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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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clinton in east harlem today touring a senior center. >> and i now know where to come when i want a good game of dominos. >> tough crowd. it's crickets for ted cruz in manhattan but donald trump is speaking their language at the big party dinner. >> you say, what are new york values? number one, honesty and straight talking. it's the energy to get things done. big energy. if jeb bush came here, i'm telling you, he'd have much more energy than he has right now. tell him. >> just ahead, we talk to donald trump's supporter and former presidential rival, dr. ben carson and missed opportunity? jill biden giving her view on what could have been. >> well, i say everyday, i mean, joe, i really do feel that joe would have made a great president. i think he has the character.
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>> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have gone their separate ways after last night's debate. clinton heading to california later today and the vermont senator in vatican city after a debate night where the candidates showed a lot of fight and frustration with one another. joining me now are rogue warriors. more on that coming up later. nbc's kristen welker in brooklyn. kasie hunt, katy tur, and hallie jackson as well. first to you, kasie. bernie sanders, the overnight flight to the vatican. we don't know whether or not he'll see pope francis but already, he has had the paparazzi around him and he's talking about, you know, why he left the campaign trail to speak about economic justice in rome. >> a brief address to this conference he's there attending
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and focusing on the things we've heard from him all across the course of this campaign talking about global financial deregulation that he says has driven a lot of the problems that the country and frankly, the world face. standing on a stage that, you know, he probably wouldn't have had the chance to stand on had he not mounted such a spirited insurgent campaign against hillary clinton and you have him explain this trip that way saying this was essentially a bucket list item, this is something if he didn't do it, he would just regret it for the rest of his life. there, you can see him getting off the plane in rome. they flew overnight after the debate and after that speech and something of a mob scene and danny freeman did a really nice job there talking about climate change as well and another change that pope francis has focused on. but sanders really identifying with the way pope francis led
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this church and was quite emotional when the pope came to visit washington. >> it was really a family affair. not only, of course, jane sanders, a close advisor but the children and grandchildren. this was a big deal for the sanders family and hillary clinton just moments ago, kristen welker, we've been watching her unscheduled or late scheduled trip up to east harlem. this was hillary clinton uptown today. >> i know that the nork new yor residents are forced to live with mold, with leaking roofs, with broken elevators. that is not acceptable in new york or america. >> kristen, i am so struck by her going there, first of all, later today, as you well know,
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she is going to a $353,000 democratic party fundraiser in san francisco hosted by amal and george clooney. the contrast could not be more dramatic. second of all, lawrence o'donnell the other night had this extraordinary tour of public housing in new york city pointing out that neither clinton who had been senator for eight years nor bernie sanders has been venturing into public housing. there are more people living many public housing in new york city than live in the state of vermont and a lot of them are voters. >> reporter: two great points, andrea, and to your first point, part of today's trip had to do with counterprogramming. of course, ahead of that fundraiser you mentioned and then the stunning images out of the vatican. she wanted to have a show that she was, in fact, focused on this fight here in new york, and on the issue of housing specifically, andrea, some of the community leaders within the african-american community in particular have said, look, we think it's great that you have
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come out and laid out a policy on criminal justice reform, but what else are you going to do for this community and earlier this week and speaking to the national action network, housing was one of the issues that she has tackled and i think you're going to hear her speak increasingly about this subject. it is, of course, one of the key subjects for the african-american community of critical voting block for her in new york and if we remind some of the past wins we've had in south carolina, throughout the southern states, in ohio, missouri, and illinois, it was african-american voters who really helped not only push her over the finish line but help her with convincing wins and she knows that is going to be the case in new york, if she does in fact win the state and african-american voters are going to be critical to that, andrea. but later today, she of course, heads to los angeles for the big high dollar fundraiser you mentioned with george clooney and amal clooney. >> kristen welker outside of the brooklyn headquarters of the clinton campaign, and katy tur
