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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 9, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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thank you so much for being here. >> nice to meet you, auchg. >> send us an e-mail at rachel at tell us who you are, where you are from, why you want to play the news dump. there are more soap stone shot glasses where those came from. i just have to find them. good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. a muddled picture for republicans. in colorado, we have a inwither, already, while it is not over yet, one candidate is walking away with a rocking out high. also on the gop side, if it looks like a campaign ad and sounds like all the campaign ads and all the campaigns wonder was it a campaign ad? what is it really? >> democrats bat until wyoming today. it's all about the people buffalo and brooklyn. >> if we can win here in new york state and if we can win a
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considerable number of dem gather, we are on to pennsylvania and other states, we're going to win there as well. >> thank you so much! hello, buffalo! let's have a big new york vote and then help me again when i come pack in november to be your pvt.. thank you all very much. >> bill clinton on the campaign trail as well explaining what happened when interrupted by protesters. >> i know those people yesterday were just trying to get good television and they did, but that doesn't mean that i was most effective in answering it. >> just trying to get good television. aren't we all? this is msnbc the place for politics. well, the big news this morning,
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ted cruz wins colorado. the texas senator is a po majority of back state delegates and colorado springs. cruz got 21 of the 37 delegates. we has a chance to get 13 more bound delegates on the convention a bit later on this morning. cruz is now 224 delegates behind donald trump. later today, cruz will driver a speech at that colorado convention and then travel to las vegas to address the republican jewish coles. john kasich continues his swing from new york with three events. donald trump will resume campaign events tomorrow. kasich drew 1,600 people at a town hall in upstate new york last night h. ehe attacked his rievs a and went after hillary clinton. >> the problem that hillary has more than all the policy things is that if people suspect it, if the wind proceeds this wake, she does this, if the wind proceeds that way, she does that.
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>> democrats are caucusing in wyoming today. 14 of the 18 delegates are up for grabs there, with ten days until the new york primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will once again be criss-crossing the empire state. they were both in new york yesterday for a total of five events. >> donald trump has been a real flam bonet speech making inciting candidate. but make no mistake, even though he says it in a more dramatic way is what the republicans believe. >> this campaign is about telling republicans that we understand what they mean when they talk about family values. and what they mean by family values is that no woman here in this state in this country should have the right to control
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her own body. we disagree. >> well, nbc's kristen dolgren is in shy acheyenne, wyoming. i know officials there are expecting a possible record turnout, right? >> reporter: they are, alex. they, mekt today's turnout to maybe match 2008 or top it. so a lot of excitement in this state. they actually had to move the venue here in this county from a smaller venue here to the central high school in cheyenne because they expect the turnout to be so huge and they knew they needed a larger capacity facility to get all those people out to caucus. so really a lot of people excited about it. you might question why there is such a big buzz about the oem wyoming caucuses. 14 delegates up for grabs. there hasn't been a lot of polling here. hillary clinton hasn't visited wyoming. here's what it's all about. moment item.
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and you mentioned it. new york, this is the last place that voters are going to be going to the polls before the new york primary and so if bernie sanders were to win here in wyoming today, that would make it a seven-state winning streak for him. he really goes into new york with that momentum. so that's why a lot of people talking about wyoming and what will happen here today. we are expecting people to line up in a few hours. at about 1:00 eastern the caucus is opened. we expect to have it by 15:00 eastern tonight, alex. >> real quick. you say 14 delegates. those are the ones that come from today's concession, correct? but there is a a toll of 18 for the state? >> reporter: yes, so there is four super delegates. then there is the 14 that are chosen an what happens here in wyoming is they actually choose them at the county levels. everybody goes then to the state convention. that's where they choose the 14 going to the national
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convention. really today, we find out the proportion for each of those candidates is going to be. >> each state has its own rules. >> that can be confusing. thank you for straightening that out for us. let's go to republicans now in the battle for the remaining 13 delegates in colorado. jacob soboroff tracks down all those unbound delegates. they are an elusive bunch, jacob, first of all, explain what the process is all about. >> reporter: yeah, they sure, are alex. good morning to you. basically, wyoming, california, pennsylvania and north dakota have what are called unbound delegates. there is about 150 of them. they may very well make up the difference for donald trump if he falls short of the 1237 he needs to secure the republican nomination on the first ballot. >> that is why ted cruz as a matter of fact is campaigning so hard out here in colorado. as you said earlier in the program, nbc news has now projected based on the delegate wins so far out here in the colorado process. ted cruz hasn't won colorado.
