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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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@mitchellreports. craig melvin is up next live from upstate new york on msnbc, place for politics. this is craig melvin in s skaharie county. we're about 150 miles from manhattan or as they call it in these parts, the city. this is a farm with baked goods, all grown right here on the soil. we've been sampling it throughout the course of the morning. we'll be talking to some locals and get their take on the 2016 race. as for the candidates, nearly all of them have virtually put down roots in new york ahead of next week's primary here in this state. all but one of them will be in this area. today, right now john kasich about 40 minutes east of here in
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albany. both clinton, sanders, and trump are also nearby. why ted cruz gets a jump on california, part of his strategy to kick off delegates anywhere he can. in colorado, his organization managed to sweep that state's 13 unpledged delegates but trump isn't buying it calling the delegate system, quote, rigged and corrupt. >> i'm up millions of votes on ted cruz. millions. not like two votes. i'm up millions and millions of votes. we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democr y democracy. we're supposed to be, you vote and the vote means something. >> which republican candidate is
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benefitting the most from the current delegate system? we've got exclusive nbc analyses in a few moments. meanwhile, the battle between sanders and clinton gone from qualification to judgment with sanders blasting the former secretary of state for what he says is a lack of it. >> she may have the experience to be president of the united states, no one can argue that. but in terms of her judgment are something clearly lacking. >> so much more to the big apple than new york city. we've dispatched our team all over the state. but we start though with that aforementioned kasich event speaking live. let's listen in. >> details that the cruz campaign tried to strong arm and bully people and they lost everything. and we did extremely well there. we were very pleased with the outcome. you know, you've got to go out and hunt delegates. that's part of what this is
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about. everybody's been talking about who wins what thing? and i can tell people, it's about accumulating delegates, which is now becoming clear to you that the hunt for delegates really matters. and, you know, i ought to be in the media. i'd be such a great prognosticator because i've been right on everything. let's not get carried away, but that's kind of where we are. >> what tactics are appropriate when it comes to securing delegates? >> i know what they told me about michigan. there were tactics that, you have to ask my people, but apparently they weren't so much on the, they weren't appropriate. you'll have to ask my folks. i really don't get into this. i don't sit at home and try to figure out, i mean, yesterday, i was actually at home and my greatest concern yesterday was why jordan spieth didn't hit it over the pin and knock it into the water twice. that's what my concern was
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about. >> ohio governor john kasich there talking about the hunt for delegates being all that matters and again, we should note here, kasich, of course, at this point in terms of the delegate race is actually behind marco rubio who dropped out a month ago and spend time in just a bit but start with jacob rascon about 33 miles east offous us in albany. jacob, you heard that sound we played off the top with donald trump calling the system corrupt, saying it's rigged. he did that during a rally in rochester. what's his team's plan to avoid a contested convention? >> reporter: and so now it seems they actually do have a plan with paul manafort, the convention manager. i talked to a trump advisor who told me this morning that the internal numbers they are working with have them getting
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over 1300 delegates. that's what they're hoping for. and then starting with new york, this is about momentum for them. this is almost always about momentum. they lost it a bit in wisconsin and they knew that. but for example, this giant arena and the co-chair for trump says it seats 17,500 but they have 23,000 rsvps. they're counting on that with massive crowds and then you watch for donald trump to have a bit of a sharper message. we watch him in rochester be specific with numbers, like you lost this many manufacturing jobs since this year and went on and on with good statistics of the people. the people liked and really seem to respond to well. so you have him now complaining about colorado, in particular, calling it corrupt. he even tweeted this video of this man burning his
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registration and saying i've had enough of the gop and trump is saying, that this is happening all over the country. that's what his tweet claims. this fits into the argument he's had for the entire that he's the outsider working against the system, it's corrupt. we'll see if it is working for him. >> nbc's jacob rascon in albany. ted cruz already thinking ahead, planning ahead to the june primary in california. next hour, he will be appearing in irvine, california. tonight, there'll be a rally in san diego. hallie jackson reporting on a ted cruz campaign for us. hallie, eight days to go in the new york primary. ted cruz in california. explain. >> sure thing, craig. a couple of reasons for this. number one, ted cruz is looking ahead to the key june 7th primary date and starting to implement the strategy out there early. watch for the cruz campaign to