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here. donald trump, first of all, he's still complaining about colorado. doing it though in a very different format which is "the wall street journal" op-ed and i don't know if this is trump 2.0 or 3.0 but you've got the endorsement of one of the rupert murdock papers, "the new york pos post", and it's a different donald trump. >> we'll see this and in effect, reset his campaign or reset his tone a number of times in the past ten months, but this one is really striking. it's an op-ed in the "wall street journal," and it's very glaringly devoid of any of trump's normal language. his dramatic flair. nothing great is there, nothing is sad. no exclamation points or superlatives, it's a focused argument and it's not trashing the rnc any longer. instead, it's saying he's going to be working more closely with the rnc for the rules he thinks are unfair. but instead, he's pointing his argument and centering his attack on ted cruz, saying ted
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cruz is dishonest. he's often called a lying ted on the campaign trail, that's a chant a number of his supporters say whenever he brings up ted cruz's name, and painting him as dishonest and trying to disenfranchise voters saying he's got no path to the nomination unless he picks up unbound delegates, voterless victories and by doing that, he'll be able to circumvent the will of the people according to donald trump and take away the nomination. it's an argument that could be very is effective and so far, has been quite effective against ted cruz calling him dishonest and remember, he pointed this out in iowa after the ben carson gaffe e-mail. and now he's trying to take it to new york and it's working in new york. the goal of the campaign is to maintain the voters and maintain the votes and get as many delegates as they can voting-wise, but also to figure out a way to lure in these unbound delegates and you're not going to do that by trashing the rnc because often times those
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delegates are party loyalists. focus the attack on ted cruz and smooth over with the rnc. >> the rnc putting out a memo saying the rules are the rules and every candidate should have known the rules. that's an implicit -- >> the rnc still not happy with him, feeling like they've been painted as the bad guy in this situation and like they need to defend themselves. it is very interesting because it's supposed to be neutral in all of this and they have felt like they're backed into a corner where they're forced to respond. we'll see if anything happens in the future. of course, donald trump hired paul manafort and people who have close ties to the rnc and we're going to find out if the bridges will be rebuilt and how he's going to be able to work with the party going forward. >> and speaking of ted cruz, hallie jackson covering ted cruz. cruz had a terrible night at the republican black tie gala here for the state party, but on "the tonight show," it was a slightly
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different thing. let's play that with jimmy fallon. >> the end of credit debate. >> nope. i'm watching "the princess bride". >> inconceivable. you're missing some great stuff. they just nailed hillary for flip-flopping on trade. she was going back and forth, this way, that way, this way, it was like watching her sweat the metro card at the subway. >> i love fallon and donald trump. but what happened when ted cruz tried to speak to his own, well, his own republicans, but they're not really his? they're new york state republicans and i guess they have new york values. >> reporter: well, you saw pretty much the opposite reaction from the crowd at the republican gala. the dinner from the new york gop we were talking about. one of ours called it a dead room and delivering his usual stump speech but his typical
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applause lines fell flat. his laugh lines got no laughter. people were distracted and folks not paying attention. a couple even stood up and left. people taking selfies. not the kind of engaged audience you'd want delivering a speech as did donald trump and john kasich last night. some trump supporters said, of course not coming into this room. he hit new york values and we are all new yorkers. cruz supporters on the other hand say, it was a late night. people were a few glasses of wine in and maybe distracted and not paying attention. but that said, the manhattan new yorker is not exactly ted cruz's target audience here. this is why he's going to be in rochester later tonight. he's holding some rallies upstate. he's been in western new york. those are the places he wants to try to compete to keep donald trump from basically sweeping new york state. he hasn't spent as much time necessarily there as you might have seen. he had a trip out to california. he had a trip to pennsylvania as well. and i think, andrea, that's indicative of what cruz sees as
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the most important place moving forward along with indiana and nebraska, places where the campaign can compete, can compete well, try to lock in some of these delegates, these unbound delegates and in particular, pennsylvania, be able to take down donald trump if this nomination goes past a first ballot. >> thanks to you, hallie jackson, and make sure to tune in at 4:00 p.m. for road warriors. the best of the best. kristen, kasie, katy and hallie taking you inside the candidates, what they're like and how they've changed over the course of the campaign. all of that today at 4:00 eastern right here on msnbc. coming up, tax man cometh. even on a whirlwind trip, sanders promised to release his 2014 returns today. strategist tad devine up next here on msnbc. it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting...
