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  Trump Town Hall  MSNBC  March 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we're going to be smart, we're going to be vigilant, we're going to be proud of our country again. >> this is an msnbc town hall with donald trump. here now chris matthews. >> welcome to this exclusive town hall. for a full hour, our guest is the front-runner for the republican nomination. donald trump. >> thank you, thank you. >> we're up here in green bay. and my calculations say if you're going to win the general
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election, have you to win up here, states like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. nfl places. >> it would certainly be helpful, we're doing very well, we're leading by a lot, we're leading everybody by a lot. in terms of votes, we're millions of votes up on cruz and millions of votes up on kasich. all you can do is do your best. right folks? >> let's talk about before you get to the general election, have you to win the republican nomination. you've talked about the ability to walk, say i'm not going to buy your oil. what is your leverage with the republican bosses? >> one thing the voters. i have millions more votes than anybody else, it's not even close. you know because you've reported
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on it. if you look at new hampshire, south carolina, no matter where you look, we're setting records. that's my leverage. these are people that are really -- they really like donald trump, they really like what i'm saying. we're going to make america great again, that's what it is. without me, they lose millions of people and nobody's going to have a chance. i will beat hillary clinton. i haven't started that process yet. i have two people left. we started off with 18 people and now there's two -- >> you're counting jim gilmore? >> yes. >> cleveland is going to be in july. if you go in in short of 1237 -- if you have 1237 you got it. >> right. >> if you go in there with 1237 and on the first vote they deny you? >> we're going to see what happens, i can say this, chris. we're so far up above everybody
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else. we're hundreds of -- i mean hundreds of delegates above cruz. we just -- you probably heard last night, missouri was just certified, i won missouri in addition to everything else. we're way way up in votes, way way up -- if we're a little short, i think it's a very unfair process. >> what's the gimme, six inches, two feet? >> normally you talk about running and you don't have 17 people. we had 17 people, we had 18 again including gilmore. we had 18 people. during a long period of time we would have 13 people, 12 people in the primaries. so i'd get 25%, 28%. those are phenomenal numbers when you have that many people running, in those early states, which i won, but you can't get 50% when you have that many people running. there's never been so many people running. i'm going to come very close to the 1237, i think we're going to
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beat 1237. >> it's all about you not getting the 1237. >> i know, i know. >> what are you going to do -- are you going to be teddy roosevelt? in 1912, he didn't get the nomination, he walked out, split the party, beat the republican party in november, but lost the general to wilson. >> i can't tell you what i'm going to do yet, i'm not sure i know. i hope they're going to be fair, if they're going to be fair, they're going to be very happy. how can they give up millions of people that feel disenfranchised? >> because they don't like you. >> you have four supreme court justices. >> you're not going to stick to this pledge to back the nominee, is that -- >> i have not been treated properly, people understand. they haven't stuck to the pledge. i don't want an endorsement from somebody that doesn't feel like, i love trump, if he wins he's going to be the guy. i don't want that endorsement, i'm not looking for that endorsement. when they asked me about cruz, i said, no, no, put no pressure on
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cruz. tell him he doesn't have to endorse me. it doesn't matter. the endorsements don't mean very much. i have great endorsements, i have senator sessions, jeff sessions endorse me. everybody thought he was going to endorse cruz, he endorsed me. i'm better in a lot of things. >> i watched you on every issue, you always talk about leverage, we can walk away from a deal with the saudis on oil, we can walk away from the chinese. we don't have to buy their stuff any more. you always say your leverage is the ability to walk. do you have the ability to walk on the republican nomination? can you walk. >> i can always do that. i don't want to let people down. i have millions of people more than cruz has, i have millions of people. the system is not a good system. you take louisiana, i went to louisiana, i campaigned there, i won the state, now the numbers come out and i have less delegates than cruz. that's not the american way. i went out as you know, i won louisiana, big victory,
