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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 5, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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earning bragging rights on turnout. in wyoming of all places? sure. why not? nothing else this year makes sense. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. >> it is tuesday, april 5th, right now on "first look" -- >> three seconds at midcourt. >> gives it to jenkins. for the championship! >> the villanova wildcats take north carolina to the wire and capture the national championship. while in wisconsin the presidential candidates are hoping for last second magic of their own as voters head to the polls. plus, in details of the so-called panama papers have tempers flaring. a flight attendant's bizarre behavior and much more on a busy tuesday. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. all eyes are on wisconsin as a
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pivotal point in the gop race looms large today. hoping to increase his delegate lead in the republican primary, donald trump is pulling out all the stops. he brought wife melania on the trail to help ease his image with women who may be put off with last week's headlines. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> and he had a rallying cry for his badger state supporters asking them to end it. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. if we don't, if we don't, if we don't win here it's not over. but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin? for ending it? give wisconsin the credit for ending it. and then we can focus on hillary instead of these two guys.
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>> but trump still trails ted cruz heading into today's vote and while the state may not or break one movement, hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: closing in fast, the wisconsin finish line. the last push through a state that matters more than anyone thought it would, not just for its 42 delegates but for the momentum it could give the stop trump movement. >> they realize that donald screams and yells a lot, but he has no solutions. >> reporter: it's a dramatic reversal from only a month ago when this looked like trump country. blue collar, more moderate and open primary. but since then, ted cruz has surged more than 20 points fueled by the stop trump movement making milwaukee ground zero led by conservative talk radio hosts like charlie psyches. >> this is not a conservative candidate, but a clown car. >> reporter: but a win here
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would prove that trump is teflon. battling back criticism from economists who say he's wrong to warn we're headed for a crash. >> what i said we'll go into a massive recession. but i also say if i'm president, that's not going to happen. >> reporter: plus, a revealing new profile claiming he wears a bulletproof vest sometimes, even as he comes under fire for rallies that can turn violent up he said he can start acting presidential whenever he wants. so far, it's the same trump on the trail. >> new yorkers are like that. >> reporter: that's fine with linda hanson. who is sticking with him. >> you'll never ever change me. >> reporter: hallie jackson, milwaukee. i'm kristen welker traveling with the clinton campaign. bernie sanders is looking for a win, but nothing would do much to dent hill libertarian's --
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hillary's insurmountable delegate lead. sanders' message is resonating with throngs of voters on the heels of winning five states, sanders is gaining momentum. the race increasingly combative. >> he's already under a lot of pressure. so don't tell her this. but i think we win here, we win in new york state we're on our way to the white house. >> reporter: the reality, clinton is ahead by double digits on her home turf of new york. but sanders is slowly narrowing the gap. campaigning here as the state passed a minimum wage increase. clinton took a veiled swipe at sanders again painting his policies as unrealistic. >> feelings have to be matched with politics. >> reporter: another reality check -- his campaign is acknowledging to "the new york times" early missteps which are now creating a drag on the campaign. saying sanders initially failed to aggressively challenge clinton. sanders aides telling nbc news the article isn't a sign they're
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throwing in the towel. >> we think there's a path to the nomination. >> reporter: now, start winning big, really big. >> our thanks to hallie jackson and kristen welker. and with proportional allocation on the democratic side, sanders will need a wide margin to begin catching up with hillary clinton. be sure to tune in to msnbc tonight. wisconsin coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern with chuck todd. full team coverage at 8:00 right here on msnbc. all right. so late last night, did you see it? the ncaa's men's finals was one for the ages as david slew goliath in a back and forth final that provided one of the best finishes in history. >> he had the hot hands from the three in the first half. they have to do something from the outside now. it's paige off balance. puts it up! >> look at that. north carolina's marcus paige hits an incredible double clutch
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three-pointer to tie the game with under five seconds on the clock and villanova calls a time-out when this happens. >> three seconds at midcourt. >> jenkins. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship. yes! villanova, phenomenal. >> that is on constant replay i'm sure at many households. well nova's kris jenkins makes the shot of a lifetime to give the villanova the first championship since 1995. his mom taught him the shooting technique. and the winning reaction on campus was this. students celebrating at the pavilion and out on lancaster avenue on the wee hours. jay wright, head coach, summed it up this way. >> you know, you're like a parent when you're a coach.
