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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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of the political universe. >> for two weeks time, in our area. >> what's your relationship like with donald trump? has it been -- you didn't what him to run for governor when he wanted to do it. on again, off again, how would you describe it? >> we're working with all the campaigns. have been studiously nucheral. we want to come in and put their best foot forward, their best message, and we're on good terms with all of them. >> ed cox, thank you for being here. that wraps up this hour. we went a little over. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." how many more shows are you doing today? >> one more show today. i'll see you at 5:00 p.m. on meet the press daily. our coverage continues with steve kornacki, next. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world?
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that shook wisconsin last night resonate here in the empire state. we're not going to know for sure for another two weeks. after bernie sanders and ted cruz scored resounding victories last night, both say they have reset the race. >> tonight, wisconsin has lit a candle guiding the way forward. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates. >> the facts are pretty clear. we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house. >> hillary, get ready. here we come. >> and for losers there's nothing to do but look forward
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to the primary here in new york on april 19th. hillary clinton, who still picked up more than 30 delegates in wisconsin despite the loss, she didn't even bother to show up in wisconsin last night. she had actually been in new york since sunday. today, she's also heading to pennsylvania. pennsylvania will have about 200 delegates up for grabs later this month. on "morning joe," she said she feels good about where things stand. >> we're in a very good position. he had a good night last night. and i give him credit for that. but i'm still significantly ahead in the popular vote, about 2.5 million more votes than he has. significantly ahead in the delegate count, which is something that really is what's going to matter at the end. >> donald trump on the republican side didn't take losing quite so gracefully. after ted cruz beat him by nearly 150,000 votes and pushed us even closer to an open convention, trump's campaign released a statement that read in part, ted cruz is worse than a puppet.
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he is a trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. more on that in a minute. but first, let's take a look at the numbers from last night. let's start on the democratic side. overall, the result was bernie sanders winning it. i think we can put this up on the screen. bernie sanders winning wisconsin -- there it is -- 57% to 43% over hillary clinton. can give you a sense of what that means for the delegates here. i'll put that up on the board. hillary clinton says she's well ahead in the delegates. a little confusing. we have to say -- that's not the right one. a little confusing. we have to say, i'm going to try this one more time. a little confusish but we always say the superdelegates, the elected officials, the party leader who er who vet automatic sanders said we're going to run behind all through the primaries. the question is can we catch hillary clinton in the pledged delegates, the ones given out in primaries. hillary clinton was leading by about 255. two things to point out.
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a lot of delegates still to be counted from a state that sanders won big, washington. that would knock it down to probably about 220. last night, bernie sanders by winning wisconsin, it looks like he's going to gain about ten delegates more on hillary clinton from that. so 220 would go down to about 210. sanders coming out of last night about 210 delegates behind hillary clinton in that delegate count. what does that mean when you look ahead? i gave you a sneak peek a second ago. if bernie sanders is 210 delegates behind hillary clinton, these are the states he has left to make it up. we go to new york next. and look, 247 on the board. now, the bad news for bernie sanders is this is hillary clinton's home state. this is a state she's been leading in the polls consistently. the good news for bernie sanders is the polling has been getting tighter in new york. so he is at least he does have a shot in new york, but to make up 210 delegates the rest of the way, he would need to start putting up wins in states like new york or pennsylvania or maryland. certainly california. and here's the real problem for
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bernie sanders. he's done a lot better this year in caucus states than he has in primary states. here's the bad news. the real bad news, only two caucus states left. two small caucus states left on the democratic side. the rest of these are primaries. also, some of these, new york in particular, they're what's called closed primaries. only registered democrats can vote. a key part of bernie sanders' advantage over hillary clinton has been open primaries. so a lot of obstacles there for bernie sanders, when hillary clinton says he has a comfortable lead, that's what he means. turning to the republican side, here's the final result from wisconsin. last night, ted cruz with an overpowering victory, getting near 50%, though he did not cross the threshold. donald trump in second place there. we can show you also the county map in wisconsin. this is interesting because delegates are also given out in wisconsin. there it is. delegates are given out by congressional district. you see actually especially in the west, especially in the north, those are trump counties. those are trump areas.
