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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the ng-lasng quicker pickerpper. but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. good day, everyone. i'm alex witt. just two days from the wisconsin primary and any number of ways that can change the campaign picture in a dramatic way. on the gop side, the badger state winner could change the race and victory can mean a clear path for donald trump, defeat, a long slot through the convention process and ted
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cruz -- >> you know, it's gotten to the point where i couldn't care less about donald trump. >> until tuesday when the battle for wisconsin likely comes down to the two gop front-runners with cruz sensing momentum. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a tight race in wisconsin. the consequences of either losing could alter the race. it is happening in less than 48 hours from la cross to milwaukee and green bay and parts west. we take you there as the race heats up on msnbc, the place for politics. >> we begin with new reaction from donald trump with his fight for ted cruz and what he might do if he doesn't get it. >> i would like to see a united
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party, but i watched the turmoil in his brain when they were talking about trump and support and i don't know. he is going crazy. all i want to do is relieve the pressure. he is a man who does not react well under pressure. he's a basket case. in order to relieve the pressure, ted, don't worry about that. you don't have to endorse me. you ruling out running as an independent third party candidate. >> by far the front runner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> if you don't get the nomination? >> we will have to see how i was treated. >> trump's comments come hours after two introduce were publish published. when asked about retweeting this side by side picture of heidi cruz, he said it was a mistake. if i had to do it again, he
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wouldn't send it. he sounded a bit chasened, but stood by ted cruz starting the fight. given the draconian comment, ied had to asked, when he was a swinging bachelor, was he involved with anyone who had an abortion. such an interesting question, he said. what's your next question. that was the end of that conversation. he declined to name the people he is considering for vice president, but needs somebody that can walk into the senate and has been friendly with these guys for 25 years and people who can get things done. i would 95% see myself picking a political person as opposed to somebody from the outside. on the democratic side, new reaction from hillary and bernie over whether they will have another debate as they head into the new york primaries on april 19th. >> i'm confident that there will
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be, but i'm not the one negotiating it. that's between the campaigns. my campaign has been trying to get i time that senator sanders's campaign would with. >> he proposed sunday evening, april 17th, are you in? >> i'm not negotiating. we proposed thursday the 14th which gives more time to digest what happens in the debate. is he in? >> i'm glad the secretary accepted the challenge. i think we can work out a debate that works for both of our schedules. during the nca finals makes no sense. doing it in the morning where people will not watch in large numbers makes no sense. >> the comments come hours after crossing paths at the wisconsin dems dinner last night. visiting black churches, john kasich is off the campaign trail with two events and trump and
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sanders and cruz are there for six events. we will be seeing more of milania trump making that announcement yesterday at a rally. kerry sanders is covering it from milwaukee. how is it feeling ahead of the primary? >> the donald trump campaign wants to exude confidence and it helps them going forward into the actual primary. what they have in this state and they have seen it in other states are polls that don't seem to support that confidence. the most recent poll shows that ted cruz is beating donald trump by 10 percentage points. we have seen polls that have been failures in the aftermath. you look at the polls going in and it looks like it's going one way and in the aftermath, it turns out to be different. donald trump is confident and said he is going to do well if
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they are willing to support him. this is what donald trump had to say. >> i think we will have a very good day on tuesday. it's just about even. one point down. i can't believe i'm losing to cruz. we can't lead this happen. if we lose in wisconsin, i think it's over. >> he is telling voters if he wins here he thinks it's over, but the question is, this ultimately leads to the convention and whether thhre will be a convention or not. donald trump had a quiet day until this evening. just a short distance from here, he will be speaking prior to that. i know he will be sitting down doing an interview with the sinclair group. that is an interview that will be broadcast not only across the nation, but specifically on stations across wisconsin. donald trump doing his last minute effort to reach people in
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their living rooms. >> thank you so much from milwauk milwaukee. a delegate selection process raised north dakota's profile. the 28 delegates are unbound, not committed to any candidate at present. msnbc is in fargo covering the three-day republican convention. good day to you. i know you were one of only two reporters in the back room meadings. ben carson with the north dakota delegate. what went on? >> these were back room meetings where the reportity and where he brings teams that are likely to be delegates and would appear to them in groups of 12 or 14 and say this is why i'm supporting donald trump. they are skeptical of donald trump.
