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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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believe it. make your mark in new york and you are a made man. and so goes the 2016 election. voters all over new york, and i am an upstate girl, so you're going to hear me talk a lot about upstate new york. they have two weeks to make very important decisions. bernie sanders got what he wanted out of wisconsin yesterday, a 14-point win. but considering he only picked up a net gain of 10 pledged delegates and the number of contests remaining is getting smaller and hillary clinton used to be a senator here in new york for eight years, it's no sleep till brooklyn for native son bernie sanders. he's not the only hometown boy racing back to the empire state. donald trump came up short in wisconsin, and ted cruz and john kasich had their days in texas and ohio. but now trump is the one with the home court advantage in a state where he could sweep all of new york's 95 delegates. that will happen if he wins more than half the vote here. and look at the latest polling data released just a short time
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ago, the real estate billionaire sitting at 52% in new york state. if all of that happens, buckle up, because new york is the starting line for a grand tour of the northeast. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island all vote one week later after new york. so let's start there with the donald trump campaign the day after a difficult loss in wisconsin. nbc's jacob rascon is in bethpage, new york ahead of donald trump's rally there tonight. what are you seeing? >> reporter: so tonight expect donald trump to dismiss what happened in wisconsin as an onslaught from the establishment as he said in his release. then what we have tonight is another one of his massive rallies. he had toned down on those a bit in wisconsin on purpose, wanting to get rid of the destruction inside of the rallies. but here, more than 18,000 tickets have been given away even though only a little more than 12,000 will fit inside. and as well we've been talking to various protest groups who
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are wanting to show up. several hundred, at least, expected. so the police here have cut off and shut down this road and a couple others for eight hours. you had some of the supporters showing up as early as 7:00 in the morning, 12 hours ahead of time. and expect donald trump tonight, of course. he's going to love that new poll that has him at 52%, and on long island, that support jumps to 58%. of course, that is more than kasich and cruz combined. cruz in last place. he's going to hit that hard. kate? >> jacob, there's been some talk about maybe shake-ups in the trump campaign. what do we know? >> reporter: so for a few days now, those reports have been coming out, and this has been the issue that has inner circled, that has been there the entire time according to some reports that wasn't really prepared if he got this far. now there are other layers. the campaign is growing. those that are on the second and third layer are wanting more influence but are complaining
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that the inner circle with a campaign manager, the communication director, they're not getting it. so we're hearing various reports. we have our own reporting. people close to the campaign telling us that and we'll see what happens. kate? >> jacob rascon out of new york waiting for donald trump. new york is, as we said, donald trump's home turf. but senator ted cruz is on shakeier ground around here. not only is he way down in the polls in new york state, but part of his campaign strategy, as you may recall, was to call out donald trump for what he called new york values. nbc's hallie jackson is up in the bronx where ted cruz just wrapped up an event. hallie, not the warmest reception on a cold spring day. >> reporter: not just because of the poll jacob was talking about showing him on monmouth in last place, kate, but because the guy rallying is now in new york trying to win some of these districts where he thinks he can peel off some conservatives from donald trump. i had a chance to ask senator cruz about this.
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about 45 minutes ago, he was here at this restaurant doing a retail stop. he was shaking hands in the back, he was talking to local faith leaders, local pastors in the hispanic community around here. here's our exchange when we talked about new york values. kate, listen. >> it's the values of the liberal politicians that have been hammering the people of new york -- >> why call them new york values when you're in new york campaigning? >> let's be clear. the people of new york know what those values are, the values of liberal democratic politicians. >> reporter: so here's what cruz is trying to do. he's trying to draw a link between what he is calling these liberal democratic values and donald trump. he's trying to, again, portray donald trump too liberal to get the conservative nomination, to be able to win over republicans. i can tell you you can expect to see cruz do some more coalition-based events moving forward. he wants to make the argument out of wisconsin that because he
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was able to, not just the conservatives, but some that are more moderate, that he should be able to make a turnout on those states in the tri-state area and be able to compete in a place where he is not expected to be a natural fit, in a place where donald trump just does better. just to give you a flavor of where we are, this is a dominican chinese restaurant in the bronx. it's been super busy with the lunch flow all day. this is where cruz was doing one of these stops. again, not necessarily comfortable turf for him, but he's trying to get throughout and talk to folks. we heard him talk to the hispanic community, trying to speak a little bit in spanish to a question earlier today, kate. i know you and i have been e mailing about that. i think your spanish is a little bit more comprehensive than mine. >> i do speak spanish, and basically he said i do understand everything because the reporter asked him a question in spanish, and he said i can't speak it as well as i'd like. there was a bit of excitement there for a moment, and i think
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it was a couple protesters or a couple people confronting ted cruz. what happened? >> this was an uncomfortable moment for cruz as well as we show you the video. these protesters or hecklers were yelling at him about his positions on immigration. they were escorted out and left without incident, obviously speaking with members of the media who had gathered here. that may be emblematic. we don't often see protesters at cruz events. it's very different than, for example, a donald trump rally. this may be emblematic of the reception cruz has gotten here when he's in the bronx, when he's in new york. >> get some food there. you're in a great spot. >> yes. what exactly is senator cruz's plan going forward now? let's turn to national co-chair for ted cruz for president, ralph -- bob vanderplots.
