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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> julie pace. >> ted cruz should not take his transportation information from the new york daily news. steve kornacki picks up the coverage right now. good morning. i'm steve kornacki. topping the agenda this morning, bernie sanders going farther than he has ever gone before in his attacks on hillary clinton, charging that her vote for the iraq war and that the wall street money her super pac takes make her unqualified to be president. >> she has been saying lately that she thinks that i am, quote/unquote, not qualified to be president. let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. >> is sanders making a fair point there or are democrats going to think that he's crossing the line?
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clinton and sanders could be responding to all of this in just a few minutes. we are keeping close tabs on them, we will bring you everything they say as soon as they say it. also, on our agenda this morning, donald trump back home, back on the attack. the republican front runner in desperate need right now of a big bounce back victory in his home state. he held a ruckus real in new york and turned one of ted cruz's most memorable lines against them. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred. >> and rounding out this morning's agenda, it's an x factor that doesn't exist in any other state. the new york tabloid press. how the candidates have to handle the toughest most in your face media market in america. we are going to get to all of that and a lot more in the next hour, but we begin this morning with the war of words that's
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exploding right now on the democratic side. the issue of what it means to be qualified to be president of the united states. now, where did this whole dispute come from? bernie sanders seemingly responding last night to comments that were made by hillary clinton on this network, on "morning joe" yesterday, when clinton was asked if sanders was ready to be president. >> so the question -- and i'm serious, if you weren't running today and you looked at bernie sanders would you say this guy is ready to be president of the united states? >> well, i think he hadn't done his homework and he had been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood, and that does raise a lot of questions. really what it goes to is for voters to ask themselves can he deliver what he's talking about? >> so that was hillary clinton yesterday morning, then at his rally last night sanders went through a litany of reasons why
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he said hillary clinton isn't qualified. >> let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified if she is -- if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest loans, i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. i don't think you are qualified if you have supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs. >> bernie sanders last night, that was in philadelphia, then after he said that the clinton campaign fired back, this is her press secretary, brian fallen on
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twitter saying, hillary clinton did not say that bernie sanders was not qualified, but he has now absurdly said it about her. this is a new low. clinton and sanders as we say they are both expected to address this issue on the campaign trail, maybe in a few minutes, in fact. kasie hunt is where sanders is going to be speaking in philadelphia, kristen welker is here in new york with me on the clinton beat. kasie hunt, let's start with you and let's just try to understand where this all came from because we play that clip from bernie sanders and the setup for what he's saying there is he says, look, she called me unqualified now i'm going to tell you why she's unqualified, but in the clip we played for her as brian fallen points out doesn't sound like she actually said that. >> steve, good morning, you just played exactly what she said and what set this all off and as you note she suggested that he hadn't actually done his
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homework, that he didn't have the background that was necessary to do this, but she never used the quote, unquote, not qualified as bernie sanders said on the stage at a -- i have to say -- massive rally here in philadelphia last night, a line that wound around for blocks. i would point you to a washington post headline that included part of joe scarborough's request he in the head line essentially saying -- or suggesting that hillary clinton didn't believe bernie sanders was qualified to be president. we are told that that head line played a role in how sanders decided to approach this from the podium. i have to tell you, steve, if you pull the lens back just a little bit and look at how this campaign between bernie sanders and hillary clinton has evolved, bernie sanders has really shifted over time his approach to hillary clinton. when we first started out he would often include the fact that he wasn't going to go after her as part of his stump speech,
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it was what he was selling to voters. if his crowds ever booed hillary clinton he would urge them to back off, he would wave them off and say, no, no, no, that's not the kind of campaign that we're running. as this race has gotten tighter in and in some ways nastier and as the clinton campaign has turned its fire more aggressively at bernie sanders because they have had to to kind of keep sustaining all the way along, sanders has gone farther in his attacks on clinton and now he uses contrasts with her as a central part of his stump speech. now, it's usually policy oriented and you heard some of it in this new version of this rift. he said she's not qualified to be president because of all these trade deals, because of the iraq war. that's a variation on what he's been saying all the way along, he's been hitting her for her nor of nafta and that iraq war note. taking it to a more personal level, if you will. i have to say knowing bernie