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>> that isn't enough for ted cruz. he is coming out today him there are 13 additional delegates on the line out here. he will be speaking to about 6,000 people at the colorado state assembly in a hockey arena. those 6,000, of them, 600 are campaigning for the remaining 13 slots to two to the convention if cleveland this july. you get a kick out of this. they get ten second to make the case to the state level delegates as to why they should get the vote and be sent out to cleveland. the fact of the matter out here, donald trump has been out maneuvered a. campaign orientive told a colleague of ours at msnbc it would be a success if the donald trump campaign won just one delegate out of the 37 out here and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. although, we will see how it plays out today. >> donald trump has effectively conceded the state. can i back up to what you said. each person who is wanting to be a delegate, they get ten second to make tear pitch.
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that is it? >> reporter: yes. if they're snapchat users. they will do it. they get sen seconds per snap. it might be more difficult. in all seriousness, i'm not sure how much substance can get in. we seen everything from people sing to stand-up comedy to serious appeals to all kind of stuff, alex, i guess we will see today, we will have 600 of them, ten second a pop. >> okay. this will be fun to get the reaction from the crowd. we look to you for that later on. let's bring in msnbc reporter jane kim and jane i'm going to begin with you first, you wrote wrote about ted cruz' strategy in new york. that's where he is spending a lot of time, despite being 30 points behind donald trump in the latest poll. does he think he can close the gap? there is just ten days to go before this primary? >> no, ted cruz is not trying to
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win the state. he's trying to peel off as many delegates humanly possible you using the state rules, donald trump is still the odds on favorite to win. he will get 14 delegates from being the state winner. there is all these districts that don't have, that have conservative republicans or they don't have a lot of republicans. ted cruz is carefully targeting those in hopes of getting the three delegates or some of the three delegates at each district in 27 districts hands out. this is a strategy that's based on getting to cleveland with a tight, tight margin on donald trump. this is all about delegates, delegates, delegates. >> i know, kate that donald trump cleared his schedule for the next few days. he ditched some events in california. as we were saying with jacob, he conceded colorado, ditched events there, he is trying to focus on new york. do you think he could be getting iner vous? >> i think donald trump is getting very nervous, that's why he hired a convention manager. he is prepared to see there is a good chance they will have to go
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to an open convention t. fact that he is making a major play in new york. he's 30 points ahead of ted cruz. but ted cruz' xhicampaign has b strong on that game. donald trump is a little later to that game. he's been working on a lot of momentum, hasn't been focusing on the delegate allocation. we're trying to see him hire paul manafor and look at the delegate counts like ted cruz' campaign. >> jane, ted cruz picked up a majority of delegates in colorado t. trump camp as you heard jacob reporting says it is not counting on colorado at all in that march to 1237. are they downplaying colorado or did they not expect it? >> they are downplaying the delegates. they are working to get to that majority. it's not going to be a problem. of course, we will shoot for the moon and try to get delegates along the way to be safe. they will say we are
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overpreparing. i think if ted cruz wins delegates in new york, it is by no stretch of the imagination, we are going to convention. >> bernie sanders is looking to score his eighth straight win in wyoming. there is lots of talk about his momentum out there. he is trailing hillary clinton by several hundred delegates. how far can momentum versus hoard numbers take him? >> yes, alex. momentum is the exact word we have been using to describe this. we are getting to the point in the cycle it's all about the cycle and the math. bernie sanders needs to win 16% of the remaining delegates. let's look at wisconsin last week. he won the state and cable out with 47 delegates. hillary clinton didn't win and stale came out with 36. there is a difference of 11 delegates there. now we are in the proportional states. we are seeing bernie sanders will need to do a lot better. at this point, donna, bernie sanders will need to do well in the states he's predicted in. connecticut, delaware and rhode island. he's also going to need to have