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what that means is donald trump won two congression aal distric in wisconsin last night. that means he gets six delegates in the state. he's not shut out. the rest of the 36 go to ted cruz. what does that mean? ted cruz does move closer as a result of last night. 756 for trump. 517 for cruz. rubio still in third, even though rubio is not in the race. if trump has 756 right now, let's look at what that means for the republican race the rest of the way. here are the states to come on the republican side. trump's 756 right now, ted cruz says the momentum in the race has changed. we're about to find out because the race goes to new york next. donald trump's home state. trump has been doing really well in the polls here. there's an opportunity based on the polls we're seeing right now for donald trump to get 80 or more of those delegates out of new york. that would be a big boost for him if he could get 80 or more, and then a week after new york, we have a bunch of primaries in the northeast.
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you have maryland, pennsylvania, you have connecticut, you got rhode island voting that day. if donald trump has a big day then as well, he could reopen a big lead over ted cruz, and that path to 1,237, the magic number trump needs to get the nomination, avoid the open convention, he could be back on a path to that. the question of whether there's lingering damage from wisconsin, whether it signals a bigger shift in the republican race, we're probably going to find out right away in the northeast. if donald trump is slipping or if he's still strong in the states he's supposed to be strong in. that's where things stand after last night in both parties. let's get out to the campaign trail right now. nbc's gabe gutierrez is with the cruz campaign in milwaukee. jacob rascon is following donald trump in new york. gabe, let's start with you in milwaukee. cruz was there last night. the governor scott walker was there, so the cruz campaign says this campaign has been reset. where do they go from here? >> hi, there, steve. good morning. you're right. they're calling this a turning point. they think that really as you
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mentioned, the whole race has shifted. and that it was a big win for ted cruz here in wisconsin. they say they raised more than $2 million yesterday alone. but as you read a little earlier, donald trump not accepting defeat gracefully, releasing that written statement, talking about how the party bosses that ted cruz was a trojan horse being used by the party bosses to, quote, steal the nomination. his senior adviser jason miller saying trump is a big problem when he gets his tail kicked, that's a quote, and that's exactly what happens. donald is going to be donald. ia look at the results from tonight, i think a lot of folks are being turned off by that. ted cruz is widely credited for having the most disciplined campaign staff in the gop field. that's part of the reason he may have done so well here in wisconsin. but he also, his campaign also looks for the endorsement of governor scott walker, very popular republican in this state.
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my colleague hallie jackson had a chance to interview him late last night, and she asked ted cruz, despite the disdain ted cruz has garnered from the establishment in the party, can he unite the republican party now? take a listen. >> i think you're seeing, you see it from jeb bush to carly fiorina, lindsey graham all coming along with others as well as me to support ted and traditional conservatives. that's a pretty good sign all elements of the party saying this is a guy who can unite us. this is the guy who can bring the party together. win the nomination and convention and go on to win in november. >> as you mentioned, steve, now the map gets very difficult for ted cruz. remember, not too long ago, he was the one railing against new york values. well, today, later on today and this afternoon, he will be in new york at a meet and greet in the bronx. steve. >> all right, gabe gutierrez on the cruz beat. thanks for that. as you're just saying, donald trump on his way to new york. he'll be holding a big rally
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there, and jacob rascon is in beth page on long island. that's where that's going to be taking place. jacob, a homecoming for donald trump after a tough night in wisconsin. look, the polls have been strong for him in new york, in his home state. is this a chance and a way for donald trump to hit the reset button? >> the campaign certainly thinks so. watch for them to hit ted cruz on the new york values comment even though it was a while ago. he'll go after him, continue to call him lying ted. in the statement you read earlier, he talked about him as a trojan horse. right here where we are, this event tonight is going to be massive. it is different than what we saw in wisconsin. the campaign deliberately chose smaller events so that they wouldn't have protesters inside, but here, 18,000 tickets have been given away. only more than 12,000 or so fit inside. that means thousands will be left outside if those with tickets come. i just got off the phone with one of the groups planning to protest here tonight.
7:14 am
they're expecting at least several hundred. they're hoping thousands. they're working with immigrant rights groups and other groups that might be against trump to try to getty many as they can. behind me, you see where the police are. they have set up as well the gates where the supporters will line up. we have already seen several trump supporters, seven, eight, nine hours before the rally even begins. the acting county police commissioner here spoke about this. he said violence will not be tolerated. take a listen. >> violence will not be tolerated here. i'm going to make that very clear. you will be arrested if you engage in any type of violence. and we will be equipped to handle any kind of violent behavior, whether it's within the internal area of the rally or in the free speech area, the area surrounding the facility. >> cruz says that what he did in wisconsin reset the race. trump is saying he'll reset his momentum again right here.
