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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 8, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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this is usually time when i'd say, hey, we have tons more to get to tonight. you can tell time, so we will see you tomorrow night. "first look" is up next. it is friday, april 8th. right now on "first look," immersing themselves in new york culture the fight for attention and the donald seemingly lays low. bill clinton gets into a heated exchange with a black lives matter protester. >> okay, i heard it. can i answer? no, you see -- here's the thing. i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's as simple -- a police officer is attacked by a woman with a battle ax. plus why are airlines trying to shrink the seats more? one critter was rescued from the smoke and the end of an era. "first look" starts right now.
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good morning, thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm betty nguyen. donald trump continues his new york brawl with ted cruz hoping to put a little distance between them. he has overwhelming support in the latest new york polling. his numbers aren't as lopsided in pennsylvania which votes at the end of the month. leads ted cruz by nine points there. all three republican candidates are looking to take a bite out of the 95 delegates up for grabs. nbc's peter alexander reports. >> reporter: donald trump pulled up in his manhattan high rise, facing fierce criticism for being too insulated, his campaign will soon announce new hires. >> well, we need more brains, more muscle. you know, mr. trump is the voice. >> reporter: shifting strategy after a weak showing in wisconsin. trump scrapping planned california trip friday and skipping colorado to focus on fortifying his lead in his home state. >> it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. >> reporter: why? trump now needs 59% of the
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remaining delegates to clinch the nomination, sweep new york and that drops to 53%. touting the support of former mayor, rudy giuliani. his aides are looking to capitalize on the new york media market, reaching voters in neighboring states all with upcoming primaries. his challenger zeroing in on individual congressional districts looking to peel away delegates. ted cruz with orthodox jews in brooklyn and john kasich in the bronx. >> we love new york value, are you kidding? it's a great place. >> reporter: about those values, trump again attacked cruz. >> when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good, like we're no good. >> reporter: cruz casting trump like hillary clinton as a liberal. >> they really want to see a general election between two new york liberals who agree on washington being the center of the universe. >> reporter: a new poll shows
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seven in ten americans have a negative view of the front-runner. but he's hugely popular among new york republicans. >> now i'm a republican, just so i can vote for trump. >> reporter: peter alexander, nbc news, new york. as they head into the weekend the democratic candidates are hoping to clean up the race without losing their edge. hillary clinton campaigned in her old new york stomping grounds and had a little trouble with her metro card. but she looked to temper the nasty the turn when asked about bernie sanders' unqualified remarks. >> i don't know why he is saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. >> sanders' wife jane sat down with rachel maddow, trying to make a shift in tone. >> bernie has moved on. i mean, he has said okay, let's not use the word unqualified. let's use the word contrast. why do i think i'm better than her?
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on trade. >> and when sanders talked to late night's seth meyers he didn't use the word, but left the door open to more fired up rhetoric. >> the issue is, you know, after we won in wisconsin, and that was our sixth victory in seven caucuses and primaries i think the clinton campaign has been getting a little bit nervous. i think they have been getting more negative and i hope very much that we can have an issue oriented campaign. but if people attack me and distort my record we will respond. >> both will continue to campaign throughout the state today. bill clinton went on the offensive or the defensive i should say thursday during a stump speech for hillary clinton in philadelphia. the former president was repeatedly interrupted by black lives matter protesters and about halfway through his speech, one of them started shouting about several issues including how his 1994 crime bill led to the surge in incarcerations.
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. okay, i heard it. can i answer? no, you see -- here's the thing. i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. they're afraid. be very, very afraid. >> clinton went on to defend the bill saying it led to the 25-year low in crime and a 30-year low in the murder rate. well, as you may have noticed in peter alexander's piece, governor kasich is immersing himself in culture, particularly the food part. and msnbc's chris hayes explains. >> one of best parts of this otherwise troubling at times republican primary season is candidates going to places that rarely get presidential campaign attention. case in point, john kasich in the bronx today. as part of his new york swing, at this point it's up clear if he went to my hometown borough
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for the votes or the food. >> there's a bolognese sauce. veal, pork and beef, grandma's recipe. >> beautiful. >> that's what it's all about at the bronx. >> okay, so get this. if you're taking notes here. after finishing his first plate of pasta at the deli in arthur avenue where my grandfather used to own a mozzarella shop, he asked for another helping. gently scolding the owner at one point for not giving him enough. he moved on to the very big panino. his enthusiasm prompted the observer at "the new york daily news" to say i think he's enjoying the bronx. from there he tried a little vino after originally rejecting the offer. finally, he finished off his meal -- this is the best part, with some fresh mozzarella, a nice cup of pasta.
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he wiped the sweat from his brow -- he was on his way and that's how you do the bronx. >> that's a sign of a good meal, right? when you have to wipe the sweat away. all right, well, belgian authorities have released new video of the suspect wanted in the brussels attack. that man in the white coat is still unidentified. he walked past the nearby hotel just minutes after the bombings. he is still clad in the coat and hat. at first, he walks calmly, then he proceeds to jog away. a little while later he has ditched his jacket and is seen talking on a cell phone. in all, video tracks the man for six miles before losing the trail. by then he walked to within a mile of the metro bombing. although it's uncertain why. 32 victims were killed in the march 22nd attacks. oklahoma firefighters continue working to contain monster spreading wildfires. multiple burns are raging throughout the state.
