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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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polarization that have come to characterize our electoral politics seeping entirely into the judicial system, and the courts will be just an extension of our legislatures and our elections and our politics, and that erodes the institutional integrity of the judicial branch. at that point, people lose confidence in the ability of the courts to fairly adjudicate case and controversies. and our democracy can't afford that, our system is designed to make sure that this branch works and it requires a broad consensus, even if we don't agree on any particular ruling the court's ruling itself are legitimate and consistent with
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our democratic design, and that's why this is so important. it's not just a matter of who's occupying that ninth seat in the supreme court. it has to do with how we, as a democracy, operate, and the particular authority that a court has to bring in order for a democracy to work. that was a really long answer. others will not be as long. >> let me ask you about that, mr. president. i mean, how did we get to this point? you hear sometimes that the problem is the supreme court has ejected itself, it gets immeshed in politics. from the jeffersonian's attack on the marshall court through the impeachle warrens in the '50s and '60s and we haven't had this before. >> right. >> is there -- do you have an explanation for what it is, this position? >> i think there are a variety of explanations.
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first, it's important to underscore what you just said. and all of you law students, even if you're not critical legal theorists or what have you, i think, just from reading cases you will acknowledge there's politics in legal rulings. when we make decisions about right, wrong, what are the rules governing our society, et cetera, that's an extension of our broader political and democratic conversation. nobody's denying that. and you're right, there have been controversies in past about how we should decide the balance between liberty and security, about how do we treat minority groups to assure that they are protected from majority rule. how do we make sure the political process itself has integrity and that our votes count. those are all issues where
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passions are real and people have opinions and there's nothing wrong with that. but i think what changed was when the congress itself and the senate, in particular, began to change. i think, in some ways, the judicial process is a casualty of some broader trends in our democracy. first of all, our politics have become much more polarized, there's something called the great sorting, because gerrymandering, because of how our media works where folks either watch fox news or they read "the new york times" but rarely do both, positions get hardened and reinforced, partisans are -- carry more weight within each party, the notion of a liberal republican
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or conservative democrat, those things broke down. and so, politics itself got more polarized. >> you've been listening to president obama speaking at university of chicago in chicago, illinois. the place where he used to teach constitutional law, talking about his selection for the u.s. supreme court, merrick garlanding talking about him as one of the best judicial minds in this country. ari melber is with me, following this debate over judge garland this whole time. you heard the president say, many times there, that he thinks he's supremely qualified, he thinks republicans and democrats both support the judge -- that's certainly not what republicans are saying on capitol hill. give us a fact collect of this. is he right there is support for this particular judge? >> well, he's certainly right a lot of conservative scholars and jurists have talked about the strong credentials and respect for judge garland. the way republicans have been putting it is, the process needs
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to change, democrats dialed this up politically and they're not going to go this confirmation in this year period, no matter how good the judge is. looking at president speaking to david strauss, who used to handle these nominations as council to the senate judiciary committee. they are making an argument. the president trying to say the process is broken but the way we fix it is giving this man a fair hearing that in and of itself is not how effective the republicans have been, making it about the process, not judge garland. >> an eminently qualified jurist cannot get a hearing partisan politics seep in and courts become an extension of our political dialogue. >> that's right. the white house said, a, it's in everyone's interest to do this for fairly we saw senator kirk share the letter, thank you for giving him a fair shot. they feel many otherepublicans aren't giving that fair shot. >> the hour has gone into the
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next hour. and i've stepped on craig melvin's time a bit. i'll toss it over to craig medical vin. >> this is in msnbc, the place for politics. politically a lot happening around the parts today. ted cruz expected to tour a matzah bakery any moment in brooklyn. you see the scrum of media set up outside. a bit of a loss from this afternoon. former mayor giuliani telling the "new york post" he will be voting for donald trump. giuliani does not agree with trump on everything but likes his focus on the economy, immigration. he also said cruz's comments about new york values, those comments bothered him. cruz still trying to explain the comments. in classic big apple attitude, quote, it's new york city, we're family. i can make fun of new york, but you can't! changes for team trump, after that walloping in wisconsin, and
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amid rumors of campaign in-fighting, the republican front-runner is signing a convention manager to deal with delegate strategy and what could be a contested convention in cleveland. we've got reporters covering candidates. jacob rascon at trump tower, halle jackson the latest from the cruz campaign. two late breaking developments. first, what, if anything, is the trump campaign saying about that announcement from mayor giuliani. he says he's voting for trump. he did not endorse donald trump, correct? >> no, he stopped short of an endorsement, telling them he would vote for mr. trump. the campaign is saying we are honored to have his support. that's all they're saying. they stopped short saying they knew this report would come out. then a couple of things to talk about today. the campaign is expanding.
