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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 1, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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seriously. i mean even trying to sell this to a competing network, that is ridiculous. it's friday, april 1, right now on "first look" took, 26 millions are in the path of severe weather. breaking overnight, north korea does some saber rattling as the u.s. and world leaders negotiate handling their nuclear ambitions. new details surrounding the trooper killed at a virginia greyhound bus station. plus, the donald clarifies his comments yet again. the women fight for fair pay, plus much more on a busy april fool's day. "first look" starts right now. well, good morning on a friday. thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. 26 million people are in the path of a severe storm system today. there are reports of at least four tornadoes like this one in new hope, mississippi.
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it caused severe damage through that state along with another twister in alabama. a mississippi police car lost control in the storm, hydroplane into the tree. intense storms and funnel clouds were reported further north. portions of tennessee saw severe flooding as well as strong winds and pelting hail. it is still not over. april begins with the threat of more flash flooding in the soaked south. wind damage is expected from delaware to the northern gulf coast. even as far north as new england. winds could be strong enough to knock out power. the northeast is ao bracing for colder temperatures, possibly even light snow in areas. we'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. breaking news overnight. north korea has reportedly fired another surface-to-air missile into the sea of japan. this could be in response to president obama's gathering of more than 50 world leaders in washington for a two-day summit to discuss nuclear security. it's an issue that has come into
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the spotlight on the campaign trail as well. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: donald trump's first meeting with his foreign policy team took place in a construction site for a trump hotel. blocks from where the president and world leaders were focusing on reducing the nuclear threat. >> great importance to both of us is north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: but it was trump's call to increase the spread of nuclear weapons and possibly even use them that has him under fire. those comments to chris matthews. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using a nuclear weapon? >> i would never say that i would never take my cards off the table. >> what about europe? >> i won't take my cards -- >> you'd use it in europe? >> no. >> i'm just saying. >> reporter: trump slammed by the man in charge of the nuclear arsenal. >> i'm afraid this kind of talk in an election is bluntly irresponsible. >> reporter: trump saying he
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might expand the nine member nuclear club which includes the u.s., russia and north korea. he's open to adding japan, south korea, even saudi arabia. >> at some point, we have to say you know what? we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. we're better off frankly if south korea is going to start protecting itself. >> saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia, absolutely. >> reporter: but many republicans say that could set up the nuclear arms race. >> the notion that rogues will not get ahold of them and will not be targeted at us is ridiculous. >> there's nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. the white house called donald trump's comments on nuclear weapons catastrophic. a virginia state trooper has died after being shot at close range at a greyhound bus station in richmond. authorities say 37-year-old chad dermyer, a marine corps veteran, walked up to the man after completing a training session on suspicious behavior. less than a minute later, he pulled out a gun and fired at
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dermyer, and then the gunman was shot by two nearby officers. two women were shot but their injure ares are nonlife threatening. >> i asked that everyone keep the family in their thoughts and prayers, as well as the families of the two innocent females that were injured as well. it was quite a tragedy for all of us. >> the gunman has not been identified. there's still no word on why he opened fire. the backlash continues over donald trump's comments on abortion during this week's msnbc town hall. and last night, he continued to walk back and clarify his remarks. >> you really had to hear the whole thing. this was a long, convoluted question. this was a long discussion and they just cut it out. it was really convoluted. the person performing the
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abortion, the doctor, whoever it may be, that's really doing the -- responsible for the act is responsible. not the woman that's the way i always felt. >> this comes as trump had a private meeting yesterday with republican national committee officials in washington and reportedly it focused on delegate counts, party rules and general election activities, not trump's recent clashes with the rnc. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders continues to put pressure on hillary clinton. the sanders campaign says it raised $44 million in march an increase from the february haul. nbc's edward lawrence has more. >> reporter: good morning, betty. even governor john kasich is attacking trump something he has not done. his other competition senses an opening. donald trump gave a thumbs up after meeting with the national committee but he's in trouble over female voters over a misstatement he says about women being punished for abortion.
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>> three's not the way to think about women. >> he's showing he's unprepared to be president of the united states. >> reporter: still other wisconsin voters won't abandon the republican front-runner. >> i think our country needs someone to turn things around. >> reporter: trump's meeting at the rnc focused on unity in the party and he met with his foreign policy advisers in washington yesterday. sticking to his stance on nuclear weapons. he says his advisers agree with him. you don't take nukes off the table. meanwhile, hillary clinton remains focused on her electability. >> i have one million more votes than donald trump. and i have 2 1/2 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: but bernie sanders keeps hitting his message on corporate contributions. >> $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: both front-runners would like the primaries to be wrapped up, but their competition won't give up. donald trump says he will release today which foreign policy advisers he met with.
