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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> last year, the colorado gop voted to cancel their primary and instead hold district elections to support their delegates. i won those elections fair and square. >> you know what i think? i think the people of colorado did vote, but they were so high they completely forgot. >> it was a punchline last night, but today not really a laughing matter for the donald trump campaign. hi again, everyone, i'm kate snow. we're live at fly creek cider mill in upstate new york. donald trump is even further north of us. we're expecting to hear from the frontrunner any moment now near plattsburgh, new york. that's near the canada border. you can expect to hear trump go after the republican party again. it seems like it's trump versus the rnc part 25 or something, we've lost count. his op-ed in the wall street journal making it clear he's not happy with the party's election rules and how the system is working. earlier on msnbc, the party
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hitting back. >> everyone knew what the rules were. again, i understand people may not like the process, find it archaic as the congressman said, but a lot of people didn't know what it was. there's a lot of things i don't like the process of. i don't like the speed limit on my street, but i know i have to follow it or i'll get a ticket. in anything you don't like, whether it's a sporting event or contest, you immediately call foul and blame the process. but when the process has benefited them, they don't seem to complain too much. >> our team of reporters and correspondents are out korg the campaigns for us today. let's begin with kristen dahlgren. she's about three and a half hours north of me in plattsburgh, new york. what are we expecting there this hour? >> reporter: a lot of people in plattsburgh. this is an area that doesn't get a lot of potential contenders.
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excitement building in the room as well, and there's been so much focus on new york city, but you really could make the argument that this congressional district is as important as any in new york state. as every state does, new york has a different way of doing its primary. so each congressional district, all 27 in the state, are awarded three delegates. the winner has to get over 50% in order to get all three of those delegates in any congressional district. and so that's really what we're going to be looking for in tuesday's primary. you know, we've talked so much about donald trump narrowing that gap to get to the 1237, and each congressional district and trying to get those three delegates from each really will make a difference. if he's under the 50%, and in some places upstate he's polling at about 40%, so if he's under the 50%, then some of the delegates could go to some of his opponents. that's really something to watch as we move through the next
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three days as he makes his upstate swing and as we go into tuesday's primary, kate. >> we mentioned, kristen, the wall street journal op-ed, the tone wasn't as a brabrasive as ones, no exclamation points in there. is he trying to tone things down while he's working with the rnc? >> reporter: there has been a little bit of a shift in his complaint there. we're seeing that reflected in some of the people i've been talking to in the crowd here, and what they're saying is they're really liking trump's sort of anti-establishment argument. he's been making it all along. he continues in some way to make it, although it's not quite perhaps as overt this time. >> all right, kristen dahlgren up in plattsburgh. we'll keep an eye on that stage there, and as soon as we see donald trump after the introductions we'll bring that to you live. while we wait for him to take the stage, let's head over
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to hartford, connecticut. that's where the gop frontrunner will be holding a rally after he wraps up upstate new york. of course, connecticut votes one week after the primary here in new york. nbc's jacob rascon is there for us. he joins me outside with a bit of a preview. jacob? >> reporter: this crowd is excited. they've already been doing some chants. they already did the pledge of allegiance, and we're still many hours away from the actual event. the line loops around. we've got hundreds and hundreds of people already in line here. we also have a crowd of protesters not here yet, but on facebook they say they're going to show up. as i walk around in the crowd, i've met some people i want to quickly talk to. this is lori, and lori is -- she voted democrat for a long time, voted for obama but has switched over. what pushed you over. why trump? >> i'm very much against the trans-pacific partnership, the tpp, and trump has a very strong stance against that.