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sanders himself there has been all this reporting over the course of the last couple of months essentially saying that bernie sanders has been urged to go negative on hillary clinton, he refused to do t maybe if he had maybe he would have won iowa, maybe he would have done better and been so far behind in the delegates but it's been bernie sanders himself saying i don't want to go there, that's not part of my political brand. so what you can take away from that is that this switch in his stump speech very much driven by the candidate himself. this is a clear indication of his personal frustration with how the clinton campaign is framing this and the fact that he is clearly ready to go there. i think you're seeing as we're ramping up to new york and, boy, it did not take very long to ramp up to this new york primary that things are going to get much nastier and i think you're seeing the clinton campaign really pull out the stops, whether it's referring to that new york daily news interview, making sure every reporter who covers politics, covers this race is a you that interview. she clearly is demonstrating she knows how to us auto the new
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york media apparatus in a way that reflects somebody who has campaigned in new york for a long time. bernie sanders clearly ready to step up and take that head i don't know. >> that's right. that's something we will be talking about a little later in this hour, too. when things happen in new york, in the new york primary, because of the media, because of the tabloid press it's magnified that much more and of course all this comes with that next debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders now just a few days away. obviously this is going to be a big part of that. kasie hunt in philadelphia stand by for a minute if you would. i want to bring in kristen welker who is with me in the studio in new york. you are on the hillary clinton beat. we saw the clinton campaign seems -- they seem to see an advantage in this, they were trying to raise money off of sanders comments overnight. if hillary clinton address it is today any idea where she's going to go on this? >> i've been told by a campaign official and i think we are going to hear secretary clinton her campaign stress three points, one, you were just discussing with kasie the fact
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that she never said that senator sanders was unqualified. he is essentially putting words in her mouth and, in fact, she was very careful to sidestep that question. number two and i think this gets more damaging for senator sanders, she's going to make the point, hey, you could make this argument about president obama and john kerry if that's your status for who was qualified, particularly when you're talking about trade deals, accepting money when you're running for president. and this gives her yet another opening to embrace president obama and to sort of cast senator sanders aside and say, look, he is not a part of this democratic party in the same way that i am. we've heard her increasingly try to make that argument. right. and then third i think you're going to hear the campaign hit him on this key point which is ultimately this helps the gop. you can see the ad coming together. they're going to replay senator sanders' words over and over again, even her own opponent saying she is not qualified to be president. he went to a place where they didn't even go back in 2008 when things got very ugly in 2008.
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i think there is a challenge for secretary clinton as well. she has to walk a fine line in her response. you had some democrats expressing concern that she was insulting senator sanders' supporters and that that could make it more difficult for her if she does in fact win the nomination to bring in those supporters, to get them on her side, to campaign for her, to support her. so she's got to be very careful in her response if in fact we do hear from her today or in the coming days. >> we are waiting to see if bernie sanders addresses any more of this. >> right. >> what you're saying is a really interesting point, too, because there was a moment not long ago in one of these debates where both candidates were asked how can you unify after this primary. bernie sanders said on our worst day our disagreements are nothing compared to to our disagreements with republicans. now he's saying she's unqualified. in terms of the personal tone of this campaign how personal it's gotten you are out there on the trail, have you seen this kind of break down over the last few weeks? >> absolutely and it's just stunning and i think kasie
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pointed to this, that this campaign started out as the cordial campaign, especially when you matched it against republicans and we haven't seen quite the same level of personal attacks that we've seen on the republican side going after each other's spouses, for example, but this has gotten incredibly personal. to say that someone is not qualified to be president really does mark a new level i think in this heated exchange, you sense that out on the campaign trail, you sense that in their public comments. remember, from the perspective of the clinton campaign one of the reasons why we're seeing her ramp up her rhetoric, she had expected to have this race locked up by the end of march. that didn't happen. and now she's in this increasingly competitive race, she's eager to pivot to the general election as we've seen with some of her comments directed towards donald trump and she can't do that yet. as of right now her focus is on new york but also turning the page on those six consecutive losses that she has had. >> kasie, out in philadelphia, you are around sanders so much. you have a good read -- i guess we don't have kasie hunt
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anymore. sorry about that. kristen welker thank you for joining us. >> indeed. thank you. >> kasie hunt is following sanders in pennsylvania. we are going to be keeping a close eye on that sanders event in philadelphia if he addresses the qualified remarks he made last night. we will see what he has to say. still ahead this hour on this show, sanders' campaign manager is going to join me live. we are going to ask him about what bernie sanders said last night, we will ask him exactly what the senator meant last night, if he's standing by it this morning. plus donald trump returning to his home turf here in new york hoping that his new york values will help him bounce back after that big wisconsin loss. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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we said bernie sanders is speaking in philadelphia this morning, either his first public remarks after saying last night that hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. he just began speaking, this is in front of a labor group in philadelphia right now, delivering a variation of his familiar stump speech, but we're keeping a close eye on it. if he says anything more about the comments he made last night about hillary clinton we will let you know and bring it to you as it happens. again, bernie sanders in philadelphia, one of the many things we are keeping an eye on on this very busy morning in politics. turning now, though, to the republican side and a moment of truth for donald trump, he is back in his home state, back in new york and back on offense. embracing new york and slamming ted cruz who had a less than spectacular welcome to the empire state. >> first of all, it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. we love new york. >> trump obviously is in desperate need of a big bounce