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everything great, but because of arcane rules and a lot of nonsense, i end up getting less delegates than cruz. >> 3/5 of the american people say you're right, if you have the most votes, you should be the nominee i'm trying to think what you do if you are not the nominee? >> i don't think i want to tell you what i would do. >> is that a true thing? >> let's talk about the 800 pound -- >> i do like your question on leverage. my leverage is the voters, i have millions more votes than anybody else. >> was teddy roosevelt right to walk? >> i think possibly he was, but boy did that cause a problem. >> it sure did. >> let me ask you about this thing with your campaign manager? do you think you could handle it
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differently, with an apology to the young woman reporter? show respect for her? >> i don't think so. i think if he called up to apologize, you'd be in the exact same place. people who have seen that tape are saying, give me a break. >> there was contact. >> what's contact. >> that's what this law says. >> it's battery. >> she grabbed my arm twice, you see the picture of me looking like, who is this person? >> what do you make of the bruises on the picture? >> i don't know who created those bruises. i don't know. two days later she comes in and said she had some bruises. >> this kind of argument infuriates her and a lot of women, you're not showing belief in her credibility. why would she make up a story about bruises. >> 15 minutes away in front of a large crowd i gave a speech, we talked about that, i said who saw the tape and everybody -- almost -- a lot of people raised
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their hands. i said, who thinks he did something really wrong, stand up please or raise your hand if you don't want to stand up. not one person in the room raised their hand. we're getting -- it's out of control, political correctness, it's totally out of control. >> wheeze the right approach. if you accidentally bump somebody or trip them, you say i'm sorry. >> yeah, i think that's fine. >> wouldn't that have been appropriate here. >> i'm not sure he didn't even maybe say it there. what he was doing, just in watching the tape, nobody remembers the incident because it was so minor. >> the police remember it. >> excuse me. i think that they are -- what they've done is outrageous. they're destroying a very good person. forget about politics. he's a good person with a wonderful family, four beautiful kids and they're destroying that
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man over nothing. you take a look at that tape, and she's grabbing me. maybe i should press charges against her. she's touching me, grabbing my arm, and i'm going like this, i'm saying, who is it? the news conference was over, she wasn't supposed to be asking questions. she pushed her way through, came through the secret service, grabs my arm. i think this was just -- and let me tell you something, just so you went down. if she went down, she made the statement that she essentially almost went down. there was nothing there. she didn't even have a -- if i give you a little shot on the arm, you're going to go ow! i'm a strong guy. she didn't even have facial -- >> she stead in realtime -- >> when was it, when did they record that? >> you're skeptical about her? >> yes. >> why don't you have sympathy for her? >> i don't think -- >> she's doing her job. >> it was my tape. i looked at that tape, and we have heads being cut off all
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over the world, frankly. we have people's heads being cut off, people drowning in steel cages, here's a woman -- and it didn't even look like there was physical touching. it looked like he was blocking her away from me. and he's supposed to be a criminal for that. >> western society claims we're better with women? >> look, nobody respects women more than i do. >> you don't respect her, though. >> i would say i don't have great respect for her. for her to do what she did to this man over what he did is outrageous. >> she quit her job over it, she must believe in her story. >> did she quit or did she get fired? >> i don't know, i think she quit. >> i think the other way. the easiest thing for me to do, you're fired much that's so easy, that's a very easy expression. and then everybody's happy.
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everybody's happy. >> there's a middle route. >> i can't do that, i'm loyal to people. they went to cruz and kasich, you should fire him. they didn't even see the tape i don't think. i don't do that. i thought it was a very unfair situation. this is not good for me. >> how do you think women react when they see this? the numbers aren't good. >> a lot of women would say, drive me a break, i don't understand why. the numbers aren't good, the numbers were good. the numbers aren't as good with women as they were. but nobody respects women more than i do. >> let's talk about isis, it's the number one concern since last week. we fought the germans or the italians, the army puts their hands up at the end. >> the uniforms. >> how do you defend people who wrap themselves in dynamite. they go off to the airport with the idea of blowing themselves up, killing themselves.
