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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  April 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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call it in to msnbc tonight. i'm chris matthews. "mtp daily" from brooklyn actually starts right now. ♪ if it's monday, it's our brand-new national poll out right now, as one of the pollsters puts it, the republicans have a party problem, and the democrats have a candidate problem. this is "mtp daily" live from brooklyn. and good evening to you, welcome to "mtp daily," we are coming to you live tonight from the brooklyn bridge. it's fitting because we are now just over 24 hours away from polls closing here in new york. and msnbc's primary night coverage officially kicking off with chuck at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. so with that in mind, let's put
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your favorite clock in the corner of the screen, the countdown clock. it's up and running. the new york primary on msnbc's coverage now officially on the clock, and happy primary eve for new york. this is a state that three of the five remaining presidential candidates call their home or adopted home. and right out of the gate, we have some brand-new national polling numbers for this republican race. according to our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, donald trump leads with 40% of support among likely republican voters. without rubio in the race, trump is up ten points from our poll last month that did include rubio. cruz trailing trump back at 35%, up eight points from last month. and john kasich has the smallest change since last month, a two-point gain for him. he's sitting at 24% in our new national poll. as for the democrats, the gap between hillary clinton and bernie sanders has narrowed from last month. it now sits at just two points,
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50% for hillary clinton, 48% for bernie sanders. that's within the poll's margin of error. but consider this, after tomorrow, 2/3 of the country will have already voted. in the dissatisfaction with the front-runners in both parties is glaring. 68% of registered voters say they couldn't back trump. 61% say they couldn't see themselves voting for cruz either. 58% say they couldn't see themselves supporting clinton. and we have fresh numbers on general election match-ups. cruz loves to say that a trump nomination would hand the white house to clinton with a double-digit margin. our numbers are in sync with that claim. at least for now. clinton would beat trump by 11 points, according to our new poll. in fact, trump would be the most unpopular, major presidential candidate in the history of our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 65% of all voters say they have a negative view of him. trump of course insists those
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numbers will change if and when he emerges from this primary is begins focusing his fire on clinton. but for right now, our poll shows cruz is much more competitive with clinton, only two points behind her, compared to the 11 point gap that trump faces right now. when clinton is matched up against kasich, she loses that big. kasich beats her by 12 points. and there's one more big name, a republican who beats the democratic front-runner, that's paul ryan. he wins by one point in this hypothetical match-up. 45 to 44. ryan last week, holding a press conference saying he has zero interest in being tapped as the republican candidate at this summer's convention. even with so much of the voting behind us, the road to the republican nomination is a long one. cruz spent this weekend coming up with a sweep of the 14
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delegates that remained at large in wyoming. trump and rubio each only have one out of wyoming. if you add the new delegates into the running total, trump's lead now under 200 over ted cruz. 197 delegates separating trump and ted cruz, who is in second place. trump needs 61% of the remaining delegates to reach that magic number. cruz needs 86% of the outstanding delegates. and kasich, who has been out of the delegate game for weeks, he would need 140% of the delegates if he's going to win on the first ballot. but take a look at what the numbers could look like after tomorrow's new york primary, where donald trump is the heavy favorite. there are 95 delegates at stake in this primary tomorrow. let's say trump wins 85 of the 95, that's a very real possibility given how they give out delegates.
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trump's need then for 61% would drop down to 57%. cruz's need would jump to 98% to clear the first ballot. and the calendar could work in trump's favor after that. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island, all voting on that last tuesday this month. trump favored in all of those states. if he wins in those states, that mathematically impossible 98% for cruz could grow to a downright impossible 120%, again to win the first ballot nomination. let's bring in hallie jackson, who has been following the cruz campaign. she's live in maryland, where cruz has wrapped up a rally. we put the math there. ted cruz isn't looking to win this thing on the first ballot. he's looking to deny donald trump the first ballot nomination and have the open convention we've been talking about.