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some upset victories and do really well in states like new york, new jersey, california, pennsylvania, for him to actually have a chance. so it's not impossible. at this point it's not looking good for him. >> jane, there were a lot of shakeups this week. we saw them on the trump campaign. politico writes last night, several staffers calls it quote political hunger games. everyone is trying to physical out where their loyalties lie. at this point in the election cycle. what kind of impact does this turmoil have on the campaign? >> this can have a huge impact. we saw a staffer get fired, halfway through the delegate process that helps you win those delegates. another staffer had to come in on tuesday in the middle of it. that's saying, let's cut open a guy and bring in a different surgeon and say, stitch him up. see if we can keep him alive. >> what about what was written, kate, the democratic race turns much more aggressive. it turns a lot more personal than it had been. who xoms out the winner here? >> so, yes, alex, until we are
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starting to talk about hand sizes of candidates and lying hillary or lying bernie or nowhere near in the republican race as far as aggression. about being ted. i think it's a draw between bernie sanders and hillary clinton at this point. look, we're in the third quarter, so to say, of the primary races, they're getting tired. i think hillary clinton thought she would have locked this down by right now. bernie sanders is probably a little upset that he is not, hasn't gained as much traction in the delegates as he thought he would. so it's early on. i think as far as we are going. the fookt that this race is still going on, it's still keeping the democrats in the headlines. it's still allowing this race to go on. it's a draw at this point unless we see a lot more aggression or something having changing the race at this point. >> thank you so much. bill clinton's encounter with black lives matter protesters. hear his reaction a day later. up next, my talk with author and talk show host travis smiley
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i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i am want to apologize for. i want to use it as an example as the danger threatening our country. because the founders set the country up. so that we can keep growing and being bigger and including more people, but we would always have to come towing to make a decision that would move us forward. >> former president bill clinton in a rally expressing regret to how he dealt with black lives matter protesters the day before. i spoke with tavis smiley, author after a new book "50 for your future, lessons down the
4:18 am
road" about that incident and the way the democratic race is shaping up. does mcclatchey marrist poll, it shows sanders and hillary clinton in a virtual tie, sanders at 49% to hillary clinton's 47%. why do you think this is so much of a closer race than anyone imagined? >> a couple years ago, secretary clinton and her camp got a little disappointed in me, because i suggested then she needed a challenge from her left. for three reasons, one, left to her own devices, she is a bit too hawkish for some of us, a bit, not enough progressive enough i should say, number two, number three, i thought having a challenge would make her a better candidate. clearly, her race against barack obama made him a better candidate. he has publicly acknowledged that. i thought for those three reasons she would be benefitted from a challenge from her left. i could not have imagined it would be bernie sanders and could i have imagined this race
4:19 am
would be so tight. ultimately, bernie sanders has been clear about his mission statement. when you think of bernie sanders, you think of poverty and income equality and economic immobility. that's what so many americans are struggling against, his message is resonating. >> what about the support both have pretty high profile african-american support. where does the split lie? >> hillary clinton has the breath and depth of that elite. bernie sanders has support from kornell west and others. she's pretty much top to bottom sewed up sometime ago that kind of support. at the end of the day, though, i don't think black voters will vote necessarily in lock step because the black political establishment says so. there is a distinct difference this time around and this is so, you know, so simple. i feel silly saying this. you know this so well. anyone that thinks the black turnout will be at the same level when barack obama was on the ballot is stuck on stupid.
