th, that's going to be disappointing to a lot of democrats. >> tad devine is a senior
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advisor so the sanders campaign. any progress on discussions about a debate in new york? >> yes. i think those communication now between the party and the two campaigns. i hope this is something we can resolve. we don't need to bicker about debates. >> do you think there will be one? >> i hope so. we would like one in new york. that's our position. has been for a long time. we think the people of new york deserve to hear from the candidates, the biggest event in april, so we look forward to having one there. >> joel bennett made some comments about brooklyn. i think he, meaning sanders, is going to campaign like a brooklyn-i tchl brooklyn-ite, and she has lived here for 16 years. he clarified later on, we should point, of course, that brooklyn-ite is a compliment, we're all proud new yorkers. indeed. >> my reaction is he is right.
9:20 am
joel is absolutely right. bernie will campaign as a brooklyn-ite. he grew up in a three and a half room tenement. i hope we get to visit where jane grew up in brooklyn as well. he is proud of his roots, the values he learned growing up and that will be part of our new york campaign. >> will the new york campaign be attacking hillary clinton on issues? on, you know, what is your theme for new york? >> well, i think, first of all, focused on wisconsin right now. that's going to be a critical primary. >> how important is that for you? you've got a lot of momentum from the kacaucuses. you've won all of these caucuses going back, and yet you need to win this primary. you need to start winning primaries. >> we do. we recognize that. hillary has a substantial lead in pledged delegates. we made a huge impact. she was ahead after march 15th, we've got it down to 240.
9:21 am
but for bernie to win, we have to beat her in big states, primaries, wisconsin is i think the first of those. i feel good about our prospects there. we've had independents participate in new hampshire and other states, we've done well. that's really good. a state that will respond to his message. but as to us running a big negative campaign, that's just not true. we've never mentioned her in an ad. i don't think we ever will. that's not the kind of campaign bernie sanders runs. >> he has been mentioning her on the stump, not quieting the crowd when they boo her. he is being much more personal, much more negative about her. >> yeah, listen, i hope it's not personal. there are big differences on real issues. we have differences on trade, for example. we had differences on trade in mitch g michigan, fracking, whether it should be allowed. bernie feels strongly, there a
9:22 am
threat to our mplanet, wall street, a number of issues. but i don't think we're any where near what a negative campaign looks like. look at the republicans, and you will see what that is all about. >> how important is wisconsin. >> very important. we need to gain momentum. bernie sanders will be the strongest candidate in the general election in a critical battle ground, victory there will help make the case. >> tad devine, always great to see you. thank you very much. >> thanks, andrea. sky high drama, new details why the egypt air took dozens, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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land in cyprus. there was a seven hour stand off, 62 hostages in tow at one time. the man seen in this video walking off the plane without incident. the london bower row, rahimi, how did this happen and no explosives, correct? >> that's correct. according to authorities, it appears that the explosive device that the man said he was wearing in the form of a vest appears to be a fake. how did it happen? that's one of the things that investigators are going to be trying to figure out. it was a dramatic intense warning for some 55 passengers on board the flight, that was en route from alexandria to cairo. he said he wanted to go to cyprus. they didn't know at the time it was fake, so they had to proceed with extreme caution. he said that he wanted to speak with his estranged wife. apparently who lived in cyprus.
