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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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from corporate america. usually republican -- >> andrea mitchell reporting from washington, d.c. thanks very much. still on the set with barry bennett. barry, let me talk about the rnc meeting. we see luke russert outside. when it comes to what you think happened outside or inside behind closed doors -- >> yeah. >> do you think there is a mutual consensus? an idea of unity moving into the convention. it seems like it is an uphill swim. >> yeah, but you know, there's a reason why candidates see huge point bumps outside of the convention because that's where the healing takes place. that's where primary voters come home. that's what we will see. so i'm not worried about that at all right now. >> barry bennett, senior trump adviser, thank you so much. my colleague, kate snow, is here to pick things up for the next hour. kate, i turn it over to you.
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>> thomas, thank you so much. >> we've had a rocking hour and maybe now we can find out what happened with donald trump's meeting at the rnc. >> as we keep an eye on the situation in washington, d.c., a lot of attention on that door way. luke russ seert is on the phone with us. luke, you still there? >> kate, hello. >> what has been happening the last hour? >> reporter: details are slow to trickle out. what i can tell you is earlier today we received a tip that donald trump could possibly appear as republican national committee headquarters, a stone's throw away from capitol hill. our intrepid team at nbc news, cameramen, reporters, myself, went over here and started staking it out a few hours ago. as secret service began arriving it became apparent that someone important would come. lo and behold, you can't miss that lock of blonde hair through the back of an suv, it was donald trump. he had a meeting here at rnc
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with rnc officials for about an hour as he was inside a large crowd gathered around the rnc. and about a city block long, i could say. and when he left, all he did was give a big wave to the crowd. got into his suc, and pulled away. right now we don't know the specifics that were talked about or who he met with. but if you wanted to have a meeting and you're an rnc official, there is a heck of a lot to talk about after what happened this last week with chris matthews and the issue of abortion and nuclear weapons in europe. also about the delegate process. rnc is now up at website explaining how the delegate process works at convention. it was a real expectation among officials that this will be a contested convention. presumably one would think that was on the agenda as well as the loyalty pledge. donald trump when he said he would agree it back the eventual nominee, reince priebus, chairman of the rnc, big showing
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in new york, showed off the contract. this week donald trump said he is not going to guarantee he will back the event actual nominee ted cruz and john kasich echoing that. a whole range of issues coming out of that meeting. we have thomas roberts who said they are meeting on how to make the rnc better. we will see how the rnc feels about that when we get a word in with them. >> for viewers just tuning in at 3:00 eastern time, luke, just like me, taking over from thomas roberts coming in cold here, what part of washington are we looking at. we keep looking at this shot of donald trump waving to the crowd. who's housed in that building? who might have potentially been, obviously rnc, but who might have been in a meeting like that? >> so the big dog in the meeting like that is reince priebus. chairman of the rnc. then a guy who is communications official. a lot of people working on the convention. people working on messaging. people who work on rnc finance.