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talk about the cruz game plan in the face of likely defeat in new york tomorrow. >> that's why cruz is not in new york today. he's cleared the room, obviously the event ended a bit ago. he's headed back to new york for a private event and then to philadelphia tomorrow night. you ran through a lot of the math. i couldn't see it, but i hope you had a big chalk board, because there's a lot of numbers there. the number that is important is the difference between 1237 and whatever trump will get. the cruz campaign wants to keep it close. you have it right, they want to deny trump the nomination outright, to push it to a contested convention and to a second ballot, where the cruz campaign believes they will have strength. pointing to not just wyoming, but colorado, you saw the delegate strategy paying off in georgia too over the weekend. as one aide said to me over the weekend, there were 95 delegates at stake at 34 different events in ten states. i'm told they had staff or volunteers at all of those
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events. high brows raised in the cruz campaign that trump came close to what they were doing. trump with the new hires, trying to push up his own delegate strategy, but the cruz camp believes that's not tenable for him. let's run through the states where cruz will play. you'll see him, i believe a lot in pennsylvania and maryland if this week is any indication. and indiana as well. he's headed there later in the week. that's a key state on may 3rd. nebraska, the campaign is confident they will win. a then the race west, montana, south dakota, and watch california, june 7th, steve, all the marbles. >> hallie jackson with the cruz campaign. and hallie, to answer your question, no, the big board did not make it across the river. i wasn't able to scribble the numbers down. we'll get it fired up. >> reporter: next time. >> thanks, hallie.
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urn turning now to steve bog dan. after wisconsin, cruz said it was a turning point in his campaign, a turning point for the republicans who want to stop trump. we're looking at new york tomorrow, looks like a big trump win. what happened to the turning point? >> everybody expects trump to win his home state, just like kasich and cruz won their home states. but the real turning point began in utah when ted cruz won by a stunning 69% of the vote took 18 out of 19 delegates in north dakota, basically swept colorado because trump didn't campaign there. a huge win in wisconsin, and a sweeping win in wyoming this weekend. at the same time, in states like georgia, kentucky, north carolina, and oklahoma, ted cruz has been picking up delegates in every one of those states. so it's been a winning 2 1/2 weeks for ted cruz. a bump in the road is new york, and then going to pennsylvania to continue to earn delegates votes.
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>> there's two things going on, one is state convention, where he's picking up first ballot delegates like in wyoming. but in some other states, they're calling them double agent delegates, these are slots designated for trump, because he won states, so they're pledged to trump, but could be freed up on a second ballot. we asked this question to republicans nationally in our poll. if there is an open convention, should the nominee be the delegate's choice or the candidate who got the most votes in the primary? almost 2/3 of republicans, 62% say the one with the most votes. so your strategy, i get what you're trying to pull off there, but republicans are saying, they don't want you doing that. >> over the last several weeks, republicans are gathering in fire houses and churches across this country. these are the hard-working members of the republican party who knock on doors, who make phone calls, who work to get people elected. they're out there working often for years, even decades, as volunteers for the republican party. those are the people that are campaigning and working to elect
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delegates, to become delegates and go to the convention. that's what the republican party is about. it's not a beauty contest. it's not like donald trump's s miss america contest. this is the same obstacle course that every president nominated by the republican party since abe lincoln has had to go through. in 1960, a huge convention battle from a hometown boy from new york state named william steward. he had the delegate lead, went against abraham lincoln and abe lincoln won. thank god he did. every presidential nominee has to fight through the same process that donald trump is whining about. >> mitt romney, he's been one of the faces of the stop trump movement. he had campaigned with john
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kasich in ohio. he also said he caucused for ted cruz in utah. he was basically advocating this divide in congress. he's now singing a different tune. he's basically making the argument that cruz and kasich are now both helping trump. this is what mitt romney said. >> if they're both going at it aggressively, right until the very end, then i think it's very likely that mr. trump wins on the first ballot. and i say that because i think cruz and kasich divide the vote, if you will, and that would make it easier for mr. trump to win the winner take all congressional districts and the winner take all states and get the delegates he needs, either to reach the 1237 or to get close enough to it that he could persuade the uncommitted delegates that he'd need to get the victory on the first ballot. >> do you agree with that? three-way race is benefitting trump? >> it could be correct. on the other hand, john kasich may do very well in new york tomorrow and take a lot of
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delegates away from donald trump. donald trump's been bragging that he's going to win, he's going to sweep new york, take all 95 delegates. if he gets under 50%, which could happen, or maybe only 65 or 70 delegates, that's a lot for trump. >> but doesn't that potentially hurt you, because your next target to win is indiana. if kasich does well in the northeast states, doesn't that give him new life in indiana, where he could hurt you guys there? >> you know, there's a lot of speculation that goes on through the whole campaign. everybody's looking at numbers and speculating. at the end of the day, it's up to the convention process. it's going to be, who is the candidate who has the best position on the issues that are important to republicans. last week, right here in brooklyn, there was this big debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and the democratic party had a great opportunity to see what their candidates stood for. donald trump refuses to debate ted cruz. he's disenfranchising republican voters by giving them the
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opportunity to get out there and talk about the issues. he knows ted cruz will crush him in a debate. today is the day when everybody will file their tax returns. donald trump is the only candidate in the race that has not released his tax returns to the american people. i think republicans should be asking, what is he hiding? all these things matter. they enter into the formula for the next seven weeks. we're at the top of the fifth. we have a long way to go and it's not over yet. >> steve, thank you very much. we'll have more on the republican race later in the hour, but coming up next, the latest from the supreme court. the justices hearing arguments in the fight over president obama's executive action on immigration. and later, more from chuck's interview with george clooney. the actor discussing the state of politics and what role he wants to play in it. you're only going to hear it right here on "mtp daily," so stay tuned.