9:27 am
authorities were complying with his demands. he said he wanted asylum. seif eldin mustafa, as someone who is unstable. as for the motive, as i mentioned before, the president of cyprus says it appears that this was all about a woman. that he wanted to be connected with his estranged wife, and they were complying with this for the time being. at some point, again, 55 passengers on board, aets of tho -- eight of them were americans. early on, he allowed many of the passengers to get off the plane. seven remained for a while. and later, we see some pictures that show that there were some people who came down the steps, and someone, we think it was the pilot or someone in the cockpit, came out of the cockpit window,
9:28 am
and then later on, there was so some images of the man who is believed to be the hijacker. this ended in the best possible way. the hijacker arrested. no one was injured, and now authorities have to figure out how it began in the first place. >> thank you. thanks so much. the world is still on edge after terror attacks in brussels, a week ago today, at the hands of isis terrorist. foreign correspondent for "the new york times," front page article, evolution of isis, into a group now capable of carrying outer out terrorism across the globe. how many signals were missed that isis was becoming operational and a threat throughout europe? >> apparently a lot. thank you for having me. what my reporting has shown is that a branch inside of isis dedicated to attacking europe was already up and running two years before the brussels and
9:29 am
paris attacks. they began sending operatives to europe with the first one reaching europe in january of 2014. i've been able to to count a total of 21 foreign fighters. these are young men who are europeans, went to isis, to syria, trained with the terror group, were trained next flin explosives, and able to reinfiltrate europe, pushing straight past airport and other border security, with plans to commit terrorism. most of them were arrested until the devastating attacks in november. every single one of attacks up until november were basically discounted by authorities. they were down-played. the connection to isis was overlooked or if it was evident, the authorities would say we believe that this actor was acting alone. >> and here you've got salah abdeslam arrested on friday, and
9:30 am
as pointed out earlier today, they were asking him about paris, and not asking him about any perspective attacks. >> exactly. exactly. there seems to be something amiss in the european intelligence gathering mechanism. as we know, they're not sharing information. this was a problem we saw in the united states before 9/11. it's much more pronounced between individual states in europe. >> the lack of sharing, finally, is becoming a real threat to the existence of the european union, open borders are great for trade, but not so good for security, especially if intelligence agencies are not talking to each other, not sharing. especially as close as france and brussels is. >> yeah, one of the young men who i profiled in the story that came out today, his name is reda had. ema, he was trained by the same people who carried out the paris
9:31 am
attacks, and given the orders of carrying out an attack on a rock concert hall, which is what happened in november. he gets picked up in august in paris. what is amazing about his route from syria back to europe, as he leaves syria, he goes to turkey, and hop scotches around europe, first through eastern europe, then to amsterdam, brussels, and along the way, he was stopped and questioned by several officials, because his pass wor passport was expired. even though it was expired and circumstantial things indicated he had been is to syria, he was allowed to proceed. it's a really a wonder that french officials were able to arrest him in august. i saw this pattern over and over again. that these fighter whose come back, the moment that they are captured is not usually the first moment that they were stopped by authorities. they're slipping through the net over and over again, even when -- even in the face of very obvious violations, like
9:32 am
traveling on an expired transport. >> thanks so much for being with us today from the new york times. >> thank you, andrea. street cred with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. only as "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?...
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9:36 am
it has been our position for a long time. new york deserves to hear from the candidates, so we look forward to having one there. >> joining me now, hillary clinton spokesman, brian fallon. what's the answer? will there be a debate? >> a tempest and teapot. she has given commanding performances so far. back in february, it was actually hillary clinton that was one of the people that said we should have more debates. what happened over the weekend, you had the sanders campaign jump the gun, an attempt by then, given the daunting delegate they face, reminding folks they're still contesting the nomination and still planning to win, and we respect that. but there is a process for negotiating additional debates. they get together with the dnc, as tad reflected, the conversations are underway. there is plenty of time between now and the new york primary. four weeks even now between the
9:37 am
larger skrup of states that vote on april 26th to hammer out additional debate. this was really just something in the last couple of days that was stoked based on a pr move by the sanders campaign issuing the public letter. >> well, at this point, do you expect that first of all, wisconsin is going to fall into hillary clinton's camp? a single digit campaign so far, and it's a must win for him. but it could be a big momentum shifter for him as well, going into the big april primaries. >> i'm not sure about that, andrea. i think the polling outfit that has tracked this closely in wisconsin is probably marquette, and the last public poll had senator sanders up. there is plenty of factors why he enters in a strong position. it's an open primary. obviously a very progressive leaning state, somewhat less diverse, and situated between
