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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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arriving at the rnc for a meeting he's going to be having there in washington. luke russert standing by to give us more detail about this and luke this is part of many meetings taking place for donald trump today and another one being with his foreign policy team, correct? luke, can you hear me? luke russert -- >> yeah, thomas. this was a surprise meeting here. i can hear you, can you hear me? can you hear me? >> you're good to go, luke. >> can you hear me now, thomas? >> yes, sir, you're good. >> okay. this is somewhat of a surprise from -- great. this is somewhat of a surprise from donald trump. news broke he was in washington, d.c. this morning, news he was in washington, d.c. this morning having meetings with his foreign policy team. those occurred at the new trump
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hotel at the old post office. now donald trump just came in through his motorcade. this is the republican national committee a stone's throw from the capital. this is on the day donald trump announced congressional leadership team headed up by the first members of congress who endorsed him. we have made calls to the rnc to ask what the purpose of this meeting is about. they have not returned our calls. they would not confirm the meeting was going to happen. it took us sitting out here for the last hour or so and making a visual eye contact. you can't miss that blonde hair in the back of the suv that just went around to the back. there are a lot of things to discuss between whatever rnc officials are in there and donald trump. he recently said he would break the pledge. not necessarily support whoever the nominee would be. there's been a lot of questions about that. also saying to our own chris matthews that women should be penalized for abortion. walked that back.
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also dropping nuclear bombs in europe. there are a plethora of things to talk about. remains to be seen what they will. but donald trump in washington unexpectedly. an lost folks on capitol hill knew about this this morning, and we will see what comes out of it, thomas. >> again you say this is a surprise to his schedule. we knew there was going to be a discussion with members of his foreign policy team and you bring up the loyalty pledge. all three candidates seem to have walked way from any agreed upon loyalty pledge with kasich, cruz and trum. in supporting one another. could this also be about the filing of a complaint over louisiana? we know berry bennett would take that on donald trump's behalf about delicate issues with the state of louisiana. there's a lot on the table there for them to discuss. without doubt, thomas, and i
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presume that is t is probably coming up for discussion here. you mention, are you with the delegate process in louisiana? you mentioned loyalty pledge which is something you can recall reince priebus, they add big announcement, showing contracts publicly. seems donald trump is walking back from that. what will be interestinging to see is if anything comes out of the meeting regarding a possible contested convention because that is something that is the ultimate goal of ted cruz. that is something that is the ultimate goal of john kasich and donald trump said if i go to the convention and i'm leading by a substantial number of delegates i don't have the 1237, what's going to happen perhaps will be chaos. perhaps riots. i pru zum that's on the table. so they've had to get to know you meetings before, reasons reince priebus and donald trump. and given what has happened over the last week, i would venture to guess, this is a little bit more than hey, how you doing,
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i'm checking with the front-runner. probably having discussions about how to move forward and i would probably venture what the rnc's role is in all of this. priebus and mitch mcconnell and friend from wisconsin paul ryan have to try to step way from trump as much as possible but as each day goes by and there's another story he seems to be radio active every time he goes on tv for quite a while. they have to do damage control and worry about what the future of the party is. we've seen reports, thomas, donald trump conceivably could put the house of representatives, largest majority of republicans since the 1920s in play. that does not make people in this building behind me feel very comfortable at all. >> we know when we look at just the map of what's next, wisconsin coming up on next tuesday, wisconsin being the home state of both speaker ryan and reince priebus. let's remind everybody, luke, that the town hall that chris matthews held last night, and the question about abortion that seemed to spark a flip-flop from
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the candidate right away. take a look. >> should the woman be punished for having abortion? >> look -- >> this is not something you can dodge. if you say it is a crime or abortion is murder, you have to deal with it under the law. should abortion be punished? >> people in certain parts of the republican party and conservative republicans would say yes, they should be punished. >> how about you? >> i would say it is a very serious problem and a problem we have to decide on. >> you're for banning it. >> are you going to say put them in jail? >> i'm asking you. do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no? the principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> 10 cents, 10 years? >> that, i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it is a very complicated position. >> we had an immediate back track from the candidate and his campaign as they decided to update everybody on that answer
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that he gave to our chris matthews. i want to bring in nbc correspondent halle jackson. halle follows the cruz campaign. let's just remind everybody the language that donald trump or campaign of donald trump used to walk this back and as luke is waiting outside of the rnc, i remind everybody, ted cruz was one of the candidates to walk away from the loyalty pledge as was john kasich. >> donald trump was likely the most definitive about it, thomas. you talk about his response to this. he said, no, i wouldn't do this. what we have seen for example from ted cruz is he is not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks his family, attacks his wife. remember last week or week before donald trump retweeted the unflattering photo of heidi cruz, next to melania trump. >> not just because of a loyalty pledge but this is something that rnc likely does not want to be focussing on. discussion of unity within the party. remember the rnca goal, what