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well, before bernie sanders left for his trip to the vatican, he made a promise. he would see his 2014 tax returns today. tad devine is a senior advisor to the sanders campaign. i know you're not an accountant. >> i was a lawyer. i still am, technically. >> 2014 taxes? >> yes, he will do it today. >> he said he's probably the poorest man in the senate. just makes a salary. >> from the bottom. so he bought a house on capitol hill, i think that helped him out. >> but why does he delay on releasing the taxes? >> you know, i guess because there's nothing in there, really. we're happy to put them out and i know people may have a hard time believing it, but jane hasn't finished last year's yet. >> i kind of believe that. >> she's got until monday, so hopefully get it done and then we'll put those out.
9:16 am
>> the trip to the vatican, we showed how many and i know personally from having interviewed him when the pope is in washington, how he relates to the social justice aspect, but could you afford this time away from new york? >> he's making a lot of news over there and this is the central issue of the campaign for bernie sanders. whether or not we're going to deal with the wealth and income inequality in america. he has someone inspired pope francis, dealing with this issue and also, another issue that bernie cares deeply about which is climate change. when he got the information, it was not a political decision. i can tell you, i was not involved in it. it's not a political trip. >> the campaign will pay for it. >> last night's debate. so you've got a new ad today and
9:17 am
basically, you're saying what bernie was saying to hillary clinton last night in a very combative debate. speeches, paid speeches, $200,000 for a speech, compared to $15 an hour, minimum wage. is that the basic theme of your new ad? >> i think it's easy for people to understand. hillary clinton gave three to goldman sachs and one here in new york and one in tucson. i think it makes it very difficult for her to be able to deal with issues like whether or not we should break up the big banks, whether she'll be beholden to them for contributions to her campaign and for multi-million contributions to super pacs supporting her candidacy. i think it's a fair point. >> he was unable to answer the question from dana bash to give us one example where she has shown the influence of these people. >> well, i suppose he could have. i mean, listen, bernie.
9:18 am
there's a lot of issues he hasn't gone nearly as hard as he could. certainly, the 2001 bankruptcy bill, for example, which she worked very hard as first lady to stop and then turned around as a senator and voted for it is a great example. >> your argument has been joe biden asked her. >> well, and she also received enormous contributions from the financial industry too. so listen, we're not running against hillary clinton and saying. >> it sure sounded like it. >> it's a tough engaged campaign in new york, but our argument is not that hillary clinton is corrupt and i know everybody is looking for that argument. bernie's argument is the system is corrupt and if you're in it, you'll not be able to change things. he's accepted the challenge of not participating in it. hopefully she will and hopefully she'll reveal the transcripts of her speeches. she should do it before the new york primary. >> let me play for you exclusively our first look at a new hillary clinton ad and get your reaction. >> she recognized how important
9:19 am
it was to try a level of innovation in public schools. if it were not for senator clinton, the academy would not have gone off the ground. >> with her, you get results. people talk about doing stuff and you never see the results. especially people like us, the neighborhoods, people seem to forget about it. the politicians can come through the neighborhood and shake our hands but when it comes down to it, stuff they promised us, they never come through with. hillary was one of the few that came to the neighborhood and came into our schools and actually came through. >> she's in east harlem today clearly showing in the public housing sector. so what do you think? she's obviously trying to show that she delivers for the people of new york. >> and it's a very good ad. and hillary clinton, you know, is a fine senator from the state of new york. we're not contesting that she's very strong here in her home state and obviously got an advantage in the independents cannot vote in her primary and that's the best group. 3-1 or 2-1 in previous primaries
9:20 am
but i think bernie sanders has a much stronger message. the economy is rigged and sending the new wealth to the top. it's a simple and straightforward message. i think that's what's moving people more than anything else, his message. >> do you have concerns about the polling that now shows that he is behind 2-1 among jewish voters in new york? that's pretty -- i mean, here's the most successful jewish presidential candidate in american history and 2-1? plus, he had to suspend his first jewish policy advisor after she was only on the job for two days because of an insult she had posted against netanyahu. >> yeah, well, listen. i think hillary clinton and president clinton enjoyed tremendous standing in the jewish community around america and the world, i understand that. but bernie sanders is just going to call it like he sees it. his own unique experience in a
