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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 11, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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anything. this is the only time. >> donald trump slams the primary system after getting outhustled by ted cruz in the hunt for delegates, with one trump strategist accusing the cruz campaign of using, quote, gestapo tactics. meanwhile bernie sanders picked up his eighth win in a row and kept the heat on hillary clinton. he also had some words for her husband after last week's run-in with black lives matter protesters. plus collapse in victory. the front page of "usa today" sums up the story at this weekend's masters. a new father heads home with a new jacket. it's 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." hey there, everyone. good morning, it is monday april
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11th. i'm alex witt. bernie sanders' winning streak continued over the weekend with a victory in the wyoming caucuses on saturday. sanders beat hillary clinton by 12 points 56-44 notching his eighth win in the last nine nominating contests. but the victory didn't help the senator in the delegate race. when you include superdelegates, clinton actually netted four more delegates in wyoming than sanders. and as you can see here, secretary clinton still holds a commanding delegate lead overall, as the race moves on to next tuesday's pivotal primary in new york. clinton has to win about 33% of the remaining delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, while sanders would have to win about 67 and we've got some new polling out of the next two delegate-rich states to vote on the democratic side. a new fox news poll out of new york has clinton up 16 points, 53% to 37%. pennsylvania is one of five states to vote one week after that. and clinton has a double digit lead there, as well. the fox news poll has her with the numbers 49% to 38%. meanwhile, after a week in which
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sanders aggressively questioned clinton's qualifications to be president, the senator appeared to walk back that line of attack and attempt to shift the focus to his opponent's judgment, instead. >> the point that i was making, which is absolutely correct, is that if you look at where she is getting her money, from wall street, the powerful special interests, she voted for the war, she cited henry kissinger in a sense as a model for her, i think those issues will tell the american people that in many respects, she may have the experience to be president of the united states. no one can argue that but in terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking. >> and what i said is that a candidate like secretary clinton, who voted for the disastrous war in iraq, who has supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement which has cost us millions of decent
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paying jobs, and who receives incredible amounts of money, we're talking about tens of millions of dollars through her super pac, from every special interest that you can think of, and from the billionaire class, you know, i have my doubts about what kind of president she would make. >> do you have similar doubts about what kind of president he might make? >> well, look, i've said repeatedly that i'd take him over donald trump or ted cruz any day. >> but do you have doubts about what kind of president he might be? >> no, i don't. i mean, i don't have any -- anything negative to say about him. >> over the weekend, sanders also went on the attack against former president bill clinton, over an exchange he had with black lives matter protesters last week. during a back and forth at an event in philadelphia, the former president defended his 1994 crime bill, as well as his wife's use of the term superpredators to refer to violent gang members as she helped push for the bill's passage. >> what are your thoughts about what he said, senator sanders?
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>> unacceptable. i think we all know what that term meant, when in the context that it was said years ago. we know who they were talking about. >> black people. >> that's exactly right. that's who it was. and i think that the president owes the american people an apology for trying to defend what is indefensible. >> what exactly do you think president clinton should apologize for? >> i think we all knew back then what that language meant. that was referring to young blacks. and i don't think in this country elected officials, or leaders, should be using that type of terminology. >> well, i think what bill said is that we should all be listening to each other. and i certainly have been
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listening. the very first day of this campaign, i gave a speech about criminal justice reform, and ending the era of mass incarceration. i have been consistently speaking out about what i would do as president. and i think it's important for people to recognize we have work to do. that there were a lot of people, very scared, and concerned about high crime back in the day. and now we've got to say, okay, we have to deal with the consequences, and one of the consequences is, in my view, overincarceration of people who should not have been in the criminal justice system. >> meanwhile in his first interview on fox news sunday since he moved into the oval office, president obama waded into the thorny issue of hillary clinton's e-mail server. he stood by his former secretary of state, and guaranteed she would be treated no differently when it comes to investigations, even if she ends up the party's nominee. >> hillary clinton was an outstanding secretary of state. she would never intentionally
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put america in any kind of jeopardy. and, what i also know, because i handle a lot of classified information, is that there are -- there's classified, and then there's classified. there's stuff that is really top secret, top secret. and there's stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state that you might not want on the transom or, you know, going out over the wire, but is basically stuff that you could get in open source. i continue to believe that she has not yep ar diesed america's national security. now what i've also said is that, and she's acknowledged, that there's a -- it -- a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned. and she recognizes. but i -- but i also think it is important to keep this in perspective. >> on to the republican side of the 2016 race.