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roll out ten dohe endorsements e republican party in california. why? they want to be able to make the argument that they are bringing together a wider variety of conservatives, specifically, in california where the cruz campaign thinks they could get more than half the vote. privately, they'll say as much as two-thirds of the delegates in california. remember that california is a funny state. like 53 mini elections as one republican strategist as the way it's broken up. cruz is going out there to talk about his message. hoo he's been pivoting to jobs more recently. we saw that starting in wisconsin and see that carried through and done a couple of campaign stops in new york and what we'll see in irvine and san diego when he'll talk about, number one, immigration and number two, water issues and how it relates to local economies there. it is interesting given he does want to compete in new york city but the campaign i think has an understanding that they will not have enough to overtake donald trump in his home state and in fact, campaign aides are saying
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donald trump has to win his home state. hoping he'll do well. if trump sweeps new york state and gets all 95 delegates, his math becomes much easier going from 60% to 55%. it's why cruz in new york hoping to peel off some delegates in some more conservative districts and keep trump from that sweep but the way the polling looks now, cruz in third behind even john kasich. >> hallie jackson covering the cruz campaign for us. thank you. the republican battle now boils down to ground game and strategy and as we've been talking about here, the quest for delegates. 1,237 to be exact but new analysis from nbc news finds despite trump's complaints about the rules, the delegate system has benefitted him the most. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber here to explain precisely how trump has
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essentially got more bang for his buck than his rivals and what that means for the campaigns going forward. hi. >> a lot more bang. you heard donald trump at the top of the broadcast complaining calling this a quote corrupt system but in fact, the delegate system rewards the front-runner the most. take a look at these numbers. here in the unit, the total primary vote is 37% so far. but his total share of delegates today jumps up to 45%. the only reason donald trump is even close to getting to the magic 50% majority is not because he's anywhere near 50% of republican voters. it's because the rnc and state delegate system rounds up. take a look at ted cruz. he has 28% of the primary vote in raw vote and 32% of the delegates. so we went through and crunched it. donald trump has gotten a larger delegate bonus, about 22% above his raw vote than ted cruz. he's doing very well under this
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but that hasn't stopped his complaints. here's something else he said at a rally in new york. >> i've won twice as much as cruz. i've won millions and millions of votes. the system is corrupt. and it's worse on the republican side. because i'm up millions of votes on cruz, millions. i don't mean like i'm up by two votes. i'm up millions and millions of votes. >> he is up millions of votes. but he does not as he just said twice as many votes as cruz. trump has 8.2 million votes. cruz about 6.2 million votes total. so craig, when you total it all up together and say, it's a march for delegates but an open convention, there might be a fight over how big a lead is too big to overturn. >> msnbc's ari melber. thanks as always for the insight.
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we like you to weigh in on this debate in today's microsoft pulse question. we are asking, do you think the delegate rules for the gop and dems are rigged or fair game? to cast your vote. let's turn to the democrats now. for this race continues to get more heated by the day, both bill clinton and hillary clinton kaec campaign hard across new york state. hillary clinton leading by 16 points according to a new fox news poll and dominates in new york, shifting some of the attention to donald trump releasing a new ad about toughness. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong, and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop
10:12 am
trump. >> clinton hit bernie sanders over immigration. >> i started co-sponsoring the dream act in 2002 or 2003 and i consistently did that. senator sanders by contrast was supporting vigilantes, minutemen on the border and i think it's so so unfortunate that he did not join with others of us in either the house or the senate. >> again, hillary clinton just a few moments ago. meanwhile, bernie sanders relishing his victory. sort of relishing. sanders won the state but both snagged the same number of delegates. seven. so for delegate lead remains unchanged. sanders keeping the heat on the one time new york senator now calling for nationwide ban on fracking, releasing an ad on the issue and hitting her record over it in binghamton.