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in baghdad today, defense secretary ash carter announced
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the first major increase to u.s. forces in iraq in nearly a year. secretary carter says the u.s. will send 217 more troops to iraq to expand the effort to train and advise iraqis in the fight against isis. the newly deployed troops will also assist in the operation to retake the strategic iraqi city of mosul. nbc's lester holt is in iraq with the defense secretary. he spoke with him exclusively today about the plan to send additional american troops to iraq. >> reporter: as you add additional personnel and they are advising lower down the chain, does that put more americans at higher risk? are they closer to the action? >> the iraqis are still in the lead. that doesn't change. and, lester, americans are at risk today, every single day here. as secretary of defense, i take that more seriously than anything else. i want our troops to be effective, but i want them also
2:17 pm
to be as safe as possible, consistent with that. but it's very important to do this. because we have to, and we will defeat isil, but we need to get that done as soon as possible, and that means being more aggressive in the moves we make. >> and you can catch more of lester's exclusive interview with defense secretary ash carter in iraq tonight on "nbc nightly news" live from the middle east. we'll be right back with more "mtp daily."
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tonight the supreme court appears split on the challenge to president obama's immigration actions. the case comes before the court during this wild presidential campaign season filled with border wall rhetoric and republicans and democrats claiming they have the right path forward. donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich have each promised to immediately reverse the order if it's upheld by the court. today bernie sanders tweeted his support for the president's immigration actions and hillary
2:19 pm
clinton proposed plans for comprehensive reform within her first 100 days if she's elected president. in the court of public opinion, our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows americans don't trust either party when it comes to the issue of immigration. the obama administration wants the supreme court justices to allow two programs to go forward, that would protect about four million undocumented immigrants from deportation and that would allow employment rights. today 90 minutes of oral arguments gave some clues as to how the high court may emerge from this. >> i have protection. i have the rights to live with my parents. i have the rights to be happy. give me the opportunity to achieve my goals. >> let's bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, these things, these supreme court hearings, always so difficult and mysterious to
2:20 pm
try to figure out what's going through these justices' minds, but what's your read? >> reporter: it takes five votes to win here in the supreme court, even with just eight justices and frankly, i couldn't count to five on either of the two big questions. the first is, do the states have the right to be here in the first place? the federal government says they don't, that the immigration policy doesn't require them to do anything, doesn't forbid them from doing anything. so it's no skin off their nose. they say, that's not true, think of all the money we'll have to spend issuing driver's licenses to the people who get to stay. it wasn't obvious that either side believes there's a majority there. secondly, to the merits of the question, does the president have the authority to do this, or can only congress grant this kind of sweeping program? and again, i didn't count five votes. that leaves the possibility of a 4-4 tie. if there's a tie, that's bad for the administration. a hold would remain while the
2:21 pm
case works its way through the lower courts. it's clear the supreme court doesn't like the ties. they'll try to find some way to find common ground. if they do, it's not immediately apparent what that common ground would be. >> all right, pete williams, outside the supreme court, thank you very much. joining me now, jose diaz-balart. so jose, a lot going on inside that chamber today, but also a lot going on outside. all sorts of people from all over the country, showing up today because of this hearing. you were there to cover it. tell us what you saw and heard today. >> steve, a pretty extraordinary sight to see. heef been here the last two days and just yesterday, we saw hundreds of people that had come from all parts of this country, lining up outside the supreme court. a lot of them slept at the sidewalk on the corner of the supreme court. a couple of dozen other were sleeping in a different church nearby. i have a colleague of mine from
2:22 pm
telemundo to cover this, stood -- came to washington, d.c. from south florida, with about 40 activists, in a 20-hour bus ride. and that's nothing compared to the hours and hours spent by people who have come from california. i met people from utah, new mexico, arizona, texas, all here just to be outside. they knew they probably couldn't get inside, but they wanted to be here. and steve it's not difficult to understand why they wanted to be here, because for so many millions of people, in the united states, millions of people lived in mixed status family homes. some are born in the united states of america, or are united states residents and their parents are not. and every day those parents leave for work is a day they fear they won't be coming back, because they fear they could be picked up on the way to work, or on the way home. those children live with the possibility that every single day may be the last day they