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where ted cruz is positioning himself to defeat donald trump on a second ballot at the republican nomination. if both fail to get a majority in the convention's first vote. he made gains in iowa and south carolina but the biggest bite out of trump's delegate lead came in colorado where cruz swept the 34 available delegates in the state and local conventions which selected delegates in place of a popular vote this year. last night trump tweeted, how is it possible that the people of the great state of colorado never got to vote in the republican primary? great anger, totally unfair. the people of colorado have their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. this will not be allowed. on "meet the press," trump's convention strategist paul manafort said there will be challenges, and accused cruz of strong-arming support. >> what is fair game to win a delegate? threatening a fair game? is threats a fair game? >> it's not my style. it's not donald trump's style. >> what is -- >> but it is ted cruz's style. and that's going to wear thin very fast. >> you think he's threatening delegates? >> well he's threatening -- you
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go to these conventions and you see the gestapo tactics -- >> gestapo tactics? that's a strong word. >> well you look at -- we're going to be filing several protests because reality is they're not playing by the rules. >> well the cruz campaign responded, quote, it's no surprise that trump's team will lash out with falsehoods when facing a loss to distract from their failure as they have the entire time. we have earned our success by working hard to build a superior organization and are working within the process and rules that have been established. after months of nonstop commentary donald trump spent a few days off the campaign trail, which included not doing any sunday shows for the first time since november. breaking a 20 week streak of appearances. yesterday about 6,000 people packed a freezing airport hangar in rochester, new york, to hear trump talk about foreign policy and trade, including how he would have the united states do business with the iranians. >> we have a prohibition that they can't buy. i think that prohibition is great. but when we hand them $150
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billion we should take the prohibition off for a little while, don't you think? let them buy from rochester, new york, we don't care if they're from iran, right? we'll sell them missiles that don't work correctly. right? let them sue us. tell them to sue us. oh, i'm sorry, they don't work. gee, that's too bad. >> well, new polls show donald trump with a towering lead over his opponents in the upcoming states. in new york the fox news poll shows trump leading by 32 points. 54% to john kasich's 22%, ted cruz is just 15%. while in pennsylvania, trump has a 26-point advantage ahead of kasich, 48%, to 22%. cruz in a close third at 20%. and the poll also found that in the general election, trump and hillary clinton tie among both democratic and republican primary voters, 44% to 44%. but new polling of the general electorate out this morning from the associated press shows adults favor clinton over trump on all major issues, including his signature slogan of making america great.