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remember that once you become a nominee you get access to republican national committee e-mail, different employees of the state. a different organization. as to where this is located, this is no shock to our audience, i could throw a baseball from the front door of the rnc and hit a house office building. on the house side directly across the street from the capitol. the political operation and business of the congress is kept pretty close literally across the street. and it is not uncommon to see members of congress come over here. a lot of times doing fund-raising. you can't do that ib inside the capitol. and a lot of turnover. dnc is just down the street. so it is very close to the center of political power in washington and a lot of important people on the republican sidewalk through the doors every single day. in fact i saw a little bit earlier our bone ben ginsburg
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well known republican lawyer walk in there. >> we will need to get him on the phone since he is an msnbc contributor. luke, you knew i knew the answer to where the building is. i used to live about seven blocks away from the rnc. >> you're a veteran, katie, that's what i love talking to you. you know your stuff. >> for those of us that don't know washington, d.c., i appreciate the geography lesson. halle is in washington because that's where ted cruz was last night on the late night talk circuit. halle, you hear about this meeting as we are. it came as a surprise, we had known that donald trump might be in washington, d.c. today. we had heard that perhaps he would be meeting with some of his foreign policy advisers then he shows up at rnc headquarters. it is thought-provoking because we don't know what they were talking about but there are so many questions about what will happen in july at that convention. >> right. that is one of the things you might imagine somebody like donald trump talking about with
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reince priebus, with whoever else might have been at that meeting with run republican strategist not a part of this saying this might be damage control essentially. both of these groups, both trump campaign and rnc realizing if they need each other at this point because it looks as they we may be headed to a contested convention. rnc is preparing for this. and the addition of the website out today, and chairman himself has made comments about knowing that this could be a possibility. so this is something that could happen. and everybody kind of realizes that. you talk about the loyalty pledge. talk about the contested convention. there's a lot of topics that could be on the table for this. when it comes to the loyalty pledge i had someone within the party say hey we will take the candidates at their word to as they sign this pledge to promise to be loyal to whoever the gop nominee is. even though donald trump complained about as he calls it unfairness he believes the party establishment has been unfair to him and his campaign, this insider says it is not clear what he means when he talks about what is not fair.
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trump has been explicit about the idea if he goes into the convention with the significant number of delegates he believes it would be she carry for something to happen and someone else to get the nomination and obviously this is what happens in a contested convention if it goes beyond first ballot and you see brokering happening. he was in washington for the foreign policy meeting as well. trying to potentially turn the page after what has been by all accounts difficult week for his campaign with walk back on abortion comments yesterday earlier in the week charging of his campaign manager with battery in florida. it has been a lot of headlines for trump campaign and not necessarily headlines that you imagine they would want to see. for the rnc, also a time period where they don't necessarily want to talk about the lack of unity within the party. republican party clear and skplis knitity messaging which is against hillary clinton. a person they believe will be the democratic nominee.
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that what the rnc wants to be talking about kate. >> halle, we did just see as you might expect a tweet from donald trump telling us what's been going on. >> check my phone. >> check your phone. just add very nice meeting with reince priebus. that's head of the rnc and gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen, says donald trump. >> that's a big sign this loyalty pledge did come up. this idea that if you look at this tweet, that chairman that donald trump talked about need for party unity. that has been something that's been consistent in the rnc's messaging. trump has repeatedly over the course of the last maybe several months questioned this idea of unity. he did it in september before he signed that pledge. he did it to rest a little bit. now we have seen it bubble up again over the last couple of weeks. so discussion of unity. donald trump talking about bringinging the party together. he has done this in his stump speeches. he will often say i'm the guy that can bring the party together. yet we will see what we saw
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earlier this week like, the establishment is unfair, rnc is unfair because they don't like me. working very actively in places like wisconsin to try and slow trump's momentum down, that's what happens in a campaign like this one where you have multiple candidates vying for the nomination. i'm told there will be new ad rolling out from the stop trump movement as they try to keep a lid on him. ted cruz is up by double digits in this new poll and john kasich planning for this convention. planning to not go anywhere. he wants to be a competitor. potentially a concern from other campaigns he may act as almost a spoiler in some of the congressional district where he is working on pt the kasich campaign feels as this race goes east it'll be strong. but a lot of political intrigue here kate. i'm glad you flag that donald trump tweet. i think a lot of people will have notification -- >> it is how we get instant