7:15 am
steve. >> all right, jacob rascon on long island where donald trump is due later on today. thanks for that. and joining me now, tennessee republican congressman scott dejarly, he's endorsed donald trump. thanks for joining us. i wanted to start on the statement that donald trump put out last night as the votes were coming in in whisk wick. it was clear he was going to lose. the statement, there's no congratulations in here, no we'll see you in new york. he called ted cruz lying ted cruz. accusing him of illegally kwo l coordinating with a pro-cruz super pac, and called him a trojan horse used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. you're on capitol hill. you know ted cruz a little bit. you have seen him up here. is that a fair characterization of ted cruds, someone who is stealing an election and trying to steal a nomination from donald trump? >> i don't know whether it's so much ted cruz or the establishment in washington. donald trump in wisconsin actually outperformed the real
7:16 am
clear politics poll average. he was sitting around 34%, he got 35%. i think ted cruz got a real wave in wisconsin of the never trump or anti-trump movement. and he took advantage of that. but there was a lot of operatives in there working who were not big ted cruz fans in the past, but i do think they have this anything but trump mentality. and i think they realize the only vehicle to stop trump from getting to 1,237 is ted cruz. so is it that the establishment has really fallen in love with ted cruz and is ted cruz becoming the establishment? we'll see. he had a big win in wisconsin last night. but i'm sure donald trump is really looking forward to getting hto his home state of nw york. >> there are some people who look at this statement, and it's not just this statement. donald trump has been using this term to talk about ted cruz for a while, lying ted cruz. it's in the statement. he's been saying that. some people say that's not presidential. others say that's not accurate. is that an accurate way to talk
7:17 am
about ted cruz, lying ted cruz? >> ted cruz has had some issues along the campaign trail. especially in iowa where he indicated ben carson was leaving the race. and there have been a couple other things. the race in utah where mitt romney got behind the establishment came in there, and there was a picture posted of donald trump's wife. now, i know they say that wasn't ted cruz. that was a super pac. there was no coordination, but there may be questions about that that come forth, too. there's been back and forth in the republican primary that has been pretty nonpresidential. i don't think there's any question at this point we're down to really two candidates who can win in the convention. we need to start focusing on the issues. both of them need to behave better moving forward. with what's happened over the last two weeks, donald trump is like a cat. he always lands on his feet. i think you'll see him take a look at what's transpired. you're going to see donald trump moving forward with more presidential behavior. and more focus on the issues. i think he's going to go into
7:18 am
new york where he's going to get a very warm welcome, and ted cruz maybe not so much with his comment about new york values. >> do you think if donald trump gets through this primary process and he is short of 1,237, 1,237, the madgic number and he's 10, 15, 20 short of that, do you think there's any scenario where he gets the nomination, or does he have to hit the number in the primaries to get the nomination? >> the establishment better be careful what they ask for. if donald trump, and i think he will, comes into the convention with the needed delegates or within about 50, at any rate, i'm going to guess he's going to be at least 200 to 300 ahead of ted cruz. so if we go into a contested convention and they take it away from trump, and i'm not so sure that cruz would get the nomination either. so if the establishment tries to pull a fast one, put in a third candidate, then i think they're going to create real problems in the election in november because trump supporters are very loyal. cruz supporters are very loyal. if neither one of those gets the nomination, then i think the
7:19 am
establishment has made a great miscalculation and they're possibly going to drive down turnout in november. it could hurt a lot of republicans in the senate and house with the low turnout if you're in a fairly even district. >> and finally, this jumped out at a lot of people last night who were looking at the exit polls from wisconsin. there's this. this is republican voters in wisconsin. they were asked about their feelings of donald trump as president of the united states. 38%, this is nearly 4 in 10 republicans, 38% said they would be scared if donald trump was president of the united states. what does that say to you? >> well, it tells me that donald trump has been the front-runner for a long time. whoever is out front has a bull's eye on them. they get the brunt of the negative media. i don't think anyone can deny donald trump has gotten the lion's share of the media. over 50% of that has been negative. if trump moves to the forefront right here, i think he's going to feel some of the wrath. you look at bernie sanders, he's fairly unscathed in terms of