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they are very complicit about is beating hillary clinton or whom ever the democratic nominee is come november. that's the discussion they want to be what having. that's the discussion the party pivoted to. reince priebus has been clear to stay out of the mix when it comes to looking as though they are backing somebody, whether trump or cruz or kasich. so that this is now one of the headlines we're going to have to see what comes out of this. but again they want to be talking about party unity and moving on to look towards the general election as hillary clinton is doing now by the way. she is largely looking past bernie sanders. and her recent comments today, hitting for example, donald trump again. hitting bernie sanders at her events. taking it to who she believes could be the person she will be up against come, you know, after july or august if this does go to contested convention. you talk about some of the discussion around the abortion comments and comments that trump made over the last few days. you've seen his rivals come out now and strongly speak out against him. not just ted cruz but jorge
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posada kasich holding today several media availabilities. trying to get his message out. trying to capitalize on this moment to push his message because kasich believes he in fact is the one that could be best positioned against hillary clinton in the fall. ef candidate thinks they are the one to take the democrat down. that said when you look at what's happening against the backdrop of wisconsin, this crucial primary, just four days away, happening on tuesday now, it is pivotal. we keep saying this but it is pivotal for the stop trump movement. the idea that if ted cruz could pull out a victory and he is leading donald trump now by double dij pipts john kasich could be a spoiler in that but it could show, not just about delegates but can show momentum for this movement that they can in fact try to slow down donald trump as this race moves first east wards and eventually here to california on june 7th which will be the last key contest before a possible contested convention in cleveland in mid july. there's a lot happening in the
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republican race right now as we wait to see what happens from the rnc meeting. an insider told me after the loyalty pledge stuff happened in the party's view every candidate signed the pledge and they will take candidates at their word that they will in fact support each other. one wonders about what is happening between donald trump and whom ever he is meeting with, presumably reince priebus. >> we know that they were quick to comment on thinks thoughts of abortion and nuclear policy for domestic and abroad. hillary clinton and bernie sanders quick to come out on this. hillary clinton a short moment ago gave this rebuke of donald trump. take a listen. >> just yesterday donald trump said women should be punished for having an abortion. he then tried to distance himself once that kind of reaction came out. from his outrageous comments but we all heard them. one of my favorite americans
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maya angelo said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. so there we have hillary clinton, giving response just a short time ago, to donald trump's remarks. again breaking news this hour, surprise meeting that donald trump is having with the republican national committee. reince priebus is the chair of that. it is expected he will step down from that post in january of 2017. it was important that loyalty pledge that all candidates signed early on in the process when there were 17 people running to be the gop nominee. joining the conversation from washington, our msnbc analyst, former national spokesperson for ted cruz's campaign, rick, what do you make of this meeting and how important the relationship is between the rnc and presumed front-runner in donald trump in this moment in time after that town hall last night? >> well, the presumed
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front-runner or presumed nominee, and nobody reached that level, really gains control of the republican party. they become head of the republican party. so in one respect this could be donald trump coming over there to see this is how things will be when i'm in charge. i doubt that's it. i don't know if it is so much the loyalty pledge. those reince priebus has been known to call different candidates in camps to ask everyone to tone it down, keep it civil, because party unity is important. i suspect in is likely about a contested convention because the rnc has done the math and they realize that we -- have a pretty high degree of likelihood it will good to a contested convention and he is going to explain not only to the trump campaign but the other surrogates who are called in. they have worked the same way since 1856. they put out a website to make sure everybody knows because when trump says it's not fair or
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i should get nomination even though i don't have the majority of a rules, we see more and more with a second ballot that it could be cruz. i say that because for instance virginia has 13 at-large delegates. donald trump won virginia by a pretty wide margin. those at-large delegates will more than likely on a second ballot all go for cruz. the reason that's happened is because the cruz camp organized in virginia to make sure those delegates on the second ballot go for him. that same thing happened in louisiana. and something similar has happened in georgia. so cruz is out there working these delegates where he can so that on the second ballot he has a shot at winning the nomination and donald trump's rhetoric suggests that there will be riots et cetera. i think reince priebus is trying to explain this and tone it done and educate people about how contested conventions are going to work. >> if you can bring up the web browser page of convention rick, this is the website that
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rnc launched today. which would educate and prep folks about what it means to go into a contested convention. again, it will list party rules regarding delegates required to meet the benchmark of 1237. we know just the other day marco rubio was sending around the let are asking for delegates that are assured to him that he can keep them. we know alaska said okay to that. what did you make though of the rules committee. because they will go behind closed doors in april. the first jash of the rules committee. >> that is very interesting too because you can lobby to get your people, every state gets members of the rules committee, they are delegates, and if you work really hard and make sure your members are on the rules committee and rules can be changed and rules we talk about like rule 40 part b which says you have to have a majority of 8 delegations to be -- have your name placed in the nomination.