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notification from donald trump these days. halle stand by. i will let you work the phones and your e-mail. i want it turn to mark halperin, cohost of course of bloomberg politics and kari dan is with us from our newsroom. mark, i know you, i know you're working the phones and trying to figure out what is going on with this meeting. what do you know? >> reince priebus spends more more time than reported trying to do with the implications of potentially going to convention with no one having a majority of delegates with no one -- with trump having majority but implications as mentioned earlier sponsorships for the convention. about prospect of a lot of prominent republicans saying they wouldn't vote for the nominee. this is reince priebus's complex life right now and today is one of the few times he ebeen caught in effect having such a discussion. big one with donald trump. but there is serious business to
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do. because this is a situation with the modern republican party has never dealt with. nominee like trump, perspective nominee who had as many wins as he has, as many delegates, in formal year with normal perspective nominee, everyone endorsing him. everyone would be falling into line. reince priebus has to plan for convention that could be more chaotic than the republicans usually like to have. >> and we are coming on a day here when we have both town halls. last night on msnbc, donald trump talking with chris matthews making a lot of news about abortion. about nuclear weapons. the night before on cnn. and there's been sort of a climate i think the last couple of days of donald trump saying things and the rest of the party getting a little scared at what he said. and then him walking things back. so how does it meeting fit into that context. >> a big problem for the republican party and for reince priebus isn't just who -- isn't just who the presidential
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nominee will be and how the convention will work out. it is also that the party is also responsible for trying to get republicans elected to the house. republicans elected to the senate. right now we are seeing donald trump potentially being a big drag on the republican party overall. if any time donald trump says a controversial statement or flip-flops, three statements in matter of hours on his view of abortion, every time there's a new cycle dominate bid something that donald trump does house and senate candidate around the country are asked by their local press corps to respond to that. do you agree with donald trump. what is your stance on this issue. you are seeing these candidates who are already in races that in any other environment would certainly be very contested senate and house races. who are forced during the course of their campaign not necessarily to talk about the economy or the local issues they want to focus on. they are talking about things like abortion or david duke and the ku klux klan. if you're a senate candidate the
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last thing you want is a headline with your name and kkk in it. that's what donald trump by dominating conversation, that's what he's didding. i'm sure part of this conversation at rnc was about those issues and about concerns that donald trump could be dragging down the down ballot candidate. now in the spring, if this is as hard as it is for these candidates to respond, it will only get more complicated as we get closer to the election and as donald trump remains -- if he does the front-runner or if we are going into a contested convention an talk about republican disunity, that is problematic. not just at presidential level but elsewhere on the ballot. >> last night chris matthews talked with donald trump about leverage, making deals, sitting at the table, when do you hold your cards. my question is, in that room just now, donald trump and reince priebus, who holds the cards? who had the power? >> trump's got more power.
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rnc chair position, whoever it is, in a presidential year, is someone who historically lost a lot of power. after a defacto nominee, that persons plans the convention. convention is a big part of what's going on. that person starts staffing rnc. little bit after delegate dance in most years. more delegate this year again because trump is not a tip tal type of establishment nominee. everyone since reagan nominated the most electable candidate, someone from elected office. this is a whole different thing. i think reince priebus is very aware of the fact that he needs to use every bit of leverage he has. he's got a long-term relationship with trump p. trump used to be one of his donors. he is feeling his way through how this will work. he is cross pressured. in the room with trump. but there are a lot of rnc donors who will walk aby from the top of the ticket it trump is nominee. and all of the things i mentioned before that will play out in cleveland if trump comes in, which is almost certainly the case, with majority or close
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to it. >>. >> andrea mitch sell with us on the phone. she's been doing reporting. andrea, tweet from donald trump confirminging a meeting p. we see him in the video we keep running, emerging from rnc building. he says, looking forward to bringing the party together and it'll happen. what do you know that's behind that tweet p? >> we is acknowledging he was meeting with reince priebus. we your outside in the alewhere you saw the motorcade pulling out. so we could not definitively say it was with reince priebus but there is no way that donald trump would have been in the rnc for 45 minutes to an hour with anyone other than the head of the rnc, reince priebus. and the fact is, he's got a lot of repair work to do. they have to bring this party together and there's got to be concern that down ballot races are in jeopardy. they could lose the senate. because of all of the