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that's a very important issue for me. also, making saudi arabia and other nations pay their share and some of the conflicts the u.s. has engaged in across the world. that's very important and he raises that issue. >> thank you very much, lori. i didn't know what that said, but it actually said "latino for trump." they want to make sure there are women orla te latinos who suppo trump. we were talking earlier about the establishment trying to steal the nomination. a lot of people talk about that. you were talking about that. what does that mean to you? >> if you want to make sure that doesn't happen go to st show up in july in cleveland. >> you're planning to show up to the convention? >> i plan to show up. i also urge other supporters for trump to show up and show your support for trump and everything he stands for. >> reporter: we meet a lot of people who are excited about that campaign, the stopthesteal
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campaign which is headed by roger stone who was an adviser to trump before he was let go from the campaign many months ago. in connecticut, what we expect donald trump to do, as he's been doing in the last few rallies, is have specific data about the area where he's holding a rally, about how many jobs they've lost. it's a sharper message that we've seen from trump over the last several days than we've seen before since the campaign hit the reset button. kate? >> jacob rasconover over in connecticut. jacob, thanks. sometimes those signs are not family friendly, so i understand why he pushed that sign over for a moment. let's bring in boothe fu-- beth fuey. let's start with hillary clinton today. she visited a public housing senior center in harlem, new
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york, in new york city, and we should poipt ont out that tuesdf this week lawrence o'donnell visited a housing complex because all the presidential candidates had been ignoring invitations to visit one in the ramp-up to the primaries, and in the last week, they asked them why they were ignoring the invitation. is the campaign listening and being responsive to that? >> yeah, i mean, good for her for going. as you know, kate, new york probably has the biggest income disparity in the country. 1% versus 9%, there is nowhere else it isn't as striking. given that hillary clinton is sometimes lambasted by sanders, she hits back pretty hard, but this is another way for her to say, look, i'm aware of the fact that there are people in new york that are hurting.
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it's not just people i spend my time with down on wall street. i want to talk to everybody and i want these folks to know i care about them as well. it was probably a smart move for her to go. >> big news on the other side with bernie sanders going off to the vatican, visiting rome, and not seeing the pope directly but attending a conference there and talking about it. he was asked why he would leave the campaign trail so close to the new york primary. let's take a listen. >> when i received this invitation -- yeah, i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day -- but when i received this information, it was so moving to me that it was something that i could just simply not refuse to attend. >> jay, was that a good move on his part? what are people saying about taking time away at this critical moment? >> there's certainly been critics saying bernie sanders, right before this critical campaign in new york, a make or
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break move for him, stepping away days before the primary is to begin, to fly off to rome to be in the same city as the pope and speak at the vatican seems a little bit strange, especially since he's not catholic. and given last night's debate, it seems like he was almost laying the groundwork to explain why he could lose the nomination, talking about telling truth to power, talking about his stance in israel with the palestinians, really coming down for the palestinians, against the israelis, and the jewish vote is a very crucial vote in new york. all these different kinds of positions he's been taking and the moves he's been making, it almost seems like a guy who is petering out a little bit, kind of, not necessarily -- realizing he's not going to make it to the general and just sort of doing what he can to obviously be very relevant moving forward, still be a strong voice in the democratic party on a lot of different issues, stand very
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strongly on those issues but have other priorities, frankly, like going to the vatican and speaking there. >> well, beth, he would say, his campaign would say he's not giving up. he's still working on new york state. in fact, they have a new ad out today. i want to play a clip of this new sanders ad. >> wall street banks shower washington politicians with campaign contributions and speaking fees. what do they get for it? a rigged economy. tax breaks and bailouts all held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system. while washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches, they oppose raising a living wage to $15 an hour. $1,000 an hour for them but not even $15 an hour for all americans. enough is enough. >> beth, they clearly think they have a winning strategy if they talk about wall street and they talk about minimum wage here. does bernie sanders have a shot at winning some real delegates in new york state? >> yeah, he does. i mean, it's going to be a blowaway on the republican side
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from all of our polling. we've seen that donald trump is expected to walk away very handily in new york on the republican side. there are certainly republican districts ask areas that bernie sanders will probably do well, but kate, it's pretty clear at this point that hillary clinton is in a good position to win here. all the polling indicates that decision by the sanders campaign to allow him off the trail and go to rome for a day, that's not the sign of somebody who thinks he's got a good chance to win in new york. but yes, he's probably going to get some delegates, he's going to move on. we know he's got this incredible fundraising machine. he can basically send out an e-mail asking for contributions and he gets flooded with donations. what we're seeing, though, with that ad you just played is the t tenor and tone of this campaign has gotten more and more negative. senator sanders tastes the possibility of victory which maybe he didn't six months ago, so now that he thinks he actually has a shot, he's really ramping up the negativity.