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dr. carson is likeable and religious and very calm. they think donald trump might be outlandish and they get asked why do you think he is right for it? they would say donald trump is not my guy and after that, he said i think he is. it was strong. he had the ability to bring people to his side. >> were you surprised that these people as they came out of the meeting said i walked in feeling one way said i think i could support trump? it was a strong place. >> what are about the pitches from the other two candidates. did you see any?
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all three have a presence. she would kiss babies and spend time with the people. they felt special and got a chance to ask questions. one person said i'm not sure. that's the kind of treatment you see someone from north dakota rarely treating a delegate like this. >> we will check in with you from fargo. donald trump is prominent on the media appearing on several talk shows. >> i haven't had to advertise.
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>> they called it earned media. it has been so much and it's like a free ad. they have given me a lot of that and i'm happy about it. i don't think it has been worth it. >> thank you both for joining me. to you first. your response. because he doesn't have a politician, he doesn't have a filter. the way he talks about politics soups like he spent about five minutes thinking about it lead alone studying the campaigns. the idea is that he is bragging about the fact that he hasn't had to work hard i'm not sure
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speaks well, but you have donald trump saying words that wind up getting him in trouble and he has to pretract them, you have ted and other more political people gaining over 28 people. they are playing a long game that seems to be smarter. he is winning without doing the smart things. >> he is taking a lot of time to prepare and analyze. your take on the comments about the media. >> it's hard to argue with you. he is on television like 20 out of 24 hours some days. it seems that way. i sort of think in a way that he is addressing something that not only his supporters, but potential supporters are interested in hearing about. why is donald trump on television all the time? is that something he is asking
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for or are they asking him to do? they are asking and i'm doing it and it's working for me and yea me. that is reinforcing part of his outsider appeal. he is not going to do this the way other candidates have done this and not sound the way others have sounded. i would note that he has been doing traditional media front-runner kinds of things in the last two weeks. he has done two major interviews apiece with the new york times and "the washington post." editorial board, foreign policy covering all kinds of things. the wood ward interview that you referenced that is in the paper today. that's wide ranging and nearly 100 mondays of interview. he doesn't have to do that if he is on television all the time,
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but he does if he is going to be a serious candidate. >> i can say from the perspective, booking producers reach out to people to get them on shows. that's the way it works from the perspective. i'm curious the reaction to ben carson. he seemed to be effective and people went into the back rooms saying not so much. coming out saying maybe. >> ben carson throughout the process, his likability and his one on one appeal to religious conservatives has been consistent throughout. overtime he came to be seen not serious enough of a candidate to consider for president, but he has an appeal particularly to very conservative voters. that's particular to who they sent in. they sent a politician in. really zeroing in on women voters offended by the things that donald trump sends in. he is every bit as outsider as he is to double down on the
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thing. >> how about the fact that ted cruz showed up in person? >> i think that cruz is playing the delegate long game. he has been in louisiana and trying to flip delegates who may have to vote first, but they try to gain like they do on the second. cruz is doing the most surgery and they try to use another metaphor on how to gain that process. the problem is that all of this gainsmanship might be coming too late. they will come into new york and probably win new york and win these big delegate-rich states. the problem is on the map. it might be too late to change it. >> for donald trump goes in with 1236 instead of 1237. >> that's why 28 delegates are important. >> absolutely. in your latest piece you write about hillary clinton's hopes with a really big win in new
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york and that would force bernie out of the race. how likely is that after his repeated bouts of i'm stick around until the convention. what would it take to get him to bow out? >> it would take a blowout win in new york to get him to stand down. i believe him when he said he would stay in the race until the convention. what he tells the supporters to do if there is a lull when she clinched the nomination. while he is still technically a candidate. >> can i look quickly at the latest polling out of new york in terms of clinching the nomination. clinton does not have an insurmountable lead. there more than two weeks left until the primary. how damaging would it be were she to lose new york? >> it would be terribly damaging if she were to lose. this is the state she
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represented for eight years and she calls home. the clinton campaign is really doubling down on new york. it is more important to win there than to win in wisconsin although certainly they don't want to lose badly in wisconsin on tuesday. they can't afford to lose badly or even to have something close to a tie in new york because nothing would fuel the sanders momentum more than a victory or narrow loss in new york. they are trying to put him away to the best they can in new york. what do you think they will be reading on wednesday morning? >> they will be reading that cruz and sanders win in wisconsin. >> there is that predict. >> i think cruz will win in wisconsin and the headlines will be whether or not the stop trump movement has momentum or is
9:17 am
dead. if trump pulls out the win, the movement would be dead. >> a popular radio host makes headlines after being toe to toe with donald trump. we will talk about his heated interview with the presidential candidate. first breaking news from the philadelphia area where two people were killed. 35 injured after an amtrak train hit a back hoe on the tracks and derailed. that train was carrying 341 passengers at the time and happened just a few hours ago. those killed were not passengers. none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. amtrak service between philadelphia and wilmington, delaware is suspended as the conversation continues.
