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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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political headlines. the doors have closed at caucus sites in wyoming as democrats get ready to make their choice today. on the campaign trail hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in new york today. a half an hour from now bernie sanders will hold a rally in the bronx, the second event of this day. at a rally in manhattan sanders took a jab at clinton's new york roots. >> this is secretary clinton's adopted home state. it's not a crime. i just made that point. born in illinois but she represented this state in the senate for eight years. if we can win here it absolutely opens the door to a path towards victory to the white house. >> governor john kasich is also in new york and just wrapped up a town hall in rochester.
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ted cruz will speak before the party state convention in colorado a little over an hour from now. his remarks a day after winning the state and picking up 21 delegates. there is a chance he can pick up an additional delegates today. we have reporters in place across the country. our delegate hunter is in colorado at the republican state convention. casie hunt is in new york following bernie sanders. we begin with kristin in wyoming. how is it looking and what does the turnout look like? >> reporter: things just getting underway so people are getting their last minute instructions now. take a look a you can see the turnout. they had to move into this gym to get enough seats for everybody. it doesn't look like there is an empty seat at all. we have the hillary people on this side across the way.
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on the other side of the bleachers of all those who are here for bernie sanders. so in a few minutes they are going to be splitting up into their different areas. they have four choices today, hillary, bernie, also san diego businessman not expected to be a huge factor in this race and then the uncommitted. so as they go through the day any group with less than 15% will have to go and join another group. so it is expected by the end of the day to have one winner with more votes than the others. and then that will go to the state convention in may and they will know how many delegates each get. 14 delegates up for grabs. there are four super delegates committed to hillary. the bernie sanders people here today really hoping that this big turnout means he will continue the momentum he has had. he spoke about it in new york a short time ago saying if there
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is a big turnout in wyoming he is very confident that he can come out ahead. we will continue to watch it throughout the day for you. >> can you just turn around and look at the stands there and see what the proportion is? can you give me 50/50 for clinton versus sanders? do you have a sense of that? >> we'll show you another look. i cannot see an empty seat on either side. looking at the bleachers it does look 50/50. there are people standing. it is hard to tell who they are with at this point. once they split up into the groups we will get a better idea. right now it looks pretty evenly split to me. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. while bernie sanders is hoping for a win in wyoming he is campaigning today here in new york city. casie hunt is joining me with more from the bronx. what is happening there today?
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>> reporter: of course, he held an event earlier today. you played a little bit of the sound from him talking about what new york will mean and saying that it essentially could hocould open the road to the white house. his advisers are having a conversation. the feeling is that it is a win for him. it would be a pretty big deal. sanders still making the argument that he is the best person to take on donald trump. take a listen. >> not just that we are closing the gap with secretary clinton
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in virtually all of the national polls when they put bernie sanders and hillary clinton up against donald trump or ted cruz we do a lot better than secretary clinton. >> reporter: the argument, of course, from the clinton campaign that sanders has not been in the national spot light, not been the subject of attack ads and that is part of why the numbers are better for him. >> i have to applaud you because you have to talk loudly when a lot of people are cheering and get quiet when people are behind you. it is a talent. >> turning now to colorado and the battle for remaining 13 delegates. msnbc delegate hunter tracking down delegates there and joins us from colorado springs. help us understand what is going on with this process and where are you? you look like you are at a baseball stadium or something. >> i am down the concourse.
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she had to make the speech staying here. the process is simple. 6,000 delegates are here. 600 of them are candidates for the last 13 remaining seats. right now many of them are milling around down here. right over here i think is sharon. how is it going? you are on the ted cruz slate. you are an official ted cruz endorsed candidate. >> i have been an activist for over 15 years. i have worked on issues and i am known to people from within the state. >> have you ever met ted cruz? >> no. >> you think you will meet him today? >> i am kind of excited. >> you are going to go up there and make a speech for ten seconds. that is the allotted time that each of the folks get. walk with me while we go through the con course here.