9:38 am
minnesota and michigan. we're fighting hard in wisconsin. secretary clinton was there yesterday and today, doing events. i think either way, whoever emerges as the victor next tuesday, it won't fundamentally change, where you see that we continue to enjoy a delegate lead that far exceeds the largest one that president obama ever had over hillary clinton in 2008, and i think that what will be much more divisive are later in the calendar, new york, pennsylvania, california, new jersey, those four states are the largest ones in terms of delegate size, and senator sanders needs to not just win those state, but win big. he needs to capture about 58% of the pledged delegates in those four states. those are diverse states. new york and pennsylvania, the first two of the four. pennsylvani pennsylvania on the 26th. we'll know by the end of the
9:39 am
month. if he is not able to win big in new york and pennsylvania, then we'll know who's eventually going to emerge as the nominee. >> he has a lot of support, a lot of passion. he is developing big crowds. he has got supporters like actor sus susan sarandin, interviewed by chris hayes. >> i think a lot of people are sorry. just can't bring myself to do that. >> how about you personally? >> i don't know, i'll see what happens. >> really? >> really. >> i cannot believe that as you're watching -- donald trump -- >> donald trump brings the revolution immediately if he gets in, then things will really -- >> you're saying the model of contradictions. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. some people feel that. >> don't you think that's dangerous. >> i think what's going on now, if you think it's pragmatic to shore up the status quo, then you're not in touch. >> she is talking about hillary
9:40 am
clinton as the status quo. >> lo, i thought those comments were peculiar. i give the sanders campaign the benefit of the doubt. not every surrogate that goes out actually reflects the views of the candidate. i'll give sanders the opportunity to address those comments that she made last night. it reminds me of many of the comments that perhaps barack obama has been a disappointment, or that he should be -- look, a spirited contest a foot right now. a lot of passion and enthusiasm on both sides. at the end, when the nominee emerges, and we're confident it will be hillary clinton, we hope both sides will be able to come together, as happened in 2008, after a spirited contest between then senator obama and senator clinton, senator clinton gave a very gracious speech at the convention and worked hard on behalf of president obama. i'm sure senator sanders and his
9:41 am
campaign, if hillary clinton -- the stakes are too high, especially if we're looking at the prospects, especially if donald trump is on the other side. >> thank you very much. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, andrea. after the break, the fallout, more on the breaking story, the news from the republican presidential race, donald trump's campaign manager, facing criminal battery charges for an incident in florida with with a reporter. and an important programming note. tomorrow night, a must watch night at 7:00, chuck todd will moderate a town hall with john kasich. then at 8:00, town hall moderated by chris matthews. and at 9:00 and 10:00, back-to-back interviews with rachel maddow. you're watching "andrea mitchell report reports", only on msnbc. dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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9:45 am
incredible guy. i don't think he would ever do a thing like that. we were surrounded because i believe i was in the middle of secret service agents. they had a lot of cameras there. if somebody went down, there would be pictures. everybody has pictures. >> that was donald trump, defending his campaign manager on march 10th, to katy tur. trump has tweeted moments ago, wow, cey lewandowski, a decent man was just charged with assaults a reporter. nothing there. founder of the "washington post," fix blog, "washington post" editorial page, fred hyatt, washington bureau chief, susan page. susan page, first to you. here you have candidate who has had problems explaining his role to women, 70% unfavorable among women generally, and majority of women republicans, even, supporting him, but 41% i think
9:46 am
against him. but in this case, again, this raises questions about the campaign, and about the demeanor of the campaign manager. >> well, extraordinary, right. a campaign manager of major candidate. this is nothing i've ever heard of. of course, now, we do have video that shows him grabbing the reporter, and just the manner she described. so this is, i think this is a challenge for mr. trump to respond to, to acknowledge that it happened, i guess, because he and the campaign manager denied it, called the reporter delusional in describing it, and also in what they responded. do they apologize? does the campaign manager, does he resign? i think these are questions we're going to be facing as we look ahead on this controversy. >> fred hyatt, one reason we wanted to talk to you today is because of the extraordinary "washington post" editorial board with mr. trump, and caused quite a stir, raising questions
9:47 am
about his grasp of a lot of different issues. what were your immediate reactions? >> well, one of the things we did ask him about was the impression we have that he has been condoning violence at his rallies, and we pressed him pretty hard on that. and he just kept back -- kept coming back and saying the protesters were bad people. and we said, well, but when you offer to pay the legal bills of somebody who has punched somebody at your rally, isn't that condoning, and it was hard to get a straight answer. >> and in fact, michael hayden, former cia director, former nsa director, was on morning joe today, you was on with him answered was asked by joe, given what you know now, based on the "washington post" editorial board and everything else, given what you know now, who would you support, donald trump or hillary clinton. this was his response. >> i would keep my vote private.