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donald trump says he'd use waterboarding, and a hell of a lot worse in terror investigations. and ted cruz says he wouldn't see widespread use but would be open to waterboarding amid enhanced interrogation methods. but cia director john brennan said the agency will not engage in any harsh interrogation practices even if ordered by the next president. the tactic was banned through executive order in 2009 by president obama. when asked specifically about the practice, brennan's message was clear, adding absolutely i would not agree to having any cia officer carrying out waterboarding again. and you can see the full exclusive interview with cia director john brennan tonight on "nbc nightly news." just days ahead of his sentencing in a financial violation case, federal documents say former house speaker dennis hastert molested at least four boys when he worked as a high school wrestling coach. in court filings released friday, government lawyers accuse hastert of a series of sexual encounters in the '60s
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and '70s and say he tried to lie about it when confronted by the fbi. according to the filings hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to a man who was 14 years old when hastert sexually abused him. a statement released by hastert's attorney over the weekend reads in part, mr. hastert acknowledges that as a young man he committed transgressions for which he is profoundly sorry. hastert pleaded guilty in october to withdrawals from his account in order to evade bank reporting laws. police in new orleans are investigating the death of former super bowl champion and saints defensive end will smith. according to authorities, a hummer rear ended smith's mercedes and both drivers exchanged words. it happened around 11:30 saturday night. the driver of the hummer cardell hayes is accused of opening fire and shooting smith and his wife multiple times. hayes has been charged with second degree murder, with bond set at $1 million. now before the shooting, smith reportedly had dinner with a retired police officer. that officer was once sued by hayes over the killing of his father, during a police-involved
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shooting. according to police, investigators don't have any information that links the two incidents and the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. a statement issued on behalf of the smith family has expressed thanks for the outpouring of support, calling the former saints star a devoted husband, father and friend. up next bill karins joins us with the latest on the severe weather moving across this country. and the golden state warriors are now one win away from history. and tying the bulls for most wins in a season isn't all they accomplished in san antonio last night. we'll have the highlights, plus -- >> if it goes long. oh, my goodness. this is unbelievable. >> oh. it's the other big story from the world of sports. jordan spieth's complete and utter meltdown at this weekend's masters. "way too early" back in a moment. what is that? it's you!
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here is shane lowry, 8 iron. the hole, accessible today. oh. >> it had the same imagination, though. >> wasn't quite as suspenseful. >> oh. >> hello. have we got room for two? shane lowry made a one just about half an hour ago and now davis love! >> might you say? >> oh, did you see the patron -- >> don't hit the ball. don't hit the ball. >> is there room to slip by? >> oh, how disappointed might go in the hole the other ball. hang on. it's still going!
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>> oh, it goes! it counts! >> can you believe it! >> welcome back to "way too early." was that awesome or what, an historic three holes in one recorded at number 16 at augusta national. this during the final round of the masters. and that was just some of the excitement of yesterday's finale. what was on track to be an historic second straight wire-to-wire victory at augusta, oh, instead turned into a nightmare for 22-year-old jordan spieth. with a five-stroke lead as he made the turn, spieth bogeys the first two holes of the back nine. then on the par three 12th hole, spieth suffers a complete collapse sending two shots into the water. one into a sand trap before finally making out with a quadruple bogey 7 on that hole. with that he fell three shots behind. he never caught up. ending the tournament in a tie for second place. instead it would be 28-year-old englishman danny willett who nearly missed playing in his second-ever masters because his wife was due to give birth to their first child on sunday but willett's son was born on march 30th, so thankfully for the
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whole family the new dad was able to compete. willett takes ohm the green jacket after shooting a magnificent bogey free 5 under round of 67 to match the best score of the weekend. his victory is the first for an english player at augusta in 20 years. turning now to the nba and san antonio, the warriors snapped the spurs' home win streak to match the 96 bulls all-time record of 72 regular season wins lifted by 37 points from steph curry, 92-86 victory over san antonio makes warriors coach the only member of both 72-win teams. golden state now has one final chance to set the new wins mark in their final game of the regular season on wednesday night against memphis. and finally in major league baseball, rockies rookie trevor story launches a solo home run to left field during the eighth inning in yesterday's match-up against the pad raws at coors field. it is his seventh homer in the first six games of the season
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the most in big league history. wow. that's exciting. >> nice start for a young guy. >> i know. >> that thing with spieth yesterday -- i don't know if you're familiar -- it was 15 minutes of just staring at the tv in just disbelief. >> you just felt sick for him. it was awful. >> yeah. i mean 22 and he's already got two majors -- >> look, he's got two second places. i mean it's -- >> he had it, though. he's waking up this morning wondering what happened. all right let's show you the pictures from oklahoma yesterday. this hailstorms is the story. most likely going to be what's going to happen a lot today. a lot of hail today in areas of texas, east texas, eastern oklahoma, arkansas and also louisiana. these were the pictures yesterday. not too much damage was done. a couple cracked windshields here and there. we didn't have any devastation with any tornadoes or anything like that. this morning we've got some light rain moving up through new england. just showery, very light intermittent. if you're one of those people that doesn't want to get wet at all, bring the umbrella from ohio to pennsylvania to new york even through new england down to d.c., philadelphia and new york included. it's as we head west we wrapped up a few big storms earlier this morning near fort smith.