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>> a new poll shows ted cruz's lead narrowing slightly, but his opponent is making headlines after an interview got heated. >> do you ever apologize? most real men say i was a hot head and i shouldn't have done that. >> doi apologize and i believe in apologizing, but i think before i would think about apologizing, he oh,s me an apology. what he did was wrong. i didn't start it. if he didn't start it, it would have never happened. he started it. >> remember we are not -- we are on a playground. we are running for president of the united states. >> joining me now, the other voice you heard in that clip, charlie sykes from milwaukee. with a welcome to you, i was
9:22 am
smiling at that last comment. i want to say you are a member of the never trump camp. what did you want to hear from him in this interview? >> i was trying to say look, you are coming into wisconsin where we value civility andy is sensey and coherent thought. this might be a moment to stop the insults and say wives should be off limits and i invited him to do that. he acknowledged that was not a good idea. he would have had a better week when he did it on monday when i gave him the opportunity. >> any surprises other than being surprised he didn't straighten up on the front? >> it's not a secret what i said about him and he is a cynical opportunist and a demagogue and not a conservative or a liberal, he is a paman with no principals. they would have figured that
9:23 am
out, but they didn't do that. >> let's talk about them. i think things are different here. we are a fire wall of rationality. people pay attention. we have a different talk radio environment and we have been through a lot. the voters pay attention attention. they are use dealing with the ideas and donald trump does not play as well as he plays elsewhere. he was taken before he made the decision to attack scott walker. coming out with bogus numbers about the budget. whatever you might think, scott walker is popular and i don't think that plays well.
9:24 am
either the culture or the political landscape. >> who do you think is responsible for that? in addition to the fact that it would seem they were not aware of who you were. the fact that you have this type of radio show. where do you put the blame? >> that's interesting that talking to the figure afterwards, that was interesting that they didn't have the organization to do the basic vetting. this is what we are finding out that this campaign is not really a campaign. they are not doing the blocking and tackling and the connecting of the dots. you are also seeing this lack of attention to detail. that's going to be something to watch carefully. >> what about the numbers game.
9:25 am
yesterday on the broadcast, we were reporting trump behind by 10 points. would you be surprised if he did? >> i would be surprise and i'm not sure it is narrowing. the poll tends to be the gold standard. sarah palin came to milwaukee on friday and when you have a chance, you should look up the tape. she was a rock star a few years ago. she speaks as a trump surrogate for a crowd of 750 activists and the room was dead and it was a flop. she didn't get a single applause for 18 minutes. that encapsulated what the mood was. it is not friendly to donald
9:26 am
trump. to the extent that there is momentum, you have a moderate conservative and that strikes me as the momentum going into tuesday. >> there is a lot of focus because there is a suggestion if trump loses, that guarantees a contested convention. what do you think? >> i'm hoping that's the case. that's the way they are now thinking and they have to be the wall here and the flip side is that if donald trump wins, it's hard to imagine anyone stopping him. you do have a change in this last week. a change in the narrative and you ipt out he is not invulnerable he can be beaten. i think the folks in the media figure out that you can ask the tough questions and when you drill down on issues like the policies on nuclear weapons or
9:27 am
abortion, there is no there there. i think that exposing of ow this layer of this candidate is, i think it's going to play out in the future primaries. >> the former representative told me that he thinks there is a great movement to craft paul ryan. what do you think? pab kbs is pocket a >> anything is possible. if wisconsin goes, he is not getting into 2737. if he doesn't, he is going to drop. the question is can anyone get a majority? i'm a paul ryan guy one of the reasons that donald trump is having trouble is for a lot of
9:28 am
people, people like paul ryan have that message. is it possible? probable? who knows. we are in uncharted territory. >> thank you so much. >> the new fight over who is a real true blue democrat. >> this e dekz season has a special part. i am sorry to hear the negativity against i am muslim by faith and we are taxpayers and good citizens and contribute to the well being of this country. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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being picked at the convention. hopefuls are fighting to gain supports from the 28 unbound delegates and our delegate hunter is in fargo right now for us. explain today's process and how long it will last. >> this is a family affair. the former governor of this great state and the former agriculture secretary under president bush as well as the interim president, correct? this is an extended family member of his. these two are on different sides of a very important issue. whether or not they declare their support publicly while they are here. right now people are voting and we can throw the ballot on the screen. all twet of them.