9:21 am
jewish community has shaped him. he talked about what his faith meant to him in his life. but he's also stood up in that debate last night and was pretty frank and straightforward how we need to deal with issues like the peace process in the middle east and, you know, that may not resonate as powerfully but he'll not change his views no matter what the audience. that's the way he's done it. >> if you are behind by any issue, if you don't win, how does this come together after the kind of angry debate that we all watched last night? >> i really have done a lot of these. this doesn't feel nearly as angry as some of the campaigns i've looked on in the past in primaries and even ones that i haven't like 2008 when, you know, i think of hillary clinton and barack obama and some of the words exchanged there in the back and forth. you know, bernie understands and if bernie wins, hopefully hillary clinton and president clinton will understand how important it is to pull our
9:22 am
party together. we cannot have a donald trump or ted cruz to be our next president. >> reflecting back on 2008, as difficult as this would be for bernie sanders, if he doesn't win, would he stand on the floor of the convention and put hillary clinton's name in the nominati nomination? >> i'm sure if it comes to a point where bernie is not the nominee, he'll do as he said he would do which is to support the nominee of the democratic party. the reason he ran as a democrat was he understood being outside of this process could be like what ralph nader did which is elect a republican president and he's no part of that. >> thank you very much. coming up, republican chairman slapped down the complaints. dr. ben carson joining me next on msnbc. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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>> well, look, i mean, i'm not quite sure what the rhetoric is all about but the truth is that these plans have been in place since october of last year. it elected abraham lincoln and the complaining that goes on is something that i think probably distracts from what we really need to do. >> republican national committee chairman reince priebus with a defense and a sign they have not quite patched over the problems between the republican party and donald trump who is still complaining about it. dr. ben carson is a donald trump supporter and former presidential candidate and joins me now. dr. carson, great to see you again. >> thank you, always good to be with you. >> where do you come down on donald trump's complaints on colorado and how the delegate process is working and how ted cruz is working the delegate
9:27 am
system because what the rnc is saying today is that this is the deal, these are the rules, they've been the rules, and every candidate was informed of those rules. >> well, i'm not so sure it's about donald trump or reince priebus but it's truly about the american people and whether or not they're being disenfranchised by people who create arbitrary rules that tend to benefit them. this happens on both sides and i think it's one of the things that the american people are tired of. i think that's why we're seeing people like trump and bernie sanders doing so well because people are tired of the status quo. this is how it's supposed to be with a few people sitting there and making those decisions. >> the republican party, as is the democratic party, is a private organization, and so what their rules are are set by them. sean spicer, the communications director wrote in this memo, the rules surrounding the delegate
9:28 am
selection have been clearly laid out in every state and territory. and while each state is different, each process is easy to understand for those willing to learn it. take note, donald trump is unspoken. >> during the jim crowe era, those were the rules too. didn't make them right. and i'm not saying this is the same. but, you know, i think you get the point. just because rules are there, just because they're written by somebody doesn't mean that they're right. it doesn't mean you can't review the system. there's some things we need to look at from a historical perspective. why do we need the electoral college anymore? stop and ask yourself, why was that put in place and do some same circumstances apply? actually, they do not. we need to look at a lot of different things. >> ted cruz was also asked about this. he was with chuck todd in a town hall and chuck asked about the
9:29 am