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controversial statements. we do know duncan hunter announced today he would be part after house leadership committee for donald trump. we know there's been very little congressional support for trump here in washington. that duncan hunter's spokesman said this moting, foreign policy meeting, which preceded the meeting at rnc today, has been previously scheduled. scheduled a week ago they said. bass not in response to the -- in the last 48 hours, in the interview with chris matthews, on foreign policy and abortion just yesterday. and before that, new york times interview with david sanger and interview with washington post editorial board last week. only of that they announced he even add foreign policy advisory group. one of the points that former cia director general mike hayden had said on morning joe the other morning was that most
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canned dade when they are about to announce sit down and talk to foreign policy advisers. especially if they have not had a lot of experience in this field. and that when he was advising jeb bush they all went to florida and spent a full day doing a battery of briefings and lots of q and a with former governor jeb bush who had more experience in governor obviously than donald trump did. it was a very surprising that he had done so little, kate. that he had not assembled a team and the team he assembled was thin by most report because they had not met until today. when they did meet, at the old u.s. post office building here, the new trump hotel property under construction on pennsylvania avenue. kate? >> was that a lengthy meeting earlier today, andrea? >> very good question. we don't know how long they were in there. we saw them coming out but did not see them going in. so i can't tell you how long
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that was. clearly in washington today, this rnc meeting with reince priebus is a really important moment because he needs to talk about his complaint aren't the complaint of someone who clearly is trying to nail down this nomination but frankly the way those are the way it's always done. that's the process. he is trying it make the case that process is both undemocratic. but that the way it is always being done. reince priebus want to be ensured there won't be an all-out, not a fight at the convention, but a collapse to the party leading up to the convention. as the state conventions and meet and choose delegates along wait. >> andrea mitchell on the phone with us from washington. luke russert is with us as well.
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luke, you're still over close to the rnc headquarters. i were telling us about people coming and going. and ben ginsburg, lawyer for the republican party, what do you know about his involvement or did he have no involvement today? >> he had no involvement. he spoke to our own alex snow that it was a bad case of timing that he was here while the whole media scrum came through. he had no direct influence or a part of this meeting per what we can report. what is interesting, kate, is that we have now started with other media organizations to infiltrate the e-mail boxes and phone voice mailboxes of our rnc sources. everyone has been hush-hush so far. everything you can good off of is the one donald trump tweet
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about party unity. i will be interested to see what leaks out over the next few hours. because make no mistake about it, they cannot be comfortable, and i know that's because i talk to these guys a lot, they cannot be comfortable with donald trump at the top of the ticket. no matter how they talk about perhaps we can expand in the midwest, reagan democrats, yada, yada, yada. they realize trump at the top of of the ticket puts the senate more like than than not on the democratic side. and as you see from the analyst that work for us, house is in serious jeopardy. one thing they tried to do, since the election of president obama is maintain a grip on congress. they have the senate in 2014. so desperately want a republican president. they realize it is an uphill battle now but i would be surprised if what was not discussed in this was not some way to perhaps mitigate that down ballot damage or perhaps hey mr. trump, maybe don't go so far down the rabbit hole.
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remember in 2013, kate, after president obama defeated mitt romney, reince priebus and people at rnc, planned an autopsy and said we need to get around 35% with latinos. we deon't need to talk about same-sex marriage and abortion rights front and center all the time. that makes us big scary republicans. we dent want to do that. well this last week has been about same-sex marriage and north carolina and you have seen that and lbgt rights. it's been about abortion with the question with donald trump. and latinos and recent washington post poll, 85% under water for trump don't like him. so that you a popcy they had in 2013 that came out of the building not necessarily front and center of the republican front run are, kate. >> not to mention the women gap right now. >> that too.
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>> we will leave it there for the moment. i want you all to go work the phones and work those inboxes. infiltrate those inboxes and find out what we can about what happened inside that meeting. as soon as we know more about what happened in there we will bring it to you. we will take a quick break and be right back. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime.