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i want to show everybody what it is like. what is your ten second speech going to say? >> i'm a grass roots activist. i have worked on issues oriented campaigns and am an issues oriented conservative. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> is this your first convention? >> i don't know. >> you have been one other time. >> i have. >> we have a veteran, a couple of veteran colorado republicans. good luck today. i want to show you what it looks like in here at the floor where this is all going on. it is really an extraordinary thing to see. if you peek out over there you can get your look here at the 6,000 people that have all gathered here today. senate candidates are talking. when you come to a colorado republican function especially the state convention there is a lot more official business than just presidential candidates. ted cruz will be here 2:30 eastern time. he is treating this with utmost
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importance why he won 21 out of 21 delegates from the state so far and donald trump is getting his clock cleaned out here. >> ten seconds. i was trying to time her. what happens if someone goes over? is there a buzzer? do you know? >> reporter: i think it is the old fashioned hook. they just take them right off stage. >> that should not be the case. i appreciate that. we'll see you again. moments ago donald trump left the 9/11 memorial museum after making a quick stop there in manhattan heading to the trump tower in town. i know we have been hearing about new hires in the trump campaign. i'm curious. i want to get to that in a second. wasn't he supposed to have a cleared schedule today? he wasn't supposed to go anywhere and yet went to the
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museum. do you know anything about that? >> reporter: this is supposed to be his fourth day off which is unusual. the longest was six days during the easter weekend. this week he tweeted he was catching up on things with his business and was supposed to be off, as well. he made an off the record or off the schedule appearance. he went to the 9/11 museum. it was raining. he spent 30 minutes inside. he came back into the car and is headed back to trump tower now. of course, we are hoping that he will speak to reporters. then he picks up his schedule tomorrow. this week has marked a major shift in the campaign. all of the senior advisers in the campaign are saying this is a natural and expected growth now that we have hit this point. it is major. it is the convention manager taking on major new responsibilities he will oversee
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the d.c. office and he says he will be hiring new operatives who over the next couple of weeks he hopes will steal delegates much like cruz has been doing if you want to call it that, stealing delegates, that the trump operatives are supposed to be out there going forward that they will be competitive like cruz which will be a difficult task since cruz has been prepare frg many, many months. beyond that the campaign strategy is to win big in new york so they can have a path to 1,237 by june 7. on june 7 they think it will come down to that last day the final two states in california and new jersey. >> thank you so much outside of trump tower in mid town. why a major defection from the gop could occur if donald trump does not win the nomination. ♪
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donald trump will be spending tomorrow in new york as he did today. his campaign event after losing colorado to ted cruz in their delegate fight. while trump remains in the lead by 224 delegates he has ramped up his strategy to avoid a contested convention. and joining me now is matt welch, editor and chief. with a welcome to you and welcome back to the broadcast. when we had you on you thought as many did that trump was not going to gain traction. what happened? have you reassessed? >> sure. thank you for reminding me every time i came on that i made that disastrous prediction. i think we all assumed that our morets were the electorate which is the classic pundits fallacy
10:17 am
that everyone engages in. we failed to see the power of the way he was able to break taboos. the attraction of donald trump isn't necessary on any single policy which aren't popular by themselves building a wall, deporting 11 million people aren't hugely popular. the factthy he always says stuff that people like you hate is what makes him popular so the serial breaking and we under estimated how much thirst for someone. >> i'm not going to bring it up again. his new campaign advisers say he will reach 1,237 on june 7. will he prevent a contested convention? >> i think it is really almost impossible at this point. they are saying they expect to
10:18 am
have this wrapped up in mid may. vito sweep all states and get 95 delegates in new york, not 61 which is about equally possible because of the weird rules for delegate allocation. they need to run the table with all of this. there is reporting that indiana is a disaster for donald trump. colorado is already a wipeout for donald trump. ted cruz has been wrestling down every stray delegate while paul is saying we are going to start figuring this stuff out soon. soon is too late for a lot of the delegate wrangling. donald trump has a problem which is that if he gets to 1,236 it will get hard to get that last delegate because there is such a strong hard core never trump sentiment because the negatives are so spectacular with so many subgroups of people who would vote in the general election. >> there is this new poll that
10:19 am