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this is the most -- one of the most, at least, unconventional campaigns ever, and one of the smallest campaigns that we've ever seen and known of. there is no doubt, they are expanding and have been doing so and talking about doing so for a week and a half or so, hiring paul maniford, now this person in charge, out of washington, d.c., of running everything delegate and convention related. now, some might see this and say, look, this is the campaign manager, corey lewandowski, losing influence. the campaign, though, is saying, and donald trump is saying, in the release about this, that paul is going to work with corey lewandowski, corey is still the campaign manager and donald trump says, in the releaser that this is about allowing what was already his inner circle, his campaign, corey lewandowski, the manager, to focus on the larger campaign and the general election, which they fully believe and are confident, they
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say they will be moving ahead to. wanting, of course, to win new york so they can avoid that open convention. but they are more fully prepared, just in case it goes to open convention, contested convention, with paul maniford and they're hiring new seasoned operatives, they call them, in order to make that happen, make sure they are treepprepared for option. >> jacob, thank you. ted cruz also making the rounds in new york today. this morning at an event at a christian academy in upstate new york. again, about to tour matzah bakery in brooklyn, all in a state where right now, as you can see, ted cruz trails not just donald trump by a significant margin, first-term texas senator also trails john kasich. turn to haley jackson who continues to follow the cruz campaign. where we find her frequently these days, in the car.
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what's the cruz campaign saying about the new york reception so far? >> well, they believe they can do well or at least try to peel away some delegates from donald trump in places where we were, in upstate new york. the challenge for cruise is in places like boroughs where we are now. we're in brooklyn, we're a couple of minutes away from the bakery. the significance of this stop, cruz, of course, reaching out to the jewish community in new york, a demographic he believe his can do well with, drawing a contrast to donald trump's issues particularly when it comes to israel. you'll see the campaign talk about cruz being strong in this area and trump being less strong. you will hear that implied from senator cruz. we're headed over to that event today. a couple of points that have come up, number one, lindsey graham, somebody who has backed ted cruz, who acted as surrogate for him, fundraised for him and
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graham now saying, we're just learning, he's telling conversations, in conversations with foreign leaders saying donald trump is an outlier, telling leaders this is the silly season, this too will pass. he agrees the republican nominee should be one of the three people currently running for president, either donald trump, ted cruz, or john kasich, batting down speculation somebody like a paul ryan or somebody should come in, if there were a contested convention, to take the nomination. saying 0 of that, quote, paul ryan would be a very competitive candidate but to jump over everybody who ran i don't see how you keep the party together. graham, a couple days ago, tweeting, this appeared to be a turning point in the race for ted cruz to keep donald trump from locking up that magic number, that 1,237 number of delegates he needs to win the nomination. cruise has been continuing to get that messaging out in new york, talking about this being sort of a reshaping of the race as it moves forward. hearing him talk more about
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jobs, the working clasp this is something he started to do in wisconsin and continuing to do in new york. he's aiming his message at coalitions like jewish community members and young people, too. here's what he had to say at his rally earlier upstate. >> among young people that poll showed us leading young people by 14 points. last two elections, barack obama won young people 70-30. let me tell you right now, if the democrats are losing young people by double digits, hillary clinton ain't going to within this election. >> all right. hallie jackson apparently having technical issues there. but we got the crux of her report. noting there, making news there,
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south carolina, lindsey graham one of two senators formally endorsed ted cruz so far. mike lee being the other senator, he's been having conversations. graham has been having conversations with foreign leaders telling them not to worry, not to worry. for analysis on what has been a busy day for republicans, let's bring in a pair of political analysts, rick tyler, former senior communications adviser for the ted cruz campaign and a lea elise jordan for the rand paul. rudy giuliani not endorsement, just voting for donald trump. look back at guiliani's approval ratings in new york city, talking 50s, 60s, 70s, wildly popular, america's mayor in the wake of 9/11. how much of a difference do we think this makes at all. >> well, i think he's signaling, yes, he supports trump but
