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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure. michael james! middle name. not good. get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. good tuesday morning on what is a gorgeous day in brooklyn. i'm jose diaz-balart. it is finally primary day here in new york. donald trump just left trump
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tower. he's going to be casting his vote soon in new york city. he's poised for a big win. he could take all of new york's 95 delegates. this as his campaign shakes up the roles of top aides to prepare for a general election campaign. all the polls point to big shows of strength tonight from hillary clinton and donald trump. buts athe saying goes, anything can change in a new york minute. >> i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york and i love new york. >> this is a campaign on the move. >> no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> it's likely that you're not going to do that well in new york, okay. >> thanks for the vote of confidence. >> wouldn't it be interesting if ted cruz came in third? >> nominating donald trump hands the election to hillary clinton. >> we'll probably get some delegates. we got a lot of delegates over the weekend that i didn't even know about. >> hillary clinton along with
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her hundred dollsband, the form president, voted this morning in chap wpaqua chappaqua. new york is the biggest prize for the delegates. clinton told supporters a win today could wrap up the democratic nomination. our political team is spread out across new york as we begin our coverage this morning. peter alexander is at a polling location on the west side of manhattan. peter, let me start with you. what have you been able to confirm regarding trump campaign's shuffle and the new focus on november? >> we've been reporting over recent weeks the frustrations and infighting within the trump campaign. now some new details about the shakeup that's been roiling the trump campaign. a meeting of senior staffers taking place this past saturday in new york. paul manafort we are told, the convention manager, is really at the top of the structure right now with his deputy, rick wiley, the man that was formerly the campaign manager for scott walker. what's significant is what it
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may mean to the campaign manager corey lewandowski and his deputy, michael glassner. there are rumors that this may be the end of the road for either or perhaps both of those two individuals. that they wouldn't be forced out but may as a result of hurt feelings decide that it's simply time to leave. the campaign, though, is gearing up going forward. $20 million budgeted, more than they had spent in any one single month before to try to compete in upcoming states. of note, big states like california, 172 delegates will be at stake there, jose, coming up in the month of june. at this point they insist that the campaign is improving and the candidate is getting better. jose. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. our other campaign reporters are here with me in brooklyn this morning. hallie jackson, kristen welker and kasie hunt. it is a beautiful day but it's even nicer for me when i get a chance to work with you. >> in person. >> i know. >> let me turn to you hallie
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first. we've mentioned trump and the other candidates. >> let's talk about cruz and then john kasich. ted cruz today not even in new york which is significant about what he thinks his chances are here. instead he's in philadelphia where he'll be watching the results roll in. the campaign believes pennsylvania is a place they can pick up delegates. maryland too they'll look to but also look ahead to indiana on may 3rd. that's a place they believe they can slow trump down and the stop trump movement might get involved as well. for john kasich, i just got off the phone with a top strategist for his campaign and this source is saying that, hey, places like connecticut and rhode island could be very good for john kasich. he's polling in second place in new york city here. >> and there, by the way, as we speak, sorry to interrupt you. there's mr. trump voting right now in manhattan, so we wanted to give you these live pictures of him arriving there at the polling area. >> and we know who donald trump will be voting for, himself obviously here in new york.