shows one-third trump supporters say they will just take off if he is not the nominee either voting third party or vote democratic or won't vote at all. what does that mean for the party? do establishment republicans have to choose? >> the most amazing stat similar to this one was at the wisconsin exit polls where voters for either cruz or trump 35% said that they wouldn't vote for the republican nominee if it wasn't the other guy. a bunch said they would go third party. some said hillary clinton. this is a wipeout. remember cruz is not loved or liked by the establishment. cruz is the number two selection of trump supporters. by the time contested convention would come around and if cruz comes out on the winning side i
10:20 am
think a lot of the hard core trump support, a lot of these people are wedded to the man and are not going to follow him even to someone they like a bit more like ted cruz. >> stand by just a second because i want to make an announcement. we have breaking news to report and that is that belgium's federal prosecutor confirmed that the man they arrested abrini admits to being the man in the hat in those belgium bombings. he was suspected of being involved with the paris attacks as well as belgium attacks. we are told he said i am the man in the hat. that was from the attacks just a short while ago. so we are going to get more information on that and get to bill kneely as soon as we can. matt, i will go back to you now. along the lines of what you are hearing from insiders about
10:21 am
whether establishment republicans are starting to warm up to ted cruz, are they and is it perhaps because of the recent wins? they are seeing momentum, they are seeing a pattern and thinking he may just do it. >> they don't have a choice. the realists have to realize there is no unicorn paul ryan mitt romney or john kasich or marine general to come in. there would be such a widespread revolt. the bottom line is that the republican civil war has already happened. there is going to be massive defection no matter what happens. there will be massive in cleveland. republicans have a huge mess on their hands. i think establishment types although they have screwed up everything and can do it again but i think they are holding their nose and going with ted cruz because there is no way that republican grass roots in this anti-establishment year
10:22 am
will accept anything else but one of those guys. >> before i let you go, what do you make of speaker paul ryan appearing to flirt with the idea of a nomination at the convention? he says it is a policy ad. others suggest it looks like a campaign ad. >> paul ryan is the elizabeth warren of the republican party. no matter how many times he says no. he is raising his profile and fry trying to be mr. sensible to which people say why don't you pass a budget because they haven't been doing that in congress. that might be more valuable use of his time than putting out nice videos about what a sweet looking republican he might be. >> thank you so much. once again i want to reair breaking news via e-mailed statement from belgium prosecutor that the 31-year-old
10:23 am
mohammed abrini confirms he is the man seen in video as the man with the hat, that is how he has been referred to in media reports. this is march 22. and the word is we confronted him with the video, evidence prepared by special unit and had to admit that it was him. we will stay with this breaking news as we get more. we will get bill neily from brussels after a break. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel ali"♪ but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough,
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10:27 am
let's go to bill neily. this is confirmed. what does this mean that he is this man? >> well, number one, it solves a mystery. we didn't know who the man in the hat was and there was always the possibility that he was a complete unknown and obviously he was out there. as far as the people of brussels were concerned he remained a threat. within the last few minutes the prosecutors office confirmed to nbc news that mohammed abrini has confessed under interrogation by the police that he was indeed the third man at the airport, the man in the hat. according to the prosecutor he went further and explained that as he left the airport and fled the scene of that mass killing he got rid of his jacket and later sold the hat.
10:28 am
we don't know why or who but it is astonishing that a man who just participated in a mass killing wants to make a few euros by selling a hat. moving on, they got him in detention. they are interrogating him. clearly he is cooperating. he has confessed according to the prosecutor. this is in a sense hopeful because they will want to ask him a lot more. remember mohammed abrini isn't just connected to the brussels attacks, his dna and finger prints were also found at a safehouse and at a car used in the paris killings. we learned yesterday for the first time that abrini was connected to both the paris and brussels massacres. so not only having him in custody is significant, it is significant that he is saying something and confirming his presence at the airport to detectives. >> and, bill, to reiterate parts
10:29 am
of previous reporting from you, this is a man who grew up with salah abdeslam who is in custody right now having been taken into custody. he was, again, involved in the paris attacks and there was video of the two of them in paris which you have shown in reports. do you know anything about information that you may have already given to prosecutors or the kind of information they hope to obtain from him? >> no. this is just within the last few minutes we learned he is clearly telling them something. he has a great deal to tell. it is quite clear he was at the very heart of this. he has survived but is a childhood friend of salah abdeslam who survived. he came from this area of brussels where so many of the people in this cell grew up.