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i couldn't be prouder or happier to see them enjoy this and fulfill their dreams. that's what it is all about for a coach. to see their eyes, to see their satisfaction, their enjoyment, it's -- there's no better feeling in the world for a coach or a parent. >> the villanova wildcats will return to philly with hero's welcome and likely a parade. last night, it was the men, well, tonight the women of uconn take on syracuse in the battle for the national championship. now, to the so called panama papers, believed on the biggest data leak in history. they're exposing how the most powerful people may be holding billions off shore. government lawyers are revealing it for any potential violation of u.s. laws. nbc foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: vladimir putin investigators say at the center of a star studded list of 12 current and former heads of state. like the king of saudi arabia. even celebrities like jackie chan.
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connected to controversial off shore bank accounts and companies set up by a secretive law firm headquartered in this building in panama. but no one more tantalizing than putin so the trails all circle around to one person. in this case, vladimir putin. >> i don't we will ever see his name on an offshore company or an offshore bank account. >> reporter: putin is believed to be one of the world's richest men and now investigators say the documents are a road map to how putin could have stashed away billions. the papers point to this man, god father to putin's daughter placed in charge of the companies. then his banker is under sanctions nicknamed cashier to the kremlin. more mystery, another major player in the documents, the
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former head of putin's propaganda operation. he was found dead in this washington, d.c. hotel in november. bludgeoned to death. >> he would have been able to speak about that. but not anymore. >> reporter: protests in iceland where the prime minister accused of hiding moe fly -- money denied wrongdoing but walked out of an interview when asked about it. many of the offshore companies are illegal and putin's spokesperson called it an attack against russia. >> i think putin's press barons will work overtime to make sure this story is buried. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. the startling numbers behind the world's biggest defense spenders. plus, a tradition that dates back 1,200 years. you're watching "first look."
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way across this 120 foot pond of frigid, icy water. some with -- it looked like a salmon on his back. the best prize is just staying dry in your chicken suit. well, it's cold. i mean, this is a brutal shot of cold air after one of the warmest marches ever we have ever seen. we're concerned with your flowers at your houses, but the app apple blossoms and the peaches. hard freeze warnings all the way down into south carolina and the southern ohio valley. this will happen over the next couple of mornings. right now, 27 in new york. it's 12 degrees in syracuse. that's not even factoring in the windchill. snow on the ground. boston picked up 4 1/2 inches yesterday. good luck trying to melt that today. windchill is 12 in boston. we're at 13 windchill in pittsburgh. even in richmond, windchill at
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28 degrees. so winter clothes for the kids today as you head them out the door. glove, hats, mittens. when will we warm it up? we get a little bit of a break on thursday. that's the fortunate part, but the cold air is going to return. another shot of cold air comes down, starting friday. on saturday, the windchill all the way in louisville will be 20. washington, d.c., 21. so, you know, betty, we have nice stuff. the southern half of the country is laughing at us right now, but in the northern half it's rough. >> well, hopefully our turn will come soon. we can get some of the warm weather headed up here. federal aviation officials are investigating a deadly chopper crash in tennessee. five people were killed what ena sightseeing -- when a sitting seeing helicopter went down. it happened three miles from dolliwood's theme park. witnesses saw it plow into trees on the way down. there's no word yet on what caused it, but it started a
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wildfire in the surrounding woods. no homes were damaged and no one on the ground was hurt. all right. bp will have to pay $20 billion to settle the deep waters horizon oil spill. and it includes over $5 billion in clean water act penalties. the money is to be paid out over 16 years. now to houston, a flight attendant inflated the evacuation after landing even though there was no emergency. united said we hold our employees to the highest standards. this unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers. the employee has been removed from flying duties. and a review is under way. to japan a 12 century old tradition is also one of the country's most dangerous festivals. look at this. participants cut down trees and lift the logs to get them to the shrine. it's not uncommon for people to die transporting the logs. and a shoplifting suspect in
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kansas city, missouri, led police on a high speed chase. he sped into kansas city, kansas, where he spun off the highway. police swarmed and quickly captured him. time to get down to business. the world's spending an awful lot of money on defense last year. $1.7 trillion. a report released today says it is the first increase in several years. this is driven by the rise of isis, the saudi led war in yemen, china's expansion in the south china sea and russia and fears about iran's nuclear program. the u.s. topped the list at $596 billion. saudi arabia, russia and the u.k. made the top five spending more than $200 billion combined. now to technology. apple will sell its 1 billionth iphone by this summer.