9:48 am
simply saying there are a lot of reasons to vote for someone. in the very narrow lane which i've been asked about, in the narrow lane, hillary clinton is better prepared to handle -- >> let's talk about -- >> that's pretty extraordinary. he is a life-long republican, and has certainly been a conservative on a lot of these issues, but he says he would support hillary clinton over donald trump on national security alone. >> right. the same month, earlier this month, when dozens of conservative foreign policy experts signed a letter saying they did not believe donald trump had the depth of knowledge to serve as the republican nominee or as president. you know, i just think this gets into the question of corey lewandowski gets into a broader question. i totally agree with her. if we had, i can guarantee you the campaign manager would not
9:49 am
be the campaign manager by the end of today. i don't think anyone thought that would be the way donald trump would react, as you read that tweet he is essentially saying, the tapes show nothing. what the tapes show is corey lewandowski grabbing breitbart reporter, michelle fields. corey tweeted and said many times, that did not happen. he had never touched her. that obviously is no longer the case. that's proven to be false. so whatever you think of the charge against mr. lewandowski or how that's going to end up, to have the person who is the head of your staff, the person charged with helping to elect donald trump mainly charged with that, saying one thing and disparaging a reporter, and i would say my colleague, ben terrace, an eyewitness to it as well, and then proven to be incorrect, lying about it, is a serious moment. >> susan, john weaver, who works for john kasich, has tweeted, campaigns reflect the values of the candidates. i know ours does. if this bully worked for john
9:50 am
kasich, would he have been fired long ago. >> we'll see. donald trump's style has not been to fire people or to apologize or to back down, but to double down. and you know, he may do that in this case. but it does raise an issue about the way your campaign behaves, the tone that is taken at some of these rallies, that have raised concerns and kind of the nature of the interaction with the news media as well, because he was grabbing a reporter trying to ask donald trump a question. >> fred, you spent a lot of time with donald trump at this editorial board. what kind of response did you get to these kinds of questions? >> well, you know, i do give him credit for coming in. we've been very critical of him, as you know, and he came in and spent an hour with us. but when he left, we felt that the risks of electing him president were no less than what we had feared before he came in. that was based both on the level
9:51 am
of knowledge and some of the opinions he expressed, which seem very sincere about what the u.s. role should be in the world. >> and we just got a statement from the attorney for corey lewandowski. mr. lewandowski was issued a notice to appear and given a court date. weighs n he was not arrested. he'll enter a plea of not guilty. he is completely confident he will be exonerated. he is represented by scott richardson in west palm beach inquiries to be directed to mr. richardson's office. thank you all very much, and coming up, all tied, the first big split vote in the supreme court since justice scalia's death. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
9:52 am
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and we have breaking news at this supreme court.
9:55 am
the first big tie vote in an important case since justice scalia's death, a major win for labor unions because of the tie. justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: a blustery day here. 4-4 splitting on whether public employees who don't want to jinn a union still have to play. the challenger said that violates our rights, sector unions is one of public importance. a 4-4 split means the unions win. that leaves the ruling in place. justice scalia, if he had still been alive, would undouundoubte joined the conservatives, it would have been a defeat for unions. interesting to see, andrea, whether the administration will say, see, it's a tie vote, you need nine justices, because the out come undoubtedly has won the
9:56 am
obama administration, took the position here that these public sector fees were constitutional. >> of course, it's going to cut both ways, with the number of these decisions, depending on what the lower court says, affirmed in a tie. but here you have judge garland on the hill, meeting and now more and more republicans, at least breaking ranks and saying they'll meet with him. >> reporter: at least 16 andrea say they'll meet with him, but only three of them say he should have a vote. he is meeting with mark kirk of illinois. one of those said they should man up and vote. >> tough reelection fight in illinois. thank you so much, pete williams. outside the court. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow us online @mitchellreports. or on the arrest i thud
9:57 am
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ok, cool. hi, everyone, i'm craig melvin, we start with breaking news and a major development regarding donald trump's campaign. his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, has been charged with -- a reporter at a campaign event earlier in florida. the jupiter police is showing this video. we've highlighted it on your screen there. lewandowski was released earlier today. a spokeswoman for the campaign released this statement and it reads in part, mr. lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. ellen ter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. he is completely confident that he will be


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