7:20 am
likability, but nobody has turned their sights on him. whoever is out front tends to get the wrath of the media, and the favorabilities do shuffle a bit. donald trump still has the pathway to the nomination. he has 61% of the delegates to cruz's 41%. he has over two million popular vote lead, and he's still on a pathway, i think you'll find after the 17th and the 26th, donald trump is in a lot better shape. when the focus goes between democrat and republican, you're going to see a lot different race, a lot different donald trump. i think you'll see his favorabilities go up. >> all right, congressman, a supporter of donald trump, thanks for the time. appreciate it. >> thank you. all right, and later in the show, more on how the stop trump movement is gaining momentum or says it's gaining momentum after ted cruz's win last night in wisconsin. i'm going to be joined by someone who runs a pro-cruz super pac. find out what is next for them. but, after a quick break, the sanders campaign hoping his big
7:21 am
win in wisconsin will give him some momentum too and move him closer to catching hillary clinton in the all-important delegate count. last night's loss for hillary clinton doesn't take away from too much of that delegate lead that she has, as we just showed you, heading into new york, the next contest on the board, and something that's becoming something of a turf war. where the numbers in both campaigns stand, straight ahead. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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clinton, she's getting a little nervous. i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that
7:25 am
state. >> bernie sanders is looking ahead to the empire state. new york, that's going to be the next contest on the democratic side, and on the republican side, too, for that matter. sanders beat hillary clinton by double digits in wisconsin last night. that's sanders' sixth consexative victory in a democratic caucus or primary. he argues he is building momentum in the campaign. still, when you look at the delegate fight, it is an up pup battle for sanders. that includes the superdelegates, something sanders tells you will change if he gets ahead. joining me is robby mook, hillary clinton's campaign manager. thanks for joining us. sanders says he's got a shot to win new york. does he have a chance to win new york? >> all of these contests are competitive. hillary said alt the beginning, she's going tafight for every vote and every precinct and every state. we're not taking anything for granted, but we feel good about new york. this is her home state and she's got a great story to tell about
7:26 am
how she got real results for people. >> there's a poll now, there were polling a couple months ago that showed this as 20, 30 points. this was the state she ran in, was elected twice. now we show it getting closer to a ten-point race. seems like there's movement to sanders. >> certainly, as sanders has campaigned more around the country, his name recognition has gone up. we'll see the numbers move. i'm not so focused on the public polls. i'm more focused on getting hillary out there, getting her message out. we feel good about how we're going to do in new york. we're going to pick up a lot of delegates there. very delegate-rich state and the kind of state we have done well in the past. the big primaries, lots of people participating. very diverse state. so that's very good for us. >> when they say we're on a winning streak, it's six straight. we had the wins on the west coast, we have wisconsin last night, they say they have momentum now. what do you say to that? >> when very few people turn out, bernie sanders does well. when a lot of people -- >> a pretty high turnout in
7:27 am
wisconsin last night. >> you look at the contest before that, most of them had turnout less than 7%. the fact of the matter is hillary is winning the primary right now. she's gotten 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. she's gut a big delegate lead, bigger than now president obama ever had when he was running in his contest. if you look at the kinds of states hillary is winning, big states, big contests, diverse electorates. she's winning among the coalition who is going to elect a democrat into the white house. >> is that something -- this is a bigger picture question, but we saw this in 2008 with hillary clinton. we're seeing it again this year. you get to the caucus states. you're saying low turnout. fewer participants than in a primary. she got clobbered in them in 2008 against barack obama. getting beat badly against bernie sanders this year. is there something about caucuses you think is unfair? >> i'm not going to win, it's for each state to decide how to run the caucus or primary. what i would say is, you know, where there are fewer caucus locations and fewer people participating, bernie sanders does better.