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one of the best selling tech products of all time. the iphone has been on the market for nine years but apple sold half just over the last two years. a petition on the white house website for donald trump's arrest and why most candidates avoid hats at all costs. we have "scrambled politics" next. banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. my bladder leakage made me feel like i couldn't be the father that i wanted to be. now i use depend. i can move the way i really want. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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voters, ted cruz had an awkward moment when he refused a cheese head hat that one little girl tried to put on his head. why avoid that cute moment? >> there's an ironclad rule of politics, which is avoid funny hats. >> glad he cleared that up. a petition on the white house's website for trump's arrest has gathered 100,000 signatures. despite gathering enough support, the petition was shut down. the white house responded by simply saying the request falls quote outside the scope of the terms of participation. to tennessee, lawmakers are poised to recognize the bible as the official state book. sponsored by state lawmaker steve sutherland, the state senate approved the measure on monday. it will go to governor's desk. some say it trivializes a holy text. on the "the tonight show," how do you pay down $19 trillion in just eight years?
2:21 am
jimmy fallon may have figured it out. >> over the weekend, donald trump told "the washington post" that he'll be able to get the united states completely out of debt in eight years. when asked how trump was like, easy, declare bankruptcy and start fresh. it's fantastic. i have done it already. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. just ahead, amy schumer belts out a song that conbe described as -- can only be described as revolutionary. that's next. we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company
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all right. 24 minutes past the hour. same-sex spouses are fighting for parental rights. after the ruling, indiana began to recognize same-sex as legal, but one couple faced a challenge. they could not write mother and mother on the birth certificate. that's because artificial insim nation is not addressed. a lawsuit has been filed? on nbc news, melania stumped for donald trump saying he will punch back ten times harder. melania trump made a rare appearance on monday, speaking out claims her husband is sexist. she assured that donald trump treats both men and women equally and when attacked will hit back ten times harder. well, the supreme court unanimously upheld the one man, one vote standard on monday and that the total population should
2:26 am
be drawn on the place rather than the voting population. while plaintiffs argued that the inclusion would dilute the votes, ruth bader ginsburg said quote, representatives serve all representatives not just tho those -- residents not just those registered to vote. new zealand police are on the outlook for this man, carrying out a burglary. he got away with cash and jewelry. but here's what police want. they want the public's work to blow his cover. and in china, a 3-year-old boy fell into the 300 feet deep well and firefighters pumped in oxygen and used a special device to pinpoint the location. after two hours, look at this, cheers erupted when they managed to pull him to safety. that is one lucky little boy because he was not injured in any of that. good for him. all right. i want you to look at this. polish rangers recently fell
2:27 am
this 2-month-old bear cub alone and hungry in the mountains. they took him to the veterinary clinic to be fed and examined. almost looks unreal so cute. they said that the cub likely would not have survived though another day without its mother had it not been found. >> bad mommy. >> we don't know what happened to the mom. let's get some entertainment news. the rolling stones are working on a new album. this would be their first one in over ten years. it's expected to hit later this year. that famous line from "star wars" was spoken by actor erirk bowersfell who died on saturday. and amy schumer was so inspired by "hamilton" and here's how it went down on
2:28 am
"inside amy schumer." >> how does a woman who does not know how to sew go on to sew, a flag for her country and if so what could her name be? oh, i know, her name be like -- and yes she's meant to sew a flag. it will wave just like this. >> it was bad, but yet it was good, right? >> it was horrible. okay, jimmy fallon had one of the famous lip sync battles with melissa mccarthy last night on "the tonight show." ♪ rainstorm and with all my friends ♪ ♪ and we are all connected to each other ♪ ♪ in a circle n a place that never ends ♪
2:29 am
♪ if you cut it down you will never know ♪ >> so impressive. she caught the two birds. >> it could have been ten times in rehearsal and couldn't have done that. not the pocahontas i remember. >> "way too early" is next. the entire country, its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. wisconsin has a national platform, has a national podium. so if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, then i ask you to come out tomorrow and vote for me ten times. >> i really believe tomorrow we'll have a very, very big victory. i've been here so much you're starting to get sick of me, i hope. when you have guys that are running that are totally taken care of by special interests
2:30 am
they will say, jump ted, and jump lyin' ted because nobody lies like this guy. kasich i don't think he's a player here. he's 1 and 32. it was his own state. >> the press is like, oh, well, you're getting a few sharper elbows now. why's that? i want to tell you something. i'm not a marshmallow or a pin cushion. you want to take a whack at me, let's get it on. >> primary day in wisconsin. donald trump looks to solidify his lead as ted cruz and the gop establishment look to stop him in his attacks and john kasich, you heard him. and bernie sanders hopes to keep his winning streak going as he and hillary clinton finally agree on a debate date before the new york primary and even that led to some drama. plus -- >> three seconds admit court. >> jenkins. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship.


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