4:20 am
there is clearly going to be a smaller turnout. how much smaller, i do not know t. clinton campaign has a smart team running that. so they have to know that as well some no matter how hard obama campaigns for her, she will have the benefit of having the first black president and barack obama campaigning and yet i think people vote their interests. so bernie sanders didn't start early enough t. "new york times" had a piece a week ago about one of the missteps he make, mistakes, he didn't campaign early enough. had he started earlier, he might be better phone by african-americans, when you look at what bernie sanders is saying, alex, he is speaking truth to power on the issues of most of the lives of african-americans. >> this week, in fact, to that point, you reiterated to democrats, don't take the black vote for granted. how would you assess their outreach to african-american voters so far? and are they missing opportunities to reach a more
4:21 am
diverse pool of black voters? >> i think they're both doing righteous work and doing the heavy lifting that it takes to reach out to the african person community. again, bern boerne i think got started late and hillary benefits for the long standing relationship she and her husband have had with the african-american community. so i don't believe like the republicans, they're pushing at an agenda that is not in the best interest to arkin americans. i don't like the idea of one party ignored by another party. >> what happened in philadelphia when the black lives matters interrupted a speech by bill clinton. >> i like protesters. but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simple vote. be afraid, very, very a frayed. because of that bill, we had a 25 year low in crime, a 33 lower murder rate, and listen to this, because of that and the background check law, we had a
4:22 am
46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence and who do you think those lives were that mattered? whose lives were saved that mattered? >> opponents are saying it led to more blacks being encars rated hillary clinton says it benefits the african community. >> i love bill clinton and he was a great president c isider him a friend. at the end of the day, it was bill clinton that went to the nacp and apologized for his policies, i would direct a piece, author of that powerful book, she wrote a piece why hillary clinton doesn't deserve the black vote t. piece specifically focuses on what the clintons did or did not do as it were around the issue of criminal justice reform and the prison and industrial complex. so there are a number of things bill clinton got right.
4:23 am
again on balancing the right president. there are other things he got wrong. he got wrong the welfare reform bill that pushed women and children no poverty. he was wrong on this crime bill. you had to get caught with 100 more powder than crack cocaine to get the same symptoms. hillary was wrong to refer to black people as super predators. clinton was wrong on rwanda. these are publicer is vampbts. not perfect servants t. black committee ought not because the last i'm in is clinton be in lock step with her if she is not right on the issues. again, people have to vote their interests. people have to press black people and others on the issues that matter most to them. no matter who they are. >> we should say hillary clinton has certainly said she regrets the super state. >> coming up, the rest of what tavis smiley says about donald trump and who hess friends are. the last known suspect in the paris attacks is under
4:24 am
arrest. is he also the mysterious an in the brussels attack. a live report from belgium straight ahead.
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t-i-a-a. . new developments in the investigation surrounding the new brussels bombings, including the arrests of five new suspects. bill neely is in brussels. what do we know about these arrests? >> reporter: good morning, alex, from brussels, police are still questioning at least five suspects they arrested yesterday. two of them, they believe, are involved in both the brussels and the paris mass ters. the question they con can't answer, not yet anyway is one the so-called man in the hat. anti-terrorist police were searching into the early hours in brussels this morning. >> that followed the dramatic day time arrests on the city streets of isis suspect wanted for mass murderer.
4:28 am
mohammed abrifi the last named fugitive from the paris massters police have been searching phish, because ryanedly they found a network of bomb factories and safe houses all within a mile of here. abrini was arrested after five months as one of europe's most wanted, renting rooms for kimmers. >> some of the suicide bombers stayed in these flats before the attacks in paris. >> reporter: abrini will be questioned about not one massacre but two, investigators have trying to figure out if he is the man in the hat with two suicide bombers. a day before he was arrested. police released these new pictures of him walking away from that bombing. they'd asked for help finding him, now their questioning him. >> abrini in custody is an important commodity, information
4:29 am
you can piece together from what he says or doesn't say. it will turn out important in trying to crack the other cells that are undoubtedly preparing some sort of activities. >> reporter: abrini was filmed in a gas station near paris two days before the killing there with his childhood friend salah abdeslam. he also fled the attacks. the next day they're with a suicide bomber in the car used in the massacres, abrini's dna was also found in a bomb factory. police arrested this man. osamma k, he may have been with the suicide bombers at the met dro and bought the bags at this city mall. let's remember two of the victims the american couple, they lived here in brussels remember they were at the airport that day, waving good-bye to stephanie's mom, who was going back to the states. they were buried yesterday
4:30 am
towing at nickelsville in kentucky. two of the 32 victims here. >> thank you for that reminder. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry showing support for the unity government and to discuss their relationship with the u.s. secretary kerry is showing the packed brokered. he arrived if iraq yesterday, coming up, democrats go to the polls in wyoming today. but the big fight is still here in new york and it's been ugly for both sides. up next, how the hot rhetoric cooled off last night. >> show me movies with explosions.