9:33 am
they are not bound to the will of any voters, but they declare or request who they are going to support. can you tell us why? >> a lot of the delegates are not involved in the politics, they don't know who the delegates are supporting. given the importance of a republican national convention, knowing who a delegate will support before we elect them seemed to be a reasonable proposition. you can change it later. >> they are not required, but we wanted to ask who they supported now. we were not trying to bind the delegates.
9:34 am
the governor was opposing the governor. why were you against it? it's dynamic and people are changing their minds. i would like to send them to the national convention who i don't know. i don't want to know who they are voting for and who they are not. i want to see that they will absorb the values and the character of the people and the person who will be the candidate. >> some people say because these 200 or so put donald trump over the top. we all get together and we either have a presidential prime or or elect a president that way and we have a caucus or that's
9:35 am
what we will continue to do. >> you guys will still go to dinner? >> that's an example of how this process is going to work? >> back to you. >> an example of family ties that don't always bind. >> the former governor as well. thank you. >> is hillary clinton getting nervous? that is what bernie sanders is suggest. we will tell you what the comment was, next. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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9:39 am
everybody sees that. she grabs my arm and when you look at her initial statement, she was almost thrown down to the ground. by the way, if she were thrown down to the ground and all those things happened. i would be have fired him instantly. i don't want to ruin a man's life that looks like nothing happened. >> this was a day after politico's campaign is shrinking. this is from sources close to the campaign. new reaction from hillary and bernie about the exchange between clinton and a green peace activist. the clinton campaign refused to apologize after saying his campaign is lying about her campaign accepting donations from the fossil fuel industry. the democrats clashing over possible debate in new york ahead of the state's primary. kelly o'donnell is in wisconsin. let's talk about this particular line of disagreement.
9:40 am
what is the main issue. >> debates are always a touchy subject. they can get different things out of them and at times they are exposed to different risks. what's unusual about this is that the debate within the debate behind the scenes is coming forward. that is a bit unusual. we have seen them noting the many areas of commonality. the tensions are clearly on the wise here. we are in wisconsin, but we are looking ahead to the next primary in new york. that is home turf for both of them. bernie sanders born in new york and hillary clinton representing the senate. they have been having conversations and both sides are saying that the other team is not playing fair. they are not being cooperative.
9:41 am
hillary clinton would want to be maybe more protective and sanders who is surging wants another opportunity to be seen nationally. there is also tension through the comments. things in front of voters and reacting to questions where you see how hillary clinton and bernie sanders are outlining the differences. you will hear this first from clinton who is talking about party affiliation and sanders who is maybe getting nervous. >> i'm also a democrat and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. i think that's kind of important if we are selecting someone to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> poll after poll shows us doing much better against trump
9:42 am
than she is. the past poll had us up 20 points and also a significant margin more than she is. bernie sanders identified himself as a democratic socialist may not have the same credentials she does. sanders at a number of his offends talking about the donations and that sense that he is trying to claim that he is surging. that's where you get the differences here. >> thank you so much as always. let's bring in contributor and former dnc chairman howard dean and analyst elise jordan and policy adviser to rand paul. welcome to you both. howard, i will first ask you for your reaction to this dust up. is bernie sanders right?