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they're being fed by strong winds and drought conditions. the largest called the 350 complex fire has burned more than 57,000 acres so far. and is only 20% contained. there are no reported fatalities, although several firefighters had been hospitalized with heat exhaustion. kansas is dealing with wildfires some 18 square miles have been destroyed so far. police in ga latin, tennessee, have released video of an officer involved shooting. the sheriff deputy was stabbed while serving a notice. and then the suspect went after another one with an ax. this video may be disturbing to some viewers. >> get on the ground, get on the ground! get on the ground now! drop it, drop it! drop it! >> authorities say officers performed cpr on sweat, but she
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was pronounced dead at the scene. the officer who shot her has been placed on leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. now, to a wild police chase in southern california on and off highways and through city streets with wall-to-wall coverage. tv viewers were captivated by a pair of burglary suspects on the run. nbc's gadi schwartz has the story. >> reporter: a very wet and very wild high-speed chase in los angeles. we watched a dangerous police chase turn into an all-out joyride. it was raining but the burglary suspects dropped the top on this mustang convertible and then started doing doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. along the famous hollywood walk of fame, pedestrians ran to avoid being hit. then on the freeway, a tmz tour bus tries to box them in, but they slip away. the mustang losing a tire, the chase finally slowing down in a south los angeles neighborhood and coming to the stop. the suspects appeared to wait for the police, while shaking
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hands and high fiving, snapping selfies before they're arrested. an apparent end to the very odd pursuit on the streets of los angeles. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> selfies, huh? bizarre. the panama papers reveal one of the greatest allies profiting from offshore accounts. plus, airlines are trying to squeeze passengers more with snauler seats. you're watching "first look." ♪ ♪
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well, look at this picture. this was from florida yesterday morning about this time. the clearwater area. at least two tornadoes were confirmed. this is also the tampa-st. pete area. that looked like a wide tornado, but thankfully it wasn't that strong. winds were estimated at 60 miles per hour and 85 miles per hour. 50 peophomes were damaged thoug. that was from trees coming down. kind of a rarity, a tornado in florida. we're good until at least sunday
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afternoon, but the cold is dominating. windchill is 9 in northern michigan and we're at 22 in indianapolis. a freeze warning, as far south as st. louis as we go through tomorrow morning. right now the blue on the map, we have the clouds in white. the blue is snow. so there's snow showers and light snow, western new york, buffalo area, to erie, pennsylvania, pittsburgh has snow showers. and also central portions of wisconsin. here unfortunately is the snowfall forecast map. it's nothing blockbuster. i mean, we won't see crazy high totals but from detroit to cleveland, to erie, the grassie surfaces could get a couple of inches. don't expect much of anything in the big cities on i-95. through the weekend, today, warm conditions will develop in texas to oklahoma. the great lakes obviously is the worst weather. saturday the worst will move into pennsylvania, new york and new jersey and even d.c. then sunday, signs of summer, betty. temperatures in texas and
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oklahoma -- got to start somewhere, right? and then spread. >> well, we deserve to see those signs out this way some time soon. >> it will warm up next week for everyone. >> i like the sound of that, thank you. more fallout from the so-called panama papers. david cameron acknowledges he and his wife profited from shares they owned in a trust set up by his late father. but disputes he was avoiding taxes. >> i think a lot of the criticisms are based on a fundamental misconception which is that blairmore was set up to avoid tax. it wasn't. >> he said the couple paid all applicable u.k. taxes when they sold the shares in 2010. a fresno, california, man is in jail after reports he was watering his lawn naked. the man refused to put his clothes back on. he faces felony assault on the
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officer and misdemeanor indecent exposure charges. a senate measure regulating airline seat sizes was defeated thursday. the bill led by new york senator chuck schumer would have prevented the airlines from reducing the distance between them. 9-year-old was the first reporter on the scene of a homicide in pennsylvania. several people commented she should go back to playing with dolls on her facebook page, but hilldy is not going anywhere. >> if you want me to stop offering news, then get off and do something about the news. there. is that good enough for you? >> take that. after 15 seasons "american idol" has said the final farewell. yeah, the finale featured a special introduction from president obama, a performance from season one winner kelly clarkson and everyone in between. a reunion of the original trio
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of judges. in the midst of all the celebration, trent harmon was crowned the winner of the season. sad to see it go. now some sports though, we begin at the masters and the most talked about flub of the day. ouch. south africa's ernie els has a virtual meltdown on the first hole of the day. he took six putts from two feet or less. he later described what was going on through his head saying quote, it couldn't matter if i putted with a stick. he added when snakes are going off in your brain, it's difficult. els took a 9 on the hole. yet, finished the day at 1 over. defending masters champ jordan spieth is off to another great start. he finished at 6 under with a two shot lead over lee and lowry and followed by five players at 5 under. then to this dinger. >> right field, it is out of here! >> gone. the giants hunter pence hit the grand slam in the eighth to
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finish off the dodgers, 12-6, in the home opener. and penn state university has fired the men's lacrosse coach after he elbowed a brown university player on saturday. chris bates was originally put on leave but he was terminated by princeton. he coached for the last seven seasons and led them to three ivy league championships. bernie sanders on late night with seth meyers for a special edition of ya bern.