10:30 am
so he is not just a scout or a hanger on or a driver or a lookout. mohammed abrini is a man at the very heart of this. also interestingly charged today were three other men with mass murder. one of them known as osama k. we know is swedish. he bought the bags at a shopping mall in brussels that were used in the airport bombings and prosecutors confirm that he was also at the scene of the metro bombing. amid the talk of mohammed abrini this man is also a big player in this cell and we also learned that one of the othereople involved was a rowanden national. we have a belgian, a swede, quite typical of the kinds of multinational cells that we have
10:31 am
seen with isis all over the place including, of course, in iraq and syria. one other thing about mohammed abrini just to prove that further proof is needed that this man is a key isis member, british police are also investigating him because we know that he travelled to birmingham on multiple occasions and that a photograph of aa -- don't think it is pictures of a soccer stadium. that is certainly not what police believe. >> thank you so much on this breaking news giving us the details we appreciate that. we'll stay on top of the story. despite recent setbacks the trump campaign remains confident
10:32 am
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welcome back. any moment now bernie sanders will hold a rally in the bronx. it is one of four events he has in new york today. at a rally in manhattan he addressed his upcoming trip to the vatican. >> on thursday night i will be leaving to go to the vatican to give a speech. [ applause ] and i must tell you that i am a very great fan of the role that pope francis has been playing in talking about inequality in this world. it goes without saying that i have my strong disagreements
10:36 am
with certain aspects of what the church stands for but he has been out there talking about the need for a moral economy, a moral economy. >> hillary clinton will also campaign here in new york later today. let's go to the colorado convention where ted cruz is hoping to pick up 13 delegates in that state. nbc news senior political editor mark murray has the break down of the delegate grab. i think we have new numbers that show just how close these candidates are to try to get to the magic number of 1,237. trump needs 60%. cruz needing 87%. kasich out of it this way. is there room for cruz to catch up to trump? >> well, alex, when you look at ted cruz being able to catch up to donald trump it really is a convention strategy that you would have in cleveland. you see the math 87% is very
10:37 am
difficult with the 800 or so delegates remaining overall. so it is very difficult. i think the name of the game is being able to try to stop donald trump. he is at 60%. if he is able to win all of new york's delegates a week and a half from now that can go down about 53% or 54%. what we are seeing here in colorado springs is an example of ted cruz's organizational might and donald trump's organizational weaknesses. so far ted cruz and this campaign able to get 21 out of 21 delegates up for grabs. we will sigh 13 awarded this afternoon. ted cruz will be addressing this convention here. the thing is you see so much ted cruz paraphernalia. very little about donald trump. i spoke to one of donald trump's organizers who say they feel demoralized how they are getting crushed here organizationally.