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back win in his home state after that double digit loss he suffered in wisconsin earlier this week. the good news for him he may get one. look at this. the latest poll from mon moth university it shows trump with a massive lead here in new york, he has got 52% of the vote. if that holds it would be the first time he crosses the 50% mark in any state primary. that's also more than triple ted cruz's total here in new york. actually, cruz is in third place, he's currently running behind john kasich in new york. so what does all of that mean in it means that trump could walk away from new york with nearly all of the state's 95 delegates. in fact, he has a chance of taking all 95 delegates and that could have huge implications for his path to 1,237. remember, that's the magic number in all of this and his dream of avoiding a contested convention. we will lay out that path, show you the matt and look at the map a little later this hour. first we will check in with
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jacob rascon, he is at trump tower in new york city. donald trump goes from that big loss in wisconsin to a big home state welcome here in new york. were you seeing a different candidate there last night? >> reporter: oh, yeah, this is the shot of energy that he was wanting. we talk about wisconsin and sometimes we don't really mention how cold of a reception he got there. even though he got thousands of supporters throughout all of his visits, that was the coldest reception i have ever seen for trump. he didn't fill a lot of the venues, he chose smaller venues, it was very odd compared to the other states where we've seen such big crowds and such high energy. so last night was a shot of energy that he needed. he really went after ted cruz of course, he talked a lot about 9/11, he brought of course ted cruz's comments about new york values and here is what he said. >> you know, lyin' ted cruz came today, he couldn't draw 100 people. 100 people. we have 15,000 people, we have
6:19 am
another 5,000 outside, they're never going to show it. i'd love to do it like the other guys, nobody covers them, they can just go over and over and boring but nobody shows up. >> reporter: in fact, the fire marshal said just over 10,000 people fit inside there, but 10,000 people compared to the numbers that ted cruz got and again that mon moth poll, incredible numbers for him. in fact, in long island the support was up to 58%, trump also has announced his party leadership in the state from all 27 congressional districts and he has just announced that he is canceling those trips that he had planned this week to california and colorado, he's saying he's going to stay in the state, in new york, until the primary in two weeks to make sure that he can win here. he knows he's going to win here or he is very confident, but also remember that he has said before that he thinks that he can win new york in a general. he's spending a lot of time here, i wouldn't be surprised if that is part of the campaign strategy as well. steve. >> all right. jacob rascon outside trump tower
6:20 am
here in new york city. donald trump's hometown. thanks for that. now i want to bring in washington post conservative opinion writer jennifer ruben. jennifer, you have been -- put it this way -- a critic of donald trump's. when you look ahead right now, he suffered the loss in wisconsin, that's good news for the stop trump crowd, now the race is in donald trump's home state, there is an opportunity for him to gobble up most, maybe even all of the delegates here. are you afraid as somebody who wants to stop donald trump that he gets a big win here in new york he is right back on track. how do you look at it? >> i think he is going to win new york, i don't think there is any question about that. i think the big question is donald trump going to undo donald trump. it's not just that he lost in wisconsin it's that he lost it. that he lost control of his organization, he has been on a real losing streak, losing a bunch of races including utah, obviously in wisconsin but also some of these smaller fights for delegates. he's having a campaign shakeup,
6:21 am
the press is full of these predictions and observations that he doesn't have the right people, he doesn't have a competent group of people around him. so i think he's got to get himself and his operation under control. then the question is if he spends all his time trying to win a state that he should win what happens the following week when he then has to go to places like delaware, rhode island, maryland, is that a place where he falls short? this is going to be a win for him. i think the question over the next ten days or so is he able to put his campaign and campaign operation back on track and is he going to have any more of his horrible gaffs in which he says things that are absolutely untrue, that he has to walk back, that are embarrassing. that's been the story the last couple weeks. it's that pattern i think that he has to break. >> you mentioned the other states that come next, we have new york on april 19th, a northeast primary a week later on the 26th. a lot of people look at those other states, maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, even pennsylvania, they
6:22 am
say donald trump demographically probably a pretty good fit in a lot of those states and more to the point ted cruz seems like a pretty bad fit culturally demographic in the northeast based on results we've seen. is that complicating things here for the stop trump movement that they have to rely on ted cruz to be doing well in the northeast? >> well, remember there is also john kasich in there and there's a debate as to whether he's helping the never trump or impeding the never trump movement. i do think, however, that what you're seeing is ted cruz is able now to expand his demographic somewhat. he's doing much better with women, that's going to be a problem with trump wherever he goes, he's beginning to do better with evangelicals, those states don't have a lot of evangelicals, he's doing better with people of all education levels, all age graups. so the question really is can ted cruz take what was seen as an improvement for him, an expansion of his base and take that into other venues that are as you say demographically closer to donald trump.