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>> something that two of his kids can't do. >> the big question for trump is will he get above that 50% threshold. it's not a matter of will he win, it's how much will he win by in new york state and how much momentum can he carry on to these mid-atlantic states next week like connecticut, like delaware. >> so hallie -- well, let's listen. >> okay. he didn't have much to say. >> a quick move by donald trump there. >> there we go. so what happened to the stop trump movement after wisconsin? what happened? >> it's still around. not playing so much in new york because several of the operatives involved in the movement say, hey listen, it's expensive. the media markets are expensive. it's a place where it looks like trump has been strong, he's consistently led the polling but that has been frustrating to members of john kasich's team. somebody said to me this morning, really, albany is
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expensive? schenectady is expensive? they're frustrated this movement is not backing them more. they plan to go indiana, nebraska, places where it looks as though there could be a clear bringing together of the anti-trump voters like you saw in wisconsin. they can say, look, we helped to stop donald trump there and that is what we plan to do down the road. everything coming to a head beyond the mid-atlantic states. california is the next big one after we make the turn here out of new york where donald trump looks really strong. >> and there he is voting. >> quite the scene. >> isn't it always a scene with him? >> when you go with donald trump, there's always an incredible crush. i remember months ago being on the campaign trail up in new england, right before new hampshire, and it was incredible to watch him leave the stage and walk out to his car and the people -- it's not just the media crush, it's the people. everybody knows him. he's a celebrity in addition to being a politician. you just get this swarm of
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folks. >> let's listen in. is he saying anything? >> hillary clinton in her hometown of chappaqua, deeply personal for her, voted in that same polling place for 16 years and he talked about how running this race is personal, bumping into familiar faces, familiar names. and we saw that today when she went to go vote. i imagine it's quite similar for donald trump. >> as a matter of fact, we're going to show some of that in just a little bit. we are just staying with these live pictures now. >> donald trump voting for himself for the first time. >> that's true. >> that's got to be a moment. >> it's a great honor, really. who would have thought. this was just a great honor. i think it's a great honor for new york. new york is a special place. make america great again. thank you very much. >> you can ask all the questions outside, please. >> all right. so there you heard donald trump talking about it.
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hallie jackson was saying this is the first time he's got to vote for himself, certainly in this kind of race. now, we are talking, kristen, a little bit about secretary clinton, who voted today. tell me a little bit about that. what's her message? >> well, you just heard donald trump and his handlers say we can't answer questions inside the polling place, let's go outside. very similar for hillary clinton today when she went to vote in chappaqua. she was joined by husband bill clinton. she said, look, i can't answer your questions but she did give some brief remarks about voting in chappaqua. just the new york primary. take a listen. >> i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york and i love new york. and this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state. and i hope everybody gets out to vote. i had a great time going around the city in the last couple of days, just seeing a lot of old friends, meeting new people, and
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i just urge everybody, please come out and vote until 9:00 p.m. today. >> jose, secretary clinton looking very strong heading into today. all polls show her leading by double digits. if she wins by double digits, she could almost put this race mathematically out of reach for senator sanders. she would get a 25-point delegate net gain. that would be significant. and what we're seeing behind the scenes, senator sanders, secretary clinton, the rhetoric really heating up. yesterday we saw the sanders campaign come out and accuse the clinton campaign of violating fund-raising rules. the clinton campaign very quick to fire back. they said it was absolutely false. the allegations are dangerous and destructive to the democratic party and to secretary clinton if she becomes the nominee. the question is if senator sanders doesn't get a big victory here, how does he then proceed? do we see this rhetoric, this very heated rhetoric.
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>> kasie, if there is a double-digit win by hillary clinton here, what does this do for sanders, who's been talking about winning the last seven of eight and then eight of nine and now we're going to go on and do nine of ten. but this could be a big change in his momentum. >> i think so, jose. i think you're starting to see the conversation in the democratic party more broadly shift towards that. i also think you've seen sanders switch up his strategy a little bit in the last day or two in the way that he campaigns. i think he's actually out right now wandering the streets of midtown manhattan talking to people in times square. our intrepid embed danny freeman walked 10,000 steps yesterday backward with him through all these new york city neighborhoods. this has not been something that senator sanders has really engaged in much over the course of his campaign. he's been much more focused on these big rallies and hasn't done too much retail campaigning but clearly feeling in the last hours of this that he needs to kind of get out there and meet