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they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do. i'm kate snow. donald trump just wrapped up a surprised closed door meeting, surprise to us, with the rnc. we will let you know what was said inside as soon as we get any reporting on that. also today donald trump's reversals and more reversals on major policy positions starting to catch up with him and we wanted to spend time today to really look at what he has said on several issues starting with torture.
12:26 pm
>> i would bring back water boarding and worse than water boarding. >> they won't refuse, they're not going to refuse me. believe me. they are illegal. >> the very next day he reversed himself in a statement to the wall street journal saying i will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters. but after the attacks on brussels, reversing course again supporting water boarding. quote look i think we have to change our law on water boarding thing where they can chop off heads and drown people in cages and heavy steel cages and we can't water board. now chomp on the issue of immigration. we know he kept up his cal to bring a wall but he has began back and forth on whether the u.s. ought to have a visa program for skilled foreign workers known as h 1b visa program. back in july trump's campaign
12:27 pm
website argued that the we visas were a bad idea. at cnbc debate in october -- >> all in favor of keeping these talented people here so they can go to work in silicon valley. >> and then earlier this month -- >> mr. trump, your campaign website to this day argues that more visas for highly skilled workers would quote decimate american workers. however at the cnbc debate you spoken thus yastically in favor of these visas. so which is it? >> i'm changing. i'm changing. we need highly skilled people in this country. and if we can't do it, we'll get them in. but and we do need, in silicon valley, we absolutely have to have. >> then within minutes of that deba debate ending, this statement from trump. i will end forever the use of the h-1 b as the cheap labor program and institute an
12:28 pm
absolute requirement. >> then last night three positions on abortion within three hours from donald trump in 1999 remember that donald trump said he was in favor of abortion rights but since he began running for president last year he has maintained he is against abortion rights with exceptions. >> pro life but you do think that there should be exceptions for rape and incest? >> yes. and life in the health of the mother. because you have some cases where the mother may die -- basically ronald reagan had the same thing. three exceptions. >> yesterday chris matthews pressed trump on what would happen if abortion were banned. would women be punished for having an abortion? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> that happened at 1:41 p.m. by 3:36 p.m., a statement came out from the campaign saying the abortion issue is unclear. and it should be put to the states for determination. that's a quote. and 80 minutes later, at 4:56
12:29 pm
p.m., trump reversed what he had said in matthews interview and gave us this quote. the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is the victim in this case as is the life in her womb. joining me now, nbc news political editor and mark halperin, with all due respect, keri, i have to give you thanks for helping us find what we are mapping out to talk about here. this is a candidate, love him or hate him, but a candidate who changes his views frequently. >> and donald trump has completely up-ended what we used to sort of, i guess now a charming and updated word we used a lot, the idea of the political gaff. in the past voters had just not been tolerant of candidates who changed their minds on issues. think of the old ads with john kerry wind surfing or hillary clinton in the 2008 election
12:30 pm
when pressed on the issue of undocumented imgrant having driver's licenses. appearing to equivocate and flip-flop. that was largely seen as a devastating moment for her campaign and called a major gaff. those are the things now that donald trump is doing on a weekly or several times a week basis at this point. and as of right now, you showed all of those examples, what is remarkable about those is in some cases donald trump is changing his mind, not over a prolong amount of time saying i've reconsidered this. sometimes within a matter of days or even in the same sentence at sometimes contradicting himself that moment with the h-1b vietnsa he said i'm change mig position on that. so far he hasn't been punished by republican voters that much. his core supporters continue to back him even though he changes his mind on things. one thing i would note about this abortion flip-flop from yesterday, a lot of voters
12:31 pm