7:28 am
where there are more people engaged in the process, a more diverse electorate, she does better. that's because democratic primary voters are looking for a candidate who can deliver real results for them, who can actually get something done. what was troubling, we talk about new york, was the "new york daily news" story that shows sanders has been a single issue candidate, but on the single issue he's running on, he doesn't have a plan and hasn't done his homework and didn't seem to understand what he was talking ability. i think voters here in new york and across the country should be concerned if he were to become the nominee, is he actually going to make a dirchls. can he actually get something done? it's hard to get things accomplished in washington, d.c. right now. i think some serious issues have been raised there. again, when more people are participating, we know that they'll see that and they'll support hillary. >> there is a little bit of buzz this morning around something hillary clinton said about bernie sanders and whether he's a democrat. i'm going to play it and ask you about it. >> do you consider bernie a democrat? >> well, i think he himself
7:29 am
doesn't consider himself to be a democrat. and you know, look, he's raised a lot of important issue s that the democratic party agrees with, income inequality first and foremost, but it's up to the democratic primary voters to make that assessment. i have been in the trenches for a long time, and i believe in electing democrats up and down the ticket. >> and we should say, that's from "morning joe" this morning. the reason they're asking about that is there's this interview with glen thrush, and he says i don't know how to characterize him. are you trying to suggest to democratic voters he maybe isn't as loyal to the party as she is. they shouldn't consider him as one of them? >> we're going to leave it to the voters to decide. the core question is who can we nominate who can make a difference in people's lives. there's important examples of this. president obama finally got health care reform passed. and senator sanders wants to completely rip that up, start over again. this is one of the biggest --
7:30 am
>> wait, he says he voted for it. he was there in congress in 2009-2010. he voted for it. he says he wants to build on it and expand on it. >> he wants to start completely over. my question would be for the 18 million people who are covered right now by it, is that really in their best interests. we talk about global warming. hillary clinton went out and negotiated this paris climate conference agreement. bernie sanders just opposes it. if you want to make a difference on climate, you need to work with international partners and actually get something done. not just throw it out, scrap it, oppose the president. so to me, this is less a question of are you democrat or not a democrat, but can you work and build a coalition. do you actually have a plan to get real things done? that's what we're going to talk about here in new york. >> robby mook, the campaign manager for hillary clinton. thanks for the time. >> thanks. >> time to squeeze in another quick break. on the other side, what exit polling out of wisconsin reveals as we inch closer to the conventions. i think we should've taken a left at the river.
7:31 am
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tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> all right, we know that ted cruz won wisconsin last night. we know that donald trump lost. but why did that happen last night in wisconsin? and what does it mean for the republican race going forward? let's dive into the exit polls. this, i think, is the most interesting single thing we found in the exit polls la night. so all of the comments from donald trump, all of the attention over the last week about donald trump and women, we saw polls from the general election of trump versus hillary or maybe trump versus sanders, showing him getting absolutely clobbered among female voters. we wondered, what would that look like in wisconsin yesterday
7:35 am
within the republican party? take a look at this. among men in wisconsin last night on the republican side, ted cruz a comfortable 13-point lead over donald trump. that's men. what about women? what was the difference? well, check this out. there was no difference. ted cruz, donald trump, they did exactly the same last night among men and women, according to our exit polls. so all of that attention about donald trump and women, at least within the republican party, in wisconsin yesterday, it didn't seem to cause any kind of a gender gap. in fact, when you compare those performances among men and women to what we have seen in earlier primaries and caucuses, if donald trump was underperforming with one of those groups yesterday, it was more men than women. a very interesting finding, one i thing might cause a little discussion going forward. also we have this from the primary yesterday. this is a big question going forward on the republican side, if we get to the end of the primary season, if no one has the majority then, if it goes to the convention in cleveland,
7:36 am