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secretary clinton has really shot back with that. six months ago the debates were very high-minded, very friendly, but now things have gotten pretty tough between the two of them. >> beth fuey, jay newton-small, thank you both. keep an eye on the little box in the corner of your screen there. that's donald trump in a rally in plattsburgh, new york, way up in upstate new york. we'll take a quick break and bring it to you when we come back. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. ♪
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author of a new book just out this week called "love that boy, what two presidents, eight road trips and my son taught me about a parent's expectations." more on that in a moment. let's talk about politics. how are you? happy friday. >> happy friday to you. >> you just heard jill biden talk about what could have been, what might have been.
12:18 pm
we would be in such a different race by now if joe biden were in it, wouldn't we? >> i'm an admirer of his, but i'm really down on both parties, and i wonder if a guy whose first foot forward is compromised, be his own man and not willing to bow to the extremes on the left. just like in the republican party, if you have to boy to extremes on the right, i don't know if a guy like that could have made much of a dent in the election. >> that's an interesting point given the climate we're in right now. >> democratic voters don't like compromise. >> yeah. let's talk about new york for a moment. you could see that in the debate last night, couldn't you? new numbers out just today. a new wall street journal marist poll shows hillary clinton with a new lead here, 17 points up on bernie sanders. one of the surprising things about that poll, bernie sanders possibly the most successful jewish candidate in history. he's gone farther than any other jewish candidate. he's losing among new york
12:19 pm
jewish voters by a two to one margin. any idea why that is? you would thinks people would be drawn to him. >> well, people don't vote just because of the religious affinity. there's two things going on here, i think. one, she's represented the state for two terms and is well known in new york. but as we saw in the debate, his answers on the palestinian israeli situation really aren't going to sit very well with jewish voters who do have an affinity for the jewish state. i think those two things have a much bigger impact than the fact he happens to be jewish himself. >> before i let you go, i want to ask you about the book, because it is related to politics. it's about presidents. >> everything is, right? >> right, exactly. everything goes back to politics. you have a son who has asperger's who is on the autism spectrum, and that's what you write about in the book, you write about parenthood. you know this week robert deniro has gotten a lot of attention raising the issue on the "today"
12:20 pm
show, saying he sees a link between vaccines, and they've come down hard on him saying there is absolutely no scientific link to that. what is your advice for parents out there? >> first of all, i understand the difference between experts and a layman. i'm a layman, i'm a dad just trying to help his son, and he's wrong on this issue. autism has been a part of humanity since the beginning of humanity, and these men and women bring a lot of great attributes to society, and they need our support. i hope my book will help people better understand how we can support our kids and how using senator clinton's old book title, how we can be a better village to take care of these kids. but there is no link between vaccinations and autism. that's silly. >> thank you so much, ron. the book is "love that boy." it's a great read.