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how do you beat an army like that? this gets down to something we haven't dealt with before in our histo history. >> we have to be so tough and vigilant, and we have to go things we've never done before. >> they want to die for their cause. >> maybe they do, some of them do, and a lot of people are trying to figure out why they do this, how they do this? >> they're recruited. >> are they drugged out? >> they're recruited. >> are they drugged out when they do it? what's going on when they walk in and blow themselves up. are they drugged out? there's a lot of things going on. we have to be careful, we have people coming into this country -- it's a very bad situation. we have thousands and thousands of people coming into our country, we have no idea where they come from, who they are -- >> often times it's the second or third generation. people in belgium, they were born there.
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>> look at the situation in boston. they came to the country radicalized. >> i think bang until we figure out what's going on is an important thing. i take a lot of heat for it. a lot of people like me for it. chris there's something going on. >> 6 million muslims in the world, they're all getting the message from donald trump saying, stay out of my country. how does that encourage them to fight isis? >> they have a problem too, they have a big problem. i have been called by more people saying, what you are doing is a great thing. >> have any muslims. >> i have a lot of friends that are muslim. >> have they -- >> they're rich muslims. >> wait, wait, wait, chris. with the san bernardino situation, many people saw the apartment with bombs all over.
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not one person with, all the people that said, it's racial profiling, that's why they didn't call. you know why they said that, some lawyer said, you saw this, you better come up with a good excuse. they said it's racial profiling, a lot of people saw what was going on in that apartment. not one -- >> i'm with you on this. >> why didn't they report him? >> you say ban them from the country. they get the message. 1.6 -- indonesia, pakistan, albania. any where there's muslims they know you don't want them. they get the message. they're a little more ill disposed to fight isis. >> i don't know, maybe they'll be more disposed to fight isis. maybe they'll say, we want to come back into america, we want to solve this problem. >> cruz wants patrol cars riding up neighborhoods he thinks have muslims in there, plotting --
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this is insane. that will make them more militant against us. >> he's toughening up against his stance because my stance -- >> what do you think about his stance? >> question have to look at mosques. we're making enemies by doing nothing, we're knocking down world trade centers. we're shooting planes into the pentagon. what are we going to do, sit back and say we want to be nice to everybody? we can't be so nice? >> sometimes we create more trouble than we intended to. was it smart to go into iraq? >> i thought it was one of the first decisions in the history of our country. >> are you more hawkish than hillary or less hawkish. >> i'm probably more intelligent than hillary. >> are you more likely to engage military. >> i would never want to make a blanket statement like that. i would have never gone into iraq. i said from a very early day, i
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said that i don't want to go into iraq. don't go into iraq. i was a real estate guy, a business guy, nobody really cared. there were articles, i said, you have to destabilize iraq. when we got out, we got out the wrong way. i always said, take the oil. you know who has the oil right now? >> you need ground troops to take the oil. >> i said take the oil. >> ground troops and -- >> well, i said keep the oil. we already had the troops there, when we were leaving, i said don't leave, keep the oil. >> your most controversial suggestion was don't take nuclear weapons, you may have been hooked into this by a press can question -- >> take what? >> nuclear weapons off the table. i have been trying to think how we could conceivably use a nuclear weapon in the middle east, why leave it on the table if you can't imagine how to use it. >> i didn't say don't take it, i would be slow and hesitant --
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>> why didn't you say i don't want to talk about it. >> we were talking about nato. >> you got hooked into something you shouldn't have talked about. >> some day maybe. >> what, maybe? where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the middle east. >> somebody hits us -- you wouldn't fight back. >> no, to drop a nuclear weapon into a community -- >> first of all, you don't want to say take everything off the table. you would be a bad negotiator if you do that. >> just nuclear. >> look, nuclear should be off the table. >> the entire world heard the guy running for president of the united states say maybe we would use nuclear weapons. >> then why do we make them? >> because of the agreement that reagan hated. >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not going to take it off
8:19 pm
the table? >> you're going to use it in europe? >> no, i don't think so. i'm not taking cards off the table. i'm not going to use nukes, but i'm not going to -- >> the same people hear you, and the insane people are not affected by your threats, that's the trouble. the real fanatics say keep it up. >> i think they're more affected than you might think. >> you're call. much more from the university of wisconsin green bay, our msnbc exclusive town hall with donald trump coming back. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic.