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>> secretary clinton's role in tracking when she was secretary of state is not a good record. secretary clinton and her state department worked to export fracking throughout the world, to reward companies like chevron, halliburton, exxonmobile and conoco phillips. in my opinion, that's unacceptable. >> kasie hunt, just 40 minute drive to the east in albany, new york, ahead of bernie sanders' rally. about an hour from now, kasie, let's start with you. with what he told chuck todd. no longer saying she isn't qualified. he seems to have moved on to a new line of attack. here it is. >> the point that i was making which is obviously correct is that if you look at where she is
10:14 am
getting her money from wall street and the powerful special interests, she voted for the war, she cited henry kissinger in a sense a model for her. i think those issues will tell the american people that in many respects, she may have the experience to be president of the united states. no one can argue that. but in terms of her judgment are something clearly lacking. >> so kasich, they've been kaec campaigning against each other for half a year now and how can they suddenly raise the issue of judgment? >> reporter: we've actually been hearing this argument for months now. he first raise the question of her judgment and henry kissinger in a debate back in february. it's what he's been talking about with her both on the iraq war for many, many months. it is really a switch from the brief foray into calling her
10:15 am
unqualified to be president. he, of course, did that at a rally and then took heat for 24 hours and eventually backed away from it. his advisors feel as though he does need to make sure that he's not letting her get the better of him in new york. what you heard there from that press conference that hillary clinton did earlier today, in many ways, she's ratcheting up her attack and talking in a free form way and kind of taking to the eco-system that is the new york primary. it's something she's familiar with and sanders' team is acutely aware of the fact that they'll need to figure out how to play op that turf and they had a misstep with the unqualified remark and so now you're seeing him kind of return to ground where he's a bit more comfortable. one of those areas is of course, policies. so fracking, an issue that's important here in upstate new york. and it's something they're focused on in addition to him talking about that. he's also got a new ad up on the air waves. craig, bernie sanders' main
10:16 am
challenge here in new york is making sure that registered democrats who support him get out to vote. they're a little bit, you know, they have a little bit of a challenge because independent voters aren't allowed to vote on this primary and the deadlines are long gone. it's possible they may have missed the vote on organizing for that, craig. >> no same day registration here in new york state. msnbc's kasie hunt for us in albany. thank you. let's bring in msnbc's political editor mark murray. one of the political gurus to tracking all things 2016 including the clinton campaign. let's talk about that ad that we just showed featuring donald trump. why would clinton pivot to trump before putting sanders away, mark? >> i can see two motives in this particular advertisement for hillary clinton and her campaign. on the one hand, it allows them to pivot more to the general election. certainly, draw a contrast with donald trump but also, i think it is a little bit of a subtle jab at bernie sanders because
10:17 am
really, when you dig into the sub text of the new ad, it says, who is the toughest person to go toe-to-toe with donald trump? it doesn't say the person looking best in the polling right now but over a terrain to be able to withstand a lot of the punches and i think one of the arguments they make with this ad, the clinton campaign while they have their struggles of late, one thing you can count on is to be a big time battler and a grinder. i think that's the sub text of the new tv ad. >> mark murray for us in dc. mark, thank you. much more on the debate over the democratic race, specifically, the legacy of bill clinton's '94 crime bill. the noted term "super predators." the noted al sharpton will join us after the break. you're watching "msnbc live." upstate new york. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and send them out on to the street to murder other african-american children. >> i did something yesterday to someone in philadelphia. i almost want to apologize for it but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country. >> what bill said is that we should all be listening to each other and i certainly have been listening. >> maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people. >> there were people very scared and concerned about high crime back in the day. >> that was just a snapshot of
10:22 am
the dust-up last week with bill clinton and hillary clinton defending her use of the word super predator in reference to criminal justice legislation that the former president signed back in 1996. her rival, bernie sanders, seized the opportunity to attack the clintons for the poor choice in words. >> look, i think we all knew back then what that language meant. that was referring to young blacks. and i don't think in this country, elected officials or leaders should be using that type of terminology. >> the campaign a short time ago, bill clinton again defending his crime bill. >> i still believe that we saved a lot more lives by putting 110,000 off the street and getting rid of the assault weapons for a while. and giving the young people
10:23 am
something to say yes to. i still think what i said was right and wish i first said in the hopes of being heard by her, you're right about the prison thing. >> i'm joined by the host of msnbc "politics nation" and reverend al sharpton. thanks for being with me. you were on the front lines in the '90s. you stoaid the crime bill went o far. who's right here, the clintons or bernie sanders? >> ironically, both the clintons and bernie sanders, even though we wanted something done about crime and exposing crack houses, both did not hear that the clintons were the one leading on that and mrs. clinton did make the statement though she said
10:24 am