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didn't want to go out with full-throated endorsement, perhaps having watching governor chris christie and the chris simple he got -- >> are you saying guiliani didn't want to stand behind him. >> i did find it telling that guiliani was reportedly nod happy with the donald trump tweet about heidi cruz and the mean tweet he sent out with unflattering fophoto of heidi cruz. i'm wonder if that's a factor of keeping guiliani from going all the way. >> rick, we don't want to call it a campaign shakeup, because it does not appear to be that, but paul maniford, his title now, saying he's going to be in charge of the delegate chase, is paul, is he essentially running the trump campaign now? >> i don't think so. i think that he was brought in for a delegate strategy along with ed brookover, a qualified
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and old hand at this. paul was a business partner with roger stone, and roger stone just threatened delegates attending the convention in cleveland saying he would publicize delegates' hotel rooms and hotel room numbers if they felt -- if the trump campaign felt like they were part of stealing delegates from donald trump. now, he said that after he called on trump supporters to come to cleveland and somehow protest the process if donald trump were denied the nomination. i think that is dangerous. we are a free society in america. we're not a third world country. we don't threaten violence against delegates and i think rance priebus and rnc should ban roger stone from the convention because we cannot tolerate threats and threat office violence in the process. donald trump should repudiate his remarks. >> talk about your ex-boss, ted cruz, talk about his strategy in new york. is his strategy as simple as
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stopping trump from getting 50% in a week in a half? >> yeah, what ted cruz needs to do is deny donald trump as many delegates as they can make sure he doesn't have 1,237 if he gets to cleveland, there's a high probable ted cruz would win the nomination. he has a delegate strategy, the whole reason paul was brought in, he's losing trump delegates to cruz through the process of how we do this. cruz campaign is way ahead of the trump campaign in terms of how do this organizationally and operationally. >> talk about john kasich, we saw him at a diner, he polling second here in new york. remains to be seen whether that's going to hold in the next week and a half. how does he remain viable in new york and why is he still in the race. >> wisconsin was disappointing for john kasich. he would have entered this race with more momentum.
1:17 pm
i don't necessarily see the path for john kasich other than trying to pursue the contested convention route. but it's very much a stretch, and he -- it's -- he has a tough path ahead. >> even if there is a floor fight in cleveland, and donald trump doesn't get it on first ballot, how does john kasich spring from the back of the pack after having only won his home state? he's lost 30 in a row. >> well, he's pitching himself as the unifier, that he's the candidate who can come in and be a unifier among the establishment republicans and grassroots activists and he's someone who has been successful governor of ohio. that's his pitch essentially that third, fourth, fifth round of voting at a contested convention would be more favorable to him. >> big thanks to both of you on thursday. new york values at center of the kasich versus cruz battle with the ohio governor slamming the texas senator for his comments about the people of the
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i think most people know what new york values are. they're not iowa values and they're not new hampshire values. >> everyone knows what new york values are. >> ted cruz divides to get a vote. john kasich unites to get things done. kasich delivered on his word and turn his state around with grit and determination, something new yorkers should appreciate. john kasich for president.
1:22 pm
>> ohio governor john kasich out with a new campaign ad, saying grit and determination, those things are in line with new york values. the government in the bronx today holding a town hall tonight in brooklyn. while the kasich camp feels confident ledding into the new york primary, the polls show an uphill battle. trailing trump by 27 points. nbc's kelly o'donnell following the kasich campaign for us. how exactly does the governor plan to win the empire state? >> reporter: well, win is not the word he's using, craig. he's talking about trying to accumulate delegates and says the best stretch of the campaign season for him is beginning now, knowing that wisconsin was not really his territory, he said. and he thinks a lot of votes were more anti-trump than pro-ted cruz. the northeast is perhaps better for john kasich, the territory where his message can connect more. he's looking at new york, at
1:23 pm
pennsylvania, where he was born, also maryland, as places where he can collect delegates to get to the convention. today he was here talking to shoppers who were here at the arthur avenue market, also talking to some people who work here, noting the work ethic of some of the people behind the deli counter and the small businesses here, saying that's a part of the new york values that ted cruz was so willing to criticize back in iowa and to try to separate himself from some of the more liberal policies of democrats in new york and certainly of donald trump. so, how does john kasich think he can try to separate all of this out and make an impact. here's what he said to us earlier today. >> we really knew wisconsin was not going to be a our place and people that voted there, those were anti-trump votes rather than pro-ted cruz votes. i think our greatest challenges are in the past.