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it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. we're back in green bay, wisconsin, the home of the university of wisconsin grown bay. we have our first question from the people here for donald trump. >> my name is quinn, and my question for you is regarding your immigration reform.
8:23 pm
i was wondering if you can offer a little more insight and specifics as to what you really hope to change if given the presidency. >> very good question. i think that's a very strong question for me. from the beginning, i've been strong on immigration, stopping illegal immigration. just so you understand, i want people to come into this skun the, but they have to go through a process, they have to do it legally. we have to have a strong southern border. tremendous problems, we're very tremendous problems with crime. you understand that, everybody understands that, we're going to have very, very strong borders, we're going to have a wall, it's going to happen. mexico's going to pay for the wall. >> i just don't think they will, but that's all right. >> they will. >> how high is this? >> a good 35 feet. it's getting higher all the time. but we either have a country and we have borders or we don't at all. a lot of people are going to come into the country but
8:24 pm
they're going to come in legally. >> can i ask you, it always seemed to me, you could build a pretty high wall, they'll build a tunnel, they'll get here. what are we going to do about illegal hiring. the republicans joined the democrats and said, we're going to stop illegal hiring. that's the magnet. >> verify -- >> are you for it? >> i'm for it. >> what should be the punishment for -- >> well, can you be -- >> you're collaborating with an illegal immigrant. >> it can be very strong. >> why won't these people in your party pass it? >> they don't believe. >> they don't believe in it. >> some of them do. i'm using e verify on just about every job at doral, but building the old post office on pennsylvania avenue that will soon be a phenomenal hotel. i'm using e verify, it works. >> the person who hires someone
8:25 pm
illegally to save money on labor. you're basically encouraging illegal immigration, that's why this guy or woman is coming here, right? >> yes, and you can solve the problem with e verify. >> why doesn't your party and you back it? >> i back it. >> no, they don't. >> many people -- >> ryan won't bring it up on the floor. they talk about illegal immigration. they want to play these games, they like the cheap labor, don't they? >> well, they do in one way, but many people don't. they don't want it. >> the regular working guy doesn't want it, but business guys, the corporate leaders want the cheap labor. >> we need borders, we have a country, we need borders. >> i agree with you, we either have a country or we don't. the way to stop illegal immigration is to stop illegal hiring. it makes economic sense. >> i can do that on every job i have. >> let's go to the next question. >> i'm chris parker. my question for you is, given
8:26 pm
recent events with minority protesters at your campaign rallies. can you give me some reasons why a minority voter such as myself would vote for you. >> >> i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. you look at african-american youth, 59% unemployment. you go to various places, baltimore, all of the -- oakland, detroit. you look at the kind of numbers. i'm going to bring the jobs back, i'll take them back from china, mexico. it's eating our lunch at the border and with economic development, chris. what they're doing, ford is going there, nabisco is going there. carrier air conditioner announced they're moving to mexico. i'm going to bring back jobs and not let people go. i'm going to make it so they want to stay here. nobody contacts ford, nabisco, carrier. they leave, they leave. we don't fight to keep these companies here. we're going to fight, it's going to be jobs. >> you go to china and see the cranes on a friday night,
8:27 pm
they're working, they're building. there's cities of 7 million people we've never heard of, i've been there, they're unbelievable. how are we going to rebuild our cities. you talk about pen station in new york city being a dump, laguardia being a dump. i took the train a few days ago, it takes three days. the country's we beat in world war ii all have state of the art stuff and we're back 70 years. >> they're killing us with monetary devaluation. >> no. >> it's true. >> we are not building here. >> but the reason is, our jobs are being taken out, and they're doing it with devaluation. you look at what china has done with the devaluation of the currency. >> okay, stop it. how much paper -- >> you stop it by being tough, by saying, you can't do what you're doing. china is the grand master. you. >> don't want to get away with it. they have a trillion dollars on our paper. and they're -- they have our paper.