12:21 pm
let's go up to plattsburgh, new york now. >> you know what they do? it's like a major catastrophe. ours is zero. we're down to practically nothing. there's a strong-looking guy right there. yeah. that's okay. that's my kind of guy. he's got the flag, he's got the whole deal. good job. good job! only in america, folks, only in america. [ chanting ] >> thank you. that's true. the number of people with a job in plattsburgh has been -- has really -- i mean, over the last 15 years, it's really gone down. there are nearly 3,000 fewer people right now working in your community than they had in 2000. not good. come on, folks, what's wrong
12:22 pm
here? what's wrong? you know what's wrong, you need leadership, that's what's wrong. you got the right people. we got the best people. the unemployment rate in plattsburgh right now is higher today substantially than it was just six months ago. so who left? everybody leaves. they're not going to leave with me, folks. they're going to pay a big penalty when they start leaving. hey, folks, look. the politicians, they talk. i always say all talk, no action. when they leave and they go to mexico because they think we're going to rip off the united states a little bit, so they close up whether it's carrier or na busine nabisco or ford, or many others. hundreds and hundreds of others. they think they're moving to mexico, they're going to make their product and they're going to sell it back to you, and there's not going to be a nice big fat tax to pay? not going to happen, folks, okay? and they're not going to move.
12:23 pm
they're not going to move. they won't be moving so fast. you know, right now they have no down side. they leave us -- whether it's here or anyplace, they leave us and they want to go to other countries, and they make their product and they sell it, and then somebody says, well, the product will cost more. number one, that's not necessarily true. but number two, but we're going to have jobs, so the product costs a little bit more, we're going to have a lot more jobs. we're going to be very smart. that's what i do. i borrowed a million dollars and i built a company that's worth more than $10 billion. believe me, folks, i know what i'm doing. i know what i'm doing. believe me, i know. and i built one of the great companies, and i filed with the federal elections, and i built some of the greatest assets in the world, very low debt, unlike -- we have right now $19 trillion in debt.
12:24 pm
so i built some of the great assets, low debt, great cash flow, and i say it for a different reason. because that's the kind of thinking we need in our country now or we're not going to have a country left. we're not going to have -- literally, we're not going to have a country left. so we're going to do it right. all right. let me give you a couple horrible statistics. then we're going to throw that away and we're going to get down to business, right? all these young people. so in all these great young people that are in this first row, i'm looking at them, beautiful, great, young people. we want them to stay here when you finish with school, right? not to move. labor force participation, i don't have to say it's a disaster. new york state has lost three out of four every job, all manufacturing, you've lost three out of four of your
12:25 pm
manufacturing jobs since 1960. not so great. not so great. ask china how are they doing, okay? new york state has lost 350,000 manufacturing jobs since 1997. no good. no good. not going to happen. lyin' ted cruz supports giving obama more and more control over trade. no good, you can't do it. he wants ttp to be approved. you approve ttp, and as you know, kasich, he approved nafta. you know what nafta did to your area. it was a disaster, okay? and you know what? they're all controlled by special interests, they're all controlled by the money they get to run against me. i'm running, i'm using my own money. i took my plane, i come up here,
12:26 pm
i'm paying for it. [ cheers and applause ] >> and when people come and they say, well, you have to do this, they were a big contributor. who knows that world better than i do? nobody. i've been a politician for nine months, but who knows the other side better than me? and they have lobbyists, they have special interests who have total control over cruz, have total control over hillary, i-yi-yi, hillary. i watched her last night at the debate. we probably have some sanders fans. do we have any? no? because you're pretty close to his territory. you're pretty close. i tell you, i'm not a fan, but i will tell you this. we have one thing in common. he knows our country is being ripped off in trade. the difference is i really know our country is being ripped off and badly, but i'm going to turn it around and i'm going to turn
12:27 pm
it around in jobs for us, okay? because that's what's going to happen. lyin' ted, he supports chinese currency cheating, which is really the way they beat us. they don't beat us with their product. we have a better product, we can do a better job. they beat us by manipulating our currency and our politicians -- they don't even understand it, but our politicians do nothing about it. that's going to change. tpp, trans-pacific partnership, is going to destroy the state of new york, believe me. it's going to decimate. we've got to get it stopped. cruz wants it, kasich wants it, we've got to get it stopped. i'll negotiate deals, folks, that will bring back jobs. we can't go with this. you know, tpp is composed of many countries, and what they're doing, the agreement is from 5 to 7,000 pages long. every one of those countries
12:28 pm
knows every word of that agreement. we probably, our guys, i don't even think they read it. just like obamacare, which, by the way, we're going to repeal and replace, okay? it's a disaster. do you know that our politicians, there's practically a politician in washington that read that monstrous agreement? your doctors will tell you it's a catastrophe. we're going to get rid of it, we'll have great health care, it's going to be better for the country and it's going to do a great job. look what's happening. your premiums are going up 30, 35, 45, 50%. it's a disaster. we're going to get rid of it. illegal immigration. who loves the idea of the wall? [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ]
12:29 pm
>> 100%. 100%. we're going to build that wall. it's going to be so beautiful. you know it's going to be beautiful. it will be as good looking as a wall can look, i'm very good at this stuff, but it will be big, it will be pouchl. it wi -- powerful. it will have a big door in it, folks, because we want people to come into the country, but they have to come in legally, okay? legally. no more of the craziness. so -- [ chanting "build a wall" ] >> it's going to happen. so this all started on june 16, and i said, you know, we have problems with immigration. i brought it up during the speech. wow, did that become a big deal, right?