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we have one or two strong storms trying to move on 40 from north smith towards little rock up around springfield a couple storms. but these storms are weakening. round two comes later this afternoon. sometime around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. is when they'll start to fire up. about 13 million people in today's risk area of severe weather including this orange enhanced risk area. we'll get a few tornadoes today possible. isolated. we're not expecting a big outbreak, i don't expect many powerful tornadoes. all it takes is one. here's the timing on it for today. this is at 6:00 p.m. the red shows you where the storms will be. from little rock to houston to lufkin, alexandria included. even dallas maybe a brief period of storms. but i don't think you're going to get it too badly. the other story is it's been so cold lately we're finally going to watch a little bit of warmer air heading in. the red sox have their season opener today, alex. it will be 58 degrees at fenway. there could be some showers but they'll get the game in. >> yeah. it was a no-coat way in to work. that felt good. >> it was only in the 40s.
2:51 am
it just shows you how cold it's been. you're thinking that's warm. >> thank you bill karins. still ahead, hillary clinton puts on her new york charm. we're going to show you what she was up to this weekend next on "way too early." ♪ staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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we've got some other headlines to check on. for that we head to the control room and that guy.
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hi louis. >> last night kevin hart, queen latifah and halle berry paid tribute to actor will smith before he took home this year's generation award. the most memorable homage came from andy sandberg's lonely island in a mashup of his greatest musical hits. ♪ now this is the story all about how my life got turned upside down and i'd like to take a minute to sit right there how became the prince of a town called bel air ♪ ♪ give me a soft subtle mix and if it ain't broken don't try to fix it ♪ ♪ let me run around put your car on cruise and lay back because this is summertime ♪ ♪ >> let's just end on jiggy ♪ here we go. ♪ get jiggy with it stay fresh you say prince fresh prince fresh prince ♪ ♪ when i say will you say smith will smith will smith ♪
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>> will smith was in the audience loving it. all right now mayor bill de blasio took the stage this weekend as well with hamilton star leslie odom junior at the annual circle dinner event. after rapping about his political rivals he introduced democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and the former senator from new york had a few jokes of her own. >> i just have to say, thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. there are a lot of things i could ask you. of international, national, state, and city importance. but will you just fix these metro card slots in the subway? >> i will get right on it. right on it. absolutely, hillary. >> well, you are my second favorite guy named bill.
2:56 am
>> speaking of metro cards slots this morning "snl's" take on hillary clinton's quest to win the new york primary and yes it'veed that fail at the subway turnstile. take a look at this. >> gosh, new york has been cold this week, hasn't it? in fact my head is getting a hill chilly. i better put on my favorite hat that i've worn so many times over the years. you know what my favorite part about new york is? the subway. i love to ride it. and i am comfortable riding it. in fact, here's me using it earlier today. the new york city subway is the best way to get around. ow. try again. it's been awhile. no. is this a working metro card? is this -- i'll just go in the old-fashioned way. because -- oh, okay. shoot i'll take a cab. cab is the best way to get around.
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>> there's my alarm. time to turn my hat around. there we go. oh, god i love those new york meets! >> it's all i got for you, alex. >> that's enough, man it's funny every time. thank you, louis. >> you got it. >> that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe" new numbers out this morning on the state of the next big nominating contest. plus the boston globe hits donald trump hard mocking up this front page of how it envisions a trump presidency and that's just the top of the fold. we're going to have the front-runner's response. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." when my doctor told me i have
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