8:28 pm
what are they going to do if they dump all that paper in the world market. >> we owe them $1.7 trillion. >> what if they dump all those bonds? >> we're going to be just fine? >> really? >> we're going to be just fine. >> our number one creditor is going to dump us as a debtor and we're going to be fine. >> we're going to be absolutely just fine, unless we continue with the program that we have right now. we have a high dollar. you take a look at what's happening in this country right now, people aren't coming here, our high dollar, which sounds good to people, everyone says, that's great, we have a strong dollar. we're getting killed worldwide. manufacturing, you look at tourism and everything else coming into this country, it's not happening, we're getting out maneuvered by devaluation. >> you take your approach, and signal this everywhere. nato, those guys have to pay their dues or we're going to get out of there. you say it in north asia, japan and south korea. you say in the middle east. the saudis and the emirates
8:29 pm
start paying, we'll pull out. in mexico, if you don't build the wall, we'll cut trade. your bargaining technique of yours has always been, i don't need this deal. these existing deals we have with europe -- >> we don't -- >> we don't need those deals? >> no. >> do we need nato? >> no, we don't need nato in its current form. we are spending so much money -- >> how about the middle east? >> well, you know what, with fracking and all the things taking place. canada has more oil than almost anybody. we aren't depen dent on that. >> we don't need jordan, the saudis or the emirates. >> people have to pay their fair share. a year ago, when oil prices were high, now it's lower, but they're still making a fortune. saudi arabia was making $1 billion a day. >> you act like you're the only one who can cut a deal. >> they don't cut deals like i cut deals.
8:30 pm
that i can tell you. >> and you're going to walk on all of these deals? >> you always have to be able to walk. >> how do you walk from nato, the middle east, north asia, china, all these relationships, just drop them all? >> look, nato -- >> we have old deals. >> 68 years old, you have cuns getting a free ride, benefit from nato much more than we do, we don't benefit that much. >> i think you can turn down new deals, all these deals we've had for years like nato, relationships with japan. >> japan doesn't want -- >> of course, we -- >> do you want them to have a nuclear weapon. >> i'll answer that question. a lot of people don't know this, we spend a fortune defending japan. we spend a fortune defending germany. we spend a fortune defending south korea. i ordered thousands of television sets, they come from south korea. they're a behemoth.
8:31 pm
why aren't they reimbursing us? why aren't they paying for a portion of the costs. >> that's a good point if you can get it. >> i'll get it. i'll get it. i'm the messenger. >> are they going to do it because they fear you or you're going to walk? >> no, because it's in their best interest. >> you said something about north korea building their own nuclear cape able? >> i'll keep it the way it is, but they have to pay their fair share. >> south korea is a behemoth. >> the last time we pulled troops at the 38th parallel, it was the korean war. >> we compete with south korea, i have buildings in south korea. i get along great with people in south korea. >> you won't be if you pull the troops. >> the top people used to tell me, they cannot believe they get
8:32 pm
away with what they give away with. >> you know who else? china, i have the largest bank in the world in my building. i have the bank of america in my building in san francisco. i got through china. they can't believe they get away with what they get away with. >> they get away with it, because we owe them a trillion dollars. >> i'm monday open liesing here. >> i have a question on, what is your stance on woman rights and their right to choose in their own reproductive health. >> i'm pro life. i think you know that. and i -- with exceptions, with the three exceptions. but pretty much that's my stance, is that okay? you understand? >> what should the law be on abortion? >> well, i have been pro life. >> i know, what should the law -- i know your principle, what should be the law. >> they've set the law, and frankly the judges -- you're
8:33 pm
going to be have a very big election coming up for that reason. you have judges where it's a real tipping point. with the loss of scalia, this presidential election is going to be very important, when you say, what's the law? nobody knows what the law is going to be, it depends on who gets elected. someone is going to appoint conservative judges and someone's going to appoint liberal judges. >> i never understood the pro life position. i understand the principle, it's human life. what crime is it? >> it's human life? >> no, should the woman be punished for having an abortion? >> well, look -- >> this is not something you can dodge. if you say abortion is a crime, abortion is murder, you have to deal with it under the law. >> people in certain parts of the republican party would say yes, they should be punished. >> how about you? >> i would say it's a very serious problem, and it's a problem we have to decide on. it's very -- >> you're for banning it.