12:30 pm
they wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration if i weren't in this race. nobody would be talking. the border patrol, who are great people, by the way, 16,000 -- are you border patrol people in really? well, maybe you're among 16,500 border patrol folks endorsed me last week. they've never endorsed a presidential candidate before. you know, they want to do their job even -- look, we're going to build a wall. you need the wall because we have to stop the drugs, we have to stop a lot of things. but the border patrol endorsed me because they can -- if we let you do your job, it's going to be a whole different ball game, right? whole different ball game. and you know they're incredible people and they want to do their job. the sheriff endorsed trump, so we're going to do great. one thing i want to do.
12:31 pm
i did it yesterday. i had some charts made. this is u.s. manufacturing since 1980, but especially since the year 2000. actually, from 1980 to 2000, not so bad. take a look at this chart. that's not success, folks, that's big failure. that's big, big failure. your jobs are being sucked out of the country, and we're going to stop it. we're not only going to stop it, i just spoke to a reporter because we're going up to syracuse soon, and syracuse is in the same position. they have been devastated by what's happening. i said, you call me back in three years, i guarantee you'll see such a difference, your head will spin. you watch. you watch! do you agree with that? who is going to pay -- all right, you want to know? who is going to pay for the
12:32 pm
wall? [ inaudible ] >> not even close, okay? they had a man from mexico, you know, the former president, right? you saw that. and he was in mexico and he used a terrible word. he used the f-bomb. i said to myself, can you imagine if i used the f-bomb? it would be the electric chair, right, the electric chair. he used it. and he said there's no way we're going to pay the wall. there's no way that mexico is going to pay, which is a big improvement. because he used to say there is no way we're going to let the wall be built. he now assumes the wall is going to be built. just so you understand, we lose with mexico -- and i like mexico. the mexican people are incredible people. i'm doing great with hispanics because they know i'm going to bring back jobs. wha what happens is this. what happens is this.