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seth meyers welcomed senator bernie sanders to late night last night and in classic bernie fashion, he seized the opportunity to roast the 1%. >> bernie, what do you think about the 1%? >> the 1%, hey, 1%, what do you need all that money for? if i didn't know better i'd think you were trying to compensate for something. how is it possible that some of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? that makes less sense than the plot of "batman versus superman." 1%. ya bernt. >> jane timm is here. >> good morning. >> bernie just down the hall. >> yeah, secret service was there as i walked in. >> all right. we'll see if we get more ya bernts out of him today. i want to talk about trump. he's laying kind of low, right?
2:22 am
he really had a poor showing in wisconsin. and especially on the heels of those abortion comments. what can he do to recover at this point? >> you know, the abortion comments i would say -- maybe his first real misstep of this race. i think you're going to need to see him trying to regain the media cycle. these are the kind of moment, the weeks where he's sort of down that he comes out with something big and bold. it was a week like that that we first muslim ban. look for something that no one saw coming. but he's trying to be more presidential and talk more about policies so you may see that pivot. there's going to be -- >> we're hearing that he's shifting some of his staff too. we may hear that too in the coming hours. but your latest article on talks about cruz's hunt for delegates. how bad will his new york values comments to play? >> well, it's dogging him. he ran an ad deriding new york values while looking for votes
2:23 am
in new york but i think it's important to remember that he doesn't need to impress that many people here. there are districts in new york where 2,000 republicans are expected to vote in one district and there are three delegates are up for grabs. he can win it, he could come away with three delegates, before cleveland. so he doesn't need to impress them. the people he gets to go specific to target these half dozen districts that have low republican turnout because they're predominan democratic here in the city. >> well, a new poll out shows that hispanic voters are evenly divided on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. is this a sign that sanders' message is resonating and especially with the younger crowd? >> yeah. i think that that's where we see him doing well, with the minorities. usually when they're young minorities. he doesn't do well with sort of the 50 to 75 voters but the 45% of the latinos, tend to be millennial voters and they strongly resonate with bernie
2:24 am
sanders. >> he's trying to make that turn after the unqualified comment. we saw him yesterday steer clear of it a little bit. we even saw his wife on msnbc with rachel maddow. is that something -- let's get past it? >> i think it will alienate some voters for sure. but it got him some exposure in the most expensive media market in new york. >> and donald trump wasn't dominating the headlines. i guess bernie would say, ya ya bernt. one man's wedding proposal goes terribly wrong. up up and away, kids send this pooch to the stratosphere. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. (announcer) namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses.
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27 minutes past the hour. a daring marriage proposal turned into a dangerous rescue mission on thursday. yeah, talk about foolish. 31 responders went to rescue one man who illegally claimed up a hazardous cliff to propose to his girlfriend on -- >> she wasn't even there. >> no. officials say he got stranded at about 90 feet up and got lucky when a witness heard his calls for help. >> she must have said no, right? must have been smart. >> you would think. well, the star-crossed climber is happily engaged. >> can't wait to meet her. >> don't doom them from the beginning. i mean, he did all this. but unfortunately he is booked for alleged drug possession. so maybe they are doomed from the start. who knows? best of luck to you. and an admission that's out of the world. a toy dog was sent to the edge of the earth after school kids strapped him to the helium balloon. sam the dog made it to the stats
2:29 am
of fear 12 miles above the surface before the balloon has popped. >> poor sam. >> a missing notice online to help recover poor little sam. >> should have put a microchip in his neck. >> i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. >> we have tried after rally after rally and many of you have been there to talk about the most important issues facing the american people. but if secretary clinton thinks i'm from a -- because i'm from a small state in vermont, and we' we'w we're going to go to new york and they're going to beat us up in an uncalled for way, we won't fight back, well, we have -- they can guess again. because that's not the case. this campaign will fight back. >> bernie sanders ready to rumble, but hillary clinton was the one in the bronx yesterday and is refusing to take the bait. plus after a rough couple of weeks, donald trump shakes up his campaign apparatus, leaving
2:30 am
some wondering what this means for his embattled campaign manager. and seacrest out. the show that brought us superstars like kelly clarkson, jennifer hudson and carrie underwood signs off one final time. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." hey there. good morning. it's friday, april 8th. i'm alex witt. the debate over which democratic presidential candidate is qualified to hold the oval office spanned hours yesterday and signal changed in tone and what had been a collegial campaign. hillary clinton called her opponent's remarks about her qualifications silly, and senator sanders pledged to keep fighting back when attacked. >> came right out and said, he doesn't think you're qualified to be


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