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that was the rule for the last convention. that rule can be changed for this convention. it could stay the same. but it is more than likely to change. every convention has a rules committee that comes in and sets rules for upcoming or next convention which is essentially the rnc meeting taking place right before the convention. that will happen in cleveland. so getting members on the rules committee can be very, very important. and so that's probably something else that's being discussed. >> when it comes to the loyalty pledge that oath being in the dust bin, and that no one is going to adhere to that moving forward, and the idea of an open convention coming up in july in cleveland, does this set the stage a little bit more for the idea of donald trump saying, okay, rnc, you've treated me unfairly. i said if you did, i was going to pick up and go and maybe have an independent run. and that would be his plan b to circumvent going around the rnc
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and any rules that would keep him an obstacle, of reaching that benchmark of 1237? >> that would be an implicit threat. i wouldn't put it past donald trump that he would use that threat to say if you treat me unfairly, i will go third party. the problem for him now is that if he goes third -- let's say he doesn't -- let's say he doesn't win the nomination at convention and he does go third party, he will have two choices. actually, two choices and hybrid. one is that he will run a write-in campaign. two, is that he will get access through the ballot through some third party that has access to the ballot, like the constitution party of new york. but more than likely, be sort of the hybrid of the those two. in some states he would be a write-in campaign which the republican senator of alaska won a write-in campaign. and in other states he might try to gain access to the ballot through a legitimate campaign that has access to the ballot. both are high hurdles. if you thought about anybody who
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could do well in a write-in campaign, i don't know who wouldn't do better than donald trump. probably not to win it, but probably would ensure hillary clinton would be the nominee -- would be president. >> it is called this is the website the rnc launched to give folks an education about how this process works. the possibility of the fact that this could be an open convention if there wasn't an assured nominee that arrived there in july with 1237 delegates. >> interesting, thomas, that abraham lincoln won in an open convention. did not get majority in first ballot with the most delegates but he did not win, abraham lincoln won in an open convention. >> so just a few weeks ago, reince priebus, saying about 85, 90% likelihood this would happen. seems like they are preparing, at least doing their homework that this is a definite possibility for this summer for the convention. rick, thank you so much. i want to go to nbc news correspondent chris jansing.
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chris is reporting from milwaukee, wisconsin, speaking it female voters. chris, i imagine there's been a pretty visceral reaction to donald trump's original comment and then that reversal. flip-flop of what he feels about a woman's right to choose or punishment if it were made law and a woman went forward with that procedure. some type of, whether it is a fine or time behind bars. >> thomas, i've been here for less than 24 hours. but every single person i've talked to knows this story. they know it well and have had a gut reaction to it. everyone we have spoken to. if reince priebus is now in a meeting with donald trump trying to promote party unity, he needs to get on a plane and come to wisconsin because they are at war here. the establishment versus donald trump, many of them don't frankly like ted cruz that much. would never consider supporting him under any other circumstances but they have all come together. they will do whatever it takes from these radio talk show host
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to the governor here to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. some people say, governor scott walker isn't that popular. look at the new poll among republican voters where the ones who count on tuesday. he has 8 0% approval rating and speaking of war he is battle tested. he won the governorship three times including that recall here. so all of this is playing into the conversation, which is right now about donald trump, comments on abortion. i can tell you, the lunch crowd here, they have been talking about it. and quite a few of the people we've seen are undecided. so this is going to make a difference for them. heidi is here, undecided voter. you say you've ruled some people out. who have you ruled out? >> i really don't want to say. >> but you had a reaction, what is your reaction it what donald trump had to say about women and punishing them if they have an abortion? >> i think abortion is a -- it is an important issue.
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but i think he should be focussing his energy on other issues, like the economy and like some of the local job creation. like some of the world problems that are going on that we need to be addressing as well. i think some of the choices he is making, that's state issues that are being brought up an really some of the bigger issues need to be addressed. >> did you have a reaction, strong reaction, one way or another to the idea that a woman would be punished if she had an abortion? >> i think that that's -- it's really tough. i don't think that punishment should be a way to go. i think that really states need to take the issue and address it per state. >> heidi, thank you very much. again, this is a small sampling, thomas, but i couldn't find anyone who had anything positive to say about donald trump's comments. and just one more thing, isn't it ironic that a guy who ran for president on the whole idea that these anti-establishment and
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frankly made a lot of enemies in senate because of his push back against the establishment, could find his presidential candidacy moving forward in wisconsin because of the backing of the establishment. thomas? >> chris jansing reporting for us in milwaukee there. thank you, chris. we are looking at live pictures of the rnc headquarters in washington, d.c. we are at the top of the hour we learned donald trump was taking an unscheduled meeting at rnc to hold meetings with folks he has assembled to help him on foreign policy for his campaign. and now to find out that he is over at the rnc headquarters and again rnc launching of this website of information today called convention facts where they kind of outline the idea of what it would be like for one of the candidates or all of the candidates to show up this summer in cleveland and not meet the benchmark of 1237.