12:33 pm
not just mexico, every country. he couldn't even believe that we would even suggest that mexico would pay, and he threw out the f-bomb. we're not going to pay for you-know-what wall. i can't believe he just said that on a major cable network. cnn. next day no one even talked about that. but i'm telling you. with trade we lose $58 billion a year trading with mexico, okay? we have a trade deficit. $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cause $10 billion. we are. by the way, you're going to loov if he. we're getting rid of it big degree and we're getting rid of it fast. but the. it's going to happen but we're
12:34 pm
going to put our border. we are going to have a country again, we're going to have big numbers for president, okay? during one of the debates, lyin' ted cruz -- boy, he's gone way down in the polls. he's now third. you know, he was complaining about kasich. now, kasich has a problem because he approved nafta. that's no good. he actually voted for it. but cruz was saying, i want trump one on on one. you know, the other day i won number one in utah. but he didn't say i won in arizona the next day with a lot of people. . but somehow, there's really
12:35 pm
nothing compelling there. he's the last hope to stop trump. we have a movement going on. but his poll numbers, he was down like 12 points. a poll just came out as i walked up. i said, would it be rude of me if i said ted cruz's poll numbers are really tanking? would that be rude? and he's going to come in third. he's -- it looks like, pretty sure he's going to come in third. you go out weeks and weeks and weeks, and it looks to me like he's going to be in third place. i don't think -- i actually think he's going to be not so much of a factor. let's see what happens. during one of the debates, he came out and talked with hatred about new york values, okay? . . they want me to have a nice
12:36 pm
tone. they say, mr. trump, your tone. hillary clinton said, i don't like his tone. remember that? here it is. jeb bush said it to me, low energy. . i don't like the tone, mr. trump. at least he calls me mr. trump. that's a sign of respect. he said, donald trump is a gifted politician. . he hasn't yet. . they don't know how to do it. i started off with 17 people. total number of 18. 17 people against me, and now we're down to a couple. and one of them is 1 for 32, and the other one i won many more
12:37 pm
states. i'm at 229 or something, and he's at nine or ten. to me the. i have to listen to these millions of votes more. millions of votes more. in south carolina, in new hampshire, the, florida, kentucky, we've won so much. mass. why did i win massachusetts? because tom brady likes me, okay? we like him. we like tom brady. but i won massachusetts. got almost 50% in massachusetts. in fact, i won alabama and massachusetts very close together, and they say that's pretty diverse when you get right down to it, okay? so we're having a good time. but when you look at what's
12:38 pm
happening -- i watched that debate last night. anybody watch that debate with hillary and bernie. hillary says, i have more votes than bernie. which is true, i have to say. i hear bernie, he wins, he wins, he wins, he keeps winning week after week. then i listen to the pundits, and tonight bernie sanders won again for the seventh or eighth or ninth time in a row. but he's got no -- okay, and that's okay, because i feel sorry for him in a way. he wins and then you listen to the pundits, but he can't win. you know why? because it's a rigged system, folks. it's a rigged system. i'm not a fan of bernie sanders but he keeps winning. winning here, winning there. then you watch roundtables of the political pundits, most of
12:39 pm
of them, you watch the round table and you say, bernie sanders can't win. because he has a phony system that the bosses pick whoever is running for election. here's what we have. we have a rigged system. the republican system is a rigged system. you look at colorado where they're having a big march later or something is happening but the people are angry, i would have done great in colorado. then they say, we didn't change the system. i joined the campaign in june, we had a system. they'll change the system. and they went to a deal where the services didn't know in colorado that their we have some angry people in connecticut
12:40 pm
right now, and it's a beautiful thing because they're 100% right. with all of that being said, hundreds of delegates up, and i think we're going to close it out before the convention, to be honest with you. we have a great -- so important is for you to get out and vote. i'm going to bring your jobs back, folks, believe me. we're going to make our military so strong, so tough, so smart. we're going to take care of our vets. be we're going to take great care of our vets. we're going to do all the things i know you talk about, but you have to get out of t. we have a movement going on, it's an incredible movement. i said it last night in a dinner and people liked it. but i wrote this because i feel strongly about it. during a debate, cruz talked about new york values. boy, he wasted that, right.