whole delegate selection process. let me play a little bit of it. >> who's picking this republican nominee? the delegates or the voters? >> both. it's a democratic process been in place from the beginning. we go to a contested convention where nobody has a majority, it will be the delegates elected by the people who make the final decision, but they have been elected by the voters in the first place and this is a battle to earn the support of the earn voters across the country. >> why is ted cruz wrong? >> well, again, it's not about ted cruz. it's about the american people. since all of this came up a couple of weeks ago, you'll notice that donald trump is starting to surge again. and i think that's the people saying, you know, we don't like this. we don't like the manipulation that's going on. we want our votes to count the way that we want them to. we want to set the direction of the country. and i don't know why it's so difficult for the political establishment on both sides to
9:30 am
understand that. well, actually, i do know why. it's because they want to maintain their power. >> let me ask you about the trump campaign. he's had his ups and he's had his downs. tell me about the path he seems to be pursuing, at least in the last couple of days, he's got the op-ed today in the "wall street journal." he seemed to be listening to paul manafort and others he had brought in. is this good or bad for donald trump's candidacy? >> well, i think he's making the right moves, but i think you'll also notice some degree of moderation in his tone trying to look at things from more different people's points of view and trying to appeal to a larger group of people. and i think that's an appropriate way to do things. you know, you have to do certain things and say certain things in the political arena to achieve a certain position, but once
9:31 am
you've gotten there, you really have to go to a place where you appeal to everybody because if you're going to be the president, you're going to be the president of everybody. >> at times, has it been difficult to support donald trump? of course, you campaigned against him but never been contentious in your campaigning. you've always had a certain higher level. but you wrote or said, rather, there's always going to be someone who's better at virtually anything, that doesn't mean you're not good, but of course, there's always better people at everything. is donald trump the right person to be president of the united states? >> the peopof the people runnin think he's by far the best person. he's had a lot of experience with business and that's one of the things we need right now. you know, our country owns more than $150 trillion in assets. you give a well run company that, there's no way they'd run the kind of deficits and debts
9:32 am
we have. so i think he's a person who understands that, who's willing to work hard to achieve that and most importantly, he loves america and what america stands for. so i think of the people running, he is by far the best. >> earlier, you said to me that there have been, you know, jim crowe rules. you're not suggesting that the republican party selection delegate selection process is comparable to the jim crowe south, are you? >> well, you did hear me say that i am not saying it's comparable. because i know that that's the next headline. carson says republican party is -- i don't know why the news media does it. so dishonest. >> i want you to lay it out there and say. >> and i appreciate you doing that, thank you. >> dr. carson, always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and coming up, irreconcilable differences after slugging it out in new york. what is it going to take to
9:33 am
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bernie sanders is hammering over paid speeches and wall street contributions in the debate and on the campaign trail and in a new ad just released today. >> wall street banks shower them with speaking fees and what do they get? a rigged economy, tax breaks, and bailouts held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system and while washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches, they oppose raising the living wage to $15. $200,000 an hour for them. >> joining me now is former democratic chair and former vermont governor howard dean. that's a pretty tough ad. >> you know, it's not helpful. it's probably not going to help bernie and it probably won't make life easier for the person who wins the democratic
9:37 am
nomination. it's interesting. he didn't name hillary in the ad which i felt was good but pretty clear that it's been a long time since he's kept his promise to not run negative campaigns and engage in personal attacks because that is a personal attack. >> can he say it's not because he doesn't name her? >> no, it's clearly aimed at her. there's no question that it's not a personal attack and he's doing for weeks and it's because he's behind and going to lose and going to lose the new york primary and looks like it might be a big loss and this is the kind of stuff you do at the end when you're not winning. it's very frustrating. i wish he hadn't taken this task because he hasn't taken this tact in vermont ever as far as i can tell. >> were you surprised by how tough that debate was last night? >> well, i was a little taken aback by it. i thought the talking over each other was not necessary.