aren't impacted everyday by h-1b vietnamas. on the issues of syrian refugees, something donald trump flip-flop on. it may be something with strong views but not something they think about everyday and perhaps nuances of international policy aren't something on their minds everyday. for abortion this is something everyone in the country knows sort of how -- knows how they feel about it, has a position. views it as matter of faith, women's rights, and that is something that may be could resonate with some voters more saying i would like a candidate who is a little bit more firm in what they think about this. but up until now donald trump has not been punished in the way that almost every president saysor he had on the republican or democratic side who had had these kind of flip-flops voters have punished them right now they are not punishing donald trump on the republican side. >> mark, i don't want to leave you out but we are running short on time. give me your tame quickly. >> donald trump will have ph.d dissertations written about how
12:32 pm
he has done things as a candidate. this denies normal explanations about you that is true of a lot of what donald trump has done so far as he gets the prebusiness of being a republican nominee. not just republican tradition but what we thought we knew about how politics work. >> mark halperin, carrie dann, sorry to cut that short but thanks for being with us at the top of the hour. ahead of wisconsin's ahead of tuesday's voting, getting a read on the pulse of the voters on how women are reacting to donald trump's statements about abortion. everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you the next contest for republicans an democrats was for tuesday in wisconsin where a new marquette law school poll shows on the democratic side sanders up by four points but today democrats are campaigning on the east coast later today sanders will hold a rally in the bronx and short time ago hillary clinton held a get out the vote
12:36 pm
event in purchase, new york. right outside new york city. high stakes primary in new york. 291 delegates up for grabs for democrats on april 19th is when that vote is. new quinnipiac poll out of the united states shows clinton leading sanders by 29 points. kristin, update us on what secretary clinton has been doing today. >> secretary clinton campaigning here in purchase, kate, there is the place where she first launched her bid for senate. a little bit of back to the future. she is trying to remind voters here in new york of all of the work she did as a u.s. senator. but we heard her really fighting this battle on two fronts. she again took sharp aim at donald trump for the controversial comments he made yesterday about abortion in which he said that women who have illegal abortions should be punished. she of course later walked back the comments.
12:37 pm
but secretary clinton again pouncing on them. you can expect to hear more of this from secretary clinton and senator sanders, quite frankly. but also taking aim at senator sanders saying his policies are impractical and she sort of linked him to that controversy with donald trump. not directly but indirectly. take a listen to what she had to say. it me this is a serious issue. and it is a very serious discussion. >> now, in a statement, the sanders campaign pushing back against that andunder are scoring that senators sanders of course thinks it is a serious issue. he was making a broader point about the fact that the media
12:38 pm
sometimes gets distracted by the controversial comments that donald trump makes. but what is interesting here, kate, is the fact that secretary clinton is raising that point, underscores she is feeling a little bit jittery right now. senator sanders has the momentum. he is looking very strong in wisconsin. and she leads here in new york, as you pointed out. but by 12 point. new york is critical to her because it has to many delegates. it is devastating from a momentum perspective and looking at scenario in which he could cut into her delegate lead. she is clearly though pivoting toward the general election as well and donald trump and using that woman's issue as a central fighting point. if you look at the polls, kate, it shows she is far outpacing donald trump when it comes to women voters. beating him 58-31%. donald trump's unfavorability ratings with women, skyrocketing at 70%. so this is an issue that clinton
12:39 pm
campaign thinks could be donald trump's achilles hill but first of course she has it win her own primary before she can get to the general election. kate? >> kristin welker, there is a great art museum over your left shoulder. i've been there many times. >> i will check it out. >> go check it out. tour guide as well. casey hunt joins us now. she covers the sanders campaign. we heard kristin say the sanders campaign is pushing back on this hillary clinton attack where she is saying he seemed to diminish the issue of abortion last night. that's not the way they are framing it at all. >> they have not actually directly referenced clinton's remarks yet but we have the statement from sanders statement and it says donald trump's statement about punishing women who have abortion says an outrage simply unbelievable is candidate for president would make such an absurd statement. senator sanders has a lifetime