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betty? >> looking forward to that. thank you. well, california lawmakers have approved a statewide minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. the highest in america. governor jerry brown says he will sign the bill into law on monday. and the 15 bucks an hour begins in 2022. now critics worry the increase could hurt california's economy. although new york is not far behind. governor cuomo and state legislators have reached a budget deal that raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour by the end of 2018. other parts of the state will have more gradual increases. five members of the u.s. women's soccer team have filed a federal complaint of wage discrimination. filed with the equal opportunity commission, the athletes said making the roster for the u.s. world team pays the female player $30,000 and men make more than twice that and the bonus structure gives them a chance to earn more.
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the men's team took home $9 million although they lost before the quarterfinals and the women's team earned $2 million, more nan four times less and they won the title. in response to the filing, u.s. soccer tells nbc news our efforts to be advocates for women's soccer are unwaverings. we will negotiate a new agreement. the u.s. has more major overall wins than the male counterparts. to those bombshell secret tapes exposed and a growing scandal swirling around the governor of alabama. he is refusing to resign under threats of impeachment from fellow lawmakers as allegations of an affair with a top aide go public. nbc's kerry sanders has the tale of the tapes. >> reporter: with calls for his resignation, robert bentley visited a state women's prison saying he's not going to give up. >> there's nothing illegal or anything that's ever been done that would affect the people of
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alabama or affect my job. >> reporter: the 73-year-old who was swept into the send term on the promise of family values is accused of an affair with rebekah mason. >> i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. >> reporter: leaked audiotapes are believed to be him talking with his alleged mistress. the governor and his wife diane divorced last year after a 50-year marriage. according to the website, it was recorded by mrs. bentley two years ago. mason has also denied the affair but resigned from her job. she was not a state employee, but was paid by bentley's campaign and another private group. >> it's become apparent to me that rebekah mason has willed to the influence and to the state government i have never seen. >> reporter: there's a growing momentum to impeach.
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>> he needs to resign immediately and if he doesn't he needs to be impeached. >> reporter: with the state ethics investigation under way what may or may not have happened here has yet to play out. kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. coming up on 10 minutes past the hour, let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi, betty, good morning. today is first day of the second quarter for wall street and stocks closing out the first quarter on a slightly down note. but the markets posted the biggest monthly gain since october. it managed to wipe out the huge quarterly loss since 1933. and investors will be watching the march jobs numbers and we're expecting another month of solid hiring, with unemployment seen at holding at 4.9%. an eight year low. but weak wage gains could enforce the cautious tones about raising interest rates. elon musk said demand for the model 3 of tesla is outpacing expectations. he says more than 150,000
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preorders have been received. tesla unveiling the new electric vehicle thursday night saying it will get at least 215 miles of range on a single charge. it will go on sale late night year. >> thank you. check this out. it was an epic brawl on a florida golf course as two alligators go head to head. now, it is unclear what started this melee but eventually one of the gators apparently had enough and simply walked away. right there. i'm out of here. well, the city of saratoga sarato tweeted out, this gives new meaning to course hazard. a k-9 cop killed in the line of duty. and millions at risk of severe weather today. your forecast is up next. you're watching "first look."
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scary scene, new hope, mississippi, late yesterday. that tornado touched down,
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rolled through portions of the town. obviously some very significant damage was done. no reports of any fall thaitys. it wasn't a tornado outbreak, but we had an outbreak of severe damage from wind damage to hail, from the great lakes down into portions of mississippi. in all, 200 reports of severe weather. this morning things have quieted down a little build. but don't tell that to your friends in montgomery, alabama, who got woken up by a long line of strong storms. let's get to today. we have what we're looking at 26 million people at risk of severe weather from areas of the southern chesapeake bay southwards through the carolinas, back through montgomery and new orleans. a flash flood threat. we had a lot of rain around montgomery. we had heavy rain and thunderstorms in the same areas hit earlier today. that's why we had the potential for some flash flooding. the other story is the cold this upcoming weekend. it starts late today in minnesota and the great lakes, dips down through the great lakes ones is day.
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it really intensifies on sunday. we have a potential for high winds, snow squalls and then next week a minisnowstorm in new england. >> this is april, it's not an april fool's joke, we'll see some snow. thank you. well, the city of brotherly love, philadelphia city city council officially apologized to jackie robinson thursday. robinson faced extreme racism when playing the phillies in 1947 as seen in the film "42." >> time-out, hold on. we have to take a nap. come on, [ bleep ]! >> the resolution names april 15th as jackie robinson day in the city. a las vegas police k-9 named nikki was shot and killed thursday, confronting an armed suspect. what had just returned to duty after recovering from a february machete attack. officers were responding to the report of man firing randomly at
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people. california police were investigating a suspicious vehicle when they found a young girl and mother living in the car. while one hospital helped the woman get in touch with homeless services, look, the other officer took time to teach the little girl how to hopscotch. now college basketball has a new champion, george washington university, the fourth ranked colonials defeated number one valparaiso at madison square garden. tomorrow night in houston the final four oklahoma against syracuse. and next to china and tight rope race there. it held about what 900 feet above the ground. look at that. competitors had to cross a wire more than 100 yards long in three rounds side by side while racing against the clock. can you say pressure? they each carried the 22-pound balance pole and according to
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the media 51-year-old freddie knock of switzerland won with a time of 42 seconds. finally to the ncaa slam dunk contest. mississippi state -- oh, craig soer tried to dunk over the denny's pan cake mascot. he paid the price to the delight of the hungry crowd. poor pancake. we have a special april fool's week in review. that is next. just sketch it on there and you've got it immediately. yeah, i like that. i don't have a touch screen on my mac. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check.