8:34 pm
>> are you going to put them in jail? >> no, i'm asking you. you want to ban it. what does that mean? >> i am pro life. >> how do you actually ban abortion? >> you'll go back to a position where people will perhaps go to illegal places. >> yeah. >> but you have to ban it. >> you ban it, they go to someone who flunked out of medical school. >> are you catholic? >> yes. >> how do you accept the church's position? >> i accept the teachings -- >> do you concur can their position? >> i concur with the moral position. >> what do you say about your church. >> they're allowed -- the churches make their moral judgments, you running for president of the united states, will be chief executive of the united states. do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is, there has to be some form of punishment? >> for the woman? >> ten seconds, ten years, what?
8:35 pm
>> i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else? >> i do take positions on everything else, it's a complicated position. >> you're pro life, meaning you want to ban it. >> but the catholic church is pro life. >> let's not talk about my religion. >> i am. you say you're a very good catholic. >> i didn't say very good, i said i'm catholic. secondly, you're running for president, i'm not. what should a woman face if she choses to have an abortion. >> i'm not going to do that. i'm not going to play that game? >> game? you said you're pro life. >> i am. >> that means banning abortion. >> so is the catholic church -- >> this isn't spain, the church doesn't control the government. >> what is the punishment under the catholic church. >> don't ask me about my religion, i'm asking you, you want to be president of the united states. tell me what the law should be. >> i have not -- >> you say you're pro life. >> what does that mean? >> i am pro life, i have not determined what the punishment would be. >> why not? >> because i haven't determined
8:36 pm
it. >> you decided to be plo life. here's my problem where this, in you don't have a punishment for abortion, i don't believe in it, of course. people are going to find a way to have an abortion. >> you don't believe in what? >> i don't believe in punishing anybody for having an abortion. >> all right. >> i have a view, a moral view, i believe we live in a free country. i don't want to live in a country sao fascistic that could stop a woman from making that decision. donald trump, you wouldn't be familiar with a society like that. >> you spoke highly of your religion and your church. your church is very strongly pro life, what do you say to your church? >> i say, i accept your moral authority. in the united states, the people make the decisions, the courts rule on what's in the constitution, and we live by that. >> yeah, but you don't live by it, because you don't accept it. you can't accept it. you can't accept it. >> can we go back to the matters
8:37 pm
of the law and running for president. what i'm talking about, and this is the difficult situation you placed yourself in. you want to ban abortion. how do you ban abortion without some kind of sanction. then you get into a tricky question of a sanction. a fine on human life which you call murder? >> it will have to be -- >> a fine, imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregment? what about the guy that gets her pregnant is he responsible under the law for these abortions? >> it hasn't -- different feelings, different people. i would say no. >> well, there's -- they're usually involved. anyway, much more from the audience here at the university of wisconsin green bay. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes
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welcome back to green bay wisconsin, for our town hall with donald trump. we're at the university of wisconsin green y. more now from our audience. congratulations grandpop. >> i'm dana schrom, could you provide us a little bit of your position on the right to marry for gays and lesbians, and if you'll continue the fight for equality for those individuals. >> the courts have decided, i
8:42 pm