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that means it'll be an open convention and seems like they are preparing for a likelihood of that idea. alicia krause is a cohost on "the answer" and 1 of 1600 women calling on trump to fire his campaign manager. and alicia, you have coalesced with these other female voices on the right in light of the fact that earlier this week that corey liun do you ski faced a charge against reporter michelle fields for an alleged incident that happened on march 8th in florida and you are unsatisfied with how donald trump has handled the responsibility of keeping corey lieuian down ski on his campaign in light of this charge and allegations. what would you like to see done? >> you know, in the past i have been myself a campaign manager.
11:22 am
not on the presidential level, but on the congressional level. i've been a handler, producer, now on-air radio host. whether michelle fields was a woman or man or not, which is some of the accusations of the trump people, oh, you are just upset because she is a woman, it is entirely unprofessional behavior towards the media. it is a fireable offense. even greater is the entire trump campaign, top echelons were okay with what he did and tried to cover it up and the story changed almost as much as donald trump's opinion on you know whether or not women should be thrown behind bar fess they get abortion. he changes his story every five seconds and he is not showing he is principled or conservative on any of these issues. >> candidates in the past who have been painted as flip-floppers, that's a true achilles heel for them. donald trump doesn't seem to be able to have any of that narrative stick to him. when it comes to the issue that
11:23 am
you are drawing about corey lewandowski, aren't you presuming he is innocent until his day in court? >> absolutely. in the court of law, he is innocent until proven guilty. but in public opinion, his behavior was unacceptable. even if michelle fields made it all up and faked bruises, that means the trump team lied about the original incident, lied about the incident sense and continue to lie. and donald trump, love him or hate him, he is master at controlling the media narrative. he had this story of his campaign management charged by the jupiter police department. he had this massive flop that upset not just pro choice people like planned parenthood but pro life people like myself.
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oh, let's redirect today, and meet with rans reince priebus and claim party unity. >> you haven't had comments -- >> oh, not yet but i'm sure i'll get hateful tweets soon. >> our trump statements on abortion a game-changer for his campaign? we want to look at how people feel so far. 37% say yes. 63% say no. check it out. we will look back and see what results say later in the hour. we will have much more here on msnbc live after a quick break and waiting for donald trump to emerge after this impromptu meeting where he was called into the headquarters of the rnc. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. welcome back, everybody. we are following breaking news this hour. on the left side of your screen you can see the tape of donald trump arriving at rnc
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headquarters for this unscheduled meeting while he is in d.c. today. on the right-hand side of your screen, a live picture of the door as we await donald trump and his team to emerge after meeting with officials there. glover teixeira the gop or rnc releasing a website called convention facts. it is your guide to the republican national convention. this is explaining exactly what facts are for july in cleveland and the possibility of an open convention if a candidate were not to reach the convention with the 1237 delegates needed to be the presumptive nominee. so on the left, we -- on the left of the aisle that is, we have hillary clinton and bernie sanders remaining on the stump today and hillary clinton just wrapping up an event she was holding in purchase, new york. her first event of the day where she hit donald trump and primary challengener bernie sanders and near the beginning of this speech she was interrupted by a group of student there. take a look.
11:29 am
>> oh, look, the bernie people came to say that. very sorry you're leaving. i have earned 9 million votes in this election already. i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> so all of this comes as a new poll of new york democrat shows clinton leading bernie sanders by 12 points in her home state. joining me now here in the studio, christina shockey, deputy communications director of hillary for america. christina, good to have you with me. i will play what hillary td say in direct reference to the donald trump remarks about abortion. take a look. >> donald trump is showing us exactly who he is and we should believe him. but let's remember this. all the republican candidates want to make abortion illegal.