10:38 am
a tale of two different campaigns at these conventions. new york is one thing but another thing when it comes to organizing ted cruz is crushing donald trump right now. >> the 60% remaining delegates that donald trump needs to get, how plausible is that? he doesn't have a tremendously organized ground game. >> it still is plausible but so much depends on how new york and california plays out on june 7. the math right now could end up breaking a couple of ways. one other way to almost look at it being able to hit the magic number of 1,237 if he is 15 or 30 or 40 delegates away getting the remaining isn't as difficult as it might sound. donald trump is about 100 or 150 away that is a bigger problem for him and that brings us to what is going on in colorado. donald trump gets shut out that means he has to do so much better in places like new york
10:39 am
and california. if he were able to pick off a delegate here or there and get four, five, six or seven then that lowers. donald trump's path to getting as close to 1,237 as possible or surpassing it is exceeding every other contest and again states like new york, california, new jersey, maryland, connecticut that are coming up. >> thank you so much from colorado. we appreciate that. let's bring in a senior policy adviser to senator rand paul. listen to the numbers game. sometimes you are talking about four, five, six, seven. look how ted cruz has worked so hard for the victory in colorado. it is not a big win in terms of overall numbers. but his appearance at the convention, the first candidate to do so in over 40 years. this battle for every single delegate, put this in perspective here. >> that is what it is going to
10:40 am
come down to, the summer's convention in cleveland. ted cruz showing he can dominate in this format and has been paying attention to it. they have been courting delegates and putting in the legwork that really matters and will matter in july when that vote comes up. i find this isn't a new problem for donald trump. starting in iowa and ted cruz winning in iowa thrks caucus format. he did so much better in. it required a lot of organization. trump went in and took new hampshire. i think that gave him deceptively he thought he was better off than he actually is in terms of his campaign structure. you look at so far trump has gotten lucky in so many different contests. his campaign is in complete disarray. this is not what you want at the moment when you need your team focussed on locking down the nomination. >> the trump campaign publically remain very confident and new hire let's talk about what he
10:41 am
had to say. let's take a listen to that. >> this process will be overwith sometime in june. it will be apparent to the world that trump is over the 1,237 number and at that point in time when it is apparent everything will come together. >> you think trump gets the 1,237? >> absolutely. >> before the convention? >> absolutely. >> why the confidence? >> because i know the vote. >> you think this is the typical trump brash we are going to do it and that is just talk? >> he is coming in you have to look at what he is trying to do. he is projecting confidence and leadership. he says he doesn't answer to anyone else in the campaign but donald trump. there is a big power struggle going on. he is an experienced political operative. look at what happened in colorado this week. you can't just do these things on the fly. he really has his work cut out for him to rescue this campaign.
10:42 am
>> we have 95 delegates at stake in new york. a winner take all if one candidate gets a majority of votes there. the latest polling shows that donald trump has a commanding lead and a majority. you see the numbers over cruz and kasich thmpt main goal of trump's opponents is what? simply keep him from getting the majority? >> they want to keep him below 50%. i think both will be able to do that. i think john kasich might do better than projected especially new york city, manhattan. cruz i think will dominate in the upper part of the state. we will see. i think trump will probably carry most delegates but not a total win that he needs. >> always good to see you. >> thank you for having me. my next guest says she disagrees with sarah palin about most things except this. >> sdusing them with gift baskets come over the border and there is a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls.
10:43 am
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cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. well, after months of saying he will make mexico pay for a border wall donald trump reveals how he plans to do it. trump says unless the government pays up he will stop the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send home to mexico. let's send in victoria defrancesco. let's see how realistic it is. >> at first sight if you don't know much about immigration you think there is something there you can keep some money folks are sending back. a couple of flaws. first of all, logistically and president obama said good luck
10:47 am
with that, how are you going to keep that money here? folks are just going to start siphoning it from informal methods. and the bigger problem is that you miss the picture about the push/pull factors of immigration. immigration 101. people come to the united states because there is a demand, employers that want to hire the immigrants and a push out for countries. you are not addressing the push/pull factors by building a wall. that leads me to the last point which is we can build all the walls we want but folks want to come over will build tunnels underneath the walls. >> earlier this month sarah palin spoke about inducing and sdusing immigrants to come to the u.s. by continuing to employ them. is the wall the solution or is it more about not incentivising
10:48 am
illegal immigration? do you agree with the point palin was trying to make? >> i do. i don't agree with sarah palin on most anything but on this point she hit the nail on the head. she said immigrants are coming over and used the metaphor of teddy bears and soccer balls but coming to get jobs. employers here in the united states want to hire immigrants and in particular we see a demand for latino immigrants. if we go after, if you want to reform immigration you go after the employers. you say you cannot hire undocumented persons. if you do you will get fined. mexican immigrants and latino immigrants and immigrants from all over the country will stop coming. we saw that during the great recession when we didn't have a lot of jobs mexican immigrants stopped coming over. >> at the end of his memo trump says mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. saying u.s. has moral high ground and leverage.