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new yorkers face to face. he also has had those large rallies. he had one in long island city last night where he talked a little bit more about, you know, the political revolution, as he calls it, and the excitement that's surrounding his campaign. take a look. >> this is a campaign on the move. this is a political revolution sweeping america. from coast to coast this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> of course the challenge will be if he does, as kristen was talking about, come out far behind in this new york primary, how do they argue that going forward makes sense. i can tell you that his advisers say senator sanders himself decided quite a while ago that he is going to stay in this race
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until every democratic voter on the map of the united states has had a chance to vote in this primary, so that means the district of columbia on june 14th. but at a certain point, i think you're going to have to start to -- you're going to see the establishment in particular ask questions about whether or not this is good for democrats. >> he is still getting the funding numbers that he's getting with very small contributions at a time, you know, it's very difficult to see why he would want to get out. >> there's no reason for him to drop out of the race as long as people are writing these checks. that's what's so different about this primary campaign than others in the past. typically you start to lose, you start running behind, you run into debt and drop out of the race. that's what happened to secretary clinton last time. >> and because of that she's in no position to call for him to get out of the race. look at the crowds that he's drawing, more than 28,000 people alone in prospect park over the weekend. >> his crowds have been huge. >> absolutely. the other thing is you have
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california looming. delegate-rich state. >> let's listen into bernie sanders here this morning here in manhattan. >> hey, mr. sanders. good luck. >> you've got my vote. >> thank you very much. how's it going? >> senator, do you think there has been some malpractice between the funds raising for the clinton campaign and the dnc? >> we're not hearing this. this is live tv through the
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streets, so we're seeing -- we're hearing what we are, but hallie jackson, the fact is that he continues to bring in all kinds of money. no one has tapped out and he can continue going. >> and the amazing thing too is we're seeing it on both sides. with there's not incentive to drop out and get out of the race when it is especially on the gop side the possibility of a contested convention. that's why ted cruz is in the mix, is in the hunt. he feels he could lock this up if it does go to a second or third ballot and kasich's camp will point to the general election numbers. they are polling ahead of cruz and trump in hypothetical matchups against hillary clinton who they presume will be the nominee. >> it's not just that he's raising large sums of money, he's doing it online. people sending in $27.
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he gets in front of a microphone and says, hey, sending me your donations and they're doing it. he's been outpacing secretary clinton in fund-raising. >> and nationally, his numbers -- they're closing. >> if anything, bernie sanders' issue is this didn't happen earlier on because the reality is a lot of people believed that he was, you know, a fringe candidate. i think that's why you see so much frustration from them with the media, with people who sit around and talk about this stuff because they feel like if he had been taken more seriously earlier, that their biggest hurdle is still proving to people that, yes, he is capable of beating secretary clinton. and now the reality is it may be too late on the delegate math front but everything else is lining up. on the fund-raising, it doesn't cost him any money to raise. secretary clinton has to spend money to raise money and that's a huge advantage. >> one of the big challenges for secretary clinton if she does win the nomination is 30% of senator sanders supporters say they're not going to support her in a general election.
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>> let's listen in very quickly. >> but he gave very little, he gave very, very little back to new york and it's a shame. >> do you think it's important to bring that up today? >> what was going through your head when you were voting for yourself. >> well, let's hear it. hold on. >> who would have thought. it's just an honor. and my whole reason for doing this is to make america great again. we're a country with tremendous problems and we are going to make america great again. >> how do you feel about the campaign moving forward after that? >> i think it's great. i think the campaign is doing well. many, many senators, governors, they're all gone. we have tremendous support. having ben carson and chris christie and so many others supporting me, senator sessions, we have amazing support. but i'm really honored and putting in that vote today was really something terrific. have a good time, thank you. >> how is the reorganization of the campaign happening? >> well, there you see there he
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is going back into his trump tower. >> listen to one of the comments that he made there, right? who would have thought. really, who would have thought at this point in the race in the new york primary that donald trump would be casting a ballot for his name in the presidential election and that he would be leading as strongly as he is in this competition, not just in new york but in other states as well. it sort of goes to show just how unpredictable this race has become and this race has been. >> his announcement, i covered his announcement in june. >> in the escalator. >> yeah. i was standing right there. i interviewed him in his office in trump tower and i remember it was hard to get anyone to take him seriously at all. hey, we should focus on this a little bit. you know, it really, i think, took so many people by surprise. the whole -- this is the same thing that's happened with bernie sanders. people didn't take him seriously either. that's on us. >> and the comment that trump made underscores the fact that
7:18 am