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20 minutes past the hour. an incredible week in politics leading into april fool's day. so here's a look at the week that was. >> you're running for president of the united states -- >> excuse me. i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> sir, with all due respect that's the argument of a 5-year-old. >> i didn't start it. >> anderson cooper is a dumb dumb. he's a stupid head. a total poopy pants. it's had. >> john kasich is refusing -- he's like the guy at your house party who at 3:00 a.m. he's still playing xbox on the couch and he's vowed to keep running, he's going to keep running until one person in america can identify him by face and he'll stop. >> you kind of held out until they found someone they like less than you. >> there you go. >> this little bird doesn't know it. >> actually, something similar happened a trump speech.
2:22 am
take a look. >> that's what will happen when donald trump is president. >> that's right. >> if i were in my car getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera, i'm not confident which pedal i'd push. >> oh, come on, you sound like an idiot. >> stephen, i'm rubber, you're glue, i have a lawyer i will sue. >> thanks. what kind of operation are you running, stephen? >> it's called a talk show, bernie. ♪ >> vladimir, hi, it's donald. it was huge, it was huge. hey, can you hold on for a second? melania. ♪ >> what a wild week. all right. on the phone now i am joined by msnbc political reporter jane timm. good morning and happy friday. april fool's day, but you're here, right, that is you? >> good morning.
2:23 am
>> all right. we want to get to this. because this could be a serious issue today. the hacker group anonymous has warned it will launch a total war on donald trump today. is this a real threat or is it a sick april fool's joke? >> no, this is not an idle threat. they have already released some of donald trump's personal information, they have hacked his website and the like. anonymous likes april fool's i guess, but this is not, this is not a joke. we may see donald trump's website go down, they're famous for shutting websites down by overloading them or releasing information. this largely plays into donald trump's hands, this gives him another attacker to fight off and be a champion in the eyes of his supporters. the only thing that could be truly damaging to his brand is if they found some financial information that contradicted his own statements about his wealth. there's talk about if he's as rich as he says it is. and that success is pretty
2:24 am
fundamental to his brand. so if they were to find something accurate about this, contradicted him, that might rise above the level -- >> we'll wait and see what happens with that. in the meantime really quickly, wisconsin, it's going to be a big test. especially coming off of his abortion comments. how big of a test is this for him? >> this is huge. we have already seen ted cruz rising in the polls here. he had a ten-point lead in a poll yesterday. if he comes out of wisconsin winning, ted cruz, with 42 of those delegates i think we're very likely heading into a contested convention. >> oh, all right. a lot at stake coming up. so we'll be watching for that. jane, thanks so much. we appreciate you joining us today by phone. and just ahead a major oops by the cia. plus, proof that you should have someone hold that ladder. we'll be right back. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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leading the news on cover oops. cia left an explosive training device on a school bus. the cia accidentally left the device on the bus after a k-9 training exercise at ashburn high school there. the bus transported student for two days but the device was found during a routine mechanical checkup. it had no detonator. also, ferguson, missouri, names miami cop ross to lead force. he is task in repping repair e the -- in helping to repair the police force after the shooting of michael brown. now that shooting revealed severe racial tensions in the department and community.
2:29 am
he'll succeed andre anderson who was suspended last august. this you've got to see. a close call in kentucky, a wildlife worker falls while trying to release a bald eagle. luckily the man holding the ladder catches the woman the second she tries to do it again. well, the eagle, he was able to leave and fly away. "way too early" starts right now. i believe that the overwhelming majority of the delegates at the convention will take this -- will take this responsibility very seriously. and i think that's where we're going. i think it's going to be fantastic. probably going to be less kardashians, more who's going to be president. >> there's no doubt that donald trump is the kim kardashian presidential candidate. he sits on twitter and makes a lot of noise. but he has no solutions to fixing the problem. >> john kasich and ted cruz versus the kardashian candidate?
2:30 am
donald trump does damage control as his rivals give him the reality tv treatment. plus, a new york state of mind. hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the boroughs with clinton at one point losing her cool. we'll show you how went that down. severe weather continues to slam the south. the big question this morning -- when will it end? it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning, everyone. it is friday, april 1st. no kidding. i'm alex witt. we begin with the severe weather that's showing no signs of letting up. 26 million people are at risk again today. tornadoes hit mississippi, alabama and louisiana yesterday after tearing through the plains a day earlier. this funnel cloud wastu


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