11:30 am
if you make abortion a crime, then you make women and doctors criminals. i want you to hear this, because last night, senator sanders agreed that donald trump's comments were shameful. but then he said, they were a distraction from, and i quote, a serious discussion about the serious issues facing america. to me this is a serious issue. and it is a very serious discussion. >> so let's talk about why would candidate clinton tie bernie sanders to this? he came out vehemently against the remarks made by donald trump. why would hillary clinton try to tie bernie sanders to that remark? >> thomas, i think that's very important day yesterday. it was a game-changer. in terms of what trump said. but also really eliminating what senator sanders said as well. and rachel maddow pointed that
11:31 am
out last night after she did interviewes with both candidates. senator sanders called out donald trump also for what he said being outrageous. but he also said that this was a distraction. and not a serious issu and was taking time away from talking about issues like climate change and raising the minimum wage and hillary made a very strong point of saying this is a serious issue to her. and issues that facing women in this country about repr pro ductive rights and producting what republicans are trying to do to us as women she believ believesabelieves passionately in our right to choose. he made it sound like it was a secondary issue and she thought it was needed to be raised as an issue. >> when it comes to pro life and pro choice organizations now coming together in response to donald trump, are you surprised by reaction created? >> he did something very unique. both pro life and pro choice
11:32 am
groups to come out and criticize him for what he said was absolutely wrong. they all did the right thing. what he said is very dangerous. again hillary is proud to have the support of planned parenthood. and organizations she has been fighting on the front lines with for years to protect women's right to choose. and it was important for her to call out both donald trump but also it say that for her this is a serious issue. a vital issue to american women and something she will fight for as president. it is not a secondary issue to her. >> do you think that's intellectually dishonest to paint bernie sanders into a corner as if he were somehow in step with donald trump remark -- >> no, that's not what she said at all, thomas. she also said what he said was shameful. but he said he was clear that this shouldn't be an issue the media should be focussing on and hillary believes it is. women's rights are assaulted all over the country as republicans try to take away our right to choose. she believes that's wrong. as president she will absolutely fight to stop that from
11:33 am
happening. >> when we think about the contests about to happen with wisconsin and then new york shortly thereafter, we just highlighted the numbers in that new quinnipiac poll. and we show that there are 12 point between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. do you think that there should be a bigger gap there for hillary clinton? it seems as if bernie sanders is definitely getting a lot closer, maybe too close for comfort. >> no, no, this is a contest just like every race. every state in this primary contest has been. and she knows that going into it. but she is proud of her record here in new york. and she was so proud to represent the state for eight years as senator and so she is looking forward to campaigning. you just saw her finish an event in purchase where she kicked off her senate campaign in 2000. and she will be campaigning across the state to earn every vote. she will be in syracuse tomorrow. she loves this state. they had her back in the past and she has always had theirs. >> where does this stand with the debate for bernie sanders
11:34 am
and hillary clinton in new york? >> i have it say that will be worked out very soon. >> so it is going to happen? >> definitely another debate will happen. hillary loves debates. she's been calling for more debates since february. the campaigns worked this out with the democratic party. it's been in process for some time and i think resolved very soon. >> okay. it was said on the air that bernie sanders needed to work on his tone. what's that about? >> he was talking about an article that came out talking about his strategy. bernd bernie sanders strategy here in new york that he would get more negative. but in terms of debates, hillary loves debates. she excels at them. it is a chance to get out and talk about to voters about the dif rdifference she will make i their lives. >> christina, great to have you with me. a reminder to viewers we are waiting for images of donald trump to emerge from this impromptu meeting when he was called into headquarters of the rnc. here is video we got earlier in the hour of donald trump -- oh, this is live, okay. this is a live shot of where
11:35 am
donald trump arrived. we have cameras at the front and back. this is where the motorcade showed up. donald trump had scheduled meetings with his foreign policy team in d.c. then we learn bed this being added to the schedule. we will wait to see what they talk about. again the fact that the convention facts, that is all about the gop's july convention, coming up in cleveland, they put up live today information about what people need to know for how people are appointed as delegates. how people that eventually become the nominee and a lot of people saying this is just the rnc preparing for the high likelihood that there will be an open convention in cleveland for an eventual republican nominee. we want to talk more about what is coming up on tuesday in wisconsin. because their primary will be held that day and they are in madison considered to be kind of the liberal headquarters in that purple state.
11:36 am
both bernie sanders and hillary clinton have made stops there ahead of tuesday's primary. sanders maintains strong 10-point lead in the city. it is the only place in the state where john kasich who appears to be the most moderate of the three gop candidates also holds a lead. msnbc's jake is live at a coffee shop in madison. jake, i understand you are down the street from one of the early polling stations. if memory serves me correct they opened up on the 21st. >> that's right. as we wait for donald trump, democracy is in full spring on the democratic side in madison, wisconsin. come with me into the coffee shop. just a little wayes from here where university of wisconsin is in madison, people are voting in the state capitol. about 3,000 people in the city voted early. one of those people is angela. i'm going to bother her while she is doing homework right here. angela, you told me you voted early on the democratic side. who did you vote for? >> hillary clinton. >> why did you pick hillary,
11:37 am
where i can imagine at wisconsin, bernie is coming on strong. >> he is, yeah. i think bernie has great ideas. i just don't see how would he feasibly get those across. especially with congress. so that's why i picked hillary. i'm also really into women's rights and i think hillary is a great candidate for that. >> did you hear what donald trump said yesterday here on msnbc? >> i did. it was disturbing. >> one thing to point out is there is an entry in voting early and in general, thomas, something i know you know a lot about. there is a new voter id rule put in place for the first time in general election and reduced early voting. no early voting on weekend for the while time. while wisconsin has high turnout in 60, 70% range, which is usually very high in national elections, people are saying it may not be as high because of these new restrictions put into place. and that could hurt bernd. you hear him say over and over again we need high turn out to succeed, thomas. he wants that here in madison.
