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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 14, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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points as steph curry leads his golden state warriors to the greatest regular season in nba history. on the other side of the country, bernie sanders rallies one of the biggest crowds yet with reported 27,000 people filling new york city's iconic park. plus, major developments expected in the criminal case of donald trump's campaign manager. a decision on the battery charge against him could come as early as today. it is 5:30 here on the weea coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." >> hey, there, good morning. it's thursday, april 14th. i'm alex witt. it was a tale of two rallies, one in the heart of new york city. bernie sanders down double digits in the polls to hillary clinton spoke from beneath the
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arch in washington square park. he drew an estimated 27,000 people with manhattan and an illuminating empire state building as the back drop. in pittsburgh, donald trump up by 28 points, drew another crowd of some 4,500. but outside unrest as protesters and supporters clashed. police say they pepper sprayed the officers and trump backers. new reports say donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted for an incident with a reporter last month. politico was the first to report, that a florida prosecutor will not pursue the case against corey lewandowski who was charged with simple battery. michelle fields filed a police report for aggressively moving her out of trump's way. and the trump campaign has not commented. last night, fields tweeted, quote, prosecutor's office said they'd inform me of decision tomorrow. if reports are true, they decided to leak to reporters
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first. ugly. and the office of prosecutor asked said if i'd be okay with an apology from corey, i said yeah, but i haven't heard back about it. one source says reports of her considering a defamation suit against lewandowski is something she is considering. donald trump added veteran operatives to catch up to ted cruz who's outorganized him in the race. he hired walker's political director. wylie's addition is seen as strengthening the hand of paul manafort as trump continues to protest the rnc process. >> in colorado right now, they're picketing and going wild because the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away in the voters. so the voters never got to vote
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and the voters didn't know except when i got up and complained because they did it after i joined the race. they figured i would win colorado which i would. we had delegates they go in and they don't take them. then they take these others. so they get the delegates without voting. i'm just saying the system is a corrupt system. it's a rigged system. we've got to change it. >> and yesterday, rnc chairman reince priebus who trump accused of knowing the process was rigged against him said he didn't take the barbs personally. >> i have to respond though if the party of which i'm the chairman of is getting attacked, especially when it's not true. i know people get frustrated and disappointed when things don't go exactly the right way. i think when people are frustrated and upset they say things they regret. but certainly one thing that's true is that the rules are not being changed in order to injure or benefit anybody. >> late last night, trump wrote on twitter t rules did change in colorado shortly after i entered the race in june because the
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polls and their bosses knew i would win with the voters. he also promoted a protest march in colorado tomorrow, adding don't let the bosses take your vote. this as the head of colorado's republican party says he and his family are receiving death threats. are donald trump and fox news anchor megyn kelly calling off their feud? that's the suggestion on the cover of "the new york post." after kelly was spotted entering trump tower for a meeting yesterday. fox news put out a statement saying, chairman and ceo roger ailes had spoken to trump about an upcoming special, adding that kelly requested a meeting and acknowledged that trump is fascinating person to cover and has electrified the republican base. trump commented on the meeting last night. >> you met with megyn kelly today, how did that go? [ crowd reacts ] >> you know, she called last week and they set up a meeting -- they said can we come up? i said, would you come to trump
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tower? because i didn't want any confusion. and she did. she was very, very nice. we had a -- you know, we had a meeting. she was very nice. she really was. i think it was just -- maybe it was time or maybe she felt it was time. and by the way, in all fairness, i give her a lot of credit for, you know, for doing what she did. >> as we mentioned at the top of the show, bernie sanders drew a massive crowd in downtown manhattan. the campaign drew 3,000 more people than barack obama when he held a rally back in 2007. senator sanders used familiar lines of attack against his opponent. hitting clinton on everything from her super pac money to trade to her vote on the war in iraq. and despite trailing in the polls, sanders said his campaign is the one with momentum. >> jane and i left new york city when we were kids and it is great to be back. thank you! i don't think that there is any
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doubt, but that our campaign today has the momentum. we have won seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries. and when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're gonna win here in new york next tuesday. >> bernie, bernie, bernie! bernie, bernie, bernie! >> where i grew up in brooklyn, the american dream -- the american dream was alive and well. my dad came to this country from
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poland at the age of 17. didn't have a nickel in his pocket. that is the american dream. the dream of millions and millions of families all over this country. parents work hard. their kids do better. together, we will not allow that american dream to die. together, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us for the elderly, the children, the sick, the poor, the middle class and the working families of this country. not just the 1%. >> at the very end of his speech, sanders conceded this would be a tough primary for him, acknowledging that young people can't register on the day of and independents of which there are 3 million here in new
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york can't vote either. a spokesman for the state board of elections said this can cause big problems and i'm going to predict a lot of samnders peopl are not registered democrats and they i'll cause lines while they attempt to vote affidavit bal t ballots. yesterday, the new york transit workers union threw its weight behind sanders bid and he urged the striking verizon workers to keep up the fight for fair contracts. sanders showed his support on the picket line in brooklyn yesterday after some 40,000 employees in nine states walked off the job after contract talks hit an impasse. >> i know how hard it is to -- what a difficult decision it is to go out on strike. and i know you've heard a whole lot about it and i know your families will pay a price for
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you going on strike. but you have chosen to stand up for dignity, for justice and to take on an enormously powerful special interest. so on behalf of every worker in america, that's facing the same kind of pressure, thank you for what you did. we're going to win this thing. >> verizon's ceo adam lull rejected the claims about the company which he said was uninformed and contemptible. hillary clinton looked to highlight her support yesterday with major labor unions. how true that gesture rang remains to be seen. salon points out that clinton was paid 2$225,00 $225,000 back. and now let's get more on the strike, low wee is a bojeson joins us from london.