1:24 pm
we're going to keep moving. >> reporter: so that positive attitude is something he's trying to bring to the campaign, hoping that will connect with voters. also, he's going to spend a lot of time trying to answer questions. when you mentioned his campaign having a new ad, hitting cruz for the new york values comments, an outside pac had the same idea, new day for america pac that supports john kasich, has a similar theme, going to spend money, try to be on the airwaves and trying to piece his way to keep trump from getting to 1,237, cruz from getting to 1,237, and hoping a convention in his home state of ohio could lead to him as a choice for someone who could do wel in the fall against hillary clinton or bernie sanders and someone with real experience. so, craig, if you need anything while i'm here, let me know, i'll bring something back for you. >> kelly o'donnell in the bronx. thanks as always, my friend. all eyes on new york's primary, again, ten days away.
1:25 pm
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campaigns are spending big money to get messages across the air tv war. sanders spending $942,000 to clinton's $900,000. and the first gop ad by john kasich's pac, they placed $130,000 ad buy from new york and pennsylvania. to dive into the numbers, we turn to senior political editor, mark murray. new york, the most expensive market in which to advertise, as we know. what kind of media buys should we expect to see from candidates? >> we're going to see much bigger amounts, as this goes on, craig, because new york is so expensive, particularly in the
1:29 pm
new york city area. little less expensive when you go upstate. but what i find really fascinating on the democratic side, we're seeing parity numbers, both bernie sanders' campaign and hillary clinton's campaign spending $1 million each. in the last contest that we ended up seeing in wisconsin, it was bernie sanders with the overwhelming ad spending edge, so you're seeing the clinton campaign dip into its wallets to be able to bring bernie sanders to parity because bernie sanders' big strengths over last few months being able and having potential to outspend her in state after state after state. >> last three months straight managed to outfundraise her as well. we use the numbers but don't talk about the amount of money that comes in from clinton's super pac that supported her candidacy. the anti-trump packs, they were out in full force in wisconsin, mark, and it appears to have made a difference. have we seen some ad buys so far
1:30 pm
from those folks? >> not yet. it will be interesting to see if we see millions of dollars dropped just to be able to deny donald trump a delegate here or there because, craig, one of the rules -- and you and i were discussing this yesterday -- is if donald trump is at 50% or more statewide and also every congressional district in new york, which is possible but not a sure thing, that he wins all of new york's 95 delegates. if you wanted to stop trump you could decide to pick congressional delegates to try to keep donald trump below 50%. but as we've seen, john kasich is actually running tv ads, hitting ted cruz, of all people, not donald trump. so, there is a potential where you end up having donald trump going unscathed through his home state of new york with the potential to win in every congressional district. >> fascinating kasich ad, how new york centric that ad was, use of skylines, very new york. >> everyone's going to praise
1:31 pm
new york through the 12 days. >> true, next two weeks. mark murray, big thanks. get out your scorecards. gloves are officially off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading jabs over who's more qualified to run the country. hear from both after the break. ♪ ♪
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you to say the democratic race is getting heated would be an understatement, bernie sanders slamming hillary clinton, not qualified to be president. the new brawl between clinton and sanders started right here on msnbc yesterday when joe scarborough asked hillary clinton if bernie sanders was qualified to be president. >> i think that what he has been saying about the core issue in his whole campaign doesn't seem to be rooted in an understanding of either the law or the practical ways you get something
1:35 pm
done. >> important to note, clinton never actually said sanders was unqualified to be president. but the sanders campaign argues, she suggested it. last night, sanders didn't hold back in respond stog clinton. >> let me just say, in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. >> so, bernie sanders defending those comments today, pointing to the headline from "the washington post," at a news conference earlier. >> when you have headlines in "the washington post," quote, clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president, my response is, well, if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this, maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> a short time ago, in an interview with matt lauer, clinton responded with a bit of a different tone. >> came route oight out and sai
1:36 pm
didn't think you're qualified to be president. >> that will be up to the voters of new york and other states passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's a silly statement but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here what happens i believe. i believe voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> kristen welker covering the clinton campaign, and kasie hunt covering the sanders campaign. when are you back out on the trail? they reminded me, they are on the trail. >> still the trail. >> they don't actually live here. back and forth between the campaigns. what's the latest from the clinton folks? >> we have fresh reaction from former president bill clinton. of course that's her top surrogate. he is echoing what we've heard from secretary clinton, trying to stay above the fray. let's take a listen and then discuss it on the other side.