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>>. >> welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt, in new york the place for politics. let's take a quick look at where the candidates are today. ted cruz will deliver a speech at colorado springs.
4:34 am
it comes a day after clinching colorado and picking up 21 more delegates. cruz then heads to las vegas. john kasich remains in new york with three events. the ohio governor had a little leavety when he spoke about the food he's been eating here. >> and by the way, i love new york. i'm not pandering. okay. you cannot believe the pasta i had yesterday in the bronx and in brooklyn, i'm still dreaming about it, it was so good. >> democrats in wyoming are caucusing today him 14 of the 18 delegates are up for grabs. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both in new york for a total of five events and nbc's kristen welker has more on the democratic race. welcome in a studio down the hallway there. it's a crucial day, particularly for sanders, looking to stretch his winning streak. >> reporter: indeed, he, democrats will go to the polls in wyoming.
4:35 am
but the big fight is still in new york. it's getting ugly, friday night all of that hot rhetoric cooled off just a little bit. with the democratic race heating up, bernie sanders and hillary clinton took a brief break from taking aim at each other friday fight. sanders hitting the broadway play hamilton, secretary clinton hitting a target while campaigning in rochester. >> building the wall and having mexico play for sit live i like a "saturday fight live" skit. >> reporter: capping the most contentious week yet for the democrats, which started in philadelphia wednesday. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> reporter: a comment sanders walked back on friday after a backlash from fellow democrats. she's qualified? >> of course. >> reporter: but friday afternoon, clinton wouldn't let go. >> seriously, i have been call a lot of things over the years, but unqualified has not been one
4:36 am
of them. >> reporter: some democrats now concerned that rift could make it tough to unify the party in the fall. this after the gop is locked in its own bitter battle for the empire state t. two front runners trading smart jabs this week. >> do you remember during the debate when she started lectureing me on new york values like we're not food, like we're no good. >> donald trump has been funding those failed liberal policy and politicians for 40 years. >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz scoring a victory in colorado, where he met with the most delegates friday during the state's party convention and john kasich stumping in syracuse, still determined to stop trump and take on clinton. >> maybe we can get to hillary if we stop name calling each other. >> reporter: back to the democrats, sanders is likely going to win wyoming. that would be his seventh win in a row, alex. he is still far behind clinton, though, in dem gather, but he has a lot of momentum heading
4:37 am
into states like new york. his campaign announced he is traveling to the vatican next week. it could yield benefits. appearing on the international stage also comes with risks. >> very interesting announcement about his trip overseas, especially with the timing with the new york race. all right. interesting, indeed. we will be watching it closely as you can imagine. >> maybe can you go. we'll see. >> reporter: oh, i will try. >> okay. let's go now to the major shakeup in the campaign in mid-town, manhattan. go remember to you, any reaction on losing colorado? >> no reaction, but this is the latest example of how the front runner's campaign was not prepared to deal with this behind the scenes gain of arm twisting. especially in colorado. 21 out of 37 delegates going to cruz. the next remaining delegates going to be announced today, who they will go for t. campaign is essentially concede tag they were not prepared for this and
4:38 am
they hired paul madafor, somebody experienced last week. this week we talk about a shakeup or a shift in the campaign. this is major. we now have this new person the convention manager, taking on expanded responsibilities, including running the d.c. office and i don't have seeing things like congressional outreach, he has a lot of responsibility. he said in an interview this week with cnn, he answers only to the boss. the campaign officials are telling us that this is a natural outgrowth and the campaign ended, it should, it reached that point if time when they needed to do that, but again, they're concedeing they were not prepared. they are saying they still see a path to 1237 and new york is key to that. that's why they're spending a lot of time here over the next couple of weeks. they believe if they can take new york. all of the delegates, most of them, that then trump only has to get a little more than 50% of the delegates going forward and
4:39 am
they're confident that they can actually do that. alex. >> making the empire state super vital. lots to watch, thank you so much from jump tower. he's reputed to be one of the most unpopular elected physicals on capitol hill. how does ted cruz plan to unite the republican party? the writer that spoke with the texas senator joins me next.