would have preferred the states make the decision. the courts have decided. >> could you maybe talk about how you might increase equality for people of the transgender community? >> i would say that i'm going to go by the laws of the courts, and the courts -- it's really up in flex right now. but i'll go by the laws. >> next question, go ahead. >> hi. >> hi, mr. trump. i'm wondering what your plan is for addressing rising college tuition costs and student loan debt. would you support something as aggressive as student loan forgiveness? >> i get this question more than any other question when i'm with young college students. they are absolutely up to their neck in debt and they can't get jobs when they graduate, even if they're good students in many cases and they don't know what to do. we're going do work on a plan where it's going to be extensions, very low interest. we're going to work on it, something has to be done. chris, i get that question more than any other question, what are we going to do about student
8:43 pm
debt. it's an enormous problem in this cun. the biggest part of the problem is, they graduate from college, good colleges and they can't get jobs. we're going to work on it. >> yeah. >> my name is elena, i'm a retired veteran. i wonder who your top military advisers are, and who your top veterans affairs adviser is? >> i really announced -- i'm going to be announcing some at the end of this week. i announced a whole list, i gave it out last week, we have walid farez, and some tremendous people. and frankly i thought you were going to ask me another question. the vets are being treated horribly. you talk about illegal immigration they are being treated worse than illegal immigrants. what's going on, it's corrupt, the veterans administration, and incompetently run. i can tell you as a vet, you're going to be very, very happy with trump.
8:44 pm
i take pictures of sunrises.
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and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. we're back to green bay wisconsin. the mayor in the city, james schmidt. >> welcome to green bay. as a fellow politician, some of us are embarrassed about the de core um of this campaign, and the attitudes and flavor this has taken. i wonder what you can do as the front-runner of the republican party to really elevate the issues and get away from some of the pettiness we've been experiencing. >> first of all, congratulations, 14 years as mayor. that's a great accomplishment. we have some hard issues, i would much rather talk about the issues than the things that are brought up. things get brought up. and sometimes they get brought
8:48 pm
up because it's me, and sometimes they get brought up for a lot of other reasons, i think it's very important we elevate the conversation and i agree with you 100%. i would much rather be discussing nuclear and all the other issues we're discussing than the kind of things you're referring to. thank you, mr. player. >> hello. >> how are you? >> my name is shauna, i'm a professor here at the communication department. >> good. >> my question for you is around prison reform. what needs to be reformed with our prison system and with that, what do you think about drug legalization playing into the reform. >> we talk about marijuana, and in terms of medical, i think i am basically for that. i've heard some wonderful things in terms of medical. i'm watching colorado very carefully to see what's happening out there. i'm getting some negative
8:49 pm
reports, i'm getting some okay reports, but i'm getting some negative reports out of colorado. i think people are looking to colorado. prison reform, our prison system is a zwafter, it's a complete disaster. almost everything we have, chris is a disaster. >> really? america's great. >> we have a lot of problems. okay. but -- >> why does everybody want to come here if we're not great? >> everybody wants to come here, and everybody does better here than the country they came from. >> i think we can do a lot of privatizations. >> what are the problems you heard about colorado. who do you want smoking dope? do you want your train conductor, airline pilot? maybe the guy that teaches philosop philosophy, does anyone trust anybody who's high to do anything?
8:50 pm
recreational drugs? what does that mean? >> there's a lasting negative impact. >> the loss of ambition i think is there. >> there's a lot of something. that book has not been written yet but it's going to be written pretty soon. i'm not hearing positive things. >> you're on the record saying there might be riots in the event that you're not the republican party nominee. >> by the way, i hope not. >> i hope not too. i'm asking you about that. in the event a brokered convention doesn't offer the nomination to you? >> we'll have the largest number of votes, no matter what happens, and we'll also have definitely the largest number of delegates by far. will we get to 1237? i think so, i hope we will. it will be very nice, i'll do a very good job.