1:37 pm
>> it's so silly. about what he said? >> what's the response? is she more qualified? >> since i've been voting, more than i was in '92 -- >> dow you he's qualified. >> i will abide by what hillary said today. we shouldn't be distracted. please talk about the people and their future. >> there you have it. the former president saying she's the most qualified person he knows and also declining to engage in whether or not sanders is qualified, essentially saying that feeds into the gop talking points which we could see that happen. >> i love he's learned to say i will abide -- >> he has learned to stick to the script. that's for sure. >> one of the bizarre things -- one of the most bizarre things, i should say, kasie, that struck me about the back and forth, why won't either say you know what, senator sanders is qualified. you know what, senator clinton
1:38 pm
is qualified but i'm more qualified and here's why. why this childish back and forth? >> you've seen this flare underneath the surface of the democratic race for last couple of weeks. you saw it bubble up when hillary clinton asked by the activist about fossil fuels and she got angry, and you saw sanders' anger spill out into the open today and last night when he first made these remarks. i think the two of them, despite the fact they're maintaining in public this, or have until the last 24 hour, this facade of civility, we're having a high-minded conversation, they're both extraordinarily frustrated with the other, for different reasons. hillary clinton, of course, facing a condition, i mean the reality here is that sanders is raising millions of dollars and if that wasn't happening, if people weren't giving him money, he would not be in the race, he would not be able to continue flying his large charter jet around to huge events that cost thousands with thousands of
1:39 pm
people, so that's frustrating for hillary clinton who is anxious to turn to donald trump. for sanders, he's tired of being written off and that's within thing prompted this, more than anything, that this was, again, another suggestion that he doesn't deserve to be here. >> just to underscore, kasie. point, remember the memo that secretary clinton's campaign manager sent out about two months saying we're going to have this race locked up by the end of march. >> yeah. >> it's not locked up, as kasie points out. senator sanders can stay in this race as long as he wants to because he has all of this money and keeps raking it in and by the way, six wins under his belt. he hasn't put a huge dent into secretary clinton's delegate lead but he's got momentum and i think that concerns them. heading into new york a state she has to win, not necessarily mathematically, but it's more than 200 delegates. it's her a. doed home state. >> momentum is unone thing, math
1:40 pm
and the map are different things. are we seeing sanders campaign that feels like perhaps its back against the wall, despite winning 7 of the last 8 prime mars and caucuses? they see the numbers they know and trying anything at this point. >> i think there's an element of that going on. i think that they know that their road is difficult and sanders himself acknowledged the path is narrow. but reality is they've done everything they need to do to keep that narrow path still open and sanders is going to do everything that he can to win new york. now, whether -- whenever in the past they've spent time, put him in a place, let him taic to people, it has moved the numbers. they're not wrong about that. the question's going to be clinton folks will privately sar numbers have been more durable than other states they fought with sanders in but it's not clear it's the case here. you'll see him hitting brook inwill, queens, harlem over the next 24, 48 hours. >> she's going to be
1:41 pm
concentrating heavily on the city as well, but also upstate, you have a lot of progressives there. and there are a lot of delegates there as well. it's also sending this message that she cares about the whole state. remember, she served two terms as senator here. looking forward, you can expect to hear her talk a lot about her record as senator. it's a little bit of back to the future. >> folks are saying winning new york is one thing. if she doesn't win big, there's folks who say, she only won by four or five. looking ahead, a week out from new york, pennsylvania, most recenting polling has her up by six now. one point her lead three times that. how concerned is the campaign about pennsylvania. >> they are taking it seriously. she was there yesterday, two stops, one in philadelphia, one in pittsburgh. i anticipate you'll see her in pennsylvania over the coming days as well. remember, she beat barack obama there by close to ten points back in 2008. a lot of people think pennsylvania is a state that