she was referring to those selling crack and those that were leading the gangs and a statement loaded at best. i think that the real substantive argument here, craig, is that the bill went too far and neither candidate can say they weren't part of supporting a bill that caused mass incarceration and really destroyed many families. were there parts of the bill like the parts that dealt with community for leasing and other aspects that were good but the bad part of the bill are things that we are still trying to deal with and what i'm interested in hearing from them, is what they are going to do about the fallout from the bill? you have people in jail and families that have been torn apart. i wanted them to say this is what i am going to do in terms
10:25 am
of my appointment of an attorney general and the policies of president obama through attorney general eric holder and then now under loretta lynch said, don't ask for these long terms. don't deal with this, even began communing some of the sentences. we have not gotten that from the candidates yet on what they're going to do now. when both of them supported this bill in '94 that was signed in '96. >> one of the things, reverend al, we heard from senator sanders who is, at these rallies when they talked about super predator, he said to the audience, you know what you were saying, you know what he meant by that. accusing the clintons of using coded language, is that a step too far? >> i think that you getting that on both sides. i think that clearly was a loaded statement, but then on the clinton side and i'm not endorsed either candidate, they're jumping on a few weeks
10:26 am
ago when senator sanders was asked about being black in america and he said, well, he's never been poor in the ghetto and he said, saying all blacks live in the ghetto, i don't think in terms of many black voters if not most is going to be on just sound bite, but on substantive policy and substantive law. and i think we need to hear from them what they intend to do there. we need the argument from the presidential candidates of if they are the president, how they will govern to deal with those laws. we're not hearing anybody talk about the disparities in education and health care across the board and i think that both of them, you and i, have said
10:27 am
things that are certainly the super predator statement was a load statement, but i think that we really need to hear some firm commitments on how they will govern and not just back and forth when both said statements that we can all say, wait a minute, that sounds very, very bad to us from a civil rights point of view or even those in the black community that are not civil rights but just know when they hear something, it sounds like some loaded language. >> reverend al sharpton, host of "politics nation." thank you so much for joining us. on the other side of this break, nbc's joy reid. on staten island and what gop voters there think about all this talk of so-called new york values. much, much more from beautiful upstate new york when we come back.
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really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. not sure how legitimate was but he sparked a lot of people are attracted to. >> he's not a politician. he says what people are thinking. >> those are staten island residents commuting aboard the staten island ferry. new york city will play a pivotal role in picking the winner of next week's crucial gop primary. among the 2.7 million republican voters registered in new york state. more than 460,000, as you can see there, are in new york city. a local gop official said native
10:32 am
new yorker donald trump has accepted an invitation to attend $150 a plate brunch event sunday on staten island, the most republican borough in new york city. the campaign itself has not confirmed that report though. meanwhile, a fox news poll shows donald trump leading in the home state by 32 points. 54% to kasich and then cruz. joy reid is talking to voters at a diner there in staten island. what are folks telling you, joy? >> hey, craig. we are here at mike's unicorn diner. very popular spot in staten island. and really quickly to give you the lay of the land, the most republican of the boroughs in new york. bill clinton won and lost one here. barack obama did and george did. only 29% republican but the
10:33 am
democrats here are more conservative, it's sort of republican and reagan democrat territory that adds up to a good look for donald trump but found at least one voter here in this really trump territory who is for someone else. i'll introduce you to jack and jack, you are not for donald trump. who is your candidate? >> ted cruz. >> first of all, i have to check this. we've asked a few people who are not necessarily republican. are you a registered republican? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me why you like ted cruz. >> he's the only one i've seen that has taken a strong stance on the budget. he's stood up in the senate and filibustered and refused to vote for these huge spending bills that keep putting us further in debt. >> reporter: you literally are the first voter i've talked to in a really long time that brought up a traditionally republican issue like the budget. you see a lot of republicans lean towards trump talk about other things like trade and immigration and that kind of
10:34 am
thing. do those issues matter to you? >> they all matter. yeah. >> reporter: so do you think there's any risk that ted cruz, who has high negatives like donald trump as well, could be a difficult candidate to elect in the fall? >> actually, no. i think he's one of the most skilled debaters that i've ever seen in my lifetime. he's a smart guy. so i think it's just once you get out of the primary, everything changes. >> reporter: can ted cruz win in new york? >> probably not. >> reporter: it's really trump territory. what did you make of the comment that's getting replayed here about new york values? how did that strike you? >> i knew he was talking about the political. i didn't take it as a personal. i had no problem with it. if you look at the way our state is run, not exactly an example for the rest of the country. >> reporter: from a brooklyn born republican here in staten island. thank you and enjoy your meal. you heard it.