2:23 pm
will see their father or their mother. and that's a reality, steve, for millions of people in this country. so where the supreme court is looking at the legal arguments for and against the president's executive order on immigration, outside, you have a lot of people that really feel very directly affected by what is and is not going on. i got to tell you, there were a lot of people here who opposed the president's executive order on immigration, they feel he overstepped his authority and they were there to show their opposition to these executive actions. >> jose diaz-balart, a lot going on in the chamber and around washington. this is something that has the potential to explode in june, in the middle of this presidential race when the court rules on this. still ahead, bernie sanders' campaign manager, jeff weaver is going to weigh in on his campaign's uphill delegate battle. and later, does george
2:24 pm
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built to stand out. adding 20, 25 delegates to our already nearly insurmountable pledge delegate lead is a mountain that just gets steeper and steeper. because you also have increasing numbers of delegates coming off the playing field. so it means senator sanders would have to keep winning a greater percentage of what's outstanding, at numbers he hasn't really been able to do in very many states at all. >> and that is my conversation earlier today with clinton campaign chief strategist joel benenson, talking about the mathematical difficulty for his rival campaign, the bernie sanders campaign. joining me now, sanders campaign manager jeff weaver. >> glad to be here, steve. >> he's basically saying, we're ahead in the delegates right now. if we win new york, tomorrow, we climb a little bit more ahead
2:28 pm
and there are a lot fewer to pick off. what do you say? >> this is the same talking point they've been using since early march. pennsylvania is coming, california is coming. new jersey is coming. there's a lot of delegates still out there. >> if you do not get a win here in new york tomorrow, you got to run the table, right, to catch her in the pledge dl gat count? >> if we get 51% tomorrow, it's no different than getting 49%. so we don't have to win everywhere. we have it mapped out. we have to win a majority of states going forward, but there's no single state that's a must-win. we should senator jeff merkly on, and i asked him, i said the super delegates, members of congress, elected officials, party leaders, who are with hillary clinton right now, does he imagine them -- will they change their minds and switch to bernie sanders? he said he doesn't think, barring some kind of john edwards' like scandal, he doesn't think the elected
2:29 pm
officials will move from hillary's campaign. that's a problem for you guys, isn't it? >> it is. but i think you saw the new poll that's out that shows secretary clinton is two points above bernie sanders. he performs consistently better against all the possible republicans. she often loses to kasich or cruz. bernie sanders beats them both. to super delegates want to nominate somebody who is losing? they would rather stay with hillary clinton than go with bernie sanders and win? i don't think that's the case. >> they're saying now they're winning the popular vote too. >> and let me deal with the popular vote argument too. bernie sanders has won tons of caucus states. those numbers aren't included in that number. so that number doesn't quite add up. >> they say it would be different, these caucus states, if there were primaries, higher turn-out, a different result. >> i don't think that's the case. if you look at places where he won, washington state, he got
2:30 pm
70%, and other states where he got 70, 80%, if it had been a primary, he would have done just as well. >> there's a back and forth between your campaign and the clinton campaign, over the fund-raiser george clooney was headlining this weekend for hillary clinton. a fund-raiser that purports to help democratic candidates up and down the ballot. you said earlier, you told erica hill, you were having your lawyers contact the dnc, saying donors were told something that is not accurate, that the money is not going the way the clinton campaign said it's going. we have a response here from the clinton campaign manager. he said the sanders' campaign's false attacks have gotten out of hand. as senator sanders faces nearly insurmountable odds, he's resorting to -- what do you say to that? >> it's funny that robbie doesn't deal with any of the substance of what we had to say
2:31 pm
earlier, which is this, they have a joint fund raising agreement. a small amount is supposed to go to hillary clinton, a large amount to the democratic national party. 10 million goes to secretary clinton, 5 million goes to the democratic party, and over $15 million is reinvested in fund raising that will only benefit hillary clinton. in essence, she's using money that is above the $2,700 limit that she couldn't take in her campaign to do additional fund raising that will only benefit her campaign. it's incredible, really. >> you said your lawyer reached out to the dnc. what did they say? >> we haven't heard back. we sent a letter, it appears to be an improper arrangement. you should make it run proper or the dnc should back out of it. >> what about what robby mook is saying about poisoning the well. we've had a lot of talk about the tone of the campaign, about qualified, unqualified, he says this, alleging illegal