1:42 pm
favors, a lot of white working class voters. as you point out, polls narrowing there as well. i think you're going to see a robust effort to try to win na state. >> this has been fun. >> it has been fun. should have you here in the studio more often. >> we would love it. >> i bet you would. >> i want to bring in a political reporter for the guardian. good to see you. bernie sanders going after hillary clinton in a whole new way, calling her unqualified. is this the line of attack that can help his campaign, or is this the kind of attack that can hurt his campaign, potentially. >> i think it has more potential based on the backlash to hurt his campaign. one of the things democrats have done is taken great pride in the level of civility they have maintained in their primary using it to contrast themselves with republicans who, as we know, engaged in one of the nastiest primaries we've seen in modern campaign history with donald trump and his rivals,
1:43 pm
name-calling, lowbrow attacks. this isn't necessarily the same but it's more personal. and i think that hillary clinton certainly, in her allies, they really have tried to take the high road, which also i think hurts bernie sanders, if he were to continue with the line of attack. it's better to refocus on issues and move on from this whole debate over sem nantics and qualifications. >> bernie sanders defending his decision to call clinton not qualified. here it is. >> it is not the type of politics that i want to get in. but, let me also be very clear, if secretary clinton thinks that i just come from the small state of vermont we're not used to this, we'll get used to it fast. i'm not going to get beaten up, i'm not going to get lied about. we will fight back. >> what do you think the impetus is here? here's the thing, there have been other barbs traded on both sides for several months now. but it seems now, all of a
1:44 pm
sudden bernie sanders really riled up. >> he faces an uphill climb but he's had success in recent primary and caucus contests. he doesn't have a plausible path to the nominationen it's unclear if he has his back against the wall and trying something different, at the same time he was irked by hillary clinton's appearance on "morning joe" she did not explicitly say he is not qualified to be president but deflected the question multiple times. perhaps he is fighting back against that assertion. but he just has to be, i think, more careful, according to some democrats because the line he used, which is so clear, fits so well into republican attack ads. that's a line that republicans have used against hillary clinton related to e-mails and benghazi which are separate issues. this could be conflated to be more than it really is. >> my next question, look ahead to november general election, assuming that hillary clinton is the eventual democratic nominee.
1:45 pm
is this something that helps to hobble her going into a general election? >> well, that's certainly one of the points that hillary clinton's allies are trying to make. this can do more damage in the long term. you think back to 2008 primary between hillary clinton and barack obama and that was certainly contentious, arguably more so than this current -- that primary with bernie sanders. no point did anyone say the other was unqualified which is to say someone is unfit to be president. that's a difficult thing to walk back. i think maltly hillary clinton and bernie sanders will come together recordless who the nominee is. this is a statement that has long-term consequences, certainly lingers and resurrected by hillary clinton's opponents later on. >> thank you. quick programming note to pass along here. tune into the "today" show tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern for the rest of the matt lauer interview with
1:46 pm
hillary clinton. also, exclusive interview with bernie sanders as well. that's tomorrow only on "today." which candidate wall street is betting on and how that impacts our marks. this is how banks saw me.