10:35 am
donald trump doesn't have everybody in staten island and interestingly enough, i think the more traditionally republican and really hitting on those republican issues over towards ted cruz. back to you. >> msnbc's joy reid on staten island. thank you so much. can donald trump's newly named convention manager prevent another colorado convention of mishaps? also, john kasich accusing the cruz campaign of strong arm tactics. he spoke to reporters just a few moments ago. we'll get a live update from the trail when we come back. much, much more live from beautiful schoharie county up here in upstate new york.
10:36 am
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10:38 am all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. securing delegates? >> all i know is what they told
10:39 am
me about it. i know they weren't appropriate. >> john kasich there talking to the media in albany, new york, slamming the cruz campaign for what he calls bullying and strong arm tactics responding to a question from our own kelly o'donnell who continues to follow the kasich campaign. she joins me now on the phone en route to the site of kasich's next event in troy two counties east of here in rensselaer county, new york. a few weeks ago, we heard kasich say he could win the state. are they still saying that? >> reporter: i'm riding shotgun with our producers heading to that event and they are really talking about seconds being a path to victory. you don't normally hear that. they believe if they can do well here, behind donald trump, for example, they help a cruz momentum that may come and really are all about looking toward the convention.
10:40 am
it's important for them to be able to rack up some second place finishes in these northeast republican states where there is a sensibility in the republican party that might better align with john kasich. so in that little q and a we just did with governor kasich at the state house because he meets with republican lawmakers in the state of new york trying to get their support and the party to get behind him, he doesn't like to talk about how the delegates are hunted, to use his word. he likes to leave that to his staff but that's such a big part of this conversation. we press him on this issue and we talked a bit about a temporary and unexpected alignment with donald trump's team. >> cruz people try to take all the delegates. we're out there interested in making sure we win delegates and get people on important committees and it happened in that case, from what i understand, there was cooperation between us and the
10:41 am
trump people but let's not read more into it than what it is. it is not a precedent setting deal or something you can expect and there is no deal. there will never be a deal. >> reporter: so it's a tactical alliance for the moment in a place like michigan where it helps for the kasich team to sort of get on the same page with donald trump's team. we might not see that again but it's an interesting wrinkle as they are all trying to get to the magic number or stop the other guy from getting to the magic number. >> kelly o'donnell for us on the road. thank you. kasich's one shot of contested conventi convention. trump's new campaign advisor said the campaign will be wrapped up by then. >> i'm confident. we have several ways through june 7th to go over 1237. >> the former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina for president. let's start there.
10:42 am
is this thing going to be wrapped up by then? >> i don't think so. it doesn't look that way. donald trump's campaign has been in utter chaos for the last two weeks. he's been hurting himself and then his team has hurt him. i don't see him getting over the finish line at this point. >> there's problems trump had at the colorado republican convention on saturday. saying that trump backers passed out flyers at the convention site with the official campaign slate of 13 delegates and 13 alternates accompanied by their person on the ballot and seven of the names, however, directed people to the wrong number and one delegate's name was misspelled. first, how does that happen? >> reporter: this is the guy, the candidate who is running that he's going to hire the best people and turn around the white house, that he can turn around
10:43 am
the country? i don't think so. he can't get a delegate's name right. he didn't win a single delegate against cruz. the cruz team has been blocking and tackling as good as any campaign team and then john kasich who is still running fourth in a three man race. i think this will go to the convention. i think kasich will be a non-entity and i think trump is collapsing under the weight of his own twitter account. >> if trump gets close and fails to win the nomination, how hobble would any nominee be out of cleveland if he or she is viewed as illegitimate going into a general election? >> in that sense, i think donald trump has cry wolf too many times. he's been saying he's going to sue. i think people are so used to that rhetoric coming from him, he's been whining and complaining this entire election season. so after the convention, i think people will rally around whoever the nominee is, assuming again, it's someone who ran or someone
10:44 am
like ted cruz, i think, who will be able to unite conservatives and republicans moving forward and run against hillary who is a formidable but deeply flawed candidate for the general. >> but cruz's unfavorables are almost as bad as donald trump's. >> first of all, they are not as bad as donald trump's. i don't know anyone's unfavorables as bad as donald trump's. but ted cruz has been running a vigorous campaign, attacked by every candidate in the field. john kasich on the other hand, no one has really noticed he's running. so i think that ted cruz has a very strong position heading into the convention. >> all right. sarah, thank you. let's get an update on today's microsoft pulse question. here it was. do you think that the delegate rules for the gop and the dems are rigged or fair game? here are the results so far. 85% of you say the results are rigged. the pulse is still live.