4:40 am
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4:43 am
look like, if ted cruz heads there, he will need to shore up starting now t. campaign deploying what an aid tells nbc news is their secret weapon. they decided to out maneuver donald trump. in colorado, cruz' top volunteer has been on the job eight months. >> the cruz campaign know what is they're doing. there trump's counterpart only started wednesday. >> my drink from a fire hose. >> reporter: the front runner playing catch-up. the team argues that doesn't matter. >> this convention process is over in june. it will be the appearance for the world that trump is over the 1237 number. >> that's the public spin from paul madafor, privately his recent hiring shows trump's seem seems more worried than letting on. predictions of an outright win but by once than they once
4:44 am
thought. considered by trump one of the most hated men in walk, now with a new headline, maybe likable enough. still, it's a different congressman, speaker paul ryan, who can't seem to shake speculation he can swoop in at a contested election. >> what really bothers me the most is politics these days. >> reporter: videos like this, not helping to squash the savior talk. ryan, insisting, he doesn't want to be the nominee t. candidates who do, dukeing it out, delegate by delegate. >> that was nbc's halle jackson reporting there. joining me is soek miller. he interviewed ted cruz, marking the first time the texas senator appeared on the cover. zeke, good morning to you. we will get to your cover story in just a moment. i want to get your ae recollection to cruz' momentum, winning the last three states, do you think it's a reflex of the stop trump movement or more about cruz's appeal in these states? >> it certainly is a reflection of the fact the broad cross section of the republican party is not comfortable with donald
4:45 am
trump as the nom know. they are looking for ways to stop him. they are uniting, backing cruz now, it's a reflection of the secret weapon cruz focused on delegates, they saw this coming six months ago. they knew it was always going to be a big delegate fight. they didn't think this close, maybe, they were always focused on the delegates. it is sergely playing off right now. >> the cover of the magazine, likable enough. it's an echo. it's the same thing that president obama said while then senator running against hillary clinton. she was likable enough. when you talk about your interview, what do people ask you? what is your biggest take away from ted cruz? >> it's that ted cruz is not trying to win over washington still. he is still very hated here. he is walking a very fine line
4:46 am
between. he still needs that discheck. he still needs to be disconnected from washington in order to win his conservative base with hillary and donald trump voters. he is sending sort of subtle overtures to washington. i'm not your biggest enemy, donald trump is your biggest enemy, at the same, he isn't trying to be their friend either. he needs to remain an outside figure. he is cognizant never to get too par into one camp or the other. >> did you get any sense of what he is like. he has this rep takes of being resisttant to reaching across the aisle to making deals. he was blamed for the government shutdown. is he politically rigid? >> to a certain extent. he is able to do what he is doing. uniteing some of the factions of the republican parity behind him. we are changing his position by an inch. they're coming to him. he is not going to them. he's very cognizant about that and kind of proud of it. at the same time, you see him as sort of a private settings.
4:47 am
he is cracking jokes with staff. you see him on the campaign trail, voo boying a gelato for his daughter, talking about cheese and making jokes about arming the cheese kurds. you know, dairy humor. you see the querky side of every politician on the campaign trail. they're not one dimensional physicals like ted cruz has been portrayed at for a while now. >> when he was on jimmy kimmel, he came across as charming, in fact. back to the cover, the likable enough tag there. by whom is he liked? >> he is certainly liked by the conservative base of the republican party. if walk, like may not be the wore, it's not hate may be the word. they're not, they don't lover him. they're not smiling as they fall in hein him, but they're falk in behind him nonetheless because he's still their best chance to stopping drumplt it's sort of a grin and bear it. >> it's a worried endorsement.