12:41 pm
>> he said it was hatred toward me, but he said it with a lot of anger and a lot of hatred, he said, i meant liberal. he didn't mean liberal. let me go and just say new york values represent great things. and i just want to talk about the new york values that we all know so love, the values that make us love this state despite the fact we're not doing of american strength for years throughout the world, and that's for many years. >> we're going to take care of all many. where do we see new york values? we see it with oufr great new
12:42 pm
york police force. we love our police. we see it with our firefighters who, by the way, were running up those stairs knowing that the world trade center, trying to help people, and they newell coming down, and they just went up. these are new york values. we see it with our transit workers. you saw the bravery with the transit workers. we see it with families playing in central park and playing in your parks up here. families that love each other and they love our state and our country. you see it with delis and family companies upstate. when i wrote this, i didn't know
12:43 pm
the status of the factory workers. we're going to bring the factory workers back, we're going to bring the businesses back and they will have so many jobs to look at. we see it in the whole fabric of our community. what are new york values? honesty and straight talking. a lot of people tell me, i don't know, but they tell me they like trump because he's a straight talker. now, it gets me in trouble every once in a while. sometimes we talk too straight. but the honest truth, we have to be straight talkers. this political correctness is killing our country. it's killing us. it's killing us. we see it in our work ethic, because the new york work ethic, you hear it all the time, the energy we have in new york. you see it in a family, and you see it in the vibrance. the vibrance of our people. the people are vibrant, the people are loving people.
12:44 pm
we build things, we make things, we have courage and we love our community. and that's what new york values is. just remember this, new york values were really on display for all to see in the aftermath, more than any other time that -- i've lived here all my life. i know this area, i know every area of new york. i was in long island, dupage suffolk. it's rough because you see the buildings and there's so much empty stuff -- >> we've been listening to donald trump speaking up north in plattsburgh, new york by the canadian border, talking about jobs and manufacturing jobs leafing the state. one of the biggest things with new york is jobs. with just four weeks to go, it's one of the things, really, the candidates are focused on.
12:45 pm
it's 19% right now of individuals living below the poverty line. upstate new york has lost, as you heard donald trump refer to, 40% of manufacturing jobs according to the department of labor. tony dekoelpel is in upstate new york. he's been talking to students retraining for jobs in the clean energy industry. tony? >> reporter: that's right, kate, donald trump really knows what issue stands out to voters here in upstate new york. it's jobs, jobs, jobs. later today ted cruz will be here. he'll be making his pitch for jobs. earlier in the week hillary clinton was here, bernie sanders was here. but the key question, are all jobs created equal? hillary clinton and bernie sanders would like to replace a lot of those jobs with solar, taking the energy from the sun and replace them with history.
12:46 pm
this is billy's program. what kind of supporter will he be in the years ahead? >> i think it will be a big industry for heating and air-conditioning, and for the electrical industry, too. you see a lot of panels going up all over the place. the technology is there to make it very effective, and it would make sense that as we continue to use up our natural resources in non-renewable energy sources that we would be looking for renewable energy resources like the sun today. >> so ted cruz and donald trump, they're not making renewable energy part of their job. donald trump just gave a big speech in plattsburgh, doesn't mention renewable energy at all. what aren't they getting? >> i think what they're not getting is even right now, today, there is enough sunshine that's going to hit the ground in the united states to supply our whole year of energy needs as a nation. and so there is technology
12:47 pm
available that could help make a big difference to meeting those demands. >> thank you, bill. kate, i want to introduce you to a student here. this is dan. he's one of the students the candidate is speaking to. donald trump just gave a big speech in new york. he said manufacturing jobs are going away and he's going to bring them back. do you trust him on that issue? >> in a sense, but you can't really believe it until it happens. >> ted cruz says vote for me, i'm going to replace those jobs and making sure students like yourself graduate with jobs already in hand. do you trust him? >> like i said, it depends until he's actually there if he means what he says. >> undecided voter, i think. >> all the republicans like the
12:48 pm
shale bill, democrats against it. >> and the governor for now has said no fracking in new york state. we're just a few miles away from cooperstown, new york, where you've drawn a lot of them. >> thousands of businesses that have gone under. i spoke with a man whose grandfather started the jewelry. he and a lot of other upstaters see donald trump as the candidate who will make a difference. nt... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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so as we were talking about just before the break, new york state has seen some downturns lately, and last night, i was out at a place called new york
12:52 pm
pizzeria, nearby here, about 20 minutes away in a town called new berlin and i was speaking the a jewelry store owner. there used to be eight jewelry stores in the town he lives in and now there are just two left. it's a family-owned business. his name is hal skillin. and he was telling me why he and a lot of upstate new york residents seem to be supporting donald trump. >> he's a businessman and the economy, i think, is one of the biggest things. especially with the taxes and everything. and we need to get jobs in this area. i don't know how he's going to do it, but he's got a lot better idea. and he has people surrounding him who are experts on this stuff. whereas some of the other candidates, i think they -- i don't know what they're going to do for us. i don't picture them figuring out this stuff. and then we've got issues overseas and it just seems like there's so much turmoil going on. and people are tired of the same old stuff. and i'm sure you hear all the time, they just want a change. >> do you want a change item. >> yeah, anything's better than what we got. anything's better than what we got. >> you didn't vote for barack obama? >> no, i did not.