11:38 am
>> this is the first presidential election where they are required to show photo id. election clerks think there could be early lines because of early voting can run up until april 1st. but they don't have it on weekend and it is a week shorter than in the past. jacob reporting there for us. thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll be back with more. again, reminder that we're waiting for donald trump to emerge from this meeting at the rnc. he arrived roughly around 1:59 p.m. it was not on the schedule. he was in d.c. for other meetings with his foreign policy advisers. what are they talking about? is it the idea of an open convention? is reince priebus asking questions about why donald trump is so willing it break the loyalty pledge that he signed? that and more coming up after this.
11:39 am
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who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. welcome back, everybody. we are watching live pictures coming out of washington, d.c. at the top of the hour we
11:42 am
learned donald trump was taking this unexpected meetinging at rnc. he went in the back door around 1:59 p.m. we are expecting he could emerge any time soon. there's a look at the front door. luke russert has been standing by. luke, i guess you haven't seen much activity since the motorcade pulled up. >> no, we haven't, thomas. rnc staffers are going in and out of buildingser with usual. if you good around the back, you need a shot of this, you see motorcades behind rnc headquarters. attracted a whole swarm of tourist as well as supporters. seems to be what donald trump brings around these days. in terms of timing, if you have seen preparation for the vehicle to be departing seen. we see a secret service agent moving crowd over. roughly about an hour-long meeting that donald trump will have had at rnc if he leaves soon.
11:43 am
discussions could be over states of louisiana, whether or not how to approach a convention or if it is reince priebus in light of comments with our own chris matthews about abortion and possible nuclear weapons use in europe. to tone down his rhetoric a little bit. interesting to see what leaks out of this meeting. but unexpected pit stop for what we thought would be donald trump's meeting about foreign policy, foreign policy advisors, and obviously, checking in on the political side of his campaign right now. >> all right, luke. keep us posted. we will come back to you if you see any movement there in washington for us. i want to bring into our conversation now, marjorie, president of the susan b. anthony list, a group whose goal is to reduce and ultimately end abortion in this country. marjorie, good to have you with me and your organization is one of the gruoups that immediately responded to donald trump's comments. i just want to make sure that everybody understands the context in the exclusive town hall that chris matthews held
11:44 am
with donald trump or he said yes there should be some form of punishment from a woman if she were to receive an abortion and he put out another statement it clarify. if they make abortion illegal and federal upheld the legislation or ban abortion under state and federal law the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case. as is the life in her womb. my position has not changed. like ronald reagan, i'm pro life with exceptions. what do you make of candidate trump's stance as self proclaimed pro lifer. do you think he understands what that position really means? >> i have two reactions. first is is if you're not ready for chris matthews, you're probably not ready for the general election with hillary clinton's team running against you. there probably is a hard ball test that everyone should have to go through before being on the trail. but there is also no question
11:45 am
that he had not thought about it. if he had thought about it, he would not have responded in the way he did and that is the biggest problems. we had a whole field of primary candidates and we still have one in ted cruz who are very strong and articulate and know exactly what their position is and they have gone deep and handled the intellectual side, certainly the part where we have to express the truth of the matter which is that there are two people to think of in every abortion. the needs of the woman and life of the child. he should have been ready for that. and i think he will be next time. >> i just want to make sure that everybody understands the context of the conversation. marjorie, stand by. i want to play more of the "hardball" conversation with chris matthews. >> by saying pro life you mean you want it ban abortion. how do you ban abortion without sanction. then the tricky question of sanction. a fine? on human life? which you call murder?