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bob, good to see you again. >> good to see you, kate. >> so ted cruz in the bronx. people might not think that would be his first stop in new york, but he goes there. as hallie mentioned, he got harassed a little bit. polls out this afternoon show not great numbers for ted cruz. 17% across new york. the numbers are stronger in buffalo and syracuse areas, but how does he beat donald trump on donald trump's home turf? >> i think what he does, he does what he did in wisconsin. the polls weren't favorable for ted cruz in wisconsin, either. you saw as soon as he got to wisconsin and the people started coalescing around him, he stayed on his message of jobs, freedom and security, and someone who has been an outsider to washington but has real solutions for the country versus just tied up in the emotion. i think even in new york, he's not going to give new york to donald trump. he's going to go there and he's going to compete, and i think new yorkers, once they get to know him, once they get to hear
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his message, they're going to like, just like wisconsin, what he has to say. i think we'll hear who underperforms and who overperforms in new york in the next couple weeks. >> there were indications that people were not necessarily voting for ted cruz but against donald trump. would you agree? >> i think it goes both ways. no doubt there is a lot of people in the republican party who are very concerned about donald trump being the nominee. that's why you see guys like mitt romney, lindsey graham and many others coalescing now behind senator ted cruz. but there is also a lot of people who agree with governor scott walker of saying, you know, we need real change in d.c. today. we need conservative values, conservative principles, conservative leadership, and they're championing ted cruz. i think you'll see that in new york as well, kate. i think there is a lot of game to be played yet before that vote is taken even in the big apple. >> i have to ask you about the new york values question. you just heard hallie jackson, she was sort of pressing ted cruz about what he meant by the words new york values.
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here's another portion of what he just said a few moments ago. >> the people of new york know exactly what those values are. they're the values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner, like eliot spitzer, like charlie rangel, all of whom donald trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trump's checkbook. >> bob, he does seem to be changing his definition a little bit of new york values. now he's saying it means liberal values. does he risk offending new york republican voters who don't consider themselves liberals? >> i think what he's doing, what you just heard in that sound bite, he's pointing out the far left values, the ones that are out of the mainstream of america and how conservative principles work. he just needs to stay on message in new york, whether it's new york values or liberal left values, whatever it is. i honestly think he needs to be
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championing american values because that's who he is, that's what he stands for, that's what the vision is for jobs, freedom and security. if he stays on that, i think he's going to do well there. >> okay. bob vanderplots with the cruz campaign. bob, thanks. good to see you again. >> thank you, kate. as we look ahead to new york and beyond, what are the voters thinking? what are they looking for? we got some answers about what may be to come about the nitty-gritty in wisconsin. here to help break down some of the numbers, nbc contributor jeremy is here. jeremy, good to see you. one of the striking figures yesterday in washington. how concerned some republicans say they are with the idea of donald trump as president. take a look at this. 58% of republican primary voters in wisconsin said they would be either concerned or scared if trump were president. another poll showed that if trump were facing clinton in november, 10% of wisconsin
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republicans would vote for hillary clinton and 16% would vote for a third party and 9% wouldn't bother voting at all. so put two hats on. how do you explain those numbers and what do you do with them if you are a pro-trump person or if you're a stop trump person? >> reporter: right, kate, i'll throw another one at you. half of republicans who feel if donald trump doesn't get the nomination on the first ballot, he shouldn't be the nominee at the convention. they would vote for someone else. there is, as we've seen throughout this process, a deep discord within the party in this inability for trump to get past a 40% threshold. and i think what you saw in wisconsin last night was something you've been cieseein seeing across the country growing increasingly large in recent weeks. and that is as much as there is this movement for donald trump, this groundswell of angry, conservative, popular support, there is also a significant chunk of republican voters who are coming out to vote against him. and that's something that i don't think that he or his
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campaign has really gotten their heads around quite yet. >> so what do they do? if you're the trump campaign now moving forward to all these next contests in new york and the other states, what do you do to get around the numbers we just showed? >> reporter: i think it depends on whether or not donald trump has the capacity to grow as a candidate. he has not shown a lot of introspection, a lot of humility. he says he doesn't ask god for forgiveness and we know how well that goes over in a republican primary. i think it's up to donald trump. the only person who can fix donald trump is donald trump. i'll go a step further and say, really, kate, what this has shown is that i think the only person, the only one capable of taking down donald trump is donald trump. and that's what you saw last week. i think that a lot of these negative attacks, the ads that have been run, the hits from ted