he didn't think this was possible. and what we're seeing right now is this reorganization, this attempt to bring in people who know more about how this process works moving forward. so he's an outsider candidate who's being forced to reckon with the fact that there are real rules in place that you have to follow moving forward. >> just between us friends, this could be like a program. you ladies discussing this issue would be a fabulous one hour to listen to you. i could do it all day. >> if only we could turn down the wind. >> thank you so much for being with me. >> thanks, jose. >> it's so great to see you in person. >> it's great to see you. >> our special election night coverage begins with chuck todd at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. much more from the brooklyn bridge park ahead. coming up, big stakes from the candidates on super tuesday. bernie sanders hoping for a big upset here in new york tonight. could new york's primary results shake up how the rest of the race in 2016 plays out? i'll check in with the sanders campaign right after a short
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we're following breaking news in texas where a very dangerous situation continues at this hour. houston and its surrounding counties are a disaster zone after torrential rains triggered historic flooding. take a look at these pictures, at least five people confirmed dead. the weather channel's chris warren is getting a firsthand look at the scene in houston. chris, good morning. >> good morning. things are bad and they're getting worse for some, especially the business owners right here. this parking lot has filled up and we're watching now the water creeping closer and closer to several businesses, a ski shop, a few restaurants, a fitness center as well, so we're watching now the water come up. this right here is cypress creek. this is how far it's extended. we are a half mile from where it usually is and the creek itself
7:23 am
at times can be this wide. but again even this stretch right here is well beyond that. we're a half mile away from where this creek normally is on the north side of houston. if this were a couple of inches higher and the rate that it's moving, i would not be able to walk across this. this has also picked up the past couple of hours. while some of the rivers and creeks and bayous here have come down, this one has been coming up and that is a signature is what is river flooding. we had overnight flooding, two nights ago we had flash flooding. now all that water has to drain into the creeks, into the rivers and for some areas it's still rising. we have businesses here that we're watching with now the water creeping in. it was just a matter of inches about an hour ago. now it looks like it's getting in there. this is just one section.
7:24 am
this is widespread across houston. getting around is difficult. one set of businesses may be closed for weeks while they get ready. another maybe just opening back up once this water recedes in their parking lot. as long as it doesn't get much higher. so that is really, jose, the story here. for some, it is going to be an unconvenience, no work, no school for a couple of days. for others, now they might not have a car. i have no idea how many cars will be totaled out of this. some people don't have a home, some are still in shelters. you have to think about what are they going to do to get to work. if you don't have a car, how do you get to work? so these problems will likely last for days, weeks, if not longer. >> chris, just last year there was flooding in the houston area and certainly in other places near houston the year before that. what's going on?
7:25 am
>> well, you know, we just get caught up in these weather patterns. we have one storm system that will set up and dump. here in houston it hasn't been bad since allison and that was a tropical storm. this didn't get to that. bad for some, it was getting very close but others not as bad. we're seeing effects from that one storm that happened overnight. it was like a tropical storm, jose. >> chris warren, thank you very much. reporting this morning from houston. back now to politics. let me check in with the clinton campaign. i'm joined by brian fallon. >> good morning, jose. >> the polls show secretary clinton with up to double-digit leads over senator sanders. do you think she'll get the margin of victory to deal his campaign what could be a crushing blow today? >> i think any victory of hillary clinton of any margin has the potential to be a crushing blow for senator sanders. if you look at the story that the sanders campaign has been telling for the last several weeks, they predicted victory in
7:26 am
new york. they have said that their comeback would become here in new york, that they were going to pull off a victory in hillary clinton's home state and it doesn't look like it's going to materialize, jose. it's certainly not going to happen on the level that they need. they need a 20-point victory or so here to begin the climb in terms of the delegate gap that they face. and so any victory by any margin by hillary clinton today has the potential to be a decisive blow to the sanders campaign. i think by this time tomorrow, the question will no longer be who is going to be the democratic party nominee. we will know it's going to be hillary clinton. the only question will be will bernie sanders spend the remaining weeks of this primary contest exposing her to friendly fire, negative personal attacks intended to hurt our presumpive nominee, hillary clinton. >> following that logic, she has not won a primary or a caucus in some time, so if that is the
7:27 am
measure by which we see how strong the campaigns are, the momentum until new york has been for bernie sanders. >> there's no question that he's coming off of a very favorable stretch for him, but i think that that momentum will stall out here in new york. and the contests that he won over the last several weeks have not meaningfully changed the delegate picture. we remain up by 220-plus delegates. that's a larger lead than president obama ever had over hillary clinton in 2008. she leads in the popular vote by 2.4 million votes. so her lead right now is significant. we expect to build on that lead today and quite frankly we are just running out of large states where there's enough delegates at stake for sanders to make up the gap. that's why i think that after today we'll know who our nominee is going to be more or less. >> brian, let me get your response to these fund-raising accusations from the sanders campaign. we spoke last hour with tad devine during the last hour.