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wall street is pretty certain hillary clinton will be president. i'm joined by the article's author. jeff cox, finance editor on go with the headline. how did you arrive at that? >> a couple of different ways. first, citi group did a poll of their institutional clients, when you say institutional clients talking about deep-pocketed investors, big guys on wall street. 70% feel that hillary's going to be the next president. really it wasn't close with anybody else, trump was maybe 10%, 12%, rest of the guys barely registered. i watch prediction marks, one called predict it, online exchange, go on and bet on different events happening and the big bet for hillary, 60% chance of her being the president, trump pretty far behind her, right around in the high teens, somewhere, and the rest of the guys bunched up behind him. wall street, at least, feels confident, as far as the
1:51 pm
election goes. >> money's on clinton? >> big time. what do we know about the impact that might have on the markets a clinton presidency? >> hillary and wall street go way back. >> so bernie sanders said. >> yes, absolutely. so, actually, this story went viral, i think that was one of the reasons it went viral because of the sanders people latched on, see, we told you, hilla hillary's wall street's candidate. she had the trade that made all of the money, we know all of the speeches, all of her talk aside, wall street feels comfortable with hillary being the president. >> during an especially raucous election climate like the one we are in, what are some of the markets concerns'? who are some things you think of closely? >> how they feel as fiscal policy, are they going to raise taxes, cut taxes? bank reform is a big topic with the dodd/frank reforms have caused a lot of consternation
1:52 pm
among the financial type on wall street. what is their position about trade, you know. i think there's a lot of concern on wall street. when you look at donald trump, you see kind of donald trump, the captain of industry and say, he should be friendly to wall street. but you have donald trump, the candidate, talking about 45% tariffs on china, talking about getting rid of 19 trillion of debt in 8 years. i think that causes concern, not because they think he's going to be a terrible president but it's uncertainty, that's the oldest wall street maxim, wall street hates uncertainty. they may not be crazy about hillary clinton, i don't think it's a wish from wall street, but she's a known quality. >> 2012 predictions, spot on? >> no. >> appreciate your candor. >> wall street thought mitt romney was going to be president and they were wrong.
1:53 pm
>> hampton pierce. >> craig, the numbers for today, we saw the markets closing lower. dow falling about 174 points. s&p dropping by 25, nasdaq losing 72 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business. you are working with ha and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works.
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we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. president obama returned to the university of chicago law school, where he served as constitutional law professor for more than a decade. he talked to students and faculty about his supreme court nominee, judge garland. pete williams joins me now. pete, what did the president
1:57 pm
say? >> reporter: back in merrick garland's hometown, he said the senate should vote, and confirm, his nominee but at very least, senators should meet and agree to hold a confirmation hearing, not to do so, he said, is unfair. >> an imminently qualified jurist cannot even get a hearing, then we are going to see the kinds of sharp partisan polarization that have come to characterize our electoral politics seeping entirely into the judicial system, and the courts will be just an extension of our legislatures. >> reporter: he told the students that he worried that if this doesn't work out, that they'll continue to be a 4-4 tie on the supreme court and a vaca vacahave a vacancy, could last another two years. now, he said he realizes there is a partisan motivation, some
1:58 pm
republicans in the senate may be hoping that a republican will win the election and will make the choice to fill the seat. but if he said if that happens the democrats in the senate may be reluctant to confirm that nominee based on how the republicans are now treating the nominee of a democratic president. as for merrick garland today, he was working the halls in congress today, meeting with four more senators, that brings total he's met with to over 21. just three of those, though are, are republicans and only two say that he should get a hearing. susan colins of main is one, the either mark kirk, a senator from illinois. so, that process done look like it's going to change. charles grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, made a speech on the senate floor today in which he said he's getting a lot of pressure to hold hearings but he said he's taking a principled stand that he's used to pressure from white houses, in both
1:59 pm
republican and democratic hands and he's not going to bow to that pressure, he's not going to hold confirmation hearings. the republicans say the principle they stand up for, when there's a vacancy like this near the end of the president's term, it should be up to the people to decide who should fill that nomination and that they should wait the results of the election. so the biggest hopes here, craig, for merrick garland supporters is that a democrat will win presidential election and the senate will realize or come to believe that merrick garland is more moderate than any nominee that a new democratic president would put forward and they'll go ahead and have confirmation hearings and vote on his nomination in december and november, perhaps early january, before the new congress is sworn in. that's their best hope. not a lot of signs that's going to work out. in the meantime, white house will continue to push for the nomination. a lot of money spent on both sides here to both support and
2:00 pm
oppose the nomination of merrick garland. >> justice correspondent, pete williams, in washington. thank you. thanks to you, as well. that does it for this hour, i'm craig melvin. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's thursday, the democratic fight for president now qualifies as getting nastier. can tough talk bolster bernie sanders's bid? is hillary clinton more than happy to swipe back at him multiple times? it's "mtp daily" and starts now. >> good evening, from new york, welcome to "mtp daily." i'm steve kornacki, in for chuck todd. tonight's take, the gloves are officially off. bernie sanders and hillary clinton, once delighted in keeping the race for the nomination relatively and


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