12:13 pm
cruz, sure, those accumulate. but ultimately the only person that can stop him is himself. >> let me ask about one more exit poll number that popped out at us, very midwest-specific last night. only 32% of people polled yesterday said they were angry with washington. to put that in perspective, that number was 59% in nevada, 48 in texas. is it a region thing, though? you look at the midwest, that number kind of fits in with what other people in the midwest say. they aren't as angry as maybe the rest of the country, and how does that play for ted cruz and donald trump moving forward? >> reporter: you know, i think ted cruz has always been in a good position to capitalize on frustration. that's what you're seeing right now. every time people want to smiss republican voters as crazy, or look what they've done, oh, my god, i can't believe they elected this guy. it's more easily explained by just sheer frustration. if there is one thing, if there is one candidate, one republican
12:14 pm
out there other than donald trump right now who has built a career on that politically, it is ted cruz. so i think that does benefit him. >> so they both have to hope there is a lot of anger in new york and some of these coming states. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you so much for being with us again. i appreciate it. still ahead, bernie sanders getting slammed by hillary clinton saying he favors style over substance. we'll have reports from both campaigns on the democratic side in just a bit. but first the case for merrick garland. he's back on the hill today, but are republicans just having meetings for show? hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. and to connect us with thes twonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning.
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when you're not thinking about car insurance. we're not at all standing up here suggesting that members of the united states senate, democrat or republicans, should just vote to confirm chief judge
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garland because the president said to do it. in fact, we're suggesting that they should find out for themselves. >> that was white house press secretary josh earnest moments ago on the nomination process of judge merrick garland to the supreme court. within the hour garland will meet with democratic senator diane feinstein, just three senators he's speaking with today. earlier garland met with senator dick durbin, who is urging his republican colleagues to end their blockade of garland. including today's sessions, garland will have met with 14 democratic senators and three republicans so far. 14 republicans have now agreed to meet with garland and two have called for hearings to be held on his behalf. but mitch mcconnell shows no signs for opening up a path for garland. for the state of the nomination, i'm joined by deputy press secretary eric schultz. eric, nice to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, kate, for having me. >> you have senator collins, a
12:19 pm
republican from maine, saying the nomination process should move forward. you have other republicans saying it should not move forward. only two republicans even say they want hearings. are there cracks in the republican wall that you see? >> i think so, kate. if you go back a few months now to justice scalia's untimely passing, in those hours, republicans announced they wouldn't even consider any nominee put forward by this president. we believe that position was absolutely untenable, and in the months since, you've seen republicans reconsider that. you've seen a number of them meet, announce they would be willing to meet with our nominee, and you've seen some even call for hearings. >> you've got to have hearings to move to the next step. is any of this worthwhile if you can't get to hearings? >> you're right, we absolutely need to have hearings. i've been fortunate enough to accompany chief judge garland on some of these visits with senators. i can tell you these meetings are thoughtful, substantive
12:20 pm
conversations about chief judge garland's judicial philosophy, about his fidelity to the rule of law. and if you look at what senator collins said after her meeting yesterday, she said that based on that conversation, she believes more senators will think that we should have public hearings. so we believe that as smart as these conversations are in private that it will be all the more reason for us to have a public hearing so chief judge garland can have this conversation in public for all to hear. >> republicans have been adamant this should not have happened in an election year. senator chuck grassley, as you know, was on the floor of the senate yesterday blaming the court for being political, not the senate. take a listen. >> the confirmation process has gotten political precisely because the court itself has drifted from the constitutional text and rendered decisions based instead on policy
12:21 pm
preferences. in short, the justices themselves have gotten political. and because t justices' decisions are often political and transgress their constitutional role, the process becomes more political. in fact, many of my constituents believe, with all due respect, that the chief justice is part of this problem. they believe that the number of his votes have reflected political considerations, not legal ones. >> does the president agree that the justices have politicized the process? >> kate, i saw those comments yesterday from chairman grassley and i thought they were extraordinary. if you just consider what just happened, this is a chairman of the united states senate judiciary committee going on the floor of the united states senate to chastise the sitting chief judge of the supreme court. that's an incredible thing.