2:32 pm
actions -- >> look, if -- there are rules out there. the clinton campaign is not like the trump people that want to change the rules. there are rules about how you can raise money in an election process. they want to change the rules. i rules have not been changed. you gotta follow the rules. you can't use the proceeds of contributions that are above the federal limit to fund raise for the secretary. it's not the way it works. >> jeff weaver, thank you for the time. >> you got it. still ahead, more from chuck's interview with george clooney. we were just talking when some of the controversy he kicked up this weekend and some sound for you that nobody has heard yet on whether clooney ever sees himself as a candidate on a ballot. but first the cnbc market wrap. >> stocks beginning the week with gains. the dow rising 106 points, the s&p adds 13 and the nasdaq is up by 21 points. shares of netflix are sliding after hours. its earnings came in ahead of
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and welcome back to "mtp daily," the republican front-runner is spending the final day before the new york primary in buffalo. he's getting a warm welcome by the buffalo bills football coach, rex ryan. rex ryan scheduled to introduce trump at his big rally tonight. trump though also getting the ire of protesters who have already begun gathering outside the venue. joining me now, jacob rascon.
2:37 pm
trump has the rex ryan endorsement. i think he got the bobby knight endorsement a few months ago too. i think there's something in common, their personalities. but final show for trump before the big vote, what are we expected? >> reporter: tonight will be the biggest rally donald trump has had so far. 18,000 people expected. outside of the venue, new york state police and buffalo police have it under control. the protesters are kept across the street behind gates, and behi behind the line of police. there are thousands already inside, and thousands more expected. and donald trump has been campaigning almost as if the race were neck and neck. even though he's ahead by very wide margins, because as we know, he really wants to not only win big, but he wants to mathematically eliminate ted cruz from the race, just as ted cruz has been talking about for john kasich. his team made the argument over the weekend and he wants to say
2:38 pm
that, look, i'm the only candidate with a path forward, which has been the case sort of for a while. he wants to make that certain. steve? >> jacob rascon in buffalo, gonna be a big night there. michael waldman, author of "fight to vote" and ozzy paver, senior reporter frr politico, and carrie shafer, founder of bold, senior writer at opportunity livers. ozzy, set the line for this republican race in new york tomorrow. what are you expecting? >> i'm expecting trump to win. i'm expecting trump to thump his chest and say we're going all the way to the convention, stop having this conversation about a contested race. and i'm expecting ted cruz to sort of lower expectations to say he was supposed to win big and we other states ahead of us. >> how close can get to the 95, the 95 for 95 sweep? >> he's going to get close. i think the parts where he might have a challenge might be in
2:39 pm
some of the urban centers. buffalo, actually, despite the rex ryan endorsement, urban centers where there's a lower vote total, he may not get as many as people are expecting. >> let's talk about the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, and one of the headlines on trump is the negative numbers looking to the general election would set a record. we've never seen in the history of this poll, a candidate with these kind of negatives. however, we also dug this up. if you look back to the start of this whole thing, just on the republican side, i think we can point this out. donald trump, when he was about to get into this race last year, we asked the question of republicans, could you see yourself supporting the following candidate, could you not. only 23% of republicans, when he got in this race said they could possibly see themselves voting for him. we had one of the worst numbers we'd seen entering the republican primary. now he's the front-runner, does
2:40 pm
that tell you about his ability to move the numbers, maybe in the general election? >> it tells of his ability to move the numbers in the primary. i think that's what this shows. and frankly, as someone who is conservative, the more i see of donald trump, the less favorable i see feel about him. so a lot of people in the middle, that's why the negatives have been expanding, that's why trump has been losing endorsements in terms of his businesses. so i think it would be an error for the republicans to nominate him if they want to win in the general. >> do you think cruz can win in the general? >> the polls say john kasich is the strongest one to go against hillary or even bernie. >> do you think that's because nobody is attacking him right now? all the attacks are against trump or cruz. >> people in the middle, they like what kasich has to say. he's been a governor, he's been in the white house. he's done everything. people like that pragmatism, they like that he stands for