9:38 am
i think it may have helped hillary. obviously in the foreign policy area because she's so adept at that, more than anybody else in the race. but i don't know. i don't think it moved the needle for either person. i don't know this helps. it gets people turned off politics. >> but at the same time -- >> i think it's hurt bernie a lot more than hillary because he was sort of the unpolitician until all of this kind of broke out, this last minute stuff. >> it was a big difference between bernie with the first debate in las vegas and he said i'm sick to death of hearing about your damn e-mails and gave her a pass. and bernie last night. what do you think has made the difference? >> it's a very close race. it's about him having a great run but we're now about to get to the really big states that count and hillary's in a good position in all of those states. most of the people that i know
9:39 am
that are not affiliated with bernie's campaign that are for bernie believe if he loses new york, essentially, the race is over. >> you don't think there's any way he can catch up? he's got pennsylvania and could do well in connecticut, rhode island. >> the clock is against bernie. he's over 200 delegates behind. every time there's a close race, he loses all those delegates. wyoming was a perfect example. he won 54-45 or whatever it was last week and they came out evenly among the delegates because of the apportionment of the delegates having nothing to do with super delegates. that basically takes 22 delegates off the table. that was a huge loss for bernie even though he won the caucuses. >> howard dean. you've been there, done that. knows the system better than
9:40 am
most. thank you so much. governor howard dean. thank you so much. coming up, "star wars" competing for the spotlight. clinton fund raises with the clooneys and you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. you both have a perfect driperfect.ord. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
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we all know the timing is everything in politics and life and for vice president biden, 2016 was not his career. jill biden talked about what might have been in an exclusive interview with natalie morales. your husband said he regrets not running every day for the most part. is that something that you think about as well, what it could have been like had timing been a little bit different? >> well, i say every day. i mean, joe, i really do feel that joe would have made a great president and i think he has the character. i think that he's a convener.
9:44 am
i think one of his strengths is compromise. i feel maybe america missed an opportunity. i don't know. it just wasn't the right time. >> joining me now for our daily fix, senior politics editor at "the hu "the huffington post." there's a tinge of sadness with that and today in the race, we were there at the debate last night which was quite a slug fest in brooklyn and then today, you've got, you know, bernie sanders showing up at the vatican and hillary clinton in east harlem and later today, she goes to the george clooney, amal clooney fundraiser. $350,000 a couple. >> that's it? >> in san francisco for the dnc. you could not make this up. i mean, the contrast of the
9:45 am
franciscan message of the vatican and what hillary clinton saw in the housing process. >> they're kind of playing to stereotypes. big dollar fundraiser for the party and bernie sanders talking about global poverty and the need to elevate the lower class. i'm still confused at this thinking behind going to the vatican days before the new york primary. i get there's a broader opportunity here. he is missing critical time on the ground. and ask for jill biden, i suppose she wishes that the country had a chance for joe. i wonder if it would be different if he had entered and was part of the circumstans. >> what do you think about the dr. biden comments? >> i think this could have really been his year. look at all of this populous anger out there now that bernie is getting into and trump is getting too.
9:46 am
i'm struck by often i hear them say the only democrat they find remotely acceptable is joe biden. i think this could have been this year. >> and we're going to hear when we go to pennsylvania coming up after the new york primary and they're all going to be there next tuesday night some and certainly by wednesday, they're going to be in philadelphia and in scranton and pittsburgh. and great former steel towns and the place where kasich was born and bordering on ohio and of course, where joe biden of delaware was born in scranton. >> father and grandfather. it is a great election year for people who have a message that says the working class needs a raise and the system is rig. i don't know if i think the vice president could have pulled it off. he had a complicated resume. for instance, the crime bill had
9:47 am
been a big focal point of controversy beyond bill clinton, there are a few people more associated with a crime bill than jill biden. it's not as cut and dry. >> i've been surprised, frankly, that hillary clinton doesn't have a better explanation for the crime bill. in that two-thirds of the black caucus of the congressional black caucus voted for it including the violence against women. she tried to get this out last night. the assault weapon ban, 1994. >> a lot of community. it was a different context. 20 years ago, the conversation around crime was something that petrified democratic politicians, right? they were petrified of being soft on crime and we've moved incredibly far away from that partly in results of the crime bill. there were terrible awful side effects, the federal death penalty and that's changed the context and have a different conversation you would have