8:51 pm
i think we will. if we don't, i can't tell you what happens. people are being disenfranchised in this country. they look at me as somebody that's going to bring them back. you haven't had a real salary increase if you're a blue collar worker in over 12 years, it's getting worse and worse and worse. these are smart people, they're people that have always had good jobs, they're jobs are taken away many they're not doing as well as they were doing 12 and 15 years ago. i will bring that back, and they know i will bring that back. i'm the only one that is going to bring it back. i'm the only one that really even talks about the subject. i think you're going to have some people that are going to be very, very upset if i'm leading. if i'm not leading, somebody else has more votes, that's a different thing. but if i'm leading by a lot, and i'm a little short of that number. that number is fictitious.
8:52 pm
i'm not running against one or two people. but for the last six months, we've been running against many, many people. if i'm a little bit short but i'm millions of votes and hundreds of delegates ahead of other people, i think you're going to have some very unhappy people, i hope nothing bad happens, i think you're going to have some very, very angry and unhappy people. >> what will you be? >> i think -- >> what will you say to the american people who voted for you in that moment? >> i can't say yet. i can't tell you what i will do or what i will say, i can say this, if i'm way ahead by all accounts. if i'm way ahead, i would be very disappointed. you know, we're supposed to be a democracy. the louisiana thing is a terrible thing. i won, and i ended up with less delegates? >> suppose you come in at 1150 and you think it's a gimme? you go to kasich and say, i need
8:53 pm
a vp, can i have your delegates? >> i don't want to say what i may do? >> you said you may use nuclear weapons but -- >> you never take away anything. >> do you trust mitt romney? >> no, i don't trust mitt romney, he was disgraced. he let us down. that was an election that should have been won, he failed. he choked. he went away. he choked just like a dog, he choked. >> you're good at this, but i'm asking -- >> i'm not good at it, i'm telling you the facts. >> were you the guy that gave people nicknames in high school? >> no, but i'm giving people nicknames now. >> big ears, little hands. i'm sorry, that was you. americans...
8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
we're back with donald trump, just a couple more minutes. i want to give you a chance here, a couple things in this
8:58 pm
campaign you've said were grabbed me. i thought were powerful. i want you to take a minute either we have a country or you don't? what did you mean by that? >> we have border s, we can't let people walk in and out of our country like they do right now. we don't have borders. the border patrol just today endorsed me, that's a big endorsement. >> what do they think of this wall idea? >> they like the wall and to be given their strength back. they want to be able to do their job. >> you're asking the mexican government to put a wall up to keep its own people in? >> no, no, no, we're putting the wall up, they're going to pay for it. >> this is going to be like the berlin wall. why would any country pay to keep its own people in? it's never happened. except the berlin wall. >> we have a trade deficit with mexico, $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cost approximately $10 billion. believe me, they will pay in one
8:59 pm
form or -- >> if not? >> they could stop a lot of the problem. if you want to become a citizen of mexico, you want to get into mexico, it's impossible. >> i know, i'm not saying they're not hypocritical. >> they could stop a lot of the problems we're having by themselves, they don't clues to do it, not right. we have a trade deficit, $58 billion. >> we cut off china. this is your strategy in every case, we can walk. no more trade with mexico. >> you always have to -- >> no more troops in europe? >> by watt i, when i say no more trade. once they know you are really willing to go that extra length, there will always be trade, but we'll make good deals. we're making -- >> the bottom line is always, we walk. >> you have to be able to walk, yes. it's unlikely that you'll have to, but you have to be able to -- >> these could be very tricky. thank you. this argument will continue. >> thank you, donald trump, and thank you to the university of wisconsin, green bay. coming up next, the big night of
9:00 pm
politics continues with msnbc with rachel maddow and both democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. good night from green bay. so welcome to back to back front-runners night. chris matthews just hosted that town hall event in wisconsin with the republican party's front-runner donald trump. in a moment, we have my interview with the democratic party's front-runner hillary clinton. she was in new york to do this event you see here at the apollo theater in harlem. let me just give you a peak behind the curtain here. let me be honest with you, show you how things go behind the scenes with these things. because i think it's going to explain a little bit about what you're about to see. this was hillary clinton's rally todain