11:46 am
a fine? imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregnant? >> it'll have to be determined. >> what about the guy who gets letter pregnant? is he responsible under the law? or he is not responsible for the abortion? >> different feelings, different people. i would say no. >> so marjorie, what do you make about that? yes in that original statement, a woman could be punished. no to the man who got her pregnant. >> sure. i think he has the enthusiasm after convert without the depth of thinking about it. and again, he was not prepared. the reality, and he may learn this now, that early feminist movement emphasized that the woman in a situation like that was in an exploitive situation, that her needs and the needs of the unborn child were linked. very much the same. and susan b. anthony's newspaper, she said, thrice guilty is the one who drove her
11:47 am
to that deed. the one who drives her to that deed is the abortionist and abortion industry who thrives on vulnerability and very difficult and poignant time in her life. so back to trump. this is something he should internalize if he hasn't yet and i bet he is right now. everyone believes in redemption. he has a chance to do better. but ted cruz add beautiful response that not a lot of people have seen. but he point to those two in every active abortion and what we deserve and what they deserve from us every single time. >> marjorie, thanks so much. marjorie from susan b. anthony list. appreciate your time. i want it to bring in barry bennett. he joins me from 30 rock. barry, what do you know about this meeting? what's it about? >> he was in d.c. most of the day. i know the rnc had been wanting to talk to them about how he could help them raise money. >> you really think this is about money? >> oh, it is about helping rnc,
11:48 am
yeah. >> you don't think he is called in there for his his position about abortion or nuclear issues, domestic and aboard and also about the fact he broke the loyalty pledge or is willing to? >> no. >> none of those three things are on this agenda? >> zero. >> you don't think reince priebus is going to bring that up? >> he might bring it up. but that not the point of the meeting. the meeting is to help the rnc. >> you think donald trump is helping the rnc with his campaign policy with his tone? >> i know and i can prove it. >> how? >> 50,000 democrats switched parties. ohio more. michigan about the same number. same number in massachusetts. so the republican party is getting bigger everyday. the biggest migration we've seen from democrats it republicans in my lifetime. all because of donald trump. >> so who is in the meeting? >> i don't know. >> do we know it is directly with reince priebus? >> i would assume so. he is not going there to meet with staff. >> when it comes to the issue of delegates from louisiana, you went ahead to file with the rnc
11:49 am
to let them know the complaint you have. >> yeah. >> how has that proceeded, if at all? >> you don't make the filing until june at summer meeting, instead of spring meeting. can we talk about what happened? 27 delegates of 46 elected that day met without delegates knowing of the meeting. of the 27, 22-5 vote, leading ted cruz into the committee which we don't think is fair. our delegates should have been there. 22 is not a majority of 46. we are contesting those slots. >> you used to be campaign manager for ben carson. >> yes. >> he was seen as candidate that wasn't well-educated about foreign policy. when it comes to the education of donald trump, on foreign policy and social issues in this can country, especially with the comment he made about abortion, is he educated enough to speak to policies? >> sure. there's a thousand nuances to
11:50 am
every question, right? and people like marjorie who is a good friend of mine, she knows all of the answers to the nuances. and he is not a politician. he has been running for office for six months. you can't expect him to know the nuance answers. the question that chris asked which is a fair question, obviously, but a constitutional amendment that marjorie and other groups are pushing. not a law. so that's a totally different thing. depend upon the law. the law will say what the penalty is -- >> you think there is debate on what pro life advocates believe because they do not believe that a woman should face a criminal penalty if she were to receive an abortion. if it were illegal under law. >> i understand. neither does he. >> he said yes. >> he corrected it two hours later. >> that's on paper and after the fact that a bunch of people are -- >> so one time you can never change it and never again. >> if he is the politician we are supposed to trust his gut on -- >> he's not a politician. that's the deal. >> he is not a politician and we
11:51 am
are supposed to trust his gut. if he gives a gut answer and his answer is yes then he gets with greater mind with you in d.c., and mr. trump, this is not the position of the pro life movement, this is a huge flip-flop. how is that not an achilles heel for your candidate. >> i don't think it is a flip-flop. second of all, people want to know that he finds abortion morally wrong. that's the important point. that's the 95% of the question. what happens with the law then that might be passed and federal courts might uphold -- >> he was pro choice most of his life. he recently became pro life within the last decade or so. >> i'll accept that. i'll take converts. i'm not going to shoot the converts. i'm all for the converts. >> when it comes to the fact that a president trump might say yes we should criminalize this act in as it -- >> he will never do that. >> but when it comes to the fact that maybe i'll drop a nuke on europe, where do we stand on
11:52 am
that. >> i don't think he ever said he with drop a nuke on europe. >> he was question had last night, will you drop nukes on europe. >> would you take it off the table. >> yeah. >> current administration took things off the table and now the enemies sit back and know what we won't do. we shoul't do that. you don't want them to understand what we will do and won't do p. keep that internal. >> we're not is having foreign policy chops. do you think that's a demonstrative weakness of candidate trump you would be concerned about. >> no. >> why not? >> because that's not one of the issues that voters actually are caring about right now. what they want is someone who understands that $19 trillion that the government run up and stuck on my kid and your kids and our grand kids is morally app rehencible. what they want is someone willing to say the border needs to be closed to heroin can't come across the border and kill our kids in ohio and new hampshire. what they want is someone that
11:53 am
understands that let's turn the economy loose so we can have jobs. >> we are seeing folks leaving, getting back into the motorcade. there's mr. trump waving right now. after this meeting went in about 1:59. so been there roughly over 50 min puts. we can see people loading back up. i don't know if i see on-site, maybe he got in the vehicle faster, but corey lewandowski, former campaign manager, what do you think of the idea of a campaign manager facing the charge of simple battery. >> i think the charge won't hold up first of all. i don't think anybody sees battery under that video clip. second of all, i think corey has done an amazing job -- >> it is also touch. florida law is about touch. police have found this to be -- >> i'll be shocked if a judge doesn't throw this thing out. >> should a campaign manager lay hand on a reporter? >> oh, i've had reporters lay hand on me. so i don't know. these media scrums as you well know are full contact sport.