6:23 am
whether he can or not i think may decide whether donald trump gets 1,237 before the convention. >> if we do have the open convention, if donald trump doesn't get the majority in the primaries, what do you want to see happen there? do you say, look, if it's not donald trump it has to be ted cruz, he would be the second place candidate and nobody else would be closer. do you think -- do you want somebody else to emerge at the convention? >> i think as a matter of probability it's very likely that if donald trump does not get it on the first ballot his delegates will frankly head for cruz and the reason for that is that the cruz campaign is highly organized, they're beginning to help in the process of selecting those delegates, they're essentially lobbying those people specifically. so odds are incredibly favorable towards ted cruz if it goes to a second ballot. now, if you're getting to the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth ballot and they're really deadlocked then i think all bets are off and then you might see someone else come in. i think that's a small probability at this point and frankly i think the one thing that donald trump has said that
6:24 am
is correct is that i think the party, the base, would be very resentful if the party came up with someone who hasn't run at all or hasn't won a single state. i think it's more likely that marco rubio would be the nominee than even john kasich. he has won more states. he still has more popular votes than john kasich. but i think that's really sort of a hail mary, if you will, by people who don't like either of these candidates. i think it's either going to be ted cruz or it's going to be donald trump. >> all right. jennifer rubin, thanks for the time. >> my pleasure. we're going to turn to katrina pierson, the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. katrina, thank you for -- >> hi, steve. >> actually, katrina, we are going to get back to you in one second. we said we're keeping an eye on bernie sanders. let's listen in. i think he might be talking about last night. >> -- told cnn and i quote that their strategy as we go into new york, into pennsylvania, i guess, is, quote, disqualify him, defeat him and unify the party later. now, you know, as i have said a
6:25 am
million times, i have desired and i have run an issue-oriented campaign. it's hard as we can see here, the media is not particularly interested about why. middle class declines, about wage and income disparate, that's not what you're interested in, but we have tried in rally after rally and many of you have been there to talk about the most important issues facing the american people, but if secretary clinton thinks just because i'm from a small state in vermont and we're going to come here to new york and go to pennsylvania and they're going to beat us up and they're going to go after us in some kind of really uncalled for way that we're not going to fight back, well, they can guess again because that's not the case. this campaign will fight back. so when you have headlines in the "washington post," quote, clinton questions whether sanders is calling if i had to be president, my response s well, you know, if you want to question my qualifications let me suggest this, that maybe the
6:26 am
american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. people might want to wonder about your qualifications when you supported virtually every trade agreement, trade agreements which have cost the american worker millions of decent paying jobs. the american people might want to wonder about your qualifications when you're spending an enormous amount of time raising money for your super pac from some of the wealthiest people in this country and from the most outrageous special interests. i don't think i have to explain to the american people what wall street did to this economy and yet in her last filing report for her major super pac, one of several, she raised 15 million trooind from wall street. are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street, an
6:27 am
entity whose greed, recklessly and illegal behavior helped destroy our economy. let me be clear. this is not the type of politics that i want to get in, i know it's what the media loves. it is not the type of politics that i want to get in, but let me also be very clear. if secretary clinton thinks that i just come from the small state of vermont, we are not used to it, we will get used to it fast. i'm not going to get beat up and lied about. we will fight back, but i do hope that we can raise the level and i do hope that now and then the media will choose to talk about real issues. you have a real issue, nancy? what do you got? >> if you think she's not qualified -- >> no, did you hear what i -- what i just said is that she has attacked me for being unqualified. and if i am going to be attacked for being unqualified i will respond in kind. so i would hope that we can get away from this. i do have respect for secretary clinton, i don't know who on her campaign comes up with these brilliant ideas. all that i'm saying is that i am
6:28 am
not going to go into new york -- you know, i know that they are getting nervous, they've lost seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries and every day they develop a new approach to the campaign. i gather their approach is, again, this is a quote from cnn, quote, disqualify him, defeat him and unify the party later. that sounds to me like they're ready to run a very negative campaign. that is not what i want to do. i don't want to do that. but if i am going to be attacked and my qualifications as president after being on the congress for 25 years, supporting working people throughout my entire career, standing up to virtually every special interest in this country, they're going to question my qualifications i think i have a request he theirs. thank you all very much, very much. guys, thank you all very much. >> okay. that was bernie sanders wrapping up an event in philadelphia talking to a labor group there. we said we were keeping an eye on whether he would elaborate on those comments he made last night about hillary clinton saying she's unqualified to be
6:29 am