12:22 pm
and my belief is that you've got republicans being unable to defend their untenable position now trying to blame the supreme court for this? the irony is it's the republicans trying to politicize this process. the president is just asking them to do their job. there are a lot of times when congress has to do complicated, difficult work. this is one that's pretty easy. this is a basic fundamental responsibility elementary to their jobs as senators. >> eric schultz, deputy press secretary to the white house. eric, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, kate. up next, a contested convention could bring chaos to the republican party in july as delegates scramble to nominate a candidate for president. could a wisconsin politics ride in to save the day? and maybe it's not the one you're thinking of. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way!
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on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? after senator cruz's win in wisconsin last night, the path is unclear for the gop
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convention. polling shows donald trump with the lead, but cruz not too far back, with john kasich lagging at 143 if we flip to the next screen there. if there is a contested convention, who will come out on top? according to a recent article in the wall street journal, it may be wisconsin governor scott walker. let's turn to josh crosshar. he's political editor and author of "not scott walker." crosshar, right? >> you got it. >> there's been talk from paul ryan saving the day. you write he's an outspoken for the tax hauls that many have
12:27 pm
rejected, turning to a suspended hill insider like paul ryan will infuriate him. you don't think he'll be tapped? >> trump and cruz have first dibs on winning on the first ballot. it will be difficult for trump if he's short of 1237, and cruz will have a chance to cobble together a majority as well. but if there's a stalemate and neither candidate can get to 1237, republicans are going to look to someone who can get support from both the trump wing of the party, the cruz wing of the party and the establishment wing of the party. there aren't many republicans, really, in the country who fit the bill. scott walker was a former presidential candidate, and he's someone who ran his campaign, the short-lived campaign he did run, that tried to unite the blue car republicans with the white collar republicans. >> you know scott walker, when
12:28 pm
he endorsed ted cruz recently, he said nothing about donald trump. was it important not to alienate the trump voters, he needs all their help? >> exactly. scott walker hasn't attacked trump like other established anti-trump republicans have. he surprisingly mentioned last week that he thought there could be a contested convention, and if there is one, it won't be -- the republican who ends up being nominated won't be someone who is currently running. who could that be? it raises a lot of speculation that walker himself might be interested. you basically have cruz as the most likely republican who can cobble together a majority. but if we get to the uncharted territory of both a convention and a stalemate at the convention, that's where scott walker comes into play. >> i appreciate your time. >> thanks, kate. still ahead, a big night for bernie sanders, but hillary
12:29 pm
clinton still holds a significant delegate lead. meanwhile, the former secretary of state takes a shot at her rival. >> the number of important areas he doesn't have a plan at all. now, sometimes i'm accused of spending too much time on the details of how things actually work and how we get them done. but if you don't do that, it would be like negotiating a contract. and you walk in and you say to the employer, we want a really good deal, so do it. that's not the way i've ever seen it work. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life.
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. >> that was bernie sanders last night in laramie, wyoming after his big win in wisconsin.