what should those delegates in cleveland do? should they honor the candidate who got the most votes and delegates from the primary even if the candidate doesn't have a majority. that candidate would likely be donald trump, by the way, or a trul trult truly open convention where they can go with whatever candidate they want. keep in mind, ted cruz won the state. donald trump got clobbered. still, a majority of republicans in wisconsin, 55% of them, said the candidate who gets the most votes, the candidate who gets the most delegates in the primary season should be the nominee even if that candidate doesn't have the majority. not surprisingly, a big gap here between trump voters, more than 80% of them saying that's what should happen and voters for the other candidates. only about 40% of them saying that. that's a big talking point from donald trump as we talk about the open convention. i'm sure he'll point to that piece of data going forward. a peek inside the numbers what happened in wisconsin yesterday. more now on what happened on the
7:37 am
ground in wisconsin, leelding to these results yesterday, chris jansing, we have you out there in wisconsin. i start with that gender gap, or the lack of a gender gap. i think everybody got the exit polls last night and was wondering is it going to be ten points, 20 points, and it was zero. >> i'm going to give you a whole different explanation that some people have suggested to me. you do with it what you will. that is it was a mistake to think donald trump's comments, for example, on abortion were just offensive to women or would cause a gender gap only for women. first of all, that's to suggest that's an issue that doesn't matter to men. you can reject that. the other part of it is that this wasn't just about the issue itself. it was about preparation. was donald trump someone who thought about an issue that was important to the republican voters? i'm not saying that explains away the lack of that gender gap that we saw. but maybe like a lot of other things this year, when you look at the service of things they
7:38 am
aren't always exactly what they seem. for example, where are we now? a lot of people said would this remake the race, change the trajectory of the race depending on how wisconsin voters voted? we don't know if it's going to change the trajectory of the race. it has shaken things up. look at how many people came out to vote. extraordinary record numbers here. more nan a million on the republican side. at one key polling place i was at yesterday, it was 61% turnout. that's absolutely extraordinary in a primary. and for donald trump, whatever you want to think about how these women's issues played into it, it's clear that late deciders, unlike in other states, broke against him. there are a lot of things that in retrospect people can look at and say he did wrong. you don't go after the two most popular politicians in the state. you don't go after the incredibly popular and well respected talk radio hosts and go after them repeatedly. so we see in those numbers that he seemed to pay a price for
7:39 am
that. and finally, it's a different electorate here. people were angry, for example, in nevada, 59%, not so here. the number of people who are angry with the way things were going in washington, d.c. were 32%. what we have to look at is a couple quick things. one, does donald trump change his persona? does he start to act, as he puts it, more presidential? and even though new york favors him heavily, as it favors hillary clinton heavily, can ted cruz take advantage of this, consolidate the anti-trump forces going forward. those are the questions that are still outstanding. >> chris jansing in milwaukee where the cleanup is under way after the state's big primary. very interesting numbers there. coming up, the work is under way, continuing on the republican side, the stop trump crowd stepping up their efforts. will ted cruz's effort last night deny trump his first-ballot majority.
7:40 am
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as ted cruz won the wisconsin republican primary last night, exit poll numbers showed that his victory appears to be driven more by fear of trump than excitement about ted cruz. so how much did the stop trump movement have to do with this? and where do they go from here? joining me now, kellyanne conway, president of keep the promise, a pro-cruz super pac. let me ask you about the results last night. was that an indoeendorsement of cruz or a rejection of donald trump? >> it's combination of both. if you get close to the majority of the vote in a three-person race, there are people rejecting the so-called front-runner, donald trump, who in recent
7:44 am
weeks has let his words get the best of him and his candidacy, and they're also embracing senator cruz. wisconsin was an important state because it was the place where retail politicking mattered in a single contest on one day as opposed to super tuesday where you have five, ten contests in a single day. wisconsin felt more like iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. it was also the place where ted cruz was able to coalesce the mainstream elements of the republican party along with the center-right base which is his natural constituency. i expect you'll see more endorsements of ted cruz from people in the past who have not wanted to work with him. they'll be embracing ted cruz and so too are the voters. >> last night, a win for cruz in wisconsin. the delegate race gets closer. now it moves to the east, new york in two weeks. donald trump's home state. trump leading by more than 2 to 1 in the polls.