president. he stood by the remarks he made last night. he said this has been the dispute in morning, the dispute is last night sanders before saying she was unqualified had prefaced his comments by saying she said i'm unqualified, let me fell you why she's unqualified. he is saying that the clinton campaign told cnn that his strategy was to dis call him and discredit him and unify the party after. he said she has attacked me for being unqualified and if she attacks me for being unqualified i will respond in kind. sanders also added there, though, i do have respect for hillary clinton. kasie hunt has been following bernie sanders, is in that room. kasie hunt, i'm trying to understand exactly what he's saying there, exactly what he's pacing that on. he's saying, though, that she did call him unqualified, i'm still unclear that she actually did, though. >> reporter: steve, we were talking about this a little bit
6:30 am
earlier and of course her initial comments coming on "morning joe" -- >> kasie hunt, i'm sorry to interrupt you, hillary clinton is now talking to the press. let's listen in. >> look, i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. so let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. we have republicans whose values are so antithetical to what's right for new york or right for america. i'm just going to keep doing what i've been doing with my friends like the borough president and others for all these years to try to really make a difference in people's lives. >> do you think that he's competitive in new york? >> that's up to the voters, the voters will decide that. >> bernie sanders is saying also that he thinks there is going to be a contested convention, would you like to talk about that? >> well, marcia, i don't really know what that means because if
6:31 am
someone gets the number of delegates that's needed to be nominated, then the convention will nominate that person. and, look, i ran a very contested campaign against then senator obama and it went all the way to the end, we worked really hard, he got more delegates and so i endorsed him, i worked for him, i nominated him at the convention because we are going to have to unify democrats and right thinking americans to stand up against the republicans. donald trump or ted cruz are just absolutely going to rip away the progress we've made and trump with his insults of everybody is trying to divide us instead of unify us. let's start with the democratic party and go from there. >> did you go to the yankee game last night, secretary clinton? >> i'm going to work hard to do that. >> secretary clinton, did you see the yankee game last night? >> i didn't, but i read about it. i read about it this morning. was it as exciting and a blow
6:32 am
out as it sounded? >> it was pretty good. >> how does it feel to be back campaigning in the bronx? >> it feels great. you know, ruben and i were just talking. when i first started running for the senate i came to the bronx. >> that ert. >> i came back many, many times and worked to support the great things that are going on in the bronx. i am so proud of the progress that has been made. do you want to brag a minute? >> absolutely. we here in the bronx have seen for many, many years a friendship with hillary clinton, building our housing -- >> all right. hillary clinton in the bronx, that's yankee stadium there talking with the new york politician who is supporting her, but also there trying to take the high road at least there in public on this dust up with bernie sanders over who is qualified to be president. going to turn now to bernie sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver, he joins us, jeff, thanks for joining us. i'm trying to be clear on what bernie sanders said. we played his remarks just a few minutes ago. so he had said last night that
6:33 am
hillary clinton had called him unqualified, then he went through a list of reasons, he said she was unqualified. he seemed to be pointing to a story in cnn where somebody from the clinton campaign may have said part of their strategy was to, quote, disqualify bernie sanders, but i'm still not seeing where hillary clinton said that. am i missing something here? >> well, i think you are, steve. the washington post also had a story which had a head line which pretty clearly said that secretary clinton was questioning senator sanders' qualifications. >> but, jeff -- >> if you watched "morning joe" -- >> i want to be clear on this point. the head line in the "washington post" said she questioned whether he was qualified. nothing in the quote from her said that. >> read the "morning joe" transcript from the other morning when the secretary was on and she was asked pointedly three times, maybe four times, but certainly three times whether bernie sanders was qualified and read her answers. i think it's pretty clear what
6:34 am
their strategy is, steve. their strategy is to go in there, to impugn senator sanders' record and reputation and run a smear campaign and it's just not going to stand. if they want to engage in that type of campaigning they're going to see how a real new yorker fights back. >> jeff, if you would object mind stand byes for just a second, we want to take a few more seconds of hillary clinton talking about this race. >> so what is your message to those sectors -- [ inaudible question ] >> i'm very proud of my record on behalf of latino issues and people. ruben. >> i don't really know what latino secretary you are referring to. [ speaking foreign language ] >> she is going to lead on immigration issues, she has been doing that since ted kennedy and we know that everyone out there who said that they are for the immigrant community hasn't been there in the way she has been here in the bronx 41% of the
6:35 am