12:33 pm
the senator says momentum is on his side after beating hillary clinton last night with 57% of the vote. it's still a long climb for senator sanders, though. clinton is leading sanders by over 600 delegates, even after last night's contest, if you count the superdelegates. he needs 67% of the remaining delegates in order to win. but sanders is pushing on. wyoming holds their caucus on saturday, and then on april 19, voters head to the polls in new york where 247 pledged delegates are up for grabs. and on april 26, we've got pennsylvania along with a whole bunch of other states holding their primary. meanwhile, that's where both candidates are campaigning today, clinton holding events in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, both candidates in new york later. kristin welker is at the clinton campaign in pittsburgh. kristin, how is it going? >> reporter: the clinton campaign stressing that point you just brought up, that she has a significant delegate lead
12:34 pm
in the wake of the wisconsin lead by senator sanders. that marks his sixth straight win in a row, so the clinton campaign very eager to turn the page. as one aide told me, now it's on to new york. the focus is on new york right now with its more than 200 delegates, and it's, of course, secretary clinton's adopted state. you can see all hands on deck there. today she has been aggressively going after him, slamming him for that interview that he gave to the new york daily news. a couple points they're stressing in particular. some of her surrogates held a conference with them saying they don't believe sandy hook should be able to sue gun manufacturers. that's something that could resonate in places like new york and, of course, in connecticut. she's also criticizing him sharply for not being able to explain how he is going to break up the big banks. that's, of course, one of the central tenets of his campaign. it's giving us a little bit of a preview of what we can expect to see in the coming weeks.
12:35 pm
if you look at the polls, secretary clinton still leads senator sanders by 12 points in new york. that's according to the latest quinn quinnipiac poll. she is also holding onto pennsylvania. that's where she is campaigning, in pittsburgh, and she will be here for the next three hours. >> kristin welker, thanks so much. let's turn to msnbc alex sites. a lot of criticism from hillary clinton about this interview sanders did with the new york daily news and the headline there. how is the sanders campaign responding? >> it's a multi-frontal attack, so let's take them one at a time. number one on the banks has been a big one for sanders. he seems to struggle how exactly
12:36 pm
he would break them up. we just got a report from michael griggs. he says, we don't need any lessons on getting things done in congress from someone who didn't pass a single amendment by a roll call vote during her entire career in the senate. with the first 100 days of his administration, senator sanders will require the secretary of the treasury whose failure would pose a catastrophic risk to the united states economy without a taxpayer bailout. within a year, the sanders administration will work with the federal reserve and financial regulators to break knees institutions up using the authority of section 121 of the dodd-frank act. getting a little more specific there. on another front, take a look at the front page of the new york daily news today after that interview really hitting sanders very hard for his comments about guns. he says he does not support an issue by sandy hook victims to sue gun manufacturers. adviser to top strategist of the
12:37 pm
san sanders campaign, he said he is no stranger to the gun industry. >> he lost his election because he said in a state that has no gun control that he would support a ban on assault weapons. on the issue of manufacturer liability, he recently signed on as a co-sponsor to legislation which would deal with that issue in the current congress. so i would say to them they should take a look at his record. >> other sanders aides have pointed out that clinton has taken money from nra lobbyists, so a lot of back and forth on this, kate. >> let me bring in dan canon. he's a vice president for advocacy and 2008 wisconsin state director for the obama campaign. not supporting any candidate in particular this time around, right, dan? >> that's right. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. let's talk about this sort of battle among the democrats today and where we stand after wisconsin as we look forward. sanders is saying he's on a
12:38 pm
winning streak. he's pointing to all these wins, seven out of the last eight. will momentum help him going into new york, pennsylvania, et cetera? >> i'm not sure it will, kate. if you look at wisconsin, we expected it to be a pretty sizeable victory for sanders going into election day. i think he had a pretty good day on balance. he certainly did well in madison in dane county, but he had strong support in the third, the sixth, the seventh, winning with hefty margins throughout most of the state. i think a lot of it had to do with the nature of the electorate. it was a huge turnout on tuesday but slightly less on the democratic side as compared to 2008 when 1.1 million voters voted in the democratic primary between clinton and obama in that election. only about a million this time around. that may not seem like a lot, but what it meant was there were at least a couple hundred thousand, folks that can pick whether they'll be on the democratic side or the republican side who, in 2008,