2:41 pm
something, rather than being against something, what trump is channeling. >> what about this idea of a trump pivot? he's angered plenty of republicans along the way, but the idea that the donald trump we see in terms of what he talks about, how he talks about it, might be different in october from the donald trump we see in february, march, april? >> i think he'll have a hard time waving the etcha sketch, as was said last time because he's such a known figure. but what none of us know, we've never seen anybody like him surging potentially to the nomination of a right-wing party. it's familiar in england or europe, or in france where they have the national front. he combines policies on the welfare state, health care, and other things that are closer to the middle in some ways, with a strong nativist, anti-immigration, racially tinged argument, and none of us have seen that. and i think that it's very hard,
2:42 pm
especially for women to forget the whole way he's run up until now. i wouldn't assume that we would know how it's going to play out. >> i feel it's a wild card. i'm hesitant to jump on and say, he's a sure loser in the fall. i see the numbers. it doesn't look likely when you look at those numbers, but in a year like this, that donald trump could get to the point he's gotten to, it tells me we should hit the pause button before pronouncing him dead in the general election. >> there are plenty of democrats who said they're concerned about running against him, because you don't know what he's going to do. remember when hillary clinton attacked him for being sexist and he turned around and brought up bill clinton and monica lewinsky. >> he turned off a lot of people when he did that. for me as a woman, i don't want to hear this back and forth. you're blaming hillary for something that her husband did. i think that's a very bad thing. >> michael? >> every working class is a
2:43 pm
shrinking part of the electoral landscape. just as a matter of demograph s demographics. there are not millions of archie bunkers who have been sitting at home waiting to vote. so it may not be enough to pull up a silent majority, but again, it's something we haven't seen in quite a long time. >> if there are any archie bunk ertion, this is the state for it. stay with us. an exclusive for "mtp daily," george clooney talking politics and whether a political role could be in his future. stay tuned for that. it scared me and caused a lot of disappointment and how i feel about myself. wearing depend underwear has helped me feel more connected to the people around me. i know that i'm protected, i'm not thinking about bladder leakage and i'm meeting people. i feel really grateful just to be absolutely free. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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all right, actor, activist and hillary clinton supporter george clooney sat down with chuck this weekend on "meet the pres press". talked about clinton's high dollar fund-raiser, his much maligned turn as batman. but what you didn't see was what clooney told chuck about whether he would ever run for office someday himself. take a listen. >> i'd be remiss if i didn't ask. you're a passionate guy about the issues you care about. you're a pretty well read guy. your father ran for office. i gotta ask, have you ever had the inclination to run at any point, and could you envision yourself maybe when you're done acting, saying, you know what, i am going to throw myself out there? >> well, first of all, chuck, if you ask some people, i think i've been done acting for quite some time.
2:46 pm
>> apparently the protester that didn't like batman. >> well, you know, i've got a hundred movies to prove i'm not an actor. but, no, the reality is, i watched my father go through the process of running for a seat in congress in kentucky. good fun being a democrat running for congress in kentucky. and it was a brutal experience for all of us, for the whole family. i applaud people who do it, i think it's a very difficult thing to do, and i have no interest. i think from where i stand, in the things that i work on, including the foundation that i get to work on, i don't have to worry about fund raisers or anything else except for the things that i do. i'm beholden to no one and i think it's a much better place to be. i have no interest in being in politics. >> you're obviously a big supporter of hillary clinton. i have a fear that no matter who wins the presidency, we'll be a polarized country and it's going to be hard for whoever gets
2:47 pm
elected to govern. what's your advice for her about figuring out how to bring the country together, if she's the person elected? >> actors tend to think highly of themselves. but i think the idea that i would be, that my advice to any presidential candidate would matter or make sense, i think, would be kind of ridiculous. i think the truth is, you're absolutely right. even if the democrats get the senate and that's a very reachable thing, to get the senate back, you're not going to get 60 seats. so again, it's still going to be a very polarizing time. i think we're in it for a while, quite honestly. >> clooney says he has no interest in being a politician. of course that's what a good politician would probably say. anyway, you can see all of chuck's interview with george clooney at nbc the press. the panel is back next with a look at the democratic race. you're watching "mtp daily" live from brooklyn.