people who live here were born in another country. when you look at the progress that has been happening here, we've been benefiting from it, benefiting from her leadership. she is the person who has the ability to work with the world leaders in order to have the people here who come from those countries feel like they have true, true compassion coming out of the white house. so that's the reason why when you look at every single one of the latino leaders, we were all here yesterday from the bronx, throughout the state of new york and throughout the country, all of the overwhelming majority leaders who know who our friend is. [ speaking foreign language ] >> if you don't use a token on the subway you are aware of that -- >> actually i think we changed when i was senator. i think it was my first term when we changed from tokens to metro cards. >> you are well aware of that. [ inaudible question ] >> i do, marcia, i am so proud to have represented this state
6:36 am
for eight years, i'm a proud new yorker and i want to be a good president for new york and for the rest of our country, but new york values, the people of new york, there is no place like it in the world and i'm going to take those experiences, take those values to the white house if the people of new york give me that great privilege. thanks. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. that's hillary clinton wrapping up an impromptu press conference outside yankee stadium. going to go back to jeff weaver. sorry for the interruption. >> no problem. >> i want to pick up where we left the conversation. again, using that term he said it again this morning, said it last night, bernie sanders did, unqualified, that seems to take the criticisms of hillary clinton to a new level where it's not just a mere disagreement, it's not just a mere i don't think it's right to do things this way, i would do things that way, he's saying not qualified to be president of the united states that doesn't sound like somebody he could support for that office ever. >> well, as he said he will support the eventual nominee of
6:37 am
the democratic party, he has been quite clear on that, that is certainly what he will do. let's be clear, these are two very different campaigns, two very different candidates, two very different agendas for america. you can look at though their campaigns are under iffed his kpa i believe is funded from small donations from millions of people across the country, hillary clinton's campaign is funded by special interests. i mean, if you look just yesterday they had a big fundraising, it was what i called revolving door fundraiser, all kinds of people who worked in government who now work for big special interests, wall street special interests. those people aren't doing that for nothing. >> has she run a fair campaign? >> no, in many ways her campaign has not been fair. there has been a lot of innuendo and subtle attacks but they are starting to step them up. as senator sanders just said to the media in the clip you ran, he's not going to take it. he is a son of brooklyn, born in
6:38 am
new york, he knows the rough and tumble of new york. if that's the kind of campaign they want to run he is fully campaigned to run it. he has run an issue oriented campaign, there are big differences between the two candidates on issues of war and peace, trade, income inequality and taking on wall street and special interest and a corrupt finance. we're happy to talk about those differences but if the clinton campaign wants to engage in a bare nuk ld approach we're happy to do that as well. >> all right. jeff weaver, thanks for joining us this morning. we are juggling a bunch of different things, there's that dust up on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton both speaking in the last few minutes, also before that we were talking about the republican race, donald trump trying to recover from that big loss in the wisconsin primary. trying to bounce back in his home state. we heard from a trump critic a few minutes ago, now we're going to bring in katrina pierson, she is the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. thank you for your patients. i appreciate you standing by
6:39 am
through all of this. let me ask you what my first question to you was going to be, i want to remind people that before we went to you originally we had talked to jennifer ruben who is a trump critic with the washington post, she said wisconsin exposed problems with donald trump's campaign, she said donald trump needs to get himself and his operation under control. basically that you guys aren't ready for prime time. what do you say to that? >> i find that interesting that there's these attacks on mr. trump and his campaign team considering here we are coming from june with standing 17 other candidates, hundreds of millions of dollars in attacks, along with the lobbyists, special interests and opinion writers, and yet donald trump is the only candidate today with a viable pathway to the nomination prior to the convention. so if there's inn capabilities or incompetence it's definitely not on team trump. >> do you have -- you say there is a clear pathway for you guys to winning the nomination before the convention. and i agree and we're going to go to the map a little later in the show and show people what
6:40 am
that path looks like, but the flip side of that is the stop trump crowd says if they can keep donald trump from hitting 1,237 if he comes short of that magic number they will beat him at the convention. do you think you have to get that 1,237 number in the primaries or lose this thing at the convention? >> no, not at all, but i do think we will get this. there's one thing that the stop trump people aren't realizing and that is we have new york next, we have the northeast. even california, steve, there's one thing that these stop trump people don't realize and that is what the people of new york, the northeast and california do and that is self righteousness is not proactive. you can talk about keeping taxes low, you can talk about job creating and securing the border but that does not put food on the table or save lives. the people in new york, the northeast and california know one thing, donald trump is a doer, not a talker and that's going to make all the difference. >> when we look ahead to the new
6:41 am