12:40 pm
record of a woman's right to choose. he will do all he can to expand that if elected. this is part of sanders' regular stump speech. regularly mentions a woman's right to control her body, as he puts it. he talks about pay equity and other issues on stump. but stump speech largely on the economic issues. he has run into a little bit of trouble there. she was refersing to rachel maddow's follow-up question where he said, you ne what, this will just ignite another type of fire storm we are so used it seeing from donald trump. and to a certain extent she is pushing back and saying no this is a bigger deal. >> we mentioned with kristin welker polls and numbers in wisconsin looking good for bernie sanders. even that number kristin just referenced here in new york, i'm surprised it is only a 12-point lead for hillary clinton. sanders camp has to be happy about that. >> especially because this is
12:41 pm
the state she represented. >> she lives here. >> she lives here. he is from here which he remind us of every time he opens his mouth and we hear that brooklyn accent that has become to a certain extent iconic. but yes, they definitely feel as though they are in a stronger position than they might have been acouple of weeks ago for example. the dominos do have to fall in the right order for them. right? like winning wisconsin matters for how they are do here in new york. but if they are able to pull that off and able to challenge her here, then there is still a narrow path open for him to go to this nomination. it's narrow but it's there. >> i know you've got a couple of calls out or e-mails out about this rnc meeting just because you cover politics so much. heard anything from sources? >> not yet. we are working on it. >> we got a little bit of
12:42 pm
information from luke russert. is he back on the phone? not yet. this meeting between donald trump and leadership of the rnc was planned last week. trump telling officials he would be in d.c. to the anyway and he wanted to stop by originally. it was supposed to be a 10-minute thing. if you've been watching msnbc, the meeting took about 45 minutes. we waited for him to emerge. quite a bit longer than originally planned. luke russert reporting fair to say unity was on the agenda as well as few other things since reince priebus wanted to talk about things he wanted to talk about but we don't know what those things were. so a tiny bit of information. we are getting more insight. tell me again who we have on now? john harwit -- john, can you hear kate? >> i can hear kate. >> hi, how are you?
12:43 pm
what have you learned? >> how are you? >> i'm well things. >> what i heard about this meeting is i talked it a trump adviser and first question that pops into your head is is this because of the abortion comments on comments made to anderson cooper about no longer feeling bound by the pledge to support the republican nominee. this adviser told me that's not the case. this was -- those things might have come up. the adviser wasn't in the room but said the main purpose of this meeting was to talk about the convention, about delegates, obviously a lot of question about whether we will have contested or brokered kind of convention outcome if you don't have a first ballot nomination. also about general election financing. remember, a few days ago donald trump hired paul man ford, rhett van republican party pop rattive to serve as liaison to the convention, to the republican party. that was the subject of this meeting beginning that role for paul maniford rather than controversy that came up.
12:44 pm
which is consistent, by wait, kate, with what luke russert is just reporting that you just conveyed that meeting is set up last week. >> okay. so set up to talk about convention issues. to talk about party unity. to talk about the pledge they've all made. >> that's right. and also to talk about the general election. because you know, donald trump still expects that he is going to get 1237 he needs to be the first bl ought nominee. he may not, and of course polls in wisconsin are not promising at the moment, but you've got new york after that and he still has a path to proceed and so as the front-runner if not the presumtive nominee at this point he has an interest in having an ongoing dialogue with the republican national committee the closer we get to that convention, kate. >> john harwood, washington correspondent who covers politics and capitol hill and all things cnbc. thanks for providing that for us. let's go over to luke russert who is back with us outside rnc headquarters. luke, i was reading your reporting for our viewers.