7:28 am
here's what he said. listen to this. >> it's not a false attack. it's absolutely 100% correct. they are misleading the public when they say they're creating these vehicles to raise money for the democratic party and for state parties. last month they raised $30 million. $24 million went directly to hillary clinton to use in the primaries. it's unprecedented what they're doing. it's shocking in some ways. >> what's your response, brian? >> tad devine is just flat wrong. politifact has looked at this and rated those untrue. independent election law experts have also said that the allegation they made yesterday was totally frivolous and untrue. this is the same joint fund-raising committee that president obama set up in 2012. bernie sanders set one up. he just chooses not to raise money for it because apparently he doesn't care about electing democrats up and down the ballot to the same extent hillary clinton does. that's why you've seen state party chairs in the last 24 hours speak out and condemn these attacks from the sanders campaign.
7:29 am
to criticize this type of activity that is attempting to invest in campaigns down ballot is only impairing our ability to take advantage of what could be a tremendous opportunity. jose, we have a chance in this coming election this november to not just retain the white house and make progress on all the important principles that bernie sanders has spent the last several months drawing attention to, we have a chance not just to retain the white house but elect democrats in the house and the senate in order to achieve real change. if we have a gridlocked congress we'll be frustrated to make progress on all these key issues we've been talking about, but we have a singular chance with the likes of donald trump as the republican nominee to elect not just hillary clinton but take back the senate and make huge republic inroads in the house. bernie sanders questioning the democratic party to its core and suggesting it's a corrupt organization, we need his supporters to help join together in these closing weeks. senator sanders is suggesting that the democrats don't nominate him, the party is not
7:30 am
worth supporting. that is a dangerous and sendary message and he needs to stop. >> brian, if the secretary wins today in this state, will you all be calling for sanders to bow out? >> absolutely not. hillary clinton ran through the tape. she remained in the contest in 2008 all the way to the end of the voting and we would be the last people to suggest that senator sanders should drop out. he has done a tremendous job of bringing so many people into this process. he has raised awareness about an important set of issues and he will be critical to our chances in the fall. what we do need to do is to change the tone. we can't be turning the guns on each other as democrats and exposing each other to friendly fire. that will only help donald trump and republicans. so senator sanders should remain in the race absolutely, but we should stop the personal attacks like we saw yesterday. >> brian, thanks for being with me. it's always a pleasure to see you. appreciate your time. >> thanks, jose. i'm joined now by new york
7:31 am
city councilman who is a bernie sanders supporter. what do you think of the day? >> it's a beautiful day. no excuse not to vote. >> that's exactly right. everybody who can must be voting today. you endorsed bernie sanders over the weekend. why did you wait so long? >> well, there were some issues on both sides that i really had issues with. i was feeling the warm for a very long time and had a long conversation with the campaign. i got to meet with him one on one and grill him on a couple of issues that i have. he came and toured public housing in brownsville and after that i really started to feel the bern and figured i might as well jump in. this is the end of the game in new york city and i wanted to get in. >> do you think this is the end of the game? do you think if sanders doesn't do well, if hillary clinton leads him by double digits? is that the end of the game for sanders? >> no, for new york state. it's amusing to me how the goal posts have changed. clinton was supposed to win by wide margins in new york state
7:32 am
and now they have decided to change expectations that if she wins at all it's a huge victory. i think regardless of what happens, bernie sanders has won in changing the messaging and making sure that the message is much more to the left. >> he may have won with the message but if he doesn't start getting more delegates, you know, with the super delegate situation, it's not going to be an easy road for him. >> it never was easy. and so i think he knows that. look how he's come from not being easy to actually people changing expectations of what a win is. he is going to pick up some delegates in new york state. he's going to pick up more delegates than i believe people thought he would. that's an issue. i think he needs to keep on fighting and we have to keep on pushing. >> what are the issues that made you decide to support him? i know you had the meeting with him, but give me the highlights of the issues that for you made the difference. >> one is affordable housing and quality and inadequate access to things like affordable housing and health care.