york primary here on april 19th if there's one name in new york republican politics who probably matters above everyone else it's probably rudy guiliani, the former mayor. i know he and donald trump have a friendship that's gone back a ways. guiliani had said a few weeks ago, he was asked about a potential endorsement he said there's three candidates he thinks will wind up in the white house, hillary clinton, donald trump and ted cruz and says he will choose between them but i will give it a hint it won't be hillary clinton, i seriously doubt it will be ted cruz but i want to think a little more before i do anything formally. are you expecting an endorsement by rude gee jewel gaen before the primary on april 18th? >> we would love to have rudy jewel answer's endorsement, he is respected, a tough and strong new yorker, stood strong on 9/11 and we all love and expect him and we do welcome that if he would like to give us that. >> katrina, thanks for the time and patients this morning. >> great to be here. we are showing you now a
6:42 am
picture of rudy guiliani, i think we also have clinton in new york city at a subway station, she was getting on. there you go, this again is near yankee stadium in the bronx. hillary clinton just completed that impromptu press conference, now it looks like she will be taking the subway from yankee stadium. this is something that caused a bit of a stir on the democratic side the other day, bernie sanders was asked about riding the subway, he had talked about tokens, of course, tokens haven't been used on the subway in a while, but this is a tradition in new york politics certainly. hillary clinton about to board one of the trains from yankee stadium. new york of course the only show in town right now when it comes to presidential politics, huge primaries for both parties there 12 days from now. it has been a long time since new york had the political spotlight quite like this. we will talk about what to expect over the next several days as all the candidates descend on the empire state. that's next.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
in every state primary, we had an eye there before the break on hillary clinton on the platform waiting to board the subway, here is an update for you, she's on the subway now, you see her there leaving -- this was leaving yankee stadium a few minutes ago, now she is aboard new york city subway, not sure which line that is but apparently traveling maybe from the bronx back into manhattan. you can see some passengers there probably weren't expecting the former first lady and secretary of state to step on when the train stopped at 161st street in the bronx. that's hillary clinton on the train speaking of new york city subways, check this out, this is the cover of this morning's new york daily news, let's see if i get that in the screen telling ted cruz to take the f-u train, ted. cruz made headlines a few months ago when he criticized donald trump for what he called new york values, now it's new york votes that ted cruz needs. he was in the bronx yesterday campaigning trying to at least pick off delegates on the republican side here but the new
6:47 am
york daily news this is the paper famously 40 years ago had said gerald ford drop dead, the new york daily news giving him an unwelcome greeting to the city and what it's like to campaign in new york. the intensity, the scrutiny, the in your face tabloid style. when you come to new york as a candidate, especially a presidential candidate, you are getting a taste of media coverage you do not get anywhere else. joining us now is someone who knows all about that andrew kerts man a long time new york political journalist has been at the center of the new york media political circuit many times, has also written two books about rudy guiliani and bernie madoff. andrew, we put the daily news up here, this is a little taste. what are these candidates in store for over the next two weeks? >> i think you're watching this perfect storm play out in realtime literally in the last half hour. i mean, the new york media
6:48 am
operates in a kind of perpetual state of feeding frenzy on a slow day and now you have kind of this fraught moment where the clinton/sanders race has reached a fevered pitch just as they're entering the new york primary. hillary clinton comes in as a battered front runner, having lost seven of the last eight races, you've got rudy guiliani, you know, eager to insert himself into this race, you've got ted cruz, you know, looking for votes in a city where he's been trashing, you know, the city for the last few months. i mean, you know, from the reporter's point of view it doesn't get any better from this. a lot of these candidates are going to be hoping they survive this place by the time this thing is over. >> tell us, too, about -- i think a lot of people outside new york, the tabloids, the new
6:49 am
york post, the daily news they have these screaming headlines every day, we say in your face, when we say in your face you mean these tabloid covers, the role of these, the influence of these, i picture people walking around the city even if they don't pick it up they're seeing it, they can't happy but read it and see the pictures. >> that's right. the american media has taken a real hit over the last decade but we're seeing this week that, you know, 1,000 tweets and facebook posts don't really have the focus of a tabloid head line. they have the ability to set the agenda in a way that this kind of deliverblizzard of internet doesn't have. it's a nice thing for us journalistic romantics and as a former daily news reporter i should say, it also comes at a moment when the tabloid war is hitting a fevered pitch. the daily news has been knocked down on itits knees for the las
6:50 am
few years. now they have this extraordinarily aggressive new editor, the front pages every day are really terrific and it's just reignited the tabloid war, trump. then there's trump. >> this is -- before there was a new york presidential primary campaign this year. donald trump is a creature of these. he was created by a lot of these things in some ways. >> he has. the last 30 years has been this mt. rushmore of tabloid creatures. you can count them on one hand. donald trump, al sharpton, the late ed koch, rudy giuliani. these people have lived on the front pages of the tabloids. people are wondering how a businessman could get this far and control the press of the presidential race. this is a man who has been battle tested in the most fierce media market.