12:53 pm
i was very disappointed when mitt romney screwed that all up at the end. because i really thought we were going to get a whole different direction. and that was a crusher for me. >> are you thinking -- i don't know if you want to say on camera, are you thinking trump? >> yeah win am. >> why? what are your reasons? >> a lot of stuff he says, it's just, are you kidding me? did he really just say that? and it's disappointing sometimes to hear this stuff and frustrating, but i -- i don't -- i just think he's got enough nerve to buck
12:54 pm
p # >> that was hal skillin. >> i know you've been listening to that, listening to donald trump make a lot of promises in his speech up in plattsburgh, new york. give us a fact check here, a reality check. can he, as a candidate, if he becomes president, how much change can he make in terms of bringing jobs back? >> well, that is the trillion-dollar question. because a lot of the things that donald trump says about the economy, most business people say, are just simply never going to happen. first of all with the manufacturing jobs. yes, the u.s. has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. that is unfortunate, but the truth in the wake of the big north american free trade deal, they have created manufacturing jobs. and on issues like trade, trump sounds protectionist.
12:55 pm
traditionally, republicans and conservatives, are supposed to be pro-trade, they think trade generates prosperity. on the issue, donald trump sounds a lot more like senator sanders. yesterday i was down on the floor of the new york stock exchange, talking to some of the traders down here, trying to get a sense of who they might be rooting for. take a listen about what some of them had to say. >> there are a lot of people down here that don't like trump, but if it's hillary or trump, i think more of the trading floor will probably lean towards trump, even though the guy has absolutely no political experience whatsoever. >> you worried trump could be bad for business? the problem with trump, there's no specifics. we really don't know what his plan is. >> reporter: so they don't know what his plan is, and the truth is, donald trump can't make tim cook actually manufacture iphones in america. he can't actually make mexico,
12:56 pm
he can't actually make mexico pay to build a wall. and for businesspeople, that's a lot of uncertainty and certainly something nobody on wall street wants. kate? >> all right, olivia stearns, watching it on wall street, olivia, thanks so much. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm kate snow, stick around for a very special hour on msnbc. road warriors, kasie hunt, hallie jackson, katy tur, kristen welker also live from brooklyn, new york. and i want to thank all the great folks here at flag creek cider mill. thank you so much for having us. we've had a great time. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. kevin atkinson says his customers aren't always right, the owner of garbage company texas pride disposal in rosenberg, texas, says he won't blame his team every time a complaint comes in. which is why he sets his customer service bar so high. for more, watch "your business," sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. hey!
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the road warriors, together in one place, for once, at least, the road to 2016, bringing us here to brooklyn to this gorgeous shot right underneath the bridge, katie, kasie, kristen, and steve kornacki. >> that was a great intro. >> gorgeous day for us to be sitting out, talking about a ton of news on both the democratic side and the republican side. you've got a lot going on with bernie sanders, with hillary clinton, but yet again, katie, we have donald trump driving the day, his presidential reset, he's just coming off of that rally upstate. >> he knows how to


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