12:45 pm
you spoke with someone at rnc and this was supposed to be a brief meeting? >> yeah, how about that. this came together last week when donald trump was in new york. he ran into some rnc officials. he said hey i'll i'm going to be in d.c. thursday. i presume that was for the original foreign policy meeting. he wanted to come here, see the building behind me and say hi for a quick ten minutes p. that meeting turned into an hour. what john said is important, that the delegate issue is on the table. can i report that party unity was on the table. and i suspect that donald trump is probably being briefed by reince priebus on a lot of the delegate process and also what the rnc does for a candidate and general election candidate. some pro choice protesters right next to me. obviously, they are fired up after the recent comments donald trump made to chris matthews. i'm interested to see kate as more and more information comes
12:46 pm
out. and assign from delegate allocation as with what john said and donald trump's resentd problems were not on the docket and but i just think that for how political an operation this is or how much they carry about the down ballot race is maybe something was said. take your foot off the gas a little bit donald trump because we want to hold on to the senate and house as best we can. >> oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. it would have been fascinating. we will certainly learn more. we will take a quick break. a lot going on on a thursday afternoon. we'll be right back. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way.
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12:50 pm
>> donald trump's campaign walked those comments back saying anyone performing an abortion should be held responsible if abortion were illegal not the woman having the abortion. even made those remarks to chris matthews he was struggling with women voters. our latest poll shows 70% of female voters have a negative view of donald trump. for more, let's turn to nbc's chris jansing, talking to voters, specifically female voters, in milwaukee, wisconsin. >> reporter: it's been fascinating because all day long, talking to voters, mostly female, a few men, only one person today didn't know all the details about this story. in fact, it's been everywhere here, it's all over talk radio, on television. of course it's the headlines in the newspaper. and they fall into two camps, nobody defending donald trump, either people are trying to figure out why did he even go there, there's so many other problems more important, and then this woman who i spoke to, very typical of what i'm
12:51 pm
hearing, this visceral reaction to what donald trump had to say. take a listen. >> that's an absolute unacceptable thing to say. we're not living in medieval times. i think he needs to regard women as equals and realize that this election is going to be based largely on a lot of women and how they vote. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of the poll yesterday from marquette that had him down to ted cruz by ten points. look at nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, women 70% unfavorable view of donald trump. compared to 21% who have a positive view. this is just the latest in what has been a really bad week for donald trump, frankly, in wisconsin. monday he went on talk radio, basically said terrible things about both paul ryan and the
12:52 pm
governor scott walker, the two most powerful republicans in the state. even people who dent netly like, say, the government, it's like somebody trash talking your family member. it's okay if you do it, but you don't want an outsider to do it. i've heard from so many people today, on tuesday, corey lewandowski, his campaign manager at the police station on that charge of assaulting a female reporter. and then on wednesday, these abortion comments and the new poll numbers that are coming out. i just got off the phone with a republican here who has been heavily involved in politics for the last 20 plus years. he knows a lot of people. he's been involved in many of the campaigns here, and he says that he has sensed, over last couple of weeks, that cruz was gaining traction but he thinks that what's happened this week could make it for sure a woot
12:53 pm
waterloo for donald trump. i've heard this repeatedly from people today but more from republican leaders who i've been talking to over last couple of days, and that is that they think that donald trump has lost them in a way that they'll go for ted cruz even though they've admitted that they don't like ted cruz, they would never otherwise vote for ted cruz, but they're so determined to stop donald trump in wisconsin, that's why we're seeing the establishment coming together to try to beat him. >> so interesting up there in wisconsin. tone on "hardball," cecil richards joins chris matthews tonight 7:00 eastern only here on msnbc. we'll be right back. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom.
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that was a whirlwind of news this hour. that's going to do it for us this hour.
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good afternoon. i'm steve kornacki. we come to you this hour, following breaking news out of washington, d.c. donald trump, republican presidential front-runner, a short time ago, leaving a surprise meeting with the republican national committee. trump took to twitter just a few minutes ago, had this to say -- quote, just had a very nice meeting with rance priebus and the gop, looking forward to bringing the party together, and it will happen. let's get right to washington, where that meeting took place. nbc's luke russert right there. you can see a bunch of reporters behind him, too. what do we know? donald trump, rnc chairman, what do we know about what took place in this meeting? >> reporter: let me correct you. there's some abortion rights protesters behind


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