6:51 am
>> he has learned to control the new york press. >> that's right. >> and now is going national. >> how many people have done that in history? he has not gotten swallowed by the press. he has mastered it. >> we're continuing to look at hillary clinton on her subway journey through new york. now she's off the train. i did not see what station she got off there. looking to see if we can recognize anything there. maybe she's coming to 30 rock. maybe she wants to do a quick interview. that would be pretty cool. i don't think that's -- okay. she's nowhere near. she's in the 170th, i guess. still, the invitation stands. it's interesting, you talk about going through the press. they scrutinize everything. they'll put you on the front page, call you names. whatever. >> right. >> bill clinton went through this when he first ran for president in 1992. >> right. >> he nearly got swallowed up here in new york but he survived. people said that made him a better candidate. >> it always makes politicians better candidates. al gore running in the ed koch
6:52 am
era. >> oh, '88. >> ed koch completely ruined that primary for him. he left with 10% in third place. you know, you can either sink or swim. look what happened with bernie sanders and the editorial board. it's a classic mistake about how to take a new york city subway. plus the fact that arthur brown, the editorial page editor of the new york daily news famously merciless, brilliant journalist, right? if you listen to the audio with sanders, he just chewed him up. >> what is the key? bernie sanders, ted cruz, hillary clinton, if you want to control this in some way, what -- donald trump's strategy was to be outrageous. >> that's right. >> in a way -- they don't want to be outrageous. >> that's right. >> when you're a more
6:53 am
conventional politician and you don't want to say the things donald trump is saying, what do you do? >> recipe for surviving the new york media, a lot of people would have used it a long time ago. it's a matter of knowing what to do when you've been thrown a massive curve. right? that's something that comes only with experience. trump has it. hillary clinton has it. she is as battle tested as any politician in america. she knows how to come out of a jam. not always. but often. does ted cruz, john kasich? >> the daily news and bernie sanders. i know he's from new york originally. he grew up in an earlier area, but he has been in vermont. i don't mean to disparage vermont, because i love the state. the press in vermont is very different than the press here. >> that's right. >> that interview with the daily news where he seemed to stumble over a lot of questions,
6:54 am
something being thrown in his face by hillary clinton and his opponents. i do wonder if he was fully ready coming into new york to do that. >> the fact that he flubed the question about how to break up the banks, that's -- >> that's an issue, too -- >> -- amazing. >> an issue here in new york, especially for the democrat, bash the banks. bash the banks. you also balance with it in new york that there are employees who depend on the banks for their professional lives. >> sure, there's that. wall street fuels the new york city economy. wall street is key to the national economy. but a lot of people work downtown. a lot of people depend upon it. it's not necessarily the way to go. this is an interesting era in new york city. the moment is interesting. it gives some hope to bernie sanders in that the mayor of new york was elected on a platform of income inequality.
6:55 am
this is a moment in time in which if you're going to go for that, if you're going to be socialist bashing the banks, this is a good time to play that role. the mayor was elected with a miniscule elective. some people think he got lucky. not to mention upstate new york. whole other situation, which has been an economic disaster for decades. decades. they're open to that kind of message. they're open to trump message, sanders message. it's overlapped, right? it's an interesting race. >> donald trump said it's great to be home. great to be in new york. i think he felt that coming off the wisconsin loss.
6:56 am
hillary clinton with that hoard of people around her. do you think she's happy to be back in new york? >> yeah. mostly black college, there was a sense of kind of loyalty coming back home. the speech she gave was kind of -- no news made. to me, what was most interesting was watching her take off the names of the local elected oefthss, the city councilman, the local congress people and having an anec krchlanecdote ab one. she played her cards right when she became senator of new york. in a sense it still continues. it's reaping rewards right now. she's really bloved eloved in a certain segment of this town. she and bill clinton are royalty in new york. >> she was giving the bronx
6:57 am
president some air time. andrew kirtzman, thank you. we've been watching hillary clinton make her way around new york city this morning. very busy hour. very busy morning. a lot more ahead today, too. i'm steve korniacki. jose diaz-balart will pick up our coverage after the break. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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let's meet these people. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. we continue to follow hillary clinton in new york and bernie sanders. sanders continues his attack, saying she was unqualified to be president. >> let me be clear. this is not the type of politics that i want to get in. i know it's what the media loves. it's not the type of politics i want to get in. but, let me be


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