7:33 am
gun violence is a huge issue for me. i put it in two buckets, supply and demand. he's been excellent on demand and excellent talking about what is breeding and causing people to do this gun violence in our community. >> he certainly wants people to focus on that and not on the supply. >> so the supply and gun control were problematic for me. but having spoken to him and listened to interviews, he is better on it than i think people believe. he's not exactly where i want him to be, but he has actually been clear and signed on to the blumenthal amendment. he supports cdc research. my hope is he clarifies that message much better going forward. >> let me ask you about this latest back and forth other fund-raising. the sanders campaign is accusing the other side of not playing by the rules. here is their response in the last hour. >> it's a false attack. and it's a pattern now over the last two weeks here in new york of the sanders campaign lashing out with personal, negative and i would say dangerous and
7:34 am
harmful attacks because they are not having the success in new york that they said they needed and they certainly hoped for. look, my response to this is hillary clinton was raising money for democrats up and down the ticket. that's what the leader of a party does. and if senator sanders chooses not to help other democrats, that is his choice. >> i mean isn't that what a leader of a party is supposed to do, to help raise money for other candidates in that political party? as far as i've seen, this is not bernie sanders' forte. as a matter of fact, i don't think he's even cared about that. >> so, one, as you get close to this stuff, i think both sides start nickel and diming on particular issues. i'm more focussed on the issues that are really germane to myself and to the community, and i think people have decided that what's most important to them if it's going to be a democrat, be strong on the issues that democrats care about.
7:35 am
the quality of care, the access to resources that communities don't have. those are the issues that people care about. you have to make a decision between bernie, hillary and no one. i think the answer here is bernie for the way he's pushed his message forward. >> why not hillary? >> i think if you go into the issues that i spoke about, i think the way bernie has crafted his message has been incredible. i don't think hillary would be as strong on these messages had it not been for bernie. but i do agree with whoever comes out of the primary, hopefully it's bernie, but whoever comes out, everyone has to come back together because everyone is better than who is on the republican side. >> it's a pleasure to see you, man. thanks for being with me, i really appreciate your time. voting is under way here in the empire state. polls opened this morning at 6:00 for those who wanted to get up early and vote before they sit in front of the television set and watch msnbc the rest of the day. you're looking at live pictures of a polling station in harlem.
7:36 am
we'll check in and hear what voters have to say about today's election. stay with us on msnbc. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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throughout the day we're going to be checking in with different polling places all across the state to see what voters are saying and how things are going. i want to check in now with two people that are covering this election day in new york. let's go to harlem and brooklyn, that's where we find chris jansing and cal perry standing by. chris, you're at 127th street in harlem. what are people telling you there? >> oh, this is clinton country, jose. look, this is the heart of the african-american vote which heavily favors hillary clinton. it's also the place where bill clinton when he left office surprised a lot of people because he decided to put his post-presidential office here. it started a renaissance, businesses, a lot of housing
7:40 am
that has gone up. it really has changed the entire neighborhood and he has a lease on his presidential office through 2020. the lines have been really steady all day long. in fact i would say even busy. let's go over here and check with some ladies. hello, ladies. >> hi. >> how's business? >> very busy. >> for a primary, it's unbelievable turnout. >> what are people telling you? >> people that doesn't seen their name here, they want to do the affidavit because they definitely want to vote. >> it's been like 6:15 a.m., as soon as we opened the doors, they were in line. >> what do you think is motivating people to come out? >> they want their voice to be heard. they want to make sure that the candidate they want to vote for is going to be the one that they select, so they have to come out. their voice has to be heard. >> this is the first time the new york primary has meant anything in years. >> see, you got it. thank you so much. thank you for your work. it's also really important this
7:41 am
turnout. already almost 600 people have voted here at this voting place at the local school. here's why it's important. the margins are really important to hillary clinton. she needs to do well in her base of strength, that is new york city, and bernie sanders is counting on a heavier than expected turnout in upstate where he is much closer to her. you heard it, you just talked, jose, to reps from both camps. this really is about the margin of victory for hillary clinton. she wants to keep it strongly into double digits. places like this that are her strength in harlem are key for her. i will tell you, however, that just a couple of blocks down outside the federal office building there was a small band of passionate bernie sanders supporters, but here at least this morning so far they're in the minority, jose. >> chris jansing, it's great to see you. thank you very much. i want to bring in cal perry, who is at bernie sanders old high school in brooklyn. cal, good morning to you. what are you hearing there?