9:43 am
is hillary clinton getting nervous? >> i think everybody should be nervous when they run for president. you can't take anything for granted. hillary is frustrated because they offer debates and they demand a different debate. bernie turned down a debate on the "today" show. that's huge. i don't know what's going on there. it doesn't make sense. on the fossil fuel stuff, they both took money from fossil fuels. nobody took money from a corporation. that is true. they both took money from people associated from fossil fuels. this is a close race where the stakes are huge. there has not been a momentum shift. nothing is a surprise. we knew hillary was going do well and she did in the mid-western states. bernie did well in the states that followed. bernie is doing well there.
9:44 am
if bernie doesn't shake it up someplace, he can't win. >> just this morning on time's website, you wrote this is the beginning of the end for donald trump. can you explain your thinking? >> my thinking is that donald trump has really over the past week, a powerful narrative has taken hold. that donald trump hates women. certainly his lifetime behavior. confluence of events of saying women should be punished for abortions. he is repellant to women. >> how many times have we talked about the fact that he makes one gaffe after the next. that might be the end of his campaign even about the comments about mexican in his announcement speech. what make this is moment different? >> i think it's that so many
9:45 am
events involving women and questionable treatment of them by his campaign reporter and bruising her and being charmed with battery this week. you have donald trump bullying ted cruz's wife, heidi. then you have the comments saying that women should be punished if they had an abortion, but nothing should happen to the man involved. it has taken hold that he really does have issues with women and women certainly are not supporting him. there is no way to win if over half the population doesn't supports you. >> let's talk about "meet the press" this morning. clinton tackled the fact that she is moving on and has sights on the general election. is it a his take to shift her focus.
9:46 am
>> it is absolutely not true. i spent a half day in brooklyn last week. you cannot run a successful campaign unless you are paying attention to the election that is next week. that's absolutely not true that she is moving ahead. as the only woman running for president, she has a special responsibility to stand up to donald trump that she is doing well. she is not looking past the nominating process. >> he has about 300 delegates less. does he have any shot at hitting the magic number or is it to wait to the convention when a lot of delegates will be freed up. he has to get about 86% of the remaining. can he do that? >> that's impossible, but what he can do is stop trump from reaching the 1237. you look at wisconsin on tuesday
9:47 am
and i think that ted cruise is getting the majority of the 42 delegates and that's going to be a problem because it will make it impossible for him to reach 1237 and cruz has the organization because donald trump has been running what is barely even a campaign and he got lucky so far, but that's not going to take him to the nomination. >> how about the super delegates? bernie sanders said they have momentum. you are a super delegate. is it realistic? . >> the super delegates never decided a race. the republicans have a version of super delegates. i didn't know that. that will make it more interesting. they ratify the person who gets
9:48 am
the most delegates. bernie is a politician after all. bernie is calling out the super delegates and now he is talking about trying to get a bigger share so he can overtake hillary's pledged role. do i think they will make the difference? no, they will vote for the person with the most pledged delegates. >> i will mark on my calendar. >> next up with two days to go, we will take a look at the voters at a local flea market. that's next. between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those momts, wherever you find them.
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9:52 am
have folks made up their minds as to who they are voting for? >> people have not exactly made up their mind. donald trump is getting killed in the southern part of the state. he will have to win here in this rural area. it's part of a big republican valley. how is he doing? i want to introduce you to the board game guy here at the flea market. he is selling donald trump board games like this one. how are these selling? >> not very well in this part of town. donald trump is not that popular in wisconsin. >> is it because he is not popular or they take him so seriously, they don't want to stoop to a board game level. >> especially after he picked on scott walker tuesday of last week. >> we will check your answer and go across the way to the guy who bought the most recent board game. here he is. hippy wayne does not to be on
9:53 am
camera. this is the original donald trump board game he bought as a joke and will send it to a friend as a gag. with a name like that, you might think you know where his politics lie. you might be surprise and that is revealing because in this primary, it's open. if democrats cross over for donald trump, the polls where trump is losing can beosi can b wrong. >> i'm dying for you to see how they are voting. thank you very much. we will check on the john kasich campaign and see how it is managing expectations. plus their plan in the case of a contested convention. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best.
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9:57 am
>> donald trump said women who get abortions should be, quote, punished. how do you defend that? >> no, so okay,okay, what is is was donald was just making an april fools joke because it was april fools. >> he said that is on march 30th. >> and that is why it is so funny. >> and spending spree in wisconsin receiving the onslaught after the break. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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