11:54 am
>> have you ever laid hand on a reporter barry? >> sure. i've been standing with reporters ducking under your arm and trying to get microphones at me, sure. >> you've had an opportunity to yank a reporter back? >> i've never yanked a reporter back. but we've touched. >> has it every escalated to an allegation where that reporter said hey, you know, i think you owe me an an apology? >> no. most reporters i know are pros. >> so in this instance it did raise to that level where it reporter was seeking an apology. that didn't happen. you think this could have deescalated if maybe an apology exchanged off sides. >> i think so but the escalation is when she said she was yanked done and everstated what happened. i don't know why it took so long for the video to come out but this whole thing is like -- it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter to anybody. people in wisconsin who are working two jobs trying it make the same amount they used to
11:55 am
make at general motors, they don't care about this stuff. they know that's not battery. they know this is all just spin. what they want is someone who will go to washington and just reform the place. >> but this is a breitbart reporter. >> this particular woman, you and i could argue whether or not what classification of reporter is, i think you're a reporter. i don't know what she is. >> when it comes to her allegation, it is one of merit. jupiter police department investigated where they felt it was necessary to call corey lewandowski in, arrest him, serve him with an appearance paper where he will be in court coming up on may 4th for the simple battery. >> i don't think he was arrested, okay. >> they said arrested from the jupiter police department. hold on. andrea mitch sectchell is outsi rnc headquarters.
11:56 am
andrea, you saw donald trump leave? >> we have to get a read-out but he met with ra all /*. all three candidates said they would not abide by the pledge or indicated this would not and he said it affirmatively. he was meeting at the rnc. he was here for about 45 minutes. we were alone with our cameras in the alley in the back. secret service started pushing everyone back because people started, other camera crews passed us by. residents of the area. whole area blocked off. so it became quite a scene with, you know, hundreds of people hanging out waiting to watch an suv with donald trump giving a
11:57 am
wave and a thumb's up from about a block away as he got into the car. but his motorcade now departed and he had, as you know before, the foreign policy budget meeting. first defense meeting as we understand with foreign policy advisers at new under construction trump motel being built from the old u.s. post office building, historic building on pennsylvania avenue, which he says is one of the great properties to be. but not to be opened a year or two from now. >> andrea, when it comes to the conversation after nuclear policy, you had earnest on your show, what is your reaction it what people are saying to him or what his feeling is about the language of donald trump? >> his issue was categorical. he is the energy secretary. he can charge the nuclear stockpile here in the u.s. he said it was irresponsible. that it is a check back policy that foreign leaders are taking
11:58 am
note from the rhetoric from this campaign. this is criticism from dem krde democrats and republicans. and the issue of foreign policy could be a turning point. as you know, donald trump supporters have certainly not been deferred by criticism of any of the other comments. going back several months. >> we know that the rnc added to their website today, updating folks about what it would mean for an open convention and about convention facts and rules. are you hearing anything, andrea, from sources within d.c. that would talk about the preparation of the rnc believing that it could be an open convention come july in cleveland? >> we certainly -- we know they are working it hard and i am talking to ben weber and kay bailey hutchison. kay bailey hutchison is former
11:59 am
senator from texas and is not aligned with anyone at this point. she is hoping for an open convention. she thinks it would be good for the party. and front-runner donald trump has been saying. we know the cleveland officials have put out bids for more security, and other law enforcement folks to come. and we also know, interestingly, that major corporate brand names, big corporations, who normally support the republican conventions have always began and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars entertaining being seen and seeing people at these events, have not yet committed to coming because of concerns about some of the things that donald trump has been saying. which could have problems for them elsewhere in the world. and also the possibility of security issues. so the republican national committee has big fund-raising events for them as well and they are seeing a lot of criticism
12:00 pm
from corporate america. usually republican -- >> andrea mitchell reporting from washington, d.c. thanks very much. still on the set with barry bennett. barry, let me talk about the rnc meeting. we see luke russert outside. when it comes to what you think happened outside or inside behind closed doors -- >> yeah. >> do you think there is a mutual consensus? an idea of unity moving into the convention. it seems like it is an uphill swim. >> yeah, but you know, there's a reason why candidates see huge point bumps outside of the convention because that's where the healing takes place. that's where primary voters come home. that's what we will see. so i'm not worried about that at all right now. >> barry bennett, senior trump adviser, thank you so much. my colleague, kate snow, is here to pick things up for the next hour.


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