7:42 am
>> well, listen, people here love bernie sanders, he's an alum of this school, would have been class of 59. people trickling in and out all morning. this is a battle ground congressional district on both sides, both for republicans and democrats. this is bernie's backyard. off the back of what chris was just talking about, if he can help diminish some of those huge gains in the city in this one neighborhood maybe it could diminish a huge victory. on the republican side this is a heavily jewish area as well. that's a ted cruz go to sort of strategy. if he can get the orthodox jewish vote, the religious jewish vote, he's been very strong against the deal with iran, that can be a way that he can diminish the trump gains. this is the 9th congressional district. it will be interesting to see if the margins will change at all depending on how the candidates do in some of these hot bed locations like this one, jose. >> good seeing you, sir, thank you very much. up next on this super tuesday, much more on the big
7:43 am
apple's big primary. could this be a turning point in the campaigns for some republicans and democratic candidates? stay with me, we'll be right back. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long...
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we are just over ten hours away from the polls closing across new york state. we're going to get our first round of exit polling at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. meanwhile, let's go out to see what voters are saying this morning. our own jacob soboroff is half an hour from me in queens, tony is in 400 miles away in buffalo. jacob, this is trump's old stomping grounds but i saw yesterday you had trouble finding trump supporters. any better luck today? >> reporter: not terribly, jose. but let me tell you about where we are and this is ridgewood, the ridgewood section of queens, it's central queens next to the glendale area. if you can call a certain area in new york city a republican strong hold, this would be one of those areas.
7:47 am
despite being outnumbered, something like 13 or 14 to 1 in this city, republicans are very important to donald trump's success in new york. i want to bring you in here to the polls place inside this community center in ridgewood, jose. it doesn't matter if donald trump, and what voters are going to do, they're going to walk down these stairs. i'm going to bring you with me down these stairs. it doesn't matter if donald trump gets a ton of votes or just a little. but if he wins the vote in this polling place and throughout this congressional district, he'll walk away with all three of the delegates from this district. and what's important again is that he gets over 50% in each of the congressional districts and over 50% in the statewide popular vote, he'll get all 95 republican delegates as he tries to win the nomination on the first ballot for the republican national convention. the scene in here right now is actually relatively -- relatively crowded from what we have been seen earlier today. we're bouncing around queens throughout the day, jose, because that is where donald trump is from.