12:39 pm
voted almost all on the democratic side, and in 2016 making it really a pretty liberal electorate which i think is borne out by the election polls showing that at least two-thirds of those who voted yesterday were somewhat liberal. that electorate isn't going to be there for him in the next primary, which is the state of new york which she'll have a good chance of winning that state and halting the momentum sanders feel like they have right now. >> the poll shows for sanders what helped him win 83% of wisconsin democratic voters. they said honesty is the most important quality for them in a candidate. 82% of sanders voters 18 to 29 years old, 72% of independents went for sanders, and 64% of men voted for sanders. you look at those numbers as someone who worked the state for
12:40 pm
obama, and what do you tell candidate sanders to do now as he moves forward? how does he bring maybe more people in the tent or does he just focus in on independents and men? >> i think independents and men are certainly the strength of his campaign, particularly independents. but i think, again, kate, it depends on the type of primary he's talking about. in an open primary where you can have new voters coming into the process, same day registration, he had a real opportunity to sock those folks into his camp on tuesday, and he did. it's going to be harder in other states to do that, but i think focusing on them is the best path he has. i just wonder if you look at a huge win like he had yesterday but only gained 10 delegates when he's already 220 behind, i don't know how he does it that appreciably changes the delegate count going forward. if he's able to, that's a different story. but if he doesn't get new york, i think the math changes real quickly. >> let me bring in congresswoman
12:41 pm
elizabeth esty. her district is in newtown, connecticut. we should point out she's also supporting hillary clinton. congresswoman, thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you, kate. >> we've just been talking about the new york daily news interview that bernie sanders did, and hillary clinton is slamming him for his comments. here's part of what senator sanders actually said about the issue of sandy hook and families that are trying to sue the gun manufacturers there. this is a quote from bernie sanders. he said to the new york daily news, if you're a gun dealer and you sell me a gun and i go out and i kill him, and he gestured to somebody in the room, do i think that gun dealer should be sued f selling me a legal product that he misused? and he shook his head no. but i do believe that gun manufacturers and gun dealers should be able to be sued when they know that guns are going into the hands of wrong people. so if somebody walks in and says, i'd like 10,000 rounds of ammunition, you might be suspicious about that. so i think there are grounds for those suits, but not if you sell
12:42 pm
me a legal product. so he seems to be arguing that manufacturers aren't the right party to hold responsible in certain cases. you would say what? >> i would say that hillary clinton has been there on the side of gun safety legislation for decades. that's my support for her, particularly in a district that supports newtown. what senator sanders believes or doesn't believe about gun violence prevention is a little unclear, he has to explain himself over and over again, but this is clear. hillary clinton has been there every single time. on the question of liability, we have safer cars in america today because people were allowed to sue the defective cars and the cars that didn't perform well. that's part of how we fix things in america, so i'm very much in favor of allowing the folks who i represent, the families who are decimated and killed in newtown to challenge gun manufacturers to make safer
12:43 pm
products and be careful about how they market them. that's exactly how our society works. >> the sanders campaign says the senator does support new legislation where you work on capitol hill that would allow people to sue gun manufacturers under certain conditions. it's a little bit complex, but he is deporting that legislation. is that enough? would that allow the case of the families involving sandy hook to move forward? >> i'm not the legal expert on this lawsuit, but i will tell you this. we need a president who is committed and passionate and steadfast in doing something in this country about the slaughter of 33,000 americans a year from gun violence. and this is one of those areas of real distinction between senator sanders and secretary clinton. and secretary clinton has been on this issue for decades, has been right on it every single time. for me and for those of us in connecticut, i have to say this is a defining distinction.