9:48 am
never predicted two decades ago. >> i think part of it is on us. i take it as a collective issue because her first speech was a columbia university on this very subject, a very thoughtful speech and it got little play. everybody was focused on the e-mail controversy and other things and the other substantive policy proposals early in the campaign, you know, last april, may, june, during the what many said boring, non-newsworthy, this is what she was talking about. she was talking about the heroin addiction. she was talking about student loans. >> this isn't exactly an election where policy is getting a whole lot of traction. >> that is the understatement of the week. >> i think it's personality over policy on both sides. look, i can't tell you how many reader e-mails i get from people infuriated about a horse race story. why don't you do policy? and media does bear some responsibility with the big shining personality that is
9:49 am
donald trump, but it's, sorry. >> jeremy, some of the anonymous e-mails are from me, complaining about the horse race. we want more foreign policy. thank you, jeremy. >> have a great weekend, both of you. when in rome, the sanders family said irredeverci. ann thompson waiting for them and covering it all. msnbc. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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in my country and around the world, we are seeing a handful of very, very wealthy people become wealthier while most people are becoming poor. and i have been enormously impressed by pope francis
9:53 am
speaking out at his visionary views. and what he has said over and over again, we cannot allow the market just to do what the market does. >> senator bernie sanders with a crush of paparazzi on his whirlwind trip to the vatican one day in rome. ann thompson is there and tell me about the vatican conference and what impact he could be having there. obviously, there's a big echo in the chamber back here. >> this is an academic think tank founded in 1994. it's one of ten possible academies here. and it is a group of catholics and non-catholics. you don't have to be catholic to be invited here. what they do is collect thinkers from all over the world and this particular conference has a very latin american bent because beau
9:54 am
li bolivia's president, and president of ecuador. it's an opportunity to appear in front of global academics, if you will, but the pope was not there. he was never scheduled to meet with senator sanders. what is interesting is that he sent a handwritten note to the conference this afternoon saying that he wanted to be there. he had hoped to stop by this evening around 7:00 p.m. but that he couldn't do it because he had an early morning flight to lesbos to try to draw it to the plight of the refugees. >> that's interesting. a handwritten note from the pope. probably there was never any intention or how would you read the fact that he would take the effort of writing that kind of note when he wasn't expected in the first place?
9:55 am
>> reporter: well, i think you have to remember and again, it goes back to it's not just senator sanders who's here. there are two presidents, both bolivia's president, ecuador's president and both that pope francis met with last summer when he went to south america and on top of that, he did have a private audience with bolivian president. this conference is about the 25th anniversary of cyclical about the impact of the fall of communism on the world's economy so clearly something that pope francis cares a lot. as you know, we've covered him over the last few years, he's talking about the poor, the marginalized and unfedderedtter capitalism. these are near and dear to his heart and it goes on tomorrow. >> ann thompson at the vatican.
9:56 am
thank you so much. all so fascinating and really appreciate it having you there. that does it for us, for this week of "andrea mitchell reports." we leave you with this video of our new friend, bunk the bulldog who we met riding his skateboard in brooklyn bridge park. hope to see you again soon, bunk, and remember, follow the show online, on facebook, and twitter at @mitchellreports. kate snow is coming up in fly creek, new york, up next on the place for politics. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ how long have you had your car insurance? i ask because i had mine for over 20 years, before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i had done a lot of comparison shopping.
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plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. i'm kate snow. it was a bitter democratic battle in new york. nearly worlds apart. bernie sanders making an
10:00 am
unprecedented trip. and hillary clinton stumping in harlem before jetting off to the west coast for a friday night fundraiser with george clooney. here in upstate new york, we are right in the middle of the 2016 action with just four days before tuesday's primary here. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, they are all here in new york state. we'll talk gop strategies in just a minute but we'll start with the increasingly bitter battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. right now, the candidates are on opposite sides of the globe days before the critical new york primary. sanders delivered a speech at a conference at the vatican focusing on what he calls the urgency of a moral economy. he is not expected to meet with the pope. that's what they said initially, but when speaking with reporters, he was asked about taking a trip at such a critical moment. >> when i received this invitation, and i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day, but when i


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