10:49 am
what kind of damage is trump doing to the relationship? >> i think it depends whether or not he assumes the presidency. if donald trump does end up coming into the white house then i think relations between mexico and the u.s. are going to start off on a very bad foot. i think the mexican government in keeping an eye on discourse understands that trump is an outliar. the rest of the gop may not love immigration or more open immigration but they are not directly insulting mexico. a lot of this is trump specific. we will have to wait and see how far he goes. >> always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. a new poll shows how upset trump supporters could get if there is a contested election. m on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires.
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10:53 am
are campaigning hard on both sides with ten days to go before the primary. patrick murray is director of the monmouth university polling institute. always good to see you, patrick. let's get to what happened a short time ago, the new polling from reuters showed that if donald trump is denied the gop nomination in a contested convention, a full one-third of voters who support them, when you hear that number, those voters would take off, support a third party, might vote democratic. what springs to your mind as a pollster? >> i've been asking these questions too in my polls. there is not a lot of surprise there. going back four years ago, though, when it appeared mitt romney was emerging as the nominee, the question was asked of folks supporting santorum and gingrich. most said they would support mitt romney. it was the ron paul supporters, the antiestablishment voters who
10:54 am
would not support romney. that's the numbers we're seeing right now, except with donald trump it's a much bigger pool of voters. that's a big question about whether any of these republican candidates could unify the party, including donald trump. we've got to ask the question of people not supporting donald trump, would they support trump. i think we see in our polling the same numbers. >> i was going to say, josh barrow from "business insider," he says with regards to this polling, he says, look, when this is taken before the nominee is presented, when it comes down to it, folks will say, really, are they going to happen vote for hillary clinton? people will remember they hated hillary clinton for 30 years, they're not going to cross over to the democratic side. is that true? >> that's true. i've been asking it with hillary clinton's name in it, of republicans, and you get maybe literally a handful of republicans who said they would vote for hillary clinton against a republican nominee who is not their guy, that's like 2%.
10:55 am
yeah, they're not going to vote for hillary clinton. the question is do they stay home, vote for a libertarian like gary johnson? in our polling he was actually getting 11% in a three-way race. there are a lot of options out there. the question is, and we ask this question every time where there's a really competitive primary process, can the nominee rally around the party. on the democratic side eight years ago we saw that they were able to do that. hillary clinton was able to get her supporters behind barack obama. there's a real question, though, on the republican side, whether they can do it this year. >> in knocnew york, trump is leg the polls by a significant number, 52%, ted cruz a distant third with 17. what does that tell us? >> that 52% number is the magic number. i heard elise talking earlier today about this, the difference between getting 50% and 50% plus
10:56 am
one vote in each of new york's congressional districts is the difference between getting 70 delegates and 95 delegates. as we see what's going on in colorado today, donald trump needs every single one of those delegates. he should be working in those congressional districts where he's just polling at 50%, although he doesn't know it because he doesn't have his own internal pollster. he should be looking for those areas where a little bit more effort will get him over that 50% mark. >> the emerson poll shows tightening of the gap between sanders and clinton. does sanders have a shot on 19th? >> he's not going to win new york. i don't see any polling that shows him with an ability to win new york. new york and maryland are coming up in the next two weeks. hillary clinton will do best. bernie sanders does have a shot in pennsylvania, that's more his speed, if we look at places where he's done well. but the question at this point on the democratic side is, as long as hillary clinton wins these states, and she's probably
10:57 am
going to lose wyoming today, as long as she wins most of these states, she's going to have a majority of primary voters supporting her. that's what's really going to be important for her going into the convention. >> patrick murray, thanks so much. that will do it for this hour of "msnbc live." we'll see you back here at noon. next, up to the minute headlines on the battle for the white house. he'll examine the presidential politics of marijuana. have a good one. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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