7:45 am
95 delegates up for grabs. if the polls right now are right, trump gets 80 or more. then rhode island, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania. these seem to fit the profile, a lot of them, at least, of trump states. kelly ann, is he in danger of bouncing back and moving back to a commanding lead in the next couple weeks? >> it's doubtful, only because i think if you look at mr. trump's statement last night, there's very little self awareness in there. lying ted and trojan horse and, there's no humility, there's no -- >> but he's been doing that all along, hasn't he? >> right, but this is different. i think wisconsin really is a reset. a turning point because it's a place at which the fight for the 1,237 for mr. trump hit a major road block. if you just do the math, you have to scramble and put all types of different calculations together for him. the other very important point to note here is like wisconsin, a state like new york is not winner ta winner-take-a winner-take-all. it's winner-take-all in the congressional district. an operation like ours, a super pac, trying to help senator
7:46 am
cruz, we'll slice and dice the congressional districts and really put our resources, our time and our treasury and our ads and rallies into indistricts where senator cruz can break through. also, the polls before wisconsin do not reflect at all the very important thing that senator cruz has this morning, and it's called momentum. this is momentum really has been owned by donald trump for nearly the year he's been the front-runner, the candidate. i think this is the first time maybe a little bit after the iowa caucuses, but the first time that cruz can really claim the mantle of momentum. it also gives those voters in new york and elsewhere a reason to vote for somebody other than the front-runner. it's not over yet. you don't need to just go with the flow. you can actually watch it go into cleveland, to an open contested convention. a very pure form of direct democracy where people will have a chance to select the nominee. >> all right, kellyanne conway with the pro-cruz super pac. appreciate it. still to come, clinton's view from one of her celebrity crushes to how she handled
7:47 am
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all right, take a look at this because you're going to be seeing a lot of it over the next two weeks. the big contest in each party shifting to new york. it's going to hold it primary on april 19th. this is the empire state. a ton of delegates up for grabs. 95 there on the republican side. also 247 on the democratic side. this is a big race in terms of delegates, a big race in terms in momentum. everything in new york is big, we're supposed to say. we have two experts on new york, beth phooey, also covered new york politics. steve was a press secretary for mayor bloomberg. i was thinking, it's been a long time since norm hew york has bee singular focus of a prels race. i think 1992, bill clinton, jerry brown, paul tsongas, names from the past, at least two people remember. let's talk about right 93 where things stand. let's start on the republican side in new york. this is donald trump's home state. we see the polls, we have one in the last couple days that has him about 30 points ahead.
7:55 am
also, opportunities for the candidates, kasich, mare cruz to pick off candidates. what's the bar for trump? where do you think you would set that? >> he portrays himself as a new york guy, a super succekfucessf guy. he probably will do well here. but on the other hand, think about what we didn't see in whisk wrisk. we didn't see protests. that's not the style in that state. that's the style in new york. there's an ethnically diverse electorate. the state is ethnically diverse. a lot of people aren't going to like the things he's said about immigrantic about women. he has a lot of ptential, but a lot of protests. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton, we say home state, she ended up in new york. okay, so she's won two elections here before. the polls now show about a ten-point race here. how vulnerable is she to losing to bernie sanders here? >> of course, she has incredible
7:56 am
strength in the african american and caribbean vote. bernie sanders would have to do extraordinarily well to pick up a lot of delegates. so in that way, she has advantages. also, she has 25 years of experience with the new york media that you just mentioned. you say 1992 was a long time ago. marsha kremer from cbs 2 news was the reporter who got bill clinton to say he smoked but didn't inhale. she's still in every front row of every major political event in new york city, and there are generations who have trained alongside her and competed against her, and bernie sanders is feeling a little bit of the heat. >> you have dealt with the press. what do you tell a candidate, politician to deal with the tabloids, to deal with the kinds of questions. things come up in new york, the press and the media. what do you tell a candidate? >> the tabloid is sort of pejorative. it's extremely progressive. bernie sanders went to the "new york daily news" which best represents voice of the people, the struggling middle class in
7:57 am
new york. and he got massacred by the "daily news" and it was bad. and then was written up again by an alumni of the daily news in the "washington post" and was all over a lot of progressive social media feeds about the ridiculous almost sort of trumpian things bernie sanders says. his main goal in running for president is to take on the banks. and he doesn't seem to have a great deal of depth of understanding of what that would mean. he hasn't thought it through and doesn't know the facts. that's not going to play well. >> real quick, just to keep in mind that new york is much bigger than new york city. the state has 19 million people. about 15 million of them live downstate. there's still 4 million people, a ton of people upstate. upstate new york is totally different than downstate. almost like a midwestern state, very depressed, economically challenged. the voters will be receptive to the messages of donald trump and bernie sanders. >> this is a tease for the next two weeks. we'll have you back a lot in the next 14 days. a lot to talk about, a lot to dissect.
7:58 am
the center of the universe is going to be new york until april 19th. i'll see you right back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern, and tamron hall is going to pick up the coverage in the next hour. barry bennett with the trump campaign is going to be on with her. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those builng materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed.
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