10:45 am
you can continue to cast your vote at up next, donald trump taking on cia director john bren brennnan water boarding. an exclusive interview with brennan and trump's response. that's next. another story we're following for you today, donald trump will not be receiving votes from two of his biggest advocates. his own children. trump conceding this morning that ivanka and eric trump, both visible, failed to register as republicans in new york before the october deadline making them ineligible to vote in the april 19th primary. >> they were unaware of the rules, so they feel very, very guilty. they feel very guilty. but it's fine. aintain your heal. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting...
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john brennan said his agency will not torture suspects by water boarding even if a future president orders it. richard engel, let's start with the timing here. why does the cia director make this declaration now? >> well, it emerged a little bit by accident, i think, in the course of our conversation. i was there at lankigley and wi strategy against isis and the legacy of the cia and in the course of that conversation, because, by the way, it's unusual for a cia director to weigh in on politics and i don't think he wanted to weigh in. but in the course of our conversation about lessons learned, there's certain things that have done harm to the agency and enhanced interrogations, eits, what
10:50 am
critics called torture, was one of them and said they're not doing them again and illegal and will not do them which opened up the conversation to, anymore, they have become ill e illegal and they have not done them in the past, and i said, what do you think about this being brought up by trump? he said, we won't do it again. you can hear some of that interview right now. >> this organization will do what it can to protect the american public from the attacks from terrorist groups. i will not agree to carry out some of these tactics and techniques that i've heard bandied about, because this institution needs to endure, and as i said, we've learned lessons from the past. we have a lot of capabilities and competencies and skills, and so i don't believe that we need to resort to certain types of tactics. >> like waterboarding. >> absolutely, i would not agree to having any cia officer
10:51 am
carrying out waterboarding. >> and, of course, donald trump didn't wait long to respond. this morning i think it was a phone call to fox & friends said those statements by the cia director are absurd and isis engages in brutal tactics and the u.s. needs to do more and more harsh interrogations in order to fight an organization like isis. >> nbc news chief correspondent richard engel joining us this morning. you can watch more of richard's exclusive interview with cia director john brennan tonight on cnbc news. tonight our perry getting feedback about how immigration has become such a lightning rod in this organization.
10:52 am
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happening last hour, hillary clinton making an unannounced stop in queens, new york where she greeted voters and some local leaders as well. queens one of the most diverse burroughs in new york city. one of the most diverse spots in the united states, for that matter, more than half of its population made up of minorities and latinos, many of whom are immigrants to this country. it's where we find our own c cal perry this hour. he is in queens, new york. i understand you've been talking to organizers and voters. what are they telling you? >> reporter: they're telling us the main issue here, not surprisingly in an area that has
10:56 am
several thousand immigrants, we asked that question. listen. >> the community is worried about it. they're worried about the rhetoric they're hearing. they don't know what's going to come in the future for them and their families. when they hear that there may be possible mass deportations of people, they're worried about what the repercussions are. >> reporter: you saw that video there of hillary clinton going into that diner, actually an indian restaurant. it's a stop she made before, but it serves the purpose in showing the voters here, those that are worried about exactly those kinds of messages from donald trump that she cares. that's the message she's playing out here today. craig? >> immigration. top of mind in queens. cal, thank you. and a big thanks to you as well. that is going to do it for me this hour. i'm craig melvin. again, from scahary, new york, upstate new york. my colleague erica hill picks up
10:57 am
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yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. good day, imer 'm erica hil coming to you live from brooklyn, new york. we're here at brooklyn roasting company. we're just over the bridge from manhattan. the rush is really on to win new york. all but one of the 16 candidates are in the state campaigning, looking to shore support ahead of the 18th primary. this hour hillary clinton, bernie sanders and john kasich all holding events with empire state voters. we're going to bring those to you live. ted cruz meantime rallying voters in california at this hour. his campaign taking time away from new york, shifting his focus ahead to the


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