4:48 am
so a couple of days ago, as you know, cruz announced a couple events on monday in california. when we look at the primary calendar, put in perspective it is for ted cruz. >> california is the largest delegate hall, because delegates are awarded by population and republicans insist, it's three delegates per congressional district and it's a bonus for state wide. that's the biggest delegates available it comes on the last day of voting. particularly if you think this is going to be contested, if you imagine, if you try i to avoid it, it's the biggest delegate hall. >> that big moment item factor happening on june 7th. for ted cruz, there are a lot of pockets you'd think, oh, california is a democratic, liberal leaning state, there are a lot of pocks in that state. ted cruz can do well. he will get as much momentum out
4:49 am
of that and head to cleveland. >> thanks so much. >> thank you for having many e. despite insisting he's not running for president, house speaker paul ryan releases a new video that many analysts are comparing to a campaign ad. is ryan setting himself up as the person who can unite a divided party? that's next. helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and neserious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. trump needs 59% to reach the magic number. ted cruz needs 88%. it is impossible for john kasich who would need more than 100% of the remaining delegates. let's bring in rick tyler former for the cruz campaign. let's get right to what house speaker, paul ryan did. he just released a policy video.
4:53 am
here is part of it. let's play it. >> what really bothers me about politics these days, this notion of identity politics, that we are going to win an election by dividing people whether than inspiring people on our common humanity and culture and the things that have unified us. >> rick, you have been a communications director. does that look like a policy ad or a campaign ad? >> it had a great feel tog it. i think it is consistent with paul ryan. i have known him for a long time, followed his career throughout his career. it is typical of paul ryan. he is the speaker of the house. he will be the chairman of the convention. he is trying to set the tone and maybe set the tone for the republican party and frame it a little bit differently than we have seen in this campaign. >> since you've known him so long, i want to ask you, do you really believe him when he says he doesn't want to be president of the united states, just like
4:54 am
he said he didn't want to be house speaker? >> i actually do believe him. i don't believe he wanted to be speaker. py conceded to be speaker. he started p and we will see how well he will do. i don't think he wants to be president of the united states. he doesn't really have a chance to be president of the united states. what would have to happen, we would have to go through the first round of voting and probably the second round and then eight delegations would have to sign a petition and the majority of those delegations with paul ryan's name on it for him to be placed at nomination. it doesn't seek likely considering most of the delegates at the convention will be cruz supporters or trump supporters. those supporters who are delegates for trump and cruz seem to be very, very attached to their candidate. it doesn't seem to me likely they would pick paul ryan. >> look, it is three months until we get to cleveland. >> that's right. >> given be this election so far
4:55 am
in the primary season, anything can happen. >> that's right. >> is there, then, given the situation you put out there, which is clearly difficult for paul ryan to get the nomination, why is there so much buzz around this right now. >> the canned dates on the republican side are very high negative numbers. the leader has been donald trump. it has been a very contentious and different kind of a race. the party is very worried. the establishment that is coming around to ted cruz and i thought zeke miller's piece or what he just communicated to you was actually very accurate about ted cruz. the way he talked about him and the way ted cruz is and his character. but washington still doesn't like ted cruz. the establishment doesn't like him. they are coming around to him because they believe that they can work with him. i think that's right. if you look at what ted cruz talks about. there really isn't anything on ted cruz' agenda that he has talked about in this race that the republican congress wouldn't
4:56 am
work with a president cruz on but there are a lot of establishment who are worried that the down ballot, the down ticket races could be hurt by either trump or cruz. look, i work for cruz and our theory always was and i still believe it, if you elect a conservative to run the nomination, then you mobileize the conservative base. we know that's true on the democratic side. that's how barack obama won twice. that's why hillary clinton wants to be rallying her base. that's why bernie sanders' base is so lec tri fied. these are base elections. the middle is really not ex is stent now. >> why is the state of the trump campaign now being described as a political hunger games. we will talk to a close adviser of donald trump about that. l is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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hello, everybody. welcome. i'm alex at msnbc world headquarters in new york. the place for politics. ted cruz wins colorado. the texas senator picked up a majority of that state's delegates during the party state convention in colorado springs. he got 21 of the 37 delegates and he has a chance to get 13 more bound delegates when the convention resumes. cruz is 224 delegates behind donald trump. a bit later today, cruz will deliver a speech at the colorado convention and travel to las vegas to address the republican jewish coalition. john kasich continues his spinning through new york with three events. donald trump will resume campaign events tomorrow. kasich drew more than 1500 people to town hall in upstate new york. he attacked his republican rivals for their stance on muslims. >> let me ask you a question. if you want to find out what's going on in a muslim


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