7:48 am
he needs support from this borough, from staten island and new york city if he wants to clean up and get all 95 delegates in this state. >> jacob, thank you very much. it's good seeing you this morning. i want to head over to msnbc's tony who is in buffalo, new york. trump was there last night with bills coach rex ryan. does it seem like he won over new voters there? >> reporter: yeah, he was here last night with bills coach rex ryan. he credited rex ryan with winning two afc championships. in fact rex ryan brought the team to two championships but lost both times so a pretty humorous correction. there's something i want to show you. when voters walk in, they see this sign. attention voters, registered democrats and republicans only can participate in this primary. that is a very important fact because both bernie sanders and donald trump need turnout if they're going to succeed here. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are effectively tied in upstate. she's winning overall but in upstate it's even steven. we talked to a voter earlier
7:49 am
today, showed up, hoping to cast a ballot for bernie sanders. found out after the fact he's not in a position to do so. take a listen to that. >> i was leaning towards bernie sanders and i think a lot o independent voters around the nation are leaning more towards bernie sanders than the other candidates. so it's a bit of a shame. i imagine he's losing quite a few votes today. >> reporter: so, jose, that's bad news for bernie sanders. i want to give you some insight into the trump campaign as well. this is actually where people are voting. but i want to bring in anita. how are you? >> good morning. >> this is a very cool shirt you've got on right here. >> bono from u2. >> you're voting for bernie sanders but you went to the trump rally last night. >> i did. >> you know a little something about rock 'n' roll. >> i do. >> what did you think of the event? >> well, it was kind a carnival but i rode my bicycle down. i didn't have an intent to go in, i just rode my bike down and
7:50 am
somebody gave me a ticket and so i decide to go in. >> trump is talking about 11,000, 12,000, packed crowds, but it sounds like you were able to saunter in at the last moment? >> it was the most comfortable event. i'm used to rock shows, hockey games. you're packed like this going up the escalator. the concourse is packed with people getting food. and i walked in and went up the escalator and went like, wow, it was almost amazing to have something so relaxed. and just walked right in, got a great seat and sat down. >> wow, thank you very much, anita. so, jose, the other challenge for donald trump in addition to drumming up the energy that she doesn't say was there is trying to convince people here in buffalo that the economy isn't doing so hot when the federal reserve bank of new york says buffalo is having its best economy in recent memory. some people say it hasn't been this great since the 1980s, so
7:51 am
the doom's day message, the come please vote so we can fix things message of donald trump, not registering here outside outside the city area, jose. >> tony, great seeing you. thank you very much for being with me this morning. i want to give you an update on that devastating earthquake in ecuador. this is new video of rescue teams saving three people today. this is occurring. the number of dead continues to rise and this is going to go up. officials are saying the number will definitely go up. at least 413 people have died. the u.s. state department confirms at least one american is among the dead. 2500 people are injured. one man found alive yesterday was pulled to safety from underneath a collapsed hotel. he apparently used his cell phone to call a relative who then alerted rescuers. let me tell you, this is going on in different parts of ecuador. there are people who are reporting that cell phone service has been very difficult because of the overuse of it.
7:52 am
people are unable to get to family members on the phone. there is still a lot of people that are missing. a lot of desperation. a lot of death. this continueses right now in ecuador. there have been sflatrong aftershocks in that country. imagine what it might be like to witness entire buildings go down and entire neighborhoods affected and then aftershocks. a lot of people are still sleeping in the streets. fear is something that is widespread right now in ecuador. a lot of help is going to be needed to reconstruct that part of ecuador. it's a beautiful country with extraordinary people being affected by this massive earthquake. we'll take a break and be right back.
7:53 am
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it's a great moment, and who would have thought. it's just an honor. my whole reason for doing this is to make america great again. we're a country with tremendous problems and we are going to
7:56 am
make america great again. >> that was donald trump at the top of the hour just after casting his vote in midtown manhattan. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. a reminder, tune into msnbc for live coverage of the new york primary starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern time, 2:00 p.m. pacific. we'll bring you the results as they come in live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall picks up our coverage from brooklyn. who knew that you could come to brooklyn today and get a miami-quality tan? i'll see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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live from brooklyn bridge park in, of course, brooklyn, new york. new yorkers hillary clinton and bill clinton as well as donald trump all cast their ballots this morning in what could be their pivotal home state primary. the polls close tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the democratic and republican front-runners are each hoping for commanding victories that will help propel them toward clinching their party's nominations. both have big leads in the final polls ahead of today's vote. >> it feels great. and i am so excited about both campaigning here, voting here in new york, and i love new york. >> who would have thought. this was just a great honor. i think it's a great honor for new york. new york is a special place. also this morning, nbc news confirms a report of a new shakeup in the trump


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