2:48 pm
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seaworld. real. amazing all right. time for some empire state ws. the who? theater roosevelt. the fourth, this theodore roosevelt is an investment banker and great grandson of the 26th president and today endorsed john kasich for president. the who? big apple street credit. bee bernie sanders is the most trade and true new yorker. the paper scored sanders, clinton and trump on their claims of new york roots and the
2:51 pm
ap crowned trump the king of the city. the where today, in hillary clinton's bag in an interview with a new york studio station today the candidate apparently unknowingly injected herself into a beyonce song and now she's catching some pandering flak. >> what's something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah, yeah. >> really? >> you getting in formation right now? hot sauce. hot sauce in your bag. >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes. >> that's one thing, people will say this okay, she's pandering to black people. [ laughter ] >> okay. is it working? >> and the when? it's three dates for the new york primary vote. the presidential primary in the state is scheduled for tomorrow, then there is a congressional primary in june and then state and local primaries in september. i guess they like to vote in this state. the why this afternoon the
2:52 pm
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a woman voting for ted cruz is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders. >> that was planned parenthood action fund presidenct cecil richards. joining me today, let's start on that. that comment from introducing hillary clinton cecil richards, i was struck she said a woman voting for ted cruz is like a chicken voting for colonial sanders. i know there is a gender gap that democrats benefit from. 41% of women across the country say they would support ted cruz over hillary clinton. seems like a shot at them. >> the question is what do people know about ted cruz? they certainly know about hillary clinton and they know about donald trump. you know, if you had cruz against clinton or sander, clinton would tend to be a
2:57 pm
standard republican race but the democrats won the popular vote in five of the six last presidential elections. i think certainly she's running hard with women in new york. it's been such a long time since new york had an actual election of any kind people are thrilled to have real politics happening. >> kerry, who do you think -- republicans, there is a gender gap, 30 years we've seen in presidential elections. democrats do benefit from this. who do you think cecil richards is talking to? >> in the general, you know, i think there are a lot of women that would find that to be pandering to say this is just one issue when there are many, many issues women care about and stw actually most women support abortion. i think that's a mistake to be so far to the left but that's what happens in a primary.
2:58 pm
>> let's talk about the primary here in new york. you set the line for us on the republican side. i'll ask you to do the same on the democratic side. we had jeff weaver here, he said new york is not must win for his campaign. do you think he has a shot of pull thing out tomorrow or are the polls right? >> she's probably headed toward a double digit win. all sanders has to do is beat expectations. he doesn't have the kind of machine apparatus to bring out voters, and he has to hope the people that want to show up on a nice sunny day like this will want to do the same thing tomorrow and wait in line to vote. >> what about the delegate picture going forward? i look at it and i have a hard time drawing up a scenario where sanders catches hillary clinton. he seems to have to win everything going forward. do you see any scenario for sanders? >> if she wins in new york and given the length of her service
2:59 pm
and depth of ties, assume that's the case. the lines don't converge out there. she's so far ahead in the popular vote, if she's ahead in the popular vote, she'll win without even having to rely on the superdelegates. >> that's what it sounds like to me because the sanders campaign says look, if we catch her in the pledge delegates, superdelegates have to flip but if that happens, you'll hear she won the popular vote and we don't have to flip from the superdelegates. >> there is a lot of mystery in the rules but it hasn't been the case since the democrats created superdelegates not for this race but to make sure mayors and union leaders get to go to the convention. the winners in the popular vote have been the people the superdelegates have gone with. one of the big questions in new york is there are so many rules that make it harder to vote in here. it's actually hard to know fully how people will vote. we don't have voter id in new yorkut albany, which is --
3:00 pm
>> that is five seconds, kerry. >> i was going to say bernie sanders, bernie frank, you guys had a conversation about the caucus versus primary. bernie sanders does better in caucuses versus primaries because it's a much higher -- >> he also talks about higher turnout, too. some people see a little contradiction there. any way, thank you, chuck will be back tomorrow and "with all due respect" starts now. with all due respect to hillary clinton's list of favorite new york foods, what's this? chopped liver? >> happy tax,/boston marathon/animal crackers


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