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are they closer to getting a deal? >> from the looks of things not. they have been negotiating for nine to ten months now. that's one of the main issues. it's a real crux. they can't seem to come to move out of that. you have as you said, hillary clinton meeting workers. you have bernie sanders meeting workers. he told workers in the picket line in brooklyn they showed courage by standing up to the telecom giant. hillary clinton met with strikers in midtown manhattan, she said she was disappointed that negotiations had broken down between verizon and the unions. you have the two unions working very hard and you have the wire line part of the business, that's the traditional fixed line business. it's the fiber optics network. they're the businesses that's slowing. then opposed to that you have the wireless part of the business which is booming and highly profitable. but a lot of workers there, the majority there, they're not under union contract.
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but wages and benefits on average though are lower. so it's a real dilemma. an interesting moral case as well. so that's going on. the verizon ceo of course as you saw on the linked in post not enjoying bernie sanders' presence saying americans deserve better from those aspiring to be president. sanders said i don't want the support of immelt or the others. i welcome their contempt. it goes on. >> thank you, louisa bojeson from london. a new report accuses the chicago police department of systemic racism. it was issued by the task force appointed by embattled mayor rahm emanuel and it cites the killing of laquan mcdonald shot 16 times by the police department. the own data gives validity that the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color and among the findings, 74% of people shot by police officers from 2008 to 2015 were black
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compared to 14% who were hispanics and 8% who were white. the findings show that black and hispanic drivers were searched four times as often as whites and contraband was found on white drivers twice as often as blacks and hispanics. here's the chair of the task force speaking yesterday. >> we have to and i know we can police in a way that's respectful of individual rights, that is consistent with the constitution and the laws of this state. and don't let anybody tell you we can't really fight crime. we can't address what's going on in the neighborhoods unless we do it in a way that is dis -- that disregards people's basic humanity. again, cities all over the country have faced this challenge and they have met this challenge and come out on the other side and they're doing for their citizens what we need to be doing here in chicago. that is policing the right way. >> the report contains more than 100 specific recommendations for
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change including early intervention of troubled officers and early release of video and audio recordings of critical incidents involving officers. meanwhile, president obama made a rare visit to cia headquarters yesterday. after meeting with his national security council for briefings on war against isis. the president claimed momentum as the u.s. steps up air attacks on the extremist group. >> these depraved terrorists still have the ability to inflict violence on the innocent to the revulsion of the entire world. their barbarism only stiffens our determination to wipe them off the face of this earth. today, on the ground in syria and in iraq, isil is on the defensive. we have momentum and we intend to keep that momentum. >> well, the president is expected to meet with gulf leaders in saudi arabia next week. in the baltic sea, the u.s. military reported russian attack planes flying dangerously close to u.s. naval ships on two
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separate days last week. this video is from the "uss donald cook" on tuesday. two su-24 jets came within 30 feet of that ship in the simulated straiting run. they made 11 passes and look at how close a helicopter got on the same day. military officials say they could see a photographer snapping pictures. even though the russian jets were unarmed, the simulated attacks are reminiscent of attacks like it during the cold war. for its part, the russian defense ministry said that the planes executed a turn away, adding they don't understand quote, such a painful reaction from the u.s. in neutral waters. still ahead on "way too early" what a night for the nba and golden state. we're not just talking about the warriors. >> the coolest thing is that my kids actually saw me play like i used to play. you know what i mean? it was like, like whoa, dad. yeah, i used to do that pretty often. i was like, dude, youtube it.