12:44 pm
i want to know that my president is somebody who takes this issue seriously who isn't parsing the words in lawsuits, who isn't parsing the words in statutes but is saying, we can and we must do better to keep americans safe. and hillary clinton has stood on that. >> he is saying he supports legislation that would allow for those kinds of lawsuits. is it really that big a gap between their two positions? >> to be clear, he voted in favor of extending, twice voted in favor of extending liability exemption for the gun lobbying. twice he voted in favor of it. and he has not made this a court issue. he has not been standing by victims for years. i'm glad to welcome him in now, but i want someone for whom this is a real central issue, and there is no question in my mind that secretary clinton has been there from the very beginning. >> congresswoman -- >> and people should look at that. >> congresswoman elizabeth esty
12:45 pm
of connecticut, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, more unanswered questions about the durability of donald trump's campaign for president. we'll speak with one of the leading anti-trump voices coming up next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their businessbecomes . that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. $2 million. that's how much one anti-trump group spent in wisconsin to keep the badger state out of the win column for the republican frontrunner donald trump. next, though, comes the real test, new york state. joining me now is senior adviser for one of the groups looking to stop trump from gaining traction and gaining the nomination, our principals pacs ken blackwell is with us. ken, thank you so much for being with us. >> good to be with you, kate. >> pac says they spent about $2 million in wisconsin to try to defeat donald trump. it worked yesterday. but you look at some of the upcoming states and some of the polling that we have. look at new york, for example. all the polling right now is showing donald trump quite a bit
12:49 pm
ahead of ted cruz, and certainly ahead of john kasich. you look at pennsylvania. trump has a nine-point advantage. if it took you $2 million to beat him in wisconsin, how are you going to beat him in new york and pennsylvania? >> well, just remember that three weeks out from wisconsin, cruz was in double digits in terms of being behind trump. look, this is a strategic strike. that means that he's -- he's going to probably take manhattan and the bronx, but he's not going to take those districts in upper new york. there is going to be a clear choice for the voters of new york and pennsylvania and the other states leading right out to california. here is a fellow who hasn't been a republican for a long time. he's the only candidate that has
12:50 pm
supported hillary clinton. he talks about replacing obamacare, but when you listen to him, he talks about replacing it with something that would give government and government spending control over one fifth of the economy. that means that he is really obama lite. and i think that the voters -- voters really need a choice between obama's third term, which they will get with hillary, and somebody who wants to put us back on the path of free markets and limited government. >> but you're still up against the math. ted cruz is nowhere near the number of delegates he's going to need to clinches the nomination. what are you talking about today? as you're all having conversations today about how to strategically do what, you know, what you want, which i assume is a contested convention. >> right, and the fact is, is that we've narrowed the path of a trump victory with 1,237.
12:51 pm
that's what we're -- that's what we're doing state after state. we're closing the openings that he might have going into these campaigns. as a consequence, we believe that we will have an open and contested convention. and then the organization of the other campaigns will, in fact, put donald trump's bid to rest. >> you want to break any news here about what you're doing next? any big ads coming in new york? >> well, i wear a couple of hats. i'm on the board for the club of growth and i advise our principles pac. believe me, we're not going to leave any delegates behind. and we, in fact, will be carrying a message across the country. we will continue to do that. it's working for us. >> all right. thanks so much, ken blackwell. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. still ahead, a battle of the
12:52 pm
bug rougs and beyond. will hillary clinton and donald trump benefit from home-court advantage as the race for president pivots here to new york. and so my new packing robot will make jet warehouses even more efficient and save shoppers money. genius! oh charlene? charlene. no. charlene. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she? shh...
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12:55 pm
less than two weeks away now, new york's primary proving to be pivotal for both parties. for a closer look, i'm joined by msnbc senior editor, beth fouhy. we've been talking during the commercial break. i'm from between albany, a small town between saratoga and schenectady, and i love new york, but it is not new york city and i don't think the rest of the world always appreciates that. >> the thing about new york people need to understand is it's so diverse, it's huge, it's 19 million people. so many people focus on manhattan, but you've got long island, 7 million people. >> where trump is tonight. >> where trump is tonight, votes very differently from new york city. used to be the hub of new york republicanism. then you've got upstate new york, as you know, kate. very beautiful, lots of it is quite rural. but there are those industrial cities like syracuse, rochester,
12:56 pm
utica, that have basically been sort of struggling for years. they never really made it out of that industrial economy. but places like ohio. it's a lot like ohio. so you've got people who are very economically distressed up there, who might be receptive to the message of a donald trump or a bernie sanders. so, yes, of course hillary clinton on the democratic side, is favored. donald trump on the republican side. they're both new yorkers. but you know what, it's a bigger state than what you think. and those other candidates have a chance to make their mark. >> what about ted cruz? we just saw him this morning trying to explain away his statement of new york values, where he kind of lumped everybody in new york altogether, saying, i meant liberal values. i'm not sure how that plays for people who have some affinity to ted cruz. >> given upstate new york has a lot of very conservative voters, he would have a chance up there. he pushed that all away by talking about new york values is. it was clearly, it worked really well in the middle of the country. not so well here. >> beth fouhy, thanks so much for being here. great seeing you. that is it for this hour. i'm kate snow.
12:57 pm
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