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(car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. let's get to an historic night for basketball with the final game of kobe bryant's final career and the quest for the golden state for 73 wins. president obama tweeted about the excitement ahead of the doubleheader that was sure to have nba fans jumping up and down. so let's start in los angeles. >> for the final time, number 24 on the floor, -- five time world champion kobe bryant. >> an adoring crowd greets bryant in the final entrance to the staples center as the stands were filled with celebrities and they gushed with admiration for
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the future hall of famer. once on the court, he gave everyone one final show. wrapping up a 20-year career with an unbelievable 60 point effort. bryant scored 23 in the fourth quarter alone, including the go ahead three-pointer, driving the lakers to the 17th win of the season. a 101-96 victory over the jazz. how's that, jack? kobe walks away from the game with five championship rings, 18 all-star selections and the third most points in league history along with a slew of other accolades. here's what he had to say after the game. >> the thing that had me cracking up all night long, was the fact that i go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass the ball and then on the last night they're like, don't pass it! and no words can describe how i feel about you guys. and thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. god, i love you guys and -- i love you guys. >> yay, kobe. pretty awesome.
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well, one era end, another begins in oakland. the warriors' chase for 73 wins came down to the last game of the season and golden state would break the 20-year-old record set by the '96 bulls. unbelievable. 125-104 victory. this is over memphis. reigning league mvp steph curry the man led the way with 46 points this that game. he sank ten three-pointers ending with 402 on the season. that just shatters his own record set last year. of the game, curry tweeted his congratulations to kobe bryant. before commenting on what he called the warriors' special night. meanwhile, michael jordan the star of that '96 bulls team released a statement congratulating the warriors on their record-breaking season adding he looks forward to seeing them in the playoffs and president obama stayed up to watch the end of the game, tweeting if anyone had to break his home team's record, he is glad it was the warriors. that was pretty gracious of him.
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pretty awesome. >> the kobe thing is amazing. he had a horrible year, his body wasn't cooperating, scoring 60. going out like a legend. >> yeah. >> we have legendary beautiful weather moving across the country. not so much this morning down in areas around new orleans though. this is where we had some heavy rain coming off the gulf. that will track over the city. i-10, the rain is starting to encroach on you. from panama city, back to tallahassee, jacksonville, florida, to gainesville, on and off rain today. definitely not beach weather. here's the great stuff. 77 in denver. 74 in minneapolis. that's almost like -- we're starting to hint on like early summer-like conditions. that warmth is going to spread across the country. chicago is near 70 degrees by friday. we're continuing to warm it up in the east. a couple of cold mornings, then it gets better. the only thing we have to worry about on friday is severe wealth. it will be in areas just outside of front range. denver, you look safe. wichita and dallas are safe here. garden city and liberal, isolated tornadoes on friday afternoon. then saturday afternoon comes,
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this is when the warmth begins to move into the east. chicago 73. 14 degrees above average. cleveland, 67. when burlington, vermont, hits 60s up there it's party time. so alex, it's on its way. spring fever. >> thank you so much. you're legendary for giving up that. washington state park was not the place of bernie sanders' drop the mike moment that's next on "way too early." ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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[ buzzer ] kobe, you suck! you suck! >> kobe sucks! kobe sucks! kobe sucks! ♪ i've been hating you too long ♪ ♪ to stop now kobe time ♪ >> that's fantastic. the tributes are pouring in for kobe bryant. this tribute ad from nike is a complete rewrite of otis reddings "i've been loving you
2:56 am
too long" and it shows him being serenaded by opposing fans. phil jackson and paul pierce make cameos. a great one. earlier in the show we showed you bernie sanders in washington square park and he also stopped by the nightly show with larry wilmer to tell ted cruz and donald trump what it really means to have new york values. >> that's right, it's me, bernie brooklyn born sanders, and guess what, ted cruz, i have new york values. [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, you wouldn't know new york values if they were written in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the empire state building. i was born and raised in brooklyn. bk, stand up, fight back, don't let anyone tear us down. we believe in the value of hard work. we believe in the value of equality. we believe in the value of a society with the american -- where the american dream works
2:57 am
for all not just the 1%. those are the new york values and the truth is new york values are american values. there is no difference. >> got it, bernie. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," donald trump shakes up his campaign leadership after being outdone by ted cruz in the race for delegates. plus, senator claire mccaskill, a hillary supporter, joins the conversation. "morning joe," just moments away. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it.
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[ crowd chanting "bernie" ] >> i grew up in brooklyn. [ cheers and applause ] the american dream was alive and well. my dad came to this country from poland at the age of 17, didn't have a nickel in his pocket. together we are going to create


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